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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Jenni Rivera, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraiso, El Señor de los Cielos & más: Week of August 7, 2017

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• 9-10PM—Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraiso
• 10-11PM—El Señor de los Cielos

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Juanita: Good Morning. It flooded here in San Antonio, TX yesterday.

Steve : stay safe and high dry!!!


Bill C: How's Rivero's push in bringing down BPN going ?


Jota plays off long distance call from /Cata-Grande, while everybody was chilling in the dining room.

Back in the captains office we see Calvo/calvo the henchman is alive, why he didn’t get all the money under the barn and split is beyond me!?

Diabla is in the hole getting the run down on how things are played in the big house...
Martina turns Daniela on to Titi... Martina wants titi to get on board for murder... titi had to put her in check... Daniela wants titi to kill cata and family of course

Marciel, hips the family to the upcoming court case for inheritance

Cata Grande has husband problem, ‘’

Diabla has to get backup before she makes her move on the queen of the cell block

Cata returns to school and sees the reality of her classmates... and the teacher’s colluding by keeping blind...

Daniela is afraid of being murdered by anybody especially her step farther. And she just ought to be!
The captain and calvo are plot zing. Cato Gordo and tit is plot zing. Captain and calve plan to kidnap Daniela but she is hip to the BS game... she rolled and bounced… out of there...

Daniela head to town hall, stepdad’s office and catches him off guard…everybody sees her with him... It’s a clear protection move…

So he is hemmed up and has to play it off and cooperate... the whole time they talk, she keeps her hand in her bagg like she’s packing heat...He pulled his rod as well...

Gordo cow Mayra has diabla like a slave dog… on collar and leash. The devil on a leash. So right, but so wrong!!

# Daniela sticks her butt in titi face and then appealed to his greed, as she puts him down tight in the dope game


Diablo asserts her independent when she gut Mayra like a fish! this pleases the warden..,she hates Mayra and wants to find out which guards helps her /were in the payoffs, as well as find out who killed her lover ,negrita Linda… diabla is trying to get her court process together by paying off witnesses, I don’t think it will help?? She is being prosecuted in the USA??

Daniela proposed a deal to the stepdad... as well as she has other offers...she learns the courts are in probate.Gato may be an option as a partner.

Back at school cata speak to her class mate and learns abt the sexual abuse that is occurring. But the classmate is not ready to make good decision. She is traumatized by her rape and her mother complicity...

Marciel and dad/mom have to get the probate moving on...marcial knows his time is short, he wants to move into their old house, in the barrio, to be close to Cata Grande’s spirit!!
Cata went to find Dario, but he bounced?? She looks but can’t find..
Cata Grande is back on the job... and rolling into town...she lets jota know she is expected…

Titi makes a visit to Daniela and set Martina off, she thinks titi is hers?? Daniela has more standing / and she knows it so when titit kisses Daniela Martina loses it

Titi has got the down - rap for this egomaniac Daniela, he is running game and she is eating it up, but she knows her priorities, so no pay no play….so she wants him to kill MARCIAL, AND HE IS DOWN WITH IT!!

Hernan Dario shows up pepe mom’s house and demand the money Plata..!!



lord the girl is in jail after having a hell of fight with the new man!!

the family had to bail her out,

but my husband and I were sitting there in front of the t.v., trying to figure out , she knew he was a bum and gigilo, what did she expect, the man was in his momma's house for god sakes.. and burrowed ,money on the regular...

the whole time she was seating with the cops she was lamenting the good times.. oh yeah like 6 months, what???


THIS is not in order, but just reflections!!

Diablo is looking to pay off anybody to get out, but you are in the USA BABY!!! I aint GONNA HAPPEN!!

Diablo calls Daniela and tells her where some caches of money are…Danni cannot get to any of it without subterfuge. But she is willing!!

Daniela is calling her aunt AMPARA?? Diablo sister, I am trying to remember her from the TV series or the movie?? Cannot place her!

The Warden wants Mayra dead- dead dead-, for killing her woman/lover, the innocent and beautiful Rosa Emilia the Linda, the love of her life!!! ..By asphyxiation! Hanging!!
But killing Mayra aint gonna be easy but worth it for sure!!

Hernan Dario is with the aunt and mom of Pepe, they agree to help him recover the money!
Watching those ladies get their hands dirty was great!! They are afraid to tell anyone friends and they are so right! But the aunt is the real killer!!!

Jota ,still wants some of the money to help Daniella, is he crazy, he doesn’t have a clue abt how corrupt Danny is!!

They find the dough and get bustedup side their head.. and knocked out for their trouble!! Those old broads are something!
Titi ,rocks Danny world up in theopen and in front of the whole barrio and Martina sees this and truly ,goes there and pulls a piece and struggles with Titi and the gun shoots her in the leg...

Now Martina was jealous of Cata, but she really despises Daniela, her mom /Paola, was turned out by diabla.

Yesenia also, set the Paola up for drug bust and she went down for jail time… and pimped her out as a teens to get started !! So no love lost with the beltran family...

Titi /Paola have a chat at the hospital with Martina’s mom, who goes down memory lane with Titi.

Momma, Paola defends that little pimpetta to the end...but then Paola ,her life was lowdown hooker/ crap in the hustle game as well!!

Marcial is ready to move and he has many regrets and caprices. Whims to complete before death.

He is not happy to know Titi and Daniela are hooking up, he has big concerns, and both criminal together is serious!!

Cata Grande is taking her whole family to Colombia??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniela wants Titi to make a daylight hit in promise of some funky coochie!!Daniela cannot think her way out of paper bag…

But in college…in Florida,Diablo is setting the pace as the new jeffa…

In front of the house. In the barrio... And out of the blue the Federales ,show up!! And then they serve Albireo and Hilda.
The Marin’s get the subpoena to travel to Florida... Court orders!!!


Claudia, Cata’s ,class mate is being pimped out to Gatos Gordo, and she has to learn the hard way!! He is slimy and smarmy , with his nasty hands roaming all over her body, poor stupid thing, no wonder the girls / putalindas have to get high and drunk!!..
She is trapped and needs the money... her life as a somewhat innocent, teenager is over... he threw too much money in her ‘desperate and thirsty for cash’ face to leave!!

The mayor shows up to take Danny to the big meeting... And they start ‘f’ ing, with Marcial and the Marin homestead, the talk is to humiliate them again by zoning codes…BULL SH...T right away and that poor house!!

The meeting… everybody wins????But over Marcial’s dead body!! Danny still has to give up shipping routes!



what is this suppose to be .. an WHAT HAPPEN TO JR EPSIODE, [DALLAS].. WE ARE SUPPOSE TO FOLLOW A MYSTERY??!!!

I say granny did it!!! or baby girl ,she is jealous!!


Who killed who last night ?

The big meeting, we see Daniela show her Capo –in –training, come to the fore...
Gatos Gordo doesn’t have all the shipping routes or connections.

So Danny has some leverage!!

Dario and Jota are riding straight into a blockade…instead of back tracking and avoiding them.

Bad nerves and space cadet,Mr. Jota drives right into the cops and draws the fire.

Cata, Val and Vanessa, were talking abt where their men are. [Where you at?] and money problem, they bring the offer of help to Hilda who agrees to help.

Jota and Dario are racing for their lives and the cops are dead on their ass... bullets flying... they make it out alive.

But when they have to ditch the ride, that car was Jotas “pride and joy, the love of his life, he cannot do it...

Dario had to make the hard choice for Jota‘s demented ass.. He had to burn Jota’s baby. So traumatic!! The man cried and had hysterics thru the whole process.

The meeting has the Narco tag-team of Titi and Gatos, pumping up the mayor. They can use political help .

They as a group, tell stupidass- Ms. Daniela, not to tell her mother abt the meeting, and on side lines ..they are busy renegotiating side deals, backstabbing and cheating each other.

Daniela asked the mayor why he shot her mother he replies it was just self defense

Gatos had Claudia hemmed up waiting to turn her into a professional...
Later that evening Cata and Vale head home to check on Nache /Dario and hands Vanessa some cash...

.There was really no need as the MOTHER SHIP WAS HEADING THEIR WAY!!

Diablo has to get busy killing Mayra, so she gets into position. First screwing the guard…..
Then getting on the phone after ,she gives up the titty/kitty and call to Danny the spy. Didn’t the little rat, Daniela eye spy some of the cash.

Jota spills a package of money on the ground in front of the house while getting out of the taxi ,disembarking and dragging bags of money with Dario-Nache…..

Danny tried to jump bad and bust into Vanessa's house and she stands on the corner and comes outta -pocket towards the whole group.

Cata , who tells her..' Don't start nothing ,won't be nothing'.

The two girls go at it..earrings coming off, heels kicked off..they talking smack back and forth abt ,..' I got your man and there aint nothing you can do abt it'!!

All that bragging.. 'f's with Daniela's mind, so she just had to go there and accuse them of stealing..So danny, had to get her ass whup for her trouble... cause'punks-jump-up-to get -knocked-down'!!


Lord ! help this child!!

this poor chick's new man/ Gigilo: Juan is in jail for coyote smuggling.. he was busted with two wetbacks in his trunk!!

Ain't no bail, he has gotto do the time..
But what is reallynuts is how crazy Trino thinks he has a shot of getting back together??

this show is gonna get dark , jenni was been EXPLOITED!! traumatized ,within the industry... this music mafia related to the promoters has destructive consequences for women..!!

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