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Heridas de Amor - Wednesday Sept. 6

Last nights show had Daira and Alejandro talking over what the Father Buena Aventura had told Al. They replayed that scene again tonight as an opener with spooky music hinting at the importance. For some reason Daira makes the statement that "From everything that Sanitago told you the only one you suspect is Bertha." She says this to him for what reason? I thought she disliked Bertha after meeting her and Lucas?

Replay of last nights scene with the pouty Flor. "Miranda arrives and you have a lot to do! What a coincidence!" Fab tries to stand his shaky ground but Flor stuns him with the question of "What do think you'll do when I die?

The girls find Juan and Raul and ask them to go out dancing at a club. Juan says he cant go because he is watching Florencia. Miranda walks up and asks Renata to join her for a second in her room. Smiling Lizania tells Juan to change clothes and they will wait for him. Juan gives Raul all the money he has in his wallet saying it should pay the cover to the dance club. Raul tells him its ok because he isn't going. Not only does he not have money to pay the cover but he doesn't have better clothes. "What other thing does Lizania want me to put on?" The brothers hug over the sad shared moment.

Miranda opens her wallet and tells Renata this is all the money they have left and they still have a thousand things to pay for. Renata tells her that she wont spend anything because Lizania has invited everyone out. Even the doctor and his brother. Miranda scolds Renata a little by telling Renata to not pressure the boys because they are used to going out with a girl and paying. Neither of the boys should be paying for you. She asks Renata not to go tonight. Renata agrees saying she didn't really want to although she is all dressed up in a black dress with jewels. Miranda then asks her about Florencia. Renata says she doesnt understand Flor and Fab. They says they are in love but they spend their time being serious. Then Renata tells Miranda that Fab still loves her. The spooky music starts playing and Miranda asks if Renata knows how Flor knew she was dying? Renata acts stunned with this news. Miranda wants to talk more telling Renata that you wouldn't believe what else Flor told me but Renata quickly shuts the conversation down and leaves.

Veronica and Erika return to their room. Veronica is ranting about how insulted she is to be treated like a child. Erika points out that tomorrow Raul is going back to Mexico City and Veronica can leave too. Veronica doesn't want to go back with Raul because he is going by bus and she wants Renata to send her home by plane. Erika says she doesn't mind the bus and she just might go home on the bus with Raul. Veronica snickers, looks at the creaking door and asks if Erika has decided to take the boyfriend of Lizania. (Veronica used slang of bajarle meaning to score with in Argentina or to get off in Mexico. Please correct this if I'm wrong.) Lizania and Renata walk in on the tail end of the conversation. Lizania asks if its true, Erika denies it and Renata makes fun of them for fighting over such a low class guy. Veronica laughs throughout the whole exchange.

Flor tells Fab she knows what Fabs plans are. That he will raise their child with the ideal woman Miranda. Fab says he doesn't know how she found out or who told her but he swears that's not how things are! He leaves her room and she cries to her unborn child grabbing her tummy. She promises not to leave the baby until she sees his eyes.

Renata runs into Fab as he leaves the room. He tells her that her sister is unsupportable. He wants to know how Flor found out she was dying. Renata reminds him it was he who decided to marry Flor. He tells her that at best that was his error. He complains that he let Bertha and Renata manipulate him. Renata will hear none of that claiming she only did what her aunt asked of her. Fab says they were just puppets of Bertha so Bertha could do what she wanted with them. Renata reminds Fab that Bertha didn't put a pistol to his head to make him marry Florencia. Fab grabs Renata and tells her that "We were all accomplices and we destroyed Miranda. I assure you we are going to pay very dearly!" Renata ends the conversation by telling Fab to let her go. She is going to tell daddy and Bertha what he has done and how he treats Flor. So there!

Francisco, Carola and the other son talk over a dinner table. Carola enters and shares her news about starting over new. She says she doesn't have to ask Sanson permission because she does what she wants with her life and her body. First she will die before going back to that life. She goes into the kitchen and speak of the devil Sanson enters the casa. Sanson is looking for Carola, and has been looking for her for two days. Francisco and the other son deny seeing her and Carol hides. Sanson tells them lots of people at the "antro" (dive) are asking for her. He then asks for Raul. Francisco walks Sanson away from the kitchen asking if Raul owes Sanson something.

Cesar tries to pry information out of Nuria asking her why Bertha had to leave the country to quickly. She cant remember but spits out the details of where Bertha is going. Nuria asks him if he is going to marry her. He lies and hides his true self. She complains that sometimes he seems so cold and then other times..... Cesar hugs her and asks her if she wants to spend the night with him. She can make him dinner and organize his apartment. What a treat! He promises that after she completes his houskeeping they can have a romantic night.

Sanson tells Francisco and Amparo (who just waked in) that Raul belongs to his gang. Amparo quickly denies that this is true. Sanson tells her and Francisco to open their eyes! Raul has already been in his first attack so he is definitely part of the gang. Fransico tries to kick Sanson out but Sanson tells them to ask Joel. (Oh this is his name!) Joel hangs his head when Francisco shines his beady eyes on him asking if the news is true.

Flor cries to Renata saying its true that they both made fun of me, referring to Fab and Miranda. Evidently Bertha is not answering Flors calls and Renata isn't making her feel better so Flor decides to call Alejandro for help. Flor cries to him saying that "they are still lovers Alejandro! and I dont know what to do!!" Boo Hoo!

Miranda is crying outside. Fab walks up saying his soul and life will never be able to catch up with her to ask for forgiveness. She starts to cry about her problems and falls into his chest. He takes that moment to grab her head and begins to kiss her. Miranda is pissed, she says stop! Do you know what Florencia would think if she saw us! Miranda juts out her chin and bares her teeth as she continues. Fab sourly says if Flor saw them it would confirm her suspicions! Ha! Miranda continues telling Fab how much she suffered and cried (Dias!). She tells him that she doesn't love him anymore.

Alejandro wants to know what has happened. Flor wheezes out that she discovered that Fab is with her because he feels sorry for her because she is about to die. Al is upset to hear this and says he will come to the hacienda tomorrow. Before they hang up Al asks for Fab and Flor makes out that Fab is most likely with Miranda at that moment. After they hang up we see Renata rise from some dark corner of Flors bedroom. She tells Flor that's it! Miranda has to marry Alejandro to save her family! Miranda is obligated to marry Alejandro to save us!

Nuria is told to watch where she puts Cesars newly ironed clothes. She is scolded not to put it in the wrong place because he likes it separated by color and design. She reports his kitchen is clean. She is told she can go to bed (for that romantic night). At first he is a jerk about having too many covers but then relents to being nicer. Why I ask?

Joel tells Fran and Amparo how he wanted to tell them about Raul but Raul wouldn't let him. Carola advises that its too late and they cant do anything for Raul. Amparo cries. Flash to Amparo and Fern talking in Ferns house. Fern promises to talk with Sanson about Raul. Alejandro enters Amparo exits. Al lets her know that Flor knows that she is dying. Al also tells her that Flor called him and said that Fab and Miranda are having a romance. Fern doesn't believe that Miranda would do that. Al points out that for love we are capable of doing stupid things as he has found out and she well knows.

The group of girls and the two boys are all sitting around a table outside having breakfast. Saving money no doubt. Lizania asks Raul to stay longer at the hacienda. He says he cant miss anymore class. Renata starts to make fun of the National University of Mexico, UNAM. Juan says it is one of the best universities in the world. She continues her ridicule and Juan gets upset. He tells her obviously she has never been in a university campus and one of these days he will take her to teach her what a real university is like. She continues to poke fun. Juan says after today he is going to tutor her because he realizes that she has no respect for anything and he is going to call her Renata. She tells him to call her from now on Miss Renata. He gets up from the table and says "ok excuse me your Majesty." The table laughs agreeing that he showed her.

Fab enters the bedroom thinking how he wants to be with her. She gets up mad wondering where he spent the night. She thinks he was with Miranda. He looses it and tells her not to count on him. He starts packing his stuff saying he has tired of loving her. He thought they would be happy but he never imaged how quickly she would change his life into hell. He is going to his ranch and tells her if she needs something she can call him. Flor starts hitting him accusing him of moving to the ranch so he can get with Miranda. She is hysterical (practically) and soon faints from the beating she is giving him.

The Father Buena Aventura is introduced to Leonardo Altamirano. Leonardo is the cellmate protector guy who took care of Gonzalo. Leonardo wants the Father to help him to help him return to his wife and daughter. Pamela and her mother Andrea. The Father says he will see how to do it. If Andrea can they will get reunited if not they will wait till the right time.

Juan checks Flors vitals after her fainting spell. Juan says the pool and breakfast are waiting for her. They will do less today but that the whole day waits them. They leave the room. Flash to Juan telling Miranda and Fab that Flor is fine but think how you would feel if you found out that you were going to die.

Fern is happy that Flor survived the news that she is dying. That means her heart is getting stronger. Al asks her to join him at the hacienda. Fern declines and says she knew nothing about what happened to Santiago. Al admits that he thinks Bertha is behind everything. Fern agrees.

Fab tells Miranda that what bothers him is Juans attitude. He cant stand him. Boo Hoo! She tells him that they are going through hard times. Don't fault Juan for doing his job of keeping Flor alive. And don't treat her Miranda like he did the other night (by kissing her). Flor will of course demand his time. He resists this and says he doesn't want Flor to make him be with her. Miranda reminds him this is what he chose. They have to help her, the three of them, Juan Fab and Miranda. He tells her he has to go to the beach for a few days for his project. Miranda says ok and them asks about Bertha. She says that the friend that Bertha is supposedly going to see died the day he married Flor.

Outside somewhere Luciano tells Al that his accounts are in order. Al says he will absorb some costs so some constuction workers aren't left without work. They discuss Gonzalo leaving prison and agree to stay in touch. Al leaves. Pamela and her mother walk by Luciano and Luciano tells the ladies hello. He looks love struck at Pamela.

Lizania asks if it is true that he and Erika like each other. Raul tells Lizania that what they feel for each other won't do each other any good. She presses him to be honest and to tell her if she did something. He finally spits out that there were two things that she did. One the day that she acted crazy and he didn't know what had happened to her. Two last night when we went to the dive. "You decided that we would go without asking me and you practically ordered me to change clothes. Didn't you understand that these are my best clothes!" Wha!!! They break up.

Renata runs into Juan outside Flors room. She asks if he will take her to the UNAM. He says yes whenever she wants. She asks if its a date and he says "no. Its a tour nothing more."

Renata goes into Flors room to find Flor on her cell talking to Bertha. Renata overhears Flor asking how long will Bertha be in New York. Renata grabs the phone to asks Bertha to buy her clothes while she is in NY. After Flor hangs up Renata wants to know if they don't have any money how is it that Bertha is going to NY? Flor tells Renata that hopefully Berthas friend Nena Valderrama will be paying. Renata then tells Flor that Nena Valderrama died on Flors wedding day. Who did Bertha go with? Renata says don't worry she will check the internet to find where Bertha is going and or with whom.

Miranda is introduced to Nati, who, when she sees Miranda quickly says Fernanda! I have the secret! Alejandro walks in as this is happening asking Miranda how she is.


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Heridas de Amor, Tuesday Sept. 5

Tonight is a night of confessions. Everyone seems to have to have at least one or two little things to get off their chests.

We ended yesterday's episode with Miranda running from Fabricio's clutches and a close-up of his flaring nostrils.

Fernanda is visiting Amparo. She wants to tell her something that she just found out. "Tell me," urges Amparo, "my mouth is a tomb." (Meaning, I suppose, that it goes no further.) Julio told her that Bertha and Gonzo were lovers before she married him. "Animas Benditas!" cries Amparo, but then adds, "no fue en tu año, no fue en tu daño." Literally, what wasn't in your year wasn't your damage, i.e. what you don't know won't hurt you. Fern says that's not all, Berta told her that they were lovers even after Gonzo married Fern. Amparo offers this most moving sympathy, "Do you want another cafecito?" They go to the kitchen and discuss Gonzo's hypocrisy for throwing Fern out while at the same time boinking Berta. Fern tells Amparo that she's determined to win her daughters back.

Alejandro is trying to get his uncle the padre to tell him what he knows about past events. His uncle has the answers in his hands but refuses to help. Al would hate for them to become estranged. He respects his uncle but if he has no confidence in Alejandro then they have nothing to discuss. Uncle padre can't speak, a sacrament impedes him. "Ah, a confessional secret?" asks Alejandro. "Yes,"admits uncle. Alejandro wants to know whose secret. Uncle says he can't tell any more. Alejandro must leave now. He kneels and asks God to give him strength to not tell Alejandro the truth.

Alejandro has made a charcoal effigy of Miranda so he can talk to it since she won't answer his calls. "There is an ocean of things that separate us. I'm closer to my vengeance than ever, yet I don't want to hurt you." He rips the picture up. Pretty short conversation. Daira wants to speak to Alejandro; she's looking for Luciano because she's worried he's not adapting well to life in Mexico. Alejandro says his only problem is that he loves two or three women at once and with the same intensity. It's nice that Daira and Alejandro are concerned, but Luciano himself might not think that loving three women is exactly a problem.

Daira picks up the torn picture and wants know to why Alejandro destroyed it. He doesn't know why, one minute he knows where he's going, the next he's lost. He doesn't want to lose control. Just when he gets close to his vengeance he thinks of Miranda and all the suffering he could cause her and he loses his direction.

Veronika tells Erika that she saw her with Raul and that she didn't waste any time going after Lasagna's stud muffin. She'll help Erika get him and teach him a lesson. "Why, what do you have against Lasagna?" asks Erika. "Nothing, except that I can't stand her and she has a yuck face as if she's always smelling a sewer." Veronika doesn't know if Erika will be able to get Raul to like her, but, and she's only going to tell this to Erika once, at least Erika is a lot prettier than Lasagna. Veronika is a Superslut, Megabitch and Lyingsack.

Daira tells Alejandro he can't tear up his love as easily as he tears up a silly picture. He says he's going to finish what he came to do and the three of them will return to Italy. More moaning from Alejandro about his mixed emotions; enough already. The phone rings and he jumps, "It must be Miranda." Nope, only Uncle Padre losing his battle with the rules of the confessional. He wants to talk to Alejandro and he'll be right over. Daira tells Al to have compassion and to put himself in his uncle's place.

Gavino the peone is on the phone telling Berta that nobody has said anything about what she promised. (About the salaries?) Berta tells him to make sure nobody opens their mouths because Charo already spilled the beans to Miranda once. She tells him to find Miranda and put her on the phone. She calls Miranda sweetie and asks her if she has discovered Berta's malevolent plan against her yet. Miranda says not yet, but she's certain that sooner or later she'll find out. I guess they're kidding around in an ambiguous, toxic sort of way. Miranda asks Berta if she has money. Berta has some, but not much, not after paying all the utilities. Miranda says what she really needs are work hands. There aren't any men to pick the cacao but there are 15-17 women, including Berta and Renata. (Could it be that the bikini babes are gonna have to pick cacao after all? Right on!!) Berta says "Sure honey, I'll be there bright and early...when my sore throat gets better. Oh, and excuse me Sweetie but you owe me an apology for the other night, and you'd better give it to me in front of Alejandro. Don't think that things are going to remain the same between you and I." Bertha smirks and Miranda looks pissed off. Juan walks in and needs to speak to Miranda.

Uncle padre tells Alejandro that he wants to discourage his (Al's) feelings of hate and vengeance. Al tells his uncle that he doesn't know what it was like to see his father's suffering day after day without being able to alleviate his pain. Uncle padre says he understands as a son and a man, but not as a priest. Nevertheless they are family and for that reason he has come to tell Alejandro some things on the condition that Al ask no more questions on what he is about to confide. Many years ago he was punished and sent from the country because of a decision by the Bishop and Episcopal council. They accused him of various things, of visiting cantinas, bars, brothels and sexually harrassing young women. Al's mother heard of it, they had a heated discussion and she rejected him because she believed it. He had to leave before they would let him explain he was only helping the drunks and prostitutes. He returned some months later, but only in time for her burial, and then he had a career crisis and began to doubt his faith. Alejandro tells him that his father tried to look for him but couldn't find him. He wants to know who invented all the lies about his uncle. Uncle padre cannot tell him.

Juan wants to talk to Miranda about Flor who is not responding to her medicines. She is still weak and tired and doesn't want to do anything except sleep. Tomorrow he's going to talk to Doctora Fernandez and ask her to come to review Flor's case. Also, Flor has gotten depressed, he thinks things aren't going well with her husband. They fight a lot and don't spend much time together. He thinks Miranda should talk to them to ensure Flor remains calm and tranquil. Miranda drops the news that she is aware of Doctor Fernandez's true identity. Miranda knows Fernanda de Aragon, AKA Doctora Fernandez, is their mother but her sisters are still ignorant.

Alejandro talks to pictures, what's next? How about Berta whining to Lucas the dog? "Oh Lucas, how could Fernanda dare to hide something like that (that Gonzo is not Flor's biological father)? When Gonzo finds out he's going to bust." Lucas tries to sleep but she grabs his ears. "Lucas, Fernanda took what I wanted, she stole Alfredo's love for me, I never got to be in his arms. Then she got pregnant by him and deceived that idiot Gonzo. Do you hear me? (Tugs ears.) Fernanda got everything, Alfredo's love resulted in Florencia, Miranda and Renata symbolize her love with Gonzalo. Stupid head, she got everything! I...nothing." Her phone rings and it's a mood buster. Excuse me but am I the only one who thinks Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" is a completely inappropriate ring tone for our villaness?

Speaking of ridiculous, Squeaky is on the line and she has something to tell her tiíta. (Tiíta? Speaking of ridiculous...) It's something she overheard from that 24 hour guard doctor that Doctora Fernandez prescribed. He gave Tomasa a bunch of Flor's medicines to guard. He wants to give them to La Doctora so that they can be analyzed at the hospital. Berta's face looks like it's going to crack.

Raul tells Juan it was a mistake for him to come to the estate with Lasagna. He's thinking about hooking up with Erika because she has less money and her dad is only a bank manager. Juan tells Raul that he shouldn't obsess about money, it's what's in one's soul that counts. Anyway, it's bad form to arrive with one hottie and hook up with another. They have a boring conversation about family values and Miranda arrives at the doorway to eavesdrop. She smiles at what Juan tells Raul, "Clearly families aren't what they once were, but we must fight to recover the values of those times. If you connect with Erika at that level why does money matter? If you have money the important things are still to be happy, to be stable and strong." Miranda enters and Juan introduces her to Raul who tries to excuse his existence. Miranda graciously welcomes him. She asks Juan where is Tomasa? Juan thinks she has gone to Tapijulapa.

Squeaky tells Berta that Tomasa hid the meds in a bag in the kitchen. Now Squeaky has them in her posession. Berta is thrilled and instructs her to guard them until Berta's return. Berta mutters that Fernanda must suspect that Florencia has never taken the appropriate medicines. If Fernanda consults with Flor's doctors in Germany then she will discover what Berta has been up do. "No, I absolutely cannot permit that," Berta concludes with furrowed brow.

Alejandro asks his uncle if proof was ever presented against him. Apparently there were some circumstancial photos of him walking with drunks but the truth is he just didn't want them thrown into the street. Also, somebody opened a bank account in his name with a huge sum of money and it was connected to fraud. This was enough to have him sent from the country, castigated, humiliated, and angry. Whoever opened this account was also responsible for the death of Alejandro's mother. Alejandro is shocked, his mother was murdered? Uncle says Sofia had been responding well to the chemo and medicines. Suddenly she got worse for no reason. Alejandro says Fernanda was the only one helping at that time. Uncle says no, Fern wasn't responsible. "And I suppose the rest of the secret is protected by the confessional, correct Uncle?" Al says he is going to find out who killed his mother and why.

Gavino confesses to Aracadia that he feels guilty for siding with Berta against La Patrona Miranda. Arcadia points out that Berta is very bad and is capable of having them killed. Gavino says he feels so much guilt he cannot look Miranda in the eyes. It was he, Gavino, who hurt Miranda's horse Chocolate. All of a sudden they hear moaning from the bushes. It's Nati. She's dirty and hungry.

Berta calls the clinic in Germany and is lucky enough to get someone who speaks Spanish. She wants to talk to the two doctors who attended Florencia. The voice says they are no longer there but are in two different cities. For some reason Berta is incredulous that they were informed by mail. I don't get the significance.

Flor is brushing her hair in her gloomy boudoir. Miranda enters and asks how Flor is feeling. Flor heaves her brush at Miranda, "How do you think I'm feeling? How would you feel if you knew you were dying???" Miranda is shocked that Flor knows.

Berta tells Charo that she's going on a little trip. She tortures the nervous Charo by making her take Lucas downstairs to get picked up by the kennel. It's "The Entertainer" again...Nuria calls while Cesar is snacking on her ear. She tells Berta everything is ready, her plane leaves for Germany (via New York and London) tomorrow. Berta tells Nuria that nobody can know what she's up to, is that clear? She asks if Cesar is in the office. "No Madrina," lies Nuria, "he left early and hasn't returned."

Flor has a huge hissy fit at Miranda. Miranda tells her to calm down, if not for herself then for the baby. Flor says Miranda and Faby are hypocrites. She knows Miranda's plan. Miranda wants her to die so she can marry Faby. "Sure, let the poor idiota be happy for what little is left of her life, isn't that right?" Flor asks Miranda.

Gavino and Arcadia help Nati who doesn't remember who she is. Nati says that very soon they will be rich and she babbles about some treasure in a tree. Gavino and Arcadia help Nati to their house.

Gawd, back to Flor and Miranda again. Flor bleats on about how Miranda was always more beautiful, more loved by papa, wah wah wah (sounds like Berta, eh?). To paraphrase Florencia: "I'm dying and feel totally sorry for myself so let me spend my last days making you miserable too, as if stealing your fiance and marrying him myself and forcing you to be in the wedding isn't enough torture for you. Go, go! Now I'll slam the door and sob in self pity!"

Squeaky is telling Lasagna how inferior Raul is. What does Lasagna see in him? Lasagna says he has a pure soul and a super nice family. Superslutmegabitchlyingsack says "Here's a good one, Renata with Juan, Lasagna with Raul, don't they have another brother for Erika? It could be a triple wedding, so typical of the common folk. Lasagna says they do have a brother Joel, no mother, but an aunt they call Mama Amparito. Close up of Squeaky as she mocks "Mama Amparito!" This from the bimbo who calls her aunt Tiíta. Somebody slap her, please. Or make her pick cacao.

Al reports to Daira what his uncle told him. Daira says it can only be Berta behind these dastardly deeds. He wants to talk to Fernanda to clarify things. He calls Miranda, she looks at her phone, refuses to answer and listens to his message that he'll wait for her call. She's counting money and looks worried.

Faby enters the room of gloom. He says he can't understand why every time he approaches Florencia it seems to bother her. She says it's because he acts like he's doing her some favor. He says she's imagining things. (That's what people always say when they're guilty of something, remember Gaslight?) He says her health and the health of the baby are of utmost importance to him, aren't they to her? She sulks, "To me, yes, but you seem to have many more important things going on. Everything is more important than baby and me." She whines. He lies and makes excuses before his zinger, "We should never have married, our marriage was doomed to failure. We not only forged the misfortune of Miranda, but ours as well." "Wah, it's all your fault," shrieks Flor, "What do you plan to do when..." And Tivo stopped here, but she was probably going to say "...when I die?!?!"


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La Fea Más Bella #95-96 9/4 -9/5/06

Lots of Love, Kisses and one Very Sad Story...

Okay I’m trying a new format. Let met know if you like it, hate it; more details, less details. I’ll try to accommodate.


Marcia & Alicia

Marcia and Alicia talk in the museum about Lety and Fernando. Marcia doesn’t want to talk about it and says they should go party with Luigi. Alicia thinks Marcia should be checking on Fernando. They go back to Luigi who is very happy about the figure in his honor. Alicia, of course, has to say something rude. I think she said “What did you say to get them to make this figure” or something like that. Alicia takes Marcia home to her apartment. More from Alicia about “la otra.” Marcia is, of course, in denial about the whole thing. Alicia wants gas money from Marcia. Later, Alicia talks with Marcia on the phone about Lety. Marcia hangs up on Alicia again saying she’s no longer her private detective. Alicia is in front of Lety’s house. The neighborhood gang sees her get out of her car and get back in. Alicia tells Marcia that Lety’s house is peaceful and she can’t tell if Lety has come home. She decides to go to Conceptos, and the youths follow her. When they get to Conceptos, they remember that Lety works there. Meanwhile, Alicia calls Marcia to see if Fernando has arrived home. Alicia hangs up on her. Alicia knows this means that Fernando is not there yet. The security guard confirms that Fernando and Lety are not at the office.

Erasmo & Julieta

Erasmo is not happy that Lety is late. Julieta reminds him that Lety is far away and it is complicated to get home from the museum. He yells at Lety when she calls. She lets her father know that she’s in Omar’s apartment working with Omar and Fernando. He doesn’t believe her. She says they are working because Omar and Fernando are leaving for Germany tomorrow. They hang up. Roman and the neighborhood kids are outside the Padilla house making noise. Later in the night, while Lety and Fernando are together, Julieta lights a candle for her daughter praying that she is protected from another tragedy. Erasmo comes in and says that Julieta doesn’t need to worry about Lety but he’ll accompany Julieta’s with her prayer.

Paula María & Saimon

Paula Maria, Saimon and the cuartel, walk through the museum. Saimon and PM try to make each other jealous by talking about their “plans” for the night. They all go to grab something to eat. PM and Saimon continue their usual bickering and games. Pm wants a taxi to go “somewhere” while Luigi wants to do the same with his motorbike. Saimon passes out some lollipops to all the kids, while Celso talks to PM. Irmita says that the men should get PM a taxi. PM says that the men have great plans and she wouldn’t want them to disrupt them for her. Juana tells Saimon that PM may too proud to say it, but she really can’t afford to take a taxi. Saimon says he would take PM, but he hasn’t heard anything from her. PM assures him that she won’t be asking for a ride anytime soon. Sara decides she tired of PM and Saimon and takes them aside. She goes back and forth between the two. Can Saimon take her home? Will PM ride with him? Will you talk to her? Tell him thank you, like you mean it. Okay, you guys go together. Celso, you’re going to accompany Lola. Now, hold hands you two. Now do us all a favor and have fun. The cuartel is relieved. All of a sudden, they realize Lety is not with them. Saimon drops PM off at a club. They talk. He says he’s not leaving until he knows she’s safe. She goes to enter the club, turns around and tells him that no one is waiting for her there. She wants him to take her to Lola’s. Then she says she’ll find a taxi; Saimon has friends waiting. Saimon says don’t worry. Not a single person (other than Celso) is waiting for me. They finally admit that all they want is each other. A nice sweet kiss follows.

Fernando & Lety

Fernando and Lety are in his car. Lety is unhappy because Fernando lied to Marcia and because Fernando is leaving with Marcia to go to Germany tomorrow. She thinks that Marcia is going to win Fernando back while they are in Germany. Omar calls. As usual, he wants to know how things went with Lety and Marcia in the museum. He gives his usual warnings about being discreet and suggests that Fernando bring Lety to his apartment. Omar says he’ll find a young lady to give him refuge for the night. More from Omar about how Fernando needs to resolve his problems with Lety. Fernando and Lety argue. She wants to go to her home; he wants to take her somewhere to spend his last evening in Mexico with her before he leaves for Germany. Once again, Fernando does the reverse psychology thing. Lety reminds him how much she loves him and desires him. She relents and says they can go somewhere, but where? He suggests Omar’s apartment. At first Lety does not seem too enthused about the location. She does not want Omar to know about their relationship. Fernando covers himself by saying that Omar has someplace else he has to be. He would take Lety to his house, but that would be the first place Marcia would look. Lety agrees, but she wants some kisses. Once they get to Omar’s apartment complex, Lety does not want to go into the building. Fernando tries to hide from the security guy, but he recognizes him (Juaco, is his name… I think) and gives Fernando the key. Juaco makes it pretty obvious that Fernando has been there before. Fernando tries to rush Lety away. Once they get into the apartment, Lety goes on about how nice the apartment is and how big it is for a single man. Fernando decides he wants a whiskey; his first and last for the day. Lety just wants juice. Lety wants to call her parents. Romantic moment as Fernando hands her the phone and their fingers brush. Lety calls her father and lets him know what is going on. Once she gets off the phone, Lety apologizes for her father’s tone. Fernando replies that she really does have a good father. Lety tries to joke that her father acts as though he is the parent of a model or some great beauty. Fernando tells Lety that she is a special girl, and her father has reason to be nervous. Lety says that Fernando sees her with a different pair of eyes. Fernando says no, you’re the type of woman that needs to be discovered. Lety is nervous that Omar is going to find out about their relationship once the door man tells him that Fernando was there with an ugly woman. Fernando says the doorman will just refer to her as girl, no description. “Because I’m just another of many women?” Lety talks about the type of women Fernando likes. She wants to know how many ugly women he’s brought to Omar’s apartment. None, because I am the first and the last ugly woman. She says she’s an accident and one day Fernando will wake up and go back to his normal life, with beautiful women. If he doesn’t marry Marcia, it will be another beautiful woman. Fernando and Lety go back and forth about the reality of their relationship. She goes to kiss him goodbye, she’s going home. This is one of my favorite moments!!! Check out the sexy move. He starts to kiss her neck. She’s still going on about how bad she feels about the whole relationship; he’s trying to let her know that she’s wrong while trying to subtly let her know that he really does want her with some kisses. She’s talks about how afraid she is. He says no, you don’t need to fear anything. “Yes I do because I love you and you have no idea how much.” “Me too Lety, me too.” They kiss as they start to undress each other. (Anybody else notice how different these kisses are from the first time, or any other time at that?) I love that he lowers her on top of him. It’s like he gives up total control to her. More caresses and kisses while a love song (Leandro Martinez - Besáme) plays over the scene. The next time we see them, they’re in bed making love. There are candles and kisses. We actually get to see Lety’s face without the glasses. Afterwards, Lety is in the mirror looking at herself and smiling. She runs out to Fernando, who is on the couch. They talk about how beautiful it was, and she says it is time to go; her parents are waiting. He’s not so eager to leave. First, he wants to know what happened her first time. She knows about his past; he wants to know about hers. She agrees, but says that it’s not a nice story. It involves Roman and the neighborhood gang. Is that the same group following Alicia????!!!!


Outside of Conceptos…Alicia attempts to call Marcia again, and is approached by the neighborhood gang while she is dialing. They would like a ride in her Mercedes. Alicia to tell them differences between decent people and them. They insult her and call her the “queen” but they let her go. The boys want to know why Roman let Alicia go. He’s has a plan.

Saimon & Paula Maria

The two dance in the club while the employees clean up at the end of the night. PM tells him that she’s always been looking for someone and never realized until recently that it was right in front of her. Saimon wants confirmation that he’s talking about him and not Celso or all the guys she talks to on the phone. Saimon runs around the dance floor and announces to everyone that he always knew that PM was the one for him. Saimon says they should cancel all encounters with others and focus only on each other. He tells her that was always hers. Saimon wants another song, but the DJ won’t play anymore. The waiter gives him his bill. It’s another big one. PM wants Saimon to take her to her house. Saimon says no. Seductively, PM asks him where he is going to take her. She kisses him all over. He wants the waiter to hurry. They both run out of the club… I’m not exactly sure to where. I do know they’re both late the next day. J

Julieta & Erasmo

While Lety is telling her history to Fernando, Julieta and Erasmo remember the situation that happened with Miguel. Julieta blows out the candle. She and Erasmo talk about how Lety will always have them and will never be alone.

Lety & Fernando
Lety says she never did anything to Roman or his friends, but they’ve always like to have fun with her. Maybe for a diversion; she doesn’t really know why. She starts her story…
A couple years ago new boy, Miguel, joined the neighborhood gang. One day, when Lety was passing by, they introduced her to him. He flattered her and Lety was entranced. He came over to her house with flowers and chocolates. Miguel introduced himself to Julieta and Erasmo. He would visit Lety often and would present her with cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts. Lety decided that she would accept him as her boyfriend. Julieta was thrilled about the relationship. Even Erasmo could see that Lety was “illuminated”. Lety felt like everyday she discovered something new. One afternoon, Miguel wanted to make love. He promised that he loved her, and Lety gave in to him. After that day she never had anymore happy moments with him. Erasmo and Julieta see the sadness in Lety, but didn’t know how to help her. Miguel never came back to her house and never called her. He was her neighbor, but she never saw him. Lety put on some makeup and went to his house to ask for him. The woman at the door told her that Miguel was not there and that Lety should never return to look for him. Lety ran into one of her friends and asked her if she had seen Miguel. The girl told her that the whole neighborhood knew that the two of them had sex, even Roman. A couple days before Lety left for university, she saw her friend playing with the neighborhood group. Lety went up to Miguel and demanded that they talked. Roman and Miguel told Lety that Miguel only slept with her for money. It was all for a bet. They laughed at Lety for thinking it was real. Lety went to the corner and declared “Never again!” She cried and wanted to know why her. She never suspected it, but they were always planning this tragedy. She thought he would be the only man she would ever have; all because of a bet. She told her mom all that happened. Her father heard her cry and knew that something had happened. He basically threw Miguel out of the neighborhood.
Back at the apartment Fernando tries to comfort Lety. She keeps calling her self the neighborhood ugly girl. Lety makes a mistake and says “he and Omar” and then corrects herself and says “he and Roman.” Fernando flashbacks to the conversation he had with Omar when Omar told him that he had to make love to Lety. Fernando asks Lety what type of person has the capacity to do that. He also is curious if Tomas participated. Lety tells him of course not, he’s the closest person to me other than my mom, dad and you. He’s always supported me, through all of my suffering. And then one day, Don Fernando appeared. You took away all the disillusionment and showed me how to love and to believe in it again. I’ve suffered a lot and never want to return to that hell. Fernando says he’s not the man that Lety thinks he is. “Of course not! But I know that you’re a good man; you don’t have the capacity to do something like that. Above all, you’re honest, honest with your feelings.” She lets him know that it was hard for her to tell him her story. They kiss and he helps her clear her tears. She leaves to get dressed. Fernando sits on the couch, obviously affected by Lety’s story. He has another brief conversation with God (No lightening this time). Marcia calls and wants to know if Fernando is done with Lety yet. Fernando is very short with her. Lety comes out of the restroom and wants to know who was on phone. When she finds out it was Marcia she volunteers to take a taxi to her house. He tells her no. They kiss a couple of times and then leave.
Fernando drops Lety off at her house. She tells him that she hopes her story did not make him think worse of her. Fernando tells her he was flattered and thankful that she shared her story with him. She rests on his shoulder and says “See you tomorrow.” He replies back. Neither seems willing to leave the other. Lety tells him she’s going to dream all night about him. Fernando says that he will too. Fernando has a conversation with himself while Lety writes in her dictionary. She says this time was completely different from the first time. This time they really did make love. She thinks he demonstrated to her that she really is the woman he loves, that she is the more beautiful than the most beautiful woman in the world. “He is mine.” Lety writes about how she can tell that the whole night affected him like it affected her. He was so loving when she told him her story. He looked at her like her never had before; with love in his eyes. She’s very happy that she’s found Fernando, a man with the capacity to love her.
The next day Fernando wants Lety to come out of her office. She almost knocks him over on the way. An awkward conversation ensues. They change over to business. He wants to know how they are going to finance the jewelry commercial. She lets them know that they’ll have to borrow from Filmo Imagen again. On top of this, the bank only wants to let them borrow half of what they need.

Fernando & Marcia

Fernando arrives at Marcia’s apartment, looks around and says “And now, the interrogation.” to himself. Marcia is waiting on the bed with rose petals spread all over. He keeps walking away from her while she tries to seduce him. She says she knows how to make him less tense. He says he needs to sleep a little. She’s happy that he answered his phone every time she called and told her the truth about what he was doing. Why doesn’t he want to make love to her? He tells her that he’s tired and preoccupied with the trip tomorrow. “None of this ever stopped you before.” Marcia throws Fernando on the bed while Fernando continues to protest. He pulls a pillow to his head and turns away from her. She says she won’t oblige him to be with her after he’s been with his lover. She wants him to leave. While we hear Lety talking about their night and how love has returned to her, we see him in Marcia’s apartment crying.
They arrive together the next day. Fernando takes his leave of Marcia. She’s in a foul mood and wants to know where PM is. Alicia comes up to Marcia and tells her that she has a lot to tell. She asks Marcia how Fernando was when he got home. Marcia tells her he came home early enough but that he was the same as the last couple days. He didn’t want to make love and he was tired. She’s sure that he made love to his woman that night. Alicia follows Marcia to her office. Marcia doesn’t want her there; she wants to be alone. Last night, Fernando was with her, but only in the sense that his body was in her bed. He wasn’t really there. Alicia wants to know how Marcia can let Fernando go to his lover, and then sleep in her bed. “I lost him. I lost him!” Marcia says she’ll win him back when they’re in Germany. Alicia thinks she should go alone and think about the relationship; Marcia should not accept this situation. She should act like the person she really is; a woman of class.

Will Marcia go alone to Germany?
How long before Lety finds out about Fernando and Omar’s scheme?
Has Fernando finally fallen for Lety?

Besos, abrazos y mucho amor!!!!! Until next week!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Barrera de Amor synopsis: September 5

  • Again, no sign of Unibrow.

  • You recall we last saw Valeria at the convent, holding her squalling baby, mouth hanging open as her serial-killer granny stormed up demanding to know what she was doing with that child!

    Well, Remedios swept in, plucked the baby from her arms, said, "this is the child of one of my charges," and took him away! Quick thinking! Jacinta: "Remedios, tell nobody that Valeria is here, so she won't be, uh, bothered with pesky questions." Later: "Valeria, you cannot leave the convent except with me." Valeria feebly protests this house arrest.

  • Dr. Monica asks Maite and Victor to bring in the dolls, Violeta and Vera, which Veronica played with when she was little. Veronica is shocked to see the dolls again. Monica calls to Veronica's alter ego Vera! Who finally appears! Explaining: "I didn't show myself before because I thought you'd try to get rid of me. I am the daring one, the one who knows how to attract a man." She denies the existence of alter-ego Violeta and suggests it should be she, Vera, who gets domination of Valeria's body.

  • Manola and Federico have a nice snuggle in bed. Him (out loud): "I could have you and your dad putrefying in jail. There's no such thing as a perfect crime." Her (thought-bubble): "I'll get rid of you."

  • Maite gets more anonymous flowers. The village ladies, and Rodrigo, are still trying to figure out who bought Las Barricas.

  • It turns out yesterday's teaser was a fake! Nicolas, nervous as a witch, merely IMAGINES he is shot in the chest. He conjures the same scene twice - the second time, when he reaches for the gun on his desk, it's missing! He starts shouting and Rodrigo brings the gun back - he had recently been using it for target practice, as the defunct OMAR had suggested. "Grandfather, you seem a little strange."

  • Valeria asks for help from the nuns and the padre. First she gets a nun to show her where the Secret Tunnel out of the nunnery is, and the whereabouts of the key. Next, she confesses to Padre Raul and gets him to participate in an elaborate plan. He goes to the hacienda and butters Jacinta up shamelessly for hours as she preens. Then, just as he is about to leave, a baby is found on the doorstep! A foundling! Wearing a medal that says "Pedro!"

    "Oh Jacinta, merciful and generous as you are, I'm sure you will take good care of this baby."

    Valeria's plan: Jacinta will become fond of the baby and THEN Valeria can say it's hers. What a lame idea! Jacinta snarls to Federico: "I want to be rid of this mocoso (I love that word, it's like snot-nose) but since the Padre witnessed this, I couldn't just "disappear" the brat." He suggests they wait till people forget about it and then take the baby off to an orphanage somewhere.

    The preview for tomorrow, though, has Jacinta opening all the windows wide on a windy day, perhaps in hopes the baby will get pneumonia and die. And of course there's probably a goodly supply of poison powder still stashed in the basement...

  • Andres muses, with Gordo, about an early memory of a pretty woman rescuing him from a giant bull. "I remember because Daniel and I drew it." At the end of the episode, this very drawing shows up by stupid coincidence and is given to Maite, who puts it on a table, so by yet another stupid coincidence, it is sitting on that very table next to Maite when Andres shows up, newly arrived from Spain! He sees it and says: "YOU were my father's girlfriend!"


HERIDAS DE AMOR - Monday, 9/4/06

Fernanda comes home early from work and is beside herself because she realizes that Bertha has managed to poison her daughters’ minds against her. Amparo comes into the living room and Fernanda complains to her that Bertha has everything her way now and her daughters are filled with hate for her. Amparo tells her to pray that their hearts might be softened and implores Fernanda not to just give up. She has come too far at this point to let Bertha win. Fernanda though is obsessing and goes to her room letting all the horrible things she remembers of that night run through her mind.

At the prison El Magnate is saying goodbye to his cellmates and asks them to make sure they protect El Duque (Gonzalo) till he is freed soon. He’ll be by to visit them soon. El Ermitaño (The Hermit) comes to say goodbye also and warns El Magnate to forget this place exists and never to let anybody on the outside know his true identity. El magnate assures him he will not let anybody really know who he is. Then Gonzalo arrives at the end to say so long and El Magnate reminds him that once he does get out of there and if he should encounter his wife again to remember not just what he feels she did to him but also what it was he did to her as well.

Gonzalo stands there afterward and remembers all that happened immediately after the shooting when Fernanda fell unconscious onto the floor: Gonzalo turns to Bertha asking what’re they going to do now? Bertha says she’ll handle everything, but for now they need to do something with Fernanda. He says, “You don’t mean to kill her, right?” “No! I wasn’t the one who cheated and stained my bed with your lust and damnation! –How could she have done this to you? She had everything ready to go off with him and how come we didn’t realize it? She made a fool out of you and trampled on your feelings. You can’t let her get away with this!” Gonzalo tells her that he received numerous anonymous warnings this might happen, but he disregarded it all thinking it was just from some envious person.

Bertha goes for the pistol, wipes it off with her scarf and then puts Fernanda’s hand all over it for prints. “What are you doing?” “Saving you from jail; saving your daughters and your family’s name.” Gonzalo says a single test would show she’d never shot the thing. So Bertha suggests emphatically that he run her off by threatening her life and that of their daughters. “Dont’ give her a choice. Tell her to leave or you’ll report her to the police. She can leave or spend the rest of her life in jail!”

Alejandro arrives at Amparo’s house looking for Fernanda and Amparo tells him how agitated she’s become. Since she only pays attention to him he needs to help her out.

Fernanda is running the events of that night through her head. She remembers coming to and seeing a “dead” Alfredo on the floor with Gonzalo sitting at the table beyond. She remembers him threatening her life and later, that of her daughters if she didn’t leave right then. He forces her to leave without taking her daughters or she’ll spend the rest of her life in jail.

Alejandro enters the room right then and she turns and screams, “Alfredo! It’s all your fault this happened! I hate you!” while Alejandro takes the blows. He is confused and he shakes her to the present and asks why she referred to him as his father and what made her say she hated him. What happened?

Fernanda explains how she tried to tell his father that she didn’t love him anymore and wouldn’t leave with him. She should never have left her daughters there and now she deserves all that’s happening to her. Alfredo wonders what reason Alfredo had to think she would go with him at all, let alone come looking for her.

Cesar is bragging to Luis Alberto that Gonzalo is going to learn that he now is the one who pulls all the strings.

Miranda arrives back at the hacienda and asks Gabino if Bertha in fact was the one to upset the workers with the story about not raising their salaries. His wife comes in just at that moment and lies to her for him, saying Bertha didn’t say anything to the workers. Miranda goes to the workers’ wives and tells them she’s not able to meet their demands so anybody who wants can pick up and go. Some of the women do stay and offer their help with the cocoa harvest.

Julio’s sons go to Rebeca’s house to take their father home. The younger one, Angel, wants to just let his father live out the remaining years at Rebeca’s side rather than force Julio to be kept in an asylum. Daniel says no because he remembers how his mom used to cry all the time because of their dad’s being with Rebeca. Anyway, how could he be really sick since a man who just had a heart attack doesn’t go out shopping like the maid just told them he’d been doing. Julio refuses to go with his sons and they fight. He slaps the older one who eventually just leaves disgusted but Angel hugs his dad and goes off.

Ramon arrives at Amparo’s to explain his intentions towards her to Francisco. He says that neither are so young they need his permission, so he’s doing it as a courtesy and because Amparo had asked him to. Francisco gets nasty and Ramon says it doesn't matter, essentially. Then he talks to Amparo and tells her she’s been nothing but a free housekeeper and nanny service to her brother all these years. She needs to ask her brother nothing because she owes him nothing.

Fernanda explains to Alejandro that she really could never hate his dad, but he did provoke what happened that night. Bertha and Gonzalo, they determine, are the only ones who really know what happened; but why had Alfredo thought he should go looking for Fernanda, particularly there, at their hacienda? Bertha also, they figure, is the only one who could have let him in that night, but they don’t know what she might have gotten out of it and Alfredo never mentioned anything relevant about her to his son. Fernanda says who knows what Bertha’s story is since she always mixes the truth with lies in order to confuse people. Alejandro remarks that Daira said exactly the same about Bertha. Alejandro wonders what Fernanda is still hiding from him.

Lizania and Raul argue about not telling Florencia or Miranda about the affair Veronica and Fabricio are having. She goes off and Erica joins Raul and says those two are the same when it comes to premarital sex. Lizania, Erica tells Raul, has admitted she had sex already and only because she felt like it, not because she loved the guy. She though is one who wants only to go to bed with a guy for love. Raul is disappointed about Lizania and begins to look at Erica with new eyes.

Fabricio and Florencia are arguing over Veronica. She accuses him of fooling around with Veronica the other day, but he denies it. Florencia demands he stay clear of Veronica now, as well as Miranda and Fabricio is fit to be tied. Veronica is listening to it all from behind a tree and chuckling to herself when Juan walks up behind her and catches her in a lie about her eavesdropping. He warns her he’s Florencia'
s doctor and he’ll kick her off the property if she causes Florencia any health problems. He leaves and Renata asks Veronica what all that was about. She lies and says he said he misses his girlfriend. She answers she’s going to make sure he ends up crazy for her and rushes off to find him.

Renata finds Juan and she makes a false apology for her behavior when he returned the wallet. Will he forgive her? When he refuses to respond she grabs him and kisses him; then she asks if she’s better at kissing or his girlfriend. He teases her and says his girlfriend is better and she stomps off.

Miranda asks Tomasa to tell her the truth about her mother. Tomasa says Fernanda was beyond reproach. Miranda says if she were so wonderful she’d be there with them now. What is everybody hiding from her and her sisters that would be so dangerous to find out? She is sick of all the half-truths and is losing her trust in Tomasa. Fabricio shows up then and Tomasa leaves.

Miranda thanks him for all the financial and moral support. He takes her into his arms and asks if she’s still in love with him. He tells her everything with Florencia aparently was a mistake and he was blind to it all because of Bertha’s doings. Then he kisses Miranda briefly and she breaks it off, telling him what they had was something she did because of habit. It was definitely affection. He was there with his smiles and good nature, but that was all. She now realizes he was not the man of her dreams. He asks her if Alejandro is the one who robbed her from him.

Bertha goes over to visit Rebeca and to look for Cesar. Rebeca is hoping Cesar doesn’t find Julio is staying there, but Bertha says “Put your foot down, afterall it’s your house! She also makes a reference to “which sons......the legitimate ones or --?” She will never tell her sons the truth! Rebeca says if people knew she’d be considered a whore, a streetwalker. Rebeca says that she can understand and admire Fernanda for having suffered so long and still having kept quiet. Bertha asks her what she means and she lets slip “about Florencia not being Gonzalo’s child!” It’s obvious that Bertha was caught by surprise and as she leaves she thinks to herself that its definitely one more reason she’ll victimize Fernanda and her daughters.

Julio comes downstairs and defends Fernanda’s honor. Bertha yells at him for having told her that Bertha and Gonzalo were lovers after Gonzalo married her. He says Fernanda deserved to know and not to suffer any further. Nobody, especially Gonzalo, he tells them must find out about Florencia. Bertha then accuses him of protecting Fernanda because of being another one of many in love with Fernanda and leaves.

Rebeca is upset and jealous now, but Julio assures her that he deceived his wife for years because he loved Rebeca so much. Therefore, she shouldn’t listen to Bertha because she has a way of wrapping around and wrapping around her victim and then suddenly when they cannot move any longer she goes in for the final blow. Bertha anyway is no one to talk and adds, certainly they are not samples of moral rectitude, and definitely not.

Fabricio wants an answer from Miranda still. He suggests they get back together again, on the sly. She is shocked to hear this from him. He swears then he’ll regain her love one way or another. She breaks free of him and runs away in horror and confusion.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Heridas Friday September 1

Fabricio and superslut Veronica are kissing, he’s telling her again and again, “leave and we’ll talk later.” She finally leaves and the camera pans over to Flor in bed! They were in the bedroom with her right there! Flor wakes up and says who’s there? Fab says “uh me I was getting a drink, go to sleep already.”

Bertha returns to her room and talks to the dog, doing the villain’s thing where they make threats to the air and the pet just sits there.

Julio’s other son, Angel’s brother, Marcos from Alborada, I can’t remember his name. He’s having a drink with Cesar’s henchman, who is trying to convince him that Cesar is all above board. (Marcos) laughs and says careful, when he doesn’t need YOU any more he’ll get rid of you too! Oh his name is Daniel. Daniel is saying something about who is with him and who isn’t and that Cesar will end up with nothing, I really didn’t understand and my wife is sick today so I’m on my own for translating. I’ll apologize now. Anyway, they agree to see each other tomorrow at the office to sign some policies. Daniel then calls over Angel, who was sitting nearby. D tells A that Cesar and his flunky have more money than C&A originally thought, so they will hold out for a better return on their own money. Angel says the woman he’s with is a neurologist, she can extend the ‘certificado’ on the old man, I assume this is Julio. I’m not sure what certificado is, but perhaps pronouncing Julio unfit for duty or something like that. Angel says it will be expensive.

Alejandro is still calming Fernanda down, who goes on about feeling lost. Alejandro finally seems to calm her and he leaves. Fernanda has a flashback about Miranda saying bad things about her mother. She sighs and whimpers dramatically.

Miranda is in bed thinking out loud, how Florencia can’t know the truth. Etc.

The next day Alejandro is in Fernanda’s office. Pamela comes in, they tell her that Miranda knows the truth. Pamela says she’ll talk to her, Fern says no no no she’ll do it. Pamela tries to give advice on how to get Miranda to listen, but she doesn’t have much to offer.

Miranda confronts the priest about why he didn’t tell her the truth. He has a flashback of Alejandro and Fernanda asking him to keep quiet. He says he couldn’t tell her anything, blah blah blah. He gives her advice that sounds like nothing, just a bunch of ‘what happens happens’ kind of stuff.

Gonz in jail – El Magnate comes to sit with him. Or is Gonzalo El Magnate and the guy is a different name? I forget. Anyway, the other guy is getting out and wants to find his wife and daughter. I believe this is Pamela and her mother. They think they will see each other again on the outside.

Angel and Daniel are leaving the flunky’s office, they are in the background, in front is hottie Nuria (when she’s not crying anyway) shuffling around some stuff on her desk. I think this is supposed to be a dramatic effect, something to change up the usual boring camera work in this type of show. Flunky and the boys agree to meet up again later, the boys are off to talk to Gonzalo. Flunky then approaches Nuria, who already has an I’m about to cry face on, there goes the hotness. Damn. Anyway, she’s worried about Cesar, where is he? Flunky is already trying to work himself in between Nuria and Cesar, giving her doubts, finally he says “why do you love him so much?” and she doesn’t have an answer. Bertha comes in looking for Cesar and decides to wait in his office, after telling Nuria to go see a particular doctor for some reason. She asks flunky if he expects Cesar in late, he says yeah he was with a woman last night so VERY late! She starts pumping Flunky for info. Does Cesar confide in him? Does he tell him about her? Yes and yes. You know all his business? Flunky practically begs her to give him money to divulge some info. She changes the subject, tell me about what Cesar tells you about me. Everything? Yes everything! Then of course the show goes to commercial.

Cesar is busy waking up his date from the previous evening to kick her out. It takes her forever to get ready to leave, but the dress she’s wearing, wow what a body she has. Some floozy though I’m sure. He tells her to close the door good behind her. He gets a call from Daniel, yes they signed the policies or whatever, great, see you later.

Alejandro and Fernanda are talking about the whole thing some more, how will she feel when she hears this, oh my god, what will she think about that? Oh my god! What about that? Holy crap! Fernanda ends up begging Alejandro to take Bertha away from Miranda, he says no, the one thing he’ll never do is give up Miranda.

Back in the pool at the hacienda, Flor is doing her exercises, Fab is there with Juan. Somehow now they are all friends. She feels good, Fab wants to take her to the beach, she says great, Juan says it’s ok and he’ll go to Mexico those days, everyone is so happy. Lalalala. Then Squeaky and her posse show up, I’m sure to rain on the parade. Luckily for the male viewership they are also demonstrating their bikini skills. Squeaky says they can’t leave, they have to stay to protect the women from the workers if they try to make trouble. Ah well, then, they will stay. Squeaky tells Juan there is something wrong with her throat. Open wide…. you don’t have anything. She says aren’t you going to apologize? He says for what? I don’t have to apologize for anything! Don’t talk to me! And he storms off. Squeaky says how stupid he is, while at the same time obviously lusting after him.

Pamela is talking Miranda down from her mountain of anger, telling her that Fernanda is ‘mama’ no matter how evil she might be. Miranda says she is too busy right now worrying about the hacienda and the potential labor riots. Miranda leaves to go meet Cesar, Pamela stays to spend time with her mother. They go to see the priest, there is some mysterious guy hanging around watching them. I’m guessing it’s more than to just admire Pamela.

Fab tells superslut Veronica that she was nuts to come into his room last night, she needs to knock it off. Raul and Lasagna walk by in the background, she wants to eavesdrop but Raul pulls her away. Superslut starts telling Fab she loves him, etc etc. He says it was a mistake, drop it. She is using every trick, I can treat you better, all that, he stands his ground. She then starts throwing Juan’s name around, about how wonderful he is, trying to make Fab jealous of him. Tomasa finally shows up and says she needs to talk to Fab, obviously to get her to leave. Superslut gets huffy but Fab runs her off. Tomasa is worried because the money is almost gone. Fab gives her cash, everything he has.

Jail – Miranda and the boys are there. Daniel says Cesar convinced them to retract their accusations, just then Cesar walks in and says “I promised you Miranda!” Miranda is so grateful she gives him a hug. What a scammer this guy is. Gonz has a fit and tells Cesar he doesn’t want to see his face. Cesar gets a puppydog look and says he doesn’t understand why Gonz tries to blame him still since there’s no proof. Miranda the dumbass defends Cesar, “it’s true papa!” Cesar plays hurt, he tells the boys well then never mind, here before you is the guilty man. Daniel says ok then, we’re outta here. Miranda begs them to wait, let her talk to Gonz. She again says Cesar didn’t do anything. A great line from Gonz here, “It was him. I would rather stay here in jail than give any thanks to that miserable man, Cesar!” She says she needs him out and that she knows the truth about Dr. Fernandez! Gonz’s head snaps around to look at her. Hey how come she isn’t so pissed at him for not telling her, since she is so mad at everyone else?

Tomasa is whining, what will Miranda do when she finds out the money is gone? Fab says he’ll even sell his share of the oil project to keep paying the security. Tomasa says no way, Miranda will never forgive her if she accepts that. Tomasa suggests running off Squeaky’s friends to save money, Fab says no no they are good for Flor. Tomasa says “you don’t want to leave Flor alone, or you don’t want to be without VERONICA??” Fab looks like he got hit in the nuts. Fab says he doesn’t care about her staying. Tomasa says she hopes his mistake doesn’t have consequences.

Superslut Veronica intercepts Flor on her walk, asks how she feels, etc, then says she must be happy at the pretty hacienda when her ‘marido tan guapo!’ Flor says “what are you trying to say?” “Fab and Miranda were together their whole lives, don’t you think he still thinks about her?” Flor snaps at her “that is over between them, he has eyes only for me.” Superslut goes on trying to make her think jealous thoughts, what will Fab think when she’s fat and pregnant, anything to make her jealous. Finally she says something about how his quinta is sooo romantic! She leaves, Florencia is burning with anger.

Alejandro is trying to call Miranda, Bertha answers the phone. “oh I was passing and I heard it ring.” Whatever. Alejandro is desperate to find Miranda, he is dumb enough to try and talk to Bertha rather than just hang up on her. Bertha lies and lies. She tells Alejandro that Miranda said she never wants to see him again. Of course he wants to explain, Bertha says to leave her alone for some time before trying. Right. Any trick to keep them apart. She finally says she’ll tell Miranda to call Alejandro but doesn’t sound convincing. Luciano shows up and tells Alejandro about his meeting with Cesar. At the news that Cesar is selling his property, Alejandro almost spits out his coffee. I’m guessing he is very interested in buying that property! Alejandro then begs Luciano to be buddies with Cesar to find out everything about him. Luciano says of course.

Gonz tells Miranda to go home, he’ll talk to the three stooges himself. He also forbids her from having any contact with Fernanda. Miranda says she’ll have to talk to her sometime, Gonz says no way. Cesar walks up and calls Gonz ‘Padrino’, Gonz tells him to not talk to him that way. To the devil with him and his snide remarks! Cesar says “ok whatever….. padrino.” Gonz fights back the urge to choke Cesar right there. Gonz says he’ll accept whatever to get out of jail, but Cesar better hope he (Gonz) finds anything against Cesar. Cesar says “you’ll find nothing. Nothing!”

Pamela and her mom talk to the priest. They talk about Miranda, the priest tells Pamela to support her until Miranda is ready to listen to reason.

Miranda finds out that Bertha left the house and makes plans to look for the briefcase and gets Charo to help her.


Barrera de Amor: September 4

  • We did not see even one second of Unibrow today, not even a flashback.

  • Theodoro and Baldo recap the entire history of Unibrow and Maite, concluding: they never would have split up, and Maite would not have lost her daughter to Jacinta, if Aunt Griselda's letter (which Baldo just found) had reached Unibrow instead of sitting in Federico's desk for 20 years. They agree nobody must know they have the letter. "It's a very important letter," they tell each other.

  • Andres' mentor insists: "For the sake of your career you must go back to Mexico, in fact to Aguascalientes, and harass bulls there whether you like it or not." This causes Andres to sulk by taking off his shirt, riding on the beach, and flexing his muscles a lot, for those who like that sort of thing.

  • Jacinta is indignant that an outsider has bought Las Barricas, a big important nearby estate which has stood empty for years due to inheritance problems. Teodoro and Baldo, however, are jubilant, because they've already been hired to work for the new owner, whose identity is not revealed.

  • Valeria, freshly arrived from Oaxaca, wisely stows her baby at the Aguascalientes nunnery before popping in on Jacinta, whose welcoming words are: "What are you doing here?" Federico shows up and gives an equally unwelcoming welcome.

    Federico has just received word that Andres will soon be in town. He and Jacinta decide Valeria must go back to the nunnery. Nobody must know she's in town, and she mustn't know Andres is coming.

    Jacinta invites Rodrigo to dinner, as she still expects Rodrigo and Valeria will marry. Valeria, however, was silent over the pork chops, still moping about Andres, uninterested in Rodrigo's scintillating stories about his business. Jacinta snarls: "You should have encouraged him! Well, you better go back to the nunnery to be closer to God, you evidently weren't ready to come back yet."

    So Valeria asks: "Theoretically, what would you say if I had a child by Andres?" Jacinta yells: "I would never accept a bastard." Valeria goes back to the monastery.

  • Dr. Monica (who resembles any blond bimbo) asks Veronica: "Why draw so many pictures of women in mirrors?" Veronica says her "real" mother gave her a three-part mirror long ago, but it broke. Dr. Monica engineers the first-ever sighting of Veronica turning into Vera; Maite and Victor watch, transfixed, from the other side of a one-way mirror.

  • Sergio ruefully explains to Jose and Phyllis Diller Maldonado: "I have no talents or skills and hence must live off the crumbs my sister Jacinta doles out to me." They invite him to live with them. He accepts.

  • Gustavo is working hard at his rehabilitation and is very happy Rodrigo is doing so well. "I know he's not my 'real' son, but I love him as if he were," he tells Maite, who points out she loves Veronica (her foster-daughter) and Valeria (her natural-born daughter) equally.

  • Somebody sends Maite a huge, anonymous bouquet of roses.

  • Remedios, ushering a batch of kids through the convent, sees Valeria with the baby. She bustles over. Valeria introduces Pedrito, and Remedios is cooing over him when -- Jacinta shows up! "What the *&^%$ are you doing with that child?" she demands of Valeria, who will be left staring open-mouthed in horror until tomorrow.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

La Fea Más Bella #93-94 8/31 -9/1/06 House of Jealousy, House of Wax

Howdy and sorry for the delay. From now on, Amanda will be recapping the juicy Monday and Tuesday episodes, while I'll be handling the relatively lightweight Wednesday through Friday eps. I am thrilled to have someone splitting the week with me, because having to take notes every night was starting to take the fun out of it.

I have no corrections this time, except to admit that I'm not sure that Marcia told Alicia to "get even" with Ariel. I really thought she did, but I have reason to believe she may have just said "leave me alone." (I can't always make out what they're saying, so I sometimes have to guess and look up the wrong word.)

Thursday: Patty meets Lucy and Ethel, and probably isn't very impressed

In the restroom, the feas discuss Patty. They talk about how beautiful she is, and how jealous Marcia must be. We can see from Lety's face that she's quite tired of hearing about Patricia Manterola.

Lety heads back to her desk, but runs into Alicia and Marcia on the way. She has a brief daydream that the three of them band together to get rid of Patty, and cackle in anticipation, then snaps out of it just in time to see Patty on her way back to Luigi's office, and Fernando going back to his own office. As Lety, Alicia, and Marcia scowl at Fern, Fern howls like a horny wolf. Marcia and Alicia take off after Patty.

Fern gets back to the boardroom where Omar and Irma are still working on Luigi's budget for the Bella Life jewelry campaign. Fern asks Irma to go find Lety. After Irma steps out, Fern (who is still glowing from meeting Patty) hums one of her tunes, and Omar warns Fern that Lety is not going to be happy with him for drooling openly at Patty. He says that Fern is going to have to do something reallky marvelous to make it up to Lety.

Irma returns with Lety. Fern wants to immediately have a quick, private conversation with Lety to smooth things over, but he quickly discovers that she is every bit as angry as Omar had predicted.

Patty and Luigi are chatting in Luigi's office when Marcia and Alicia interrupt. Marcia wants to speak privately to Luigi right away. They go into the hallway, leaving Al with Patty. Al puts on a gigantic pair of headphones and pointedly ignores Patty.

Marcia asks Luigi why Patty is there. She tells Luigi that Patty is Fernando's amante. Luigi reacts with mock horror. He says he as known Patty for a long time, and asks how long Fern and Patty have been together. Marcia says about two months. Luigi smugly drags Marcia back into his office, and asks Patty how long she's been back in Mexico. Patty tells him he knows it's been five days. Luigi asks where was she before that. Bemused, she says she was in Spain. Luigi asks her who she was with. Patty asks what all these questions are for, but answers that she was with her boyfriend. (Doesn't anyone notice the gigantic piece of bling on her left hand??)

Marcia is very embarrassed and begs Patty's pardon for being so nosy. She is still apologizing when Alicia finally takes the headphones off. She is angry with Marcia for being so forgiving, and is about to repeat all of the accusations against Patty when Marcia tells her that Patty's been out of town until five days ago. She practically has to drag Alicia out of the room.

Luigi explains to Patty about Marcia's jealous nature. Meanwhile, Alicia and Marcia decide what to do next. They agree that Lety is the key - if they follow her, they will find Fernando's lover.

Back in the boardroom, the meeting is just finishing up and Irma leaves. The phone rings - it's Klaus (I think that's what they're called) - the sportswear client in Germany. I guess they want to get their campaign going and someone is going to have to go to Germany to meet with them. Fernando is worried about Conceptos having to please two clients at the same time.

Meanwhile, Mom misses Lety and decides to visit her at the office on her lunch hour. She tells RoboPapa that she's taking a vacation from the stove, and takes the bus to Conceptos. She calls Lety from the security phone outside. Lety tells her she's too busy to go to lunch, but when she realizes that Mom is already waiting for her outside, she rushes out to meet her. Mom is already getting on the next bus when Lety gets to the door. Mom says lots of mushy things to her, and then Dad and Tomas drive up in the Padillamobile and they all go to lunch and have more mushy family conversation.

Marcia, Luigi, Omar, and Fernando are having a fancier lunch in the boardroom and Alicia is hovering over them, perhaps hoping to be fed. Luigi is telling them about his boyfriend problems, and I think hinting that he'd like to go to Germany and meet some hunky soccer players. Alicia pipes up that she ought to be the one to go to Germany. Fernando sarcastically asks Alicia how good is her German, and what does she know about soccer? For example, what does FIFA stand for? Alicia admits her German isn't great and FIFA stands for... uh... Futbol Internacional de Feos Anonimos. She and Luigi laugh at her lame joke, and Marcia kicks her out of the boardroom.

Fernando reminds Luigi that he has two commercials to do, and no time to travel to Germany, or hang out with Patty Manterola on company time, for that matter. Marcia (suddenly in a bad mood again) excuses herself. Fern and Luigi argue a bit and then Luigi complains about their fancy food and leaves with another " 'scuse me."

After lunch, Alicia complains to Marcia about not getting to go to Germany. Carolina comes in with invitations to some event at the wax museum tonight. Alicia babbles like crazy about... I'm not sure what, exactly, but it embarrasses Marcia. Alicia seems to be trying to impress Carolina, but Carolina is trying to hide her face so they won't see her laughing. Carolina asks to speak privately to Marcia.

In Marcia's office, Carolina explains that this event at the wax museum is going to be a surprise for Luigi - a wax figure of himself will be unveiled for the museum's collection. (The Luigi statue is a secret, no one else knows about that.) There will be lots of publicity and she wants as many people from Conceptos to attend as possible. (And she's only giving them a few hours' notice? Weird.) Marcia says she can't, because there is too much work to do.

Next, Carolina goes to Lety. She notices that Lety seems out of sorts (Lety is still upset about Patty). Lety makes an excuse about being busy, but she is delighted to be invited to the wax museum event. Carolina gives her some more invitations and tells her to invite everyone. Then she goes to Fernando and tells him about the event, then to Lola and Martha - she is handing these invitations out to everyone. She tells them they can bring their families and friends. She wants a big crowd. She runs into Patty and Luigi in the executive lobby, and invites them too.

Downstairs in the main lobby, PM is telling Sara that she has no place to stay tonight (I think). Saimon is clowing around with a stack of Rolodex cards - he says these cards are filled with the perfume of all his hot girlfriends, or somesuch. He is throwing them around. Patty comes off the elevator and he tries to ask her out on a date. She politely declines. (Again, I ask, does no one else notice her gigantic engagement ring?) PM, Sara, and Celso tease Saimon. Then Carolina comes down, and Saimon makes a fool of himself with her too, choking on his breath spray. Carolina tells them about the event at the wax museum and invites all of them. PM makes some sarcastic comments that I regret being unable to understand because I find it hard to believe that she would be rude to Carolina (perhaps she's being rude to Saimon). :-( After Carolina, Saimon, and Celso have dispersed, Sara tells PM that tonight might be another chance to spend some time with Saimon.

Back upstairs, Marcia reveals that she, Omar, and Fernando will be making the trip to Germany... tomorrow! She asks Lety to make all the arrangements.

Friday: Lucy and Ethel strike again, probably not for the last time

My Spanish skills were not quite up to this episode, so I probably misunderstood a few things or missed them entirely. Nevertheless:

Lola and Martha are very excited about the wax museum event. Martha calls her husband and asks him to bring the kids, including PM's and Lola's.

In Fern's office, Fern protests that he is too busy to go to Germany and Lety backs him up, but it doesn't work. Marcia rolls her eyes or makes a face every time Lety speaks, and she won't let Fern out of it.

After Marcia leaves, Fern gets a visit from a handsome older man whose name I don't catch (he may be Fern's uncle?) and this man's assistant who wears sunglasses indoors and doesn't talk. This man says flattering things to Lety and has a brief conversation with Fern, including a mention of Acapulco.

After those two men leaves, Fernando complains to Lety and Omar about Luigi's budget for the jewelry ad. Lety suggests that Filmo-Imagen can probably get a bank loan for them. Fernando reminds her that he'll need her to give their books a makeover for the upcoming Big Meeting (he doesn't want anyone to know that Conceptos owes money to F-I).

She goes into her office to make the last-minute travel arrangements, and Omar tells Fernando that it's very important that he take Lety out on a date on the eve of his departure. Fern tries to get Lety to agree to go out with him, but she tells him she already has plans to go to the wax museum with the feas. He correctly assumes that she's angry about Patty, but she denies it and leaves in a huff. She rebraids her hair in the bathroom (so that we can hear her mumble some more about Patty) while the feas talk downstairs in the main lobby. They are frustrated with PM and/or Saimon (I don't really get this conversation). Lety shows up, still fuming, and wants to leave right away.

Marcia interrupts Omar and Fern's scheming to grill Fern about his plans for the evening. He says he's going to work late tonight and go home alone (i.e. without her) to rest up for his trip. She is not happy to hear this but leaves them alone. Omar urges Fern to have "relaciones" with Lety tonight after the museum event so that her feelings won't wane (or her anger won't grow) while he's gone, making it easier for Tomas to swoop in and steal her heart.

Saimon clowns around in the lobby, spraying himself with body spray (I assume), brushing his eyebrows, talking about the big night out. Everyone laughs except PM, but she stares longingly at him as the feas leave. Saimon and Celso primp in the restroom and practice some dance moves. Saimon grumps a bit about PM, and says what they need tonight is a couple of Patty Manterolas.

While Carolina makes plans with the museum manager, Luigi yaps with his boyfriend on the phone in his office. He mentions the wax museum, but says he has lots of work to do.

Carolina is trying to reach Luigi, but he's not picking up. Then she gets a call from Fernando, who wants to know who else is attending. She tells him everyone is coming (something like that - I don't really get this conversation.) Then Fern calls Marcia to tell her he's going to the museum. Again, she wants to know when he plans to get home.

Everyone gets to the museum (Mr. Martha and the kids pretend to be wax statues) and Carolina greets them warmly (I keep mentioning Carolina's warm greetings because it often seems like she's the only person who ever seems happy to see anyone).

Finally, Carolina gets Luigi on the phone to get him to come to the museum. I can't tell exactly what she says to Luigi to convince him, but it works.

Alicia is just sitting down to dinner in her expensive apartment (the one she owes big bucks on). She mutters about how sad it is to be eating alone. The phone rings - it's Marcia. She orders Alicia to pick her up and take her to the museum. Fern's going to meet with his amante there, and they're going to find out who it is. Alicia says she needs time to put on her disguise and freshen up her makeup - but Marcia cuts her off. There's no time for that. They need to leave right away. After Marcia hangs up, Alicia grumps about the cost of gas.

Luigi arrives at the wax museum, claiming that he was delayed by traffic. He sits near wax figures of Dali and Picasso. Martha notes a resemblance between Luigi and Dali. Fernando arrives, and Luigi asks him how many of his models he's slept with. Fernando is a little shocked by this seemingly unprovoked question, and Lety is annoyed too! Carolina explains that Picasso slept with lots of his models. Lety makes some comments about this too that go over my head. Fern clowns around and sings.

Carolina encourages everyone to move on to the auditorium, and Fern pulls Lety aside to another room, where there are statues of photographers with flashing cameras (it seems kinda creepy if you ask me). Throughout their super-secret conversation, the cameras go off all around them - funny.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Marcia have arrived downstairs. They immediately ask Carolina where Fernando is, and the feas ask where is Lety. Carolina tells them they should all be in the auditorium. Martha sneaks off to look for Lety, but Marcia and Alicia are herded into the auditiorium and can't get away.

Fern and Lety argue about his affairs with models. Finally she gives in, and Martha finds them. She tells them that Marcia is looking for Fern, and it's time for the presentation to begin. Fernando somehow gets her to agree to keep their whereabouts a secret (I have no idea what he tells her) and not even tell Marcia she saw them. Later, she seems extremely nervous and spooked by one of the exhibits, but I don't understand that conversation either. Sorry. :-( There might be food involved, though. ;-)

The presentation begins. A man starts off with a speech about some wonderful talented person they all know. Luigi conceitedly (and correctly) assumes that he's the subject of this speech, and delightedly rushes up to the stage. But he doesn't go up to the presenter - no, he runs behind the curtain so he can meet his statue right away! The curtain is pulled aside, and an adequate likeness is revealed. I don't think it does Luigi justice, but Luigi falls in love with it right away! He dabs his eyes on his statue's scarf and is choked up with self-admiration, but of course not speechless. He gives a heartfelt acceptance speech which, to a person who does not understand Spanish, probably sounds like humble thanks. In fact, he is actually saying how beautiful it is and how much it looks like him. He takes a pair of sunglasses from Carolina and puts them on his statue, to protect its eyes from the sight of the feas! After a moment of annoyance, they all laugh. It's certainly not news to them that he's full of themself, and his happiness is (evidently) infectious.

Alicia is also impressed by the statue. She tells Marcia they should make one of her. Marcia is impatient, though, and as soon as the ceremony ends she wants to go looking for Fernando. They soon run into Martha, who denies having seen Fernando or Lety. (Fern and Lety sneak out right behind Al and Marcia's backs while they're speaking to Martha.)

Soon after, Alicia catches a glimpse of them, and she and Marcia give chase. We get a mini-tour of the museum during their pursuit. Fern and Lety disguise themselves as monks and hid in an exhibit. Later, in the museum's parking garage, he continues apologizing to Lety about the Patty Manterola mixup, and she teases him. Then his phone rings. It's Marcia. He doesn't want to answer it, but Lety insists.

Marcia says she's at the museum. He pretends to be surprised. She wants to know where he was during the Luigi statue presentation (I don't think he knew anything about that). She asks him who he's with. He says he's with Lety (just what Marcia wanted to hear) and they're going back to the office to finish up some work since Marcia has cruelly forced him to take this trip to Germany. And, yet again, she wants to know when he's going to get home.

Finally he manages to end the conversation. He and Lety take off for parts unknown (I'm guessing not the office).

Meanwhile, the feas are still at the museum, discussing their plans for the evening. I sure hope they're not waiting for Lety!


Friday, September 01, 2006

Barrera de Amor: September 1

Federico offers to help Manola and Nicolas bolster their feeble fabrication concerning Gustavo's alleged death - in exchange for more power over the Zamora estate. Manola feels forced to accept.

Veronica's alternate personalities continue to torment her in the insane asylum. The bad one scribbles on her paintings.

Rodrigo tells Federico he wants to pay the workers more, Federico says: "No, that will lower the profit margin." But as nine months pass (so Valeria's baby can be born) we see Rodrigo is doing an excellent job building up his father Gustavo Zamora's estate. (Well, actually, don't forget, Rodrigo is in fact Federico's son, and Federico knows it, but Rodrigo doesn't. Poor Gustavo. Not only defenestrated but cuckolded.)

It's explained why Andres and Valeria split up: Jacinta, with Rodrigo's help, engineered a scene which made Andres think Valeria was making time with Andres' brother Daniel. Valeria was furious with him for doubting her and fled (pregnant) to the nunnery in Oaxaca, where she has been holed up ever since. Now she has had the baby, Pedro. She plans to go back to Aguascalientes. Her grammy Jacinta doesn't know about the baby. Jacinta prepares for Valeria's return by getting rid of anybody who could tell Valeria the "misunderstanding" had been created on purpose. She pays her brother Sergio to leave town and she tells Federico to sack Baldo. Baldo's sister Juanita, who might also have known, has left the country.

Andres went to Spain, where he has been building his reputation as a bullfighter. He mopes for Valeria all the time. However, innumerable promo photos of him with babes dripping from his shoulders have made their way to Oaxaca and Valeria is convinced he's forgotten her. She is registering the baby under her own name and doesn't plan to tell Andres he has a son.

Jacinta has it all planned: she will become mistress of the Zamora estate, Rodrigo will marry Valeria. Rodrigo (who appears to be completely rehabiliated, misses his father, is a responsible and sensitive employer, etc) has a "special interest" in Valeria. Federico convinces him not to come clean about having had a hand in the "misunderstanding" - "she will never forgive you."

Gustavo (Rodrigo's dad, who was defenestrated by his wife Manola) appears to be living with Victor and Maite. He is in a wheelchair (every modern-day novela has somebody in a wheelchair) but is in good spirits. He will go back and accuse Nicolas and Manola of murder, but not till he can go on his own two feet. Also, he wants proof of their dastardly deeds.

In a final act intended to annoy Baldo (who says he's been offered a job at Las Barricas at double salary), Federico barks: "arrange my archive before you leave." Bad move! Because, while so doing, Baldo finds the letter Griselda wrote to Unibrow - twenty years previously - about her niece Maite, shortly before she (aunt Griselda) was murdered in a burning building, along with Baldo's mother, by Jacinta.

This was the letter intercepted by Manola. It explained: Maite was forced to marry Adolfo because - after he raped her - he (and his mammy Jacinta of course) threatened otherwise to throw Unibrow in prison forever. Baldo now shows it to his dad Teodoro, who points out helpfully: "Unibrow should have received this letter many years ago."

Jacinta orders her puppet, Cleotilda, to go find out if it's true that somebody has bought Las Barricas, and promises: "If you keep pleasing me and serving me, I will ask our Savior to accept you at his side." "Really?" breathes Cleotilda enthusiastically.

Victor and Guillermo are going to move in together. Maite says valiantly that she won't be lonely. While they are all at a restaurant, Sergio shows up and says he suspects his sister Jacinta knows where Valeria is, and that she (Jacinta) gave Sergio money to leave town so he wouldn't be there at the arrival. Maite admits to him that she still loves Unibrow, who happily was entirely absent from this episode.


Heridas de Amor - Thursday 8/31/06

After Bertha leaves Fernanda’s office, Fernanda realizes she has to tell Miranda the truth about their relationship and how things really happened the night she was forced to leave her home and children, before somebody else gives their version. She gets Miranda on the cell and Miranda promises to come to “Dr. Fernandez’” house to hear the important information the doctor has for her. First she has an appointment with the Bustamonte brothers and after she’ll come to see her.

Fernanda tells Amparo and Francisco she’s finally got to tell Miranda the truth.

Charo after some coaxing and assurances she won’t get into trouble with Bertha assures Miranda that it was Bertha who told the workers that Miranda refused to raise their wages.

Juan and Renata argue again and they nearly kiss but don’t and then Fabricio tells Juan they have to talk. He tells Juan that he’s been trying to get the files on his wife’s medical history from the hospitals in Germany but the doctors moved to Stutgart and Duseldorf and so it will take longer to track them down for the files. Juan takes the opportunity to tell Fabricio that he doesn’t need to explain about Veronica, but that if he intends to mess around with women like her that he needs to take precautions because women like her go to bed with anybody that presents himself in front of her. He could catch H.I.V. if he’s not been careful. Juan walks out and Fabricio is dumbfounded.

Veronica tells Renata that the only reason she's arguing with a cute guy like Juan is that for once there's a guy who doesn't kneel at her feet and treat her like a queen. So they argue back and forth about this and Veroncia bets that Renata will not get him to bend for her and she takes the bet.

At the house Fernanda rehearses various ways of how she’ll present the news to Miranda that she is really her mother.

At the hacienda, Renata and Juan are still arguing with each other and both are feeling the attraction to one another.

Florencia and Tomasa are talking to each other in Florencia’s bedroom. Florencia is very depressed after having argued with her husband again about Miranda. She refused to have Fabricio even mention her name in the house anymore and accused him of not ever being able to forget her. He left after telling Florencia that she needs to grow up and realize this is not the case and they are all the same family. Miranda needs their support.
So she tells Tomasa afterward that she’s totally depressed and sick of her sister; if she cannot be happy then she won’t let Miranda be happy either. Tomasa tells Florencia not to blame her sister for all her marital problems. She and Fabricio have to work things out on their own. Miranda was the hurt one and she has done everything to support the two of them.

Miranda and Vicente are at the restaurant where they are waiting for the Bustamontes to show, but they apparently are being stood up. While waiting for them, Miranda tells Vicente her plan is to buy out Julio’s shares and she will be mortgaging the hacienda in order to manage this feat. Vicente is opposed saying her father would never permit it. She immediately puts him in his place by reminding him that she is now the president of the company not her dad and as such he owes his allegiance to her. He will not say a word of this to her father. Vicente says of course, i.e., he will obey the new company president’s orders. Miranda says then they’ve been stood up and she’s not waiting any longer for the Bustamontes and they leave the restaurant.

At the hacienda Raul is telling his brother that he wants help getting out of the gang. Juan says it isn’t his business anymore and since Raul got into the mess it is up to him to get out of it somehow. He then asks Juan if it is true that he killed Sanson’s brother. Juan says no, he was already dead, or mortally wounded when he got to him. Juan wasn’t even a part of that robbery and tells him that he had told Sanson ahead of time that he was not about to help them rob the place. Juan warned him and the others that the place had security guards dressed in civilian clothes. They shot at the gang and apparently Sanson’s brother was shot in the lung and bled out profusely internally as well as externally and there was nothing to be done for him. Raul promises his brother that he’s sworn off the gang. Raul says that he will try to turn the gang in to the police.

Alejandro tells Luciano that he’s got to meet with Fernanda and so Luciano will have to attend the dinner meeting with Cesar. So, that night at the restaurant Luciano introduces himself to Cesar who is accompanied by his subordinate, Luis Alberto. Luciano has been on the phone with Alejandro getting their description in order to recognize Cesar. Luciano again refuses to sell the reserved shares and tells Cesar he plans instead to buy the other investors’ shares. Cesar says they’d heard otherwise and Luciano covers by lying and saying they obviously misunderstood him at the meeting. He must have been unclear. He then asks Cesar if he really got hold of his money and stock legitimately and Cesar assures him he did. Then Luciano asks him what are his intentions and why is he so intent on buying the reserved stock. Cesar tells him that the stock has always been a part of the family business and he is a part of that group of families. Also, he is marrying Miranda and feels it would be a welcomed wedding gift to her.

While they are discussing this he tells Luciano that he’s putting up his ranch for sale and that it borders on the San Llorente hacienda so it is prime property. He invites Luciano to come see the place and get a feel for it because if he likes it he’ll be happy to sell it to him. Luciano asks would they go alone and Cesar looks over at some willing beauties at the bar and says they don’t need to go alone. Any female companion he wants Cesar will supply for him.

Once Luciano leaves Cesar figures he’s got an easy mark and tells Luis Alberto that he’s going to be easy. Women are Luciano’s weakness and he’ll use that to get the stock away from him. The Bustamontes show up. They’ve done what Cesar asked them to do by standing up Miranda that night. However, they make it clear they don’t like taking orders from an employee, i.e., Cesar, but he says oh yeah? He threatens them again and so they back off a bit. After Cesar leaves the table Luis Alberto is there alone and the brothers tell him he’s a fool to be Cesar’s lapdog because after all Cesar’s only an employee of theirs and as such may not always be there. Luis Alberto may want to cooperate with them and give them some information regarding their stock holdings or else.

Fernanda is praying using her fancy rosary she got from the cocoa pickers right before her marriage and leaves it on the end table when she hears the doorknock. Miranda enters Fernanda’s house and Fernanda is extremely nervous. She has Miranda sit while she gets her a glass of water and while she’s in the kitchen, Miranda seats herself on the couch and looks around and notices the familiar looking rosary on the endtable. She realizes that this is exactly like the one she received from the cocoa pickers at the hacienda. When Fernanda returns Miranda asks the older woman where and when she got those rosary beads. “At my wedding, the workers gave them to me.” Miranda then begins yelling at the poor woman that she is probably better known as Dr. Fernanda de Aragon, not Fernandez!! Fernanda cannot get a word in edgewise after that and then Alejandro comes to the house and tries to calm Miranda down by explaining. Miranda starts yelling at him when he answers her truthfully that yes, he knew all along; but it wasn’t to hide anything and only to protect her.

She races off in her Mercedez back to the mansion. Alejandro follows her. He tries to talk sense into her outside in the driveway but Miranda won’t have anything to do with him for keeping this from her. Bertha is considering going downstairs to enter into it all and stir the pot, but decides as she tells Lucas, it’s more fun to stand by the window and watch right now. Miranda races up to her room and Bertha follows her into her room. Miranda asks her the truth about her mother and what she did that night. Bertha tells her she murdered the man they both loved and kept Bertha from him. She betrayed them all and abandoned her daughters and her husband because despite all that she had there with Gonzalo it was too boring there for her.

Fernanda is inconsolable when Alejandro returns to her house that night. She asks him what will happen when Miranda realizes that Florencia is his half-sister and that he’s kept that little fact from her also. He says she’ll hate Fernanda with all her soul.
(This is a lot from memory, so if I left something out or misinterpreted something let me know.)


Help! Thursday's Heridas

Hello all,
I was sitting down to get a (late) start on yesterday's episode of Heridas as Jean's sub wasn't on the Tivo. Apparently my husband erased it after he watched it yesterday (oh yeah---he got an earful!) Grrr... Can anyone help out?


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