Thursday, February 16, 2012

El Talismán #13 Wed 2/15/12 an episode chuck full of dreamers, scheemers, teasers, secrets, threats and a world record of short unemployment time.

 Recap by Marta Ivett
I am not feeling that great yet, but for whatever its worth, here is the detailed recap... snark away Tal*Mart customers! I am still amazed at the amount of villains with agendas, some related to ElTal, some not...  (OSG, Pigorio, Elvira, Renato, Renato's girl...)
Again, Camila arrives at their room at Alcatrash in a huff to pack her bags, and gives Genov the news… in comes Pigorio insulting and offending her, want her and her mom gone from the ranch and Fresno… Camila gets daring, you might kick me out of Alcatrash but just to get you mad, I will stay in Fresno… whether you like it or not.
Elvira and Armani, she tells him they can make Pigorio suffer through his granddaughter. Armani not so sold on the idea… Elvira just sees the $$ and giving Pigorio a hard time.
Back to Pigorio and Camila still arguing… I will make your lives miserable if you stay!
Pedro tells the boys that the plan is to get Camila to stay at ElTal… he can’t forget her, she has to listen to his side of the story.
Back to the PigMila argument… this is getting tiring… don’t dare me!! I don’t fear you!!
We no longer have a ranch so what will you push us for with now?
Doris with gigantic hair rollers is trying to get info out of Fab about who she is in love with. Grandpa will buy us new cars…  Really?
Incest Negrete siblings keep on planning, she is curious what his plan is for Elvira involvement. He says once I am owner of Alcatrash will let you have free way with Pedro. Lookrazia warns him Elvira can betray him. He says before she does, I will elliminate her.
Back to PigorioCamila… this is getting tiring… there is that word again. Vengeance!
You can’t take vengeance! You have nothing, no power!.../ Perhaps, but I can get something you want! /.. WHAT??/ … ELTAL!  PI loves me, and if I agree to it I will become the new owner of ElTal!...  (very convenient for you Camila, to pull out the card of PI in love with you whenever you want! But you won’t give him the time of day!)
Why does Pedro feel like he has to give the boys such detailed explanations of his plans with Camila?
Oh my!! Rodrigo Vidal!! I Love him!! His name here is Panchito!... Panchito catches his breath once reaching Camila, he will being her to Tracy, who is waiting to reunite with her! … Camila tells Genov she can’t wait to present her to Tracy… (Genov… you better get your ears warmed up). I have a feeling Panchito and Tracy will be my fav characters from here on out!
Mariana’s tia again calls the investigator, no news on Mariana… the maid tells her that they just have to have Pedro request the divorce for Mariana to show up… (Say what?)
Panchito is interested in Tracy!  He tells them he wants to marry her!… AWWWWW love this couple potential!...  
PI talking to himself again.. what happened to the check? How will I find Mariana?? (can we move on, dear hero? You are getting really tiring here… I am beginning to think he is autistic, repeating the same questions over and over .. I love lucy is at 4 on channel 7)
Tracy already met up with Gabriel’s girlfriend… seems Tracy and Panchito get along well… they talk as if they were middle school girls each with her own boyfriend… hmmm there is a rumor about Panchito, that he is bastard son of Don Gregorio’s… hmmm!! Another loose end for Pigorio…
Good question, girl! Why is Tracy frequenting Pedro’s ranch so much if she speaks so ill of him??
Back to Elvira and Armani… just have fun with her and then dump her… Again Armani not thrilled with using Fab… Elvira insists it is revenge on the Negretes. He even wants to go back to Davis.. Elvira says hell no, first we take revenge on the Negretes. Once Fab finds out who he is and that he does not have money, she will reject him.. don’t let a Negrete humilliate you.
Fab and Flo talking… Fab is the one talking about being in love now… tells her about Armani telling her ‘it was the nicest kiss of my life’…
Doris asks Pigorio if it is true that he will buy her daughters new cars… yup… so you don’t have to chaufer them around… Doris reminds Pigorio she just wants to help him, after all he has a heart condition… she does not like seeing him so anxious… What are you worried about? That Elvira is in town… she will give me lots of trouble!
Fab using Flo as a love consultant…
Pedro tells Tia he tried to talk to Camila, tia again asks him to try again… Pedro tells her about Lookrazia and Elvira against him talking to Camila… tells her about the check Elvira never got… PI still wondering about what happened to the check… (get over it man!)
At hotel, Camila and Genov are there to check back in… Camila hopes boss will pay for it.  Tracy runs into Camila at hotel… Panchito is with her. They are overworking poor Panchito as the purser…
The ElTal boys are watching for something at the hotel desk… they are happy they got some info to get back to PI, but they wonder if they will get more info from Tracy. Tracy won’t let Camila talk and Genov asks Panchito if tracy is always so talkative… this scene was funny… even if silly.  Camila tells Tracy she has to leave Fresno, still love Pedro but just found out he is married… Tracy tells Camila she will find a better man soon, not to worry. Camila mad that Pigorio is hurting her at her job…
Pedro can’t get a balance on Mariana’s account over phone, need legal order/release… he does not want to stir the past.. Tia agrees with him.. But then he can’t find out of the check got cashed… could there have been fraud?... Tia tells him he will have to get clearance to access all things Mariana… PI mad about it, that would make it look like he is sure Mariana is dead, and he is sure Mariana is NOT dead!
Mr Smith arrives at the hotel front desk, the ElTal boys tell him their boss is interested in hiring the company for a task at the ranch.  Mr Smith will meet with their boss but first have to meet Pigorio… he came with the replacement for Camila… says if Pigorio asks him to fire Camila, will have to.
Pigorio and Lookrazia assume Camila will lose her job and then will have to leave Fresno. As Pigorio goes to receive Mr Smith, TonyOSG asks Lookrazia if they will fire Camila.  
The ElTal boys tell Tia that Pedro is hiring someone, Tia immediately concerned about the money this will cost... but when the boys tell her it is Camila who is coming to live/work at ElTal, suddenly all is well again…
Pigorio speaks ill of Camila to Mr Smith, telling her about her dad losing the ranch and then committing suicide… Mr Smith only says Camila won’t work for you anymore… (this is not enough for Pigorio so) Pigorio tells him that he could not recommend his company to any fellow ranch owners, I am prz of the assoc of agriculture and cattle of this whole region… it is not good that this girl continue working in your company… yada yada…
When they leave, Pigorio smiles happy with his deed… he comes over to tell Lookrazia the good news… OSG is not a happy camper with that news.. he confronts Pigorio that he knows OSG likes Camila ahd that is why he sends her away. You are married! What about Doris?? … Forced into the marriage by you when I was just a kid!! … not my fault that you got her pregnant! … I will never forgive you… ask me if I care!. If you like Camila so much then bed with her so you will get over it! Then she will leave Fresno!!
Lookrazia asks Pigorio why do you hate her so much? That girl dared stand up to me!
The replacement is coming to tell Camilia that chances are she will be fired, Boss is with a new potential client… (PI!!).. Camila assumes Pigorio is behind all that, got her to lose her job.
Pedro tells Mr Smith he needs someone to help figure out why his production is not better… would like the specialist to stay in ElTal… also would like for the specialist to be Camila Najera... no other engineer will do…  Don’t care what you were told about Camila at Alcatrash.. don’t care about anything else… can’t believe you just take Pigorio’s word for granted… Pigorio does not enjoy great reputation in this region, he can speak ill of Camila just as I and other ranch owners can speak ill of Pigorio.
Camila tries to convince replacement and Genov that she just wants to stay in Fresno, she likes it around here… Genov asks is it Fresno or Pedro? Camila ends up admitting she loves Pedro… even when she has tried to get interested in others.
Mr Smith is subjecting Pedro to similar questioning… could it be a personal interest in Camila? … Pedro ends up admitting he is interested in Camila. After all she is gorgeous.
But let me tell you, I am married… and love my wife… this seems to calm Mr Smith who immediately agrees to send Camila to ElTal tomorrow. PI smile is instantly erased when Mr Smith changes the subject to costs…
Incest siblings are back arguing…OSG yells its not fair! Need Camila here to conquer her!!  OSG dares Lookrazia if she will conquer Pedro… Lookrazia says of course! Camila can’t stand up to me… OSG says you better be on my side…
PI arrives home, is hopeful he will be able to see all his crops, so he will be able to pay Mr Smith… closes his eyes and dreams that Camila is standing looking out the window in a white gown … suddenly a whilte jackets and hats mariachi walks into the living room… singing their theme…   In walks Pedro in a Pedro Guerrero mariachi outfit (LMDM reference, except for black bow and different designs on sleeve and back of jaclet, other than that it is Pedro G’s suit!, very different from the other mariachis…) red roses in hand… very romantic scene they meet halfway down the steps… and kiss several times…  sorry but this dress and hair is doing NOTHING for Blanca, who looks paler than ever…
2nd part of dream… she comes in white robe thanking him for not letting them fire her… more kisses… then PI wakes up… sigh!... jaja… well! .. dreams are free! (sonar no cuesta nada).
Camila tells Genov maybe best is that they transfer her far away so she won’t have the temptation of seeing Pedro…
Next morning Camila comes in Elvira and Armani’s room. Elvira has cucumber slices on eyes… (where did she get those? I doubt she would get herself to walk to the grocery store herself)… Elvira impactada when Camila tells her chances are she will be fired.
Fab sees Doris leave with suitcase again… one of these days will follow her… Flo not sure that is a good idea, you might find out something you don’t like.
At Miss B’s… Pigorio enters asking specifically for Catherine… Miss B tells him catherine is busy with another client… Pigorio says ok but want to reserve Catherine for two days from now, no excuses… I want to see her face and know all her secrets. Warns her about not getting too close to Lookrazia… if you speak too much, I will cut your tongue…/  Don’t threaten me… If you want me to keep your secret, you have to be nice to you, you don’t want your son to find out the true reason you married him to Doris for.
Another girl comes into Doris room telling her Pigorio wants her… Doris says in a few days will have a very special surprise for my father in law.
Gabriel’s girlfriend reminds the boys not to tell Pedro about Hermana Lucia’s death.  Pedro comes by asking the boys to set up the room for Camila with red roses… the boys are hopeful he will settle things with Camila, he hopes so, but you never know with her, and she might even reject the job…
Camila afraid to go talk to Mr Smith…
Elvira reminds Armani Pigorio’s granddaughter has to prove useful for something… she is heading for a makeover
Renato’s girlfriend sees Elvira, she went to the hotel intentionally to see what Elvira looked like.  Elvira tells Camila that even if she leaves Fresno, Elvira and Armani will stay.
Camila sees Mr Smith and is impactada when he tells her that not only she is not fired, but she will keep working for him… HERE in Fresno… no, not in Alcatrash, in ElTal!
The news spread like wildfire, Pedro hopeful he will be able to tell Camila about Mariana. Lookrazia impacatada with the news (of Camila working at ElTal) she gets on phone asking someone for a favor. Next thing we see is camila confronted at the entrance of ElTal by a woman (we only see her back) who claims to be Pedro’s wife! And is mad!


Marta, couldn't even tell you weren't feeling well. You can still pump out a stellar recap no matter what.

First off, oh boy now we have the obligatory bastardo of Pigorio. Cool! I LOVE this trite plot line. Anything to make Papa Pig squirm. Marta I'm glad you said you like the guy because he was doing way too much sweating and rubbing his hair for my taste. But thanks to you I know he is a good guy.

Second, que the hell with Camila telling Pigorio that she'll end up at El Tal because Pedro is in love with her? As you say, very convenient.

OK, more tomorrow because I'm pooped and it's way past my bedtime...

THanks for the Recap, Marta!

"...the maid tells her that they just have to have Pedro request the divorce for Mariana to show up… (Say what?)"

Yeah, and didn't she even invoke Murphy's law? I mean, yeah...I might go buy a replacement for a book I lost and then find the original book two days later...but to extend that logic to a missing person?! QTH?

I love "Armani"

I lot of conversations in this show get tiring, but the Pigmila (love!) one was even more so. We saw part of it Tuesday, and then we saw the "I'll get El Tal" part of it with every promo and then last night the whole enchilada. Ok, we got it. Pig is pissed and so is Cam.

I am withholding judgement about Pancho. My only thought when he showed up was "sheesh! *Another* new character?!"

Oh, pobre Marta... *hug* Here's an avocado froyo from Yogurt Fusion to make you feel better...

Wait, hold it now. Don Bombastico has a heart condition?

(plays that one damn ominous violin sting they lifted from The Mechanic)

Thanks, Marta... I'm so sorry that you've been feeling badly... I hope you are better this morning. I think that this recap is great.

I'm with you about Tracy and Pancho. He's an old friend that I remember fondly from Dinero... our abogadito, Jaime. How the heck did he end up in this?

This show continues to crack me up. Pedro tells Mr. Smith that yes, he thinks Cami is pretty and yes, he's interested in her... but, "I'm married."

"Well, Heck, OK then... she can move in with you.

Say what? How nice that Smith looks out for his employees so well.

I love, love, love that song.


I have not been watching this but reading most posts, thank you.

I switched the channel and saw the preview of Camilla coming to the ranch, and now I read that he wanted all set up with roses etc, but there is noone, noone at all in that big ranch to greet her so this nutjob can? Just doesn't make sense, how can this nutjob know when Camilla is there yet the housemates don't know? Crystal ball?

And am I right Camilla's brother does not work and there is no questioning of that? There are no computers anywhere that Camilla can't look up and find out about the owner of this grand estate and find out he was charged with murder? Your love has told you he's married, and he can explain and you can't take a few minutes to check on him on the www?

But I heard Blanca is having a difficult time with her marital seperation I hope all turns out well for her.

Technology seems to be an odd duck in Novelalandia in general, as frustrating as that is. (Telemundo is getting better about it, but even they're not great with it.) The guiding philosophy, I suspect, is simply that they avoid anything that can speed up a story's movement beyond what they have planned--which usually includes computers, cellphones to a lesser degree, newspapers, radio, television...

Marta, now that I've had a chance to thoroughly enjoy your recap over my cup of morning tea, I've got to admit I rather like the prickly, annoyed Marta who comes out swinging. I don't wish you to be ill, but I love your rants!

Armani, LOL! Perfect for this young waste product. I know we discussed this load in detail yesterday, but I'm thinking he should be registering soon for Fresno State or at least the local community college. Some possible majors for him: Creative Writing in the hopes he can improve this script, Athletic Training to get him up off his bum, Child Development in the hopes he will get his own room, Psychology and Conflict Resolution for obvious reasons.

Weird Word Verification, two words: "heriess" and "clerk". Well, I don't hold out much hope that Armani's gonna be an "heriess" but a clerk, maybe.

Bill, in novelalandia cell phones are generally made for throwing.

"Pigmila", I love it! Makes things so much easier. Don’t dare me!! I don’t fear you!! Yep, that pretty much sums up their endless conversations.

It's too bad Pedro's not putting as much effort into finding Mariana as he apparently will into divorcing her. I'm with the maid, divorce proceedings will call out the anvils.

I'm cool with the new character Panchito. If he's really the bastardo can he make a claim on El Alcatrash if Pigorio goes to the great pig pen in the sky? What if it's found out that Antonio is NOT a true piglet but somebody else's bastardo? I only say that because recently he keeps prancing around demanding that everyone call him Mister Antonio Negrete, you will respect my authority!!

"Camila tells Tracy she has to leave Fresno, still love Pedro but just found out he is married". This after Camila yells at Gagorio that she will NOT leave Fresno? Are the writers talking to each other?

Pedro not wanting to find out what happened to the $2 million (I'm guessing) check because it will make it look like he thinks Mariana is dead...Pi truly is the dumbest galan that ever was invented.

Best scene of the night: Pi's lame Mariachi Dream. That's the best fantasy he can come up with? No wonder the schmuck is still a virgin (educated guess on my part).


Thanks for a fine recap. I am with Sylvia, I loved your detailed recap today but especially your delightful rants from today and yesterday. You GO, girl!

For me Pedro's dream was a comedy masterpiece. Rafael Novoa looked like he had just gotten high to do the scene and he had a 'like-totally-whoa-man' grin on his face the whole time.

Marta, I want to know more about the mariachi outfits. I do not know the history of mariachi or the outfit's attribution to a particular singer. Whatever their history, they look very expensive and labor intensive to produce.A labor of love, I bet.

Novoa looked extremely uncomfortable in his, and he just did not know what to do with the sombrero.

Tell us more if you feel like it. Sure hope you are feeling better now. Sending you best wishes for your return to health.


Wonderful recap and super comments so far -- thanks, you guys. I'm way behind after working last night (I still have 15 minutes of anteayer's epi to watch, and all of ayer's.) I am looking forward to meeting Panchito and seeing the mariachi dream!

My students did well on their first exam, and I think they're almost ready for a telenovela excerpt...(my "mariachi dream" is combining my vocation with my avocation = showing TNs in class!)

I busted a gut laughing at the mariachi dream. I am quickly falling for Rafa, but he can't pull off the charro look (IMNSHO.)

I confess I am showing a TN in my Spanish II classes. The kids love it.

Which TN, Sara? And is it HS or college? Do you show with English subtitles? Inquiring minds want to know...

Marta, Marta...writing a recap is hard work, writing a recap when feeling lousy is worthy of the highest praise.

Wishing you better health and wishing all you recappers, better writing in the script...your own writing is already stellar. Would that the Univsion/Televisa? drones could do as well.


Let me join the chorus in thanking you for this terrific recap and hoping that this morning you're feeling better. Lucky for us, we get to enjoy the slight edge in your writing that seems to come out when you are feeling out of sorts!

EJ, "Pedro Guerrero" is a fictional character, el padre of the title character in Marta and my favorite novela of all time, "La Hija del Mariachi". The traje de mariachi worn by the Pi man is quite similar to the one in the novela. But in that novela, the mariachis actually appear to sing (I use "appear" deliberately: all the singing is dubbed but so artfully one has to be let in on the secret to know about it) and they move, they breathe, they charm and delight. The poor Pi man, alas, is like something out of Madame Tussaud -- a silent, grinning waxed edition of the real thing.

Wanna place bets on how many times we'll get to see that nutso dream sequence before it's all done?

Random observations:
Little stubby Panchito does indeed look like pig's fruit.

Surrounded by avocados, perhaps Armando will grow a pair and defy El Viral.

It's funny how Antonio keeps calling Camila "chula" while El Viral is the one trying to pimp out her daughter.

I'm anxious to see El Viral's make-over. The last time she got all dolled up (the dinner at Pig's ranch where we never got to see them eat), she seemed to be out-madaming Mme Brigitte.

Blue Lass and Sara, I think it's wonderful and hilarious that you are using telenovelas in your classes.

EJ, I'll buy that poor Pedro had to get stoned before his Mariachi scene. Sounds reasonable. Since Novoa is Columbian I guess he wouldn't be into that whole Mariachi Gigantic Sombrero thing. I use to work near a small shop where a woman ordered and customized Mariachi outfits. They were quite expensive and some could get incredibly detailed. They were true works of art.

El-Viral, Bwahahahaha!!! Good one Novela Maven.

A little off-topic (Hey, THAT'S a first!), but if anyone wants to see Mexican pop singer Alejandro Fernandez in an extremely fetching LEATHER mariachi outfit, check out the video for "Tantita Pena":

I handed out the lyrics and showed it to my students, and they enjoyed it a lot.

Hi Marta - All that and you weren't even feeling well? Thanks for being such a Super Trooper recapping this Super Pooper.

Can't wait for the girls to hop in their new cars and follow Mommy to see what she's up to.

Nellie - Good point about red roses for C but no one to greet her. Where is that Crystal Ball? OT: there is a new commentator on the news named Crystal Ball. ITA that C had to have googled P while at college. Maybe she got through college without ever using a computer. Even tho you only saw avances and still saw the flaw that is El Tal, please keep your comments coming!

So it looks like Luc hires someone to play Mariana. How exhausting must this be to catch a guy? Let it go, Luc! She is pretty (pretty slutty) and rich and should have no trouble attracting another suitor.

What was that beautiful Luz song?

Is anyone else getting 2 word verifications asking to prove you are not a robot?

Rosemary la Otra

Blue Lass, ooh la la, Alejandro Fernandez knows how to wear his Traje de Mariachi perfectly, and leather too! Fun to see Joana Benedek in his video. Thanks for the link.

R la O-- dios mio que mujer by Joan Sebastian.

Blue Lass- it's high school so I use subtitles. For us it's mainly an activity in hearing somewhat "authentic" Spanish. We are watching Rosalinda. The kids are starting to pick out words.

Sara, I'd love to talk to you offline some time -- let me know if that suits. But if you'd prefer to remain anonymous, that's quite all right.

Sylvia, I thought that girl looked Slavic! I didn't realize she was a well known actriz. Presumably she had an easy time learning Spanish, as Romanian is also a romance language.

Yeah, I'm getting the two-word verification too--and apparently Sylvia did as well, so this might simply be an authentication software tweak.

The idea of Luc hiring a fake Mariana (to keep Pedro and Camila apart...but wouldn't that also keep him away from her, unless the fake Mariana is intended to show up just long enough to go "I must go, my home planet needs me--oh, andbythewayPedroisanabusiveSOB and you shouldn't get too close!" in front of Camila?) might be crazy enough to work, assuming it is in fact Karyme Lozano and she does in fact go completely gonzo with it.

Thanks so much, Marta. If anything, being sick only sharpens your witty edge. I hope you feel better quickly, though!

Last night I thought I must be really exhausted because the show was making way less sense than usual, if that's even possible. Nice to read the recap and discover I wasn't the problem. It was just nonsense.

The whole "file for divorce! That will make your missing wife with no memory reappear!" thing was a headscratcher. Possibly true, but mostly because the writers are only trying to force a setup.

The most nonsensey thing to me was Camila's boss's conversation with Pedro:

Pedro: I need an agronomist, and the agronomist must live at my ranch, not in town, and it must be Camila.

Bossman: Well, this is sounding like it isn't strictly business. In fact, you're sounding pretty creepy.

Pedro: No, no! I really like Camila! She's a total babe!

Bossman: But what are your intentions? How can I ensure my employee's safety?

Pedro: It's totally okay! I'm married!

Bossman: Well, all right then.


Yep, I just got a two-word verification and I can hardly read one of them it is so blurry.

That said--Marta, I raise my Big Mug of Freshly Brewed Café to you, amiga.

Too many new characters to absorb.

Too many old characters to keep track of.

Every time I see PI--I have to switch gears from Private Investigator to Pobre Ingenuo to P Ibby to Pedro Ibarra, then I can get on with the story.

RLO--Me thinks the reason Lucrezia is so into PI (see above), is that in all of Fresno there are no other ineligible men, unless she wants to dip down into the servidumbre. I guess she has to settle for some real congress with the bro or some fantasy congress with PI (see above).

I haven't had a chance to see the Mariachi dream sequence yet, but it sounds like a hoot. I'm saving the second half for tonight when there's no ElT on (am I sorry? hmmmm, that's a hard one to answer).

These two-word verifications are hard to read. It just took me three tries to get one I could figure out.

Pedro's dream was hilarious and Camila's dress was one deep breath away from a wardrobe malfunction. Do people really wear their dresses that low?

As ridiculous as this show is, it has me hooked. I now must keep watching to find out what all the secrets are.

Blue Lass- sure! Let's talk!

I agree Pedro may have been high during the dream scene. I think he raided the writers' stash.

What? No El Talk tonight? I will embarrassingly admit I am truly disappointed and will miss it.

Meant to say El Tal

No you didn't! You meant to say El TalK because that's all they do so far. No action, all talk, the occasional g-rated dream.

Hee hee. Freudian slip, R la O.

By saying El Talk I would have meant our comments except something tells me we'll keep the snark coming - airing of the show or not. They can run but they can't hide.

Jeez, we're afflicted by the new two piece word verification here, too.

Marta, like the others have said, I couldn't tell that you were not well. Great recap. Love your short paragraphs!

And, Julia, I'm so glad you said you had trouble following the yak last night. Emilia and I could scarcely pick out a word. And what little we were able to follow made no sense, for example, Pedro's conversation w/ Senor Smeeth.

Bill C. - good point about technology in these shows. I was constantly amazed in CME about the great cell coverage they seemed to have everywhere, and also the availability of broadband internet at Baja California haciendas.

This TN is so dumb. How dumb is it, Mike? This show is so dumb they could use forced viewing of El Tal as part of "enhanced Interview techniques" at Guantanamo...

I am not a robot... I can prove it but not by typing blurry words...

Loved the recap, Marta. I also hope you feel better.

Oh boy, new characters! All novelas tend to feed them to us in small bits, as I recall. Hope we don't need Matilda headbands to keep 'em straight! Not that it matters all that much in this one.

What are the chances of Tal*Mart scoring some of whatever Pedro was smoking? Might make it easier for us to watch this dreck. Or at least not care.

Sylvia, love your first suggestion for Armani's college career: creative writing to improve the script... LOL!
NM, totally agree that Pedro here looked like a waxy imitation of our dear mariachis from LHDM. I agree with EJ that Pedro looked 'high' in that scene.
Wanna place bets on how many times we'll get to see that nutso dream sequence before it's all done?
i would say 10 at least! lol~!
Now... could the secret Miss Bridgete have on Pigorio is the origin of Panchito?? could he be the son of one of those women, even Miss Brigeete herself?

Thanks for the recap Marta. I wish you speedy recovery and as others have noted based on your recap I never would have guessed you were ill ;)

And you commenters are on FIRE! Thankfully no beverages were being consumed during my read.

NM - El Viral, wow!

thank you everyone for your get well wishes... working on it. went to dr this morning and was negative for flu but have a nasty respir. infection so got antib meds for it..have a very whooping cough that is driving me crazy though
I will try to go back to my rant style next time. enjoy the night off from ElTal.. we will need it to wear down our WTH shaking our heads.

While this show is crazy I do have a question about Tony and Piggy. If Tony knows Piggy knocked up Doris, what is the horrible secret the madam has on Piggy?

We're just speculating that Gagorio knocked up Doris, aren't we? I don't think we have any proof that's true, or that Antonio knows it.

Karen, I might be wrong but I don't think Tony knows that Pigorio knocked up his wife. Actually, we don't know that for sure either, but we strongly suspect. The other possible horrible secret could be Panchito el bastardo. Another possibility that I mentioned earlier could be that Antonio is not actually Pigorio's son. This last one is kind of a stretch but hey, the incestuous pair of Tony and LooKrazia could finally get it on!

Oops, missed Julia's answer.

Marta, I agree we will likely see the lame fantasy at least 10 more times. I'm going to go out on an avocado limb and guess closer to 20 times since poor Pi has severe repetitive tendencies. One thing, Pedro looked a heck of a lot better in his uncomfortable mariachi duds than in his usual garb. See, my prayer for better clothing was answered!

Gross, Sylvia. Thank you.

Sara - thanks for that song title. It is beautiful.

I am having a hard time accepting the 2 word verifications. Hopefully, it is just a one day robot check.

R la O, I guess I'm no longer the one who makes naughty things sound wholesome, eh? You're right, that was just too disgusting, hee.

I'm no longer getting any word verification requests. Thank goodness because I couldn't read those stupid two-word jobbers.

OMG this word verification is slowing me down so my timing is off.

Syl - I meant gross to the flirty sibs, not the mariachi duds.

I knew what you meant; the icky duo of course. I thought Pedro looked divine in his mariachi costume, even though he kept squirming around.

Ai ai ai, finally got to the mariachi dream -- super weird. Who were they smiling at in that insipid way? Were those musicians a bunch of orphans they were planning to adopt?

How pathetic is it that I was a little sad there was no El Tal last night and thus no snark to wake up to this morning?

ITA, Sara -- they're a bunch of infelices, but they're OUR infelices. ;}

Ha ha! Me too!

Did you guys watch the premios last night? Some of our characters were presenting. Blanca Soto looked fantastic. Her hair was cut above shoulder-length and she looked like some glamorous 40's star. Rafael Novoa had on a blah suit but he looked hot in glasses. I think Pedro should copy that look. Maybe he wouldn't look so confused all the time.

Aaron Diaz was sizzling hot, that guy looks great in a good suit. He presented with Lola Ponce who was also in a very cool dress. You know what? She was acting kind of LooKrazia slutty too! So glad she didn't disappoint, hee.

Of course I meant "Me too I was a little sad there was no El Tal last night", not "Me too I am an infelice." But then again, maybe I am!

Glasses, huh? That explains all the blinking.

So were these premios live? Because I'd be pretty impressed to know they had the avocados to dar la cara after the airing of these first 13 career-busting episodes.

But if they were pre-recorded ... well, less impressive but more understandable.

The Pi Man in glasses. I like it. Very Clark Kent.

Yes, the show was live with all the boo-boos and mishaps and everything. The announcers were making a big deal with Blanca and Aaron and Lola about El Talisman being such a huge success, gag. Hard to believe, isn't it? Maybe those folks aren't actually watching El Talisman.

Anyway, here is an interview with Aaron Diaz that was done Wednesday, because they mention that Aaron and Lola are going to present "tomorrow". The funniest part is they actually show the Mariachi Dream sequence and ask what's going on. Aaron is all, "I don't have the faintest idea what that's all about."
Aaron Diaz Interview

Sylvia -- thanks! Loved the video clip and the video within the video with Pi Man looking high, man.

Expression of the day (not in the video, just my reaction to El Gordo y la Flaca and their hard-hitting interview style:

Hacerle la barba a alguien: to suck up to someone:
A las estrellas de las telenovelas más patéticas les hacen la barba, esos dos.
(Those two always suck up to the stars of the most pathetic TNS.)

(Cuz it IS the Spanish study group, right?)

Does anyone have a link to what Rafa Novoa looked like at the Premios last night? I was trying to get rest to be able to come to work today rested so i fell asleep before i got to see him. I did see Aaron and Lola P. give the presentation and sort of enjoyed that... Aaron did look delicious...

Didn't Blanca say several times that ElTal is a 'hit' with ratings? really? or are they wishful thinking?

Yes, NM, BEST study group ever!

Sylvia - thanks for posting that interview with Aaron Diaz. He is much cuter as Aaron than as Antonio. However, I really am not a fan of the Brylcream and was hoping he only used that in the show.

Pathetically missing El Tal last night (you are not alone, Sara! - oh and thanks for the title of that Luz song), I tried to pull up the mariachi dream on-line. I wish I hadn't deleted it so soon. I couldn't find it but when I googled "El Talisman Dream" one of my own Caray Caray comments popped up!

So when I couldn't find the dream and not knowing so many of our friends would be on the premios, I decided to catch up on Glee. Any other Gleeks out there?

Ironically, Mr. Schuster was decked out in a mariachi outfit! The episode was from 2 weeks ago and all about Spanish music and the new Spanish teacher: Ricky Martin! I wonder if this was just a one time event for him. I hope not.

NM - I keep meaning to LOL to you about El Viral. That is such a great name for our Rabid Chipmunk.

I am still getting two word verifications. Sylvia, are you still with just one? What did you do to prove you are not a robot?

R la O

Oddly, I am not getting word verifications at all anymore -- although I do have to hit the "publish" button twice. Go figure.

I felt the need to look up chipmunk- ardilla o ardilla listada. No tengo enlace a word reference porque uso mi iPhone y I don't know how to do that. Pero sí sé hablar como Tracy lol

Pienso que we should all hablar like Tracy. Coz EVERBODY LOVES TRACY, no?

I wonder if you have to post X amount of comments before it goes away?

I'm with Marta hoping someone will know of a link to last nights Premios. I didn't even think to watch them... don't even know what they are. I know it's not the Latin Grammys, but it seemed muscial. What is it?

They were saying El Tal is a HIT? lol Maybe they just count the number of Caray Caray comments (without reading them) as opposed to some Neilson rating.

Vivi? Are you there? You are always so good at finding links. Maybe we'll need to leave a message for Vivi after tonight's recap. She'll probably check in to say hi over the weekend.

R la O

Sara - I think that's a buena idea

Novela Maven, I love your Spanish lesson for the day. Yep those two can really hacen la barba, no?

Marta, I tried to find a pic of Novoa from last night but wasn't able to. I didn't see him on the red carpet either. I think the guy is keeping a low profile and who can blame him? Apparently not so with the others. And yes, Blanca DID say El Tal was a hit with the rating which isn't quite true. It was a huge ratings hit the first episode, probably because of all the hype, but the ratings have dropped since then so I don't know what they are all talking about.

R la O, I got the two word verifications first thing this morning but none now. It took me several tries to get it right because one of the words was unreadable.

Vivi is on her way to Egypt right now. She'll check in when she gets back.

Claro que sí, I always talk like Spanglish Girl aquí. ¿Y porqué no?

ardilla/ardilla listada -- I've seen both. You know there's an app for that (Wordreference, I mean, not rodent ID.)

I usually don't get word verifications - no sé porqué...

the only ladies i really liked on the red carpet were Alicia machado (UFCS) and Scarlet Ortiz (Alejandra, YSBLF) with Gloria Trevi a close 3rd.
looking at the men now.

here is a link to the women on red carpet.

I just took a look at the telenovela foro and somebody posted these ratings numbers for Univision:
La Que No Podia Amar - 18.2
Una Familia con Suerte - 16.4
El Talisman - 14.5

I have no idea what the numbers mean. Anyway, whoever posted it said that 14.5 is a pathetic rating for a 9:00 p.m. show. However since I don't know what the numbers mean I can neither concur nor dispute.

blanca, aaron, armani and one of the ranch boys are here...
but i am still looking for a pix of PI

i forgot my favorite dress was satcha pretto... still can't find any Rafa pix.

Sí yo sé del app de wordreference. Necesito hacer más con las lecciones que todos "postan" aqui. Tengo all these papelitos with notes to myself Pero nunca me acuerdo nada.

OMG is this Rafa?
(pix 36)
why does he look shorter than Blanca?

Because Blanca's wearing her tacones and Rafa left his high-heeled sneakers back in Colombia.

Yes that's him!! Actually, they look about the same height to me because she's in heels. That said, I noticed she towered over a lot of people last night. She's got to be about 6' tall.

Just read Novela Maven's comment, LOL!!

I noticed in the mariachi dream that they were about the same height when standing on the same step.

Oh, yay, I was hoping we would be talking about the premios here. I can understand Univision trying to promote the heck out of their show even/especially if it isn't quite the hit they're pretending it is.

When I saw Lola Ponce interviewed on the red carpet I thought either she isn't acting on the show, or someone told her to go to the awards in character. When Aaron was interviewed, he couldn't have seemed less interested. He kept looking around like he was trying to find someone better to look at or talk to than the guy interviewing him. Then the second they were done it was like he couldn't walk away fast enough. Blanca was lovely and gracious.

I thought the awards show was fun, if not terribly memorable. I adore Chino y Nacho.

Julia, I totally agree about Lola and Aaron. Frankly it was hilarious. And Lola plays with her hair!!

Did you see the technical malfunction during Chino and Nacho's song? I kept looking around and rewinding and wondering "Where's Nacho?" Poor Chino was doing a solo dance act, not that the little stud muffin couldn't pull it off but he was clearly wondering what was going on. Then finally Nacho pops up at the end. It was really cute when they hugged in relief.

Yes, Blanca was incredibly poised and elegant, even when some fans grabbed her and yanked her over for pictures.

My favorite thing about the Premios...short speeches.

It was really cute when they hugged in relief.
thanks, i just read in the site that there was a malfunction... i did see them hug in relief and was wondering WTH that was all about... good they got out of it unscathed..

No kidding. It must have been scary because Nacho was probably stuck way up high in the air on that little platform thingie that was lowering him down.

Yes! I was wondering what the heck was going on. I love Chino and he can hold his own, but where was Nacho? What happened?

Just posted at the same time. He was stuck on the platform? That must have been frustrating.

They talk about what happened here:
Chino y Nacho Explicaron

Rafa could have used a splash of color, maybe a royal blue shirt or something... all that ash gray doesn't do him any favors.

I've loved all the links. Thanks. Why, oh why, didn't I watch this? Oh well, my Spanish Glee was fun too.

I think your numbers are interesting, Sylvia. I am not surprised to see El Tal in 3rd place, but I am surprised to see it not that far behind. I wonder what the number will be after the 2nd/10th of the show is complete.

Does anyone remember when Vanessa Williams was walking on stage for some awards show and this huge pointy pillar started rising out of the ground and about gored her? Talk about a stage malfunction.

I KNOW I am sounding like a broken record, but seriously with these word verifications....... AAAAARRRGGHHHH! I just tried to email something from my local paper to Our Emilia and it asked me for a double verification too!!!!!!!! I am NOT a robot! I would never dress in the silver suit Armani wore last night!!!!!!!! Was he going for the robot or tinman look?

Emilia - I also tried to send the article to myself and I haven't received it, but it's about a local lady who takes plastic bags, cuts them into strips and crochets shopping bags out of them. Do you think beanies crocheted out of plastic have better reception?

R la O

I'm surprised the numbers for LQNPA are still so good. I quit watching it except on rare occasions because it's on too late, plus with two hours of Familia I don't really have time. Plus, El Tal provides more campy fun and eye candy. There must be a lot of people who stay up much later than me.

I missed part of the awards show because I was busy supergluing my fingers (not exactly the intent) and then installing some cabinet hardware while I had it on. Did anything else noteworthy happen?

Julia - I am with you. LQNPA is just on too late. Even if I recorded it, I'd have to watch it in the morning, and I despise waking up "behind".

I have been taking night Spanish classes since March which I have been loving, and if I stop for a few months, which it looks likely I'll do, then I'll pick up a second novela. Isn't a new Sylvia Navarro one supposed to be coming out soon?

R la O

Ok let's be careful withLQNPA. I lerve it with a big ol' glittery heart. Jorge Salinas is my telenovio. Don't make me cry by bashing my show. Lol

Hmmm. Now that I re read I see y'all were mainly bashing the schedule change. I'm not gonna lie - I sort of hoped the numbers for LQNPA would tank in the new slot so looneyvision would go back to the old schedule. And I love UFCS but two hours can sometimes be tedious.

I am not sure if I really missed El Tal but I do love my mornings with you all on Caray.

A couple of comments:

Hey, I hablo como Tracy. Many of us do here in California. I pienso que she speaks pretty good Spanglish.


Loved the Aaron Diaz interview and Blue Lass' comments:
Gorda and Flaco don't exactly do the hard interview, do they? I thought Aaron Diaz's languid style might have been a) lounging around like Antonio Negrete—for which he needed a drink in his hand or b) trying to slouch down in the chair to keep from being recognized. Notice how he stayed in "costume", down to the stupid horseshoe necklace and "character" when he said"¿Quien es Lola? Lucrezia Negrete?...". Pretty funny. ¿Como no?


Rosemary, I have seen directions for making 'yarn' out of plastic bags. I would think a plastic beanie would make your scalp sweat and short out the reception!

I AM NOT A ROBOT! really...

I am glad you and R la O and the Cap'n are not robots. Sorry you ar ehaving such trials with Blogger.

So, one of the big mysteries in El Tal for me is, What is 'the plague'? I have assumed all along that it had to do with PLANTS but (tongue firmly in cheek) what if la plaga is what used to be referred to as the 'POX'? That could explain why El Troll is so worried about congress between the two rancho households.

They never have said it affects avocados, have they? O my that thought amuses me.

EJ, with a twisty sense of humor today

Elna Jung, I believe Camila and Genoveva never leave home without copies of the DSM and the Malleus Maleficarum when addressing plaga issues.

My first word ver. is "disability." I kid you not.

My WV is "Obduracy. icupHim" That sounds dirty, somehow.

Elna June, I think your diagnosis is spot on. It explains so much. I had just been thinking the ranches had cooties but apparently it's much worse. Poor avocados and/or raisins.

Dang, Julia. You paint ceilings AND install cabinet hardware all while your fingers are glued together? What a woman!

EJ LOL about the plague affecting the avocados. Perhaps that is why they are so droopy.

Sylvia - Thanks for reminding me about Vivi's trip to Egypt. That came up quickly. I can't wait to see her pictures!

Sara - We would never badmouth LQNPA. We get the badmouthing out of our system with this show. But, what is the scoop about Jorge Salinas' health? Did he have pneumonia or a pulmonary embolism? Did he have to miss some of the taping of the show? How is he these days? Does anyone have the scoop?

R la O

Oh boy, the new two-word verification is back and I can barely read them.

Julia's question about any other highlights in the premios, let's see...when Luis Fonsi was about to sing Eduardo Santamarina loudly introduced GLORIA TREVI!!! Jacqueline Bracamontes elbowed him and yelled LUIS FONSI!!! and rolled her eyes at him. Alejandra Guzman's performance was kind of weird, but her red carpet outfit looked really good on her I thought. She won a premio for her song Dia de Suerte and looked shocked.

Sara, did I tell you that I saw Jorge Salinas in a live performance of Aventurera a few years ago? He is super charismatic and even hotter in person. His arm was in a sling from falling off a horse while filming FELS. Coincidentally, Edith Gonzales was in a neck brace from falling off the stage in the previous performance. I don't know what's up with him now but I hope he's OK.

Elna June, so THAT'S what la plaga is all about. I was wondering.

Hey, look what I found. Apparently Jorge did have pneumonia and/or a pulmonary embolism but he's OK now.
A Love That Strengthens

I didn't actually glue my fingers TOGETHER. This time. I did also get super glue in my hair; fortunately it was right at the ends so the tiny haircut I gave myself to get it out isn't noticeable. I should stay away from superglue. This happened while I was wrapping fabric around galvanized sheet steel to put in a picture frame. It's a magnet board for my kitchen.

I think I'm going to reupholster my dining chairs this weekend. Stay tuned for details of how I manage to turn that into a disaster.

I did catch the Gloria Trevi bit. That was funny. I liked her singing "Gloria" although her outfit was weird. Luis Fonsi is getting more handsome with age, in my shallow opinion.

mmmm. He's such a tasty morsel. And you can't even hate Elizabeth for having him 'cause she looks like such a nice gal and she makes him so happy.

Well I still think you are very handy Julia, even though you got some superglue in your hair. Let us know how the chair project comes along. Be careful of staple guns.

I need to replace some pre-woven cane in some chairs but have been too chicken to do it yet. I'll probably wait until some poor unsuspecting guest falls through a chair before I become motivated enough.

Gloria Trevi's outfit kept making me cock my head because she looked uneven.

I was thrilled when I got a new cabinet without door hardware (they offered it, but I hated the knobs they had so I told them not to even drill the holes; I'd pick something else and do it myself) because FINALLY I had an excuse to buy a cordless drill/screwdriver. I've been wanting one for years but never had a reason to get one. Now I am drill-happy. I will drill anything. That sounds all wrong.

I wish someone had asked in one of those interviews whether Antonio and Lucrazy are supposed to seem incestuous, or if Pedro really was high in the dream scene. Those suckup interviewers never ask the things we really want to know.

"I will drill anything." Funny! Uh oh, don't anyone introduce Julia to a Sawzall. Or do you already have one Julia?

Those dumb interviewers did insinuate there was something going on between Aaron and Lola. Of course they didn't press, not like Cristina would have. But I agree with EJ that he was acting out the Antonio persona. It probably makes those ridiculous interviews more interesting for him and keeps him from having to answer the difficult questions.

R la O, I forgot to answer your question about Glee. I have watched it a couple of time and I liked it a lot, but I don't watch regularly. What a funny coincidence that the episode had mariachis and Ricky Martinez in it.

I just want to be #100. I'm a loser.

Guau, Julia! You bring new meaning to Drill, Baby, Drill.

You guys are making me feel useless and inept. I thought I was doing well for hosing the dust off my fake plant today. Really, that was my big, out of the ordinary accomplishment.

Brava Amigas!

Damn you, Sara! I was shooting for that!

Wow, I was confused for a moment, but you meant 100 comments. Unbelievable! If anyone notices they are probably wondering what about El Talisman merits any comments not to mention 100. Little do they know we will blab about anything, telenovelas, premios, home improvement, super glue, plastic bags, hanging fruit. The list goes on.

hee hee. I'm pretty sure that's been mentioned on the LQNPA thread. "Wow El Tal is getting a lot of coments. Wonder why not LQNPA"

Apparently dreck is more inspiring. :-)

oh for pete's sake...comMents.


Well I can tell you it's a lot easier to recap and a lot more fun to rip to shreds, er I mean discuss.

I'm actually kinda bummed that I'm going out tonight. As crazy as it sounds I'd just as soon stay home and watch El Tal. It's like I'm gleefully anticipating the newest ridiculous things they throw at us. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much while watching a telenovela. It was probably Duelo de Pasiones.

Ima go down Tal*Mart and get me summa them loooooow-hanging avocado earrings. Thatta get me some attention.

"...and a lot more fun to rip to shreds, er I mean discuss...It's like I'm gleefully anticipating the newest ridiculous things they throw at us. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much while watching a telenovela."
Ditto!!! I don't care a comino about the characters or what's going to happen. I just want to see locuras.

You have fun tonight. It may be a good thing to take a step back. Remember that crazy laugh we tend to have when we watch too much Uni. I still cringe thinking of the bad (but I thought hilarious) telenovela-induced joke I told at Tailgating last fall and everyone looked at me like I was nuts.

We have the whole weekend to snark. Isn't that what weekends are for? So, get out there Cap'n and refresh your funny bone and we'll hit it again tomorrow.

Thanks for the good time.

R la O

It's completely true that trainwreck telenovelas are easier and more fun to recap. I think I did my best work ever on Cuidado Con el Ángel, when we got to the extension and the writers had quit. The jokes pretty much wrote themselves for that fromagefest.

"The jokes pretty much wrote themselves for that fromagefest."
Yes, I'm at home on a Friday night hitting "refresh." Why do you ask??? lol

PS: I quoted you and forgot to tell you how funny you are. -_-

Sara, locuras and tonterias. Two of my most favorite Spanish words, viewed nightly on El Talisman.

Fromagefest, Hee! I like to recall my old French once in a while.

LOL now THAT can be a Tal*Mart shirt:
I HEART my refresh button

Hubba Hubba. Sounds kind of dirty.

yes, especially coupled with that battery quote from a day or two ago....

That got a carcajada out of me. Ooop. I hear Pancho singing. Time for El Tal!

Y'all are having too much fun without me. I'll be back in action on Monday. But I guess I'll have the last word here.

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