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La Tempestad, Capitulo 2. Tuesday, July 30th, 2013. A Storm Is Coming!

Greetings Everyone! I'm Mauricio and I will be your recapper for Tuesday. This is my first recap for Caray Caray. I hope that I will do a good job. 

It turns out that Damian isn't just shirtless. He's actually naked. Damian asks Marina if she wants something. Marina asks him if he always receives his visitors naked. She calls him Mr. Fabre. It's Captain Fabre, he says. No, I don't receive my visitors naked. But you're the one who walked into my cabin without permission, says Damian. Marina asks Damian to put some clothes on. Damian seems to be enjoying exposing himself to Marina because he's laughing. He tells her that he will put some clothes on if she will kindly pass him his pants. Marina spots a pair of pants laying on the floor. She picks it up and hands it over to him. Marina still has her back turned while Damian puts on his pants. Haven't you ever seen a naked man before? asks Damian. I've seen many but that is none of your business, says Marina. It appeared that you hadn't judging from the look on your face. But like you said it's none of my business and to be honest I don't care, says Damian. 

At Esthercita's house, her parents are having a very bad morning. Delfina is in tears. Fulgencio tells her to stop the waterworks already. She isn't letting him think. But our only daughter is missing, says Delfina. Fulgencio thinks that it is a mother's obligation to keep an eye on her daughter. He doesn't understand how Delfina did not realize that Esthercita had not come home. Esthercita told me last night that she was feeling tired and that she would be heading home, explains Delfina. But in morning when I went into her room she was not there and her bed was still made. Delfina is sure that something terrible happened to her daughter. 

Esthercita is having a bad morning herself. She sneaks up to Mayuya's home and throws stones at the window to get Mayuya's attention. Mayuya comes out of her house and tells Esthercita to be quiet. 

Damian tells Marina that if she wanted to see him the people in town know where to find him. She did not have to come to his cabin and look through his things. She tells him that she did not look through his things. Well you were walking around the cabin like it belonged to you and you looked through my photos and you saw me naked, says Damian. Before you continue accusing me. I'll tell you why I came onto OUR ship, says Marina. OUR ship? Do you get drunk early? asks Damian. No, I don't, says Marina. Damian suggests that she not drink so early and that way she won't talk such nonsense. Marina tells him that his ship is at the service of HER company. YOUR company? What do you have to do with Neptuno? Because that is the only company that I work for, says Damian. Marina tells Damian that she's the company new associate and administrator. The new associate? Of the company? A woman? says Damian. 

Esthercita wants Mayuya to say that she spent the night at her place. Mayuya can't do this because Delfina already came over and Mayuya's father told Delfina that they knew nothing about Esthercita. My mom's probably going crazy!! My dad's going to kill me!! wails Esthercita. Where have you been? What were you doing? Calm down. We'll think of something. Tell me where have you been and with who. Look at you. You're a mess, says Mayuya. What am I going to say? If I tell the truth they aren't only going to kill me but they are also going to kill him, says Esthercita. Who is he? asks Mayuya. Esthercita tells Mayuya that she spent the night with Damian. What? You slept with Damian? asks Mayuya.

Damian tells Marina that he understood everything Marina came to tell him. Now she can get lost. He tells her not to come on his ship again without his permission. I'll be paying you from now on so don't be so rude, Mr. Fabre, says Marina. It's Captain Fabre! says Damian. Marina says that the ship has a contract with the company and she has every right to come on. She also has every right to give Damian orders. That's. my. job., says Marina as she pokes Damian on his bare chest. Damian says that he gave her an order. To. get. out. (Damian says this as he pokes her back) He'll give her to the count of three to leave in a good way. One. Two. Three. Marina doesn't leave. 

Beatriz and Jose walk into some restaurant. Beatriz tells Jose how she has been feeling much better since they moved near the ocean. Beatriz says that Marina is sure they'll have a calm and happy life there. (Yeah right) Jose thinks he should have gone with Marina to meet Captain Fabre. Beatriz says that she knows that the Captain is a man with no education. A waiter comes to the table. Coffee is ordered as well as a glass of water so Beatriz can take her medication. Jose explains to Beatriz how in general the men in the area are nice but fighters. Jose is sure that the Captain won't like a woman giving him orders.  Beatriz tells Jose not to be worried. She is confident that Marina will have everything in order pretty quickly. (Oh, if only she new that it isn't going to be that easy) 

Damian carries Marina out of his cabin. She's hitting him with her bag and ordering him to let her go. Damian does let her go. But he lets her go by throwing her into the ocean. The crew members laugh. Damian throws Marina's bag into the ocean. Damian's orders are obeyed. He tells Marina to get out before a shark eats her. Marina gets out of the water. She is soaking wet. Other spectators have gathered. Damian tells Marina that she looks more like a woman now. Marina tries to talk but she coughs. Marina tells Damian that he's not a man but an animal. Damian tells Marina that he's a gentleman but with a lady. A soaking wet Marina leaves. 

Esthercita denies that she slept with Damian even though she just told Mayuya that she had spent the night with him. Mayuya doesn't think that Fulgencio will believe any lie. Mayuya is sure that Fulgencio has the cops looking all over for Esthercita. Esthercita says that she will say that she was mugged. Mayuya doesn't think that Fulgencio will believe this since the only thing missing is Esthercita's shoes. They would have had to rape you or something, says Mayuya. We now have a split screen. Damian remembers what happened the previous night with Esthercita. Esthercita starts to come up with her tale. She will say that she walking in the middle of the night when someone grabbed her. She tried to get away but they hit her and left her on the ground. Damian finds Esthercita's other shoe. Esthercita will say that she was taken to the beach where someone attempted to rape her. Attempted. How come they didn't rape you if they took you to the beach? says Mayuya. Esthercita tells Mayuya to shut it. Mayuya isn't letting her think. Mayuya will say that she did not see Esthercita that way Esthercita can say what she wants. Esthercita wants to know how she can go to the beach without being seen. Mayuya tells her how. Damian says that he was very drunk and spent the night with Esthercita. He says that he shouldn't have let Esthercita on his ship. Mayuya is sure that Esthercita slept with Damian. I HATE HER!! HOW MUCH I HATE HER!! says Mayuya. 

Bagre informs Damian how the other crew members aren't happy with a woman being the new administrator. Well you saw how I treated her says, Damian. Yeah you fed her to the fishes, says Bagre. You mean I poisoned them because what I gave them was poisonous, says Damian. Bagre comments on Marina's nice curves. Damian won't accept Marina's   attitude of giving orders. Bagre thinks Marina will give them problems because you never know with a woman. Damian can't stand women who speak loudly and behave like men. Bagre thinks the same. A woman has to be a woman even if she is the boss, says Bagre.

Marina comes home soaking wet. Marina tells Beatriz that she slipped and fell into the ocean. 

Someone named Valdivia calls Fulgencio. Esthercita has been found. Fulgencio wants to know how Esthercita is. Delfina wants to know what happened. Fulgencio doesn't like what he is told about what happened to Esthercita. He orders Valdivia to bring Esthercita home. Fulgencio tells Delfina that Esthercita was found in the beach. Esthercita was mugged and it appears that Esthercita was raped. Delfina cries. Fulgencio says that whoever did this will pay. 

Damian is now at the company. Olinto tells Damian that everyone in town knows that he threw Marina into the ocean. Damian finds out the name of the woman who he threw into the ocean. Olinto explains how Marina was some high executive in the capital but for some reason that he is not aware of Marina quit and Doña Mercedes offered her to be her associate and to come and administer the company. If she was such a high executive in the capital then why did she come here? asks Damian. Onlinto doesn't know but he'll investigate. Damian asks if the boss Marina is there right now. Marina isn't there. Olinto wouldn't be surprised if Marina is out pressing charges against Damian for aggression. 

Marina tells Beatriz that her fall into the ocean was nothing. It was an accident. Didn't anyone help you? Didn't the Captain help you? asks Beatriz. Marina changes the subject. Marina comments on the nice home Jose got for them. Marina wants to know how Beatriz has been feeling and if she has been taking her medication. Beatriz tells Marina that she did take her medication. Beatriz also tells Marina how good she has been feeling since they moved near the ocean. Marina is happy to hear this. Beatriz comments on the flowers. She will tend to them while Marina is at work so she won't feel so lonely. Marina says that Beatriz's happiness and health will give her the force to move forward. Beatriz comes first for Marina. 

Damian tells Olinto that Marina got what anyone who gets on his ship without his permission gets. If Marina wanted to see him she could have asked him to come to the company. Olinto mentions how Marina hasn't even been to the company yet. So the first thing she did when she arrived to town was to come and bother me? Then she did get what she deserved, says Damian. Damian starts to leave. Olinto follows him. Olinto wants Damian to avoid having problems with Marina. Damian says that since Marina is a woman he will let everything pass. All will be forgotten once Marina apologizes to him. How can you expect for Marina to apologize? asks Olinto. You don't know how dangerous it is to supply the company. Every time we go out into the ocean we are risking our lives in middle of storms and pirates. I didn't want to tell you but last night we were attacked again, says Damian. So tell that woman that she is obligated to apologize to me, says Damian. Damian leaves. Olinto asks La Virgen De Nuestra Senora Del Mar when his problems will be over. (My guess would be that the problems will be over when the novela ends) 

Mexico CIty
Mercedes talks with Jose on the phone. She wants to know how things are going. Jose obviously doesn't know what happened since he tells Mercedes that up until know he thinks that things are going well. He tells her how he was not able to be present when Marina met Damian. Jose tells Mercedes that Beatriz is sure that Marina will be able to dominate Damian but he's not so sure. Mercedes knows that there will be a storm between them since they are so alike. Jose asks Mercedes what her instructions are. Mercedes says to leave Marina free to decide how she organizes herself with the company. Mercedes trusts Marina and knows she won't disappoint her. Jose says that Damian is difficult and won't let a woman give him orders. Mercedes says thats why I gave Marina the job. We'll see who is stronger, says Marina. Jose has never doubted Mercedes decisions and time has taught him Mercedes is always right. Mercedes thanks him for the compliment. She tells him that it wasn't time that taught her but it was the suffering. She hangs up. 

Mercedes goes into what looks like a storage room. She sits on some rocking chair. She picks up a rag doll and holds it in her arms (Oh no, not another rag doll, wasn't there also one in TDA??) Mercedes opens a box and takes out something. She unwraps it. It is a pair of pink baby clothes. She picks up the pair of pink baby socks. She cries. Now she picks up the pair of baby pink sweaters and cries as she says mis hijas, mis hijas. Mercedes has a flashback. In the flashback we someone taking a baby away from Mercedes. There is a storm. Mercedes tries to get the baby back but has no luck. The person holding the baby gets into a car and the car drives off. Mercedes screams out Magdalena, Magdalena, mi hija, mi hija as the car drives off. Mercedes takes out something else from the box. She unwraps it. It is a model of the ship La Tempestad. 

Marina tells Beatriz how things haven't been going the way she had planned. Her meeting with Captain Fabre was a disaster. Marina won't let the Captain get out of control and be a bad example for the others. She will call an urgent board meeting for tomorrow so they will all know who Marina Reverte is. Beatriz likes her talking this way. Marina mentions to her mother how she bumped into some crazy woman who was a mess and was called stupid. Marina assures her mother that they will not defeat her. 

The doctor tells Fulgencio that Esthercita was raped. Fulgencio is furious. Fulgencio says that they ruined his daughter's life. 

A man is in his car driving. We got shots of this man. 

Damian is walking around town. It is announced that there will be a procession the following day in honor of La VIrgen De Nuestra Señora Del Mar. Marina gets out of a car. Marina and Damian see each other. How can she be so beautiful and so hateful at the same time, says Damian in his thoughts. There is that idiot again, says Marina in her thoughts. 

Fulgencio thinks Esthercita will be signaled out and no decent man will want to marry her. Fulgencio curses the man who raped Esthercita. The doctor understands how Fulgencio feels. He wants to give Fulgencio a pill to calm him down. But Fulgencio doesn't want to calm down. He wants the head of that bastard that raped his daughter. He has the cops looking for the bastard and is sure that they will find him. He wants to take out his fury on the bastard. 

Damian offers to carry Marina so she won't get wet walking through a puddle. Marina asks him what he is doing there. Shouldn't he be working? she asks him. I already did my job. I brought fish to the company yesterday, he says. Damian mentions how he went up against pirates. Marina doesn't believe him about the pirate. Pirates don't exist. Fine, don't believe, you'll find out that I am telling the truth eventually, says Damian. Marina tells Jose that he can leave. Oh, you have bodyguards and all that, says Damian. Damian greets Jose and asks him how he is doing. Jose says fine. Jose asks Damian how he is doing. Damian says that here he is dealing with the enemy err I mean destiny. Marina tells Damian that if he's talking about her then his destiny is called Marina Reverte. Jose tells Marina that he will be with Beatriz if she needs him. Jose drives off. Damian wants Marina to apologize to him. What? Me apologize? says Marina. You're crazy, says Marina. Marina tells Damian to tell his crew members that they will have a board meeting tomorrow. They will talk there. Damian wants Marina to apologize to him. Marina tells Damian that he should be the one apologizing. Damian doesn't think so. After all Marina did provoke him by invading his territory.Two of the crew members run into them. They joke around about Marina being thrown overboard. Marina tells Damian that she imagines that he is satisfied now because everyone knows that he threw her overboard. She has become the laughing stock of the town. Marina walks off. Damian follows her. He tells her that if she came to live near the ocean she should learn how things are there. Marina says she has nothing to learn. In any case it should be he who will learn because things are going to change. Marina is now standing in the middle of the street. She is almost hit by a car but jumps into Damian's arms just in time to avoid being hit. The driver gets out and asks Marina if she's okay. Marina says that she's okay. Damian shoves the driver and calls him an imbecile. Hernan shoves him back. Marina tells them to stop. She says that everyone in town are brutes. The driver calls Marina by her name and he smiles. 

Doña Rufi has laid out a bunch of food on the table. Jose and Beatriz sit down at the table to eat. Beatriz tells Jose how Marina fell into the ocean. She says that the Captain must have upset Marina so something like that would happen. 

The driver is Hernan Saldaña. Hernan and Marina went to the same high school. Damian tells Hernan that he and Marina have to talk. Marina tells Damian that she told him that they would talk tomorrow and asks Damian to leave her alone. Damian leaves. Marina tells Hernan that is a pleasure to see him. She asks him what he's doing there. He tells her that he asks her the same thing. He invites her to go have something to drink because they have to celebrate. Marina apologizes to Hernan for Damian's behavior. Hernan had already heard about Damian. When he has the chance he will look for Damian and talk to him. Marina gets into Hernan's car. Damian watches them drive off. 

Damian runs into Mayuya who tells him that she knows about him and Esthercita. Mayuya tells Damian that he can trust her because she won't say anything. 

Marina and Hernan talk. Hernan is so happy to have found Marina. Marina is surprised at seeing him again. She never imagined finding him there. Hernan tells Marina how he was in love with her when they were in high school. He smiles at her. 

Mayuya again tells Damian that she won't say a word about what she knows. Damian tells her that she can do what she wants. Mayuya wants to be Damian's friend. Mayuya tells Damian that she's Esthercita's best friend and thats why she advises him to not pay any attention to Esthercita. Esthercita is arrogant and spoiled. She says that she loves you but  it is not true. Esthercita has always had what she wants and since you are the first thing that she can't have she wants you even more. Esthercita isn't the right woman for you, says Mayuya. So according to you then who is? asks Damian. He doesn't wait for her to answer and leaves. (I think we all know that Mayuya meant that she was the right woman for him)

Marina never realized that Hernan was in love with her. Hernan was like a little mouse. He studied hard, was shy, and isolated from the others. Hernan didn't think that Marina ever payed any attention to him. Of course she did. She didn't like how their classmates treated him bad. Hernan is totally different now. Things have gone well for him in business. Hernan asks Marina if she has a boyfriend. She tells him that she is single. She hasn't had time for that. Guess what? Hernan is single too. Marina says that she has to leave. Hernan wants to know why Marina came to live there. Marina says that she came to work. Hernan hopes that she will see Marina again. (You can bet that Hernan will make that it possible for them to see each other again) 

Beatriz is thinking about Marina. Since they got there things have not gone well for Marina. Jose mentions how Marina was quiet when they went shopping. Beatriz is now not sure if things will work out. Beatriz wishes to see Marina married and with kids and not wrapped up in all these things. Jose tells Beatriz how someone told him that Marina ran into an old friend. Beatriz is surprised to hear this. 

Damian runs into Hernan. Hernan doesn't like anyone putting their hands on him. I bet he wouldn't mind if Marina put his hands on him though. Anyway, Hernan says that he doesn't know who Damian thinks he is but Damian won't be treating him like everyone else. Hernan says that he is not like the people from the town. Damian says that you can tell that Hernan is not from town. Damian says that it would be an honor if Hernan were  from the town. Hernan tells Damian that he had heard about him already. He tells Damian that there is always someone who puts us in our place. It may be him Hernan who does that. Damian tells Hernan that if that is what you think then you know where to find me. Hernan tells Damian to be careful because you never know one day you might find yourself with a surprise. Hernan gets into his car. 

Mexico CIty
Ernesto has come to see Mercedes. Ernesto tells Mercedes that even though she's a millionaire she is still the same. Alicia apologizes for letting Ernesto in. There was nothing she could do to not let him in. Mercedes says thats fine. Alicia leaves. Mercedes asks Ernesto what he wants. Ernesto says that Mercedes has taken almost all his trusted personnel from him. What do you want, to ruin me? asks Ernesto. I don't think that it is impossible, everyone has a price, wasn't it you who told me that? says Mercedes. Ernesto didn't expect that some dirty townsperson would understand that. A townsperson yes, but dirty thanks to you, says Mercedes. It is all thanks to me that you didn't starve when I brought you to this city, says Ernesto. Yeah, but at what price, you deceived me and then sold me to a bastard worse than you, says Mercedes. Luckily, I was able to escape that life that you wanted to condemn me to, says Mercedes. The man who Ernesto sold Mercedes to was a powerful man and Mercedes' escape cost Ernesto a lot and thats why he got revenge on her by kidnapping one of her twins. You had nothing to offer them, says Ernesto. Mercedes grabs Ernesto by the lapels and says that she was the mother and and he had no right to take her daughter away from her. Mercedes has done everything to try and find her daughter. Mercedes wants to know where her daughter is. Ernesto sold the daughter when she was still a little girl and has never seen her again. He doesn't even remember the daughters face. Ernesto says that he is pretty sure that the daughter is a woman already. But a woman who sells herself. She's a slut like you were, says Ernesto.

Some women are being taken somewhere by some men. The men talk about how easy it is to deceive woman. You just promise them that they will win tons of money and they hand you their papers. In a car somewhere near, Hernan and Fulgencio argue. Fulgencio is pissed off that the the men that Hernan sent to kill Damian couldn't do the job. Hernan says that it was because of the bad weather that his men failed. But he will eventually get rid of Damian. No one has any more interest in getting rid of Damian than Hernan. 

Damian is waiting for his madrina at her place. The madrina arrives. She has brought with her some herbs. While the madrina was out some people came over to ask for her help. The madrina says they will be back. The madrina is a blessed woman. She was born in a premature age she has the power given to her by God to help others. Madrina's grandmother would take her to the mountains and jungle to recharge her power and to ask for permission to take the herbs. Madrina then gets a feeling. She says that when she was at the mountain she dreamed of Damian in a middle of a storm. Damian says that the storm was real. He didn't only have a storm of rain but also a storm of bullets. Madrina says this storm is different. This storm is coming towards him. It is a strong storm that he has never been up against. It will be so strong that he will not be able to defeat it with his ship. The storm will occur in his heart. It will be a storm more stronger than a tempest. 

Shower scene. Marina showers. She thinks how for the good of her mother she knows she did good in accepting her new job. She gets out of the shower. Marina doesn't understand why Mercedes sent her there. 

Mercedes remembers Ernesto's words about him having sold her daughter and the daughter probably being a slut now. She says that it can't be that that bastard did something so cruel. Phone rings. Its Marina. Marina wants to know why Mercedes sent her over there. It is true that Mercedes warned heard about the Captain but she never told him how big of a problem she would face. Mercedes says that she never makes a mistake and she is sure that Marina will be able to make Damian obey her. She chose Marina because she trusts her and Marina can't disappoint her. Mercedes says goodnight and hangs up. Mercedes thinks to herself how Damian is still the same but Marina has her own attitude. We'll see who wins in the end.

Marina thinks back to the most recent events in her life. Quitting her job, finding out about her mother's illness, being offered her new job, being thrown overboard. Marina goes over to the window. Damian looks out the window too. I think they are looking at the moon. Marina and Damian think about each other. Marina thinks how she has never met a man like Damian. Damian doesn't understand why he's thinking about Marina when he has better things to think about. 


Mañana: Damian is arrested, Fulgencio punches Damian, Marina tells Esthercita that she accused an innocent man. 


WOW! Mauricio - this is a very detailed, fine recap. you sure this is the first ever you're doing? muchisimas gracias!

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I am liking Marina. Strong woman, and I hope she doesn't take El Capitancito's crap as far as bidness goes. I like her thought bubbles.

Mercedes had a really bad past. Poor thing. I hope eventually she finds Magdalena. I hope the anvil for Ernesto is huge and plentiful, like maybe more than one. Horrid, horrid man! I am glad Mercedes is in the postion she is in now and can keep stealing employees from this putz.

Ugh, can't stand Estercita's Mama, the shrieking! I know she played Saul Montdragon's Mama in LFDD. And Fulgencio, he's another bad hat.

So Hernan and Fulgencio are in cahoots. And the pirates, hmmmm.....

Can't wait for tonight to see what happens!

What an amazing recap! It was so detailed and thorough which I really appreciate, especially since we are still sorting through all the details. Great job!

OK, so those pirates were actually henchmen hired to kill our Capitan, eh? That makes a little more sense as to why "pirates" would be out there in the middle of a horrible storm.

Although I admire Marina's confidence, her interpersonal skills leave a lot to be desired. Mercedes is right, Marina and Damian are alike, they are both missing the tact gene.

Thanks Mauricio! I can't believe this is your first recap. I enjoyed every word, especially your amusing comments.


Madelaine, I agree, wasn't El Capitan a bit of a s**t in this episode? He's such a chauvinist pig! I'm going to enjoy his education.


Oh me too, about El Capitancito's education, as well as Marina's cause I bet he has a few "things" to teach her too ; )

Much fun Mauricio...detailed, funny asides and I especially loved your rendition of the I. confrontation between Marina and Damian, just prior to her bath in the sea. Pretty sexy stuff. And you were able to translate that to the printed page.

Well, we have a lot established by this second episode.

Damian is a lusty, macho guy who leads with his lance if it's a lady, and with his fists if it's a man. And the poor doofus is already in love.

And Marina is a modern take-charge woman who's going to be seduced by an inherently lovable cave man. Awwwwww.

Fulgencio is a sh#t who disrespects his wife and is all about his daughter and face-saving.

Mayuya hates Estercita, with reason. Estercita is an over-privileged drip.

Hernan is a creepy, stalker bad guy involved in white slavery. And obsessed with Marina.

Mercedes has been used and abused but has triumphed. And of course we're hoping that her other daughter, presumably used and abused will make it too.

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"That's Captain Fabulous to you, missy!"

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"Damian is a lusty, macho guy who leads with his lance if it's a lady, and with his fists if it's a man. And the poor doofus is already in love."

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and is that Monica Miguel who plays his madrina?

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ITA with you all that BOTH Damian and Marina need to work on their interpersonal skills. I'm sure they will both learn from each other.

Herman has got to be the longest case of stalking we've seen in a tn. He's been stalking Marina since high school! She really needs to stop getting in cars with people she doesn't or hardly knows.

JudyB, fantabulous character analyses!

Novela Maven, the episodes so far have only hinted at the human trafficking, but if you've read the synopsis and cast of characters that fact was pretty much given away.

Vivi, great point about Hernan's long term stalking.


We are connecting the dots. Damian mentioned he was attacked at sea by pirates and Hernan and Fulgencio were talking about the last time they tried to take Damian out and it didn't work. That's the only attempt we have seen so far, so connecting the dots...........


Sorry I read your question too fast. The Cap'n is right, but I bet there are more involved in the human trafficking than just Hernan and Fulgencio, there has got to be a head of that somewhere else.

Mauricio: I'm in awe of and humbled by your remarkable, clear and concise recap. What a stellar debut!

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I enjoyed the chemistry of Damian and Marina - despite the lack of interpersonal skills (as Sylvia noted). Fiery and passionate, both.

I'm hoping that "Damian is a lusty, macho guy who leads with his lance if it's a lady, and with his fists if it's a man" will soon appear in the sidebar. Brillant, Judy.

I like Jose and hope his storyline expands. Esthercita and Mayuya however, I could do without!

Madelaine: "Estercita's Mama, the shrieking!" Yes, the actress has appeared to be typecast in such roles unfortunately.

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Greetings Mauricio, and thanks for an excellent, comprehensive recap!
JudyB, thanks for the bullet point character capsules.
Maybe it is the beauty of low expectations, but I'm really pleased with this novela so far.
ITA shallowgal, loving the theme song and Ximena's acting seems fine. Most important, she has the height, looks and physical presence to stand up to WL, which goes a long way [sorry, Maite]. I like that her character is a woman of principle!


Agree with you about Jose. I like this actor in good roles. I could also do without Estercita and Mayuya.

I have to say I am liking Cesar Evora, I tell you I can listen to that man read the phone book. I just love his voice. And he always, always plays such a really bad guy. I saw him in Corazon Indomable as a good guy and what a switch that was : )

Clara - I too had very low expectations, thus pleasantly surprised. not a fan either of Maite.

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btw, I noticed in the credits that Monica Miguel (Sortilegio) is director. could this be the reason, despite Mejia production, that this tn is bearable?

Novela Maven..Good question. I was just connecting the dots from the recap since I only saw the first few minutes last night.

But went back and watched my recording which was when I also saw that Ernesto, who ruined Mercedes' life (in the same way as those sweet fellas NOT! talking on the beach spoke of)is also the scum who raped the maid and got off free. So I'm assuming...connecting dots...that he is also involved in the White Slave trade. Gah.

On the other hand, in telenovelas and in life, my assumptions are often premature and flat-out wrong, so who knows? (I think Doris and I are tied for having the most wrong guesses ever)

So far this is awful in a wonderful way. Or High Camp as Diana says.

Shallowgal, I love Monica Miguel. She looks a lot older (don't we all!?) and thinner than she did in Alborada. But it's her voice and I find that voices are more reliable than face and figure when recognizing somebody. Wow...she was terrific in Alborada. But then who wasn't? Such a great cast and story.

Also add me to the list of those who like the Tempestad theme song. Have already downloaded it.

Ah, Shallowgal...missed your comment about Monica also being the director. She directed Alborada, as well as acting in it, and it was just fabulous. Like our Captain Fabulous thanks N.M.) if you will!

I'm liking this TN, but I can't stand Levy's character! Misogynist, chauvinist, macho, pig....caray caray! His comment about women being women pissed me off, and I couldn't believe that he expected an apology from Marina. At least she won't be taking his crap any time soon. Ximena's acting has far exceeded my expectations.

My favorite character so far is Mercedes. She's so mysterious, and I'm already sympathizing with her due to the loss of her baby girl. I can't wait to see how she and Marina are connected (because we all know they are).

The supporting cast is strong as well. Cesar Evora plays a brilliant villain, as always. I wonder if/when Fulgencio will become as despicable as Dionisio from AB. Laura Carmine was cast perfectly as Estercita. But let me get this straight...she's afraid her father will kill Damian, so she decides to make up that she was raped? How does that help things at all?

Am I the only one who finds Hernan more attractive than Damian? Maybe it's Levy's hair.

MM is a terrific director and actor. If this telenovela is bearable I'll lay a lot of the credit at her feet.

JudyB - I thought Monica Miguel looked a lot older too (and skinnier) , compared to her brief stint in Sorti. CCEA was my fist tn, so I didn't get to watch Alborada.

And I adore "Hoy tengo gasnas de ti" as well. One of the best TN themes I've heard in a long time.

Bailey Marie- Had we not already seen that Hernan has been all creepy about stalking Marina for years, and also that he's connected to human trafficking, then I would find him quite attractive. Those are two major strikes against his attractiveness.

But, if it weren't for that, in a side by side comparison of long-haired, unkempt Captain Damian, and GQ looking Hernan, I would choose GQ. But WL does GQ quite nicely too (Sortilegio)!


Bailey Marie - every time they play that song, I get caught up in the scene. I agree it's one of the best. as for WL's hair, I was so prepared to laugh at first sight, but I didn't. I find Ivan Sanchez attractive as well.

Vivi - WL GQlooking in Sorti :))

Thanks for this excellent seamless recap, Mauricio, and welcome.

Already I'm not liking Hernán, and while I was fond of Estercita even before the show began (I hope she has better luck than she had as Ximena in AB), I really like Mayuya (where have we seen her before?).

Only two episodes so far and already some tasty looking food... excellent.



You did an EXCELLENT job recapping this in every detail. I LOVE IT, again I am so excited I found this website. I just wanted to let you know how good a job you did recapping.


Excellent job, Mauricio!

Damian is a barbarian who would never get a second look from me after an incident like that. I don't have the patience or inclination to be a female Pygmalion.

I am also monumentally offended at Fulgencio's concept of damaged goods. If I stick with this one I'll be glaring at him every time.

Just stopped in to say hi and good luck with this one. With a great start, it just might continue to be interesting.

Mauricio, with your recapping, it is sure to be a hit. You got it out of the ball park on the first swing.

I was so glad to see Monica Miguel in as Damian's madrina. With her influence (if Mejia accepts it), maybe it won't turn out to be the run-of-the-mill Mejia mess.

Add Daniela Romo to the mix and I might just watch a little more closely.

How come we didn't get to see El Capitan desnudo?

Anita, from elsewhere in Uni at this time.

Carlos, thanks for reminding me about the fantastic food in this episode. I think I finally figured out what Dona Rufi cooked up (it took a while). I think she made:

Chilpachole de Jaibo (spicy crab soup)

Arroz con Platanos fritos (rice and fried bananas, this was the easy one)

Mero Tikin-Xic style(grouper baked in achiote/pepper sauce)

Pescado Veracruzana (spicy tomato sauce)

Tostadas de Minilla (Fish, cooked and shredded in tomato sauce with raisins, olives and capers.)

Sapotada (black sapote, orange juice, cinnamon, sugar, Rum or Anisb)

The first four dishes are in a great website that Jarocha shared with us a couple of years ago. I had to hunt around a little for the last two. Cooking projects...Yay!!!

UA - I vehemently dislike the character Fulgencio. I >>ff>> his scenes.

Anita - great question! "How come we didn't get to see El Capitan desnudo?"


Sylvia, the last time we were in Mexico, we took a day cruise to an island bird sanctuary where our crew cooked red snapper Tikin-Xic style. I think that was the best fish that I've ever had.


Awesome recap, Mauricio! You're a natural! I loved your wry sidebar comments.

I find it really interesting to see Daniella Romo playing the other side of the coin from her TdA character. Didn't she separate Maria Desemparada from her parents ! Inflicting pain and torment? Now she's the victim of the same crime. Just shows what a great actress Daniella is that she's believable either way!

Love the chemistry between WL and Ximena and agree with everyone who is finding her acting a pleasant surprise.

So nice to have you back, Judy B and Cap'n Sylvia! So fun when you are commenting!

Bravo, Mauricio!


Mauricio, well done! Kudos to you!

You guys, you guys, you guys, Hernan is El Gallego from LRDS, duuuuude, I'm so in for this one, just because of him!

Sylvia- Thanks for mentioning the menu. It looked delicious on tv, and sounds even more delicious. One correction though—platanos aren’t bananas. They are plantains—starchier and hardier than bananas. When cooked green (fried, smashed, and salted) they are called tostones. When they are cooked ripe (most often fried but sometimes baked), they are called maduros. The riper, the browner/blacker they get, and the sweeter they are. They are also put in soups, and of course made into chips (just as you can with bananas). This is making me want to fry some up when I get home. Yum!

Is Fulgencio really that characters name? Who comes up with this stuff?

Oh gosh, you are so right. Thank you Vivi! Got that everyone? Don't try to fry bananas unless you want to make Bananas Foster. Go for those plantains instead.

LOL! Bananas flambé is quite delicious though.

Mauricio, Welcome to recapping for Caray Caray. I agree with all who are celebrating your superb skills for detailed recounting, clear explanations plus the bonus of irony and humor. We are lucky indeed to have you help roll out this complex plot with many characters. I am ready to pull up a seat on the virtual patio to the table which will cast the most barbs and snark on the education process of the two deluded and naive main characters. Let the games begin!

Mauricio, thank you for the recap. Well done, too!

Hhhmmmm, seems to me that Damian would have been leading with his lance while desnudo. Sounds like a racy escena. Too bad I'm out of town and only have recaps.

JudyB, I've been giggling over your gem of a description all day. Thanks for that.

Oh, and I meant to add a thank you for all the wonderful comments today. You folks are really irreverently hilarious!

Great first recap, Mauricio. Lot’s of detail—which I love:

My fav quote: “Olinto asks La Virgen De Nuestra Senora Del Mar when his problems will be over. (My guess would be that the problems will be over when the novela ends)”

Think Ximena is doing a pretty good job. Line delivery and reactions are good, but she still seems a little stiff with her body movements. However, she’s sure to relax as time goes on.


Mauricio, welcome!!!! Your first recap was magnificent. The story is unfolding bit by bit. Your first piece was very detailed and the side bars were witty.


In my opinion, this is the best recap I have ever read. Keep up the good work!!

I like Damian, scraggly hair and all. Actually, it doesn't look so bad when it's dry, but it looks like it's going to be wet throughout the novela. I applauded when he threw the arrogant intruder in the ocean. As an experienced "administrator" she should've known that the company buys the fish from the fisherman (who is actually a contractor), but that doesn't mean she is his boss. She had absolutely no right to bust into his private quarters and demand that he speak with her. And the boat is HIS, certainly not "ours" as she so haughtily pointed out. PLUS, seamen are notorious for being superstitious and he had every right to demand that she leave, especially if he thinks women on the boat are bad luck. She deserved her dunking.

I have a strong feeling that his drunken acquiescence to Estercita coming aboard and spending the night will be the real cause of his bad luck, though. He should'be thrown Ester's shoe overboard, instead of just hiding it. I'm sure it will turn into some kind of evidence against him. Watch out, Captain McFabulous!

Awesome recap, Mauricio! Well done!

I missed episode 1, but I was thoroughly entertained by episode 2 so I think I'll like this TN. William Levy is half bad either.

Damian Fabre reminds me of Jack Sparrow ("It's Captain").

So I think I've figured out a few secrets already. We will see.

So Cesar Evora gets to play yet another villain. He's good at it though.

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I'm glad to hear that you all enjoyed the recap.

I am liking the telenovela so far. It looks like it will be a fun ride. I liked Damian and Marina's first encounter. Those two really did not get off to a good start.

I am looking forward to tonight and seeing what will happen next.


Mauricio thanks for this wonderful recap! It was an excellent debut.

Wonderful recap! Yes, Capt. Fabre is absolutely a chauvinist! I have feeling Delfina will be crying alot in this tn! She seems clueless about her hubby. Vivi great comment about Marina getting in cars with strangers. She knows nothing of ''stranger danger" especially when Hernan nearly ran her down with his hot ride. Oh yes, and the stalking is off the charts(seems he has been keeping tabs on her for years) Ick!

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