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"La Tempestad" (The Tempest) - synopsis in English

Here's the new William Levy vehicle! And we have three open slots for recappers. If you'd like to take a day (or an every-other-week day) contact me ( - thanks.

The Tempest tells of the love of Marina (Ximena Navarrete) y Damián (William Levy). Marina Reverte managed a hotel until she was fired when she denounced the "important impresario" Ernesto Contreras (Manuel Ojeda) for attempted sexual abuse of an employee. He swears to wreak vengeance.

As if this were not enough, Marina gets the sad news that her mother, Beatriz Reverte (María Sorté), has a life-threatening illness and requires constant rest; she must move to a quiet place.

At the same time, in the town of Nuestra Señora del Mar, Damián Fabré (William Levy), a young captain and owner of a fishing boat called "La Tempestad" supplies merchandise to a canned food manufacturing company, "Neptuno."

Esthercita (Laura Carmine), daughter of the town's mayor, is obsessed with Damian; initially he does not respond to her flirtations, but finally he yields and she 'gets him to seduce her' [editorial indignation - poor William Levy.]

Mercedes Artigas (Daniela Romo), an elegant and mysterious woman, offers Marina the economic and financial management of Neptune, an opportunity she accepts since she doesn't have work and her mother needs to live in a tranquil location. This is how Marina comes to the village of Nuestra Señora del Mar, where she meets Damian.

Mercedes is actually Marina's biological mother [editorial indignation - not again!!??] Poor in her youth, she became pregnant by Ernesto and had twin girls [NOOOOO!!!!] - Ernesto grabbed the other twin, Magdalena (Ximena Navarrete).

Mercedes mad a fortune with which she acquired the respect of those around her, and the power to confront her enemies. She has dedicated her life to recovering her daughters and for that reason has involved herself with people of the underworld who deal in white slavery. She becomes "The Queen of the Night" and has been able to save many young victims.

In the past I've been criticized for printing too much of the sinopsis and as we have a NO SPOILERS policy here, I think this is enough.

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This looks great - thank you so much!

Love a pirate theme in any era, so...

Even if it didn't look interesting-with Sylvia (have missed you), Madelaine and NovelaMaven on board, I couldn't resist.



Wonderful synopsis and love your editorial note ; )

I think this one will surprise and delight. Who wouldn't love a TN with William "Sweet" dancing William Levy, and the "Wicked" Ivan Sanchez and another evil rendition by Ceasar Evora? The theme song is done by Alejandro Fernandez and Xtina, as in Christina Aguilara. I've heard the opening theme and it sounds really good. With Cap'n Sylvia joining us this will be so wonderful to recap!


So glad you will be joining us and giving us the Wisdom of Diana : )

Glad to see Madelaine and Sylvia and Novelamaven handling this one! It (LT) looks worthy of a 9PM slot. White slavers is a theme I haven't seen presented to date, unless it was in one of the tn's I didn't watch. Who knows anymore? Too many for this old brain to remember. Laura Carmine does a great villana and who could resist either WL or CE?

Melinama: LOL with your side comments... Otra vez??
I actually appreciate the self-editing re: the synopsis this time around. Anyone that interested can check out the site or Wikipedia.

Anyone know if this is a refrito or a different adaptation of another broadcasting enterprise?


It is a loosely based refrito of a Colombian telenovela called La Tormenta. So it won't be too closely based on the previous telenovela. It's Meija after all ; )

Sounds like it's going to have an absolutely stellar recapping team. Let the snark begin!

Woo Hoo! JudyB, Diana and Jardinera on board! And a chance to recap with my buds Mads and Cap'n Sharkbait!

I am in Sensory Overload Heaven! Bring it on, Mejía!

Thanks so much, Melinama. Nice job with the summary -- just enough to whet our appetite for what lies ahead.

I think Anita is probably still on vacation. I do hope she joins us here when she comes back because I know we are going to need a store for this one.


Thanks for the info on the theme song, amiga. :)


Oh, yes we will need a store for this one, I have a feeling, lol. Anita, I think will be back the first week of August. I hope she joins us too. The snark sure will be flying, wink, wink. Oh and we will definitely have to continue with the Patio, imagine a Patio by the Sea if you will, with ocean breezes and lots of snark! Hopefully there is some food porn in this one with lots of great noshes.

Wowee..Madelaine, NOvelamaven , and Captain Sylvia Sharkbait .....That settles it for me...I am sold..Permission to come abroad, mams....despite the hair.

Will you need pirate names ?????

Welcome Aboard, Susanlynn!

I'm holding off on the pirate names myself since I'm not sure that's where the romance lies here. (Though yours is a lulu -- I think you should hold onto it no matter how the story unfolds.)

NOvelamaven...I have a little confession. During Pasion, I found a site that generated pirate names. We all took pirate names. ...hence Captain Sharkbait. However, I kept returning to the site until it spurted out a name I could relate to...Mad Bess...pretty much right on the money for me. Shiver me timbers, I also have a bakery name that I took on during FELS and the fabulous Baker Boys...that would be ...Cupcake, I am ready. Mad Cupcake, perhaps.

we need three more days covered, anybody willing to recap? email me:

Here is the music video of the theme song.


Do not go to Wikipedia; it already has spoilers. IMDb also frequently has spoilers because it has the script titles, which often tell who dies, is kidnapped, rescued, etc.


September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day, mateys!


Shiver me timbers, arggghhhh


Thanks so much for the link to the music video and also the warning about Wiki. I never go on there. I made the mistake of going on there last year and found out more than I wanted to.

Thanks Melinama! I have it on good authority that this one will be dripping in salty snarkaliciousness. I'm looking forward to recapping again, especially with my old pals Mads, NovelaMaven and the occasional Cynderella.

Pirate Names? What are those? (wink wink) Susanlynn, you know darn well I was never able to give mine up, heh.

I'm looking forward to being on the stormy seas with y'all starting next Monday.

Pirate names? But doesn't WL play? a humble fisherman, not a swashbuckler.
You need to look more to Deadliest Catch then Captain Blood for names here. Or maybe Pawn Stars... Anyone got dibs on Chumley?


I must say I am looking forward to this one. I have not been able to watch a novela in a very long time(my cable company got rid of Univision and upgrading is getting expensive), I cannot wait to see this one. I really am looking forward to getting immersed in it. thanks for all you do on this site.

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