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La Candidata 8.7.17 Chapter 40: Omar Orders Mario's Death

Alonso wonders who bought the diamond bracelet as Mauro explains that the purchase was recent and it was done at a store they have credit with. Magda offers to call the store as Mauro and Alonso discuss how to best handle the situation with the media. Magda comes back and reveals that Emiliano bought the bracelet. Alonso immediately assumes it was for Cecelia and asks Magda if she knew. Magda had no idea and Mauro reiterates that they need an explanation since the charge was made to Alonso’s government. Alonso reminds him that it is now his government and promises to go talk to Emiliano as they handle the press. They both look at him for a second and Alonso orders them to get moving. Once alone, he calls Cecelia and asks her where she is. She tells him that she is being a babysitter, as requested, and Alonso tells her that he is on his way to talk to her and orders her to get rid of Emiliano. He hangs up.

Moments later, Cecelia wakes Emiliano and asks him to leave because she has a meeting. He doesn’t mind staying but she orders him to leave, pronto.

Gerardo doesn’t believe Teresa but she reiterates that she is expecting his child and she refuses to have an abortion because she’s very happy and wants to tell everyone. He asks for some time to think, because he can’t trust her word, but Teresa asks that they go to the doctor together. They will but he can’t right now and opens his door so Nieves can order Teresa a taxi. Teresa announces that she’s staying at his house from now one, because of her state, but Gerardo refuses. Teresa wonders if it’s because of Regina and offers to tell her, face to face. She runs out as Gerardo chases her all the way to Regina’s office. When Teresa sees Regina, she blurts out that she’s pregnant. Regina is speechless.

Omar and Natalia sit down with their lawyers to discuss the divorce. Omar is shocked that Natalia would demand anything as he found her in bed with her lover, not the other way around. Natalia’s lawyer reminds him that adultery is no longer as serious a crime as it used to be though domestic violence is. Omar’s lawyer goes to argue but Natalia stops them both. She is shocked that Omar would leave her with nothing, though she doubts it will happen, but she already reported him to the police. She explains that she also showed the police her bruises but Omar doesn’t care; he won’t have a prostitute waste his money on younger men. Natalia gets up to leave, as does her lawyer, and threatens to take the divorce to its final consequences. Omar doesn’t care and Natalia leaves as Omar’s lawyer chides for losing control. Marcia walks in and asks how things went but Omar asks her to shut up.

Noemi asks Isela if she knows who is she and Isela nods. Noemi knows she was her husband’s lover and Isela laughs at the fact that the “fireworks” have started. Noemi asks if she’s relieved and Isela nods though Noemi isn’t happy to confirm that her husband lived a double life for years. In fact, she’s disgusted to know the truth but Isela is more shocked that she never suspected Mario’s affair because a woman always knows. She assumes Noemi turned a blind eye and lived a life a luxury though Noemi just thinks Isela is being insolent. Isela reminds her that she looked for her so she better strap in and hear everything she must say. Just then, Noemi whines in pain and Isela goes to help but Noemi stops her; as she said, she came to hear the truth. They take a seat in Isela’s office, face to face, and Noemi begins her interrogation. She tells Isela that she lived with doubts her whole life and now she can know the truth. Isela confesses that the explanation she is looking for is very simple: Mario found elsewhere that he wasn’t finding at home. Noemi wonders why she talks to her this way, especially because she doesn’t know how she feels, but Isela reminds her that she doesn’t know her feelings either. She doesn’t know what it was like to live in the shadows while Noemi was out in the open. She doesn’t know what it was like to wait, fruitlessly, for Mario to leave Noemi. She doesn’t know what like to have to be at the ready whenever Mario wanted while knowing their relationship would never be public. At this confession, Noemi is quiet.

Gerardo explains to Regina that Teresa is lying but Regina reminds him that she could be telling the truth. Gerardo only cares about being with her though but Regina thinks she should care about the baby on the way, especially because Ximena and Emiliano are also directly involved. She thinks their relationship does nothing but hurt people and she can’t continue living like this.

Ximena demands to know why Nayeli says she’s her best friend when all she does is hurt her and everyone around them. Nayeli thinks all Ximena does is whine about everything but Ximena shakes her head. Nayeli reiterates that it’s true because, even though she has the perfect dad and life and her virginity intact, all she does is cry about everything. Nayeli is sure Ximena pities her too but she doesn’t care. At this, Ximena tries to escape but Nayeli calls out for Chivo as she tries to stop Ximena. Chivo comes immediately and both girls stop dead in their tracks.

Alonso slams Cecelia’s door open and chides her for not telling him about Emiliano’s gift, especially because he bought it with public funds. He walks inside and demands Cecelia give him the bracelet, ASAP. She runs to go get it as Alonso tells her that the bracelet is worth $40,000. Cecelia is shocked and Alonso thinks she’s doing a very poor job of controlling Emiliano even though she said she would. Cecelia doesn’t think it’s her responsibility, especially because she’s only sleeping with Emiliano for him, but Alonso doesn’t think it was that hard. He orders her to think an excuse to justify the bracelet but Cecelia thinks Mauro should take care of it. Alonso reminds her that Emiliano is his son and it will reflect poorly on him so he needs an excuse. As he is about to leave, he notices the cocaine on the living room table. He demands to know if she does drugs in front of Emiliano or give him drugs. Cecelia realizes her mistake and tells him that she would never do that. Alonso nods but threatens to kill her if she even thinks about drugging Emiliano.
Natalia arrives at Regina’s and asks Jose to leave her alone, for now, because she has another meeting with Omar and they need be careful until her divorce goes through. Jose doesn’t want to but she’d rather not expose him to Omar anymore. Just then, Emiliano arrives and Jose bids her goodbye and leaves. Natalia then goes to ask Emiliano if he’s okay but he’s shocked at she cares. Natalia asks him why he talks to her that way and Emiliano confesses that he hates coming home because it’s always empty and his parents are never there; he doesn’t think they ever were. He goes to his room but Natalia asks if he would like to have dinner with her. Emiliano prefers to sleep though and leaves.

Cecelia begs Alonso to not humiliate her anymore but Alonso thinks she does that all by herself. He drags her to the couch and ridicules her before reminding her that he is the next President of Mexico and her addiction could bring him very serious problems. Cecelia asks if he’s going to fire and leaver her but Alonso makes her promises to never do cocaine again. She does and he gets on his knees in front of her. He doesn’t know what she has that drives him crazy but she does. He kisses her and Cecelia explains that she only does it when her problems become too much to handle. He kisses her again and they have sex on the couch.

Ximena tries to escape Chivo’s house again to no avail. Just then, Nayeli storms in and tells her to get ready as they are leaving now that Chivo went out to buy some beets. She goes to the refrigerator and pulls out the container with the rolls of cash before telling Ximena that they must hurry or there will be hell to pay. Ximena refuses to leave because Chivo will be mad but Nayeli grabs her and pulls her out the door.

Marcia goes into the bedroom and finds Omar getting ready. He tells her that he’s going to a meeting, which she would like to attend, but he would’ve invited her already if she could go. He goes to leave and Marcia thinks that he should listen to his lawyer. Omar tells her to mind her own business and focus on what’s she’s good at: wasting money and having sex with him. Omar storms out but Marcia doesn’t seem very happy.

Ximena and Nayeli run through the streets. They avoid some guys who catcall them but continue to run. Ximena asks that she promise to be good from now on but Nayeli just wants to get home, grab her papers, and disappear. She will tell everyone that she was kidnapped either way though Ximena doubts they will believe her. Nayeli doesn’t care and orders her to hurry up.

Noemi tells Isela that she needs a stiff drink and Isela obliges. Noemi asks her how she met Mario and Isela explains that she was one of his prostitutes but quickly became his favorite and made it her mission to make him fall in love. Noemi assumes that is when she got pregnant with Cecelia and Isela nods. Isela confesses that she hoped that Mario would be with her to raise their child but it was not to be. After that, she made it her mission to love Cecelia and forced Mario to pay for the best schools. As Noemi pours another drink, Isela explains that Regina eventually became a public figure and got married and had a child while Cecelia managed prostitutes who extorted politicians. Noemi stands up, disgusted, but Isela thinks Cecelia will do great things when Mario gives her his last name. Noemi tells her that Mario will never give Cecelia is last name but Isela wants to know if she will tell Regina everything because it wouldn’t be in her best interest to do so. She wonders what the public would say to a society lady and a brothel owner being family through the children they fathered by the same man. Noemi is quiet.

In the coat check, Mariela calls Ismael, who is playing with his granddaughter and Magda, and tells him that she managed to get plenty of things and needs him to come and get her. He nods and hangs up as Magda asks him what happened. Ismael tells her that Mariela needs him to pick her up. Magda asks him to not take too long because they need some time alone to talk. He asks if she wants to throw him or his granddaughter out. Magda shakes her head and explains that she just wants to clear the air. She then orders him to go get her and to hurry.

Gerardo arrives home and finds Ximena picking up a broken vase in her room. He asks what happened and Ximena explains it was an accident though she can pick it up herself. He demands to know where she was but Ximena prefers he leave her room. Gerardo asks her to measure her tone and Ximena apologizes before explaining that she broke up with a boy he was seeing because he’s a fool. Gerardo nods and Ximena tells him that she will be alone, as usual, from now on. Gerardo tells her she’s not alone but Ximena doesn’t think she has much a life outside of taking care of Teresa. She then asks him to close the door on his way out.

Nayeli arrives home and Ignacio gives her a big bear hug, happy to see her. She tells him that they released her but Ignacio wants an explanation. He asks if she was taking drugs but Nayeli prefers not to talk about it and storms off to her room.

Ismael arrives at the coat check as Mariela grabs her bookbag full of things and leaves. They don’t notice the two guards who are observing them from the top of the stairs. One tells the other to follow them so they can see where they took the stolen merchandise.

At the cabaret, Mario is the life is the party. He looks across the room and sees Isela, who calls him over. He obliges and Isela asks him if he know who came to see him. Mario doesn’t care as he is celebrating his revenge but Isela is celebrating her revenge too. She reveals that Noemi came to see her. Mario is shocked.

Rita helps Noemi into bed. Noemi then asks her for a drink but Rita explains that Mario would kill her if she gave her alcohol or found out she let her leave the house. Noemi orders her to do as she says, because they pay her well to do so, but Rita reminds her that she just managed to sober her up after everything she drank at the cabaret. She then warns Noemi that she will die if she keeps drinking like that but Noemi argues that she has nothing to live for. Rita thinks she needs a purpose in life, whether good or bad, and Noemi decides that her purpose will be to make Mario pay for all he did to her. She smiles and then orders Rita, again, to give her a drink. Rita finally obliges.

Mario asks Isela about what she told Noemi but Isela tells him that she already knew everything because he told her first. She warns him that she gave Noemi everything she needed to destroy him but Mario won’t allow anyone to prevent him from getting the power he so desperately craves. Isela wonders if the drunks in the next room will give it to him if they knew the truth. Mario tells her to be quiet or he will destroy her when he’s powerful, no matter how long it lasts, but Isela isn’t worried because today she met an ally: Noemi. Mario is quiet and Isela rips his drink from his hand before leaving.

Ismael asks Mariela about Magda and she explains that she’s putting the baby to sleep. Ismael smiles and asks if she got a good stash tonight and Mariela smiles before showing him a handful of credit cards. Ismael didn’t know she stole those too and Mariela explains that she made a deal with a cashier, who clones the cards, so they can buy things on the internet and then divide the supplies in half; she also found a card in one of the coats. Ismael thinks they are taking a big risk but Mariela shakes her head though she can’t go back to work and they must leave tomorrow. Ismael still has some of the jewelry he stole from Magda and he will take more tomorrow, when she’s at work, and pawn if off before leaving. Mariela smiles and wishes she could see Magda’s face when she realizes she has no jewelry left and no man. She then asks her for a beer but he suggests she get it herself. Mariela, in a huff, does.

Regina arrives home, dejected, and looks around the empty house. She leans against the wall and begins to cry before following down to the ground, seemingly defeated. She shakes her head and lets the tears flow down her cheeks…

Alonso gets dressed after sleeping with Cecelia. As he leaves, Cecelia cries on the floor, naked…

Moments later, Regina, having wiped her tears, knocks on Emiliano’s room, and asks to come in. He doesn’t answer so she goes inside and finds him crying by the bathroom. She asks him not to be mad, as she knocked first, but he doesn’t want to talk. She kneels next to him and tells him she doesn’t want to talk, just be next to him. She asks if it’s okay and Emiliano tells her it is.

Jessica asks Ignacio about Nayeli and he confesses that he can’t read her, can’t see anything in her look. She asks if he plans to do anything but Ignacio shakes his head and explains that the people who were helping him promised to return her, safe, and they did. He asks her not to get in Nayeli’s business any longer but Jessica wants to talk to her. Just then, Nayeli comes out of her room and Jessica goes to hug her. Nayeli asks her to let her go because she’s suffocating her but Jessica tells her that she’s coming with her to the US because she doesn’t trust Ignacio to take care of her any longer. Nayeli looks at Ignacio, who quietly nods and begs Nayeli to accept.

Larreta arrives at the party and everyone welcomes him with open arms. Omar walks in behind him and asks them what the celebration is about. Mario smiles and tells him that it’s in his honor as today is his last day as part of their political party. Omar is floored and they explain that they have all the proof against him including Natalia’s report for domestic violence and the expired vaccines that killed those children. Not to mention his egregious errors with the previous Secretary of Health and his own business practices. Larreta informs him that they will call Alonso tomorrow and tell him the news but he will likely agree because Omar’s arrives can smear his presidential campaign and that will not stand. He suggests Omar retire but Omar screams that they can’t do that to him and attacks Larreta. Various guards hold him back and Omar chides Larreta for betraying him. He warns them that their betrayal won’t stand as he is dragged away. Mario hands Larreta a drink and smiles, satisfied.

The next day, Alonso calls Mauro to ask him if he’s seen the news: the report about the bracelet is already out. Mauro has a solution and proposes they tell the press that it was bought for a raffle and all proceeds will food for the needy. He also already spoke with various executives and they will buy all the raffle tickets in exchange for tax breaks. Alonso thinks he’s doing very well in his new position but Mauro tells him that he learned from the best. Alonso then goes to talk about Cecelia but stops as Regina walks by on her way out the door. Alonso promises to call him back and then asks Regina for a few minutes to talk. She looks at him and Alonso asks her to please unit with him again so they can be a family. He would hate to see her destroy her political and personal life for a man who impregnated his ex-wife. Regina stops short and Alonso promises to love her until the end of time. Having had enough of his lies, she walks out silently.

Ximena wakes up and finds a flower arrangement on the dining room table. She picks out the card and reads Gerardo’s note where he promises to love her forever. She puts her head down and cries.

Mario chides Rita for letting Noemi leave the house but she explains that she couldn’t stop her. Either way, she’s stronger now and healthy and they will have a harder time stopping her now that she has a purpose in life. Mario assumes that her new purpose is to get drunk until she dies but Rita reveals that her new purpose is to get revenge on him. At this, Mario suddenly stops.
Magda is ready to go to work but Ismael stops her and asks if she is going to leave him eating by himself. She tells him that she can’t be late but they can have dinner that night. She also apologizes for what she said about Mariela and the baby and tells him that she loves having them there because she feels like they are a family. He smiles and gives her a kiss as Mariela walks in with the baby. After Mariela bids her goodbye, Magda goes to the door to leave but finds the police waiting for her. They tell her that they have a warrant signed by a judge to search the premises and find various stolen items. Mariela and Ismael look at each other as Magda reads over the warrant.

At home, Omar orders his men to murder Mario Barcenas and tells them that there is a lot of money for whoever brings him his head. They go off as Marcia, who has heard everything, runs to warn Mario.

Magda thinks the warrant is a mistake because everyone who lives in her home are hardworking, honest people. The policeman explains the manager of the restaurant where Mariela works reported the stolen items. He explains that he is looking for coats, jewelry, etc. as Magda looks down at the red coat Ismael gave her. She realizes where it came from and then looks at Ismael, who confesses that Mariela stole everything. Mariela, having no other way out, tells the police that Ismael had stolen jewelry from Magda so they could leave because he was tired of faking love for her. Ismael looks at Magda, who is on the verge of tears.

Mauro meets with Cecelia and asks her what happened with Alonso. She asks if he talked about her and Mauro reveals that they had a very interesting chat and it seems that Alonso has grown tired of her shenanigans. Cecelia is quiet and Mauro asks her what he should do: save her or finish destroying her. Cecelia nods and then pulls down her scarf and her sleeves to reveal bruises. She asks Mauro if they mean something to him and Mauro looks at them, silently.

Gerardo goes to the doctor with Teresa and he asks if it’s true Teresa is pregnant. He confirms she is but the pregnancy is high risk. Gerardo sighs deeply and explains that Teresa used to take controlled substances so he wants to know if that could affect the baby. The doctor has already ordered tests to see if there are any foreseeable problems. In the meantime, he suggests Gerardo take good care of her and avoid any stressful situations while maintaining a balanced diet. Teresa smiles and reminds Gerardo that she needs to be taken care of.

Emiliano wakes up and sits with Alonso for breakfast. Alonso throws the bracelet on his plate and demands an explanation. Emiliano is quiet and Alonso chides him for buying such an expensive bracelet with public funds. He wonders what he will do with him, especially now that the press found out, but Emiliano still doesn’t answer. Alonso tells him that, starting today, he will no longer see Cecelia. He then stands up and goes to leave but Emiliano stops him and begs him not to prevent him from seeing her. Alonso reaffirms that he will stop seeing her or he will fire Cecelia and leave her on the street.

Marcia runs into the bedroom and desperately looks for her phone. She calls Mario but he doesn’t answer and she leaves a voicemail asking Mario to save her from Omar, who placed a hit on him. Just then, Omar walks in and asks her who she was talking to. Marcia doesn’t answer so Omar asks again to no avail.

Regina walks into the Senate with Daniela, who tells her the textile workers are waiting in her office. They run into Gerardo and Daniela gives them a minute alone. Gerardo doesn’t say anything but Regina knows what his silence implies: Teresa is pregnant. Gerardo nods with tears in his eyes but he reiterates that the news doesn’t change his love for her. Regina nods and goes to leave but Gerardo tells her that he has always been responsible and the baby will have all his love, like Ximena, regardless of his relationship with Teresa. Regina is sure that the baby will have his love but they can’t build their relationship on the pain of others. She declares that their relationship is over…



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Thank you, Alfredo. It was an excellent recap.

What an episode!

Yay! for: Isela and Noemí's conversation/Magda having to deal with the police as a reality check on her "relationship" with Israel/Mario and Larreta ending Omar's political career/Noemí getting a purpose for her life/Marcia being told she is there to spend money and provide sex.

I was hoping that Marcia could get out before the real abuse started with Omar but that looks unlikely.


Gracias, Alfredo and good work.

Cecelia dressing Emiliano as though he were a child.... well, isn't that what an aunt should do?

Omar's accusatory “prostituta” at Natalia makes an ass of him to his own lawyer.

Regina's reaction to Teresa's news is running true to form.

Nayeli envies Ximena for having a loving father and is trying to bring her down to her level. She must not know much about Teresa. Both of them need to be in convent boarding schools in different countries for their own good. The theft of the drug money will ultimately lead to tragedy.

Magda is a total idiot.

The confrontation between Noemi and Isela was the most interesting event in this episode. Both women want to get back at Mario but they are hardly friendly allies. Isela made a valid point about Noemi not telling Regina; what Noemi can't face is that Regina is far tougher than either of them.

Omar's disgrace is long overdue. However, we can expect that he will do significant damage to his little sex doll before Mario gets that voicemail.

Alonso lost it over that stupid bracelet. Cecelia should have returned it to the store the next day, but whores like her don't return such trophies. When Alonso finds out who she really is he will go on the warpath. That might just make him drop his guard.

The chessboard shots of the title sequence are so perfect. However, Regina is the only one in a color other than black or 50 shades of Black and Grey. She is the Queen (which is what her name means) and should have all the power in the end.

Urban, you are so right about Cecilia and the bracelet. Her initial lackadaisical attitude was unbelievable.

Thank you Alfredo. Wow, wow, wow you got a doozy.

I agree the Isela and Noemi seen was the best, Isela has demonstrated that she is pretty sharp, she can get back at Mario by using Isela as her ally, I hope Noemi realizes that as well. If you can't beat them join them right?

How ridiculous was Ignacio begging Nayeli to go to the U.S.? clown!!

I don't see Marcia getting out of this predicament unscathed.

And finally Israel is such a wimp, turning on his accomplice so quickly. another clown!! I'm glad this is over I was so tired of that relationship. Hopefully that is all she wrote for Israel. Fingers crossed.


I was coming to think that anyone that stupid or desperate deserves the consequences. Magda has been a total idiot about Israel.

Marcia will likely not escape this situation. Omar is a lunatic.

Jarifa: Looks like Marcia Wil be joining the massive Body Count very soon.

Alfredo: Teresa will have a miscarriage somehow. I'm betting on it.

Sandie: Alonso likely is the next President of the United Mexican States at this point..... unless the producers pull off a twist.

I am further betting that Teresa will cause the miscarriage herself and find some way to blame Gerardo.

Thanks Alfredo. Run, Mario, run. Both Naomi and Isela are after you, not to mention Omar. The father of Teresa's father is probably Ignacio and not Gerardo. I can't remember if it was Mario or Omar who was putting him up to this - or Alonso?

Thanks everyone for stopping by, this episode was definitely on fire :)

So many intense situations and conversations going on at once and the possible end of the worse storyline in this whole show (I hope!) though wow did Israel jump up like a cat at the possible of getting arrested. Turd.

Noemi and Isela's scene was amazing but I loved Regina's and Cecelia's breakdown scene. It was so raw and real that I commend both actresses for their performances. In some ways, both Cecelia and Regina are two sides of the same coin, manipulated by the same evil man.

Run, Mario, run is right. Especially because he threw a scorpion on his back, Omar. Omar is in no-fs-given mode and betrayal is not something he takes lightly. Larreta better also watch his back.

Excellent recap of a very concurrido episode, Alfredo! Mauro had a very clever save about the bracelet bought with public funds! Teresa's high risk pregnancy: We've been here before in Telenovelaland. Based on past experience, 1 of 2 things is likely to happen. Either she will miscarry and pretend to still be pregnant or she will die either miscarrying or giving birth. I expect that if she dies and the baby survives, dna will show the baby is Ignacio's. He will raise it, and as a result feel a little less sad about the presumably murdered Nayeli (Please, she stole from a drug dealer! What else could happen to her?). Omar is getting more and more dangerous. Time for a fall, literally! There must be some reason for the shots of his gorgeous huge staircase. Isela is resentful of her situation but has forced her daughter into a similar one, despite professing to love her and despite the highly educated Cecilia not needing to be in that situation. Hope Ximena survives her run-in with the drug dealer. On the plus side, she now realizes that Emiliano is an idiot. Ismael and Mariela are pretty stupid thieves.

Jarifa: OT: El bienamado. These dolphins turned out to be even more clever than the ones famous for propping up overboard sailors. Untying a knot! Oh my! Alos, Gloriana gave Homero some excellent and very wise advice about seeking a publisher for the Chuy Muertes story for his own satisfaction, not for Valeria or anyone else

Tonight's episode's recap will post at 9PM EST; I've just completed it. Be prepared!

Isela is truly evil not to protect Cecelia from the same life that she had. Some women in such situations deeply resent the better opportunities that their daughters have, usually due to education.

Cecelia was a fool to let that happen. She has a degree. She didn't have to come back to Mexico. She could have walked away from all that and had a great life.

I suspect Cecelia let all this happen because of the same thing Isela told Noemi: "she held onto the only love that was pure in her life, her daughter." From Isela, Cecelia wants love and Isela won't give it until she does exactly what she wants. Mario is the same but there is a deeper bond between both women.

I'm looking for to the recap, Urban, because today is going to be on fire.

Magda really is an idiot. But where did all this "love" for Israel come from? I thought she was in love forever with her "amor imposible" - Omar? I wouldn't put it past her to offer to take all responsibility for that baby when its mother goes to jail.

Magda is lonely. That's another theme in this novela, loneliness, and how that loneliness sometimes clouds our judgment. Not only that, but people are also never what they seem. Magda thought she found someone who loved her after Omar and she did everything to make him happy but it was not to be. She will learn the hard way that you can't be too trusting with people. Not to mention the millions of red flags she chose to ignore because she didn't want to be left alone again.

Well done, Alfredo and ditto your comments on loneliness. There isn't a single character in this story who doesn't have some degree of loneliness, even the poor schnuck of a drug dealer who was "holding" Nayeli.

Still catching up. Thanks to all for the wonderful recaps and comments.

Tere's pregnancy did not surprise me. Otherwise, what else would have driven Gerardo and Regina apart for an x-number of episodes. What will it take to reveal the possibility that there might be another sperm donor? Nayeli has that picture of her dad in bed with Tere. Who will get to see it first? Ximena, Gerardo, Ignacio or Teresa. She'd better be careful if it's Teresa. OTOH, she may be whisked away to the US and not have time to "use" it.

Thanks, Anita! Hope all is well with you :)

If she wasn't actually pregnant, Teresa would probably invent it but this novela is better than that. I wonder if she wants to lose the paper but is waiting until she has the perfect opportunity. She only wants that baby for what it means to Gerardo and Regina.

Alfredo: Teresa will LOSE the baby somehow....

Thank you very much Alfredo! You captured every important moment very well. I agree that Magda is quite lonely, she pretty much settles for what she can get. She is so good hearted that she is undecerning of Israel's motives. She has no idea that he is out to steal from her and all she wants to do is help him out.

As for Teresa, she probably will lose the baby and then if she does, either she will pretend to be pregnant OR she will blame Gerardo for the miscarriage saying he caused it or something.

OMG, I wonder what will happen to Marcia? I wonder if Omar is going to beat her too? She is finally seeing his true colors.

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