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Porque el Amor Manda: Main Characters

Fernando Colunga is Jesús García.

* Cheerful, honest, hardworking, optimistic.

* Ex-lover of Verónica. Father of Valentina. Destined for Alma.

* Secretary at Avon Monterrey.

Blanca Soto is Alma Montemayor.

* Beautiful, intelligent, successful, kind-hearted.

* Fiancée of Rogelio. Fond of Jesús.

* Assistant Director at Avon Monterrey.

Erick Elías is Rogelio Rivadeneira.

* Intelligent, self-centered, untrustworthy, thrill-seeking.

* Fiancé of Alma. Brother of Fernando. Lover of Patricia.

* Regional Director at Avon Monterrey.

 Alejandro Ávila is Fernando Rivadeneira.

* Bossy, lazy, lusty, insecure.

* Brother of Rogelio.

* Works at Avon Monterrey.

Claudia Álvarez is Verónica Hierro.

* Domineering, hard-hearted, demanding, superficial.

* Ex-lover of Jesús. Wife of Elías. Mother of Valentina.

Jorge Aravena is Elías Franco.

* Laid-back, creative, patient, friendly.

* Husband of Verónica. Stepfather of Valentina.

* Head of Publicity at Avon Monterrey.

María Elisa Camargo is Patricia Zorrilla.

* Vain, hypocritical, seductive, envious.

* Lover of Rogelio. False friend of Alma.

Other Caray favorites who will be appearing in this novela: Kika Edgar, Ricardo Fastlicht, Violeta Isfel, Ricardo Margaleff, Carmen Salinas, Darío Ripoll and Ninel Conde.

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Gracias, Blue Lass. Great character set up. We are all set for Monday night's beginning now.

I wonder if anyone has stepped forward for Wednesday night yet?


Thanks so much for the character profiles. This one is going to be sooo much fun!

Thank you, Blue Lass. I love the adjectives used to describe the characters in novelas !!! We should all choose 5 adjectives to describe ourselves.

What a great idea, Susanlynn -- starting right off with a parlor game!

Blue Lass: Stippled, Puckish, Aquatic, and Drowsy.

Thanks Blue Lass,

Hurrah! It's Kristel (LldA)!

* Vain, hypocritical, seductive, envious.

and I wouldn't want her to be any other way.


My favorite set of adjectives are the ones used to describe Alejandro Avila's character : bossy, lazy, lusty, insecure. Wow ! Give me a big slice of THAT. These sound like really bad ''looking for A soulmate' ads. I'm still pondering my own 5 adjectives. I took a class a few years ago, and on the first day, we were supposed to introduce ourselves with an adjective that started with the first letter of our first name. [One classmate offered ''Manicdepressive Marci''...We all laughed. Turned out she wasn't kidding.] After class, Hub guessed all afternoon, but he never hit on the one I chose. Maybe I'll just share Alejandro's !!HA

I'm really looking forward to this. I wonder if this Avon office will be better run than Avon Toluca?

Julia: flaky, enervated, sardonic, easily amused

Or maybe.... grumpy, sleepy, sneezy, dopey, bashful. ~~~susanlynn, headed down to the jersey see how much of it is still there

I forgot itchy. Itchy is my fifth.

Thank you, Blue...

I didn't realize this was going to be another TN that takes place in an Avon office (like Familia).

Kinda makes you wonder what Avon is really like to work at... I doubt they'd tolerate typical telenovela behavior in their corporate offices...

My five adjectives: sleepy, snoozy, tired, fatigued, and hungry.

But think of all the enhanced revenue from cleavage makeup!

From our adjectives, it sounds like we all need a nice slumber party.

My five adjectives are intelligent, eccentric, arrogant, obstinate, unnoticed.

I hope I can stay with this one.

I'm really looking forward to this one. I hope I can keep up with it. I'm hoping the rest of the cast can make up for Blanca Soto. I don't like her very much. Maybe this project is a better fit for her (Full disclosure: I've only seen her in bits and pieces of Eva Luna and El Tal)

Well the (similar) cast for Llena de Amor acted rings around the female lead and it was still a great deal of fun. She seemed to be the only one that didn't realize the TN was a riotous comedy. Surely Blanca Soto can do better than that (we hope!).

Is it just me, or does this show bear a phenomenol resemblance to Hasta que el dinero? Is it that
A. It's a legitimate remake?
B. It's a shameless ripoff?
C. I'm all wet and there is no similarity?
D. Sure it's identical, but Colunga es mucho más guapo, so who cares?


Paula- I don't think this is a similar story to Dinero at all, but both tns are remakes of Colombian tns. That how they are really similar. FC is indeed nice to look at, and so is Blanca. But I have to say that I don't see the two of them delivering the same kind of comedic chemistry as Ale and Rafa from Fine to. And I also doubt they'll break into song, which I loved about Dinero.

This seems a lot more similar to Familia where female love interest wasn't funny, but the main villainess sure was. They all worked at Avon, and the male lead was out of his comfort zone.

I hope FC exceeds my expectations and brings the funny.

I have no idea what my original sentence above was before my tablet changed it to "fine to". LOL! Anyway, you know what I'm saying. Ale an Rafa were so funny together and had great adventures.

Well, every comedy needs a straight man, and Blanca Soto should be able to do the job. :)

I find I rarely care what happens to the main couple anyway -- all the action is in the supporting cast.

I'll admit I didn't see Familia. But the reason I see it as similar to Dinero is:
1. The female lead is the head of a company (or major division of co).
2. Her fiance just wants her money and he has lover/lovers on the side.
3. Our hero is from humble circumstances, and he gets into a severe financial crisis.
4. As a result he becomes the virtual slave of the female lead.
5. The annoying peanut gallery churns through air time with Three-Stooges style blither.

Maybe it's just the peanut gallery that set me off (I HATE peanut galleries), and it caused me to perceive of it like Dinero overall.


Paula- Yes, the Peanut Gallery at the office seems to be the staple of tn comedies, no? Didn't La Fea have one, as did Por Ella Soy Eva. There wasn't really one in Familia because the large/extensive family played that role.

In this tn, the cheating fiance is actually the owner/head of the company, so he's not with the protagonista out of interes. He's just a cheating skunk. And the heroine in this is more sweet and supportive-- wanting to help the galan. Not like Ale in Dinero who, yes, was a b*tch and made Rafa her slave so that he could pay her back.

I gather Rogelio wants Alma because she's the "perfect wife" type -- sort of like the situation with Santi and Paty in EVA.

You're right, Vivi, the whole familia in FAMILIA was a peanut gallery -- with Poncho as Mr. Peanut!

Thanks for the clarification Vivi. I can see that I didn't pay very close attention to the previews, and I haven't watched the teaser episode on-line.

I didn't mind the peanut gallery in Eva (well, maybe the Mutt & Jeff part), but I hated it in Dinero (and Fea).

I just noticed the names of the characters fit their five word descriptions:

Jesus Garcia-- Every man/ordinary name. But also one that comes with the high expectations of "the savior".

Alma- Soul. Down to earth and good.

The Rivadeneira brothers-- Haven't really thought of anything except that the name sounds both like rival and dinero.

Hierro- Iron. She's described as hard-hearted.

Franco- Frank/honest.

Zorilla- Zorra= fox/sly/slut.

Very clever, Vivi!

And Alma Montemayor is up on a "big mountain," too, isn't she?

Whats the deal with Televisa and Avon? First UNA FAMILIA CON SUERTE, then POR ELLA SOY EVA and now PORQUE EL AMOR MANDA... Is Televisa now making long commercials that look like telenovelas so the inversion is safe? Eva also advertised (unshamelessly) Hair products, junk food, milk, and a long list...
I don't like that! I want my TN free of advertising, isn't that why commercial breaks were invented?

LOL! Yes, Alma is a big/tall girl.

When thinking about UFCS and Rebe, that puts the Blanca role in perspective for me. I have to admit, she looks great. I like the business look on her better.

Things I'm hoping to see:

a cardigan casually draped around Jesus' shoulders

feathers incorporated in Alma's hair

a headband (indígena-style) around Pati's forehead

a huge silver belt buckle on someone

the Pear Robe


First and Foremost--I want to see FC acting silly. It's about time, although there were a few silly moments in STuD. Wonder how long it will take him to become the studly, manly man we've been used to (cardigan, shirtless or not). Wonder if he'll need to know how to treat snakebites.

Did anyone ever see the silly TV movie, "The Oldest Living Bridesmaid?" It starred Donna Mills and Brian Wimmer (1990). She's the high-powered attorney, engaged to a wimpy kind of dentist who wants desperately to marry her. She's not ready, even though all her friends and secretaries are ending up at the altar. Then she hires the Brian Wimmer character as her secretary--going against all that is holy in the business world--worse yet, he's a bit unconnventional. I'm a sentimental old fool and loved the movie (kind a May-Dec, too, with Donna as the Dec Cougar lady).

When I saw FC running around with steno pads, pencils and files, I decided THIS is one for me and had to go get my home tape version of OLB.

Let's see if PEAM measures up to my lowered expectations--and in Spanish, to boot.

Carlos--I'm with you, let's keep an eye out for the feathers and the cardigan. I'm going to be looking for the blue-rimmed glassware at breakfast.


I think there ought to be SOME kind of nod to El Tal. Maybe not a screaming peacock in Monterrey, but..."lárgate de mi oficina" maybe?

Blue Lass- Maybe "bossy, lazy, lusty, insecure" Alejandro will also have a boda bag of booze and a big belt buckle? His description ceratinly matches that of a certain hunky villain from El Tal. Or perhaps Pati, aka Little Zorra, will be fond of zebra print.

Well, you know I have a soft spot for Alejandro -- ever since TERESA. Maybe Susanlynn and I can fight over him. :)

And surely there will be SOMEONE in animal print!

Oh no, Carlos,,, cardigan flung over those broad, manly shoulders.~~~Susanlynn, down the shore

Sorry Susanlynn but I think that it is a done deal, would you prefer it...with the arms dangling loose helplessly...or...tied loosely but assertaciously across the chest?


Either way,,,but only if he just wears the cardigan, That's my final offer.~~~Susanlynn, reckless, shameless, directionless, restless

Either way,,,but only if he just wears the cardigan, That's my final offer.~~~Susanlynn, reckless, shameless, directionless, restless

I'm totally looking forward to this one!

I started watching a few episodes (maybe a dozen, maybe not even that). I thought it was very cute and fun. "Adorable" would be the word I'd use for Fernando's character. I enjoyed it a lot but decided to wait to see the rest with my Caray buddies.

Glad you'll be joining us, Elvira!

Colunga doesn't do it for me as a galán, but I can totally buy him as a comic underdog.

Well, this seems like a good telenovela. I'm mostly trying to watch the last remaining episodes of Amor Bravio, but since it'll end very soon I'll watch this at the same time.


Finally! Looks like I've come in on the very beginning of a hopefully good FC novella. Last one I completed was MEPS. Tried to watch STuD but just couldn't handle Gabriela Spanic's whiny "baby voice" and had to drop out. Looking forward to this.

45 minutes and counting...Cheryl: Bon Voyage and smooth sailing for your debut.

I can't believe I'll be spending three hours of prime time tv watching Mexican telenovelas. I guess I need three beanies.

I wish I could knit and watch tv at the same time.

Anita, I was watching three for a while there, and it was crazy! I made it through, though.

Welcome, Peruvian and Anon 4:56!

Speaking of product placement, I read this morning that Grupo Bimbo may join the bidding at the Hostess auction. A little difficult to visual Bimbo brand Twinkies, but then again, why the heck not?

Just watched the Gran Estreno and the hour seemed to go pretty fast. Hope they can maintain that.

Bimbo (through Marinela) has been selling TWINKIES clones in México since I was a kid. We call them SUBMARINOS and we had like three different flavors. Marinela also has the twin of the chocolate cupcake with the cream filling (PINGUINO).
When I heard that Hostess was no longer selling those items in Texas, I told my friends to go to Fiesta and get the Marinela clones, theyre about the same thing!

They're still making pinguinos??? I remember when I was a kid, they used to come with tiny little model airplanes in them.

Thanks, Blue! As one who must slightly suffer from that disease that makes it impossible to distinguish different faces, this sure helps to let me know who's who of all the major characters.

When it comes to product placement, can anyone forget Tostachos?

I'm wondering if I can count Avon for my telenovela bingo card, since it's not a product exactly -- more like an ambience.

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