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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): Jenni Rivera, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraiso, El Señor de los Cielos, & más: Week of July 31, 2017

• 10:30AM-12PM—Corazón Valiente
• 12-2PM—Volver a Amar (except Thurs.)
• 8-9PM—Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio
• 9-10PM—Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraiso 
• 10-11PM—El Señor de los Cielos

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El Señor de los Cielos: miercoles

No recap tonight, but some observations:

- Rivero might officially be passing the late Ignacio Miravalle on the negative respectometer as of last night's episode. Rutila basically blocks him from arresting Victor and Monica, he arrests her for obstruction, and she naturally has to be a bitch and claim that he's doing everything because he's still in love with her and lashing out. (A case probably could be made, to be fair, but she still obstructed.) And then Bizarro Pena Nieto blasts him for arresting her, going all the way to openly ordering him to release her later on. And in the middle of this forking Alba also says he's lashing out. So no wonder the guy's completely over everything and almost literally daring BPN to fire him on multiple occasions in this episode. My thought is that he's still somewhat inviolate as the one good guy in the Mexican government as we know it, but at the same time this show delights in torturing us...if if kills him off or takes him out of the picture, I have to wonder if Castillo gets bumped up. Or possibly Garcia.

Karmically, this also makes me wonder about Sebastian. If he's really her Esperanza (or should that be her karma?), either he has to come clean about things with Rutila or it comes back to bite him in his quasi-hipster ass.

- Similarly, Tata being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis...I love me some older Tuti prototype, but for the show to torture its quasi-comic relief like this (and right when I'm starting to like Balki the Engineer, too) just bugs me.

- Monica and Victor's coming to terms with their relationship going down in flames has hands down been the best stuff ESDLC has done in at least a couple of weeks--especially the scenes from last night and last week. (In fairness Fernanda Castillo has consistently been one of the strongest actors in the entire narcoverse, but props to Jorge Luis Moreno for keeping up with her.) The catch is that it seems to be invoking one of the harder narcoverse rules: whenever a character gets a lot of focus/screentime, it usually means something bad is about to happen to them. And Monica has been an increasingly secondary character for over a season now, while Victor is also in the middle of Helmet Hair Pastrana's grand scheme to destroy all things Casillas...

- Same token: while I'm not averse to Zoe, I'm pretty distracted by trying to guess how her relationship with Esperanza is going to implode...and who it takes with it when it goes.

- I'm still not sure what BPN's game plan regarding Jaime and Bizarro Gaviota is. I guess if she's having an affair (albeit sanctioned by him) she can't cause him any trouble by divorcing him? That said, her impersonating him was a rare actual comic moment in this part of the show--and we kinda needed that.

- And the Aurelio/Felina/Ray work-and-possibly-else triangle? Weirdly, Felina is carrying this for me (so far); I'm not sure if I'm just that over Aurelio at this point, but right now it just smacks of setpiece to get to the next stage, Aurelio actively working to get back on top. Until that happens...meh.


Bill C: My thoughts.

1.) Rivero pushing the envelope by getting uppity with BPN.

2.) Will Victor be successful in busting up Aurelio's empire ?

3.) I'm also wondering about Bizarro Gaviota & Jaime because it will NOT end well.

4.) Ritula still flaunting It!

5.) Does Ritula know Sebastian is DEA ?

6.) I hope Monica does not get whacked!


Bill C: What's the endgame for Victor in all of this ?

HALIMACANDY: Rivero is hell-bent on bringing down BPN!


Why does Felina need her ex husband for in the new deal, but then again Aurelio always tries to take over an operation...

i love the president office mess, just loving it

grand mom is gonna get more family members killed!!
victor and monica , wtf!!!

Rutina knows Sebastian is dea, she is hedging her bets


Yessenia is Getting her ass kicked on the regular, I guess,I am back tracking with jota helping daniela out and into her [ dead from botched boob and tummy tuck job ]...grandma's house

The players are trying to recruit daniela to cut a partnership..everybody wants Diabla's shipping routes..

Daniela can play the game because ,she was reared into this TAKING OVER business....

yessenia:is in the hole...she is finding out the politics...of the U.S.A. AINT NO PAY OFF HAPPENING HERE!!...


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