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Abysm / Abyss of passion, new show starts Monday

It appears we have a new show starting on Monday. Anybody want to recap it? If we don't get volunteers, we'll just give it a pass. BTW my choice is correct, just ancient [via Old French from Medieval Latin abysmus = abyss]

Augusto Castañón and Estefanía Bouvier de Castañón are Elisa's parents. Carmina lives with them but plans to flee the town with Rosendo Arango (Alfonsina's husband, Damián's father), Alfonsina finds out and warns Augusto.

Estefanía tries to dissuade Rosendo from abandoning his family, but an automobile accident ends both their lives, so Carmine's able to convince Augusto that his wife had been unfaithful to him.

Augusto, disgusted, decides to marry Carmina though he does not love her. Alfonsina decides to send Damián away from the town to study (in order to separate him from Elisa, his dear friend, upon whom Alfonsina does not gaze with friendly eyes).

Years later, Damián comes back, now an adult and enaged to be married to Florencia Landuchi, whom he met while studying in Italy.

Paolo Landuchi, Florencia's uncle, is drawn by Elisa's beauty, but since she doesn't pay him no mind, he tries to rape her with Carmina as his accomplice. However, when Paolo is about to achieve his objective Damián appears, punches out his lights and saves Elisa.

Damián falls in love with Elisa and vice versa, so his old friend Gael becomes his enemy; Gael has also loved Elisa since he was a boy.

Augusto finds out about the relationship between Damián and Elisa, and haunted by memories of the betrayal of Rosendo and Estefanía, he frightens Elisa by threatening to kill Damián. Desperate, determined to protect the man she loves, Elisa agrees to marry Gael despite the great misery this causes her friend Paloma González who has always been crazy in love with him.

At the moment Gael and Elisa stand before the alter, Damián ...

In this land, sins are not forgiven and the past is not frogotten. Submerge yourself in the abysm of passion.

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I know I want to see this one. I will hold off volunteering to recap until I have some more info on its time slot. Not that that Looneyvision gets the concept of "schedule".

This is an extremely spoiler filled summary. It includes information many months ahead from even Mexico's episodes.


I definitely want to see this, since I just glanced at the cast. I wish they'd tell us the time slot.

Does anyone watch any of the non-prime series? Are any of those ending yet?

I'm going to guess that ET will get moved and this will replace it. While I don't miss the 10PM programs I somehow don't think they're going away forever.

Over on the forums at Univision they are claiming 9pm eastern/ 8 central. I have no idea where they got their info.

Does this mean Familia is going back to one hour episodios?! Oh frabjous day, calloo, callay! I love you, Abismo de Pasión!

Or are they just bumping Tal to midnight or noon or something? I hope not. I need that comedy.

I think we have to see what happens to El Tal, no? Some of the rumors have it being moved out of primetime. If El Tal is moved to afternoon and this replaces it time wise then perhaps the El Tal "staff" might want to recap Abismo, El Tali is sooo bad.

Sylvia is out for a few days. I am sure she will have feelings one way or the other and I will tend to follow her lead on this. It sure would be nice to recap something with a plot....and this is a remake of a classic TN. I'm in to recap one or the other.

Elna June

I took a peek at the cast and want to see this one too. I wonder what this means for scheduling as well. It would be nice if Familia went back to one hour a day.

As for El Tal, I gave up on it a while ago, which is a shame, because USA-based shows are interesting to me. (I loved Eva Luna partly for that reason.) But El Talisman is no Eva Luna! LOL.

IF I am fully hooked on Abismo, and IF there is a need, I could be a backup recapper (or every other week recapper), IF I could do one of my quickie bulleted list types of recaps (which are pretty quick to do and I think I could squeeze in the time in between my LQNPA recapping duties).

I think it would be a shame for this novela to not be recapped here on Caray. It sounds soooo much more worthy of it than El Tal.

Rene Casados as a priest -- ¡ándale!

Piggybacking on Elvira's thoughts-- if looneyvision still plans to do CC3 then bullet list type recaps should be sufficient. I agree with her that it would be a shame if this one wasn't recapped. Maybe a format similar to the week in Telemundo posts would be sufficient? It could at least provide some time to get a recap crew together.

Shutting up now.

I might be willing to share a day with someone but it will have to be Monday or Friday. Friday's would be posted a little late and Monday's could be bulleted if I can't find it online.

And isn't the word "abyss"?

i'd like to take fridays...
agree with jarocha, the summary should be cut at the last 3 paragraphs. otherwise it is MAJOR spoiler if they don't change the story.

i hope Mark and David develop good chemistry... i LOVED the bond with Mauricio Islas and Jorge Poza. in EM.

I just saw that one website is translating the title as "Passion Pit". Conjures up a wonderful image, doesn't it?

I'm working on the elenco post. The cast is amazing! I'm really wanting to recap this one. Are Thursdays taken? My tutoring gig ends mid April. I may be able to work out recapping.

"Passion Pit".?? LOL!! good one!

Perhaps one of giant avocados from El Talisman has moved (complete with pit) to this one, as many viewers are likely to do.

Kayzie--You are welcome to the avocados. It seems El Tal is now raising zebras on the back 40.

I'd like to see the cast and the time slot before dedicating another hora. Is David Zepeda going to try to be another galan or can he revert to type (in which he excels as a classy villain).
Anita (w/a capital A)

Gotta finish with El Tal first and hope LQNPA never finishes. I'm so hooked.

...and Abismo is oh so close to Abismal. I hope that is not a omen.

The cast is amazing for this show. I kind of hope they bump ElTal to the back burner. Really, it could be well covered by short bulleted recaps—nothing ever happens in the show.

It seems that Abismo might be better served with full bore recaps—we know it has a plot. Again, I repeat that I will participate in recapping Abismo. Perhaps my esteemed colleague La Infanta Azul will continue to share a spot with me on Tuesdays?


UA the daytime novela Esperanza del Corazon is in ultimos capitulos now. I looked on Wiki, I try not to because of the spoilers, and it says it starts March 12 but not what time. Wiki actually had no summary but they listed the cast. This TN looks very interesting.

Angelli Nesma is the producer! That is a very good sign.


Since I am not watching El Talisman but can't resist reading the hilarious recaps I thought your comment about zebras meant that they were filming in a wild animal refuge. I just read the comments for today and realize it's the humans that seem to be setting a new trend with zebrawear. I hope we can order it from Tal*Mart.

Wow. 250 episodes are planned. I would definitely want to share recapping with someone.


250 episodes? Where did you hear that Sara?

That's crazy, Cañaveral de Pasiones was only 92 episodes. What are they going to fill the other 158 episodes with?


Okay, I looked for it.

It will have 250 episodes of 30 minutes so it will be 125 episodes of 1 hour.

Televisa tends to produce episodes of 30 minutes and then puts them together in 1 hour. This is supposed to help the flow of the episode better.

But, there will still be 33 extra hours that I don't know how they'll plan to fill.


Jarocha- Ah ok. That is more reassuring. Didn't you say the original was one of your faves? Is this remake ok?

PS Wikipedia was my source. Not the best but almost the only thing the network filter at work would allow lol

Girls, they are moving El Talisman at 1 PM. Yes, at 1 PM. Te-hee, I think that telenovela is on the dead line.

So starting from Monday:

Eastern Time:
1 PM - 2 PM: El Talisman
7 PM - 9 PM: Una Familia Con Suerte
9 PM - 10 PM: Abismo de Pasion
10 PM - 11 PM: La que no podia amar

Wait! They are keeping Familia at 2 hours?! Poor recappers!

Yes they are, unfortunately. Maybe if Univision would buy Amor Bravio also, UFCS would go back to 1 hour. I think El Talisman had abysmal ratings to require such a drastic change. I feel you, UFCS recappers!

I can't wait for Amor Bravio! But it just started in Mex this week, plus I already saw Uni advertise yet another of their US tns, starring Guy Ecker, that said "muy pronto." I think it will be a while before we get it.

With Uni trying to produce more of their own tns (with mixed results so far-- Eva Luna-smash hit; El Talisman- bomb), and all the ones coming from Televisa in Mexico, I think we will continue have an abundance of tns crowding the prime time hours. This problem will not go away any time soon.

Sara: I haven't been able to watch it much. With my schedule this semester I can only watch one novela on weekdays and then follow the most important events of LQNPA on the weekends.

I watched the begining and I thought it was okay. Nothing close to Cañaveral, which is a classic, but I can say that my opinion might be very partial since given my love for the original. From what I saw, some actors are pretty good and some are over the top but we all know who they are if we have seen them in past stories.

I haven't warmed up to the idea of Zepeda in this particular leading role, so that's keeping me from really watching the scenes with him. I always saw this character as boyish and idealistic, in that he was the most protected and therefore the least affected character by the events of the past, so his lively self contrasted with the gloomy points of view of many characteres. But this novela is more colorful, so maybe it won't be needed as much here for him to bring lightness to the role if he can't do it.

I like the producer, Angelli Nesma, and I think she strives for creating a good novela, unlike Mejía that willingly tries to make crap, or Nicandro Díaz who always makes lifeless copies of the originals. So I don't feel this is an insult to my version even if I don't see it on the same level.

I think those who didn't watch the original will probably enjoy it much better than me.


Vivi: Some of the novelas produced in Mexico every year aren't being shown by Univision already. I think what could happen in the future is that Uni will get pickier about which ones to air over there.

Although I don't always understand their standards (like LVO being shown YEARS later and at midnight or shoving PVAA at that timeslot too), they must think about what their audience over there might want.


Jarocha- IMHO Univision did the US audience a disservice with PVAA. I just saw the very edited DVD and thought it was great.

Both PVAA and LVO were fantastic. Bad choices on Uni's part to put those on at midnight.

I think Uni needs to get a better idea of what its audience wants/likes. They need to learn what the differences are between the Mexican audience, and what a Spanish speaking/learning/interested audience in the U.S. wants. They also need to learn not to insult its audience by feeding it dreck, which is what El Tal is. Especially when they have so many more entertaining options coming from Telvisa's and, hopefully, their own studios too.

So far it seems to me that comedies don't get a fair shake. They either get sent to odd hours like Gancho, chopped to bits like Llena de Amor, or piled on in 2 hour doses like Dinero and Familia.

I understood why CS2009 got moved. I don't think it was the worst tn ever, but it was bad and it did not live up to the HUGE hype. I also understand why El Tal is being moved to the day. That's where that quality of tn belongs. But PVAA was a smash hit in Mex, won every award, and was high quality in every way. LVO was super entertaining and the mystery kept you on the edge of your seat. No sense at all. Any of us could do a better job than their programming person!

I am not a recapper so my vote should only count half or 1/4, but I will follow Sylvia and EJ wherever and am hoping it's to the new show. Especially if we still get Marta and add in Sara.

If any show should be bulleted, it is El Tal. Double meaning intended.

R la O- thank you for your kind words. This has not been the best week for my confidence and I needed that pick me up.

Why does Lunivision hate comedies so much? Llena de Amor and Gancho were both excellent shows. I wouldn't put Familia in the same class but I don't know why they're so eager to get it over with. I think running it 2 hours per night is probably just discouraging viewers who would be up for one hour of it each night.

El manicomio está en las manos de los locos.

Sara - check.your email. I sent you something.

I'd follow you anywhere, EJ. Mándame.

Vivi: I don't what's Univision idea of what the US wants vs. what Mexico wants. PVAA did very well over here as you said but they didn't care about that. LVO started with low ratings but then got much better once the story started unfolding and had a decent performance. Still, both of those novelas got the shaft from Univision.

It is only those telenovelas that are HUGE in Mexico that are immediately sent to the US to see if they can elevate their numbers: Dinero, Teresa, etc.

And sometimes novelas with good numbers in Mexico are only so-so or bad in ratings in the US: CME.

CS2009 was already bombing in Mexico when it was premiered in Univision but I think they expected better numbers since Mejía's productions always do better in the US than in Mexico. For example, TDA had good ratings over there opposed to the abysmal ones it got here and Fuego was a hit in Mexico but did even better in the US. Same thing with La Madrastra.

I agree that comedies seem to be the big difference between both audiences. While those you mentioned did well in Mexico, they don't seem to be getting as big numbers in the US. I think it has to do with the variety of backgrounds of the viewers from the US as opposed to the full Mexican audience watching stories with their own type of humour and slang.


Julia- I'm guessing that the "problem" with the comedies is that they all seem to be really long-- over 200 caps long. This doesn't seem to be a problem in Mexico, as shows like Dinero (231) and Familia (266) held on to big audiences in Mexico, even after being on for a year or more. But perhaps Uni doesn't think the U.S. audience would hold on that long. Or maybe they are just too eager to put new things in those primetime slots.

Jarocha- Good point as well about comedies not translating well in different cultures.

CME didn't do badly here, it was just on at the 7pm hour (a bad choice by Uni), which is not great for adult dramas here. But when I looked at the ratings, it seemed to be doing pretty well for that hour.

At the begining CME did pretty badly. I remember they had trouble getting to the double digits and people in the Uni board where wondering how long would Univision let it stay on. But, for some reason, Univision let it build its audience and got better later.


Okay, I tried to look the numbers on google and got to this page of telenovela world forums.

May 23:

TERESA: 18.9

May 24:

TERESA: 19.5


Thanks Jarocha! It was actually a wise move on Uni's part to let CME build its audience slowly. If only they made more good decisions like that. :)

Gancho had slightly better numbers when it was sent to the afternoons. If I remember correctly it was on the 14-13 points.

I take this as a confirmation that Univision has a better trust in dramas than on comedies. They probably felt the issue with CME was that the plot would change and the story would become more engaging to the public at some point but felt that Gancho wasn't going to do that and probably would stay with those numbers in the long run.


i can still recap both, esp if i get to do this one (PP) on fridays... LOVE Mark and would watch him reading a phone book... and i hope the chemistry between him and David Z and with Rene C is good. also there is a new girl in it... even if i have to endure David and Angelique, I will do it for Mark and Rene and maybe to give this new girl a chance.

are we going to have enough recapers and a blog for this one?

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