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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) 8.3.17 Episodes 61 & 62

Hey everyone and welcome! Below are 61 and 62, courtesy of myself and RGV Chick :) Enjoy!

Episode 61: Queen Pillow Top Loses Her Baby Bump

Tadeo confesses that he made the decision to save her life over her baby’s. Leticia is shocked.

At the ranch, Ryan doesn’t care about the new information Estela found out about but he does know that she met Danilo and they have a lot to talk about regarding him. Estela doesn’t let him talk but confesses that she knows Laura’s baby can also be Danilo’s and wants to know if they can trust her because she was taken aback when she found out it. Ryan nods and confesses that Danilo raped Laura and that is why the baby could be his. Either way, he would prefer not to broach that subject for now. Estela agrees but she was thinking about how different their lives would be if she would’ve never left and stood up to her father. She also thinks Mercy should’ve have kept quiet about her relationship with Pedro. Ryan sighs deeply and Estela takes the hint to stop talking but explains that she sees everything from the outside looking in and it just wasn’t right what Mercy did. She then kisses Ryan good night, on the cheek, and leaves as Laura arrives. She bids Estela good night and then goes to Ryan. He asks if it bothers her that Estela is living with them but Laura shakes her head. She realizes that she needs time to get back on her feet and she knows it won’t be forever. Ryan thanks her and then tells her that he has to go see Mercy. Laura is surprised that he is going at such a late hour but Ryan is quiet.

Morgana, drunk and by the hotel pool, leaves a message for Danilo asking what happened with Laura and her baby. She then tells him that no one will love him like she does but she can’t say anymore because she slips and falls head first into the pool, unconscious. With no one around to save her, may this be the end of the Queen Pillowtop?

Mercy is surprised to see Ryan at her house though she hopes it’s a friendly visit and not because he has his first fight with Laura. She chides him for not inviting her to the wedding but Ryan is a man on a mission and demands to know why she never told him about her romance with Pedro Carrillo.

Luck is on Morgana’s side and the hotel staff finds her in time to pull her out of the pool. He proceeds to give her CPR.

Mercy wants to know who told him but Ryan thinks it doesn’t matter and asks again why she hid her relationship with Pedro. Mercy admits that she was scared of his retaliation, especially because he was involved with organized crime, but Ryan thinks it was because she was having an affair right under Walter’s nose. Mercy shakes her head but Ryan also wants to know why they pushed Pedro out of Furia and made millions off his idea. Mercy explains that she didn’t like Pedro’s business practices and preferred to distance herself, as did Walter. Ryan also wants to know why she didn’t tell him about Pedro when she found out about Estela Carrillo. Mercy reminds him that he was in love and probably wouldn’t have believed her though she was immensely happy when Estela disappeared. She was sure Estela was only with him for revenge but Ryan is shocked to know she would rather see her son suffer than tell him the truth. Either way, Mercy is glad Estela’s dead but Ryan asks how she is sure that she is. Mercy is taken aback and Ryan asks if she’s sure Estela wasn’t also a victim of Pedro Carrillo and was forced to do what she did. He storms out without another word as Mercy screams for Joe.

The staff calls a doctor, who checks Morgana’s baby bump but finds it’s only a downy pillow. As he breathes life back into her, a maid takes pictures of the whole thing. Morgana finally throws up all the water, and possibly alcohol, and tries to breathe.

Tadeo cries and tells Leticia that he was put on the spot and had to make a choice. Leticia asks him to get closer and gives him a hug, telling him it will be okay. She is just sad that they will never meet their sibling or take her home so they could be a family. Either way, she’s sure the baby is watching them from the sky and knows they love it, no matter what. She is happy that they are close, even if it’s because of a tragedy, and asks both her kids to be who they were before. She asks Maria to be a proud Mexican and asks Tadeo to leave behind the world of music and change his feelings. They both promise to do whatever is necessary to make sure she’s happy.

Danilo arrives in a huff as the staff puts Morgana to bed. The doctor explains that she is doing better now and then leaves as Danilo thanks them. Once alone, Danilo kisses Morgana on the cheek and goes to caress her stomach but finds it as flat as an ironing board. He screams that the whole hotel now knows the truth but Morgana is just trying to sleep off her hangover and falls back asleep. Danilo curses his luck.

Mercy chides Joe for telling Ryan about her and Pedro but he reiterates that it wasn’t him and he would have no reason too. Mercy thinks they did it to test her and see if she killed Pedro Carrillo but Joe shakes his head and reveals that Asdrubal already confessed to that crime. Mercy has no idea who that is and Joe explains that he was the money launderer who worked with Danilo at Furia and also El Dorado. He goes to show Mercy a picture but she doesn’t care and asks why he wants to show her either way. Joe is quiet and Mercy demands Joe shut up about her baby as well and god help him if Ryan comes to talk about her baby tomorrow. She storms off as Joe tries to make sense of the (mostly) one sided rant.

Estela, who can’t sleep, goes to talk to Laura in her room. Estela asks if she cans it with her and Laura agrees and then admits that she has plenty of things that keep her awake. Estela nods and reveals that she knows what happened with Danilo, who she met that day, and thinks it must’ve been horrible. She explains that had doubts about her, which she told Ryan, but they cleared the air and she’s sure they both want the same thing: to see Ryan happy. Either way, she knows it must be awkward to have her there but hopes they can be friends. Despite the weirdness, Laura hopes so too. Estela then asks if she knows what she would do if the baby was Danilo’s but Laura explains that Ryan doesn’t care and that has made her love him more. She confesses that he is the love of her life but Estela is worried that Danilo, who gave her a bad vibe, will try and take the child away should it be his. Laura is sure he will pay for all he did soon and Estela hopes this is true (though we all know she’s probably lying).

The next morning, Danilo calls Horacio and tells him what happened with Queen Pillowtop. He is pissed that there is already a photo online and a sea of reporters waiting in the lobby for them to show their face. Horacio wonders what he will do and Danilo explains that Morgana will have to say that she lied and there is no one as shocked as he that the baby was fake.

Moments later, Danilo gives a makeshift press conference in the lobby to announce his utter shock and disappointment at Morgana’s actions. He assumes that she did it to rope him into marrying her while forwarding her career. He is surprised that she would stab him in the back after all he has done for her. A reporter wants to know why he didn’t find out till now, despite the fact that they live together, but Danilo explains that she had been distant and hormonal so he thought it’d be best not to bother her. Just then, tears well up in his eyes and he confesses that he wanted to be a father but it was not meant to be.

Joe arrives at Mercy’s office, happy to see her since she left early that morning without another word. Mercy chides him for discussing their personal life in front of Genesis, who tries to leave but Mercy won’t let her. Their discussion is interrupted by the news of Morgana’s fake baby bump, which considerably brightens Mercy’s day. She thinks that the only thing missing is for Laura to be pregnant and Genesis announces that she already is. Mercy smiles even bigger and grabs her necklace, thanking it for helping her pleas come true.

Estela gets ready as Laura comes in and smiles. Estela thanks her for lending her some clothes and admits that staring over is hard though Laura is there should she need anything else. Estela smiles and then tells Laura that Ryan is very fortunate to have a woman like her at his side. Laura smiles, visibly uncomfortable, as her phone rings. It’s Genesis, who tells her that the meeting with the investor is set up for tomorrow. Laura thanks her and then Genesis tells her about the Queen Pillowtop scandal: the baby bump is fake!

Alone in her hotel room, Morgana see the news of her fake bump spread along with Danilo’s declaration that she lied to him this whole time. She begins to cry but wipes her tears and begins to record herself on her phone. “I am Morgana Santos, and I have something to tell you about Danilo Cabrera…”

Laura tells Ryan about the pillow top baby and they are both shocked at the news. They both wonder how both Danilo and Morgana could do such a thing. Ryan then tells her that Mercy has been calling nonstop, probably to tell him the news, though Laura knows it’s also because she knows she’s pregnant and they will have to make the news public soon. Ryan nods but he thinks Danilo could talk though he doesn’t think he will reveal he raped Laura. Laura is doubtful because scum like Danilo never changes.

Chavalin goes to visit Leticia and reiterates that she has his full support. Leticia thanks him (but I’d rather she SHOW him how thankful she is and stop leading him on).

Laura asks Ryan if he still wants be with her, despite everything, but he can’t imagine his life without her (80% Galan; -20% for the Morgana slip up). He wonders if she’s worried about Estela and Laura explains that she understands why he fell in love with her. She thinks Estela is a very good person but Ryan notes that she has changed since her disappearance, mainly the fact that she used to be more outspoken and now she’s more reserved. He assumes being held captive changed her but doesn’t want to keep talking about it.

At school, Maria break up with SkidMark (thank you VEA) and tells him that she only went out with him because everyone wanted him and her father is a Mexican named Erasmo, not Tom Allen. She wanted to be like them but she sees now that she isn’t and doesn’t care to change for any of them. She leaves him speechless.

Tadeo meets with Horacio and tells him that he is leaving Furia though Horacio wonders why, especially since his career has taken off (and he’s not too bad in bed). Tadeo explains that he promised his mother and he’s a man of his word but Horacio offers him more money. Tadeo thanks him but shakes his head. Horacio thinks now is the best time to launch his career, especially after the Morgana scandal, and offers to take him out for drinks to discuss, alone. Tadeo doesn’t want to but Horacio reminds him that he signed a contract and has to adhere to it, no matter what.

Danilo walks into the Spider’s Den and Morgana throws a vase at him. He dodges it in time but demands to know what has gotten into her. Morgana runs up to him and tries to beat him up for hanging her out to dry after all she did for him. Danilo grabs her and tells her that he wasn’t going down for her mistakes, namely the fact that Leticia drank the poisoned instead of Laura and they took a picture of her without the baby bump. Morgana thinks he should have defended her and said it was Photoshop but Danilo doesn’t care. Morgana asks what they will do next but Danilo prefers to cut her out of his life completely. Either way, Laura may still be carrying his child so it’s win-win.

Milton goes to visit a former narco in jail who Asdrubal’s cellmate. He proposes that the man find out everything he knows from Asdrubal and he will recompense his family handsomely. The narco thinks it will be tough but wants to know how much money they are talking about first.

Ryan walks into his office and says hi to Laura Estela, who is dressed just like Laura, right down to her brown boats and long ponytail. Ryan apologizes for the confusion but Estela gets close and caresses his shoulders. She tells him that it’s been so long since they had been that close and kisses him (60% Galan) as Mercy storms in. She sees them and demands to know who the woman is. Estela explains that it was all her fault but Ryan confesses that it was his. Mercy chides him since he just got married and has declared his love for Laura but Ryan reiterates that it was a mistake. Mercy demands to know if he is going to be a womanizer like his father but Ryan shakes his head. Mercy then asks Estela if she knew Ryan was married and Estela explains that she did but that kiss was the result of years of pining for Ryan. Mercy demands to know who she is that knows Ryan so well and Estela confesses that she is Estela Carrillo, much to Mercy’s surprise and Ryan’s annoyance.

Danilo hopes he and Morgana can end on good terms and Morgana agrees but warns him that she knows a lot of things about him. Danilo nods but reminds her that she is a known liar. Morgana wonders what the press will say when she starts talking because she’s sure they will listen. Danilo keep throwing glass cups across the room and threatening Morgana with death (though evil doesn’t die so easy). She warns him that she recorded a video, which has been stored in her email and will auto send in a few days, lest he change his mind. Danilo slams down another glass cup and curses his luck.

Mercy attacks Estela and chides her for ruining Ryan’s life. Ryan holds her back but Mercy reminds him that Estela’s return is dangerous because she will ruin the life he constructed in her absence. Ryan explains that Estela was a victim though Mercy does not believe one word (I see why her and Rosario get along). Estela thinks she’s no one to judge as she left Pedro to run off with Walter. Mercy doesn’t think it’s a crime to love someone else but Estela thinks it is to destroy the person she left behind. She blames Mercy for Pedro becoming a monster, destroying her life and, eventually, Ryan’s. Either way, Estela doesn’t think she should bother telling her anything more because her heart is made of stone. She storms out with Ryan in tow as Mercy throws her hands up in the air, frustrated.

Laura arrives at the ranch, after her sponsorship meeting, and says hi to both Paloma and Rosario. Rosario then asks about Estela but Laura is shocked to know she’s missing. She wonders if El Dorado too her but Rosario proposes calm down as Estela could’ve gone to get some fresh air. Laura decides to call Ryan, just in case, and he tells her that Estela came to Furia though he can’t talk and hangs up.

In the hallway, Ryan tries to apologize for Mercy’s actions but Estela thinks she was right and she shouldn’t have come back. Ryan understands it wasn’t her fault but Estela doesn’t believe him because her presence has caused him nothing but grief. She doesn’t know where she will go but she should leave him soon so he can make a new life with Laura. She asks him to keep their kiss a secret (uh oh!) and he nods though proposes that she move into his apartment while she gets settled. She agrees but prefers he keep his distance for now while she thinks about her future. Ryan nods and then takes her to meet Joe.

Morgana demands Danilo give her something for all the trouble he’s caused her and suggests he retract his comments about her pregnancy because she’s done looking like a fool (not hard) in front of everyone.

Laura goes to Furia and asks Genesis if Ryan is there as he sounded like he was leaving when they spoke.

In Mercy’s office, mercy is shocked that Ryan would fall for Estela’s BS again but Ryan demands she mind her business. Mercy thinks he should follow suit and not judge her decisions either but Ryan thinks it’s different. She knows he only clears about keeping his kiss with Estela a secret and Ryan nods, especially because she’s great at keeping them. Mercy agrees to not say anything but doesn’t notice the door to her office is ajar (lock doors people!)

Leticia smiles at Chavalin and thanks him for always being there. Just then, Erasmo (who?) walks in though he didn’t know she had a visitor. She introduces them and Chavalin prefers to leave though he reminds her that he always looks to the future while Erasmo is the Ghost of Christmas Past. Once alone, Erasmo laments what happened with the baby and tells Leticia that he will pray for it.

Turns out it was Genesis behind door #1 and she tells Ryan that Laura is there, looking for him, and will go get her. Once alone, Ryan reminds Mercy of their secret and thinks she shouldn’t judge Estela so harshly because she doesn’t know the whole story. Laura then walks in and hears the tail end of the conversation. She tells Mercy that she needs to hear the whole story before making her final judgment but Mercy thinks they shouldn’t trust a sheep in wolf’s clothing and leaves.

Leticia asks Erasmo about Bonita and their kid. He doesn’t know why but Bonita doesn’t want to be near him or around him since she had the baby. Leticia laments this as he loves kids (but is he a good father?)

Joe takes Estela to Ryan’s department. She remembers when he told her about it and promises to start working soon to get her own place. Joe hands her an envelope of money and tells her that Ryan wants her to be comfortable and fully recovered before she worries about anything else. Estela promises to pay back the money regardless. Joe then asks if she knows Asdrubal confessed to Pedro’s murder and the fact that he’s El Dorado. Estela explains that Asdrubal is a loyal foot soldier but Joe wants to take down the real Dorado and reminds her that she sent Ryan the knife that killed Pedro. Estela doesn’t want to talk about it but Joe thinks she could help them find the real Dorado because she’s seen him. He begs her to help them.

Ryan tells Laura that Mercy is exaggerating and asks Laura if she thinks the worst of Estela. Laura shakes her head but thinks he should’ve told Mercy the truth, right then and there. Ryan thinks there wasn’t time but Laura thinks there was but warns him to tell her soon and not let anymore time pass. Ryan nods and then tells Laura that Estela will be staying at his apartment though Laura doesn’t seem to happy to hear this.

Joe apologizes for getting Estela feel bad but she explains that just hearing El Dorado’s name bring sup bad memories. He offers her his support and she thanks him before calling him a good guy, like Ryan. Joe then gives her his care and asks that she call him whenever. Estela hopes to not bother him too much and Joe nods before explaining that he would give her his house number but he now lives with Mercy. Estela is shocked and admits that she would’ve never imagined them together. She then thanks him and give shim a kiss on the cheek (ummm….wait…is she seducing everyone now? Steve run!) He leaves and she smiles to herself.

Danilo goes downstairs with Morgana and they hold another press conference. The reporters ask if they are back together and why Morgana lied but Danilo stops them and tells them to let him speak. He explains he was wrong to throw her under the bus because she did what any other woman would’ve done. The reporters demand to know what she did.

Laura races by Genesis’ desk but she asks her to wait because she has something to tell her, especially now that they are friends, and it’s not gossip: a few minutes ago, when she arrived, Mercy told Ryan that all three of them would keep the secret. Laura wants to know more but Genesis doesn’t know anymore than something happened at Ryan’s office. Laura wants to know if she means something between Mercy and Estela or Estela and Ryan. Genesis shrugs.

As Horacio arrives, Danilo explains that Morgana has a medical condition, which prefers her from having kids and she didn’t tell him out of fear and shame. The reporters ask if she was scared that Danilo was going to leave her but Morgana orders them to shut up because they don’t know what it feels to not be able to have children. She begins to cry and Horacio can’t help but smile at Queen Pillow top’s quick thinking. The reporters ask her why she lied instead of adopting, for example, and Morgana explains that she didn’t want that kid to grow up with the stigma of being adopted. She planned to tell Danilo later, and hoped he accepted her, to which Danilo says he would’ve and would’ve cared for that child like it was his own.

As they prattle on, Leticia sees the news on TV in pure stunned silence. She remembers when Morgana offered to take care of her baby when it was born. Leticia realizes that Morgana wanted to keep her baby and then picks up her cell phone. She texts Morgana and tells her that they need to talk.

Danilo announces that the press conference is over as Morgana receives Leticia’s text. Horacio walks away from the spectacle, all smiles.

Laura goes to see Estela, who knows why she’s there, and apologizes for not letting her know she was leaving. Laura agrees but she’s not there to talk about that. Rather, she wants to know what happened at Furia and if that has to do with why she left the ranch…

Episode 62: Torn Between Two Lovers…

Scenes combined for continuity.

Asdrubal’s One and Only…

AssBun sits his prison cell talking to another prisoner who is in awe of being in the same cell as “El Dorado.” The prisoner has the utmost respect for him and wonders how he must feel being in a rat hole like this. AssBun tells him that his life has been a rat hole…the life he was lived was probably worse. His cell mate is in disbelief and can just imagine the millions of women he has had at his beck and call, but AssBun tells him there was only one woman for him. The prisoner doubts him and thinks that he must have had several women, including Morgana and Regia, but AssBun insists that those were “kinder(garten)” in comparison to Estela Carrillo…she’s a real woman…and that’s the truth (was that a tear he was wiping away?).

The Rivals Meet

Estela and Laura are together as Laura still wonders what happened between her, Mercy and Ryan at the Furia office…she feels that the three of them share a secret and that secret has to do with why Estela left the ranch. Estela makes an excuse and tells Laura that there is danger wherever she goes and she doesn’t want Laura affected. When Laura asks her if she still thinks those wretches are still after her, she responds that El Dorado probably has his people looking everywhere for her. She thinks they have already checked the ranch and know she is not there…she wants to turn herself in to avoid placing Ryan or Laura in danger.

After Estela thanks Laura for coming to see her because it helped to talk about things, Laura tells her she didn’t do anything other than listen, but wishes she could do more for Estela. After Estela asks what else she could do, Laura asks …Who is El Dorado? When Estela refuses to tell her because it would put her in danger, Laura wonders if Estela trusts her. Estela wants to be sincere and needs to ask something that will help her trust Laura…she asks Laura why she pretended to be her. Laura is sure she already knows the answer. Estela insists on an explanation as to why…in taking her name, she prevented the authorities from looking for her…didn’t Laura consider the danger she could be placing her in. 

Laura explains that she had no choice…just like so many others that buy false identities to try to make a better life. Estela didn’t mean for Laura to think about bad times…she does want to hurt her feelings…she understands. Laura confides that, if it’s worth anything to her, using her name cost her quite a bit… El Dorado kept after her, but Estela doesn’t understand why…El Dorado had her with him and knew very well that Laura was not Estela Carrillo…that she was leading a double life. Laura thinks that it was El Dorado’s way of getting into Furia and confides that he is using it to launder money. She suggests that Estela turn El Dorado in…she needs to think of Ryan and help him get out of this mess…and she needs to help herself too, because when she does that, she will feel liberated. Before leaving, Laura tells Estela that hiding is not good…it’s not a life she would want. Estela thanks Laura again as she leaves.

Targeting Steve

Horacio comment about Danilow’s and Morgana’s scandal that is all over the media, but tehn tells Danilow they need to focus on Steve… he has found out some things. He got a hold of Steve’s criminal record; and it shows that he was detained for evading an arrest. Before going to trial, Steve ended up at Los Primos. After Danilow asks what that means, he remembers that Regia put on a show there; and it was a rehab center for drug addicts. Horacio responds that a psychiatrist helped him get rid of his vices…and that doctor probably knows a lot about Steve.

LetMe Strikes Back

LetMe is in her hospital bed as Morgana walks in with a bouquet of flowers. LetMe, who is not happy to see Morgana, wonders how she found out she was in the hospital. When Morgana replies that Danilow told her, this confuses LetMe as she wonders how Danilow would know, but Morgana, quick to lie, tells her Tadeo probably told him. LetMe tells Morgana she does not deserve to be a mother…she knows Morgana was only nice to her because she wanted to take her baby. Morgana tries to discount LetMe’s accusations, but LetMe does not want to be around conniving people like her. Morgana becomes viciously upset and tells LetMe that, before they met, LetMe had nothing…and she will stay with nothing and no one…her husband left her, her kids will leave her, the gringo died, and now her baby is dead. Upset, Morgana gets up and takes the flowers. 

No Difference

Maria walks through the high school hallway as the students chide her for being a Mexican. Mark told them that her father is a wetback. After her female (ex)friend comes up to Maria and tells her she won’t be hanging around her anymore, Maria chides her and points out she has ears, eyes, a mouth…just as she does, so what makes them different? Her ex-friend reminds her that she was the one who was pretending to be someone else.

What’s Up, Doc?

Danilow is in his truck with Horacio hoping their plan works. He calls Los Primos using a panicky voice and tells them his friend who goes to that clinic is in trouble…he had a relapse…is using drugs again and is in a serious state. The receptionist asks who he’s talking about? He tells the receptionist it is Steve…Steve White who volunteers there. After the receptionist confirms that Steve does volunteer with them, Danilow insists that his doctor come see him immediately. The receptionist then confirms that the doctor is at the facility; and she will tell the doctor to go to his house. As Danilow and Horacio sit in the truck waiting, they spot the doctor walking out. Danilow rushes out to chase down the doctor.

When the doctor is about to drive off, Horacio blocks him with the truck as Danilow shouts at the doctor and fires a warning shot. They pull the doctor out of the car as he panics and tells them he didn’t do anything, but Danilow chides him for being nervous.

Steve Doesn’t Give Up

Meanwhile, Steve drops by to see how Genesis is feeling; he’s sure she still feels something for AssBun. Genesis admits that her feelings for AssBun were intense…but that doesn’t mean that what they had wasn’t that way. Steve understands and thanks her for being sincere…he still thinks about her…

Laura Gets the Cold Shoulder

Laura walks into Ryan’s office, but apologizes for interrupting when she sees someone else is there. Singer Horacio immediately recognizes her as Regia. As she starts to leave, Horacio tells her to stay. After Ryan introduces her to Horacio, Horacio invites Laura to stay as they are listening to some songs. Laura doesn’t really want to stay, but invites Horacio for supper at the ranch…they can listen to the songs there…and she will invite Estela too. Ryan doesn’t think Estela will be interested, but Laura insists that it will be a form of distraction for Estela since she was just with her. Ryan gets upset, so Laura explains that Estela shouldn’t be alone. Perturbed, Ryan tells Laura that he has had enough of Estela. He apologizes to Horacio that they are talking about someone he doesn’t even know. Ryan turns to Laura and firmly tells her he needs to finish up with Singer Horacio. She looks at him, not able to understand his reaction or tone. After she leaves, Horacio thinks Regia is a real diva, but Ryan just wants to go somewhere where they won’t be interrupted.

A Jailbird Sings

AssBun’s cellmate is on the phone saying he has the info…the name of El Dorado’s woman. Milton anxiously waits for the name…and the prisoner says El Dorado’s woman is “Estela Carrillo.”

Let’s Sing Together

Ryan and Singer Horacio sit and have drinks at a table in a bar as Horacio wonders how Ryan liked his song. As he picks up his drink, Ryan thinks it’s very good…it seems it was written just for him (Ryan). Horacio suggests they try out the song there at the bar, but Ryan refuses. As Horacio goes toward the piano, he urges the other customers to encourage Ryan to sing along with him…after which, he does (they sound pretty good singing together)…and a couple of girls with big smiles make goo-goo eyes at Ryan. After they finish the song, Horacio teases Ryan about already having a couple of fans. Seeing that Ryan is pensive, Horacio realizes that the song really touched Ryan’s heart. Ryan nods and Horacio tells him that the song came from a good moment…good moments make for good songs. He urges Ryan not to be disheartened.

The Doc Spills the Beans…and Gets Burned

Horacio and Danilow are at a dark secluded site, beating up on the doctor. Danilow insists on knowing everything about Steve, but the doctor protests that he is legally obligated to protect his clients. As he points the gun at the doctor, Danilow warns him to talk or die, but Horacio thinks the doctor will not talk. Danilow thinks the doctor is just holding out, so he gives the doctor 3 seconds to talk or he’ll shoot. The doctor finally spews out that Steve was into some heavy stuff…he ran with a gang that was caught with drugs. All the gang was arrested except for Steve and his cousin, Jimmy Benson, who has a severe addiction problem and is being treated at Los Primos. He divulges that Steve and Jimmy share a secret that they haven’t wanted to tell him. When they think the doctor has told them everything he knows, Horacio wants to leave, but Danilow just looks at the doctor and chides him for trembling. Horacio warns the doctor not to say anything to anyone…they know where to find him. However, as the doctor assures them he won’t say anything, Danilow, in his usual cold blooded way, shoots him…and watches as the doctor gags in his own blood and slumps over with a thud.

Ryan’s Dilemma

Ryan staggers into Joe’s office as Joe who quickly notices that he has been drinking and wonders if Ryan is going to resort to drinking as he did in the past. Ryan assures him that he would never do that…he just had a few drinks to forget his feelings for Estela…feelings that almost led him to kill himself…he doesn’t know if he still loves her.

Joe reassures Ryan that he is just confused…and it’s normal, but drinking sure doesn’t help. Joe understands that Estela was his woman, but that was in the past. He reminds Ryan that he said he loved Laura…she is the love of his life and has gone through so much already. Ryan agrees…but with Estela it was so different…they lived through a lot together…they were going to go away together…leave everything behind (just like he wanted to leave with Laura???). Ryan changes the subject and alerts Joe that Mercy already knows Estela is alive…Joe can just imagine how Mercy reacted. Ryan shares that Mercy admonished Estela for all the pain she caused him, but Estela turned it right around and reproached Mercy for what she did to Pedro Carrillo. Ryan doesn’t understand why Mercy never told him the truth about Pedro Carrillo, so Joe tries to justify Mercy’s concern…she was afraid of what he would think…and of losing him.

Ryan remembers how Estela made him feel so differently…she was unique, so strong, took risks…she showed him another side of life…a life he never even imagined could exist. This is what is affecting him…it stirred everything in him. He knows he shouldn’t feel like this, but that kiss rekindled so many feelings. Joe cautions Ryan not to confuse what the body remembers; that is just passion. What he has with Laura is true love. He warns Ryan that he needs to get away from Estela.

Milton Has It All Wrong

Back at the ranch, Paloma wonders where the guest went and Laura tells her she had to go to her home, but they will see her soon. As Paloma says how pretty the guest is, Laura’s phone rings. Milton needs to see her; so Laura suggests he go meet with her there at the ranch.

Milton and Laura are in her living room as Milton tells Laura that he knows who El Dorado is. When she asks who it is, he tells her she knows perfectly well who it is; and she has been protecting him…that is why she refused to tell him who the key person is at Furia who is heading the laundering of money…it’s RYAN CABRERA…and he is working alone. Laura is flabbergasted that Milton would think such a thing, but Milton assures her that Danilow confirmed it. Laura tells Milton that Danilow is the one that is laundering the money and has been pretending to be El Dorado, but Milton wants to know what she has to say about Estela Carrillo…who was Ryan’s woman. Laura reminds him that was 3 years ago and reiterates that Ryan is not El Dorado. She confides that there is only one other person, other than Asdrúbal, who has seen El Dorado. When Milton asks for the name of that person, Laura refuses to tell him. Frustrated Milton chides her for still wanting to protect Ryan. He stresses that the solution is in her hands…and asks her again who that person is, but Laura remains quiet. 
Milton, still trying to convince her, summarizes that she knows Ryan is not El Dorado, but refuses to identify the only person who knows El Dorado even though it may clear up this whole conundrum. Laura explains that she can’t say anything because it would place that person in danger. Milton chides her for being like a mother hen protecting her chicks, but she is protecting a hawk who works with narcos and criminals…he demands to know until when will she keep playing this game. When Laura suggests that Milton go after Danilow because he passed himself for El Dorado, Milton responds that both brothers are equally suspect…and she is their accomplice. Laura accuses him of just wanting a name for his report and asks him to leave. Milton gets up to leave, but assures her that he is not going to stop until he finds El Dorado…and whatever he finds on Regia, he will publish that too.

Lookin’ to Get Away

Tadeo goes looking for Erasmutt who is at work. When Erasmutt questions why he is there, Tadeo responds that he is looking for work. Erasmutt is surprised that he would want to work as a truck driver, so Tadeo explains that he got out of the music business. He promised his mother he would find other work…he wants to be a driver…or whatever…he just needs to find something quickly and the farther he goes, the better.

Danilow Plays Doctor

Danilow is at Los Primos wearing a doctor’s coat as he approaches the receptionist. He tells her the Dr. Fragoso(?) had a conflict, so he sent him to see one of the patients, Jimmy Benson. When the receptionist questions him, Danilow turns on the charm and tells her that the doctor had warned him there was a very alert receptionist that may give him some problems…the doctor gave him his badge as confirmation…she falls for it. Danilow then asks to see Jimmy…

Danilow meets with Jimmy who immediately asks for his doctor and wonders what conflict he could have had. After Danilow assures him he is fine, but he asked him to come check on him, Jimmy thinks it’s a strange hour for a session…it’s very late. Danilow pretends to care and tells Jimmy he shouldn’t get anxious…it’s not good for him. He explains to Jimmy that they want to try a new treatment, but he has a secret, and if he tells them the secret, they can identify a better treatment for his condition. Confused and suspicious, Jimmy accuses Danilow of not being a doctor…he is a sicario…out for revenge.

Jimmy confirms that the doctor didn’t know his secret, but wants to know who sent Danilow...was it El Sagrado? Danilow tries to calm Jimmy and offers him a tranquilizer, but Jimmy gets more agitated and turning away, tells Danilow to go to hell. Danilow knocks him down as he pulls out his gun and covers Jimmy’s mouth. He assures Jimmy that if he were one of Sagrado’s men, he wouldn’t be talking birds and flowers. He uncovers Jimmy’s mouth, but warns him that he’d better not yell out. Jimmy then thinks Danilow is a cop, but Danilow asks him if a cop would give him this candy (a small package of drugs) and tells him that if he tells him what he wants, he’ll give him the bag.

Ryan Just Wants to Have Fun

Some time later, Laura worries because Ryan isn’t answering his phone…and it seems he has his phone off which he never does. As Rosario tries to reassure her, Joe guides Ryan in and Laura quickly notices that Ryan has been drinking. Ryan assures her that everything is fine…he was with Horacio listening to his songs…very good songs. As he sits down and leans back on the couch, Joe dismisses himself.

Laura worries that Ryan has started drinking again, but he tells her he was just having a little fun then chides her for being the kind of woman that wants the man clinging to her skirts. After Laura looks at him, he restates that he is not drunk. She points out that he has never talked to her in such a way…if he is drinking and being rude, it’s because he is not happy. Annoyed, Ryan reminds her that he married her because he loves her and wants to be with her. Laura isn’t convinced so she reminds him that she once asked him if he still had feelings for Estela…and she is asking him again because, before, Estela was just a memory…does he still have feelings for her?

Ryan is frustrated that Laura is being insistent and tells her he doesn’t want to discuss it…but goes on to tell her that he never lied to her…he told her how he felt. He reminds her that she read the letters that expressed his feelings for Estela. He wrote things he had never told to a woman before…he promised to love her. Ryan wants Laura to be understanding…he’s all mixed up. He does love her…he just needs time. Laura realizes why Estela left to live elsewhere…to get away from him…to avoid…Ryan finishes her sentence…to avoid suffering. Laura feels downhearted, but she understands. She tells Ryan to think long and hard…if he thinks he would be happier with Estela, then she will step aside…and it will end there.

(Not) In the Mood for Love

Mercy sits alone in her bedroom as she thinks about her encounter with Estela…how Estela chided her for leaving her father and blamed Mercy for embittering her father’s life which was why her father always made her life miserable. Mercy gets the pill bottle out her nightstand drawer and takes out 3 pills.

Right after Mercy takes the last pill, Joe walks in sharing that he had a heavy work day and wonders how her day was. He kisses her, but sees she is upset. He pulls her up and asks if she is still angry. Mercy squirms in Joe’s arms as she hides the pill bottle behind her back and tells him she is not up to arguing. As he leads her to the bed and sits her down, Joe clarifies that he does not want to argue, but Mercy is still irritated. She tells Joe that she was really surprised to see Estela at the office, alive and trying to get back in Ryan’s life. When she wonders why Joe hadn’t told her, he explains that he didn’t think it was his place to tell her…it was Ryan’s. Noticing that she is still upset, Joe thinks it should be clear to her htat it was not he who told Ryan about her relationship with Pedro Carrillo…it was Estela. Frustrated that she is not reciprocating his attention, Joe tells Mercy that now he is the one that is not in the mood.

A New Capo Emerges

Very proud of himself, Danilow tells Horacio that he has all the info, but needs to send Jimmy a big present. Danilow avoids explaining why and tells Horacio there’s something more important…a capo by the name of El Sagrado. They need to go find him because when Steve finds out they know about El Sagrado, it’ll kill him.

The Next Day…

The Fire Burn, Burn, Burns

LetMe is back at her house and Laura is visiting. LetMe thanks Laura for all her support, then notices Laura doesn’t look very happy and assumes it has to do with wronged love. Laura confides that it is…Estela was a very important part of Ryan’s life and there is still a fire burning. LetMe advises her that where there is a fire, the fire can be extinguished by either the man or the woman, but Laura thinks Estela is a really a good woman. She is unsure how Estela feels about Ryan…or what Estela thinks Ryan feels for her. LetMe advises her to go talk to Estela…and reminds her that life doesn’t stop if there isn’t a man in it.

Out of the Mouths of Babes…and Drunks

Ryan is having some chilaquiles as Rosario approaches him and asks him if he likes them…they are good for hang overs. She starts to leave, but then hesitates and admits that, since he and Laura were talking very loudly, she couldn’t help but overhear. She recalls the saying that children and drunks always speak the truth…and the truth he revealed greatly affected Laura. She confides that, before Laura met him, Laura never thought she would ever love again, especially after all she suffered because of Fausto ….until she met him. She reminds Ryan that true love doesn’t die, but passion does…men are won over by the “fever,” and then they regret it. Ryan acknowledges what Rosario has said and assures her that he loves Laura, Rosario leaves…afraid she has already said too much.

But He Really Wants Meeeee

Laura is with Estela in the apartment. Estela regrets having looked for Ryan and asks Laura if Ryan told her what happened in his office. When Laura insists on knowing what happened, Estela confesses that she and Ryan had a discussion about their feelings…and she cannot deny that she still loves him. She tells Laura not to worry…she respects Laura’s marriage and will not pursue Ryan because he is her husband. But Estela feels she is left with nothing. She admonishes Laura for living her life…using her name and getting close to Ryan to entice him, but Laura assures her that she was not looking for love. Estela accepts that but still taunts Laura…she was living her life…maybe Laura was unconsciously wanting to take her place. Estela thinks that when Ryan called out the name ‘Estela’ and kissed Laura, he was really thinking of her (Estela)…and all this time she was sequestered.


Milton is in front of Ryan’s apartment door trying to eavesdrop, when he gets a call. He receives the call and whispers that he can’t talk. His office buddy advises him that his boss is looking for him. 

Let the Man Do the Pickin’

Estela calms down and apologizes to Laura…she did not mean to offend her, but Laura understands…it’s not her fault she feels as she does. Estela is sure Laura had no ill intentions. Laura thinks Ryan is the one that has to decide; and, before she leaves, Laura assures Estela that if Ryan decides to be with her, she will not stand in their way. As Laura leaves and closes the door, Genesis calls her with some good news…one of the sponsors wants to meet with them.

El Sagrado is Not So Sacred

In a mansion somewhere, El Sagrado, in a wheelchair, comes in to his office as a henchman comes to tell him his visitors have arrived. After he accepts the visitors, Danilow and Horacio walk in as Danilow tells the El Sagrado he does not want to take much of his time. He explains that they are there to make a proposition and asks if he has heard of El Dorado. EL Sagrado is amused that El Dorado is such a young punk and confirms that he has heard of El Dorado. He also knows that when Marcelino turned him in and he was sent to prison, El Dorado had someone take his place so he could be free. Danilow regards Marcelino Salgado as a good client…he never failed him. “El Dorado” implies that anyone can find packages that don’t belong to others, then insinuates to El Sagrado that he should understand what he is talking about. El Sagrado nods and thinks their meeting will take longer than he anticipated.

Milton Goes Undercover…But Not Under the Covers 

Estela is in her apartment drinking a glass of water when the doorbell rings. She places her glass on the table and, when she opens the door, Milton explains that he is a new neighbor who just moved in…everything is topsy-turvy and he really needs a corkscrew…can she lend him one? Estela, who is supposed to be in hiding because she is in so much danger, gladly lets him in and welcomes him as she goes to look for a corkscrew. As she is searching, Milton makes small talk and tells her that he had heard Regia had visited this apartment building…he also wonders if she is from the same show or business. When Estela admits she didn’t think Regia was that famous, Milton tells her Regia was getting to be a big celebrity…especially after all the scandal. As Estela goes into the kitchen to look for the corkscrew, Milton grabs the glass from the table and places it in his bag. Milton is surprised she didn’t know about Regia, but Estela returns from the kitchen and explains that she just got back from a long trip. Milton apologizes for not introducing himself…he is Pablo Serrano and asks, “And you are?”


Thank you both so much!!

I'm so embarrassed, I should learn not to say how great an episode is before I've finished watching it. Right after I posted that comment, it got really terrible!

The thing that impressed me most was how well Laura and Ryan were doing. I was thinking that they were the most normal and impressive couple I'd seen in a TN in many years. Now, not so much.

Estela looks ridiculous and wrong wearing Laura's clothes.

And I like Estela even less now than I did on Tuesday. Her personality is so fake it actually makes her boobs look sincere by comparison.

I was WAY wrong with my prediction about Leticia's scenes!

And after all of today's talk about Morgana's extreme incompetence, I was pretty excited when Morgana was openly walking around with a drink in her hand. Even more excited when she fell into the pool. Ecstatic when her rescuers found the pillow. When she was fighting with Danilo, I thought he was going to kill her immediately.

Yet somehow Morgana got something right this time. But even a broken clock is right twice a day, which is a much better track record than Morgana's. If Danilo is the only person she can outsmart, that's not saying much.

I could not believe Estela would have the gall to wear Laura's clothes...and even worse was that she didn't even ask Laura for them. I'm with you, Julie, I like her less by the minute...her exaggerated and frequent use of "I swear" really irks me!

Lo juro!!!!!!!

Estela thus far has been a disapointed. If she doesnt turn out to be evil she will have been the biggesr troll in this whole story.

I have to admit I cringed at the kiss. Why were doing so well...

Did anyone notcie how the dress barely fit Estela? Nice touch, honey, but you are not Laura.

Mercy really has some brass to say Estela is bad for Ryan. Lady, your bad for Ryan too! Ryan leave with Laura and Paloma and leave the crazy behind!

Ithought Morgana wad a goner twice but she knew how to keep herself around. Think ahe heard us talk about her incompetance?

Thanks, RGV! Youre welcome, Julie!

Good Morning, Sunshines! It's FRIIIIDAY!! Already 81 and muggy out side, but thank God I'm alive to "enjoy" it.

Morgana was really on her toes last night...maybe some of that water made it into her brain. I too thought she was a gonner, especially when she threatened Danilow that she would expose all his little "skeletons."

For a big time druggie, Jimmy sure was sharp enough to figure out Danilow was a "quack." It seems Danilow got the goods on Steve just at the right time. I'm surprised Danilow didn't do away with him, but that poor doctor wasn't as lucky...he was just another innocent victim of Danilow's heartlessness...may he rest in peace.

So much to say, but my animalitos are waiting...laters

Thanks You Two. Nice work. 'Pillow Top'? clever.

Ryan? Are you NUTS. No, not where are they, I think we know, but are you nuts? Listen the damage is done now. About the best you can do is take both of them to San Fran for a boinkoff. May the best girl win. Eat your Oysters boy.
I was not sure I could like Mercy less, but she has helped me discover that there is yet another level of dislike I had not previously seen. JOE: Go see your kids, (and your wife) she would have to reach a new high in low to be cast off for Merc.

Now that there is no brat for us taxpayers until adulthood, then for the rest of his life in prison somewhere, LetMeSeeTheLight should just go ahead and off herself, since she was so disappointed they chose her earlier. If Chava is jealous of Eraser, he is possibly actually stooopid enough to be happy with LetMe after all.

Maria's epiphany was quick and complete. Too bad her STD can't have one also and leave as quickly as it arrived.

I believe DaniLow now for sure qualifies to be slowly lowered into a boiling vat of acid. S L O W L Y veeeery slowly.

Alfredo, there are no documented cases of ANYTHING EVER actually fitting Estela. The only time her clothing relaxes is on the floor.

Happy Friday Patio
Fridays always cheer me up. :-)

Outstanding Alfredo and RgvChick.

"Queen Pillow Top Loses Her Baby Bump" was excellent. "...suggests he retract his comments about her pregnancy because she’s done looking like a fool (not hard) in front of everyone" and "Turns out it was Genesis behind door #1" and "Out of the Mouths of Babes…and Drunks" were among many favorites too numerous to mention.

"(80% Galan; -20% for the Morgana slip up) (60% Galan)" - my, you were feeling generous weren't you?! :) I say he descended to 30%! Julie, perhaps we should have suspected the quick, no frills wedding might have signified that things were going too well? I gravely underestimated Estela's appeal. I don't see it mind you so am really having a hard time with it. I understand the boobs. OK. But there is no sincerity or warmth. Cold calculated conversations without conviction or a shred of honesty.

At least Mercy and Joe have Estela’s “number”. Estela was thisclose to Joe’s face when thanking him for “all he did” and sexily kissing his cheek. “She then thanks him and give shim a kiss on the cheek (ummm….wait…is she seducing everyone now? “ – yes, exactly. Barf.

"AssBun insists that those were “kinder(garten)” in comparison to Estela Carrillo…she’s a real woman…and that’s the truth (was that a tear he was wiping away?)". Yes it was! Soooo, she’s not his half sister??? Color me confused.

Speaking of gonebungone, "He (Joe) goes to show Mercy a picture but she doesn’t care and asks why he wants to show her either way". This puzzled me. So Mercy and nobun never met. If Mercy had looked at nobun's picture would something have stirred?

Well Leticia did perceive Morgana's game. I was a bit impressed. It was a fleeting sensation as he "...asks Tadeo to leave behind the world of music and change his feelings". She will never accept him for who he is. I don't even think Chava can get her to see beyond or expand her narrow view of the world.

"Perturbed, Ryan tells Laura that he has had enough of Estela" and "Ryan agrees…but with Estela it was so different…they lived through a lot together…they were going to go away together…leave everything behind (just like he wanted to leave with Laura?" said it all perfectly.

I understand Ryan's confusion but the kiss was way too soon. If he had agonized for weeks (or even days) but he and Estela have been together what an hour (?) and they can't control the passion? This does not bode well.

Would someone kindly tell me why Dan is after Steve? I'm not following why. Oh and Dan shot the doctor in the throat. He is getting more vicious by the day. I am also surprised Morgana is still alive. Purely by luck.

What is Milton's motivation? Who IS this guy?

As much action as has transpired, much is still shrouded in mystery.

Alfredo and RgvChick, thank you for another sterling recap! Sensational.


And I can read 'Animalitos' every morning for a year and still chuckle imagining then circling 'Momma' and jumping around in delight.

"Alfredo, there are no documented cases of ANYTHING EVER actually fitting Estela. The only time her clothing relaxes is on the floor" - ha! Very funny Kirby.

And yes, I totally agree Joe should go and see his kids.

Another great picture...


Diana, DaniScumBag is after Steve because on paper Steve owns Ryan's share of the company now. So as the baby angle is out, he needs that 40% of the company to take it over.

My brain, which has served me admirably for many years, is struggling to figure out how Joe chooses Mercy over Lindsey. Did he catch her trying to kill one of their kids or mess up his hair one time? I just don't see it.

One more thing that pushed me over the edge. LetMeShareTheStupid convinced Tadeo to give up on music, and now he is asking Pop to help him get a job driving a truck? The stupid that just keeps on giving. OK Rosy, I'll play your game, she is not making a real good case for why we DON'T want a wall after all. If she showed up next door I'd be sneaking into Mexico to get away from her.

Thank you Kirby. I had forgotten the shares...

I'm chafing a bit to learn more about the Joe/Lindsay backstory myself. Lindsay does not appear to emit much sunshine and in fact seems quite bitter. Joe is obviously part of the reason, but I'm not convinced he is all of it. We've not seen her with the children, nor have we seen Joe with them.

Mercy isn't warm and fuzzy though is she? Joe sees something in her that we do not. I like her more than you seem to but she has quite a walk up the redemption path herself.

I do believe Joe and Lindsay fell out of love. His affair with Mercy was wrong, granted no matter what the circumstances.

He is devoted to Mercy yet alarmingly aloof from this own children whom I gather he has not seen in some time. That is a disconnect for me. Perhaps there is some dark side we've not seen.

I know this is cra cra, but could there be any change he is ED??? Wow! I know, I don't believe it but would that be an out of the blue surprise!


Thank you, Kirby and Diana! I don't why I didn't think of it sooner but Pillowtop was just right :)

Diana, If Joe is revealed to be ED, can the camera start on his signature hair and then pan out to reveal his face. Oh the possibilities!

Ryan put a target on Steve's back the minute he handed over the shares. I'm sure there were other ways to make sure Danilo never got them but it's now too late.

I was surprised he went for Morgana's threats. I thought he would've called her bluff but I guess there's too much at risk right now.

Mercy will never be warm but she's smart and sharp. Her lack of compassion a lot of times is what ensures she doesn't fall for anyone's bs.

Kirby, in DC she wore lots of crop tops right but was a mechanic?

Julie and RGV,did Morgana hear us talking smack? lol

As for our galan, I thought he had been pretty good, sans Morgana, and they were finally working as a unit. Here comes Estela's lips! *groan*

Alfredo in DC she wore crop tops or plunging neckline tops and shorts and actually sometimes coveralls. She was not visually on fire all the time in DC, but she would ____ a snake if you would hold it for her. She was conniving and evil, and beautiful. Like drooling over a Ferrari that you can't afford and that Consumer Reports rates as the most unreliable, and expensive to repair that they have ever tested.

Yeah she was a mechanic, with perfect nails. She was forever madly in love with Herminio and to prove it she slept with everyone he knew or even talked to. :-)

Thank you , Chickie and Alfredo. I have no time to comment right now, but I had to say that Ry fell off that galan pedestal quickly tonight. Feet if clay.Kissing sneaky snake evil Estela and then getting drunk. Nice. Laura has been through so many horrible experiences with so many horrible people, Ry. I thought that you were her reward for enduring all that misery! You are a cad, Ry. What a disappointment. I would like a real twist with Laura ending up with Milton. Go away Ry, you little disloyal weasel.

For some reason, I knew that wicked Estela was going to put the moves on Joe. Mercy is going to really go BSC on her when she sees that happening


You're welcome, Susy. Ryan was definitely no galan last night. Normal galan behavior is intolerable but after all Laura has been're right, not cool man.

Kirby, were her lips always red as the rose and her fair skin pampered or did they add a few sweat drops for good measure?

How do we solve an enigma like Milton?

Alfredo I remember only a couple times seeing sweat, but it was when she was banging her boyfriend's brother in one of the cars brought to the shop for repair. Most of the time her face was not overdone, more realistic for a chick working on cars.

They didn't play on her over the top sexiness much in DC, but every now and then those looong muscular Amazon legs would come out and all any Woofer watching could think of is "Yikes, fasten your seatbelt! The pilot has turned on the smokin HOT sign.".

Speaking of Milton, what was up with Laura supposedly 'Knowing' something, IE: the identity of El Dorito, and not telling Milton? Especially when he (we hopeo) had it figured all wrong?

"Mercy will never be warm but she's smart and sharp. Her lack of compassion a lot of times is what ensures she doesn't fall for anyone's bs".

I really liked that you captured Mercy's true essence Alfredo. I really like her but admit I'm biased as I really liked the actress (AV with Eduardo Yanez was my my favorite role of hers)...And when you think about it, Lindsay is rather the same "type". Joe likes 'em cool, not warm.


Ahhh, so she knows how to use her assets. Ryan and Joe are proof of that.

I think Milton wanted to know who was laundering money at Furia, which Laura knew but wasn't saying, though his investigation is coinciding with Asdrubal's arrest and subsequent confession, and now he's trying to tie all of the pieces together.

And Sara the actress just seems like someone who would be cast in the bad girl role. I don't mean that offensively. I felt the same about Irina who was so good in PyP but so lacking in Vino.

I mean, are we really supposed to be rooting for Estela at all?? The smart, long suffering Laura is the clear choice. I'm sure Estela could provide a litany of the atrocities she has been through. Of course, I don't think any of them are real.

I'm disappointed in Ryan but haven't completely written him off. Ordinarily, I would have. Credit to David Z. who has played his part perfectly. This is by far his best role (yes, even more than Sortilegio) IMHO.


Queen Pillowtop! Hahahahaha!!!

And what the hell with Ryan not pulling away from Estela immediately. Didn't the same thing happen in TVA? I want to start a campaign to stamp out the scourge of Galan Paralysis Syndrome. Y'know, it's not like he was wondering what it would be like. He's kissed her before.

Kirby: "she has helped me discover that there is yet another level of dislike I had not previously seen." And I think she also introduced me to a new pitch of shrillness I hadn't encountered before. Hoo boy I sure hope she took enough of those pills. I briefly appreciated Mercy for the way she bonded and cared for Paloma, but now I see that this was motivated by something really unhealthy.

What Laura "supposedly knows" but won't tell Milton is not the identity of El D, but the person in Furia who is laundering the money. He keeps asking her about that and she always tells him that she can't tell him for his own good.

I was impressed by Maria breaking up with Mark, but I'm sorry she didn't slap Kim in the face. I'm a little confused by her high school experience, actually - how did she get mixed up with this Mexiphobe [I bet there's a real word for that] crowd?

I was not as pleased with Tadeo quitting his job, because I don't think Leticia's request was reasonable. He makes better decisions without her. The truck-driving job was originally Erasmo's idea, a couple of months ago, I think. Since Tad didn't want to go to school, Eraser was going to get him a job there instead, but Tad didn't want it. And then Bonita said he'd end up in a gang. That was very narrow-minded of her... Tad's an energetic boy, he can drive a truck AND be in a gang!

I noticed that when Laura and Estela were chatting on the sofa, it looked like Estela was touching Laura's arm. I guess if you can establish that you're gropey with everyone, maybe it doesn't look so bad when you're caught kissing a married man. What? No.

Diana, I didn't understand why Dan was after Steve either. Thanks for explaining, Kirb.

Regarding Joe, perhaps Lindsay has been a pill for a long time and he gave up on her. That still doesn't explain what he sees in Mercy. Maybe he drank a love potion by mistake. I sorta like the idea that he could be El D, but I don't think he is. I think that would have come out when he was talking to Estela.

You know where Ryan's 40% shares would be safest? If he gave them to Paloma. That's the one person Danilo wouldn't mess with. (I hope!) An adult would have to serve as her proxy to vote those shares, but it wouldn't be any different than having Steve vote the way Ryan wants him to.

Diana, I think we're supposed to distrust and dislike Estela (we've seen her manipulate almost everyone she's spoken to), which makes me wonder if we're being misled. Like maybe she's actually a very nice person who's being blackmailed to do this stuff. I hope not, though, because that would be ridiculous. Honestly, it sounds like she was rotten and manipulative even before she was "kidnapped."

We're also getting overwhelming "hints" that PonyBun is Mercy's son, which makes me question that too.

Historically, however, when all of the unsubtle hints in a TN have pointed in a certain direction, it was not a trick. I think subtlety is just not very popular in Televisa's audience.

(There was relatively more subtlety in Yago, but that's an atypical case!)

AND be in a gang! Perfect. Love a kid who wants to get ahead. I was thinking half the decent musicians out there have day jobs. Work a normal job and play music on the weekends. That's how we Gringos do it.

Seems she is no stranger to kissing married men.

Bird equivalent of 'The Thinker'.

Alfredo: No appearance from the sinister Senator Logan ?

Umm, I'm getting distracted by the beautiful birds Kirby. Thank you! :)

Julie, thank you for mentioning Estela had her hand on Laura as well. Grabby girl. Sometimes I get the feeling women who think and/or who are incessantly told they are beautiful think they can pretty much say and do anything they please. They tend to offer that "soothing" touch as a come on to men and a pacifier to the women they are betraying. Right in front of their face of course. Case in point? We need look no further.

And yes, there was not a smidgen of doubt Ryan returned that kiss with full fervor. Blech.

I wish you had shared your idea of Paloma getting Ryan's shares with the writers. Until last night, I swore Danilo would never touch a hair on Paloma's head. But that gruesome shooting of the poor doctor who was groveling and begging to live sobered me up very quickly.

Diana (who must get back to work but can't stay away from the great comments)

Ryan has definitely not dealt with his feelings for Estela though and the more he fights them the more he is going to dig himself in a hole. He never got that closure and he should just be honest with Laura about what happened and what he's feeling. If Estela confesses the truth before Ryan talks to Laura, who already asked if he was having a hard time having Estela around, then the s--- is going to hit the fan for no reason.

I also like your idea, Julie! Oh these writers. Can we sub in for them? I want to see Mercy tackle Estela, now that would be a match.

Diana, work is calling, but we love having you here.

Steve, no, Logan left Blake in the lurch and disappeared so Blake committed suicide afterward.

Yes, Alfredo and Julie, Laura had already told Milton there was a person at Furia who was working with El Dorado to launder the money, but she wouldn't reveal the name. The pieces of information he used to add up 2+2+2 and came up with "5" were:

1) When Danilow met with him, danilow told him Ryan was the one laundering money at Furia...and he had no accomplices.
2) During the same meeting, Danilow told him there was a person who could identify El Dorado...his woman...who Milto needs to figure out who it is, and
3) The prisoner/informant told him that "El D's" woman is named Estela Carrillo.
4) Milton knows Estela Carrillo was Ryan's woman.

That is how Milton came up with the conclusion that Ryan is El Dorado...and that is why he accused Laura of protecting Ryan.

And what was with Estela being so friendly and helpful with Milton. Doesn't she know how to hide? You'd think she'd be an expert by now.

Steve B, there's another body for your list: the Los Primos psychiatrist. I think his name is Dr. Fragoso.

I don't think she's trying to hide though and that's another thing that makes her story so suspicious. She recently escaped a man who had her prisoner but seems content to walk around LA (ED's domain) and prance over to Furia, kiss Ryan, move in his house, and then stay alone there without a care in the world. She is worried at all.

RGV, thanks for uniting all the clues together. Looking at it makes sense as to why Milton got to where he got. If he finds ED, then what? Does he plan to blow the lid off the whole money laundering scheme?

Julie...I think that you would be a great counselor. You really have an analytical mind and give good advice . You are a problem solver, girl. However, some people are their own worse enemies. I think that Estela is a manipulating maneater. I think that she is lying about being kidnapped. Also, I think that Jailbun is connected to her and that he is Mercy's kidnapped bebe.

And yeah, what is it with these "galans" just giving the person attached to their lips a little push and saying, ,"Hey, Don't do that!!!" Not hard if you really want to stop a kiss or a hug. Dummies.

As to Estela touching people, there is a big difference in touching in different cultures. Some students come into my class and hug each other each morning. Some ask if they can hug me goodbye at the end of the semester. The oddest goodbye was a student who asked to say goodbye and show respect the way the students in his country do to a teacher. I was a little worried, but I said "okay,," and he bent down and touched my foot. Some are uncomfortable with any show of affection .I think that Estela touched Laura to get her confidence. Like "See, I like you. I am touching you. I CAN touch you." Sometimes, I think a touch indicates, I can get into your personal space . Americans like about a foot of personal space all around them, unlike some cultures where people are comfortable getting much closer to others.

Mercy is on the edge...taking all those pills and being totally ignoring Hot Joe. I was sure Joe would find the pill bottle she was holding. I think that her pushing Joe away is going to make him vulnerable to Estela's nasty charms.

Hey...Eraser visits Letme in the hospital and tells her that Vinnie doesn't want to be near him since she had their baby. Wait? What? Are they setting a Letmetakeyouback and Eraser reunion? Another rival for poor Chav !!

No..not Vinnie....Bonnie. Sorry...hurrying. I just cannot get away from here, and I have stuff to do !!!

I think Joe is getting a little fed up with Mercy's aloofness...and he has been investigating her, so he may be having second thoughts.

Susanlynn, as Eetella says Mercy is responsible for leaving her father high and dry, I can't imagine she wouldn't relish trying to lure Joe away.

I thought Joe looked like he understood exactly where Estela was coming from, but it might be wishful thinking. I don't think he would go there especially as he respects Ryan. Oh wait. He respected Ryan when he started the affair with his mother too so...Rats.


Susy, I really don't like LetMe for Chava, so I do hope LetMe and Erasmutt get back together...they deserve each other.

And yes, I wondered if the stage were being set for Erasmo and Leticia's reunion.

After hearing Bonnie is rejecting him, I am wondering if she is having second thoughts and ready to bolt.

That would leave them to reconcile and raise the baby together. With everything that has gone on, nothing would surprise me.

I'm really trying to find someone to set Chava up with - but I can't think of a soul.


Hi Rgv Chick. Our comments crossed. Yes, I don't want Chava to end up with Leticia.


Diana, what about Rosario for Chava...or maybe Rita, the maid...her boyfriend is a scumbag..

Does anyone remember Milton's office buddy's name?

I agree that Chava is too good for Leticia, and I always thought that Bonita was a strange mate for Erasmo, but it sounds like she might be suffering from postpartum depression. Whatever her problem is, it means the kids may not be able to seek refuge in that house again if they have another problem with Leti.

Actually, if Bonita is having a serious problem, she may need someone else to take care of the baby for a while. Would it be weird if that person was Leticia? Yes. Is that weirdness a deal-breaker? I think not!

Rgv Chick... I have never caught Milton's sidekick's name. For now, I think of him as Robin.

I think I remember seeing the name "Franco" in a recap and not knowing who that was. Maybe that was him?

No, Julie, Franco is the video developer. I think I remember when he first came out, Alfredo wrote his name in the recap...but Robin sounds good to me :)

"It stirred everything in him." Yeah, Ry , we all know exactly what Estela is " stirring" in you. #easyweasel

Stirring? Take some Tums, Ryan.

Rosario! Of course Rgv Chick!!! Stellar idea.


Robin sounds good because I kept calling him Milton's assistant even after I wrote his name down.

I thought of postpartum too but no one here seems to get any medical help so will she go on diagnosed? If anyone needs to be alone and think about who she is and what she wants out of life, it's Leticia. She can't go back with Erasmo because that would going back to the illusion.

I am happy Maria is embracing her heritage but I hate how easily Tadeo gave up his dream. Regardless of the sexuality thing, he has wanted to be in the music industry since we met him. He should never let that go, just find another company since Furia is rotten to the core (so far).

Yes Chickie..good match. Rosario and Chava have both been rocks throughout this whole sordid ride. Rosario has been the one constant source of safety for Paloma. Chava has been a good friend to both Laura and Letmeoverlookyou .

It looks as though we will be able to use the phrase "meanwhile, back at the ranch" a lot as this tale unfolds.

I am trying to decide on an outfit for a wedding we are going to tomorrow at a ballpark. What does one wear to a wedding at a baseball stadium?

With all Milton's talk about Hawks and mother hens' protecting their chicks, I am wondering if the writers are lurking here at caraycaray and know all about Chickie's hens and Kirby's hawks !!!

The name Robin works for me..or perhaps Minimilton .

I am thinking the Milthelper is Horacio too

Is a ball or two marrying a bat or what?

Susy--sneakers? Susy, I would probably wear nice, not too fancy, ankle pants with a nice blouse and LOW shoes. or a nice summer dress with LOW shoes.

"Chickie's hens and Kirby's hawks !!!"
We would be flattered......right Rodeo Goat Valley?

Kirby, I do remember the name was the same as someone else's name on the TN...if it's Horacio, the writer's must really have a thing for that name.

set Chava up with - but I can't think of a soul.

Yup! Have you taken a look at my photo album today :-)

I believe I made a mental note that now we have three Horacios.

Oh no, not Chava with Tadeo!!

I remember being confused when Miltoneo was calling out orders to him and thought WHO?

Very veeery nice. 'Done with scratch'

I'm just a fool for chickalitas

And any calendar designed with serenity and pastoral happiness has pictures of Moos.

Well, the Rosygrams are coming fast and furious. Rosario tells Ry "true I've doesn't die , but passion does " Letmebewise tells Laura " life doesn't and because there isn't a man in it." #girlpower

I love the actor playing El Sagrado. He is excellent at playing both good guys and bad guys.

OT ..Chickie, I am thinking about a sundress or capris and top with sandals . The invitation said "casual attire", but I have noticed that people sometimes have very different ideas about what casual dress is. We went to a wedding in May , and the invitation said that it was "black tie optional." Most of the women wore black dresses.

No I' again to get stuff done . ...but. I get nothing done because of caraycaray!!!!

End...not and...mehn

OT..Kirby and Nina...just read online about Florida's taxfree weekend this weekend. Are you running out to buy stuff ?

Susanlynn, I've always been a fan of closed toe shoes at sporting events. I agree with Rgv Chick a nice pair of flats would be in order.

What to wear depends on what makes you comfortable. I would wear pants (full length) but a pretty sundress is always nice.


Kirby, I'm just a fool for chickalitas" Me too!! and goatalitos too! Just wanted to show you how my mornings start is so rewarding and different from what I retired from.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Susy: "What does one wear to a wedding at a baseball stadium?" - do you have a hot dog costume? If not, then I'm out of ideas, though Rgv Chick's suggestions seem reasonable too. And maybe easier to sit down in. And I agree with Diana about closed-toe shoes for an outdoor event where you may be walking around on dirt?

"Black tie optional" is a useless directive. I reserve the right to wear a black tie to any event unless told otherwise, so there's no need to tell ME it's optional! Don't mention it unless it's either required or forbidden.

Aw, little chickies :-)

This comment has been removed by the author.

RGV thanks.

Sorry, SKIRT

Julie it was a little black blouse and skirt outfit but the skirt was a mini with a Slit back up to where her underwear should have been.

Maybe Alfredo saw it. It's not important, but one of those TN WTF? head scratchers.

Hot Dog Costume? Oh Boy.

Susie I hate to admit it but I already have two of everything that the tax free weekend applies to.

Targeteo, Wally World and Sears will look like Black and Blue Friday this weekend.

We were talking earlier about Sara Corrales in Despertar Contigo. There was a scene in it where her former boyfriend's GrandFather died and everyone went to the funeral. Does anyone remember what Ela Velden (Maia), Herminio's new girlfriend, wore to the funeral?

Then let me tell you. All black top and skirt. The sKirt maybe made it down halfway to the knees, but then had a very obvious slit up one side two thirds of the way back up to the belt. It was the most inappropriate, sexy hoochie looking thing. I don't think a hooker would wear something like it to a coworkers wake.

I didn't see DC fully, Kirby, but I can imagine. I remember watching Robo and wondering how most of the women had these elaborate braided hairstyles when they were going to a funeral. Let's not forget TVA and LetMe's getup for Jenny's funeral.

I can't really suggest anything for you, Susy, as I am not very fashion forward, but I will say comfortable shoes is always a must.

OT..Well, I am hoping that Hubba is not going to look for his old umpire shirt. I hope that I threw it away. I wonder if he should take his catcher's mitt in case there any foul balls. I have so many questions .Will the priest stand on the pitcher's mound or at home plate ? Will he give the "safe," or " out" sign before or after the couple seals the deal with a kiss? .Will the bestman slide into homeplate at any point in the ceremony? I got out three outfits. Now, I will check the weather. I wear flip-flops all summer, but maybe they are too casual for a baseball park wedding. Que? Still going with sandals

OT..Do you think that they will serve hot dogs, popcorn, and beer at the reception?

Susy, I don't think it's legal to make people go to a ballpark without beer. Or if it's legal, it's not nice.

Give me a sec. I'm still in Wikipedia with 'Foul Balls' at a wedding.

It says here if the bride knows beforehand................................

That the bridesmaids will be using catcher's mitts, she can throw a foul ball rather than the bouquet.

Kirby..knowing these could happen. Hey, new question..Will the bridesmaids stand on the bases? Will anyone be at shortstop? #allquestionswillbeansweredtomorrow

Do these people have cars? Or is this one of those Harley only couples.?

How much does it cost to rent a friggin baseball park? Is it at night? Does the price include the lighting?


Like the chicken and chicks Rgv!!!

Susanlynn, looking forward to hearing how the wedding turned out. It sounds as though it might be a lot of fun.

Kirby, MA has had tax free weekends (think in August in the past, Julie?) however I don't know if we are having one this year.

My frig has been going, going for years now. I have several strategically placed bowls inside, catching the run off water. I just empty them periodically. My big fear is that it is just going to stop working. Too many expenses lately - buying a new one would break the bank. Man, there are a thousand things I'd like to spend money on - this isn't one of them.



"#bringaflashlight" - good advice Kirby!

hee, hee


Diana Craigslist. Hundreds of nice used ones for a fraction of new price. At least here in transient-snowbird-people dying all the time Florida.


OT..Diana, I have a friend who sells and services Maytag appliances.Years ago, I asked him why old appliances last so much longer than new ones, and he told me that new appliances have a built-in life of about 15 years. We have gone through a couple refrigerators, but we had the Maytag washer and dryer we got when we were first married until just a few years ago. (Replaced them with another old school name ...Speed Queen.) We were given a free secondhand used refrig shortly after we were married to use for beverages in the family room. We recently had it hailed away because we were afraid of the old coolant in it...but it was still working and it was decades old!!!!! My daughter has bought things from Craigslist, but I am wary of it. We usually check Consumer Reports before buying something big.

Yes, things aren't made to last like they used to.

Hub used to work on our cars years ago. He spent many hours fixing our old cars and kept them going years later than they should have lasted. I remember being in a junk yard where car parts were newer than the Duster he was driving at the time. There are reasons why they are referred to as "the good old days".



One day when I was taking out the trash, a passerby asked if I wanted to buy a refrigerator. #whoarethepeopleinyourneighborhood

We didn't have a tax-free weekend last year. IF we have one this year (still not announced yet), it will be the weekend of the 19th. But we might not get much advance notice.

I have a perfect record of buying expensive things shortly before the tax-free weekend and then cursing myself when the weekend comes... or waiting for the tax-free weekend only to discover that they're not going to do it.

OR the first couple of years I bought a lot of clothes because I kept forgetting that we don't pay sales tax on clothing anyway.

Speaking of clothes, I would like to know how Maria bought those little outfits that she was wearing to school. I know she had turned into a brand snob, and Leticia wasn't making much money, and Tom had his job for like three days. Were Dad and Bonita funding her wardrobe?

Thank you everyone for all the wry, wonderful comments today.

See you on the patio later.


Oh, a couple of years ago I had to retire the dehumidifier in the basement. The previous owners had left it behind. It just quit working one day. I tracked down the model number and discovered that it was about 40 years old.

Julie..yeah, I don't think that Letmecoveryouup would have sewn those shortyshorts for her. Shoplifting? I hope that she loses that awful wig that looks like it is wearing her. I think that it embarrasses the actress to wear it because she always has her shoulders slumped.

Diana, my dad was a machinist, so he was always repairing everything to make it last. Nowadays cars have so much computerized stuff that people can't repair them by themselves anymore.

Julie..Did you buy the frig?

It is going to be too easy for Esteala to seduce Ry and\or Joe now that she is in Ry's apartment. After all the bad people Laura has been involved with, you think that she would be able to see through Esteala's lies.

My high dollar Maytag only a few years old has earned the name of MayWash.

Clicks, whirrs, stops occasionally to lick it's nuts. Many times just gives up mid wash to present you with a tub full of semi washed clothes in soapy water. Instructions on the lid even mention odd noises are not indicative of malfunction nor are short pauses.

I can't get an answer how hours can mean short. Sometimes decides that the spin speed is too fast and spins about the speed of a record player. Those seem to be the days it is pissed at the dryer. I just gave up and discovered that an occasional load will require a complete redo and live with it. #biggerfishtofry original Maytag washer and dryer lasted for decades, but we read that Maytag has gone downhill like many old brands that used to have good reputations. We usually buy our appliances from an old family owned store and that recommended Speed Queen which they told us is the nononsense brand used in laundromats. Toploading , old school. I have been very satisfied.

Thanks, Alfredo and RGV Chick. I won't be able to savor your recap and all the comments till later, but gracias con anticipación.

I get that Ryan can't help but zoom into Estela's lips. She left him high and dry and he never knew why. It's like in those old movies where the husband thinks the wife died at sea and he moves on with a new love only to have the old love turn up suddenly. But to kiss her within days of his wedding and come home drunk to Laura? What the !@#$*! I like Laura's reaction though. Girl's got pride and good sense (sometimes).

You're welcome, Niecie. I thought the same thing but Ryan's timing was so off and Laura has been understanding of his feelings and even asked him about it. The least he could've told her was the truth so they could work through it. As many said, he also could've pushed her away but he's suffering from Galanitis.

Ahhh, beer..TGIF indeed.

Susy, "you think that she would be able to see through Esteala's lies" ITA, it's unbelievable that Laura has coght on to Estela's lies, especially when she told Her and Rosario that she knew nothing about Regia because she was locked up with no means of communication, yet all of a sudden she knows that El Dorado knew that Laura was using her name and was leading a double life...that should have been so easy to catch...

...hasn't caught on... typing too fast

Kirby, "Clicks, whirrs, stops occasionally to lick it's nuts" LMAO ...glad I read the rest of your comment

He should just listen to Rosario and Laura. They have been through more than most people and always have a good read. Heck, his drugged up mother sees Estela's game faster than him! Ryan, listen to us, it's a trap!

Kirby: I've heard that Univision pushed this TN to 9:00 PM CST!


Steve, I have not heard. I think there was something posted in the comments yesterday about the rest of the season, but I don't remember Bud.

I just looked on and something strange is happenening. Depending on exactly what time I ask it to show me and how much I scroll, it alternately says that Doble Vida is on at 9 for two hours, and then it says Doble Vida is on at 9 for one hour followed by Rosa de Guadalupe.

I will plan on seeing it at the usual time for this week, 9 to 11 pm ET, and be open-minded about other possibilities. ;-)

AND they said last night that there is no show on Monday. Jose de Egipto is on and then the new Tierra thing. (confirmed with TVGuide) Feh, that means a three-day weekend for us.

"Settle down kids, I'll go take care of this shit Right NOW."
Feathers are gonna fly.

Everyone's having all kinds of fun here.

"Feathers are gonna fly" made me laugh Kirby (as did your take on your washing machine). LOVE the bird.

Julie, Comcast doesn't show this on Monday either. Starting Tuesday, it has Ramon at 8, followed by this at 9, and then La Tierra Prometida at 10.

Rgv, I think in spite of everything that has been done to her - even the abuse, Laura is still basically trusting. It is frustrating to us to watch her being blatantly lied to and being played by Estela, but I think (and hope) she is going to put the pieces together.

"he's suffering from Galanitis" - ahhh, so that's what it is Alfredo? Well, there you go.


When I go to the TV guide listings, I still show no show on Monday and a 2 hour episode on Wednesday. the rest of the days show a 1 hour episode.

Maybe Laura is thinking that if she is Ryan's type, and Estela is Ryan's type, then Estela must be like Laura and therefore is trustworthy.

Even though she hasn't had much romance in her life, her TWO boyfriends of note were so dissimilar that it's hard to imagine that Laura would believe such a silly thing, but I do believe that in general we're more likely to give a friend-of-a-friend the benefit of the doubt.

On the other hand, Estela is SUCH a phony how can anyone trust her??????

O Alfredo thank you for this loooooong
RecAp. How do you remember it all? Im
Glad their back to 1 hour. I didn't get a chance to read today because I was working but I just finished just in time because the episodes about starting a few minutes. I changed my mind about Danilo, about not wanting him dead they can take him out anytime they want it will be fine with me he is dead inside no heart at all. It's great that Paloma loves him but I'm sorry that there's nothing they could take him out tonight if they want wouldn't bother me one bit.

Let me is a sweet lady and I like her but she's got some learning to do she hurts herself and her children but hopefully she will learn, it'll probably take the duration of the show and the second season but she'll get there.

Morgana is pitiful, that's all I can think of to say about her right now.

Ryan's in a pickle, Estella is the pickle.Laura, what can I say,.... good luck girl.

If I was tadeo I get as far away from those people as I possibly could and truck drivers are known to drive far far away.

I really really really really really wish Maria would get rid of that hair, it looks terrible she need to get some electric clippers and make like a Columbine in the wheat field and start
Mowing. She is much prettier with her dark hair.Her dark Mexican hair.Which
I think aS beautiful.

I don't like Milton with his wrongass self.

Okay it just came on. thank you Alfredo.

"Ryan's in a pickle, Estella is the pickle" simply great Nina!

I was expecting a 2 hour show, but it was only an hour. Huh?

Will wait to comment...


Dang it! Looney does to us again!!

Was Rosa de Guadalupe on at 10?

There is no reason, there is no rhyme.

Yes, Julie, Rosa de Guadalupe was on at 10 (E).

Recap is in the mail...

Recap is up, everyone! :)

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