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Amores Verdaderos #1 Wed 11/7/12 Steven Seagal called, he wants his career back

* Our newest Nicandro Díaz circus starts on a beautiful field with an aikido class for kids. While José Ángel Arriaga (Big Ed Yáñez) is channeling his inner Seagal, struggling and trying not to fall on the other master he’s practicing with, Viewerville is also struggling… with an urge to laugh. But we must admit: all men look hot in a hakama.

* In the meantime a big fashion commercial is in the making at the beautiful (though a little bit too rosy) Hacienda Balvanera. Victoria Balvanera (Erika Buenfil), the owner of the advertising agency is directing the dozens of models, cameramen, assistants and other crew members who are circulating around the swimming pool. She’s in her element but her face lights up even more when she notices the helicopter that carries her husband Nelson Brizz (Guillermo Capetillo) back from a business trip in Brazil. Victoria is delighted at the thought that their family will be together again.

* One of the kids asks Arriaga who taught him aikido. It was his father who trained him, says José Ángel, and he also taught him that aikido is the art of defense that gives you the ability to protect the most precious things God gave us: our lives and that of our beloved ones. *Oh Lord, I feel like I’m sitting in the dojo again.* After Arriaga finishes his speech he says goodbye and leaves because he has something very important to do.

* At the small but adorable house Arriaga, Liliana, the daughter of José Ángel (played by Sherlyn, also known as “The Actress Forever Trapped in the Role of a Sweet Teenager”) waters and fondles her precious flowers. Her mother Cristina (Mónika Sánchez) comes out of the house and… OH MY GOD, Mom, what’s THAT on your face? Oh, it’s just a mask for wrinkles, because, you know, a woman who has such an attractive husband must maintain her goods looks. *I’m sorry, Mónika, you’re a stunning woman, but now you look like somebody vomited a half-digested apple on your face.* Lili assures Cristina that she’s very pretty and still youthful, then mother and daughter start giggling and praising José Ángel: he’s so handsome, and he’s such a great husband and father, yadda, yadda, yadda. And most importantly, he’s faithful, he would never, ever cheat on Cristina. After all, he doesn’t care about other women; the only thing he’s really, really passionate about is their estate. However, the Arriagas must have a very unstable financial status, because Cristina starts worrying about their land and their house, but Little Miss Sunshine calms her down: worry not, Mom, today Dad’s going to the village looking for a job. Everything will be just fine.

* Well, to be honest, it doesn’t go that well for José Ángel: he’s at the back entrance of the Balvanera estate trying to apply for the overseer’s job but the gardener/porter won’t let him in because la señora Balvanera is too busy with shooting that commercial. José Ángel pulls his best puppy eyes to convince the guy, but no, he must come back later.

* Nelson, accompanied by his right hand, Santino “Salsero” Roca (Francisco “Hot” Gattorno), finally arrive at the set of the commercial, just in time to fully enjoy the sight of the gorgeous bikini models who’re literally walking on the water of the Balvanera’s swimming pool.

* In the meantime Victoria is fighting with Nicole (Eiza González), her pretty daughter who has a very spoiled and sniveling personality… And serious self-esteem issues. She was supposed to participate in the commercial but instead she locked herself up in her trailer: look at me, mom, look, this bikini is awful, it makes me look fat, and the other girls are flawless, I don’t want to do this commercial anymore, no freaking way! Victoria tries to reason with her little girl, assuring her she isn’t fat, she looks wonderful, and after all, if she wants to become a model she must learn to follow the rules. She can’t have more privileges than the other girls! Nikki strikes back, saying she has plans for the evening so she won’t spend the night in the hacienda, and no, she couldn’t care less that her father’s just arrived at home. Sorry Mom, and byeee! But it isn’t that easy to get rid of Victoria Balvanera: Nikki has to continue her piano lessons that she cancelled this week or she won’t be allowed to leave this night. Nikki hisses and sniffs but she has no other choice but to obey her “Super Mom”.

* Action time! A muscular, agile young man is doing target practice on a field, and needless to say, he does a fabulous job. Let me introduce you Francisco Guzmán (Sebastián Rullí), a professional bodyguard, and the other hottie of our show. * At Balvanera’s Nelson feasts his eyes on one of the models (Marjorie de Sousa). Honey blonde hair, hourglass figure, amazing smile, seductive eyes: she’s a walking, breathing Barbie doll who’s constantly smiling at the two men. Who is this woman, asks Nelson. Her name is Kendra Ferreti , answers Salsero, she works for the company.

* It’s lunchtime in the little house on the prairie. José Ángel enthusiastically tells his family that he’s going to meet Señora Balvanera at 5 p.m. While, Liliana, the glass half full person is very happy and optimistic about the job interview, Cristina the glass half empty person is worrying about the money again: José Ángel’s already lost his cows and his horses, they don’t have anything else left, so they DO need a miracle. Soon. By the way, José Ángel received a letter. It must be important, maybe it’s a job offer? Judging from the pale and horrified face of José Ángel: not really. It came from the bank, and it says they will take the estate because the mortgage isn’t paid. BOOM. José Ángel tries to calm the devastated and outraged women down: it must be a misunderstanding because he payed the loan, he can prove it with invoices. Tomorrow he’s going to the bank, but please, ¡ánimo, ánimo! (cheer up).

* After the filming of the commercial is over, Victoria introduces Kendra to Nelson and they both assure her she did a great job on the runway. Victoria, the distant relative of Melanie Wilkes is so much in love with the world and so enthusiastic about their new model that she doesn’t notice the lustful glimpses between Nelson and Kendra; and Nelson is so busy with trying to keep his pants on that he doesn’t notice the mysterious and sinister looks between Barbie and Salsero.

* Somewhere in a fancy office a cardboard rich telenovela villana, Odette Longoria (Lilia Aragón) is screaming and shouting because Victoria Balvanera, her archenemy has just finished a swimsuit commercial! A commercial for… gasp… Azul Agua! Odette had been trying to get the Azul Agua for months! But no, this isn’t over. If the Balvaneras want war… they will get it.

* Victoria and Nelson enjoy the nice weather in the garden and they discuss their daughter’s behavious. Nelson jokes about Nikki being just as capricious as like her mother but Victoria disagrees: no, in her opinion it was her father and grandfather who spoiled the girl. And qué sorpresa, Nelson doesn’t want to spend the night with Victoria either, he pull a lame excuse and tells her he has to return to the agency as soon as possible. It’s business, my dear, you know, I have to supervise Kendra’s photo shoot. Poor Victoria, now she’s doomed to spend the afternoon with interviewing the candidates for the post of the overseer.

* Salsero sneaks into Kendra’s trailer and tells her she was magnificent, she managed to impress the boss! However, he doesn’t like the way she talks about Nelson, so he grabs her hair and tells her she isn’t supposed to fall in love with him… and she should try to act like she was a decent woman. Kendra owes him much, after all, he got her the job at the agency. And worry not, everything goes just the way they planned: the servants of the Balvanera’s have a free day… And today Victoria Balvanera will meet her fate. *Viewerville: whaaaaaat?!*

* Oh no, now Victoria has a typical telenovela intuition: she feels something horrible will happen and begs Nelson not to leave. Nelson couldn’t care less. Viewerville either.

* Victoria calls Tomasina, her housekeeper (Raquell Morell, aka “Esmeralda’s Mom”) and tells her the plans changed and they’ll meet tomorrow. In the meantime, Nikki and Viewerville are both suffering because of her piano lesson. Fortunately she cuts the lesson short by acting like a classic spoiled telenovela princess: she fires her poor teacher

* Guzmán (who look fabulous without his shirts on) meets an old friend of his at a swimming pool, and it turns out Francisco used to work for an ambassador. But since that job is over he decided to return to his family.

* José Ángel’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere (of course), so he has to go to the hacienda by walk (of course). Meanwhile Victoria spends the afternoon with drawing in her sketchbook and reading a book, and she’s so occupied with her inner world that she doesn’t notice the bandits that arrive at the hacienda and get rid of her bodyguard and the gardener.

* At the agency Nelson explains his unexplainable douchebagery to his loyal, poker-faced Salsero: he loves Victoria, he really does. But they are married for twenty years, and a man like him needs excitement in his life… to bear the burden of this marriage. *Viewerville: oh, please.* I bet Nelson truly believes he’s the handsomest playboy on Earth.

* Fortunately our cowboy in the shining hakama also arrives at the hacienda, where he finds the unconscious staff members and Salsero’s goons. He stealthily follows the bandits and he puts them down one by one. *Viewerville is trying to keep a straight face during the dramatic fights scenes.*

* At the agency Kendra’s preparing for her photoshoot, and wow, she’s already invited to Nelson’s office for “further discussions”. Kendra and Salsero can’t believe their luck, their plan is going easier than they expected! They both get very horny at the thought of becoming filthy rich, so they get it on in the dressing room.

* Sensei Arriaga is doing his best to neutralize the enemy, but he’s too late, two of the bandits capture Victoria. She’s screaming and crying, desperately trying to free herself from the grab; and she gets even more frightened when a huge, black-haired cowboy turns up and beats the hell out of the armed bad boys. The damsel in distress is saved but she’s so shocked that she hysterically begs José Ángel to stay away from her. Arriaga kindly grabs her shoulders and tells her to calm down… and it works. Victoria throws herself into her saviour’s arms, she hugs him tightly, and she’s just crying and crying and crying. Alejandro Sanz, end credits, see you back tomorrow.


Aribeth, thanks so much for the pics of EY, yummy! Loved this first epi and can't wait for your terrific recap.

Oh, and Aribeth, could you email me please at I am the other recapper for this TN. Thanks.

Arggh! I missed this! My recording was shut off (not by me). I will catch it on Hulu. Looking forward to the recap!

It was good up until the last moment with Victoria cringing from Jose Angel. My preliminary comments otherwise:

Victoria: Why is there such a preponderance of professional women in fashion in these programs? Is there no other career for women in urban/suburban Mexico?

Nicole: She deserves a serious spanking. She might be a bigger brat than Fernanda of TdA.

Kendra: Men will probably love this little piece of trash.

Francisco: Always good to see Sebastian Rulli even with bad hair.

Odette: Another Bernarda Iturbide in the making?

Aribeth: I cannot wait to read the recap! I laughed out loud at the pictures - what a wonderful beginning.

Madelaine, I was simply salivating. EY looks amazing. And having Rulli "on the side" just makes this even better...

UA: Nicole is beyond brat. Totally obnoxious...Even the most spoiled of brats have some charm...Not sure that applies here.

And Francisco G. - I'm really going to like him as a baddie. Very sexy...

I thought the first episode was great.



I watched this last night and so far have mixed feelings about it's potential to keep us entertained. I enjoyed Nikki. It was fun seeing Braulio (AdP) as a slick bad guy. I really like Eduardo Yanez but he cracked me up in his fight scene. He's about as nimble as a musk ox. Nelson brings a reptilian coolness with those cold unblinking beady eyes.

So far, I see this shaping up as ridiculous, but sometimes ridiculous can be good.


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Aribeth - So looking forward to getting to read your recaps again. Welcome back!

Yippee - Yanez returns! And in very fine form. :D

During the rescue I had the same question I always do in martial arts scenes: why did the hired thug choose to go mano a mano with Jose Angel instead of just shooting him since he was unarmed? Must be a male pride thing.

I know the bikini fashion show was for the male viewers, but I did enjoy trying to find flaws in those perfect amazons.

Diana - Agree on Francisco G. That was a surprise to me.


Thanks, Aribeth. Love seeing Big Ed back on the screen again. I've missed the big guy. Instead of a Steven Siegal flashback, I was transported back to my days watching the delicious Adrian Paul's smooth moves on Highlander: the TV Series. Nikki brought back scary memories of the snotty rich girls I had to endure when I was teaching at an upper middle class local suburban high school. I was happy to see sweet Sherilyn again and Sebastian R., but I miss his long, lionlike locks. The scenes of the superlonglegged models walking on the water was great. Slosh slosh slosh. I'm in. Let the fun begin. p.s. My new grandgirl was born today in Toronto at 5 a.m. Evelyn Joy ...7 lbs 2 oz. I am praying that she does not turn into a Nikki in 16 years. I now have 3 grandgirls...Evelyn joins Jane 5, Lily 2

I hope this telenovela improves. I found the first episode boring and canned.

My sister and I spent the whole second half of the telenovela laughing like crazy people. I'm going to stick around for this one because it looks like it's gonna be so bad it's good,lol.

Thanks for the space Aribeth and glad to see you again!

Congratulations on your nieta Stevi! I hope you get to see her often.

Oh my Aribeth you are back and haven't missed a beat.

"*I’m sorry, Mónika, you’re a stunning woman, but now you look like somebody vomited a half-digested apple on your face.*" Let the snark begin.

This was an amazing, fun filled ride. Outstanding. "cardboard rich telenovela villana" and "unexplainable douchebagery" were among my other favorites.

Sherlyn and Eduardo were sibs in FELS so it is interesting they are father/daughter here. I think Sher is happy because she gets to kiss him far more as his daughter than his sister. Lucky woman.

Despite "He's about as nimble as a musk ox" (very funny Carlos), I just love Eduardo Yáñez. I also liked his wife too whom I suspect (no spoiler) may not be in the picture too long.

Stevi, congratulations!!!

Thanks for cranking up the motor and starting things up Aribeth. This will be a fun ride.


Thanks for this wonderful recap Aribeth and the pics too. Ah, our Jose Angel is really and angel. I liked the way he saved Victoria, but his akido moves, lol.

I haven't seen Sebastian Rulli in anything before, and boy is he hawt.

Nelson is so full of himself. I too agree he thinks he is the best looking playboy, lol. Salsero on the other hand, is one devious, hawt guy.

Kendra is the perfect villana. She will try to trap Nelson somehow.

Nikki looks way too thin. I think she has anorexia or bulimia issues.

Victoria doesn't look very strong. She is like the typical damsel in distress.

Hi everyone, the recap is up. Thank you for your patience.

Madelaine, I sent you an e-mail.

I'm soooo glad to see my dearest fellow mates from the good old Midnight Club! :) It's been a year and a half since LVO ended and I missed all of you.

To be honest I don't really like Nicandro's shows (Destilando, MEPS, STD), they're extremely boring and slow for my taste, but this one seems okay so far. I follow the Mexican screening (48 episodes so far), and the chemistry between Eduardo and Erika is wonderful. I also like the humor.

And I think I should introduce myself: I'm not American. Neither Mexican. This means there WILL be grammar errors in my recaps, and I'm sorry for them in advance, but I do my best to bring you good recaps. I hope we'll have a great time together in the next 7-9 months.

Aribeth – Thanks for a snarkilicious delight. My favorite line: "In the meantime, Nikki and Viewerville are both suffering because of her piano lesson." Liked the pics, especially Rulli and his pecs.

I was shocked Victoria didn't get a cell phone and call the police while Jose was kicking butt. And the kidnappers just running off instead of using their firepower was a hoot. I guess they had orders not to shoot.

Jose Angel and his daughter have good chemistry. Kind of cute the way he turned away from her when she was trying to peek over his shoulder to read the letter.


This was a greaat recap, but I hope the telenovela improves. To me it seemed a bit canned and boring.

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Hey Aribeth I sent you a reply to your email.


It's so good to read one of your wonderful recaps again. Your snarky style will be perfect for this tn, which looks like it will be over the top dramatic.

That fashion shoot was cool. I kept worrying that the models would fall though the plexiglass runway. Yikes!

Yes, poor Sherlyn. She will never be able to play someone over age 24 until all her hair is gray. This is great in real life. Not so much when you're an actress. But I agree that she has great chemistry with her "dad", EY. I know she and Niki will be fighting for the love of Sebastian Rulli. I'm not really sold on either of them pairing with him. With Sherlyn because she looks too young (although she's not), and with Niki because I hate the character and can't stand her high pitched whiney voice. :)

The location is gorgeous! Do we know what state in Mexico this is being filmed in? It looked so lush and green, and there was even mist surrounding the bamboo on the road to the hacienda. Great setting!

The attack by the "Seals team" was hilarious. Some walked up the stairs; other had ropes with hooks on them to climb the fortress walls-- all to get a fairly unprotected woman. All wore masks except the ring leader. Perhaps too much firepower given the assignment and they failed!
This may be a TN that produces many laughs.

I've been lurking for months and have enjoyed all the talented and hilarious recappers and their brillliant recaps for AB and other novelas. Aribeth, I really loved your LVO recaps..that is one of my favorite novelas even though I had to stay up til 1 am to watch it. I'm back because Big Ed is baaack and there are the extra treats of Sebastian Rulli and Francisco Gattorno.

The production values as mentioned before are great and this will be a fun novela to watch.... silly and earnestly over acted. I had to laugh that Big Ed's character did not use that Uzi to threaten the kidnapper holding Victoria or why the kidnapper didn't just shoot Jose. But then our novela would be a little episode.

So excited to see EY and SR again.


*Oh Lord, I feel like I’m sitting in the dojo again.*

Yep, I had exactly the same reaction! I told hubby - oh, he's giving the classic martial arts philosophy speech.

Thanks for an awesome recap, and links to the hakama. I didn't watch after Niki had her little trantrum outside her trailer. Why does she have to have a chipmunk voice?

Oh, right, Francisco Gattorno was looking super hot - perfect sunglasses for him. And, OMG, if my butt looked like Kendra's I'd probably be shaking it all over the screen too!

Oh Vivi, I agree about the location. It. Is. Breathtaking!
For me it looks like Hawaii. I wouldn't have been surprised if Nelson or José Ángel had met Josh Holloway, Terry O'Quinn or the Black Smoke on the fields.

And that hacienda... And the Arriaga's house. I'm in love.

Nicandro has always known how to spend the money wisely. Unlike Chava Mejía who's also given a huge budget but after 2000 all his shows look cheap. (Not that I didn't love his circos, expecially Salvaje.)

Audrey: :)
I don't practice akikido anymore because I'm a lazy kid who's more interested in her other hobbies, but those scenes brought back the good old memories. And the endless speeches...

Thank you for introducing yourself, Aribeth, I'm not familiar with your past recapping, but I can tell from it that you have done it before. Great job.

This TN is cliched and predictable right off the bat. I'll give it a few more chances to see if I will stick with it or not. After watching this one, I am familiar with more of the actors than I previously thought. But I have never watched Edward Yáñez before. And I seem to be going against the grain in saying that I do not find him attractive at all. To each their own, as they say.

I kept wondering why the kidnappers didn't use their weapons on Jose, so I just FF'd through all that.

And the evil competition, again, complete cliche. And also the bratty child. Can Sebastian Rulli be enough to sustain me? Not sure.

Hi Aribeth, this is a funny recap. I too watch the Mexican airing of this TN. It took a while, but it's starting to grow on me.

Thanks for writing the recap. As you know, they don't have cc's on Televisa for some reason, so for the last 45 episodes, I have been wondering what is motivating this characters. Are you kidding me? That Odette hates Victoria because she took an account? That's the only reason? OMG!

I think that I'm in love with Arriaga because of his personality (he is hilarious) and Guzman because of his assets.

CathyX, stop cussing! Have you seen Rulli's body? Get closer to the screen. Here, take my glasses. He doesn't take his clothes off often, but when he's priceless.

Cynderella, I've seen his body, in the pool and in other TNs and I know it's very fine. And I like him way more with the short hair he's sporting in this one. But will he be enough for me to be able to withstand the rest? That remains to be seen. My head gets too itchy if I have to wear the beanie all the time.

p.s. For all my former telenovela buds...I accidently posted here under the name ''stevi'' which I used on another forum that I frequented. I forgot that I am ''Susanlynn'' at caraycaray.

Gracias.. Loved the recap.. Love EY.. This may be a good one.. The 'ninja' fight was hysterical..So comical..All we need is Gaviota.. Unfortunately She is 1st Lady of Mexico so I don't think she will be back in novelas..

Great recap! Great show! EY is back and I am compelled to watch! He is the reason that I started watching telenovelas - way back to Destilando Amor - when I didn't understand but a few phrases of Spanish. I too was reminded of the dojo and the "speech". We are off to a great start with great snark. I have missed this!!! Keep up the good work - it is much appreciated.

Aribeth - Please do not worry about the grammar errors or any other things. I am very grateful to you for your willingness to recap for us.

So far, I have only had time to watch the first half-hour of the first episode. Francisco Gattorno definitely looks like a 'hottie' in his mafioso outfit and sunglasses. HHHmmmm.....


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