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La Candidata, 8/2/2017 Chapter 37: Teresa is pregnant! (Or one death, two bombs and a baby)

At Alonso’s office he asks Omar what he has done with Lorena Sanchez, Omar explains that they just took her in order to get all the incriminating evidence she has on them. Alonso seems appalled (only because he didn’t think of it himself). Since Alonso resists the idea of doing something to Larreta, Omar says “forget about it” a la Donnie Brasco  he will take care of Larreta himself.
Alonso says “you will not do anything” and Omar responds that Alonso will not tell him how to handle his business.  Mauro interjects that they should find solutions instead of arguing. Alonso agrees, and surprisingly so does Omar. He says that the campaign is going to hell and it’s all because Alonso could not control Regina. Especially because she found out about the other woman (well at least about one of the women). Alonso says that “this is precisely why they can’t make Lorena disappear, Regina would be the first to suspect” Alonso then says that they think carefully what they are going to do next.

In Noemi’s bedroom, she asks Rita to take Cecilia out, she has no business there. Cecilia says “I do have business here, it’s about Emiliano” Noemi agrees to let her talk and sends Rita away.
At the senate offices, the confrontation between Mario and Gerardo continues. Gerardo says that Regina will pick what’s best for her. Then asks Regina to recognize the kind of man Mario is. Mario tries to hit Gerardo but Regina stops him and takes him away. As she is taking him away, he yells that he is not afraid of Gerardo and Gerardo yells back the same, he is not afraid either.
At the brothel Hector comes looking for 3 girls as per Emi’s instructions, the bartender tells him “that’s not how we operate here”. Isela walks in and inquiring minds want to know “what’s going on?”
“Who are you here for handsome?”
“I can’t give you details but my boss has money”
“Well no deal, if you don’t tell me”
“I can’t let my girls go without knowing where, you can trust me”
“Well if you promise to keep this confidential” (wink, wink)
“I will be a grave”
“They are for Emiliano San Roman”
Isela’s interest is peaked
“Oh, the governor’s son, well in that case I will send my best girls”
At Noemi’s she tells Cecilia not to sit, so Cecilia sits down.
“Tell me, what is this obsession you have with my family?”
“I am here to tell you to keep Mario and Regina from doing something against me”
Noemi doesn’t think she should worry about Mario unless he is tired of sleeping with her.
Cecilia tells Noemi to stop obsessing over things that are just in her mind because she is not sleeping with Mario, she is sleeping with Emiliano. BOOM!!!
“Don’t you think you are a bit old to be sleeping with a young man like Emiliano?”
“I am not taking advantage of him, I am protecting him from his family that just wants to hurt him, and if you don’t help to keep Mario and Regina away from me I will make Emiliano leave this family, you don’t know what I am capable of”
“Is there something worse than this?”
“Yes I can open my mouth and tell the truth”
“What truth?” Noemi asks, but Cecilia leaves without answering.
At Regina’s office Mario is fuming, he is upset that Gerardo humiliated him. Regina tries to calm him down because he can have another heart attack.
“How do you think people are going to see you if you are willing to be an ally of a man that is capable of hitting your own father? I can’t believe this”
Regina ignores the theatrics and says “what do you have to do with Gerardo’s family?”
Ignacio walks into Gerardo’s office, and tells him that he is crazy for getting into it with Mario. Gerardo explains that Mario is getting into his business and that he is manipulating Teresa. Ignacio explains that Mario is Regina’s father and that Gerardo will hurt the alliance between them. Gerardo sees thru this theater as well and tells Ignacio to open his eyes because Mario is manipulating him with Nayeli (Gerardo is not blind)
“Mario just has power from extorting people, you have to decide, are you with that Mafioso or with me?”
“Of course I am with you just be careful man” (liar, liar)
At Alonso’s Mauro and Alonso discuss Omar’s request to get rid of Larreta, as absurd as that is Alonso admits that Omar and Mario helped him get rid of Lorena. Mauro thinks that the price they would pay if Lorena disappears is too high. In addition Mauro tells Alonso that his image has been tarnished by all that has been happening recently. They need to relaunch his campaign and cover up all of the bad. Alonso wants to know how.
Mauro’s answer “blame Regina for everything since she is the one that damaged the family, we need to do that now”
Mario dances around Regina’s question and comes up with the perfect excuse
“His wife came looking for me for help and I thought if I helped her she would leave you alone, unfortunately that obviously didn’t happen”
“And you didn’t tell me?” Regina says.
“You have too many problems” (mostly caused by him of course)
“Exactly dad, like the ones your protégé has caused me”
“You want to change the subject, probably because you have decided to be with that man, I can’t believe it”
“What do you want me to think, if you bring this woman into our lives” etc. etc.
Mario acts like the victim and says, you are my adoration but if you don’t want me around, you will never see me again (boohoo) and walks away.
He runs into Ignacio outside of Gerardo’s office and says he has no information for him yet, Ignacio tells him he is willing to do ANYTHING for his daughter, Mario likes the sound of that.
Isela calls Cecilia and tells on Emi about the party with her girls. Cecilia worries, Mauro intercepts her and tells her to go see Alonso.
At the cabin a nosy neighbor brings Natalia a cake “Don Omar’s favorite” oh by the way “is he here?”
She asks about the man her daughter saw, and Natalia is quick to say it was her security guard.
She leaves.  Jose comes in and she tries to explain why she said that he was just the body guard. Jose understands. He knows where he stands. She calls him over, she tells him your place is with me and then they kiss.
Regina and Gerardo discussing the confrontation with Mario. Gerardo says Mario is corrupt, and a thief.
“You are talking about my father”
“I’m sorry, I accept I made a mistake”
He holds her face and says
“Forgive me, please forgive me”
“I love you Regina” then he kisses her and she kisses him back.
Cecilia walks into Alonso’s office. Cecilia asks if it’s about Emiliano, he cuts her off and tells her that he wants to recuperate his campaign.
“I want to attack Regina (at this news Cecilia smirks), I want to get the strength I had at the beginning, and I want my son back.”
She says “Emiliano?” Alonso asks her “what are you hotter for Emiliano than me?”
He grabs her forcefully and turns her around, removes her panties, throws her on the table and says
“We’ll see if after this you continue to think about my son”
He forces himself on her and all Cecilia can do is cry.
At the San Roman household Emi ‘s friends show up, and bring an extra friend. Emi is not too happy about it, especially because this friend brought pills. They give Emi all the classwork they had agreed to do for him in exchange for the good time with “professional girls”. They start wondering where the girls are and right on cue, the “professionals” show up, ready to party.
At Gerardo’s office, he promises not to get involved with Regina’s family anymore, she smiles at him. They continue to talk, when right outside of his office, Ximena shows up. Nieves tries to warn Gerardo but Ximena just barges in and sees Regina but completely ignores her when she says hi to her. Gerardo asks her to say hi and Ximena says she did not hear anything. Regina leaves, and Gerardo chides Ximena for having bad manners.
At the San Roman’s home the party with the girls continues. One of the girl complains about the party being too boring, so one of the guys takes out the drugs, and all begin to partake. Emiliano is not there.
At the apartment where Nayeli is staying, she wakes up next to El Chivo he’s asleep, she’s hungry and begins looking for food. She opens freezer finds an ice cream tub with several rolls of money. El Chivo wakes up and comes out startles her but she has already moved on to look in the cupboards. She complains about no food he says he has more important things to worry about than food. She asks him problems like what.  Like my contact, he is out for another month. He then asks her if she knows anyone, she does but because of what happened they don’t trust her. Well if she wants to continue living there she will have to help him make a connection with a dealer.
At the cabin, Jose and Natalia kiss on the porch and nosy neighbor sees them.
Hernan visits Regina at her office. She asks what he wants and he says that there is a journalist that wants to interview her and Gerardo for a political magazine. It’s a good opportunity since they are losing allies in the presidential elections. She does not think it’s a good idea because of the drama they just went thru.
Regina changes the subject and asks about Cecilia, she asks “You and Cecilia are a couple, or did you break up?” he confirms yes they broke up and wants to know why she is asking. She says she wants to know everything about Cecilia.
At Mario’s he is complaining to Almiron about Gerardo’s attack. Almiron says just say the word and I will take care of him. No because Regina is paying attention to him but not to Ignacio.
“He asked me about his daughter again, do you know anything?”
“Yes she is living with a small time drug dealer, do you want me to handle her?”
“No not yet I’ll tell you when it’s convenient to do it, in the meantime I want to make Ignacio suffer a little”
Rita comes to the backyard to tell Mario something, she tells him that Cecilia came to visit Noemi. Mario ponders, and wonders what Cecilia is up to.
At Gerardo’s office Ximena is acting like a baby and saying she will never accept Regina, so do not talk to her about it. She cries and storms out of the office after blaming him for everything that is going wrong.
At Alonso’s office a pensive and sad Cecilia is ordered by Alonso to arrange an interview at home with Emiliano. She has to convince him to do it. Sure she will handle everything including all of what Emiliano is up to. Alonso asks what she is referring to and she tells him that Emiliano hired 3 prostitutes to have a party at his house.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
She yells at him that “you did not let me.”
“Because you get angry and don’t let me talk, but I will handle it”
At Regina’s Hernan tells her that Cecilia is dangerous, that she uses men. She used him and then threw him away, and he still can’t get her out of his head.
“You know she is with my son”
“Yes I know, of course”
“Do you know the relationship she has with my father?”
“No I don’t”
“But you can investigate”
“Will you give me the interview?
At Mario’s Omar comes to tell Mario that they have to let Lorena Sanchez go. “Are you sure?”
“Yes I’m sure, my son’s campaign is suffering and I want him to have peace of mind about this issue, plus Larreta is asking too many questions”
Mario is about to tell Omar something else but Omar gets a phone call informing him that Natalia is at the cabin, he does not wait for Mario and bolts out of there.
At the San Roman house hold, one of the girls is not feeling well after having consumed a lot of drugs. She begins to hallucinate, screams that she feels bad, can’t breath and falls into the pool without any of her pals noticing. Everyone keeps on partying when Hector notices the girl in the pool, Emiliano notices too, everyone is now paying attention to her. Hector, Emiliano and the drug supplier jump into the pool. They pull out an unconscious, possibly dead girl out of pool. The girl’s begin screaming. Emiliano goes to slap the uninvited friend and says “what did you do?” Everyone is panicking.
Mario comes to get Lorena and says
“Are you ready to go?”
”You serious, are you going to leave me alone”
“We are taking you home, but don’t say anything”
“I will not say anything, I just want to be left alone”
Ximena gets to Tere’s house, and Tere begins to insult her. Ximena offers to stay, but Tere won’t have it, she forces her out of the house.
Back at the pool people are going insane, then Cecilia shows up and is informed about the girl (Alma) that was in the pool. Hector says she is not reacting. Emiliano kicks everyone out of the house. Poor Hector is pushing everyone out as Cecilia and the girls surround Alma.
Ximena shows up to the chaotic scene and Hector tells her this is not a good time for her to visit. (No duh)
Omar arrives at the home, I assume its Jose’s and his mother opens up. Omar says tell your son that the man that owns his life is here.
Back at chaos central Ximena tells Emi he has to hear her problems, Emi says “I have my own problems” Ximena notices that Cecilia is there and ask what she is doing there. Poor hector has to pull her away and again says this is not a good time for her to be here. (Understatement of the year)
Regina is walking in front of Gerardo’s office he comes out and reminds her they have to meet the new party leaders from Popular Force. She asks that he go by himself because she is giving Hernan an interview. Gerardo says that Hernan wants both of them. Regina states it’s not a good idea. Gerardo says sooner or later we have to come out about our relationship.
“We are not even sure this will continue, we have too many hurdles, the problems with my dad, our kids’ opposition, etc. etc.”
“Are you ending our relationship?”
Chaos central, the girls are asking about Alma, Cecilia says she is dead. Emiliano breaks down crying (boohoo)
Mario walks into Noemi’s, she wants to have him hear her out. Cecilia was there and said she is sleeping with Emiliano.
“She is lying”
“Of course she’s lying, she is your lover right? First the grandfather, now my grandson and I’m sure she already slept with the father, she also told me she is going to tell me the truth”
“You don’t know what you are talking about, Cecilia can’t sleep with Emiliano”
“Why you want her all to yourself”
“No idiot”
“Then tell me the truth”
“She is my daughter” BOOM!!!
At a doctor’s office Tere finds out that she is pregnant.


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Good work, Sandie.

Teresa being pregnant is an absolute disaster and not just for Gerardo. This woman shouldn't be trusted to take care of a goldfish let alone a defenseless baby. Gerardo should demand a DNA test at the earliest possible date (If Law & Order told it correctly they can do a blood test on her at three or four months) because Ignacio had more shots at the target. Who else thinks that she will turn to the bottle if Gerardo is the sperm donor in order to blackmail him into taking her back?

Whomever is the unfortunate man should demand custody.

As soon as I saw the nosy neighbor I knew Natalia's rendezvous with Jose was going to blow up. I'm sure his mother is going to be a casualty before he is.

Do now there is a dead prostitute to deal with as well. Alonso is going to love this... NOT.

The biggie is Noemi being told that Cecelia is Mario's daughter. Let's see how long it takes before Regina knows.

Great recap Sandie. Thank you.

"I am protecting him from his family" Can't Cecelia come up with a better excuse for sleeping with Emiliano?

Why does Hector still have a job? No, why is Hector still alive? He has the sense to rat on Emiliano about Hernan but runs to the party store for a few whores to entertain teenage boys with copious amounts of drugs and chips. What could go wrong?

How is it that everybody knows Mario is a thug except Regina? I know she suspects but my father this and my father that, please.

Thank you, Sandie. The recap is great.

Tofie, ITA about Cecilia and her stupid excuse for having sex with Emiliano.

I was happy to see that the Uni censors did not cut the Alonso/Cecilia sex scene but they did shorten it so it seemed less brutal than what it was.

Don't people knock on the door? That was weird when the country neighbor just waltzed in with Omar's favorite cake.

I felt sorry for José's mother having to deal with Omar.

At least Noemí is learning what she always wanted to know: the truth.

What will they do with poor Alma?


I am wondering what Alonso would do in that situation if he got home before they try to dispose of the body. Will he finally get a clue and send Emiliano to a military academy?

Probably not. He probably would think it's time Emiliano learned to be a thug like his grandfathers. That would not end well.

The news that Cecelia is Mario's daughter is not likely to be a big surprise to Noemi. However, the incest is a killer of a shock and she should demand a DNA test about this. Alonso's reaction will be interesting.

Thank you Sandie for the comprehensive recap. We will find out quite a few things soon. Noemí now knows who Cecelia is but I think she is too weak to do anything to fight against Mario. She wanted Regina to support Alonso in his campaign and be the traditional, obedient wife. I suppose that Teresa will try to claim that Gerardo is the father even though it is likely Ignatio. Let's hope that Natalia does not get beaten up again. I guess its just me as I live life on my own terms but I'd tell Regina to forget Gerardo for now and become president, tell Noemí and Natalia to get divorces ASAP before veering off into other relationships.

All three of these ladies need divorces. What a triple play that would be for some tough attorney! I'm picturing Blanca Guerra, who was the original choice for Regina.


Lynette, I agree Regina doesn't need Gerardo now. How refreshing it would be for her to strike out on her own, whoop Alonso's butt in the election, spank Emiliano, tell her daddy to stuff it and then if Gerardo has taken care of his drama life, date. If he wants to pout tough.

Great recap, Sandie! Loved your subtle snark: "So Cecilia sits down." Whew! Lucky for Lorena that Regina caught her with Alonso. Now she's less likely to die. A wonderful plot twist not likely to happen would be if José's mother turned out to be connected with some super-violent narco gang and had Omar taken out. Oh jeez! Mario and Gerardo! What is this, middle school? Alonso is now officially a rapist, and there is one more expendable prostitute's body to dispose of.

UA: The nosy neighbor, once I saw that, I was like HOLY EXPLETIVE!

Might as well start getting those burial plots for Natalia & Jose right now!

SpanProf: The Prostitute got whacked ? Oh well.

Jarifa: What happened to Alma ? What's the number of the Body Count now ?

Thank you Sandie, you went over all that so well and got all the important details!

Well those were two surprises: 1) Mario admitting to Noemi that Cecelia is his daughter. I think he finds it incredulous that Cecelia could be sleeping with Emiliano when she already KNOWS that Emiliano is really her nephew. I don’t think that he thinks she would ever in a million years do that. How wrong he is….

Then there is 2) Teresa getting preggers. Oh that poor conceived baby gestating inside a toxic mother. I would almost say that a miscarriage would be in the works. I could see that happening and then Teresa PRETENDING later to be pregnant the rest of the way through trying to trap Gerardo. And then she would have to steal a baby. But I’m getting carried away here in my vivid imagination. If the pregnancy continues, I’ll bet this baby is Ignacio’s baby, not Gerardo’s.

As for Alma’s accident, Isela is going to be so angry!

Will Hernán report this to the news agencies and will this would be the final thing that puts Alonso’s bid for the presidency in the coffin? I don’t see this going anywhere but bad for Alonso. I guess Hector will now get his pink slip.

So Alonso thinks it’s ok to rape his female employees? I am glad I didn’t see the whole account of that on Unimás. But I got the idea.

Looks like Omar hired the neighbors by the cabin to spy on Natalia. But she needs to be a lot more careful! I hope José is carrying a gun with him at all times.


Cynthia: I think I've seen that motif of a woman miscarrying and then pretending to still be pregnant in some other novela during the las few years. I can't quite remember which: Bajo el mismo cielo? Eva la trailera? Silvana sin lana? One of those, I think. It's exactly the kind of thing Teresa would do.

Thank you so much, Sandie! Great work as always :) And a big thank you again to Urban for yesterday. This story is so dense that I thank you for clearing up some things that may go over my head, especially regarding the political aspect.

The prostitute death was not surprising. Another death to add to the already long list but this may lead to bigger revelations at least.

Ximena needs to wake up. Emiliano is bad for her, as messed up emotionally as her, and now things have become even more complicated. Living with Teresa is not the answer either or Gerardo for that matter. She needs to go on a long trip and fix herself before she tries to help anyone.

Regina and Gerardo's back and forth is getting tiresome. Regina doens't seem to be as into it as he does and I would also like to see Regina go off on her own and become President, if it came to that.

As for Mario, I think he's tired of living with secrets and Noemi is the perfect confessor. She's like a priest without a rope...she knows all his secrets but won't reveal them because of his threats. She knows the consequences and would need become really brave in order to say anything.

Alonso is a pig. Of course he would think rape is okay. Cecelia is his...he can do as he pleases.

Teresa, just go away and jump in a hole. Poor baby that has to have her as a mother because Ximena has already suffered enough for all of them.

Isela is still the worst. She will cheer and dance on anyone's grave.

I think it was Silvana sin Lana.

Alonso doing his nasty business in his office, where anyone can barge in on him ... oh, they did...
Natalia kissing Jose in front of the curtain-less picture window right after Nosy Neighbor just walks into her house and then stepping out on the porch and doing it again ...
Omar bringing "his miner" to his home and messing around on the couch where anyone (wife, son, bodyguards) can walk in ('cause nobody knocks in this TN) ...
Regina and Gerardo (two obviously high-profile politicians, one of whom is married) walking around town holding hands and stepping onto an open-air gazebo and making out (a few episodes back) ...
Regina setting up a lovers' rendezvous at a five-star hotel and registering UNDER HER OWN NAME ...
Regina and Gerardo passionately kissing like overheated teenagers in his window-walled office with OPEN blinds where his crazy ex and pouty kid keep popping in ...

They all deserve to get caught in the act and suffer the consequences ... common sense, people, use common sense!

Omar bringing "his mujer" ... geez, autocorrect

Anon, I agree. Some of Gerardo's and Regina's actions have been dumb but they are also not cheaters so I think that has a lot to do with it. I thought the "secret" hand holding was cute though in a "this shouldn't be happening but we are going to do it either way" way.

Thank you everyone for your comments.

Anon 5:42 completely agree with your comments, I have thought about that before, everyone is so careless and asking to get caught. Especially dirty old man, but I think he wants to get caught because his ego gets bigger as his balls get smaller.

Alfredo: I agree about Regina having to concentrate on winning the presidency and leaving everything else for later. If Gerardo is still there good, if not also good.

I am so tired of saying it but Emi is the biggest loser!!!! I can't defend him using the bad parents excuse anymore. He is an adult, and his mother has tried to show him right from wrong. He has chosen to follow in his father's footsteps. I sure hope he gets some jail time for causing Alma's death.

My favorite scene this episode was when Rita comes to tell Mario that Cecilia came by, and he says, why didn't you tell me and she replies "I did not know I was supposed to tell you" I chuckled. For a dark TN that is as light as it gets.

My least favorite...well let's not get into that there were so many bad things happening. Bad in a good way I guess, because I am ready for more.

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