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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #63, Aug. 4, 2017: Gone Fishin’…

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Scenes combined for continuity. 

Memories in italics.

Milton Loses the Piranha

Estela is still in the apartment with Milton, aka Pablo. She can’t seem to find the corkscrew and offers to take it to him later…she just needs to know his apartment number. Milton pretends not to remember the apartment number since he just moved in. Starting to be suspicious, Estela tells him to ask the neighbor in front. Estela sees that Milton is tongue-tied and thinks it’s obvious that he doesn’t even live in the apartment building; so, she asks Milton to leave. Once Milton leaves, Estela looks around wondering what she did with her glass.

Regia Hooks a Sponsor

At Furia, Laura, accompanied by Nina and Genesis, meets with sponsors from Metro PCS who have been tracking the needs of the communities. They think she is the perfect celebrity to represent their product since it is evident that she is revered as an entrepreneur and a fighter. They offer to sponsor a nation-wide tour. Laura is honored that they will sponsor her, but Genesis cautions them about how Regia is presented. All agree. When the sponsors indicate that her fans’ support was pivotal since they saw all the postings and “hits” on the web, Nina is elated. The sponsor shows her a poster that will be used and tells her that whenever they surf the web, they see how her fans ask about her and wonder when she will return. They tell her she need not worry about being away from her family; she will be well connected to family and fans in the USA as well as Mexico with the use of their plan, Mexico Unlimited. Laura stands by the poster of Metro PCS so Nina can record Laura announcing her new sponsor and post it on the web.

Mid(Afternoon) Serenade

Outside Laura’s ranch, Ryan, with Horacio’s help, serenades Laura who happily watches from her balcony. As Ryan sings, Laura leaves the balcony and goes outside walking in her little red dress that has a slit way up high. Ryan continues to sing and walks toward her. Once he finishes, Ryan hugs her and tells her he loves her…she is the woman of his life…the one he wants to be with forever. They kiss passionately as Horacio and the band watch.

As Ryan tells Laura he sang with all his love, Horacio claps and tells him he hadn’t heard singing like that in a long time…with such emotion. Laura thanks Ryan and the band for the nice surprise; the band.

Laura shares with Ryan that Nina, Genesis and she have a sponsor. Elated, Ryan hugs her as Rosario comes out and offers everyone lemonade and refreshments, but then sees that Laura has a look of concern. Laura reminds him that they can’t forget about Estela…it’s a circle they need to close. Laura knows that Estela still has hopes of being with him. Ryan argues that what Estela hopes is one thing while reality is another. He assures Laura that he will keep his distance from Estela and that Joe will handle everything that involves her. Laura insists that there be no more secrets between them. Ryan nods and tells her that, whatever happens, she is the love of his life…today and always.

Jumpin’ Froggies

Danilow, aka El Dorado, and Horacio are still in their meeting with El Salgado who has obviously told them a story of his demise. Danilow is surprised that he would have let his guard down (about what, we don’t know…we can only speculate). El Sagrado assures him that it’s a debt that he has pending; he will retaliate against those who betrayed him; and it will bring him much satisfaction. El Sagrado suspects obvious Danilow knows something but Danilow denies it. Danilow doesn’t know who the traitor was, but has heard that ever since then, El Sagrado hasn’t lost any more packages. Horacio mentions that knowing about his security is what brought them to him. When El Sagrado found out that El Dorado got his henchman to go to prison for him, he admired him for surrounding himself with such loyal followers. Danilow boasts that it’s all in knowing how to find the right people…it’s the only way. He offers his “services” to El Sagrado and tells him they’re just like little frogs waiting to jump…that all he needs to do is say the word, and they will jump. El Sagrado takes him at his word and says, “Frog.” Seeing that they don’t get it, he repeats himself, after which Danilow and Horacio look at each other, smirk, and start jumping (but they don’t say “ribbitt”). When El Sagrado laughs and offers to see them out, Danilow and Horacio stare as he wheels himself out. El Sagrado wonders what they are looking at and teases that they are looking at his boots. He explains that they are made of green turtles which are a rare species and very hard to come by, but he has a contact who has ways of getting them for him…just for him.

The Waters Stir in Paradise

Joe is about to leave for the office when Mercy asks him to wait; she wants to go to the office too. Seeing that Joe isn’t in the best of moods, Mercy tells him she realizes she was unjust with him and doesn’t want him to be angry with her. Joe tells her he’s not going to Furia. Mercy tries to blame her anger on Estela, he stresses that Estela is not the cause of the change in their attitudes…it’s all the secrets she keeps. She’s keeping secrets from Ryan, including the baby she lost. Joe insists that she should tell Ryan about her other child, yet Mercy refuses. Agitated, Joe complains that she is always on edge especially when he mentions the baby…only Paloma can calm her. Joe looks at her intently and asks her to tell him what else is there that he should know.

Preparing the Hook

Danilo is in his office with Horacio suspicious of El Sagrado and doubting that he will call, but he isn’t worried because they got what they needed. He tells Horacio that they need to prepare for their meeting with Steve. Horacio thinks Jimmy may have already blew his horn to Steve, but Danilow doubts it because Jimmy is probably still enjoying his gift.

Steve Takes Chocolates…and the Bait

Steve comes to Furia to bring Genesis some chocolates. As he assures her that chocolates never fails when a person is sad, he receives a message that Jimmy, a patient at Los Primos, had a relapse and is back on drugs. Genesis tries to reassure him that it may not be too serious, but Steve knows this is different. Steve shares that Jimmy is his cousin and although he got out of drugs, Jimmy continued. He knows perfectly well what Jimmy is going through. Jimmy’s held up at a hotel and he needs to go to him. Genesis is glad he was able to get off drugs…it says much about him. As Steve leaves, Genesis thanks him for the chocolates.

Steve arrives at the hotel room where he expects to find Jimmy, only to be pulled in and held at gunpoint by Danilow, accompanied by Horacio. Steve worries about what they have done to Jimmy. Danilow warns him that Jimmy’s days may be counted as may be the rest of the days of the cousins at Los Primos. Danilow tells Steve that they know all about his involvement with drugs and how they took a load of drugs from El Sagrado. They also know about his trial that wasn’t even a trial; they let him off just because he is a gringo. Horacio adds that they know he either sold the drugs or shoved them up his nose…and the rest is history. With the gun pointed to Steve’s head, Danilow chides him about his cousin going in and out of the center for treatment. Jimmy even confessed that he had sold drugs there, but Steve covered for him. When Horacio wonders if Jimmy is his peddler whom he protects, Steve assures him it is all loyalty. Danilow reminds him that El Sagrado is one that likes loyalty. He also reminds Steve of what El Sagrado does to traitors. Danilow boasts that El Sagrado is now his client; and if he tells El Sagrado about him and Jimmy, he will go after them; and not only them, he will also go after all his little cousins at the ranch (Los Primos).

Steve doesn’t believe Danilow’s…El Sagrado has been inactive for quite a while. Danilow chides him that his informant is wrong and shows him the picture he took of El Sagrados boots and tells him how El Sagrado obtains them. After Steve asks what it is they want from him, Horacio tells him to sign over the shares to Danilow. Steve looks defeated as Horacio hands him a pen.

Ryan Takes the Bigger Bait

Ryan is in his office looking over some proposals when Joe enters. When Joe asks if he was able to smooth things over with Laura, Ryan affirms that he did and adds that Laura is unique (isn’t that what he said about Estela?) and he needs to draw the line with Estela. Joe assumes that Laura must have gotten quite upset when he told her about the kiss, but Ryan admits that he didn’t tell her…he thought it best not to. Joe will find ways to keep Ryan occupied, the most important thing is to find the identity of El Dorado. When Ryan asks about the fingerprints on the knife, Joe tells him he is on his way for the results…he specifically asked that the prints be compared to those of Asdrúbal. As they speak, Ryan receives a call from Estela. In her whiny voice, she tells him she didn’t want to call him but she thinks El Dorado has found her and has sent someone to investigate her. When she tells him she is SUPER-scared so she is going to leave the apartment, Ryan urges her to stay there until he arrives…and he rushes out…

Mercy’s Hook
Mercy shows up at Laura’s ranch and apologizes to Laura for dropping in unannounced…she came to see Paloma. Laura assures her that she can come any time she wants; and Paloma will be very happy to see her when she arrives from school. Mercy pretends that she forgot that Paloma would still be in school; however, Laura tells her she can wait as it won’t be too long before Paloma gets there. Mercy looks around and noticed all the flowers outside. After Laura tells her Ryan brought them for her, Mercy is glad things are going well for Laura and Ryan and that Estela’s return has not affected them. Laura tells Mercy that she shouldn’t judge Estela until she hears her story. Laura shares with Mercy that Estela didn’t leave Ryan of her own free will. Pedro C had threatened to kill Ryan if she contacted him; then El Dorado sequestered her. Mercy admits that she may have been wrong, but there is something about Estela that just doesn’t seem right. She can’t explain it, but tells Laura that it’s up to her if she wants to believe Estela. Laura believes that the truth is always revealed in time. She shares with Mercy that Ryan and she have made a pact that they will no longer keep secrets or lies from each other. This pleases Mercy very much; she is now sure that Ryan told her that he and Estela kissed.

Mercy apologizes (but she’s really not sorry); she thought Ryan had told her. Mercy thinks it best that Laura knows so she can realize what she is dealing with…she shouldn’t trust Estela. She thinks Estela is responsible for the whole thing, but she’s not going to excuse Ryan either…he likes women…he has it in his genes. Laura tries to makes excuses for Ryan…so much has happened so quickly and he is confused. Mercy doesn’t think he looked very confused when she caught them kissing, be she is sure Estela provoked him. She warns Laura to be alert, Estela is not good. Laura is skeptical about Mercy’s sudden interest in her relationship with Ryan since she had always tried to separate them. Mercy admits that she has reason to doubt her, but explains that Laura has earned her respect. She sees Laura as strong and courageous; in fact, she sees herself in Laura even more now that Estela has returned. Mercy has one more piece of advice…she can take it or leave it. There are two options Laura can choose from—she can let things continue as if nothing is wrong and let Ryan see Estela whenever he wants; or, she needs to fight for Ryan. Mercy is sure that if Laura asks Ryan, he will deny it. Laura decides she would rather ask Estela—she wants Estela to tell her…and hopes this is not another of Mercy’s intrigues.

The Fish Got Caught…in More Ways Than One

Ryan is at the apartment with Estela. She tells him how the man came with the excuse of needing a corkscrew. Ryan can’t think of anyone that fits the description she has given him. Ryan thinks he may be one of El Dorado’s men but she swears she didn’t recognize him. After Estela tells him that she asked around and was told that there are no new tenants, Ryan wonders how the man was able to get into the apartment building. He thinks it may have been a reporter since they have their ways to get what they want. It doesn’t matter to Estela whether it was a reporter or sicario, she just can’t stay there. She thinks she has only brought him problems, especially with Laura, but Ryan doesn’t want to hear of it. Laura came here and talked me. He does admit that he and Laura have had discussions, but all couples have them…doesn’t she remember theirs…

Estela thinks Laura is a great woman. Ryan agrees and tells Estela he also came over to give her this (her suitcase with the pistol). Estela looks at the suitcase and remembers…

Ryan and Estela are laying on the floor of her apartment, post coitus. Ryan wants her to meet his mother which she swears she would love to do, but needs to return to New York. Ryan thinks there is still plenty of time, but Estela reminds him about everything she usually packs…he should know how she is already. Ryan teases her about the small suitcase that’s under the couch. She laughs and brings out the suitcase saying that not much fits in her mini-case…it only carries her security. She shows him a couple of make-up items which make her feel so much more secure. She warns him that she is going to roll him up in a tiny little ball so she can keep him in her mini-case.

Ryan now understands why Estela told him that she kept her security in the suitcase and wonders if she had to protect herself from her father’s enemies since then. Estela confesses that it wasn’t just to protect herself; it was also to protect him. She doesn’t think she can handle having a gun now, she has changed since then.

Estela is very sorry that she called Ryan when she escaped from El Dorado (Not!). She thinks she was crazy to think she could get him back…just pick up where they left off. He must think it ridiculous that she was waiting for him wearing the wedding dress, but Ryan just shakes his head and reassures her it was not (no, not ridiculous, idiot, just a ploy to pull your heartstrings…ughh)…she experienced so many bad things. As Ryan leaves and stands right outside her door, he hands her a cell phone; and she thanks him with a kiss on the cheek while Laura is in the hallway listening.

Ryan sees Laura in the hallway and starts to explain that Estela called him because she thought she was in danger; and he brought her the pistol for protection. Laura wonders if the reason was for protection or to ask her to keep their secret…or is it not a secret that they kissed in his office. Ryan admits that, yes, they kissed.

Seeing that Laura is perturbed, Ryan tells her that is why he didn’t want to tell her. Laura reminds him that they had come to an agreement; there were supposed to be no more secrets or lies and the first thing he did was to keep the kiss a secret. Secondly, he had said he was going to keep his distance from Estela, but here he is. When Ryan explains that he just wanted to give her the phone, Laure immediately wonders if he also put a tracker on it like he did with hers. Seeing Ryan’s reaction, she apologizes for bringing up the tracking. She takes a moment and admits she just can’t compete with Estela because she is buried in his heart…she has always been there. Ryan asks what he can do to show her she doesn’t have to doubt him. Laura remembers the two options Mercy suggested, but she has a third option: the best thing would be that he leave the ranch; with time and distance, he can come to a decision. As to whom he wants.

Ryan can’t believe Laura would suggest such a thing. What happened was a confusion…he was confused. Laura doesn’t believe the “confused” line anymore. He resorted to drinking because of Estela. Ryan admits that she is right, but emphasizes that he luuurves her…she needs to believe that…he wants to be with her. Laura looks at him and wants him to be sincere… what did he feel when he kissed Estela, but Ryan wonders how she can ask that. Laura knows his refusal to answer says it all. She tells him to take time to think about what/who he wants, but warns him that she is not going to be waiting forever. Ryan suspects that she intends to look for someone else (no, Ryan, not everyone is like you). Laura takes offense (as she should) and tells him he should know her better…her life has never revolved around a man; she reminds him that she has a family and her career for which to fight for.

Rejected Little Guppy

Maria arrives home and LetMe is very happy to see that her hair is back to normal (and so are we). Maria confides that things are not so good at school—she doesn’t want to go anymore; she has no friends. LetMe reassures her that it’s not the end of the world…there has to be other students from Mexico that have the same interests, like the same music, food and artists as she does. Maria is afraid they don’t want to be with her, so LetMe tries to console her by telling her that the bad times will pass…they just need to keep trying.

Fishin’ for the Wrong Shark

Back in Morgana’s apartment, Horacio advises Danilow that it will take a few days to process the change of shares. Danilow is excited and can’t wait to see Mercy’s and Ryan’s faces when he announces he is the major stakeholder. After Horacio leaves, Danilow pulls Morgana close to him and wants to show him what a real macho is, but she resists. She is upset that she went through all the trouble of the fake pregnancy when she didn’t really have to…he had other options. When Danilow reminds her she wanted to come with him to Furia Productions, she retorts that she wanted to come succeed with their music…not to be involved with narcos and their dirty dealings. When Danilow asks Morgana to toast with him, she refuses so he gets upset and leaves.

Asdrúbal Won’t Take the Bait

Joe goes to the prison and meets with Asdrúbal who wonders why the heck Joe would want to defend him. Joe explains that he wants to do it because he knows he is innocent of many things he is covered for his boss. When he warns Asdrúbal that El Dorado will not lift a finger to get him out of prison, Asdrúbal just chuckles and says, “But I am El Dorado.” Joe knows Asdrúbal joined El Dorado to seek revenge against the Cabreras and wants to know why.

Asdrúbal wonders who is behind Joe’s investigation…is it one of the Cabreras? Mercy? Joe wants to know what Asdrúbal has against Mercy, but Asdrúbal is very happy that he has never met her, especially after everything he has heard about her. After Joe asks what he knows, Asdrúbal wants to know if he wants a list of all the things she has don’t but Joe assures him that he already knows everything. Asdrúbal mocks him saying that he thinks he knows…women change versions of what happens to make themselves look good, but not even the hyenas do to their children what Mercy has done. Joe notices that Asdrúbal used the term “children,” but Asdrúbal is annoyed and thinks they have talked enough he doubts Joe’s true intentions. Asdrubal starts to hang up, but Joe asks him to wait. Joe advises Asdrúbal that he has proof that he did not kill Pedro Carrillo…he knows that Asdrúbal is covering for El Dorado…the fingerprints do not match his. Asdrúbal smirks and tells Joe that means nothing…he could have sent one of his henchmen to do his dirty work. He tells Joe to think about that and hangs up to leave.

Trying to Make the Big Catch

Milton and his sidekick (I don’t remember his name, it might be Horacio, but that would be too confusing; Robin has been suggested as name, so we’ll go with that) are in the office going over Milton’s notes. When Milton suspects the girl in the apartment is Estela, Robin wonders why Regia would go visit her if that woman is the one that broke Ryan’s heart. Milton wonders why, then, would Ryan he would put the woman in his apartment. Robin thinks the woman is Ryan’s mistress…he also is excited about how happy their boss will be if Milton blows the lid off the case. Milton’s wheels are still spinning…if the woman in the apartment is the one that knows El Dorado, she is Estela Carrillo, but he doesn’t know how to prove it. When Robin asks what he is going to do, Milton tells him his little story about the corkscrew worked. He takes out the glass from his bag and stares at it.

Time to Pull Back the Line

Back at the ranch, Laura goes into Paloma’s bedroom as she sleeps. Laura whispers to Paloma that she is the one that gives her the strength to go on. As Rosario listens, she tells Laura that she needs to bring out that strength so her daughter will not see her sadness…with or without Ryan, she can move forward. Rosario starts to go see if Ryan has left, but sees him coming in to the bedroom. Ryan just wanted to say good-bye to Paloma, but sees that she is asleep. Laura doesn’t think it would be a good idea for Ryan to say good-bye; he can see her whenever he wants. Ryan tells Laura that she talks as if they will never be back together. Laura tells him no one can see into the future, but Ryan says he is sure of one thing about the future. He reminds her that she is still carrying his child…and before she says it could be Danilow’s, he will reiterate that the child is his. Laura asks him to please leave. After Ryan leaves, Laura’s eyes fill with tears as she tries to hold them back. Rosario comes to hug her and tells her to go ahead and cry…it will not make her less strong. Laura sobs as Rosario holds her.

Fishing for Assurance

A waiter brings in Morgana’s supper. Morgana asks him how she looks, but when she sees he blushes, she clarifies she wants his opinion about her picture on her pad. The waiter tells her he saw her in a show once; and she made men fall at her feet. Morgana is thrilled, but wants to know what the iguana is up to and finds the posting about Regia’s sponsor. After she gets upset that Regia is returning and she is just sitting there wasting her time, the waiter suggests that she could do the same…she has many fans that adore her. Morgana smiles and agrees, after which the waiter asks for a selfie with her. Morgana urges him to come sit with her on the bed, and they take a selfie. The waiter can’t wait to show it to his buddies, so he dismisses himself.

Good Bait Doesn’t Guarantee a Catch

As Ryan walks in to the Cabrera house, Mercy apologizes for complicating things. Ryan assures her things will be fine and tells her he will stay there just a few days…until Estela leaves his apartment. Mercy invites him to stay as long as he wants and urges him not to let Estela confuse him. He needs to get Laura back for the child. Knowing where she is going with this, Ryan tells her he has a surprise for her…the birth of his child won’t guarantee the 20 %.

The Fish Fry

Danilow struts into the Furia meeting room surprised to see everyone is present since they usually don’t take his meetings seriously. After Ryan and Mercy ask why he called the meeting, Danilow announces that they are now looking at the major stockholder of the company and tells Ryan he can no longer occupy his seat. Ryan questions what tricks he is up to, but Danilow denies it is a trick. When Horacio explains that Steve decided to sign over his shares to him, Ryan jumps up and demands to know what they did to Steve. Danilow smirks and reminds him that he should never have trusted a gringo. Danilow thought he was the bad one, but Steve is much worse than he. Mercy chimes in that Ryan is not out of the company…Laura is pregnant. Danilow is glad she brought that up…Laura is expecting a Cabrera, but what Ryan didn’t tell her was that the baby might be his. Mercy is dumbfounded. Ryan still thinks they did something to Steve and assures them he will find out, but Horacio assures him that if something happened to Steve, it was after he signed…this document. He hands the document to Ryan who shows it to Mercy and asks Joe to check it. Joe states that if the signature is real, the document can’t be retracted. Elated that he has won, Danilow gives his first order—Ryan is to grow wings and fly out of there. As for Mercy, she can stay only because Walter wrote it in the testament that she would stay for as long as she lives…he mocks that that shouldn’t be much longer. Joe lunges at Danilow, but Ryan holds him back. As everyone starts arguing, Danilow yells at everyone to settle down or he will call security and have them all thrown out.


Thank You RGV Chik. Very entertaining Fish Tale tonight.

That Dam Milton, he may have the best intentions, so does a hungry mosquito, just not for you. So swat him, jeezo. This time RealStela didn't have to lie or make up a story.

If Milton keeps pissing us off we may have to make him up an UNflattering name. You've been warned.

You're welcome Kirby :-) I'm too tired to think...

Oh I know..just a tidbit of the Mexican version, Regia's sponsor is Cerveza Victoria. I wonder how much Metro PCS had to DISH out LOL

I saw quite a few typos...oh well, it's understandable :-/

Good morning RGV Chikilita. This patio is a typo friendly zone.😎 We only really need the first and last letter to read it anyway. It looks like Laura is being suspiciously cool about giving Ryan time. I will be surprised if he doesn't get back with Estela. She was there first.

It's like old GF shows up and she is "meh she can have him."

Good Morning, Kirby and Patio Peeps.

I agree that Laura is being suspiciously cool. Some may think that she's should just fight for the man, but I can also understand why she wouldn't fight for him...she shouldn't have to fight for him. If he loves hers, he will remain true too her (which by the way he hasn't). I would be leery about his true feelings too since it's obvious that he may be substituting Laura for Estella (i.e., his plan to just runaway from everything; he refers to both as unique). So Ryan needs to get his head straight (both of them) and figure out who it is he really wants. Neither one should have to sit around and wait for his decision, but I'm sure the piranha will take advantage of his insecurity/confusion.

laters...chores and errands to errand...

Thanks, RGV Chick. I’m sorry the show was only an hour last night, but glad you got a break from covering 2 hours. Great recap. Love the fish theme headings. Great snark: “ (no, not ridiculous, idiot, just a ploy to pull your heartstrings…

Okay, I’m convinced too that Estela is ED. So Asdrubal is not a sibling but a lover and that’s why he’s so committed to doing ED’s bidding even though he knows she loves Ryan? So disappointed in him, thought he was a hard narcobiz man that only a brother/sister could bring out such loyalty. Turns out he's a big p****.

I agree with Laura's move. Now Estela is less the forbidden fruit. Yeah, Ryan, go for it and lose Laura.

Kirby, I think we all thought of you during the tight closeup of Estela’s butt in a teeny black bikini. She is stacked, but I wished they’d show us the cunning that made her ED. She hasn’t barked any orders or shot anybody yet, just invades everybody’s personal space.

Poor Steve. And he couldn’t even get Ryan on the phone.

RVG Chick: Ryan knocked up Estela ?

Thank you, Niecie. Yes, I did think of Kirby gaping at the TV when Estela bent over in her little black bikini bottom.

No, Steve, Ryan just kissed Estela. Laura is the one that is pregnant.

Hello, everyone.
Rgv, thank you for stepping in. Your recap was right on target....ahem... don't know any baiting expressions.

So Estella is bad pretending to be good,
Ryan is an idiot pretending to be confused,
Laura is being cheated on soon after her marriage,
Danilow now owns 80% of Furia, with another 20% still pending,
Steve is a rat in sheep's clothing,
Genesis is very very bad at picking men,
Asdrubal is ED's little errand boy,
Mercy is still up to no good.
Did I miss something?

Laura should count her blessings and kiss all the Cabreras goodbye. They've brought her nothing but trouble so far.

Niecie, very astute comment about Estella no longer being the forbidden fruit/the one who got away... etc.
If I were Ryan , I would be confused, too, but not longer than a few minutes. His situation reminds me of Daniel from Amor Bravio- when dead wife+baby showed up out of nowhere, he chose to stay with them, but he never doubted about who his true love was... or did he? That story made me so angry I kept throwing things at my tv, cursing in Spanish...

At this point I'm only looking forward for Estella to reveal her true spots... since there will be a second season, I hope at the end of this one Ryan doesn't choose his first love, leaving Laura with two fatherless kids and an useless intact pride.


Steve: HUH. ? No. Not to be rude, but do you ever watch this show?

"She is stacked, but I wished they’d show us the cunning that made her ED"

I WISH THEY'D show that scene again, and again and again....where was I.? Oh yeah she has a nice figure.

So things are pointing to her actually being Dorito, maybe becoming El D. after her Dad died? That could explain the frilly monster gun in the little blue makeup bag waaay back that Ryan and Laura found. And BunBoy in Luuuurve with her as El Dorito? Kinda makes sense, but at one time he appeared to have a fancy for LauStela though. hmmmm..

"Yeah, Ryan, go for it and lose Laura." It's in our DNA....Woof. The smart ones control it, but it is still there.

Adriana that was a flashback with Estela and Ryan. He has not clinically cheated, yet. They kissed, but that is as far as it went, thanks to Mom walking in on them.

What an intriguing, encompassing recap Rgv Chick. Marvelous.

"Ryan just shakes his head and reassures her it was not (no, not ridiculous, idiot, just a ploy to pull your heartstrings…ughh)" was my favorite line although I've used many others in my comment.

Is Steve still alive?

Loved the serenade.

"I wished they’d show us the cunning that made her ED". Excellent point Niecie. I noted a few days ago I was also convinced she is ED. When I saw "Estela looks around wondering what she did with her glass", I frowned thinking someone of her cunning should surely realize Milton took the glass. That did not compute.

The most interesting scene of the night to me was nobunbutstillbad's conversation with Joe. He loathes Mercy, doesn't he? "but not even the hyenas do to their children what Mercy has done". Where is all the vitrol coming from? Was it Estela's poisonous venom in his ears? Does he suspect she is his mother (if indeed she is)?

Mercy isn't warm and cuddly as we've noted before but she is managing to keep her wits about her. "This pleases Mercy very much; she is now sure that Ryan told her that he and Estela kissed.Mercy apologizes (but she’s really not sorry); she thought Ryan had told her". She likely knew Laura didn't know about the kiss but she didn't want Laura in the dark. Does she love Laura? No, but she realizes she is the far better choice for her son. And to drive the point home "Mercy doesn’t think he looked very confused when she caught them kissing". Harsh but true. Finally "she needs to fight for Ryan" was dispensing good, sound advice.

You are right Adriana Noel. Right now, whatever his feelings for Estela are (love, longing, history), they should have been overshadowed by those he had for his NEW wife, pregnant with his child. Kirby, Estela "was there first" said it all.

"She takes a moment and admits she just can’t compete with Estela because she is buried in his heart…she has always been" was painful for Laura but she sees the truth. Her admonishment to Ryan "he should know her better…her life has never revolved around a man; she reminds him that she has a family and her career for which to fight for" showed she is courageous. She loves him but will get on without him. I have no doubt that she will.

Let Ryan have Estela. I think Laura can do much better.

I'm still trying to comprehend love sick badnobun, pining away for Estela, who doesn't seem to be giving him a moment's thought.

Joe really has my interest. I would really like to know the thoughts spinning in his mind. Nothing about him is predictable.

Rgv Chick, this was fabulous.



Kirby, someone caught a nice fish for breakfast!

Great shot.


Yeah that 'Catch and Release' thing with sport (human) fish killers has not caught on with our fine feathered friends yet.

I understand that hunting and fishing are a major sport which supports, SURPRISE, a multi-billion dollar industry. But snakes don't go out biting people for fun, and Hawks, Ospreys, and Eagles don't swoop down and pluck wigs and toupees off unsuspecting hunters. Although I can't really speak for our Florida Alligators. They seem to be more social than most creatures. Bites are getting quite common here. :-)

I really am intrigued about WonBonDon and the hyenas. He knows or thinks he knows something about MercyMe that none of us or his castmates do. I am dying to find out. She is turning into a functioning addict right before our eyes. I do not have that warm fuzzy for MercyMe that some have, so her fall will be especially tasty when the hyena story comes to fruition.

Correction: " pluck wigs and toupees off unsuspecting hunters" unless nesting materials are in terribly short supply.

Thanks Diana. Terribly underexposed, but I am trying to compensate for Estela.

Kirby, I know that the love scene was a flashback, but the kiss is still cheating imo and his "confusion" is even worse. We've had galans in the past actually cheat (because some misuderstanding or some villainy) but their love never waivered. (Stupid, awful galans, but they had only one "unique" luvv).
So Steve was coerced? I must admit I dozed off during that part.

Adriana Noel, yes, Steve was forced to sign over the shares at gunpoint.

I agree that stalwart love is the mainstay of TNs. At this point, I honestly do feel Laura can do better. Ryan doesn't deserve her.

"Yeah that 'Catch and Release' thing with sport (human) fish killers has not caught on with our fine feathered friends yet". Thank God.


Anita, where are you????


Kirby, that pic is amazing...luuurve that blue sky!! The pic would have been puurfect to place in the header...Many hawks in this TN, just looking for a fish to pluck up.

Yeah we could put any of a dozen names on El Fish, depends on whether we think he is dead or about to be.

I just realized there are only 7 episodes left till the will they sort all this crap out? ...hopeo they don't leave too much for the 2nd season :-/

Seven Episodes? ! ! YIKES Hopeo Estela renounces her vow of celibacy. And keeps the cameras rolling.


Oh, and hopeo we find out who El D is, Mercy's secret, whether Dan killed Steve, if Ryan really luuuurves Laura, that stuff.

I am actually still wondering about Estela being El D. Not being sexist, but it seems a stretch, given the (possibly fabricated) flashbacks we recently saw of her and her Dad. Did she really have Ryan fooled that badly that long? Ryan's not broke or ugly, does he really fall head over heels every time he catches a whiff of perfume that didn't come from a vending machine?

If she is, her recent coming out. so to speak is an odd way to accomplish as of yet undefined plans. I lean more to thinking there is a ficticious El Dorito consisting of BunBoy and Estela. Thus with Bun in the slammer, she may now in essence be Dorito, but it will not be the same as when BunBon was out running loose and shooting people and hanging with TalisBun.

I am wondering where our SusanLynnSuzySue is until a little voice up there somewhere whispered 'Foul Balls'. Rather than run to the men's room, I remembered about diamonds, three strikes and you're out, bridesmaids with catcher's mitts, and Hot Dog Uniforms. I just hopeo it does not go into extra innings.

Kirby, " I lean more to thinking there is a ficticious El Dorito consisting of BunBoy and Estela. " I'm with you on that could also include her siblings that we haven't had the pleasure of seeing. So, if BUunboy is out of commission and he was the one that was protecting El D, then who is protecting El D now? Is it just a coincidence that Estela started calling Ryan when everything started falling apart for EL D...I think NOT!

I had forgotten about Suzy's baseball event too! Hopeo she doesn't catch any foul balls.

Diana, thank you for your kind review of the recap. Joe is an enigma to me...I really don't know what to make of him...just that he's a good friend to Ryan, a lousy husband (depending on why he left his wife for Mercy). He's just too laid back...nothing seems to rile him very much...or mess up his hair...

Thanks RGV Chick for this extensive recap.

I vaguely recall Ryan decided to "sell"his shares in Furia to Steve (cannot remember the reason). I'm assuming he sold the whole 40%. So if Danilo "purchased" them from Steve, Danilo now owns 80% of Furia and does not need a baby to get control of Furia.
But Joe said the 'bill of sale' was valid unless Steve was coerced into selling. If Steve is dead, then team Ryan will have a difficult time invalidating the sale. But if Steve is alive, there still may be some way to quash Danilo's actions. With 7 episodes left, this issue of ownership of Furia may drag into Season 2 of this TN.

Tadeo as a 'truck driver'? Hate to see him give up his guitar.

A building theme: strong women can make it without men behind them. Rosario keeps telling Laura she can make it on her own.
The end of Season 1 could leave Laura leaving Ryan behind while she makes her tour of America and Ryan, indecisive as he is, could end the season falling into the clutches of the real Estella.

If RGV Chik takes care of the residents of the RGV Farm like she takes care of her readers here those have to be some fat happy Animalitos.

I hopeo Roseo knoweos that if she leaves too mucheo for the second seasoneo she mighteo be watchingeo by herselfeo.

ReG Chick,good recap.You got all the folks That annoy me pegged good. Ryan poor Stupid Ryan. Didn't he promise Laura he'd stay away from estella? Yet she Calls and he goes.And so does his word. Down the toilet.
He should have called Joe to go see if
It was all that important. It wasn't.
Is this how they'll get rid of ariadne
Laura? send her on tour?

Danilowerer is still breathing. Why?
That shake down he and ho-racio gave
Steve was so borring. Now they could have cut that scene out. And where is
Steve? I hope that SOB didnt kill him.

Dani's demise is going to be a biggy.
And he will deserve whatever weight is
On that anvil.He will probably be here
For season 2. I don't much care for a
Season 2. Don't care much for seeing more of these shipwrecked people.

They're taking so long to reveal El D
The guessing isn't much fun anymore.
And who is mercy's kid?Is it assdrubal
Or nina?Milton?Somebody on the patio?
Come on Ocampo throw us a bone, with
Meat on it.A little bar-b-Q sauce some
Sweet potato frys, slaw, a tall cold
Somethin to drink. Ok Im on the beach
And it's hot and muggy here in North Florida. Maybe some stuff will start to come next week.Why won't mercy tell
Ryan about his little sister or mob brother. Shes really holdin on to that dirty little secret.

Happy happy happy Maria got her lovely
Hair back. Looks way better than that blond Mop she had own.That was a wig. An ugly Wig. Wardrobe people need to hide it.Or tell it got accidentally on purpose burned in a forest fire. That really is believable, there's plenty of fires Burnin.

Thank RvG Chick. Good recap, messed up people.

Kirby, Loooool at your last paragraph. Myo thoughtso exactlyo.

Thank you, Chickie , for yet another rollicking recap.

OT...Finally home from the baseball wedding. It was.. .different.

Ry was so totally devoted to Laura. Isn't it ironic that Esteala showed up immediately after they tied the knot..and I think that Es is going to try to untie it. Maneater. There was an old Doris Day movie called "Move Over, Darling." She is a wife stranded in a desert isle for seven years . She has just been declared legally dead and James Garner ,her hub, is about to marry again. Same premise without the crime ,drugs, music, and skimpy clothing. Goodbye Ry, if Laura is your one true love, you should not be having doubts.

Rosy must be a fan of Mary Tyler Moore.." You're going to make it after all." It seems that the main theme of this tn is the currently popular Strong Woman theme are optional.

I have a funny feeling that Joe and Esteala are going to get nonconvex. He seemed very interested in her, and she seemed shocked that Joe was with Mercy.

Nonconvex?????...that was supposed to be ..involved !!!!sorry..too careless.

Every show I have seen her in she nonconvexed everybody but the family dog. Maybe some scenes were cut.......

If there's grass on the infield...............PLAY BALLLLLLL...........

We missed u

You're very welcome, Anon 3:07, Nina and Susy who went back to SusanLynn...are you trying to confuse us or are you leading a double life LOL

Anon 3:07 "A building theme: strong women can make it without men behind them." That seems to be the trend for TNs. Lucia in ELCDLP was very strong and really didn't need Marcelino...Luciana in VEA also a strong woman who was very successful wasn't married at the end...and now Regia. The message is much louder in this TN, but I've been seeing the change. Just to clarify...there are 7 episodes PLUS the finale.

Nina, it was really nice to see Maria out of that horrendous wig. I do hope she finds some good friends.

Susy, ITA Estela is going to try every trick in the book and then some to try to snatch Ryan...and he is most likely going to fall right into her little traps. BTW how was the baseball wedding...any homeruns?? or later tonight :-)

Kirby, "If RGV Chik takes care ... those have to be some fat happy Animalitos." If you look at the pics of my goats, some of them seem to be pregnant...well, they're not! LOL Take a close look at my avatar, talk about chicken pot chicks? I bought these huge pots to have some nice flowers in my back patio, but the hens had other plans...and they won!


Kirby, birds of a feather again...I thought the same about "nonconvex" It was actually an appropriate term to use :-D

The big nanny way in the back with the large white headpatch looks to have a beergut.

Chicks will do what chicks will do. Pot full of chick beats a chick full of pot.

I tried to explain this the other day:
SusanLynn = Usted equivalent
Susy = Tu Equiv
Sue = Amor

So Hubba prob just calls her 'S'.

No wonder those hens are scrambling for nests. My count says your Rooster/Hen ratio is way out of whack on the Crowing side. Are those pigeons in the background? The ringneck pigeons and doves have ruined my bird and squirrel feeding. Once you have one dove or pigeon the next day you will have fifty and no food left.

OT..The baseball wedding was sweet. The wedding party assembled at home plate. The minister was dressed as an umpire complete with chest protector. The bride wore a lovely , long, white chiffon gown and a veil , and the bridesmaids wore long , medium blue strapless gowns. The ladies carried bouquets with flowers shaped like baseballs. The men wore red vests with their white dress shirts and black slacks. The guests wore a variety of styles from shorts to jeans to sundresses to maxidresses ...flipflops, sandals, heels . After the ceremony, there was a cold buffet at a box next to the field as we watched the field being readied for the game .There were picnic tables there and a hot tub. So.. I guess people can rent that area and watch the game from the hot tub. It was breezy and a bit chilly, but with an open bar, we figured someone was probably going to end up in that hot tub whether they wanted to..or not. There was also going to be a dinner before the evening game, but we did not stay for that.

Family and friends call me Susy. Others use my full name. I hate the name Sue. Hubba calls me a variety of weird names...

Yep, lots of strong women here. Even Letme rose up to sass Morgana about plotting to steal her baby (too bad she took her power too far getting Tadeo to give up the music biz). And I like how Genesis can move on, without eating tons of ice cream.

But I'm invested in Laura and Ryan as a couple and I want them hand in hand at the end of part 1. Despicable that he kissed Estela and then went to return her bag, but he didn't tongue kiss her on that visit (but, yeah, he wanted to). What I'd like is Estela to get him in a compromising position using her best moves but Little Ryan just can't cooperate cause Laura is in Big Ryan's head. Yes, I like my old school TN gran final.

Hey, Susysusanlynn, a most interesting wedding. Whoa, hot tub. That could get even more interesting. Anyone call you SusyQ too?

Yes, to both questions. The hen/rooster ratio is out of whack and the pigeons also wait anxiously in the morning. They do eat chicken feed but I make sure my chickens eat first...pigeons get left overs. Actually the hens really don't need to scramble for nests; they have plenty of nest boxes they can use...I guess they prefer dirt to wood shavings or hay.

Daisy, the goat with the large white patch, is the one that started the whole herd along with her mate, Duke. Their first son was named Bo...get it? There's several that look like they have beerguts :-/

OT--Ditto on the "Whoa, hot tub" sounded like a very nice...and unique wedding. So, what did you end up wearing, Susy?

Niecie, I would luuurve to see Little Ryan fast asleep (not literally) while Big Ryan is in a compromising position with Estela...a la Rodrigo (DA) style.

I, too, hated the way LetME took advantage of the situation to get Tadeo to feel guilty enough to give up on his dream...and who he really is.


OT...Chickie..Well, I changed a couple I tend to do...but I ended up with black Capri pants, a black tank top , a White and black chiffon shortsleeved blouse ,and black sandals! I was kind of in the middle between the ladies who decided on dresses and those who thought shorts and teeshirts were appropriate. The mother of the groom wore a fancy long gown!! It was breezy and cool, but if that open bar stayed open, I will bet someone ends up in that hot tub. I bet that it would be fun watching a ballgame from that tub !! People sure are creative with weddings these days .

OT..Chickie..You have some fine looking chickens, but I am afraid of chickens, and especially afraid of roosters. It must be great to have those fresh eggs. How many chickens and how many eggs do they produce..daily?? There used to be a lot of chicken, pig, sheep, and cow farmers around here, but now farmers are mostly growing crops..corn(sweet and field) , grains, and soybeans (acres and acres of corn and soybeans)
Daisy, Duke, And Go...cute. Have you thought about the goat yoga thing?

Niecie..I have been Susy Q now and then. My sister used to, call me idea why. I grew up with a lot of people with nicknames. Cookie, Dolly,Skip , Popeye, Chico, Flip, Kosh, Hook,Crow,Flex,Plowboy, Monk,Sunny,Truck, Bear, Sis, I was happy that I was just Susy.

OT-Susy, I have a BUNCh of chickens...I haven't counted lately but I would guesstimate about 40 hens, 12 roosters, and 20 young-newborn chicks (can't tell what they are yet). The number of eggs they lay just depends on the weather/season/don't know what else. There are periods of times that I collect an average of 25 eggs per day, then there are other times when I only collect a lately....could be the heat. My chickens are quite passive...only one or two here and there that I am careful with. They're more scared of me than I am of them.

I haven't looked into goat yoga...yet. Don't know if the peeps in this area would go for it. Trends like that usually take a while to get down to the RGV :-)

There are a lot of loose ends to tie up in 17 episodes. So what are you guys going to watch when Doble comes to a crashing end?

I wonder if Steve is still alive. Dan just keeps getting worse and worse. I am done with him now. Killing has become very easy for him. He is a doomed soul,and he does not deserve Paloma's love., I have only the one life..I have a hard enough time keeping up with that one.

CHickie, do you sell the eggs? I do not eat much meat and no red meat, so I eat a lot of eggs...hard-boiled, scrambled, fried. Do the goats all have names? I had a friend who raised enormous black Angus steer for 4H. She always named them. I remember one was Cesar . She would show them at the county Fair and sell them. I could never figure out how she could do that.

7 Susy, I heard earlier.

Only One Life: I always tell people that the more I learn about other people's lives the happier I am with mine.
It is really effective when some Ryan comes over to drink up all the beer and tell me how some Angel caught him doing SOMETHING he knew better than to get CAUGHT doing.

Typically Lips, Hands, or Money where it/they should not be.



Yep, more than fifteen or twenty eggs a day might raise your cholesterol.!

Yes Kirby, 7 episodes PLUS the 2-hour finale which will probably be split into 2 days.

Susy, yes, all my goats have names, the 1st triplets were Bobbie Jo, Billie Jo, and Betty probably don't know who those are. I've also had Jack, Crissy, and Janet; Desi and Lucy, Samson and Delilah....just to name a few...

Yes, I sell the eggs....all colors all sizes...BTW make that twenty THREE chicks that I have now. I have a small group of chickens that sleep in a mesquite tree next to my garage and the hens like to lay eggs and roost in a corner of the a hubcap...check out my avatar..

Well, if I would eat that many eggs, yes my cholesterol would be sky high, but I only eat 1-2 eggs per week.

That's cool. F250?

Ole bird looks like she thinks that fits just fine. That's pretty enterprising for a domestic chicken. My Grama used to have these porcelin or some stone material fake eggs to use to show the chickens like.."Oh Look somebody else is laying here, maybe it would be a good place for you too."

Esteala has shown up just in time to stir the pot and make problems for everyone. ..Ry and Laura..Mercy and Joe

OT..CHickie..lOVE the goat names!! clever. If you need a couple new names, may I suggest my favorite book couple ..Jamie and Claire???

OT Kirby..My mother used to say, "If everyone put their problems on a table, you would probably take back your own."

OT..I am watching "Turn" on AMC. It is about the American Revolution." Do any of you watch? I like history.


Oh shoot. Einstein just looked it up. They are called...wait for it....Nest Eggs. Imagine !

I watch very little TV. The news if it is news, and a TN or two, maybe Nature on PBS. That's about it. Occasionally Austin City Limits.

Not to sound smug, but the things I do in my life are usually so much more interesting (To Me) than anything on TV that I just pursue my hobbies rather than watch TV.

LOL, Kirby, yes, I've seen those at the feed store, but old golf balls work just as well. And, yes, I think the hubcap is from an FI50...old truck, but not completely sure.

Kirby, I can certainly understand why photography would be much more interesting than the TV shows they have on nowadays.

Good Morning, Patio Peeps who are very quiet this morning...or busy.

Just dropped in to wish everyone a good day...laters...

Good Mooooorning Patio. Oscar the Osprey is back with his fish.

"Hey Oscar, that was one helluva fish you had earlier. No way you could eat all that, what did you do with it?"

"Oh all this talk about catch and release, I kinda felt guilty, so I ate what I could and threw it back."

"? ? ? ?" Hmmmm.

LOL Kirby, the Grand Ole Osprey should have released the fish to his friend...every time I read "Osprey" I think of the Grand Ole Opry...wonder if likes country music... :-)

RIP to the Education Reform Governors of my home state of TX: Mark Wells White, Jr.,

Thanks for letting us know, Steve. Que descanse en paz.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To prove to the armadillo that it CAN be done.

So the Osprey is now a riddler? :-D

Why did the rooster hump the goat?

To prove that it CAN try...

Happy Monday all! (huge sigh :))

I enjoyed the Ospreys Kirby. They always give me the impression they are very wary and watchful.

Any rain coming your way yet Rgv Chick? How long has your drought been? I hope it comes to an end - quickly.

Susanlynn, your wedding sounds interesting. It's fun to go to things that are unique and different.

It crossed my mind that it's possible we are being "set up" and that Estela isn't the lying, duplicitous, man stealing conniver we believe her to be.

Nah! I thought that from minute one and still believe it.

So, will Estela be a protag in the next installment? I don't like her and won't be rooting for her. Also, I'm still ticked off at Ryan for being so weak and giving in when he should be strong. He knows what Laura has endured and he promised to fight for and be with her. Yet one sideway glance from Estelanotallthat, and he falls into a vat of confusion, not sure how he "feels". Man up Ryan. Her story doesn't make sense, the wedding gown, grave and church don't match up. Who would have thought you could be so easily manipulated. Beg your pregnant wife to take you back, asking forgiveness for your stupidity and sever ties with Estela.


I feel better now.


That's a big nut to crack for Mr. Ryan, I would have thought he would see through all her transparent set-ups with the church and all, but I thought it was those old memories that did him in. I was never plagued by that, always seeing it as 'I've already plowed that field'.

Mr Sparrow has a big one to crack too.

What a sweet sparrow Kirby.

The day is sunnier already.

While I sympathize Ryan never had "closure", to say his judgment is clouded is an understatement. Whether he wants to admit it or not, he moved on. He got married and is having a child. Being human, we all pine for/regret those we have "lost". But time passes and memories fade. The reflections we remember aren't couched in reality but in how we wanted the relationship to be - perfect. Which it wasn't.


Good Morning!

I don't sympathize with WRyan, I think he is a coward who married Laura to give himself an excuse because he knows he is weak. He thinks being married to Laura will keep him away from Estela...well that didn't work out well for him and didn't last very long since he kissed Estela within 24 hours of being married. Now he's up a creek without a paddle. If he does have a paddle, Estela owns it and is going to use it to hit over the head and keep him away from Laura.

I don't think I've ever considered Estela as a victim. My opinion of her goes south every time she opens her mouth. It would really be upsetting to if she is the protag in the second season. I don't know how they will be able to switch her from a conniving, whiny witch to someone we could possibly like. I will refuse to watch her as a protag.

Diana, thanks for asking. There is a tropical storm in the Gulf going toward Mexico. I'm hopeoing it turns a little more to the north so we can get some rain.The Valley has gotten some rain but I seem to live in a forbidden zone and haven't seen much rain...not even worth mentioning.

Kirby, cute little sparrow, hope it has more luck cracking that nut than Ryan has cracking his stupidity.


...and now I'm the one who feels better :-)

Rgv Chick, will pray for rain and very soon!

Poor Laura thinks it was a mere kiss between Estela and Ryan. Little does she realize that Ryan is clearly and completely besotted with Estela. He doesn't have the will power or the moral character to resist. I think both you and Niecie pointed out the timeframe - the ink isn't even dry on the marriage certificate I'd warrant and he has already betrayed Laura where she is most vulnerable. Her heart. I'm glad Laura is leaving with her head held high. If she had any idea of Ryan's obsession, it would break her heart even more.


Good morning, all.

Chickie, I wish that I could share some of the rain that fell here last night. Today is overcast and gray. It sure looks like we will be getting more rain.

I wrote a long comment , and then, I accidentally touched something in this tablet and lost it!

Estikkaliva is trouble. I did not realize that the marriage ceremony happened so recently. Laura was so young and innocent when she was tricked so easily by that weasel Fausto. Now, after being victimized by so many terrible people, you would think that she could sense that Es is not who she wants people to believe she is .

Well, I worked on my syllabi yesterday. Enrollment is still low, but I have to go in today to get my materials ready for August 21 if the classes do run.

For her to even think up somethin like putting on a wedding gown and escape to a church to get rescued is kinda crazy. She supposedly been incaptivity for 3 yrs, desperate to get out and she puts on a weddinggoen and run. No. If that were me I'd go To the nearest police station,then call ryan.But she
Is sneaky, she use what she knew would
Get her the most mileage.And he fell for It lock stock and barrel.And when she finds Out that he's been kicked out she'll go for the juggular. Could
Be wrong, could be right. I just want
Ryan and Laura and paloma to be family and The little one growing in momie's tummy.
And I don't believe for one minute that assdrubal is el d.
Now, whereisStevewhereisStevewhereis Steve?

Yeah. Did Ry even question why Es was lying in that grave wearing her wedding gown?

Susy, you are so rght! With all the experiences and rats Laura has dealt with, you'd think she would be an expert at figuring out who not to trust. I understand that she is a trusting person, but pu-lease, to trust a person who speaks so dramatically and outright lies to her is just hard to swallow.

Nina, "when she finds Out that he's been kicked out she'll go for the juggular."" and then she'll go south and go for the nuts!

Susy, no WRy didn't question it or think it was ridiculous...he was probably flattered and thought it was sweet of her to still have it and hope to use it....idiot!!

Susy, you're working so hard and preparing way ahead of time, hope your class makes...I know you're looking forward to it.

I was watching an old mini series yesterday "Rich Man,Poor Man. " There are two brothers from a poor family. One is ambitious, and he goes to college and becomes a wealthy business man and politician. The other played by Nick Nolte is a ruffian who is always screwing up and getting in trouble. In the end, he falls in love with a girl , and he tells her, "Every time I make love to you, I forgot another bad thing that has happened to me." I think that might have been what was happening to Laura, but now, Ry dies not seem to be as devoted to her as he told her he was. Shame on you, Ry. It bothered me that Ry thought he had to fall back on old bad habits and get drunk to deal with his confusion.

Nina, where is Steve (and whether he is alive or dead) is the million dollar question!

"Idiot" works for Ryan Rgv Chick. Blech.

Susanlynn, one of my brothers is a teacher. He taught German initially and now teaches Latin. Every single year, he worries as to whether or not he will have enough enrolled for each class. He has a Master's in Special Education but when he needed to teach non-language courses last year, they put him in Geometry, which he hadn't done since high school, years and years ago. It was tough - he muddled through but...I really hope your numbers materialize. He is spending his entire summer prepping so I realize how encompassing and time consuming that is. From your comments, I sense you are an excellent teacher and very valued.


Ahhhh, finally caught up reading all the recaps that I didn't get to read last week. Thanks, Rgv Chick... loved the fishing theme!

I would have subtracted just 10 galan points, not 20, for the kiss... I'm going easy on Ryan for now because I want him to have plenty of points left to take away later.

Now I am NOT convinced that Estela was El D. I'm thinking now that Mercy's missing baby is PonyBun's half-brother (or sister), and is in hiding because s/he is sickly or mobility-limited in some way (Mercy said the baby was always sick). PonyBun and MysteryBaby together are El D. I'm not sure exactly how Estela is connected to them, but she is certainly protecting them now. After being imprisoned by "El D" for three YEARS she ought to be eager to turn them in and put them away.

PonyBun said something about what Mercy has done to "her children," which makes me wonder if there are TWO lost babies (PonyBun and MysteryBaby, perhaps) or if there was a babyswap. Oh the possibilities are endless.

Julie, formerbun seemed so crushed (he ACTUALLY cried) when speaking about Estela to his cellmate, I am convinced he is in love with her. I dismissed any notion of familial love based on that scene. But I likely am wrong, as I so often am!

I think Estela is ED and doing bad "all by herself".

He was so hateful in how he spoke about Mercy, I do think there is another side to this story. A baby swap is an interesting and very plausible theory.


Diana..yes, I guess that German and Latin are not as popular as they once were. When I went to school, we had a choice of Latin, German, or French. I studied two years of Latin and two of French with the same teacher who taught me English Lit. We mostly learned songs! In the richer suburban high school that I taught at , they taught Latin, French, Spanish, and German, but Spanish was the most popular . I nearly failed geometry.

Julie..I just checked the old Highlander forum that I used to frequent , and one of my old buds is a fan of Outlander so I have someone to talk to about it !!!!I keep thinking that you would like it because you were a fan of Highlander and Jamie is a Highlander...but not immortal. Your theory about El D makes sense. I am never good at figuring these things out. All I know is that Es is not to be trusted. Maybe Mercy and Laura will team up when she goes after both their guys!

Well,off to college to try to get my office organized and get things ready . it is going to be cool (60s), rainy, and overcast here all day.

Estela is being portrayed in such a weird and self-contradictory way that I will probably be annoyed no matter who she turns out to be. I think she's been too careless to be El D, but I also think she's too false and calculating to be El D's victim.

Susy said: "Ry even question why Es was lying in that grave wearing her wedding gown?"

I had assumed he gotten one whiff and decided she had worn it for a few years..

Kirby, cute little parakeet...very photogenic! Another Supermodel of yours?? that background is bee-autiful!

Now when MercyMe laughs, on the rare occasion, I hear a Hyena instead. #toomanynatureshows

Supermodel? Heh heh heh...No just some chick I got to pose and sign a release.

Yeah them's some good lookin wires.

Great comments!

I can't see Ryan being happy leaving Laura behind for Estela. It's awful that he kissed Estela, but now that he's fallen for Laura I don't see him being happy with Estela as before. Too bad he can't see that. But what can he possibly do in the next 7 days to be worthy of Laura? When he told Laura he will be the father of her child no matter what, I wanted to smack him up side the head. Hombre, if the baby (dread!) is Danilo's, you are completely out of the picture and there's no reason for Laura to put up with your crap.

I think Ryan should forget about both women and find that blond chick with the white dress.

Finally watched the episode and I salute you, RGVChick!

There were definitely a lot of sharks circling on Friday and the good guys are as lost as ever.

I can't believe Danilo managed to get the shares but thank god we're close to the end because I can't handle his gloating for so long.

I wonder what el Sagrado will ultimately do as part of the story since he came in so late...second season? WIll his boots become important later as well?

It surprised me to see Steve's addiction go so far as to steal from a kingpin. Wonder how he got away.

I wish Ryan would've told her the truth then tried the serenade. Not give her a serenade for insulting her and then have her find out about the kiss.

Rosario said something interesting though: "crying doesn't make you weak." I tend to think crying does make you weak but sometimes you have to and eventually you will be strong. Laura has cried, a lot, but she's a badass and deserves to be happy. If that's with her career, Paloma and Rosario then so be it.

Alfredo, the only proper anvil for Sagrado is to be mauled by angry turtles.

(it will take a looooooooong time)

LOL Julie...peeerfect anvil for El there a way to pass that idea on to the writers?

I don't know if Televisa can afford the turtle-wrangler.

And I'm wicked bummed there's no episode tonight.

Angry turtles has to be several levels of agony past 'infected with a Unicorn STD' or whatever it was that was wished on someone the other day (night).

Oh quacking duckliness how happy, there is not an episode tonight, instead...
Walk like an Egyptian....and speak SPANISH...AKA 'Men in Drag and Lots of Sand.

"pass that idea on to the writers?" You just did......:-)

RGV I am sending you a Franklin, so leave the South door open so he can sneak in. It will be a couple days. Even if he is South you would be on the damp side as he travels WNW. Coax him about 50 or 100 miles North and Bingo.

Walk like an Egyptian, speak Portuguese, get dubbed in Spanish.

A Franklin? Like a Ben Franklin? Gosh, you're generous!

Come on camera boy, a little closer, a little more ...come on .. there.. there...I can't hold it much longer, that pizza TORE UP my stomach.

Is a picture of a pretty bird supposed to make me feel better about no episode?
Because it does. :-)

Yup, Kirby, hopeo that Franklin hits at least 50 miles north of where's it;s predicted to land...sure could use some rain

...and thank YOU Alfredo and Julie...I had some really awesome examples to follow...just wish I had more of Alfredo's flare and Julie's wit :-)

:) omg ramon starts tomorrow! As much as I love Estela, I need a relaxed story right now lol


So what are we going to do here since there is no episode tonight? Truth or dare?

Has anyone checked their TV schedules? Is DV still on for 2 hours on Wednesday?

We can talk about where to find some angry turtles to kidnap sagrado. Were
Those boots green by the way? And how
The heck would you make boots out of turtles anyway? I change my mind,leave them turtles alone they got Enough to deal with.I did not know there was not going to be an episode on tonight, so what I'll do is I'll see who the bachelorette is going to pick to be her groom if she picks anybody at all.

The weather people are watching girt.
She's Movin northwest but nothing fur
Sure until next week to report any big
Changes.It is just hot and muggy in North floriduh. tv schedule shows one hour of DV for the rest of the week and Enamorandome starting at 8pm tomorrow. Is anyone going to watch that one?

Nina, I wondered the same thing about making boots out of turtles. I guess bottom line is that I don't have to worry about it because I don't want turtle boots. Who wants footwear that's made out of an animal that takes twenty minutes to cross the road? They are not walking-around material.

Alligator boots, maybe. I mean, I liked alligator shirts, so why not shoes? And let's face it, if our positions were reversed, the gators would surely want to wear people boots.

Rgv Chick, my program guide says ONE hour for Doble Vida both tomorrow night and Wednesday. It can't see any farther than that.

Turtles? Ack ! Can't get the dam things out of the package. I feed my chicks fish.

Dang, he actually looks like he's talking!

Bird whisperer

Or yelling. The blue Jay directly above his head has been tormenting him. He's yelling for 'some backup'.


Kirby...That is an amazing picture.

We used to have bluejays in the backyard a few years ago. Noisy, aggressive birds.

Thanks SusanLynn. The blue Jay took exception to the Eagle having a nest nearby.

RGV Chik: Green blob moving East

Julie, my Dish program guide shows 2 hours for Wednesday...what to do, what to do :-/

Susy, I'll be watching Enamorandome de Ramon.

Kirby, thanks for the update...keeping my fingers crossed!

Kirby, just heard that the dry air here in the RGV is making the green blob fizzle out :-(

Good morning all!

Alfredo, some time ago I believe you commented that you would be posting a heading for Ramon. I know you are recapping several TNs now but I was wondering if you still are going to be able to do that? If you, Rgv Chick and others that have amazing Spanish comprehension skills can post occasionally, that would be wonderful. I would be happy to note what I can but my comments would be based strictly on what I see, rather than hear. Julie, are you in? Susanlynn and Nina, your comments are always fun. Kirby, I hope you will be watching??

Ramon looks great to me! That said, if I tried to watch without benefit of comments/recaps, I would not comprehend enough to be able to follow along.

Comcast is showing Ramon at 8 and Estela at 9 every night this week which I see differs from what some are seeing.

I am hoping you might have a minute to post another beautiful bird avatar this morning Kirby. That would be most welcome...


" green blob fizzle out :-(" Rats. I already had your celebration avatar ready.

This guy is pretty photogenic and the nest is right on the shoulder of a major highway, so the "Stay 500 yards away" rule does not apply. This is late in the day when the sun is turning orange. He looks to be still on watchout for that GD BlueJay.

I kinda 'know' this pair. Not like they will swoop down to get a free fish, but a lot of birds get used to you and seem mildly interested in what you are doing. IE: When you show up under their tree they will watch to see if you are doing anything different than the last 50 times. That is how I get some of these shots with the bird looking directly into the camera. This Eagle was being tormented by a BlueJay who built a nest very near an existing Eagle nest, not knowing the Eagles would return in nesting season.

So when they DID return the obby-noxious little Jay dive bombed and tormented these two. A couple times as I was photographing these goings on the Eagle would look dead at me as though, "Can't YOU do anything with this feathered mosquito.?"

Diana, that other offering, which looks a lot like 'Joe Egypt' does not interest me AT ALL. Susy is a history aficionado, I wonder if she will watch. Me, I have LIVED history, I am not interested in seeing it again.

So Luuuurving Ramon looks cute. Remember I am 'only watching to look at Morgana', those famous words a few months ago? Hmmmm I meant watching to see her run over by one of those street paving machines, that's what I meant. yep.

So the Ramon show looks promising. A show does need a pretty girl or three to be totally enjoyable with my Kidbbles and Bits, Ramon looks to have a couple of wag worthy Honnies.

There. Feel pink today. ? ? ?

Yes, I am definitely "in the pink" now Kirby. What a glorious shot.

I continue to be impressed with the fact your subjects are totally comfortable with you and that beyond that, YOU seem to intrigue them. You have mad photographic skillz.

Thank you!

I am with you on passing on the new 10 offering. I am not sure where Uni is getting these shows from. I know there are several good ones in the works and I hope Uni doesn't pass them by for these which don't appeal to me. At all.

Goody. Looks like we will have a fun Ramon patio.


All caught up on photos AND comments...

I don't know about Ramon. It's on at 8 and on most days I'm not even home yet. It does look cute, but I need to get more personal time back into my schedule. Also, I am truly pissed at Univision and feel like I need to stop rewarding their bad behavior for a while.

I'll definitely pass on the 10 pm show. I don't know what it is about, but I tuned in for about 30 seconds and saw a bunch of people who looked like they needed a bath. And it was dubbed. It's another Brazilian show, like Joe of Egypt. If Uni is going to be dubbing TNs, there are more countries to choose from besides Brazil. Turkey, Philippines, Russia, Korea...

I was thinking this morning that for how much time Genesis spent fuming and sulking about her brother's murder, and saying white people can get away with everything and people of color always get screwed, it would have been nice last week to linger for just a moment on the fact that justice was done.

Good morning, Caraymates!

I watched the last hour of Jose de Egipto last night and I see one reason its ratings were high -- not a lot of rapid-fire dialogue, like Doble Vida, and easy to follow (of course I already know the story, so that helps!). I checked out the premiere of La tierra prometida too. It reminded me of Gladiator, with marauding soldiers and arena fighting and two noble well-built slaves(?) not wanting to kill each other. I'll check out Ramon tonight. Hope it's funny cause that's what I'm looking for.

Yay, Doble Vida is back tonight! I'm so ticked at Ryan right now, I'm actually glad Danilo snatched his 40% away. But I hope Steve is okay. Estela is no good, not buying her story at all and it seems BadBun got his info about Mercy from her. He never tried to look up Mercy or even peek at her from a far, so I don't think he's her kid. I can't see Estela as the star of Part 2: No. 1 - nobody likes her. No. 2 - nobody will like Ryan if he gets with her. No. 3 - Laura has mucha appeal whether she's with Ryan or not. She's still got the double life as Regia.

Good Morning, Patio Peeps!

Niecie, you're right. Laura's double life could be that of Regia. I really hope that is the case, but how will they explain the title? Will Estela continue to be making Laura's life miserable?

Kirby, I agree with Diana...that is one amazing shot!! Love how you caught the wingspan...beautiful...thank you!!

Good morning everyone! So Joe of Eygpt ended last night? Time to binge watch and see what the ratings were about. Defintiely not seeing Tierra, way too long.

Diana, yes, I will be posting some bullet points for Ramon. The good thing about comedies is they are not as dramatically heavy so recapping should be easy. Also, I need some light and joy after Doble and La Candidata. If anyone wants to recap, please email me but it'd be great if you all stopped by even if it's in passing :)

Ryan is a dud right now but I hate that Danilo is winning. He doesn't need a win. Grrr.

I also wish Genesis' story about Emerson would've had more dramatic impact. It fizzled out as quickly as it started and most of it happened off screen.

Kirby your birds are very photogenic.I Love that woodpecker,I think that's a woodpecker with the red hood,very very beautiful.I'd Love a dress or sweater that red.
Wasn't the finally for Joseph of egypt
Last night?That's why we didn't get a
Healthy dose of DV.(That sounds like medication),Lol. Ramon starts tonight,
I'm up for a good comical romance. It
Is comical isn't it? We'll aee.

Good morning,all. Just read the new comments , and it seems that you are all brighteyed and bushy tailed this morning.

I have to start getting up at 5.30 again in a few weeks, so I will not be able to stay up for the 10pm show! However,I will have to at least take a look since Niecie mentioned the " two noble well built slaves." Plus, I liked Gladiator and Spartacus! I am definitely in for Ramon. I like the leads and Marisol and am hoping to see mi telenovio Marcelo.

The bird is beautiful, Kirby. Pink in nature cannot be duplicated. It is so much more vibrant and beautiful than any pink in our clothes and jewelry.

Okay..gotta do stuff. Nice here after a lot of rain yesterday. Hope you get sone soon, Chickie.


Glad you will be watching Ramon Niecie! You nailed it in that no one likes Estela, everybody loves Laura. We will only tolerate Ryan if he does the right thing (which remains to be seen) - sigh.

"Pink in nature cannot be duplicated. It is so much more vibrant and beautiful than any pink in our clothes and jewelry". So true Susanlynn! Loved that.

I didn't think Ramon was a comedy (?) I thought the Zuria Vega/Daniel Arenas one coming was. I like a good comedy (there's been so very few) so I'll watch either way.

Alfredo, you are right in Ryan isn't winning. But, I'm ticked at him. He shouldn't be after what he's done. He's chasing a ghost. A very calculating, shrewish, evil one. Just MHO :)


Omg, Spartacus. Susanlynn, that still remains my top show. Such great action sequences, cinematography, writing and acting all working in sync.

Rain would be nice. It's been so hot lately.

Ramon is a rom-com, Diana. It's from Lucero Suarez who did De que te quiero, te quiero and La Vecina recently. Familia would be promising if it wasn't for Osorio. Oh well, at least Ramon is short too (116 episodes).

Kirby, my man, I know Estela is gorgeous, but wow, me cae malisimamente mal.

Ry has always seemed a little wishywashy to me...a little unfocused. He threatens Dan a lot, but he does not follow through in a strong way. He was always reassuring Laura that he would stand by her forever , but then , Esteala reappears out of the blue and is shaken up ,so he decides that he the way to deal with thus uncomfy situation is to get drunk. QTH?

So,have you ever known anyone who reconnected successfully with someone from their past? I do.

Diana Bracho is in Marido. Too bad. I'd love to see her in a comedy, but if it's produced by Osorio it won't fit my definition of comedy.

I've had more than enough rain lately and wish I could transfer some of it to those who need it. Especially on a Six Flags day!

SusyLynn, my sister dated a guy in high school, then dated a bunch of other guys after high school for a good (actually bad) six years, then married the guy from high school. It's been 22 years, and they're still married.

I was thinking...if Pedro C got Estela to get close to Ryan as a means of getting into Furia and retaliating against the Cabreras, wouldn't he have gotten his other sons/daughters to do the same? In considering that, think about who is close to the Cabreras...Steve, Joe, Morgana, Horacio (the attorney), Genesis...could one of those be Pedro C's offspring?

I have been a little suspicious about Joe ever since his talk with Estela, but on the other hand their conversation wasn't what you would expect if they were siblings who were in on this together.

Steve probably has too long of a history with Ryan to qualify. Genesis is from Cuba, unless that was an elaborate lie. And she doesn't seem to have much influence anyway.

That leaves us with Morgana and Horacio. Horacio seems unlikely because he's really not exerting any influence either. Morgana? She's been no help to anyone at all. She is a hindrance to everything except disaster.

I don't agree that the other siblings would necessarily be infiltrating Furia. One is enough, especially since she seems to have a magical hold over Ryan.

Susy your sister had to go through all those storms before she came back to
Calmer weather. And shes happy.I hope. Good.

Horacio does have some influence over Danilow. And he is making sure that the money is getting laundered...oh well it was just a thought :-)

Alfredo, I know. She was rotten in D Contigo too. I hated her there too. Except for the murders, she was a Danilita in that show.

At least she didn't have any garish tattoos like the current Rosie Scissors. She has one on her back which looks like it was taken straight off the hood of an 80s Firebird Trans Am.


Susy, there is a 530 in the morning too? ! ! !

Julie..I sometimes think that those high school connections can be very strong. I know a lot of people who either got pregnant and had to get married or who went to college but kept dating their high school sweethearts! I know a woman who was a few grades ahead of me. She got pregnant in high school and married the guy. Divorced and married someone else. Then, she met an old beau from high school at a reunion and married him. They have been together about ten years! I could write a telenovela using the lives of some people I know . So , is Ry still in love with Esteala ? Remembering the good old days in those flashbacks?

Kirby..yes there is a 5.30 am , and I am not looking forward to greeting it five days a week in a few weeks. Then, weekends are a blessing .

I thought that Joe gave Esteala a foxy look when she was flirting with him, and Mercy has been pretty cold to him lately. Does Esteala have plans to seduce Joe ...and \or Ry? Ambitious . I don't know what Es is up to, but it is no good. Have we decided that Bunny is not her brother but her lover or would be lover? When Bunny and Morgana had that one test bunnyhop on the office couch, wasn't Bunny a wee bit disappointed and told Morg that she was hot El D's type? Is that a clue that El D is a woman?

When I watch these telenovelas, I always notice how much trouble people bring in themselves . Oh wait, that happens in real life , too.

Ok Julie It was your sister, my bad.
Sorry susy.I hope they're happy julie.
Some people's lives are soap operas.

Hi, Nina!! Julie and I both have sisters. Mine is still a little stormy.

There is no such thing as "5:30 in the morning." There is 5:30 late afternoon, and 5:30 middle of the night.

Susy, I suspect that Estela won't actually try to seduce Joe, but she will try to charm him. It does appear that Bunny is not her brother. I did think that Bunny's comment to Morgana was a hint that El D might be a woman, but it could also be that El D is gay or prefers blondes or is nine years old.

Rgv Chick, good point about Horacio. He's supposed to be Danilo's "helper," but he is more like a babysitter or handler. Danilo "gives the orders" but Horacio does keep him from going off the rails.

I do have to wonder what El D's motive is. If it was simply to destroy Furia, that could have been done two or three times by now. And it seems to me that if Furia gets busted, so does El D, so what is the REAL plan?

Yes, Nina, my sister is happy!

Julie, from your summary, it would appear that El Dorito might want to keep Furia in the Laundry Service (thanks Shakira) but destroy Mercy, as Walt is dead and pretty much off the radar now.

Thanks for the clarification on the times. I KNEW something didn't sound right. I just don't stay up late any more.

Julie..How many times have we expected these telenovela plots to make sense? They just don't. #the@%&#cellphoneinVino

Maybe we are way over thinking this. Sometimes, the monkey writers just seem to be writing as they go and flying by the seat of their collective pants. At this point, the pieces should be falling into place..but they are not for me.

I guess this whole plot revolves around the Mercy-Walter-Pedro love triangle. Pedro and Walter were rivals in business and in love. Pedro wanted to launder money for bad guts and Mercy and Walter didn't. I am also wondering if Walter and Pedro had the same lover..Dan' s mother. I am not good at solving mysteries or being observant. I take things at face value and trust people are telling the truth...sometimes they are not !!! Why was Mercy's baby kidnapped? Who kidnapped him\her? Why didn't Mercyvtry harder to find the baby?

Maybe she gave it away because it was not walter's and they had been married for 10 months or more. Then she told everybody it was kidnapped, because she knew it would have a high squeaky voice. She is still in the weeds about all that not because she misses the baby so, but rather she decades later feels guilty. Or...she sees that she did not manage to completely ruin Ryan's life, and wishes she had that child back so maybe she would have better luck with it. Give it some major family issues and show it how wonderful pharmaceuticals are.

Sometimes I take pictures, sometimes the camera ? ?.

OMGosh, Kirby...more pink! The contrast between the sky and the blooms is stunning! Thanks!


If I weren't at work I'd break into Pharrell's Happy!

Blue skies, pink blossoms, what could be better? Right there with you Rgv Chick!

Thank you Kirby!


I hopeo Anita is OK. We have heard from her less and less lately, and not at all recently. I trust she is alright.

Susy, the only reason we think Mercy's baby was stolen is because she said so. But Mercy's word is not worth a boxful of banana peels. Often, I think her behavior around the lost baby topic seems more like guilt than grief. She may have given it away, paid off a blackmailer with it, lost it in a poker game, forgot it at a Kmart.

Has Anita been posting to any of the other recaps, or is she missing from Caray entirely? If she's missing, I hope it's because she's doing something fun, and not because we scared her off with our Doritos. :-(

Regarding the schedule for Wednesday: TVGuide does indeed have this for 9 to 11 pm Wednesday night. This does not make any sense. Tierra Prometida is brand new. Why would they show it for two nights and then skip it?

On the one hand, I am skeptical that we're really getting two hours on Wednesday night... on the other hand, "making sense" is not a requirement for the Univision schedule. I mean, they showed us one episode twice, and then they cut out half of a bunch of episodes.

Speaking of cut episodes: I don't remember. After the cuts, was there any evidence of all that Tadeo and Horacio had gotten together? Or do we know that ONLY because we recapped the Mexican versions?

As far as I can remember, Julie, if it hadn't been for the recaps of the Mexican versions, I don't think we would have known that Horacio and Tadeo had "gotten together." Maybe Univision felt they had to sensor that scene?

In regards to Anita, I see her commenting on the recaps for "La Candidata."

Julie, in regards to the schedule, if the finale will be on the 17th as DZ announced, there will have to be one "double" night. And, yes, no sense to what Looneyvision is doing...ughhh!

RGV, OK good, maybe Double Life is not Anita's cup of tea. So long as we know she has been heard from.


154 minutes till curtain

Ooh! Thanks for the update on AnitaWatch!

For people who have seen Sara Corrales before, is she a good actress? I mean, if she's awful then that might explain why she seems so weird to us. (Of course, if she's supposed to seem weird, then she is totally nailing it.)

Yes, I just saw a comment by Anita at Candidata. Maybe she just had enough of Doble. Well, anyway, it is nice to know that if one of our ships is missing, someone on the patio will notice .

I hopeo we get some more clues tonight. I hope the writers figured this plotline out and are not just meandering around .

Kirby..loved the pink blossoms against that blue blue sky. Is that tree blooming now , or was that a photo from the past?

Yaaaah glad to hear that juls. Horacio
Keeps Danilo from going off the rails?
He went off the rails a long time ago.
As a matter of fact he has demolished the rails. He's crazy. He loves the spilling of the blood.Anybody that get
In his way. Sick bastard.

Susy that was back in the spring. Thanks

I saw her in Waking with You and she was pretty good. IE: as attractive as she was in that show I still hated her. But I am not a good judge of acting.

SC was a wicked spoiled little Daddy's girl in DC and she had me believing it. She was a total horn dog too and I believed that one too. She worked as a mechanic in her Father's shop. She worked about as much as Loosey did in Vino el Amor.

I'm doing as test watch of the first Ramon episode. Ummm I don't know. Haven't gotten to the first round of Tide and Lagicam commercials and there is already a plane crash and six wenches wailin.

FWIW, the Latin press has been brutal to Sarah. They really raked her over the coals about sleeping with then becoming the official girlfriend of her costar recently. He is married. They claim she is not much of an actress.

On another note, Amanda, from La Pilota, is locally, here in my town, doing commercials for a legal group.

Is the chick in the wedding dress Gabby from P&P?
Oh Shoot, there is the other trapeze girl from Tres Ana too. cant remember her name.


YIKES showtime Peeps.

Ramon,One thing I've noticed about this show, There is no closed caption. That sucks.
Now unless there's a recap I wont know
The skinny on the happenings of these
Interesting looking characters. And it
Looks like Joe from DV is in this too.

Some of these folk I haven't seen in a
Few months. It looks interesting, it's a bummer there's no cc3. O well well whatever.

Sachi Tomasito


Oh! Maribel!


OK I was close Thanks

Fabiola Guajardo was Gabriela in P&P

I will be curious to hear if Univision cut #64, because I am getting confused from scene to scene. Seems very choppy. Chopped?

You're right, Nina. Horacio WAS keeping Danilo from going too far off the rails, at least in front of Horacio... until the other night when he shot the doctor. Now he is officially off the rails, full-time. Horacio should run for his life.

Loved Ramon! What a cast...

Looking forward to the recap on Estela. Won't be able to comment until later tomorrow, taking hub to the surgeon for follow up.

Sleep well all.


Ooh! Good luck to your husband, Diana!

Looks choppy to me. As in chop it off. Beheaded. Ja Ja Ja !

You beat me to it, Kirby.

I watched Ramon. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but I had read a synopsis online. Wow..there are a lot of characters. Lots of familiar faces, and one of my all time favorite faces. ..mi Marcelo Cordoba. What a handsome man. I liked seeing Marisol in braids.

Diana, I hope that your husband gets a good report .

I liked Ramon.I'd like it even better
If I knew they were saying.

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