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Cuidado con el ángel (Be careful with the angel, Don't mess with the angel) - English synopsis

Translation of the sinopsis from the esmas site.

Cuidado con el Ángel (Don't Mess with the Angel)

When Marichuy was born her mother, believing herself about to die, gave her to a priest who took her to an orphanage. At 14 years old, Marichuy fled the institution and began to ramble all over, making her living as she could.

The years pass and one day she is attacked by a drunk, which causes her to feel rancor towards men and to suffer nightmares that drive her to despair.

Candelaria, a washer-woman, gives her a home and becomes a mother for her. Marichuy works in whatever way she can to help Candelaria. One day she gets herself involved in a mess and ends up in court, where the judge is her own father (though neither knows of the relationship). She is defended by Juan Miguel San Román, a psychoanalyst.

In order that the girl not be sent to jail, Juan Miguel takes responsibility for her and takes her to live at his house. Juan Miguel is a widow and his mother-in-law makes life impossible for Marichuy.

To avoid problems, Juan Miguel takes her to live at the house of judge Patricio Velarde and his wife Cecilia (the true parents of Marichuy), who at the same time have welcomed Estefanía (an astute young woman who is passing as the child they abandoned).

Juan Miguel and Marichuy fall in love and marry. Nevertheless, on the day following their wedding night, she uncovers a big secret from Juan Miguel's past and therefore spurns him, distances herself from him and refuses to see him again.

When she realizes she is pregnant, Marichuy will not tell him and flees the province with Candelaria, ending up at the hacienda of Leopardo, who gives her shelter and falls in love with her.

Marichuy gives birth and Leopardo wants to marry her and adopt her child, but she tells him she is already married and that what she feels for him is only friendship.

Leopardo doesn't give up and begins to gain her love. Later, he discovers that her husband is Juan Miguel, whom he has known for a long time, they were classmates. The two men vie for the love of Marichuy but, for her, the decision will not be easy.

Marichuy's sweetness and beauty reminds us of an angel, and there are those who think they will be able to destroy her easily, forgetting that an angel is capable of vanquishing a demon, and that's why - be careful with the angel!

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Egad, how many times will they do the noble poor girl who turns out to be related to someone rich? How many given-away babies are there in telenovelas? Thousands?

I'm excited about this telenovela. Can't wait.

Sounds like ENEMIGA--one girl is poses as rich woman's daughter while the real daughter right there in the picture as well. ????

Other than that, it could end up being an interesting tale. I am a little intrigued...

One girl poses as a rich woman's daughter while the real daughter is right there, in the picture as well.

(is what I MEANT to type LOL)

i like marichuy the way how she makes things and for the miguel, he is in real love to marichuy and potray to us that we should not judge a person from the mouth but heart, we should not be so starbon once we are in love. lets make the things open once we love each other rather than herting people.

i love this series,its so interesting.....

i watched the episodes of cuidado con el angel.i luved the story just one thing is bothering me i cant understand a single word can any1 put the whole show with english subtitles.that would be great help and vl be much appreciated.

this is the best love story i ever watched!the actors have done n amazing job.wonderful would be nice to have it in form of a novel.

it turns out that always the girl is poor and falls in love with the rich guy.almost all telenovela's are of the same sorth of story.

I believe that you can never run away from your destiny, moreso the one in God's plan east and west , sourth and north you will find your self close or in it.
Our mistakes are often so fast that they catch up with us in our future. the earlier you pay for them the better.

Always think twice

stop taking advantage

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