Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Caer En Tentacion!! Se Acerca!// Starts 10/16 at 10 EST

Hi all.  Am checking with Sheila and Alfredo about this one and will try to get up a Sinopsis, etc over the next couple of days.  It is HOT!!!!!  SSSSSSSS!  It's got Silvia Navarro, Adriana Louvier, Gabe Soto and Carlos Ferro.  If you're interested please let Sheila and me know.  I am available for a couple of nights and dunno about Sheila or anyone else,  I know I've been waiting on this one for months.

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Hi, Jardinera...good to "see," you. This show is on late, and I get at 5 a m. , but I will try recording it.It looks..interesting. I am in.

Jardinera, so good to see your post!

I've been riveted by the previews. It's so refreshing to see Gabe all hot and bothered after his placid, non-reactive performance in Vino.

This is also way too late for me but I am really going to try and watch if it will be recapped. I won't be able to recap but will definitely reserve a seat in the cheering section!

I know there are a lot of SN enthusiasts out there...


I am currently watching Caer and it's so intense but tragic!.SN is fantastic again as is the other cast but I have some gripes. No spoilers, I HATE the secondary characters(AL and GS) in here as they're just so disgusting as they cause so much s*** to happen. After their amazing time together in YNCH I herebly see them as the main villains of the show even out-shadowing Arath Del Torre who's supposed to be the main bad. He seems like a sad puppy.


Jardinera, thanks for posting.

I'm looking forward to this TN. Diana, yep looks like GS is back where he belongs -- being sexy. And Adriana Louvier's character, who's falling into temptation with him, seems so different from her character in Yo no creo en los hombres. Some actors seem the same from one role to the next, but not her.

Hope to see you all there!

Looks like a fun one!

I'm sooo looking forward to seeing This!

Count me in.

Count me in.!! It will be so hard to wait each day for the show, as I usually watch stuff non-stop.
However, this one seems worth it, and I can't pass up a chance to read the great recaps from you guys!!
I'll check Caray each day so I'll know when it starts.

Oh and many many thanks to Stevey for giving us the low-down on this novela and other upcoming ones.
Reading his comments is like reading a Hollywood mag with all the latest gossip. So enlightening.!! I love his take on the interworkings at Televisa/Univision.

Countx: I see Gabriel Soto is the main Antagonist in this TN.

Not shocked about Adriana Louvier being the 2nd main Antagonist.

Can't wait for this show to be recaped by all the wonderful recapers here. Is it just me or why does Gabriel Soto get the roles where he already has someone at the start of tbe telenovelas he's in? Case in point Un Refugio Para El Amor when he had gala then Yo No Creo En Nos Hombres he had Maleny 馃槀

Hi all! I missed all of you Caray fold, for certain. I am glad to see y'all are as anxious as I am to gripe, snipe, and snark and bark with me on this one. It will be worth recording if you're an early AM job. Hopefully we'll have another few people. So far I believe Sheila and Sandra (?) are going to help recap while still attending to other tn recapping chores as well. Will keep you updated as I find things out.

Steve, for me they're not main antagonists by title but they're not "protagonists" either. The aftermath of their actions pretty much erases any sort of sympathy I might have for them in the flashbacks. I'm sure thats by design and the main point of the story. Do we root for them or do we throw stones at them? What would we do in their place? As for me I don't root for them at all.


Countx: Especially since it revolves around the disappearance of Silvia Navarro.

SN doesn't dissapear. The one who dissapears is Adriana.

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