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Corazon Indomable, #47, Tuesday, 07/16/13 We need a miracle and a miracle we get…hopefully

 Here is the recap, guys! I apologize for any spelling mistakes, it's 2a.m. in my part of the world and I'm feeling so sleepy. I'll try to find them tomorrow with a fresh set of eyes.

At long last, Don Ailing finds out Maricruz is his daughter. And his crying is breaking my heart as he desperately squeezes MC to his chest.
The shock of the news makes him feel dizzy, though, so he asks MC to get him to a doctor, since he wants to live a little bit longer. Carola watches them – she is not amused by the touching father-daughter reunion.

Back in Mexico City, Solita is still in labor, but the baby is coming upside down and they don’t know how to communicate with the poor girl. They manage to make her push and after a lot of cringing and heavy breathing, the baby is finally out and healthily crying. He is huge and very clean, but he is such a cutie…
Tobias is waiting for news in the hallway. The doctor comes to tell him everything was fine, Solita had a healthy baby boy; she is still tired, but there is hope she will recover.

Don Ailing is in the hospital, too; he seems to be in a state of shock, as the doctor revises him and then asks to talk to MC outside the room.

Carola is furious that Don Ailing didn’t get to sign the casino papers before finding out the truth. Raiza proves to be the voice of reason once again, by suggesting her sister she could always try to have a relationship with MC, run the business together. Yeah, that’s the last thing Carola would ever do.

We don’t hear what the doctor tells MC (what a poor editing choice!), but she has a sorrowful face – as she goes back to her dad’s room, she thinks to herself that what she dreaded the most is happening: she is the one to cause the death on her father. She kisses his hand and he wakes up. He wants to take advantage of the time he has left. MC tries to calm him down, asks him to rest.
A nurse comes in with a sedative, but Don Ailing wants MC to stay with him, because he has important things to do, he can’t sleep.
He asks MC to call for Tobias, but she doesn’t think this is the right time. The nurse injects the sedative into his IV thingy and he falls asleep soon after. MC asks God to keep her father alive.

Back at the hotel, the two pilotontos meet Raiza, who came for some coffee. Tav is wearing some blue t-shirt and Raiza a pink blouse, but Ed steals the scene with his half unbuttoned shirt. I’m not quite sure what the talk is about, I keep staring at Ed, but as far as I can tell Raiza is taunting Tav by saying that MA will never look at him because she has an emir at her feet and she is far more interested in money than anything else. He could never be a good match for her, anyway, because she is about to inherit a great fortune: 80% of the Isla Dorada Casino and 100% of other very rich casinos.

MC arrives home to find out her two weeks old daughter already ate. She goes to carry her baby, promising her soon enough she will have more time to spend together; but for now she has to work in the casino in order to provide a better future for the little, still unnamed one (because every new born needs to be provided with millions of dollars).
Finally, Tobias calls. He couldn’t wait a minute longer (REALLY?) to tell MC that Solita gave birth – the baby is fine but Solita needs time to recuperate. MC can’t go see her sister, because her dad is also sick – she had to tell him the truth in order to prohibit the signing of the papers. Can she hear herself how ridiculous she sounds?

Going back to the hospital MC finds out Don Ailing only woke up for a moment and asked for her and Tobias, but then went back to sleep (maybe if they stopped sedating him, he would be able to speak his mind. Ugh!)

Raiza is telling Carola that Don Ailing is really sick this time, she called the hospital every day to find out news about him (so how many days has it been? I’m gonna have to start keeping track with some help from MC’s dresses). Carola doesn’t seem to care to much about her business partner, but she’s getting ready for a fierce fight with Maria Alejandra.

Don Ailing asks MC to call Tobias but she refuses him AGAIN, says there is time for this later. No, he insists, and begs for a notary, too. Will you just listen, woman? I get that she wants him to stay calm, but could she just let the poor man talk? Good God!!

She goes to talk to the doctor, explains him her dad is stubborn and insists in seeing Tobias and a notary. The doctor goes to search for one and MC goes back to the room. Don Ailing thinks he’s lost to much time in refusing to give her the power of attorney, but he will give it to her now.
He’s also happy he found her and that he has a precious granddaughter. He asks God for another month to live to enjoy them.

Ed, el galanaso (his words, not mine), is sure he’ll make Aracely very happy, since she’s decided to go with him to Mexico. Tav warns him that sooner or later he will end up married to Aracely because he is exaggerating in his intent to conquest her (you should talk, you moron).

Aracely explains Teo that she wants to be on her own, find a job and that is impossible to do in Isla Dorada, so she’s going to Mexico. Teo asks if Ed knows she’s leaving. Do bears c*** in the woods, Teo?
Anyway, he hopes Ed will make her happy, or else… Anyway, no matter what, he’ll always wait for her, he’ll always be there for her if she needs him. They hug.

We travel to the ranch now, where Ewsebio is drunk again and Jose Antonio is trying to make him stop the booze fest. But that is simply not possible because apparently Ewsebio decided he likes Lucia now, he is encaprichado (infatuated) with her and is preparing for his love declaration. (Is this supposed to be part of the comic relief? It’s working with me).

Don Ailing manages to sign the power of attorney (pfiu!).
Now that she finally has what she asked for all along MC decides that was probably not what she wanted because it cost her Don Ailing’s health (Duh!)
And in comes the nurse with her injections again. But Don Ailing rejects the sedative, he wants to spend some more time with his daughter (why don’t they just leave the man fall asleep on his own!)

Ed visits Serafina, tells her a young lady is coming to live in Mexico and needs a room. Serafina has one, but it’s not that cheap. Also, she reminds Ed her pension is a decent place. Not to worry, the girl is just a friend (with benefits…ahem), Ed assures Serafina and pays the advance for the room.  

Solita is with her baby back home. Tobias explains her that MC calls every day and she will come as soon as Don Ale gets better. And the two little cousins will meet, too. Yeah, I’m not holding my breath…

MC complains to the doctor that her father doesn’t want any more sedatives, because he wants to be lucid enough to spend time with her. The doctor agrees, but asks her to keep him calm, avoid too much talking, spare him the use of energy.

At the ranch Lucia asks Ofelia about Miguel’s whereabouts, but he’s already left the house. Hiding behind the bushes Ewsebio gives her a once over, asserting that “esta rebuena la vieja” (she’s super hot, the broad!)
Lucia laments to herself that all she did was for their family and she needs to do something to get Miguel back. In the meantime, Ewsebio thinks about ways to take advantage of the fight between Lucia and Miguel because he is a man and he can have any woman he wants (barf!).

MC is back at home, holding her baby (the poor thing keeps crying), explaining Juanita that she still has hope that her dad will be all right. She also tells Juanita that Don Ailing is her father.
She finds consolation in the fact that she has her daughter, but the girl is so fragile, she is almost too afraid to hold her… Maybe if you spent more time with her, my dear… nothing better than practice for a new mom. Juanita tries to cheer her up, saying that the little girl will soon be bigger and stronger.

Ewsebio left a note for Lucia at the mansion’s door (gotta love his courtship). Ofelia brings her patrona the letter without suspecting who is the sender. When opening it, Lucia realizes it’s an anonimo! And it says that Miguel has another woman. Cara impactada de Lucia. She resists the idea, but then she starts thinking of who it might be and states that she would never forgive Miguel an infidelity.
She is not sure whether to believe what it says or not, so she decides she needs to find out if the letter speaks the truth.

After checking up Don Ailing, the doctor says he is doing much better. Tobias calls to speak with MC who isn’t there so Don Ale finally gets to talk to him.
Don Ale doubts MC can handle the casino alone, but if he gets better he will ask her to go back to Mexico with him. But how could he make her change her mind? Tobias asks him not to do anything for now, think about his health. No, Don Ale needs to settle things because MC is planning a vengeance against her daughter’s father and her heart is so set on this, who knows what might happen.

The doctor tells MC that Don Ailing is ailing no more, he could be having a miraculous recovery, provided that he takes care of himself. And maybe she should take him to Mexico City, where a better equipped facility could try to save his life with open heart surgery (but who will fight for the casino then?). The doctor thought Don Ale will die in a few hours but he lived for days and he could live for years to come.
MC is happy to hear the news, hope is sparkling in her eyes.


Fabulous recap Adriana! I was nodding my head vigorously at your asides. Now, go to bed!

You probably did not see the previews we saw, but I think they were Univision's attempt at black humor. As soon as we ended on the hopeful note of the doc telling Mari that Don Ale could live for YEARS, we get a preview of...well, let's just say tomorrow will not be a happy episode.

Mari now has power of attorney (and will soon inherit) ALL of Don Ale's fortune and ALL his MANY casinos. Someone, please tell me why she is wasting time and energy on Isla Dorada? She's got a baby, a sister, a nephew, a father, and a mega fortune to worry about. Bring one or few of the management staff from one of the MANY other casinos (that apparently are being run well, by honest people), promote them, and have them deal with running Isla Dorada and keeping an eye on minor partner Carola. I know, I know. That would make too much sense.

I just feel like I'm being cheated. Yes, cheated! Cheated of tender moments between Mari and her father; Mari and her child; Mari and her sister and her nephew; etc. The are plenty of capitulos and time for revenge and fighting. But give me the good stuff too, please writers.


Adriana- This will need to be tagged/labeled, when you wake up.

Thanks for the great recap Adriana. I was with you on your asides regarding stupid plot points and MC not focusing on what is truly important.

Vivi - yes I feel very cheated. And these other characters floating around to be developed, ack. As you said yesterday, most of the unfortunate people in this TN are not worth knowing.

While I don't mind that Lucifera was gaslighted, I really don't ever need to see creepy again until they put him in jail or kill him off.

I agree that your asides are wonderful....my favorite being "Will you just listen, woman? I get that she wants him to stay calm, but could she just let the poor man talk? Good God!!

It's been very frustrating how they've interacted with Don Ailing.

And I am so mad at Univision for pretty much dashing our hopes with the Avances. Though I suspected he was on the way out since CE has a role in La TempesBAD.

Again, I am left wondering where we are going with the Solita plot.

And Karen, AMEN! Can't we just get rid of Ew now?

Thanks for the great recap and "pilotontos".


Thank you Adriana for the wonderful recap.

I too was puzzled at Don Ale's constant sedation. For someone who has heart problems you not supposed to give so much sedative because of the condition, if they tired the body shuts down and eventually one fall asleep anyways.
I understand Don Ale's wish for the attorney so he can leave his affairs in order and leave everything to MC, and it took sooo long to get him one, pffff.

ITA with you Vivi feeling cheated out of a lot of happy and tender moments and family reunions. Writers please sby give MC the hint or a light bulb moment to bring the nina to the hospital if possible so at least Aube can hold her for one last time!

What is this sudden attraction to Luciafer on Euwwwsebio's part?? Not that I mind it they deserve each other, but come on, he worked there for years and suddenly developed feelings? Que?

Good work, Adriana.

I don't comment much on this series because of the severe improbabilities, but this episode was really getting to me. Don Alejandro should have known Maricruz' identity long ago. Finding out in front of Carola was not the best of timing for many reasons including the future accusations she's going to throw at Maricruz.

Ewsebio and Luciafer deserve each other. They'll be a younger version of Aurelia and Cristobal of La Esposa Virgen.

Vivi, I woke up thinking about the tag, I knew I had forgotten something last night :))
This episode annoyed me so much, it was a difficult recap to write.
I didn't see the previews, but I already knew of Don Ale's fate... I'm sorry for the ones that got spoiled, Univision really likes to toy with its viewers.
I guess I would feel cheated too, but I'm not invested in any of the characters except for Solita, so I mostly roll my eyes at the stupidities they utter and brush them off like Mejia-isms.

Karen, I think I have a twisted mind because I want to see what Ew does with Lucia, his sudden infatuation with her is almost laughable, especially the fact that he's so sure a stuck up woman like his patrona would ever aknowledge his presence as more than a peon doing her dirty work.

Jarifa, I love the "pilotontos" part, it came to me several days ago but I always forgot to add it.

Irisz, seeing Don Ale struggle to talk to MC, wanting to put his affairs in order and being shut down every time he was awake long enough to put two words together really made me mad. What is the point of telling him the truth if you can't talk about it after? Ugh...

And what is this notion that an open heart surgery might save his life? Why hasn't his city doctor suggested this already? Have I missed something?


Thank you, Adriana, for losing sleep to bring us this recap.

Yesterday , I read this quote : " The best revenge is forgiveness." However, I do not think that Mari would buy this idea.

I am glad that Solita survived the breech birth, and her baby is so cute.

Ewww is unbelievable. Talk about delusions of grandeur and the effects of alcohol on the brain. Perhaps he is turning belated attention to crazy , maximad Lucia because his favorite helpless victim Solita is now out of his reach. No matter how sorry we feel for Solita, at least she has escaped from his creepy clutches.

Ed continues to be a legend in his own mind. Juaever.

Adriana, I was thinking the same thing about the heart surgery: did I miss something? His own DF doctor seemed to be resigned to his deteriorating condition.


Yeah, I had a “what the hey?” moment to when the doc suggested open heart surgery as the answer. If that were the case, wouldn't his doctor in D.F. have suggested it long ago?

Susanlynn- You are so right that Solita is SO much better off now than before. I never want Ewsebio to touch or even leer at her again. I never want him to know he has a child by her. Other than missing MC, she is pretty darned happy these days. I think the baby may make up for MC being gone all the time too.

I am glad Don Ale finally convinced MC to get the notary so that he could actually get his affairs in order before he dies. The last thing he, and we, would want is a legal battle between Mari and Carola, or anyone else who might challenge Mari's legitimate claim.

It's a shame that they didn't get a chance to clarify exactly what happened between Don Ale and Lupita. Mari still has some weird impression that Don Ale just let them go and didn't care enough to find them. And she thinks this despite her grandpa telling her Lupita was the one who ran away and cut him off from Mari; and seeing the letters from Ale and knowing that all he has wanted in life is to be reunited with his daughter, and has had a detective on the case (a very bad/slow detective). The man never even looked at another woman, remarried, or had any other kids, because he didn't want anyone to get what should rightfully be his daughter's. I hope Mari has dropped the bitter attitude about that now.


Thanks Adriana. I love your avatar. Did you know that he's my telenovio? I claimed him during his last TN. Sorry Vivi, he's still mine.

So Ewsebio has a thing for Luciafer now. I am really hoping that she actually lowers herself and goes for it. I know that it would be gross and disgusting, but I dislike them both and they deserve each other.

I saw the spoiler last evening. Should be a very emotional chapter tonight. What's up between Mari and Tav now? And has the Emir given up? And will Solita ever get a make over??? SOOOOO many questions.

So big happenings tonight on my recap episode. I didn't see the previews so I don't know what you're talking about, but I think that's a good thing.

Thanks for the great recap!

You would think the writers could have given us at least a few episodes with MA and Don Ale being able to enjoy a true daughter father relationship. It seems the writers just pile on the suffering and have given very little on the positive front.

This is my first TN so I don't know the actors like the rest of you but Ed's hair is so perfectly coiffed, and doesn't seem to move, that I am convinced he must be wearing a hair piece, a la Ted Danson in Cheers!

LOL! Carvivilie- That is his hair. We have seen it touseled when he came out of the shower and then combed through it. The man has very nice, thick hair.

Cathyx- Do you and I have to have another talk about who CdlF belongs to? ;-)

Vivi, I know I'm supposed to share, but I just can't. Maybe we need a new telenovio to come along and we can both have one. And it looks like we have competition with Adriana too.

Vivi and Cathyx, you can have all the talks you want about CdlF, but he is MY telenovio, even if I didn't watch Amor Bravio with all of you, but alone, in my bed, at crazy hours of the night, heart thumbing and hands moist in anticipation of that next smile of his...
See, my crazy is far worse then yours...
But you know what? Since this is as pretend as pretend can get, I don't mind sharing him... every now and then :)

Between CdlF and Marcelo Cordoba, there is plenty of hunkiness to share.

It's hard to watch such poor plots. Just get your beanies ready for tonight and probably beyond.
I hope Euwsebio does violate mad Lucia which results in an offspring - spawn of two of Satan's minions.
Lucia might be reduced to living in a mud hut on the outskirts of the ranch. What I keep on wondering is where MA/MC will live at the end of this dramedy: the condo, the casino, Don Ale's mansion or the ranch with Octavio.
If I were writing the ending, she would live in married bliss with deformed one since he is the only male defending the virtue of all women in this TN.
Oh, please name the baby...

Thank you Adriana, your short recap was very affective and helpful.

He is infatuated with her and is preparing for his love declaration.
[is this supposted to be part of the comic relief? It's working for me.] LOL--Comic relief indeed. This is a serious show so maybe the writers put that in exactly for a little comic relief.
EWW-sebio y Lucifer, what a hoot. Yes, I think that the whiskey has damaged his brain.

Sarah C.---But could she just let the poor man talk? Good God.---Maybe it's because you can understad the dialogue and I can't but I saw it the exact opposite as you. For the last two or three nights, everytime Maricruz tried to make her case against Corola, he shut her down. That was with most every sentence. You could see the look of disguest and disappointment on MC's face. I didn't see any difference last night. It looked to me like even in the very weakened condition that he was in, he still seemed to
be very much in control.

Carvivlie---Your first novela? Mine
was about a dozen ago and I still consider myself somewhat new as there are many actors and actresses
that I still haven't seen. I have to say that after my first one, I was hooked, my guess is that you will be too. So her's wishing happy novelas to you for both now and in the future.

Ed's hair---Ed's hair doesn't move
because he has half a jar of grease on it. Oh, that pillowcase.

The Caray blog is set up for opinions both pro and con as well as they are presented tastefully. After the advances last night several have expressed their displeasure. I have a different take and have been prepairing myself for the wrath that may come my way but as I said, both pro and con, so this is the way I see it. I will read and consider all opposing views. Here goes-----I don't think that the writers are trying to be mean or cruel to us with the death of Don Ale tonight. He has served his purpose. He has found his long lost daughter, has seen his grandaughter, however briefly, and has given Maricruz the power of attorney over his businesses. It's time for his exit
either stage right or stage left. His goals have been accomplished, so he exits tonight. A former name
for this novela was La Venganza, not Happy Family. Big Don had stated that he didn't think that Maricruz could handle or had enough experience to handle the casino [or casino's] and assume ownership of his estate, so now it's going to be make or break time for her. From now on,she'll be on her own. I know, I know that we wanted
to see several happy family scenes
but as I said, the name of this novela is not Happy Family. One good thing that might come in the future---Could it be that some way
Solita and Maricruz could end up as partners or at the very least, working together running the business? Even if that dosen't happen, I think that we will see some of the happy family that we missed with Papa Ale when we see Solita's son and Mari's daughter happily playing together in the big yard at the mansion.
the gringo

Hola Adriana...missed this last night, but enjoyed your recap and share your frustration with all the characters. Impossibly stubborn, obtuse and then some.

However, intrigued by the possibility that Lucia might have to surrender to Eusebio's grimy seduction as a way of ensuring his silence. Now THAT'S revenge.

Great job, Adriana Noel. My favorite line:

"...Maybe if you spent more time with her, my dear..."


I must admit, I was so happy with the Dr.'s optimism about don Alejandro and then stunned by the avances. Sorry gringo, I can't share your rather cold acceptance,

"He has served his purpose."

I'm looking forward to seeing Eusebio's seduction technique. I don't think that rape will be an option with Lucia. Maybe he should start with a shower and change of clothes... Oh, and he might want to lose the little whip.


Carlos---I was speaking merely from
a writer's point of view and from a story line point. Not trying to be cold but I thought that his death would come soon so that Mari would be completely on her own in a sink or swim senerio with no help
from anyone.
the gringo

Gringo, thank you for wishing me well in my new adventure of TN's.

Regarding Don Ale's death, I guess the reason I'm so disappointed that we will have no further bonding scenes is that it would be a nice break from MA fighting and yelling at everyone... a little less vengeance and a little more love...at least for one or two episodes.

Gringo, I would agree with you on the character of Don Ale, as sad as it is to see him go ( how much of that is Cesar and a, once again, fabulous performance?)

As we see him go though, and the story turns to MC trying to run the place, make a name for herself and seek her vengeance, we're left with a lot of side story characters you just don't feel that vested in. Maybe that will come, but the recent additions the last couple weeks have left me cold.

And the main charecters, well as a villainess, Carola is sort of Meh, and even Luciafer has been the same cranky one-note. Face it, we love villians who just the one step short of over the top--oh heck some over the top are down-right fun to watch if done right ( the Purple Queen Carlota, Fedra in Llena, etc).

I hope the writers start moving the plot, get us interested in these side plot characters or this may be a long journey. I'm getting a bit worried.


Well, at least César Évora got to hang around in this longer than he did in Yo Amo a Juan Querendón.
Wasn't it about the third episode in which he exited by shooting himself?


Adriana, forgot to say how much I enjoyed the recap. Wonderful job!!

Count me among those as well that were frustrated with MC not carrying out Papa's request. How hard is it to call Tobias--that man is like family to him. That was absurd.


Cesar Evora is in an upcoming series we'll get eventually.

I guess he will revert to villain status in that one because of that voice.

Cesar Evora didn't last much longer in Abysmal de pasion

@UA - actually, not eventually. Pretty darn soon. Cesar Evora will be the villain in La TempesBAD, which begins on July 29th on Univision in the 9 pm timeslot, replacing AV. He started filming on that novella within DAYS after he exited C.I.

In other news - CCEA ends this week, and it will be replaced by yet another Maite Perroni novela, the one many of you were wondering about - "Cachito de Cielo" starts on Univision at 2pm on Monday, July 22nd. Also, Univision is already announcing that "La Mujer Del Vendaval" starts soon in the 3 pm timeslot. I like Pedro Fernandez as a singer, but as an actor....I'll pass, even though I do like Maite Perroni. As for LMDV, I like Ariadne Diaz but despite my curiosity about how she and Jose Ron fell in love on set and are now an item, I just can't stand Jose Ron's acting, so I'm passing on that one too.

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