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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) 8.1.17 Episodes 59 & 60

Memories are in italics.

Episode 59: The Woman in White

Ryan and Laura realize that Estela was probably waiting for Ryan at the same chapel where they were going to be married. They get in his car and drive away, hoping to find her.

Asdrubal, who is waiting in the same chapel, ignores a call, and tells himself that “she is no longer for you.”

That night, Ryan and Laura at the chapel and look around, calling her name, to no avail. Laura then notices a box with two wedding bands inside and gives it to Ryan. They realize that Estela was there but not any longer.

Steve, Genesis, and the hacker go to the final location of Asdrubal’s cell phone but don’t find anyone. They hope he will call again but Genesis knows he won’t, especially if they are after him.

In El Dorado’s house, the police find Talisman and the other sicario, dead. They begin the necessary investigations and one of the officers grabs Talisman’s cell phone and calls the last number.

Steve and Genesis hear Adrubal’s phone, which was left out in the open on a brick wall, but Steve asks her not to answer lest it be a trap from Asdrubal himself. It begins to rain and Steve curses his luck.

The officer gives up and puts the cell phone back in a plastic evidence bag.

Ryan wonders where Estela might be and thinks this may be all a game to El Dorado but in strolls Asdrubal, gun drawn, and declares that it is anything but a game though he wasn’t expecting Regia to show up with him. Either way, if she decided to come with him, then she will suffer the same fate. Laura asks if it was all a trap and Asdrubal nods though Ryan doesn’t understand because El Dorado wanted him alive the other day but now wants him dead. Asdrubal explains that they all thought that Estela’s feelings for Ryan were a thing of the past but now they know they are not. Laura chides him for following the orders of a petty, jealous man, but explains that she and Ryan are in love and even got married. She declares that Ryan won’t try and take Estela away from El Dorado but Asdrubal reminds her that Estela’s feelings for Ryan are the problem. Ryan asks him to let Laura go and they can sort out their issues but Laura doesn’t want to and tells Asdrubal that he will have to kill them both.

Tadeo chides Leticia for constantly keeping things to herself and then exploding at the worst possible moment though he’s glad to know what is going on with Maria. Leticia tells him that it wasn’t her secret to tell but Maria was dumb to believe Mark and now things went from bad to worse. Tadeo asks if they will be able to treat it and Leticia nods but explains that it doesn’t have a cure. Tadeo confesses that he saw Maria and Mark together at the hotel and Leticia chides it for keeping secrets, especially after telling her not to do that. Leticia wonders if he already told Maria his secret, which she won’t repeat, but Tadeo shakes his head though he knows Maria suspects the truth. Either way, he doesn’t care if she knows and goes to his room.

Asdrubal smiles and thinks he should kill Laura first, because that’s what El Dorado would want, so he could suffer over another love lost. He thinks Ryan was not made to love either way, especially considering his bad luck with women. Ryan demands to know why he hates him so much, if they don’t even know each other, and Asdrubal announces that it’s time to reveal old secrets. He confesses that Ryan took away what he most loved and he will never forgive him for it. At that, he loads the gun and points at Ryan.

Mercy is looking at her lost child’s necklace when Joe walks in and gives her a kiss. He sees the necklace and asks if it’s the same one her child had. Mercy nods and goes to put it away as Joe asks if she feels better. Mercy admits that the Paloma situation has her depressed and Joe suggests they go on a trip but Mercy would prefer to wait a bit until she feels better. He tries to caress her but she’s asks him to please move back to which he obliges. She then asks if he saw his kids and he tells her he didn’t, yet, but confesses that he began to investigate her child’s disappearance. Mercy chides him for doing so and Joe prefers to leave if that’s the case but Mercy asks him to stop and hug her. He relents and hugs her, tightly.

Laura moves a few feet to her left, which distracts Asdrubal long enough for Ryan to jump on him. Asdrubal knocks him down and Laura takes the opportunity to knock the gun out his hand. Asdrubal punches her in the face and she falls, unconscious. When Asdrubal tries to grab the gun from the floor, Ryan jumps him again and they fight for the gun. As they look at each other, a shot rings out.

Mercy lets go of Joe, who asks her what happened. She doesn’t know but she feels something is wrong.

Ryan pushes Asdrubal to the floor, both unscathed, and demands Asdrubal shoot him as they hear police sirens. Ryan thinks he’d just be adding another charge to his already long list of crimes and demands, again, Asdrubal shoot him as the police storm the place. They order Asdrubal to drop it and he obliges as Ryan goes to Laura. He asks if she’s okay and she is but asks that Ryan find out where Estela is before they take him away. Ryan nods and screams that Asdrubal knows where a woman is being held captive and they need to get the information out of him. As Laura gets up and goes to Ryan, the police tell him that Asdrubal is protected by the Miranda rights. They handcuff him as Laura and Ryan watch.

Joe shows Mercy the paparazzi photo of Ryan and Laura’s shotgun wedding. He asks if she’s annoyed because they were not invited but Mercy reiterates that she only cares about Paloma and nothing else. He thought she would be more annoyed, possibly angry, but Mercy chides him, and everyone, for always thinking the worst. He apologizes then and gives her a hug as his phone rings. Mercy asks that he answer and Joe obliges. It’s Steve, who is worried about Ryan since they haven’t talked all day. Joe asks him if they should be worried and Steve confesses that Ryan went to go find Estela. Joe sighs deeply as Mercy asked him what happened.

The police tell Ryan and Laura that they have been chasing Asdrubal for years and he will now be tried in a court of law for money laundering as El Dorado. Ryan explains that Asdrubal isn’t El Dorado but his right-hand man. Asdrubal confesses that he is the only Dorado but Ryan asks the police to not believe him, as it’s only a distraction. The police tell them that they will find out the truth in court and haul him away as Asdrubal smiles. Ryan then goes to make sure Laura is okay.

Joe asks Mercy is she’s okay and she is but she’s worried about Ryan. She asks if Steve told him anything that she should know about but Joe explains that he called to find out about transferring his shares in Furia. He then gives her a kiss and leaves, promising to be back ASAP.

Maria goes into the living room and Leticia apologizes for her meltdown earlier, she just didn’t know how to react because she grew up in another time. She promises to be better but she needs Maria to be patient and be better because she has been very rude lately. Maria silently nods and Leticia gives her a hug and tells her that she loves her. She asks Maria to break off her relationship with Mark and the rest of her friends because they are a bad influence. Maria doesn’t want to but Leticia warns her that they will go back to Mexico, ASAP, if she doesn’t. Maria storms off to her room.

Laura is sure Asdrubal took Estela back to El Dorado and Ryan agrees but he kicks himself for failing Estela again. Laura looks at him, unsure of how to react, but there is no time as they suddenly hear a woman’s scream. They realize it is coming from the cemetery out back and run outside. They separate and begin to look and scream Estela’s name. Just then, Laura misses a step and falls into a freshly dug grave. She screams for Ryan to come help and he does. When he points his flashlight at Laura, they find Estela next to her, in a white wedding dress. He whispers one word into the wind: "Estela…"

Milton continues to investigate the money laundering as his assistant walks in and tells him that their boss wants a report on Regia’s wedding. Milton tells him soon and asks him to put a fresh sticky, which asks who the leader of the money laundering operation is, on the board. The assistant obliges and then reveals that Marcelino was arrested and is singing like a canary.

Laura and Ryan pull Estela out of the grave and find that she is still breathing. Estela opens her eyes and thanks Ryan for coming to save her. Ryan thinks they should go to a hospital but Estela begs him not to and asks him to take her with him. Laura looks at Ryan, who is silent.

Joe meets with Genesis and Steve, who reveals that he hasn’t heard from Ryan since they went to go find Estela. He is worried that something may have happened to him but Genesis thinks they’d be okay. Joe chides them either way, for taking so long to call, and then apologizes to Genesis for getting wrapped up in tehri drama. Genesis will move on, soon, but first she will throw away everything that reminds her of him. She grabs the gold necklace he left her but Joe sees it and asks her for a closer look. He asks her where she got the necklace.

Ryan carries Estela out of the cemetery as Laura follows close behind.

Genesis tells Joe that the necklace belonged to Asdrubal and Steve asks why he’s so interested in it. Joe thought that it may lead him to someone he was looking for but it’d be too much of a coincidence. He then hopes that Laura and Ryan appear soon as Steve’s phone rings. It’s Laura, who tells him that they found Estela, alive and well. Everyone is shocked.

Milton’s assistant comes and tells him that they caught El Dorado, who used to launder money for Marcelino and told the police so. Milton googles El Dorado but finds no results though he reads that Marcelino used to be Ausencio’s godfather. He also remembers that Ryan hired Ausencio to sing narco corridos at Furia a few days after Regia sang one regarding Torre Blanca, which involved a shootout in a plaza that Porfirio Pineda stole from Marcelino Salgado. He nods and puts up a note sticky on the board, “El Dorado?”

Steve and Joe arrive at the ranch and talk to Rosario, who tell him that Laura and Ryan arrived wet and dirty with a woman. They brought her into the shower and the doctor is checking on her now. Just then, Ryan exits the room with the doctor, who explains that Estela is stable but he gave her some relaxants so she could sleep through the night. He asks them to call him should they notice any abnormal behavior and leaves as Laura comes. Joe and Steve are shocked that Estela has reappeared and Ryan asks them to please keep it a secret, for now, lest Estela be in danger.

Danilo and Morgana are sleeping when they hear someone banging on the door. Danilo, scared, draws his gun, but it’s Horacio, who tells him that Asdrubal has been detained. Danilo asks if they caught El Dorado as well but Horacio reveals that Asdrubal confessed to being El Dorado.

Laura and Ryan watch Estela sleep. Ryan is sure El Dorado sent Asdrubal to capture Estela and Laura assumes that El Dorado had her cell phone tapped and found out about her calls to Ryan. Ryan reminds her that Estela has a lot of questions to answer, including who the real Dorado is. Laura also thinks she must explain where she went the day she was supposed to meet him at the airport. Ryan nods but tells her that, no matter what, she is now his woman and the mother of his child. Laura nods but feels uncomfortable talking about this in front of Estela, even if she’s sleeping. Ryan nods and then closes the door before leaving.

Danilo and Horacio have a drink while Danilo reiterates that Asdrubal is lying. Horacio asks how he’s sure and Danilo explains that he took on the name to protect that real Dorado and that makes no sense if it was Asdrubal the whole time. Horacio wonders if Asdrubal will signal Danilo as El Dorado but Danilo thinks he would’ve said it already if that was the plan. Instead, he told everyone he was El Dorado so that may mean that the real Dorado still has a plan that they don’t know of yet. He reminds Horacio that they must find El Dorado first and kill him before he tries to kill them.

Ryan and Laura, post coitus, talk about what they will tell Paloma tomorrow about their new house guest. Ryan asks her not to worry about that right now but Laustela reminds him that they had a hard day and have yet to process everything. Ryan asks that she only think about the fact that they are married and she smiles before telling him that she loves him. They kiss, passionately.

Horacio asks Danilo how he plans to find El Dorado and he explains that only Asdrubal knows where he is. Horacio thinks they should ask Talisman but Danilo shakes his head. Horacio then wonders if El Dorado exists or if he’s only a myth to strike fear into the hearts of men but Danilo knows he’s real because he had a very sexy girlfriend, who he saw once and even composed a song for, and if she is still out there, then she may be with El Dorado. Horacio nods and smiles.

Laustela, still in bed with Ryan, continues to think about Estela. She gets up and puts on a robe but closes the door so Ryan won’t wake up. She then goes to Estela’s room but hear anything because Paloma comes and asks her for her good night song. Laustela smiles and obliges.

The next morning, Mercy gets ready and puts on the gold necklace as Joe asks her why she’s awake so early. Mercy asks if he already fixed Steve’s papers and Joe nods but asks her where she’s going. Mercy explains that she’s going to work to distract herself from her sadness. He then asks if she has on the gold necklace Pedro Carrillo gave her. Mercy nods and Joe can’t understand how she made an identical necklace for her child when she hated her life with Pedro. Mercy asks if that is why he thought her child was Pedro’s before explaining that the Virgin de la Piedad is very important to her and she believes in her power even if she’s not religious. She also explains that she is named after her and Joe realizes that Mercy is Piedad in English. Mercy nods and tells him to please not bring it up again but admits that the necklace is the only good thing she has from her relationship with Pedro. Joe nods and then goes into the bathroom as Mercy gets ready.

Laura and Ryan go to Estela’s room but find her asleep. Laura thinks she will wake up soon but goes to get Paloma ready as Ryan goes to close the door. Just then, Estela wakes up and calls him over. He asks her how she feels and Estela smiles before telling him that she has never felt safer than now and is glad that her nightmare is over. Ryan tells her that the doctor suggested she rest but Estela wants to tell him everything that happened. Ryan reveals that they caught Asdrubal, so she’s safe, but Estela wants to tell him why she left 3 years ago and left him all alone.

The warden of the jail where Asdrubal is being held talks to the press but can’t confirm if El Dorado is indeed there. When he leaves, Milton asks another reporter if Lucio Galvan was El Dorado. The reporter is unsure as they are now saying that Asdrubal is El Dorado. Milton walks off to the side as Asdrubal is taken away by the police with his lawyer in tow. Once alone, Horacio comes and goes over to Milton. He is shocked to see Milton there, since he’s usually a celebrity gossip columnist, but Milton bids him good day and leaves.

Estela wants to tell Ryan what happened, because it’s fair, but tells him that first things first: his parents already knew Pedro before they meet. In fact, Pedro went to go visit Mercy and Walter a few days before she and Ryan met. Ryan is confused but Estela continues her story…

Three years ago, Pedro showed up at Furia, unexpectedly, to propose a deal to Walter and Mercy. He wanted to propose a deal to Mercy and Walter that would’ve left them with plenty of profits but Walter wanted nothing to do with it because he didn’t want to risk the empire he had built on a money laundering scheme. Pedro laughed it off and explained that no one would ever find out about their extracurricular activities though Mercy was shocked that he would propose such a business, especially after having no seen him in so long. Pedro reminds them that they owe him for Furia but Walter doesn’t think they owe him anything because they worked hard to make Furia what it is. Walter reminds him that he was laundering money even then and it was why he asked Pedro to leave in the first place. Pedro wonders if he asked him to leave because of that or because he wanted Mercy all to himself. He demands Mercy tell Walter how the story really went but Walter grabbed Pedro by the collar and demanded he leave. Pedro nodded, called Mercy beautiful, and left.

Estela tells Ryan that it was the last time Pedro tried to amend the damage Walter and Mercy had caused him but Ryan reminds her that Pedro was laundering money and Walter had asked him to leave, even though they were best friends. Estela reveals that there was something else: Mercy was with Pedro first and left him to be with Walter, Ryan’s father.

As Paloma eats breakfast, Rosario asks Laura if her meeting with the girls about Regia is today. Laura nods but explains that she can’t meet them at the ranch with Estela there. She thinks she woke up which is why Ryan hasn’t come downstairs and Rosario doesn’t think he will in a long time as they have a lot to talk about. Paloma hears them and asks about their mysterious guest and Rosario nods as Laura promises to explain later but she needs her to get ready for school first. Once alone, Rosario tells Laura that the radio is talking about her secret wedding though Laura can’t think about that now but worries that the reporters will show up soon.

Ryan admits that he already suspected something happened between Pedro and Mercy but worries about all the secrets their parents kept. Estela explains that there is more to the story, specifically the real reason they met…

Estela sat down with Pedro to eat but he chided her for her bad cooking. She told him not to eat it and then reminded him about her upcoming tour to 25 countries around Asia. Pedro reminded her that she couldn’t leave his business alone though Estela told him it would only be a couple of weeks but Pedro didn’t care, he demanded she stay because he ordered her to. Estela didn’t want money, she just wanted to explore and be free, but Pedro confessed that he had a plan to bring down the Cabreras and needed her help. Estela was mad that he was still obsessing over them but Pedro had a plan to hit Walter and Mercy where it hurt: Ryan. Pedro then ordered Estela to romance Ryan as soon as possible.

Ryan is shocked to hear the truth and Estela confesses that he thought it was the best way to get into Furia and launder his money without any obstacles.

Horacio tells Danilo that he saw Milton at the jail and Danilo curses his luck as Milton has been up his backside since he arrived in LA. Danilo thought he was just a gossip columnist but Horacio reminds him that he was already investigating Furia, with Soto’s help. Danilo nods and remembers but thinks they can use his natural curiosity to their advantage.

Morgana has tea with Leticia and asks about Regia’s plan to climb back up the fame ladder. Leticia reminds her that she is Laura’s friend and Morgana confesses that she’s just jealous because she wants to be back onstage as well. Leticia doesn’t think she should, as Laura has been through a lot, but Morgana reminds her that she hasn’t been able to do much since she got pregnant. Leticia doesn’t think her baby should stop her from working, especially because she hasn’t, but Morgana thinks it’s not the same because her audience wants to see her sexy, not pregnant, and it’s up to Laura if she lets them see her that way. Leticia asks if Laura is pregnant but Morgana shakes her head and tells her it could only be a matter of time though. Leticia then reiterates that Morgana and Laura could be great friends, as they have a lot in common, and Morgana thinks she may be right.

Estela confesses that she fell in love with him, despite everything, but can’t say more as Paloma runs in, screaming “hi!” with Laura in tow. Estela is taken aback and then asks who they are. Ryan introduces them as his wife and daughter as Estela realizes that Ryan has moved on. She explains that she excommunicated for a long time and had no idea what had happened. Laura had hoped she was a little more recovered before springing the news on her but reveals that she already knew about her relationship with Ryan. Ryan nods but tells Estela that he had to move on, despite his lack of answers, and was lucky enough to have found Laura. Estela nods, silently, as Laura tells them that she will let them talk for a bit. She steers Paloma to the door as Estela cries and tells him that he’s lucky to have found such a great woman.

Milton meets with Danilo and Horacio and is shocked as to why they might have called him. He asks if they have any juicy gossip but Danilo wants to know if he only cares about gossip. Milton wonders what else he will care about, if he’s a gossip columnist, but Danilo knows he is after something bigger than gossip. Milton nods and Danilo explains that he has an exclusive: Asdrubal is not El Dorado even though he confessed that he was. Milton wants to know who El Dorado is then and Danilo smiles before telling him that he does too.

Estela continues to cry and laments the fact that Ryan probably thought the worst of her after she disappeared. She thinks she should leave and gets up to do so but Ryan asks her to stay. She wobbles for a second and Ryan hugs her to try and steady her. She cries and confesses that she doesn’t know what to do now. He sits her down and tells her that she needs some time to think about her next move. She nods but explains that she still has a lot of things to tell him including the fact that Pedro ordered her to leave him or he would be killed. Ryan is shocked…

Episode 60: Champagne for My Real Friends, Poisoned Tea for My Sham Friends...

Estela begs Ryan to let her talk because she has a lot of things to tell him. He doesn’t want to but she confesses that Pedro threatened to kill Ryan when he found out she loved him and refused to betray him.

Danilo demands Milton let him know what he knows but Milton reiterates that he doesn’t know anything but he would like to know more. Danilo asks him to find out who El Dorado is, because he is the one laundering money at Furia, and tell him what he finds before anyone. Milton thinks Danilo should just ask Ryan but Horacio explains that Ryan is loyal and would rather die before betraying his boss. Milton wonders how they will identity El Dorado then, since no one has seen him, but Danilo reveals that they will because of El Dorado’s girlfriend.

Estela cries and confesses that she would’ve rather died than have him find out the truth. She then tells him that Pedro followed her and Ryan, just in case Estela tried to have any contact with Ryan after Pedro had made her disappear. After Pedro was arrested and taken to Mexico, she thought of finding Ryan and telling him the truth, but Pedro had left orders to make sure she didn’t reach out to Ryan or he would be killed. It was then that El Dorado appeared in her life. Through all this, Ryan is silently shaking his head.

Danilo explains that El Dorado has a woman that may lead them to him. He reminds Milton that his article, unveiling El Dorado, would be a sure career launcher. Milton nods, stands up, and then asks if he can publish everything he knows, if he finds out El Dorado’s true identity, and Danilo smiles and nods.

Estela explains that El Dorado wanted to destroy Pedro and take over his business and she was just a pawn in his revenge scheme. It was because of this that she kidnapped her but Ryan wants to hear no more. Estela needs to tell him though and confesses that the worse time in her life was that time she shared with El Dorado. She continues to cry and reveals that, after he got his revenge on Pedro, he became obsessed and refused to let her go. Ryan stops her there and tells her to rest for a bit. Estela thanks him for listening and understands that there is nothing between them any longer. Ryan thinks that there still is but Estela reminds him that he already has a new life. At this, Ryan silently closes the door.

Maria goes to eat breakfast with Tadeo, who tells her Leticia left early to get and get some clothes for her designs. She nods and sits on the counter while Tadeo sits at the table. He tells her that Leticia told him what happened at the doctor. Maria curses Leticia for being a big mouth and tells Tadeo that she knows he wants to leave. Tadeo nods and asks if she feels okay to which she smiles and nods. He reminds her of how he used to take care of her when she was sick and she laments how far apart they’ve grown since they got to the US. She suggests they go back to Mexico but Tadeo knows that wouldn’t change things because they’ve changed. Maria fondly remembers when her parents were together, in love, and they used to talk. She realizes that there is nothing left of that old life and grows quiet.

Rosario brings Estela breakfast but scares her, unwillingly. Estela apologizes and explains that her imprisonment has her on edge though Rosario reminds her that she is safe. Estela apologizes again and thinks Laura thinks the worst of her but Rosario reveals that Laura has been through a lot and would likely understand. Just then, Laura comes in and asks Estela how she is doing. Estela tells her she is fine but she’s sure they have doubts about her, doubt she can clear up. She assumes Ryan told them a lot about her and they are quiet but Laura then asks if she recognizes her, as Regia at least. Estela shakes her head and explains that, while she lived like a queen, she was far from all technology and any people. Rosario and Laura understand and tell her that to be without freedom is the worst thing that can happen. Laura then receives a call from Genesis and tells Estela that she will her meeting with her friends elsewhere so she can rest. Estela asks her to please have it at the ranch and not change anything about her life because of her.

At Furia, Horacio wonders if Danilo’s plan will work, as El Dorado’s woman may not be easy to find. He suggests they do their own investigation and Danilo agrees. Just then, Ryan arrives and Danilo congratulates him for his wedding though he chides Ryan for not inviting him to the wedding. Ryan smiles and asks Danilo to enjoy his last days of freedom, as he will be joining Asdrubal in a cell soon. Danilo reminds him that if he falls, everyone he loves will fall too. Ryan reiterates that only Danilo will pay for his crimes and he laments that fact that the child he is expecting with Morgana will have him as a father.

Rosario thinks it’s strange that Estela didn’t know about Laura and Ryan or the fact Laura had usurped her identity. Laura reminds her that she was excommunicated but Rosario tells her that Estela wasn’t tied down. In fact, she even managed to get a cell phone to call Ryan. Laura proposes it was a random cell phone she found, as El Dorado would not let her escape or give her the tools to do so, but Rosario thinks Estela was the one that got away.

Milton tells his assistant that he needs to find El Dorado’s girlfriend immediately, after that, the rest of the pieces will fall into place. He wonders if Regia didn’t tell him who the leader of the money-laundering scheme was because it is her husband, Ryan. He instructs his assistant to find out any information he can on the girlfriend, wherever he can.

On the ranch porch, the girls and Laura talk about Regia’s upcoming concert. Genesis may have a sponsor and Nina suggests they do a Q&A afterwards to make sure everyone knows Regia is for the people. At this, Leticia shows them her new designs and they are amazing. They all suggest that Leticia professionally study design as Morgana comes and says hello. Laura asks her to leave, since Danilo no longer lives there, but Morgana asks them to calm down. Leticia stands up and explains that she invited Morgana because they are all women, pregnant and career oriented. Everyone cheers when they find out Laura is pregnant and Rosario happily announces that she is gong to be a grandmother. Laura nods and tells Morgana that she is welcome, if she is going to behave herself. Morgana gives her a high five as Rosario goes to make them all a cup of tea. Morgana suggests she put some alcohol in it but, after a few confused stares, tells them it was a joke and offers to go help Rosario. Rosario nods and leaves with her as Genesis and Nina bid them goodbye and leave. Once alone, Leticia asks Laura if she made a mistake but Laura shakes her head and smiles. Leticia then goes to the bathroom as Laura thinks about what just happened.

In his office, Danilo tells Horacio that he’s sick of Ryan’s threats, despite the fact that he can’t stay anything without incriminating all of them. He hopes Ryan doesn’t want to leave his child without a father. Horacio realizes what he means and asks if Laura is pregnant. Danilo nods and Horacio asks if he’s sure it can’t be his. Danilo explains that it isn’t and Laura made that clear but Horacio thinks she lied to give him off her back. Danilo nods slowly and realizes that, should the kid be his, the 20% at Furia is his. He asks how he can find out and Horacio explains that he will have to wait till the baby is born. At that, Danilo picks up the phone and calls Morgana.

Rosario puts a tray with two cups in front of Morgana, who begins to serve herself, though she thinks Rosario should bring her some cookies or a piece of cake. Rosario tells her that she will go look and leaves. Once alone, Morgana takes out a pill and drops it in the cup as her phone rings. She quickly answers and tells Danilo that she has an abortion before hanging up. Rosario comes back with a tin of cookies, so Morgana doesn’t stay with the craving, and Morgana picks one out.

Joe goes to see Ryan at his office and tells him that, despite the fact that they must protect Estela, they also have to clear his name. Ryan asks if they made the necessary tests on the knife but Joe doesn’t answer as Genesis walks in with an iPad playing a video from a news station. It details Asdrubal’s arrest, confession to being El Dorado, and revelation that he killed Pedro Carrillo.

Morgana and Laura sit outside with their cups of tea and Laura confesses that, while she doesn’t mean her any harm, she is confused as to why Morgana wants to be friends. Morgana confesses that, since her wedding to Ryan, they are no longer rivals for Danilo’s love and would rather be her friend. She then smiles and cheers with Laura, who goes to take a sip but doesn’t. Morgana asks if she doesn’t believe her and then asks Laura to taste her tea as her own cup takes strong. Laura doesn’t and reminds her that she’s not interested in Danilo even if she wasn’t married. Just then, Magana’s phone rings and she hangs up when she sees it is Danilo. Leticia then comes back and asks if they have forgotten their differences. Morgana has but Laura is being difficult and she’d rather not deal with it. Morgana then gets up and walks away as Laura confesses to Leticia that she doesn’t believe Morgana’s redemption story one bit.

Joe tells Ryan that Asdrubal’s confession clears him of Pedro’s murder but not the perjury charge. Ryan still wants to know whose prints are on the knife and Joe nods before promising to find out. Ryan then reminds him that they still need prove to make sure Danilo goes to jail and Joe nods again.

Morgana is back at the hotel, filing her nails, when Danilo storms in and chides her for having her phone off. He demands to know what she did and she explains that she was with Laura, as planned, though Danilo hopes she didn’t do anything to hurt the baby that may be his. Morgana doesn’t care, as Laura will never let him recognize their child, but Danilo explains that she would have to let him, by law, recognize his child. Morgana demands to know what will happen to their child and Danilo tells her that he can have both before asking again what she did.

As Rosario sets another cup of tea on the table, four cups in total, Leticia tells Laura that she realizes that Morgana and her and may never be friends. Laura asks her not to worry about it and then grabs her cup of tea though a flying ball knocks it out of her hand and then knocks the other cups to the ground, except Morgana’s. They look and see it was Paloma, who is looking very contrite. Rosario goes to her and reminds her that her mother is working and they will go elsewhere to play. Rosario asks her to apologize and Paloma obliges before they leave. Leticia and Laura then laugh it off and Laura then apologizes though Leticia thinks that kids are the best at that age because then they grow up and stress you out. Laura asks her what happened and Leticia explains that Maria started going out with a boy from school, and she has no idea how to talk to her, while Tadeo has told her that he doesn’t like women. Laura sighs and offers to talk to Maria and then tells Leticia that sexual orientation is not something you chose but something you feel. Ultimately, a mother should support and love her child. Leticia nods and thanks her for everything before telling Laura that she needs to go to the bathroom. She stands up but immediately doubles over in pain. Laura offers to help and Leticia screams that something is wrong.

Morgana tells Danilo what she did and smiles. Danilo thinks that she shouldn’t have done anything but Morgana reminds him that he was too late when he called though, if the child were his, she would feel even better at having done it. Danilo pulls out his phone and calls Laura, to warn her, but Morgana rips it out of his hand and reminds him that he will throw them both under the bus. Danilo grabs it back and tells her that he can’t leave things like this before storming out.

As Leticia screams, Laura calls an ambulance and gives them the address. She hangs up as Leticia grabs her hand and they both see that it’s covered in blood. Rosario comes, sees the whole thing, and Laura instructs her to distract Paloma and take her into the house by the back. Rosario obliges as Estela comes, having heard the screams, and gasps when she sees Leticia. Leticia begs Laura to save her baby, as she’s pregnant too, and Estela is shocked to hear the news.

Some time later, Laura calls Tadeo and tells him that his mother’s pregnancy had complications. She gives him the address and Tadeo promises to call Maria while his band picks their things up to take him to the hospital.

Estela looks for Rosario at the ranch as Danilo arrives and sees her. He asks her who she is but Estela wants to know who he is. He tells Estela that he is looking for Laura and Estela explains that Laura went to the hospital to accompany her friend, Leticia. Danilo smiles and then asks Estela, again, who she is, because he’s seen her before. Estela takes one step back, disgusted.

Ryan arrives at the hospital and finds Laura, who tells him that she has no idea what happened. Ryan thinks these things happen but they can’t talk more as Tadeo and Maria arrive. Laura then calls over the doctor and asks for news on Leticia. He explains that the situation is critical as saying one can kill the other. Tadeo wants to know why this is happening and the doctor explains that Leticia’s age, her domestic violence past and the fact that she didn’t regularly visit the doctor are all factors of a complicated pregnancy. He warns them that it may be time to choose between Leticia’s life or the baby’s.

Danilo asks Estela if she’s Ryan’s friend and Estela nods before explaining that they haven’t seen each other in years. Danilo asks again for her name but Estela doesn’t answer as Paloma comes and Danilo engulfs her in a bear hug. He asks her how she’s been and Paloma explains that she’s been playing. Just then, Rosario comes and pulls Paloma out of his arms and asks that she go wash her hands. Once Paloma out of earshot, Rosario chides Danilo for coming to the ranch when Laura doesn’t want him there and that’s after Morgana visited them out of the blue. She finds it strange that they both visited on the same day but Danilo asks her why Morgana came by.

The doctor asks Tadeo which life he chooses and Tadeo chooses Leticia. The doctor nods and leaves as Maria goes to hug him.

Danilo chides Rosario for making a spectacle in front of the guest and then asks for Estela’s name again. Estela introduces herself as Lucia as Rosario reminds Danilo that he isn’t welcome at the ranch because he only ruins their lives. Danilo reminds her that the last gave he gave Laura was the gift of life though Rosario wishes Ryan were there to hear him talk so he could break his face in half. She then reiterates that Laura’s baby is Ryan’s but Danilo thinks it could be his too. Estela then asks Danilo to leave, as she assumes that he’s not welcomed there, and Danilo obliges. Once alone, Estela is shocked to learn Ryan had a brother but Rosario reveals that Danilo is only a half brother and he only appeared in their lives to make it difficult. She hopes he never finds out that she is the real Estela or god know what he would do. She storms out as Estela thinks this over.

Outside, Danilo calls Horacio and orders him to find out something about Tadeo ASAP. Horacio doesn’t want to hear from Tadeo, as he left mid presentation because his mother was sick, but Danilo needs to find out where Leticia is because Laura is with her. He hangs up and smiles.

Milton tells his assistant that he has not been able to find any clues on El Dorado’s woman. He wonders if they sent her to Mexico and reminding himself that he must interview Asdrubal. The assistant assumes Danilo already got all the information out of Asdrubal and Milton nods though he doesn’t trust Danilo and is only pretending to be on his side. Milton explains that, if Ryan is El Dorado’s business partner, then Laura Oviedo may have some information she has not shared.

That night, Maria wonders why the procedure is taking so long. Just then, the doctor comes and tells them that Leticia is safe though the baby is dead. Laura thinks he made the right decision and the doctor as them to visit her, one at a time. He leaves but Tadeo can bring himself to confront Leticia so Laura offers to tell her what happened and goes off. Just then, Danilo arrives, much to Ryan’s annoyance, and demands to know what he’s doing there. Danilo explains that he came to see Leticia and asks where Laura is.

In the hospital room, Laura tells Leticia that she’s okay and her children are outside waiting for her. Leticia smiles and then asks about the baby. Laura shakes her head as Leticia starts to cry. Laura begs her to be strong because her children need her but Leticia doesn’t know what happened and continues to cry.

Danilo shrugs and tells Ryan that things happen but Ryan demands to know why he’s there. Danilo went to find Laura because he doesn’t believe Laura’s baby is not his though Ryan insists it is and orders Danilo to leave. Danilo asks him to calm down for a second and then tells him that Lucia is very sexy though Ryan could care less. He asks Danilo if there is anything else and Danilo thinks they are more alike than they thought, as Cabreras, but Ryan doubts it. Danilo tells him that he’s insufferable and then goes to Maria and Tadeo though not before slopping all over Maria’s backside. He then taps her on the shoulder and tells Tadeo to be strong in the face of loss. He storms out afterward, much to their confusion.

Later, at Danilo’s office, Danilo tells Horacio that all their plans are ruined though Horacio doesn’t understand. Danilo reveals that he was going to make a deal with Leticia for her baby but Horacio still doesn’t understand. He suddenly realizes what Danilo means and Danilo explains that he had already hired someone to tell Leticia that her baby had died and then give it to Morgana. He still has Laura but it is going to be a while till they can prove the baby is his, if it even is. Horacio thinks he’s over thinking it and suggests he still go to Mexico and buy a baby. Danilo nods and tells him that he is going to help him achieve his plans. Danilo smiles but Horacio is wary.

Leticia tells Tadeo and Maria that she lost their brother but she has no idea why. She begins to cry and Tadeo asks her to rest but Leticia still doesn’t know what happened, especially when the baby was already at 6 months. She thinks it was a punishment but Tadeo asks her to be calm and the doctor will explain what happened later. Tadeo then tells her that the baby was a boy and Leticia begs them to stay with her and hopes the baby is with God. Leticia continues to cry because she will never meet her child as Maria and Tadeo begin to cry as well.

At the ranch and by the light of the moon, Laura confesses to Ryan that she can’t stop thinking about their children nor how fragile life is, especially after what happened to Leticia. Ryan assures here everything will be okay and apologizes for what he will say next but it has to be said: Danilo went to go find her at the hospital because he’s not sure her baby isn’t his. She dreads that he will demand a paternity test but Ryan tells her he won’t force her to do anything because he will always be by her side. They kiss but the moment is short lived as Estela turns on the light. She apologizes when she sees them but she heard them come in and wanted to know how Leticia was. Laura tells her that Leticia lost the baby and then thanks her for asking. Laura then tells Ryan that she is going to put Paloma to bed and leaves as Estela laments how tragedies always seem to come in threes. Ryan nods but Estela thinks he should be happy because Laura is having a baby.

Horacio is doubtful that Steve will sell Danilo is 40%, especially because he’s loyal to Ryan, but Danilo thinks everyone has a price. Just then, his phone rings but he sends it to voicemail as Horacio asks how much he will offer Steve for the shares. Danilo thinks that money is the wrong approach and reminds him that everyone has a dark side, a double life or a past he doesn’t want anyone to find out, they just need to find out what that is. The phone rings again but Danilo sends it to voicemail as Horacio wonders what they will find and remind shim that Steve won’t betray Ryan easily. He thinks they should buy a baby but Danilo shakes his head and reiterates that he wants Horacio to investigate. Danilo’s phone rings again and he slams it down, frustrated.

Leticia tells Maria and Tadeo that they shouldn’t worry about her because they need her. They both nod as the doctor walks in and tells her that he’s happy to see her better though she needs her rest. He then asks Maria and Tadeo to go rest up, as Leticia is doing better, before going to leave. Leticia stops him and begs him to tell her what happened, between tears. The doctor explains the same factors he explained before but Leticia still doesn’t understand because she’s always been healthy and knows of premature babies that have survived. The doctor reveals that the baby could’ve been saved but they had to decide between her and the baby. Leticia demands to know who made the decision and Tadeo confesses that he did…


Oh boy oh boy! I can read this before I go to bed. Thank you, Alfredo!

I noticed that BunMan is actually still PonyBoy. I thought I saw a bun last night, but either I was hallucinating, or the bun just didn't keep.

I don't know what I think of Estela. I still find her whiny and unpleasant, but it's odd because she's been perfectly polite and nice and agreeable. I just can't shake the feeling that she's a phony.

As soon as Leticia announced that she had taken the liberty of inviting Morgana, I knew she was going to end up drinking the Tea of Doom. (I think that's what happened? She drank the wrong tea? I didn't see for sure and initially had thought that NO ONE had drunk the bad tea.) BTW I am skeptical that doctors ask the next of kin to choose between the woman and the fetus. Anyway, I am sure that Leticia will be angry with Tadeo for picking her, and maybe she's right, because Tad and Maria probably would do a better job raising the baby than Leticia would.

Anyway, since Leticia is reality-challenged, she will probably go on as if the baby were healthy and alive, and she will keep him in the spare bedroom with the unicorn and start a college fund to send him to Yale.

AAA, fantastic job on the recap...so much happened tonight and you caught it all! Thank you!

I do NOT like Esteliar...I think part of her story was true, but most of it was made up to get Ryan's sympathy. Rosario is sharp...she didn't believe Estela din;t know anything about Ryan or Laura...and neither do I.

AssBun gave himself up as El Dorado and I think that is a lie too...he is covering for someone. I had assumed the call he got at the chapel was from Ryan, but I no longer think that...I think it was from El D. It may be that Estela, AssBun, and whoever is out there make up "El Dorado"...maybe all the sons/daughters of Pedro Carrillo

Julie, I replayed the "tea" scenes and still couldn't tell how Leticia ended up with Laura's tea. I did notice that Leticia's teacup was only half full and Laura didn;t seem to drink from hers at all...maybe Morgana put the pill in the teapot??

The real shocker for me was AssBun confessing to Pedro C's murder...why would he do that? Could they have found out that Estela gave Ryan the knife and he doesn't want them to follow through on getting fingerprints from it?

Thanks Jukie and RGV! It was my pleasure. Despite the leaps in logic and some bad some plots, this novela doesnt play. I am constantly amazed at how much happens in one hr!

I thought the setup with the four teas was meant to confuse us but everyone knew it was going to be Leticia, if anyone did get poisoned. Shes definitely not the best mother in some ways but losing a child must one of thw most painful things someone can experience, especially from inside you. I hope she doesnt blame Tadeo but I wonder....who makes these decisiones if the patients unconscious and there isnt a spouse?

Speaking of children, little Paloma is adorable. Her scenes with danilo remind me that he once had hope for redemption. Now its too late.

Will anyone suspect the real reason why Morgana and Danilo were both there? Even Rosario was taken aback and she has good instincts too. She has Estelas number already.

Estela is whiny and possibly a liar but she has good instincts. She knew to not tell Danilo the truth because slime radiates off him.

Idk why Asdrubal did it but Ryan still wants that knife tested. Yes! Take no ones word for it. Maybe he is Estelas brother and protecting her. Unless Walter is alive, I still think Estela is ED. Too much fanfare from her and everyone else lookibg for his woman. ED is the fake one...she is. It would actually be genius because no one would think is a criminal mastermind ;)

Alfredo, you are a gifted writer. Your words ebb and flow gracefully with power and feeling. Engrossing, wonderful recap.

"Ryan pushes Asdrubal to the floor, both unscathed" was simple yet conveyed everything it needed to.

"they find Estela next to her, in a white wedding dress". With a decorated chapel, fresh flowers and a box containing two rings. Huh?

My thoughts have been reeling, trying to put the pieces together. This morning, a few key components seem crystal clear. I think Estela is Dorado. She has to be. A prisoner, treated "like a queen" but sequestered from all communication? I don't buy it for a second. Then, she is dropped in a grave while the trappings of a wedding are the backdrop?

She is not going to accept or respect Ryan's relationship with Laura for a NY minute. It is possible that some of her yarn may be true but I don't trust her. And I do not like her either!!

Julie and Rgv Chick, I did not see anyone (except Morgana) drinking any tea. Unless they chopped the scene where she drank it (unlikely), I think the miscarriage wasn't a result of Morgana's treachery. I felt terrible for her children having to make the choice and of course for her as she wanted her child. Very sad.

"Mercy lets go of Joe, who asks her what happened. She doesn’t know but she feels something is wrong". The call of the blood. And there you have it.

"Mercy reiterates that she only cares about Paloma and nothing else". There are times Mercy perplexes me. I think she is capable of being a good person but there are times when I shudder. This was one of them. What about your cherished son Ryan?
What about your missing child? Be careful what you utter.

"Joe thought that it may lead him to someone he was looking for but it’d be too much of a coincidence". No, no! It's not too much of a coincidence. Ack!

"Danilo knows he’s real because he had a very sexy girlfriend, who he saw once". I think he's right. I'd bet it was Estela too!

Was Gonebungone in love with Estela? It certainly seemed so.

I noticed the doctor that came to look at Estela had a bun too. I keep praying this terrible trend bites the dust soon.

So, again, I don't like or trust Estela. There is nothing soft, warm or frankly believable about her. I really hope Laura sticks around for part 2. I will leave it at that.

This was wonderful Alfredo. Thank you, thank you!


Thank you, Diana! Yeah thinking back, did Estela think this story through? Are we supposed to be believe she was "ah so hot" El Dorado fell madly in love? It seems even more far fetched because we havent met El Dorado.

RGV, Esteliar is right. She also has that "barbie" look that adds to the fakeness.

RVG Chick: I'm going to update the Body Count later today since the Talisman got whacked.

Let me guess: Danilo the Drug-Lord whacked him ?

RGV I'm joining the AAA club with you. What a splendid work, Alfredo. Thank you Thank You..
Most fabric I have E V E R seen touching Estela's hide. Booo Hisss...

So she is pissed cause the baby died and she lived? OK let's say she died and baby lived, who cares for it? Her kids? Ruin three lives for her stupidity? Jr. Tad and Maria? It still amazes me that it takes more qualifications to install a ceiling fan than to pump out children.

Thanks, Alfredo. Superb job.

I agree with all said on Estela. She's a lying liar that lies. But I did like when she rebuffed grinning Danilo. But was it her instinct that he's no good, or the fact that she's ED and already knows about him?

Asdrubal has really done a flip, being all emotional about Ryan taking somebody away from him. Hmmm, could it be his mother? His father (if Walter had more kids)? His sister (if Asdrubal is Estela's half brother)?

I saw Leticia sip from one of the cups. I think the poisoned cup got mixed up since there were several and folks were coming and going. Morgana is as lousy at poisoning as she was at transacting a dirty money dropoff. Poor Tadeo did what he had to do.

So Mercy doesn't want Joe getting a private detective and apparently she never did. Along with her depression about the missing baby, I see guilt. I think she knows the baby was taken in retaliation for something she did, or that she had to choose between keeping Ryan or the baby and she chose Ryan, like in Sophie's Choice or Beloved (only kidnapped, not killed or sold).

One more thing. It was always ridiculous that Mercy never met Estela or even saw a photo of her. But now I figure Estela must've deliberately avoided Mercy because of whatever plan she had cooking.

"She's a lying liar that lies" - perfect Niecie!

It didn't occur to me that Asdrubal might have been referring to anyone other than a woman. But now that you said that, I believe we did speculate that Estela could indeed be his half sister. I might have gotten the love connection wrong. It could very well have been sibling rather than romantic love. Yup. I've likely crossed my wires again. Sigh.

I am still thinking Estela is ED though.

If Mercy did indeed have to make a choice, it was a terrible one and has likely haunted her. Just as Tadeo's will torture him.

I hope to heavens that Leticia comforts and supports Tadeo and doesn't hold him accountable. He was put in a terrible position, something no child should have to decide.


"Morgana is as lousy at poisoning as she was at transacting a dirty money dropoff."

Omg, Niecie! LOLLLLLL Morgana is lousy at everything, even getting pregnant. She will always be second banana to everyone and she can't take it.

I am with Diana. Estela has to be ED, she just knows Danilo is swarmy and his grin has a tint of scary if you really notice.

Thanks, Kirby! Having kids doesn't take a lot now does it? WOuld Tadeo and Maria even be able to take care of it if Leticia had died? THey are struggling as it is. Where is Erasmo and BOnita? They had a baby and bye!!

Thank you, Alfredo, for yet another excellent recap.

Things are moving fast.

Estela is evil. I hope Laura learned enough through her terrible past experiences with evil people to realize that Estela is not who she seems to be and is going after Ry. I cannot understand much of the dialogue, so I focus on the visual, and those flying hands and overemoting were making me a little crazy. Did anyone else think that the actress was overacting a bit?. Not subtle.

Dan , of course, is interested in the new girl on the block.

I am confused about the poisoned tea. We never saw Morg actually put that pill into the pot or a cup. Paloma bounced the beach ball and upset Laura's teacup. I am not sure if I saw Let drink from one of the cups.

I get a kick out of Morgan's holding on to her pillow bump. Most women do not do that until they are about ,8+ months along when you feel like you need to help hold that baby up because your enter of gravity is so off.

Ohh..flashbacks !!

I am crazy about Alfredo Adame who plays Pedro here. Another actor who can do good and bad equally well. My favorite role of his was as the good padre Jeronimo in La sombra del pasado. What a great TN that was! Of course, my fav, Susana Gonzales was in it...

Susanlynn, I don't sense anything subtle about Estela. The actress seems very animated and I see her forte as playing strong, aggressive (and likely lyin') women.


Diana, if you enjoyed LSDP you have to see El Manantial with Adela Noriega.I keep saying it lol but wow amazing production.

As for Adame, I like him as good and he was great in AQNMD, though he's frightening when he's evil. Ironically, I love Cesar Evora as evil. He's so suave and cool but scary.

As for Estela, would it be amazing if the actress was acting like that, on purpose, to throw us off. Nothing is set in stone but we only have two weeks left and there is still plenty to uncover.

Diana, I was just going to ask if the actor playing Pedro was the priest Candy was in love with in the Sombra.Thanks for confirming that fact. He looks a little different here with the mustache.

Gee, there are many bad ways to meet your spouse's ex, but falling into an open grave next her dressed in her wedding gown has to be one of the worst. Were these writers fans of "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" with that cemetery at night scene? Now we know why the wedding dress box was empty !!!

It is amazing that Mercy can ignore Joe in his skivvies. Notice that he gets out of bed with that helmet hair still in place. Magic?

Thank you, Susanlynn! I didn't pick up the possible Buffy Homage but I see it now. I kind of thought it was poetic that he found her in a grave with her wedding dress on, though she has become increasingly manipulative. It's the over theatrics and hysterics that make her seem less than honest.

Alfredo, I lament Adela's absence constantly. I would love to see El Manantial and hope I get to do so someday.

I also love Cesar's dulcet tones. I could watch (and listen to him) all day long. I am very disappointed he has had such a minor role here. I think last night's scenes might have been the most we've seen him (?)

I will try to reserve judgment on Estrela, but something's off. Is it my woman's intuition or am I being too hard? ;) I guess we will have to wait and see.

Susanlynn, I googled Joe some time ago. The actor's "real" hair is much lighter. I think the heavy hair and beard serve only to make him look older. If he appeared as young as he is in "real" life, it would be hard to concentrate as I think the age difference would be a distraction. Not that I am against it! Not at all. You go Mercy. I think though it would put attention where the writers don't want it to go.


Yeah, he's only 27 in RL. But then again, Mercy is only 52 to DZ's 43. I think that's why they darken her hair as well and made it longer.

Good Morning, Everyone!

Wow, everyone has the same take on Estela...LIAR! LIAR!. Estela was definitely overacting...to match her over-dramatic phone calls, but I, too, think it's an over-acting on the part of the character...she's playing the victim who is oh so regretful...and she is pretending not to know about anything that has happened or anyone in Ryan's life. It was surreal that she immediately had to explain everything to Ryan. And what was the thing about the wedding dress and rings...that was bizarre...was she hoping that Ryan would marry her when he went to rescue her?

The other thing that was strange was that AssBun seemed to be expecting Ryan...so did he and Estela set up the whole thing? Could it be that Estela found out Ryan and Laura had gotten married and she is the type that would think--If I can;t have him, no one will?

Niecie, I too was skeptical about who or what AssBun was referring to when he told Ryan that he had taken what he most loved. I still think there is someone out there that AssBun is protecting...someone we haven't seen yet...or maybe we have and we just haven't made the connection.

Danilow is now after finding out what skeletons Steve has, so we'll probably find out more about Steve's backstory.

Steve B, no Danilow didn't kill Talisman...Marcelino Salgado's sicario went to kill him...Talisman shot him right before he shot Talisman...they both died.

These 2 episodes weren't much of a revelation...they just opened up the flood gates to more questions...

One more question...how did the cops get tothe chapel so quickly? HOw did they know where AssBun was?

SusanLynn I only saw two teacups when Chaya brought them out and Morg asked for a cookie to send her away to have time to poison the tea. Then she came back too soon and Morg was bumbling around trying to get the pill and shred of soiled underwear or whatever it was wrapped in, back into her carryall.

I was double corn-fuzed when three cups were suddenly out with the girls. I wonder what that pill was. That should be a standard part of the methadone treatment for all the crack heads over running Florida these days. Not crack heads, but you get it. Fentanyl, heroine, all the other life destroying Opiod drugs shipped here by the ton from those loveable sweet innocent people down South.

Yeah RGV (Rodeo Goat Valley? I heard) liar liar PANTS ON FIRE !

What does reducing altogether mean? Now I am really CORN Fused. I think that is like completely almost isn't it?

How did the cops get there so fast? WHY did they get there at all? Did somebody call them? It would have had to be Ryan and Laura, but we didn't see it. But maybe I missed it.

I actually can't add much to this comedy of stupidities, except I am beginning to miss parts of the show because I stop watching and go do something else when that LetMeLookforabrain comes on. I don't care about her, her STDaughter, or her previous spawn from the devil. She lost the baby, GOOD. Though harsh, logic to the contrary would have every able bodied woman plop out twenty.of them and never use birth control. In the wild, Mother Nature controls that behavior through starvation. We humans should be smarter.

Kirby: Leticia had a miscarriage ?

LDVDEC Body Count:

1.) Several of the Teachers at the Foundation

2.) Racist Skinhead

3.) Pedro Carrillo

4.) Walter Cabrera

5.) Dude killed by El Dorado's Men

6.) Laustela's Tia Herminia

7.) The Prosecutor

8.) The Prosecutor's Assistant

9.) Osiel Flores

10.) Cartel Los Salgados Backup Team

11.) Lucio Galvan

12.) Porfirio Pineda

13.) Ursula Pineda

14.) The Henchmen from Cartel Los Altos

15.) Henchman from Los Altos Vehicle

16.) Trinidad Huerta AKA El Calao

17.) Tomas Allen

18.) Soto the Accountant

19.) John Blake Green

20.) Genesis' brother Emerson

21.) El Talisman

22.) Marcelino Salgados' Sicario

Now that this TN has been extended, expect LOTS to join this growing Body Count.

Sometimes you just have to put the beanie on.

Laura Flores played Eduardo Yanez' mother in CS '09. Yes. His mother.

She is at least 10 years younger than he is.

That absurdity aside, she pulled it off. Beautifully. Her death scene (in his arms) had me crying my eyes out.

I think Sabine Moussier refused a part at one point which would have had her playing Valentino Lanus' mother when she had played his lover not too long ago. I can understand that!

Here, David and Erika make the mother/child relationship work in spite of their close age difference. And yes, darkening her hair helped. And I love the actress and think she is a beautiful woman but she does not appear younger than she actually is.


Steve, yes, Leticia had a miscarriage, so I suppose that could go on the body count. Also, Ausencio Granados was killed somewhere in Mexico.

About Joe's hair, the pompadour is old school and maybe is to indicate Joe is an old soul drawn to a mature woman like Mercy?

Leticia would not have made a good mother to the baby, yes, but the abortion was horrible. I wonder if maybe it was a miscarriage as opposed to the poisoning. Now I'm doubting after the dance of magical teacups.

Sabine refused Mi Pecado because of that, Diana. Lanus left afterward or didn't accept and then they case Eugenio Siller and she was back on. Thank god because he and Maite Perroni had some serious chemistry.

What a memory you have Aldredo! Yes, Sabine did take the part after all. I adore Eugenio Siller and was sad he left Televisa. He was one of my favorites. I think Altair Jarabo said he was the best kisser of any actor! I read he and Maite were good friends which likely helped. What a powerful TN Mi Pecado was - Daniela Castro was amazing.

I also thought Leticia had a miscarriage and that the thousands of cups of tea were just a diversion.


Niecie, Joe's hair is a throwback for certain!

I am just not a fan of any hair that can withstand 100 mph winds :) His hair just looks glued in place. And just too darn high...

I like Joe because he seems introspective. I don't care for him as he seems to being ignoring his children who are likely missing their daddy. I don't understand that.


ITA, Diana. And I think Perroni did some of her best dramatic work. It looked as if it pushed all the actors involved to the limit and everyone did a great job. Daniela Castro is a queen, she was so evil in that one and LQLVMR but I felt for her. Great actress.

I love Altair but was mad when they recast Lorena with her as she had come off ENDA and had done the same "bad girl" role. It was the beginning of the typecast.

One of the reasons I love coming here is you guys catch all the "beanie" moments. I just watch and take what is happening at face value so I didn't even question when the police showed up but it begs the question of who did call the police? And why was Asdrubal there? Even Ryan asked why ED was flip flopping on protecting him?

Niecie..yes, Joe seems to be channeling Elvis and Chris Izak. However, his hairdo is just so perfect . It looks as though the hair and the beard are connected , and he can slip the whole thing on and off. However, he is a cutiepie .

Who called Bunny ? He left in a hurry. Then, we saw him in the chapel, and Estela was in the grave in the cemetery next to that chapel. Wait? What?

They have been showing Milton a lot lately. Is he somehow involved in this mix? Is he one of Pedro's sons who disappeared after Pedro was killed?

I think that poor Laura has just brought a snake into her house. The girl can just not get away from people who want to hurt her. Last night, I was worried that Morg was going to bump into the pajamed Estela and team up with her to hurt Laura.

Diana ....Castro was so deliciously evil in Pasion. She was so in love with her cousin Captain Rick, but she had to endure a marriage to the nasty Buffant . And what an awful anvil she got at the end. Pasion had a wonderful cast. Perfect casting.

Susanlynn, that was the first time I'd seen Colunga and Gonzales. I didn't understand why so many seemed "down" on her. I loved her but do think she has grown as an actress. She is my favorite of all time.

Castro was beyond evil! That said, I thought she had the worst ending of all - even more than LaFont. And Alberto Estrella and Marcelo Cordoba, Rulli, Levy, the list was endless! Yes, stellar cast.

Steve, Leticia miscarried. We don't think it was induced by the poison tea but aren't positive.


I think Estela called badevenwithnobun.


Susana was perfectly cast. She and colunga were on fire.

I am so excited - I just saw that En tierras salvajes is in production.

Speaking of stellar casts - Horatio Pancheri, Diego Olivera, Claudia Álvarez,
Cristián de la Fuente and Cesar Evora...

Granted, it IS Meija but...

I hope this doesn't end up in the afternoon or banished to Unimas.


Diana: I hope you're right about the miscarriage & IF Abortion Barbie put something into that special cup of tea.

Updated Body Count:

1.) Several of the Teachers at the Foundation

2.) Racist Skinhead

3.) Pedro Carrillo

4.) Walter Cabrera

5.) Dude killed by El Dorado's Men

6.) Laustela's Tia Herminia

7.) The Prosecutor

8.) The Prosecutor's Assistant

9.) Osiel Flores

10.) Cartel Los Salgados Backup Team

11.) Lucio Galvan

12.) Porfirio Galvan

13.) Ursula Galvan

14.) The Henchmen from Cartel Los Altos

15.) Henchman from Los Altos Vehicle

16.) Trinidad Huerta AKA El Calao

17.) Tomas Allen

18.) Soto the Accountant

19.) John Blake Green: How did he get whacked ?

20.) Genesis' brother Emerson

21.) El Talisman

22.) Marcelino Salgados' Sicario

23.) Leticia's Baby

24.) Ausencio Granados


I noticed that for breakfast , Maria and Tad were enjoying big bowls of cereal. The words on the box were "Fruity Colors" , and there was a picture of a toucan..hmm.

Diana, yes , Susana and Fernandito had good chemistry . I wonder if it is weird to have love scenes if actors and actresses are close friends or if that makes it easier to make those scenes believable.

I think that Estela is going to make lots of trouble for lots of people. Do you think that any of her tale is true ? The whole Romeo and Juliet feuding families thing?

Have the writers already forgotten about unlucky Luisa? Still imprisoned? Rotating villains?

The fact that it's Mejia has me on the fence. Adriana told me that filming already wrapped up so I wonder how sort it will be. I saw some reviews and a lot of people are calling it a series as opposed to a full fledged novela in the vain of Hotel...I wonder what that means exactly.

I also wonder about chemistry, especially in instances where the actors don't get along like in Quiero Amarte. Being comfortable with your scene partner is key though, no matter what.

"They are all women who are pregnant and career oriented ". New PSA....yeah, women get to work while pregnant. Yeah.

Thank you for the extended recap Alfredo. Exhausting two hours.

On the medal again: Mercy clearly referred to the image as "Virgen de la Piedad" which allows for a certain confusion when yo translate it into English. If you plug in your search engine the phrase "image of the Virgen de la Piedad" you get a wide range of pictures including what some call the 'Virgin of Mercy'. In fact Mercy claimed she is named after this icon. While there are cultural variations on this, the most widely represented image is of our Lady with her cloak speed outward in both directions with people being sheltered under the outstretched cloak on both sides. You can also see the Virgin just holding the baby Jesus. But if you just put in your search engine (e.g. Google) the Spanish phrase "Virgen de la Piedad" you get images of what in West we have come to know as the "Pieta" (famously carved by Michelangelo). It is of the dead crucified Christ held in Mary's lap. And this is the image that this TN is showing in both shots of the medal.

The mystery of the multiplying tea cups rivals that of the 'loaves and the fishes'. All we need to know that the writers intended us to think that Morgan did in fact put an 'abortion pill' (?!) in one of the original two tea cups and somehow miraculously this is the cup that Leticia drank from with horrible consequences.

Rosario has got Estella's number based on her intuition: something is "off" about this woman.

Steve, Blake committed suicide.


You're welcome, Anon. My pleasure :)

I thought that was the original plan with the tea cups but now I'm not so sure as it wasn't very clear. When Paloma threw the ball, I thought that was the end but Leticia still lost the baby. Wouldn't the doctors do blood tests and find traces of the pill? The fact that they didn't means a natural miscarriage? I want to see Leticia's reaction because Tadeo doesn't deserve it.

Mercy, ironically, is anything but merciful, but at least none of these villains have crossed the hurting a child line.

Before I got to see it, my friend texts and says, "Estela is Cindy!"

Thank you Alfredo, you're an amazing recap person. You made the story even
Better cuz I know what was said.Ok, Ms
Estella is a king size fake. Yeah that heffa is over acting. And Danilo did
See her before. She was the one under
The canopy at the drunk party. She's abit of a twisted sister this one is.
I could wrong, but...we'll see.
And assbunpony guy, he's either talkin about momma mercy or estella/EL D. I
WOULD NOT BE surprised if he's Ryan's half bro. So many more ???????.

Sorry letty losed the baby, but Maria
And tadeo are in no condition to be a
Ma and pa to baby bro. Hes got his own demons and she's a messed up teenager with an std. Hell no, the baby is safe
Back in the arms of Jesus.

Morgana is a mindless, dumb, stupid cantdonothingrighttosaveherlifeHo. She
Killed the baby they were gonna steal. Shes perfect for daniloony.
Dumb Ho.

Now what does Steve have in his past
That will be damming enough for bloody daniloony to use against him? More ???

I think technically that was a stillbirth which means the baby is dead at birth between 20 and 28 weeks. I think that Let was 6 months pregnant. Very sad. Doctors sometimes encourage the mother to see and hold the baby. Miscarriages happen spontaneously and suddenly for no apparent reason except that the pregnancy was not viable.

That's true, Susanlynn. If it was because of the tea, and Leticia wold find out, would she confront Morgana? Now that's something I would love to see because Morgana deserves everything she gets.

A life form who lets a man beat her ass, beat her son and get her pregnant is not exactly the most proactive creature.

True. Rosys "message" may be even more troubling after Tadeos and Marias "talk." Come to the US and your daughtrrs get STDs and your sons go gay.

Oh I'd love to see her go after Morg. Like somehow discover her 'Baby Bump"is actually a hemorrhoid cushion from Target.. But LetMeBeStoooooopid would let Morg tell her she lost her baby too and was so distraught about it that she pretended it did not happen. Raise your hand if you think LetMeBeDumberThanABoxofRocks would believe Morgana.

Everyone? WOW ! LetMe count again.

OK who thinks last night we saw the most clothing we will ever see on Naked Lady? I'm hopeoing

Well she has to "seduce" Ryan, obviously, so we may see her rocking something sexier lol


Yeah, Kirby I vote that's the last time we'll see her that well covered...I'm just wondering how she is going to get her hands on her little stash to buy new clothes...

You know, I'm so sick and tired of Rosie's exaggerated "messages" that I just don't even want to think about them...If I do, I just get upset and dislike her more...

I hope Ryan doesn't fall for any more seductions…it's too late in the game and Ryan already fell for it once. *fingers crossed*

I hadn't thought of them a lot but later yesterday, I wondered where the hell the light at the end of the tunnel is in Leticia's story. It;s been one tragedy after another.

I did not know they weren't coming on tonight. So I'll watch "Salvation" to
See if the meteor hits earth. Or maybe
They'll kill each other before that happens.
I don't think that baby was stillborn, because Ocampo made a point of letting us See morg-ho put a pill in the cup. That was meant for laura. And Somebody should order an autopsy.That doc is old he's going on how stuff usually happens. Well anyway they can't check the cup because chayo probably washed it already.They should let letty do a
Beat down on morg-ho.That would be totally Unexpected. Because she seems like a very mild mannered person,they don't get mad easily, and when people like that reached their limit of anger they will kill you.I can see her going off on morg-ho.
Still don't estellaaaaaaa.

I went to Six Flags with, among other people, a BunMan. He didn't shoot anyone. He didn't strike me as the shooting type. We went home early due to rain, and were given rainchecks... again. TWO roller coasters were closed today due to maintenance.

If Estela is lying, it should be easy to trip her up. Just ask her, "what does the fox say?" or something similar. Bwahahahaha!!

Rgv Chick, I agree that El Dorado is likely a conglomeration of Pedro Carrillo's children, whether that is just BunMan and Estela, or them plus more.

Alfredo: "who makes these decisions if the patients unconscious and there isnt a spouse" ICBW, but I had the impression (not necessarily from a reliable source) that this was not a decision as such - if both the mother and the fetus are at risk, the doctor saves the patient, which is the mother.

I don't know if Estela's "instinct" to tell Danilo nothing was really an instinct. If she's part of the El Dorado Club, she knows full well who he is.

Diana, I too wondered if Leticia's miscarriage was just a freaky coincidence. I wasn't able to keep track of the teacups but the only person I was SURE drank any was Morgana, slurping at it the way grownups do in order to convince small children to follow suit. If Leticia did drink, it's most likely that the cups got moved around when the big ball bounced everything on the table.

Susanlynn, I did think Estela was overdoing it. It wasn't the actress who was overacting, it was Estela laying it on with a trowel. I thought I did see Morgana put the pill into the cup, though.

More later

Thank you for that, Julie. I'm still thinking about the fact that Leticia may be angry at Tadeo. It's not fair, not of this is, and I wonder how Morgana will be outed, unless Danilo spills the beans but then he would out himself too…Nina, ITA, Morgana needs another beat down, after all Leticia has done for her.

That's true about Danilo and RealEstela, Julie. I hadn't thought of it that way but it's obvious. I wonder what the end game is for all these people, ultimately, if she is El Dorado. And I wonder why she really did disappear because, if she's lying, then which parts of her story are true?

Steve, where did you hear that this TN was extended? Season 1 already ended with #71, a two-hour episode. But I agree your list is going to get longer before then!

This talk of Joe's hair reminds me of Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett. It never, ever moved. Okay, sometimes some of it moved a little, but when it did, it looked like an error and not the normal fluttering of hair in the wind. He must have used lacquer for hairspray.

Diana, I am confused about Joe too. But maybe the contradiction you describe is exactly what makes him and Mercy so compatible. Mercy is warm and caring, yet frosty and evil. Joe is devoted to Mercy, but seemingly indifferent to his children. It's confusing, but it works for them.

I thought that perhaps Steve called the police, or maybe Ryan called them, while he was en route to the church. These little details should be shown so that we don't have to make them up!

I loved Pasion and I had no issues with the chemistry between SG and FC. I know some people said they weren't good together, but I don't know what they were looking at or what they were comparing it to! If you want to see NO chemistry, try FC with Blanca Soto. Or our star couple from VEA.

Fruity Colors cereal? Made with toucan protein? I prefer Hopeos and those what were they called... crunchy o's?

Susanlynn, during La Fea Mas Bella we all heard that the leads (Jaime Camil and Angelica Vale) were good friends beforehand. Their love scenes were extremely convincing, and there were some rumors of a real relationship, but it appears that the rumors were just wishful thinking. Having a good friendship could just as easily make things weird as it could make things easier, depending on how experienced the actors are in having pretend-feelings and not mistaking those for real ones.

I have been wondering about Luisa too. I wonder if she could finish her sentence and go to work for a new place... Las Primas Ranch... just like Steve and Ryan's Los Primos ranch, but for women. It could get started with La Regia's profits.

Alfredo, I wonder if the doctors would think to do any kind of tox screen on Leticia's blood and if so, whether it would reveal that anything is amiss. Normally you need to do a specific test to find a specific substance. If you know that you should be looking for something you can test for the ones that actually have tests, but if you don't then you're just looking at levels of things that are normally found in the blood, and not toxins.

Rosy's TNs are typically very anti-homophobia, so I don't think Rosy is saying that being gay is a crisis, whether it is induced by US culture or not. I think, actually, that part of Rosy's nessage came out of Maria's mouth when she said (not in exactly so many words) that being Mexican meant being ignorant about sex. And LETICIA is the most ignorant of the three of them.

Eekeller, who is Cindy??

I think Eekeller meant the name of Sara Corrales' (Estela) character in Despertar Contigo.

The sex talk came out loud and clear and I liked that portion, especially because it was between mother and daughter, whose generations are both wildly different.

However, the fact that both Maria and Tadeo don't feel as close as before and they are both struggling, seemingly alone, doesn't come across as "good" (for lack of a better word).

NiNa said: 'Still don't estellaaaaaaa.'
Me neither, like and lust are two different trains. Woof !

Alfredo, I do think Leticia will be angry with Tadeo. She may walk it back after a while, but I don't expect her initial reaction to be good. Hopefully Tadeo will at least have the strength of his own convictions.

Danilo is the only person who would reveal the poisoning, but he doesn't give a flying fudgsicle about Leticia, the widow of the guy who stole Marcelino's money. So I don't see that happening.

Nina, I know what you mean about Leticia being a mild mannered person, but do you remember how she reacted when Morgana suggested that Leticia should give her own baby to Morgana? She was deeply offended. I wouldn't say she was out of control, but I can see where this is the one area where you wouldn't want to push her too hard. I bet she would bust a gasket under the right circumstances.

Alfredo, point taken about Maria and Tadeo struggling. But that is because their parents are not there for them. Leticia can complain all she wants about what the USA has done to her children, but she hasn't done much for them either. She abandoned them in Mexico to go looking for the husband who had abandoned her, she stayed with a guy who was violent with them (and her), she abandoned them again to go to Montana with an abusive thief, and then there's the whole sex thing.

I mean, kudos to her for taking Maria to the clinic, but they should have had that talk a looooong time ago. Wait, what talk? They never had a talk. To this day, Leticia's advice has been "don't do anything and I won't even tell you anything about it. Just don't do any of it. You'll know it when you see it." (The condensed version of that.) Maria said plenty, but Leticia had nothing new to contribute. Hell, she had to ask the nurse what Maria's test results meant.

And then last night, the hospital doctor said that Leticia had never gone to a doctor about her pregnancy. HELLO, that is what the community clinic is FOR! She could have had a check up while she was there. What a heartwarming mother-daughter bonding experience.

The USA sided with Leticia against her violent turd of a husband. The USA would have encouraged her to go to a doctor. Most schools in the USA provide information to students about birth control and protection against STDs. But, meanwhile, Leticia is nostalgic for Mexico because she thinks that there are no gay people there and high school students don't have sex. This is totally, completely false. (This is not a generational issue, either - I'm older than her and I am confident that she is living in a different world than anyone of any generation.) Maybe there was something about Mexico that made it easier for her to live with her head up her ass? I doubt it. I think that things just finally boiled over, and that would have happened in Mexico as well.

The USA is not the problem. Mexico is not the problem. People like Leticia are the problem. In her eyes, she is doing everything right, and anything that goes wrong is someone else's fault. She wears peril-sensitive sunglasses and is much more worried and proactive about perceived threats than genuine (and obvious) ones. She makes the same mistakes repeatedly and does not learn from them.

And honestly, I think that might be Rosy's message. If it is, there will be a speech, and it will probably have to be delivered by Leticia herself, possibly on her deathbed after being gored by a rabid unicorn.

RGV me too about these messages. I am far too smart and far too damn independent and accomplished for some eighth grade essay winner to preach to me.

I don't like it when the news media spews their juvenile transparent propaganda and I usually will not participate (watch) when I see that some entity (wrongly) assumes that I am an easily brainwashed fool. There is the OFF button. I am bright enough and NOT lazy so that I can very easily entertain myself without TV, and these TNs are one of the few things I find watchable on TV.

That said, this show is getting on my last nerve.

PS NiNa said 'Still don't like Estellaaaaaaaa' now it makes sense.

Julie , sorry that you got another rain out at Six Flags. We only got a sprinkle here even though it looked threatening all afternoon. However, Hub was driving home about a half hour away and hit a lot of rain. Most of the storms missed us this week.

Those teacups were moving like the teacup ride at Disney. I could not keep track of them, but it was suspicious. I thought that the big ball was supposed to mean that nobody got the poisoned tea. I wonder if we will find out any more about it, or if we are on to more bread roses and sewing costumes.

Estela is going to try to get Ry back. Here we go. Dan pursuing Laura, and Estela trying to retrieve Ry .

Argh, sorry, that was long. I got kinda excited when I realized that Leticia's complaints did not match up with what was actually happening within the story. She has met nice people, and she has met rotten people. If there is one thing I have learned in 11 years of TN-watching, it's that you meet nice people and rotten people in Mexico too. People who think the USA is a bubbling cauldron of evil are full of crap, but people who think it is all unicorns and rainbows are full of crap too. People who cannot cope with reality will be beaten to pulp here just as they would in Mexico or literally any other place in the world, except maybe Atlantis, which is where people like Leticia belong.

I've been very long-winded. But now I'm unwinded. Good night!

Gored by a rabid unicorn. Much more serious than an infected unicorn bite.
Julie, you said everything I have been thinking. And whether Rosy has some very obvious agenda or not and is just a fruitcake writer/producer, it annoys me to no end what she is doing. I am not one of these flag waving hillbillies who paints their 4 wheel drive red white and blue, but I do expect people who are in a position to communicate with the public to tell the truth, or at least not overtly mislead people. This is not the place to rant about that, and I will shut up now.

OK one more comment before I retire. Estela's pursuit of Ryan is going to get old REAL fast unless she does it in a unique way that we haven't seen before. DisGrace ran through the entire arsenal of tactics, and I feel like I OD'd on that and can't take much more for a year or two.

Point taken on Leticia and I LOL'ed! on the glasses, thank you for that.

I see what you mean about Leticia but if all she has experienced is pain and heartbreak, then what kind of experience do people expect if they are seeing this and haven't gone to the US. I once had a friend's grandmother tell her daughter that she didn't know why she came to the US because she looked overworked, tired and the life she had seemed unrewarding. Of course, from an outsider's perspective, it can seem that way, but the daughter argued that she had the freedom to do and say as she wished, which is something she never had in her home country.

As for generational, I meant it in a way some things are more openly talked about in the US, for example, than unnamed Mexican village, which is what Leticia and her children keep referring to. Obviously, there were gay people and teenage pregnancy but that same transparency didn't exist in Leticia's time, as far I can see. hell, it barely exists now. She was still preaching virginity to her 15 year daughter, who was more ready to sex talk about condoms and safe sex than ways to preserve her "purity."

Now, one can argue that the blinders have come off, and that's good thing in the long run, but, for now, it seems like these kids were happier in their village than in LA. I don't agree that they are better off living in repressed ignorance but I wonder if people are taking both the good and the bad or if they are only soaking up the harsh reality and shaking their heads.

I don't think Leticia is ignorant about sex, she was raised in a culture where you don't have sex outside of marriage and back in Mexico, where they were from this is what she taught her children,but her children it seems have been checking out other things maybe on TV in the magazines and then they came to this country and Maria got with her.... for lack of a better word "loose" friends she decided that it's okay to be that way.(loose)I mean you heard what she told her mother that virginity is overrated or old-fashioned, or something.She's just one more teenage girl who has refuse to live by her mother's moral code. Wow these conversations can get Deep on this patio.
I got all wound up to see it tonight and doggonit, football. I just checked it's on tomorrow night, yaaaaah!!!
That's it for me,good nite all.zzzzzz

Julie, lol I just when back and read some comments, "leticia being gored by a unicorn",girl really? lol. That was funny.Ok I really need to go to sleep. Good night yall :)

Do they have an annual running of the unicorns ?

Rosy does not have a very sunny view of the U.S. Did she have a bad experience here?

In Atlantis they do ;)

Thanks to the soccer substitution, I'm finally caught up with the recaps and comments. There were some earlier comments on Sara Corrales (?) playing Estela and on how her build compares with Ariadne. I looked at some online photos of Sara and, as far as I could see, both women are well endowed in the booty department. Not too crazy about Sara/Estela so far.

Julie, I love your running unicorn digs at Leticia. Sad she lost the baby, but maybe just as well in the long run. Also couldn't feel overly sorry for Maria and her std. I'm almost dizzy with all the twists and turns here, but really appreciate our recappers for keeping us informed.

Good morning all.

More fascinating conversations...

"Yeah that heffa is over acting. And Danilo did See her before. She was the one under The canopy at the drunk party. She's abit of a twisted sister this one is". Nina, you always echo what I'm feeling and capture it wryly. Love it.

"Joe's hair reminds me of Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett. It never, ever moved". Julie, you nailed it!! That's it! There was a nagging feeling I'd seen it before and there you have it. :) I'm sorry your Six Flags adventure was rained out.

"the only person I was SURE drank any was Morgana, slurping at it the way grownups do in order to convince small children to follow suit". What vivid imagery that evoked Julie. Perfect.

Kirby, I'm not crazy about Rosy's messages either. I will leave it at that. I'd much rather spend time staring at your beautiful picture today.

Alfredo, Leticia and her children’s situation can indeed be summed up by” harsh reality”. Tadeo and Maria arrived naive and learned life’s cold, hard truths way too quickly. Leticia has made so many terrible mistakes, all well documented here. Of course I wholeheartedly believe she should have gone to the clinic for pre-natal care, but my gut feeling is that she would have lost the baby as Susanlynn wrote so expressively can occur. My heart goes out to all of them. I hope they can mend their frractured family.


Alfredo, I do understand what you are saying about Leticia, but pain and heartbreak are not the only things Leticia has experienced. She has experienced extraordinary friendships (Chava and Laura have been far more patient with her than she deserved) and significant success as a costumer - she is probably making more money from Morgana's fans than from Morgana herself. But she is focused on the negative even though so much of her misfortune was perpetuated by her.

I feel badly for people like Leticia. I really do. But it is frustrating when you put yourself out for someone and yet they manage to sabotage every effort towards happiness.

La Paloma, I'm always glad when you can catch up and join us! :-)

La Paloma, Sara appears to be a very healthy, fit woman.

From what I've seen in her previous TN, she is not what I would call petite. She seems well proportioned but I do not believe she is thin.

I mention this only because if the talk that Ariadne's weight is an issue is true, then they must have expectations that the star must be razor thin but the supporting cast, not so much. Sara is pretty much perfect so no reflection on her. But if they are actually considering cutting Ariadne due to the way she is built, shame on them.


Shhhh here comes that Moorhen again. Lets get out of here.

Good morning everyone!

Especially Chava, Julie. Will she ever accept him or will he just endless pine away?

Has Sara had a kid? I wonder if it all stems from some baby weight shes still working out.

Nina, Leticia knows about the sex but her way of thinking is vey naive. She thinks by not talking to Maria about it, she wont think about it and have it. Wrong.

Diana, I was shocked Leticia never went once to the doctor. Apparenlty age is a favor so it was very irresponsible.

Good Morning, All!

LetMe not going to the doctor is really a shocker. I can understand that she may have not had any problems when she was younger, but she should have thought that, now that she is older, there may be more risks. I'm also surprised Morgana didn't talk her into going to a doctor since she was intent on taking the baby.

Kirby, love the pic! The water looks do refreshing...and again, you captured the hues so perfectly. Why are they trying to get away from the Moorhen...does it not speak their language? hehehe

...water looks SO refreshing...

Typos so early in the morning...Ack!

RGV, does Morgana know how to do anything though? She may one of the most incompetent villains ever.

Sucka at money laundering, cant bribe a doctor to impregnate a surrogate, cant bribe her "friend" to give up a baby and thats after she let her go about her pregnancy unattended, cant poison the righr target because she left before even confirming her target drank said poison, cant rope the galan into a false pregnancy...the list goes on and on.

Wow, yes. Morgana is a champ when it comes to having evil intentions, but her execution is shockingly poor. Not only do her schemes fail, they actually blow back on her. (Whether Leticia's miscarriage/stillbirth was a coincidence or actually Morgana's fault, Morgana will have to assume that it WAS her fault.) Getting caught by the press with a crooked pillow was my personal favorite screwup.

Ha! I forgot about the pillow, Julie. Susanlynn also mentioned that she was holding on to that pillow like she was 8 months when she isn't. You'd think she do the research or googling some pictures. Remember when she put the pillow under her tight shirt and short shorts? Even Ausencio was like "give me a break."

Alfredo, she also can't sing and, according to AssBun, she's "meehhh" on the couch...poor thing, I guess her only ASSet is just that...and her flat stomach...

"... according to AssBun, she's "meehhh" on the couch...poor thing, I guess her only ASSet is just that...and her flat stomach..."

Still smiling Rgv Chick...


Lol! Asdrubal aure sid hit her where it hurt. I dont think they shared a scene after that

Morgana is one of those characters that I can't feel sorry for no matter how I try. She's thoroughly incompetent to the point of being virtually defenseless, so it's not hard to understand that she's motivated by fear and desperation. But any goodwill that might earn for her is overridden by her apparent lack of conscience or remorse.

Leticia is one of the few people who doesn't hate Morgana's face; she is the closest thing Morgana has to a friend. (This would normally spark some compassion from us, except this is Morgana we're talking about.) I can't wait to see Morgana's reaction when she finds out what happened to Leti. I'm pretty sure that baby was Morgana's "Plan A" and I will FAINT if Morgana doesn't say something stupid and insensitive about it to Leti.

Julie, you aren't alone.

I have not felt once ounce of pity for Morgana. I understand she uses her feminine wiles as a survival tool and that is her choice. But she has a blatant disregard for others. Unless I blinked and missed it, she has no empathy or compassion.

She stands her unholy alliance with Danilo only as it is a means of self preservation. And yes, Leticia is the only person who offered friendship, with no strings attached.

That said, I am still hopeful her miscarriage wasn't due to the tea. It will be hard enough for Leticia to accept her unborn child's death thinking it was a miscarriage. Murder is a whole nother things.


Good morning. Africa is bringing it as an inept villain .She played a prostitute with a heart of gold whom viewers loved and sympathized with in LA Mal. We often talk about anvils at the end of a tn for our villains. Do you know where the term anvils came from? Years ago, someone here at caray started talking about the roadrunner \ Wiley Coyote cartoons. Morg is the ultimate coyote . All her plots implode on her. Everyone she tries to best is the coyote...literally everyone . I find that I do actually feel sorry for her because she has no moral compass and no smarts. All she has going for her are those short shorts and halters. I bet her back story would be a sad one.

Anon 11:47, while I don't necessarily "feel sorry" for Morgana, I do lament that she is such a lonely, desperate individual who pretty much has nothing going for her other than her looks. She holds on to Danilow for dear life because I think she really does want to be loved by him...or someone...and since they have been together for so long, she knows what to expect from him. If you think about it, she and Danilow are quite the same when it comes to be in need of affirmation and attention.

Pfft...I need new glasses...that was "Susy" not "Anon" at 11:47

Chickie..yes, Dan and Morg do kind of fall back to each other when either has had a failed attempt at some dastardly deed. Both seem incapable of getting what they want or being happy with what they have That is a recipe for profound discontent.

Come to think of it, the main difference between Morgana and Danilo may be dumb luck. Their approaches are equally bad, yet things seem to work out okay for him (in the short term), and everything goes wrong for her!

(Okay... they are also different because of their gender, and the fact that he's nice to Paloma, and she actually did seem appalled when he admitted to drugging and raping Laura. But I still see them as birds of a feather, so to speak.)

Watch your mouth about birds girlie.

Kirby, I just took a quick break to "breathe in" your lovely picture. It worked - I feel calmer and refreshed. Thank you.


YIKES. Being extra extra careful.. Even the perfect typers can't type this morning. If the same happens to me it will not even be in an Earth language.

Morgana gets NO sympathy from me. You know why? Because she is lazy. That is the downfall of many intelligent (not her) well meaning (not her) people with good hearts (not her). She knows she has veeeery little going for her other than being a hooker in apprenticeship, and she does nothing productive about it. What microscopic energy she does expend, in excess of the bare essentials to sustain life, are directed down rather than up. If she were just too patently stupid and devoid of plausible brain function it would be at least understandable. But that is not the case like LetMe.

Diana, yes, Kirby's daily photos are a gift..especially since I figured out that I could enlarge them!! I have been trying to practice mindfulness in my daily life. I am impatiently waiting for some things to happen , like which classes I will have this semester if any..plus a couple of other things . I am restless, so...mindfulness. #beherenow. #lookatthebirdie #sitonthepatio

Or as my father liked to say to me , "calm yourself...just calm yourself!"

You guys are spot on about Morgana. She's just a waste. I'm sure she could be a great advertising executive or maybe even a supermodel where everyone will feed her ego. But she's more content with ruining Laura's life than doing anything for herself.


Of course just kidding Julie. :-) Quack

"Do you think this is my best side?"

"I don't know Duck. The light may favor your left. Let's give that a shot."

quack, OK

"I don't think so, Duck. The light washes out the color of your bill."
"Speaking of Bill. If these dam fire ants bite my feet you are getting a Bill from the DuckVet Mr. Camera guy ."

Oh, I disagree that Morgana is lazy. She's always thinking of ways to screw with people, and she is proactive about going for what she wants. And she wanted to be a professional singer, and was willing to put in the time and effort. I don't think it's a laziness problem. It's more like her efforts are misdirected and she's really bad at everything.

I love the ducks. Adore them. I cannot get enough of the ducks. I doubt that any duck has a bad side. Even their duckie butts are cute.

I know it's silly but to me, ducks always look and seem well, happy! Especially Kirby's! :)


Their bills give them a built-in smile. :-)

When I opened caraycaray this time , the ending of Vino came up.You have to admit that we had fun with that one and all the disgraceful nicknames and all those great screencaps of crazed Gracie. #goodtimes

Yass, Morg is as annoying as a fire ant , but her dastardly plans never work out. So..what anvil awaits her? Dan is doomed. How many people has he killed or had someone kill? I do not like Hulking Horacio with those suspenders over his pecs. He needs an anvil, too

Beautiful clear , sunny day here. Fresh sweet corn and tomatoes from our neighboring farmer today.

Maybe! We'll see Susy,we'll see.

Nibbled to death by a duck. :-)

Well Im gettin new glasses next
Week. After not Havin none for seventeen years.New ones that

Anvil -> Pecker pecked of by a duck! LMAO

oh, poor duck...maybe not...

Susy, I just figured out who you are. LOL. I'm slow.

Because of the weirdness of their relationship and their tragic stupidity, I think Morgana's anvil will be getting murdered by Danilo, and Danilo's anvil will be that he gets caught in the act. He might even do it in public.

Nina, congrats on your new glasses.

There buzzards. Clyde and Mabel buzzard. nastiest Birds ever,eat off of other folk's heartaches.

Nina...you write poetically... "Eat off other folks' heartache." That made my heart ache a little.

For the people? Not Mr and Mrs buzzard? They deserve everything they are about to get.

Kirby your ducks are cute. They should get paid for their modeling career. Where's the squirrel family? Haven't seen them in awhile.

Haven't seen them in awhile.

Contract dispute

IE: ran out of peanuts and haven't been to the Farmer's Co-Op yet.

"Did I hear my name?"

Do we get a show tonight? How many scenes with Lunatic Leti do you think we will have?
I need to plan how many loads of laundry to get ready for when her dumbass comes on screen. :-)


Yes we get a show tonight. I believe it's another double-shot. Because I love guessing, I will guess two scenes. One with Maria and Tad, and another with her good friend Morgana who will probably ask how long Leti will be laid up because she needs to get some skirt buttons replaced because they keep popping off, you know how it is when you're preg- oh, sorry, Leticia. I forgot.

Pick yourself up off the floor...........................And look at THIS


Awww, how cute!! Six little ducklings and not one is ugly :-)

I loooove those little fuzzy baby ducks. They are so clumsy on land but in the water are like a fearless furry fish.

I was watching an Osprey trying to have one for lunch. No LUCK Mr. O. Every time it came low they would dive underwater, and a loooong time, like up to maybe a minute later, surface 30 feet away.

The Momma leads them around on land over and on and off of things like an obstacle course with no seeming regard for whether they can keep up or not. And those resourceful little quackers risk life and limb jumping off things and other calesthenics to follow Mom.

I was at the Co-Op and they had a bunch and I caught myself looking for the price before sanity returned and the other Kirbo said: "A DUCK? Are you nuts? Pay for the peanuts and get us into the car."

I wonder how long before NakedStela gets out of those minty PJs and into something more her style. Will she borrow some clothes from Laura? WILL THEY FIT? Will she ask Rybaby to take her shopping?

Will she and Ry sneak back to her house/prison to get her overnight bag a few clothes, (that's all she wears, a few scraps) and her BC Pills? :-)

Aaawwww a fearless furry fish. They are so cute. I like to see them behind
Mommie, and the cars stop to let them
Pass with those cute little flat feet.
It's getting all get all fuzzy wuzzy over these cute little creatures. CUZ THEM CRAZIASS PEOPLE COMIN BACK ON TONIGHT!!!!. 2 HOURS OF CRAZINESS.

Did you ever read the classic children's book " Make Way for Ducklings?" That is what the photo reminds me of, Kirby. So cute.

Family just left. I am stuffed with tomatoes and corn. Time to chill and wait for Two hours of crazy to start.

Uh-oh, Nina. You and I are starting think alike !!!!

If the craziness and stupidity on this show are supposed to make us feel a little better about OURSELVES, they can leave out my part. I was OK with me before they came along.

Stuffed doesn't always conjure an image of having eaten too much. ? ? ? :-)

Note to Tad: Next time choose the bebe,

Danilo laying it on thick.

See Julie...SusanLynn is like Usted
Then Susy is like Tu

Her Hubba probably just calls her 'S'.

Hee hee!
But please don't ask me to choose between baby duckies vs squirrels. You'll put me in a coma.

Either there was something funny in my green beans, or this episode is REALLY good. (I'm 45 minutes behind, though, so there's still plenty of time for something crappy to happen.)

In the face, Estela reminds me a little of Ninel Conde.

Julie..yes, I agree ,,she resembles Ninel when I saw her with the ponytail, I thought that she looked like Angelina Jolie minus the luscious lips.

P.s. I got tired of my long name. My friends and family call me Susy. Hubba doesn't call me Susy.

Estela and Laura have very similar body types.

It's "good" we're getting all fuzzy suzzy over these cut little creatrues.

It's "good" we're getting all fuzzy suzzy over these cut little creatrues.

I did not intend to double that. Don't
Know what happened.

I thought susy was a new patio pal. I
Like "Susy".

New recap is up already!

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