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Corazon Indomable, #66, Tuesday, 08/14/13 Lieutenant Octavio Narvaez of the Isla Dorada Navy, Army and Aviation Force is Oblivious no more. For now.

I always complain, so now I have to mention I quite enjoyed this episode, I feel like so much happened. Could this be because I had a shot of tequila before writing the recap? 
Don’t judge me, it was very good tequila. ¡Salud!
I'll be editing it some more in the morning, gotta go to sleep now. 
At her house, Maria Alejandra is remembering Mohammed’s warning that Karim will accuse her of the assassination attempt if she doesn’t go to visit him. For once in her life, she seems scared – is she finally realizing that she’s been playing with very powerful men? No, not really, she is still reluctant to believe she could be accused.

Our two pilotontos read the letter that Octavio received at the end of last episode and it says – – – wait for it – – – the Governor gave Tav a new title, he named him lieutenant in the Isla Dorada Navy! Ed is sure later he’ll become a captain, a colonel, a commander. Tav is not that happy about it, he knows nothing about military life (or life in general, as far as I’m concerned); also, both guys agree that the isla is not that great when it comes to its Navy force – you know, like boats and stuff.
Regardless, Ed thinks Tav will look great in the white uniform (can’t argue here). Tav doesn’t feel like accepting the title, though, even if the pay would be much better, because that would mean him becoming a slave. So he decides to refuse the promotion (but can we call it that if he hasn’t even been in the field before?) and go talk to the Gov about it. And why not break up with Doris, too, finish the farce once and for all. Good luck with that, Lieutenant Narvaez!

Alone in his office, the Gov is thinking about the trouble he’ll have if the Police Chief discovers that he accepted the Emir’s bribe to allow the sale of the Casino. 

MA comes to visit the Emir at the hospital. She’s still upset with him because he tried to force himself on her, but he doesn’t feel like apologizing because the men of his land are accustomed to using force with women (Ugh… I’m still angry after seeing Zuleima yesterday, I really don’t need more ammunition to despise the Emir).
MA makes it clear once again that things are different in her part of the world and she’s sure that because of his behavior, he has a lot of enemigos. He doesn’t disagree with this, but adds that he also has a lot of enemigas (his entire harem, I’d guess). He’s talking about MA, obviously, and that much she already knows. She supposes that he’ll want to go now, after his life has been put in danger on the island, but the Emir is so brave (not really), he’s not the type to run. MA reminds him that he has a son on the way, but Karim has already taken care of that part, he sent (chased) his wife back home because she’s too much of a woman to step on the same ground as MA. (Oh, please!)
Thankfully, MA has had enough of his nonsense, calls him loco and wants to leave, but he stops her, by promising that if she behaves, he won’t press charges against her. Como es la cosa?

Back with the Gov, he’s busy at work, playing Solitaire on his computer, when the secretary lets him know he has a visitor – Tav. He takes a moment to open some files, spread them on his desk, pretending to solve urgent matters of the island and then asks the secretary to let the visitor come in. 
Tav goes for a handshake, but the Gov hugs him and plays the lovable father-in-law to a very stern looking Tav (let’s see how long his decisiveness lasts).
The Gov thinks Tav came to say thank you or something, he doesn’t let him say a word, but promises the lieutenant position is just the beginning because he’s capable of doing anything for his daughter’s happiness. And just think about how dashing Tav will look on his wedding day, with the military uniform. What does Tav do during all this speech? Nods in agreement, of course, I think he’s starting to fancy the idea of wearing a bright uniform…

At the hospital… the Emir is sure MA ordered the attack, but he won’t put her in jail, because Allah wanted him alive to be able to collect his reward. And he’s more than willing to pay off some witnesses to corroborate his story. MA thinks he’s sick and it’s quite a shame the assassin didn’t make a better job of killing him. Karim disagrees (how can he not), this is the perfect weapon that he can use to make her his. MA assures him she’s not afraid, but Karim is even more certain that she’ll keep coming to see him – after all, she came the first time, right? Auch!

And now let us visit the IDPD – Isla Dorada Police Departament, for another sample of excellency at its best
After serious investigations, the detectives (I guess that’s what they are, even if the guy giving the informe is wearing a shirt that looks much like Miguel’s portero uniform) decided the assassination attempt couldn’t have been a political coup, because there were too many details that needed to be taken care of on the island. So it had to have been a personal matter and the culpable can only be la duena del Casino (of course). The Police Chief makes a cara preocupada, probably wondering how he’ll be able to confront the Gov with this.

And we’re back with the most powerful man on the island, as he’s getting ready to show Tav out, just as the young one is trying to make one last attempt to talk. No more time for chatting, though, the Gov has to get back to his duties (gotta finish that Solitaire!).
Outside in the hallway, Tav runs into MA, who came to visit the Gov, too. Tav says the great man is very busy, but for her he’ll probably make an exception. MA doesn’t want to use her privileges, though, she can very well wait her turn, like mere mortals do. Then, could Tav accompany her while she waits, it would be such an honor for him.

MA tells him about the Emir wanting to blame her for the assassination attempt. Tav gets worried, he thinks the accusation is very serious. MA is well aware of it, but the Emir has no proof, he knows that people from his country wanted to off him, he’s just trying to use this tactic to get other things from her. Which is why she came to talk to the Gov.
Tav says he’ll defend her – say it with me – no lo voy a permitir, she can count on his arm to hold her in this time of need. Well, his arm is already spoken for, he’s about to marry the Gov’s daughter, MA harshly reminds him, so he better not worry, she can handle things on her own.
They start talking about masculine arms being stronger than feminine ones (really, that’s what they talk about). MA mentions Doris again, now that’s a woman with strong arms, firmly wrapped around Tav’s neck. And on and on… I really can’t keep up with all the double entendres, it’s kind of like flirting, but Corazon Indomable style – meaning it makes little sense, but it’s still fun to watch. Finally MA leaves to wait for the Gov and Tav, who’s had the sick puppy dog eyes all through their talk, sneaks some enamorado gazes towards his beloved. Then he picks up his phone, to make a call.

In her bedroom, Doris is calling her dad, asking him about Tav’s visit. She is afraid that he refused the new position (he would have but le comieron la lengua los ratones*). The Gov assures her everything is fine so far, the wedding is a sure thing and he wants nothing more than to see his little princess happy (which means he wants to get rid of her as fast as possible).  

*the mice ate his tongue

Back at the police department, the very incompetent Chief explains to his officer that he can’t arrest MA, because she’s the Gov’s friend (so, in his mind, she IS guilty, but he won’t do anything against her because he risks losing his job – corrupt much, Chief?). So he makes up this twisted story about an international organization setting up the assassination attempt because they wanted to buy the part of the Casino the Emir bought and somethin’ somethin’ about the national industry and the Isla Dorada Council… So that’s how police cover-ups go… I’m sure real life corruption makes more sense than this, though, if not, there would be no more bad boys left on the streets.
The Chief concludes by saying they should forget about the investigation, make the mysterious organization the culprit for everything and live to do shady police work another day! Yey for a job well done!

MA finally gets to visit the Gov, who can’t believe she wanted to wait for him, when she could have just asked to be allowed inside. Apparently Tav called him from outside to let him know she was there (and I thought Tav was doing something interesting with his phone).
MA explains the Gov about the Emir’s accusations and that he only uses these tactics to force her to become his lover. Cara impactada of the Gov.

Back with the pilotontos, Ed is enjoying the idea of having his friend wear a lieutenant uniform, but Tav is in no mood for laughing. Apparently NOW he’s decided to accept the position AND marry Doris, maybe even become Governor one day. And all that to make MA angry, because she’ll suffer for not having him. (Tav’s lack of modesty almost as blatant as his obliviousness, this one time he’s actually right).
Anyway, he’s sure of her love because she allowed him to kiss her several times and he knows she liked it.
Anyone can have a moment of weakness, Ed says, doubting his friend’s reasoning; the woman’s not made of stone and Tav shouldn’t forget this is no innocent girl like his Araceli, this is a woman with a baby, a woman who knows what she wants.
Ed is right in theory, but telenovela rules say that our galan is more right and any kiss between him and the lady of his hidden affections can only be a sign of true, everlasting luuv.

Back with MA and the Gov, she explains him that Karim only bought part of the Casino to keep his harassment going and now he wants to take advantage of the attack to further submit her. The Gov is indignado once more, he promises to protect MA, but not like any man in his position would do it for one of the island’s inhabitants. No, Sir! MA just has to wait a little while longer for Doris and Tav to marry and for the Gov to be free (I knew it!). Free for what, MA asks but I’m sure she won’t like the answer.
Free to marry her, of course. And once that happens, she’ll become the Gobernadora of the isle and Karim won’t be able to touch her. (So that’s how it works, then? Does that mean that if he were the Presidente, she’d become the Presidenta? Do you think Angelica Rivera, the Mexican President’s wife knows they are tricking her into accepting the lesser title of First Lady? More so, shouldn’t someone call Michelle Obama, too, let her know what the neighbors are doing?)

Araceli, Teo and his very very very fake hump talk about how happy she is because she and Ed decided to start saving money for their wedding (when did that happen? didn’t he almost break up with her yesterday at the ceramic  shop? although in Isla Dorada time, it might have been 3 months ago). Teo assures her that’s not necessary, though, the day Ed asks her hand in marriage, he’ll pay for the wedding (so there was no proposal, yet, they just decided to start saving? Talk about putting the cart before the horse).
Teo is not at all sure that Ed will ever ask her, though. Araceli assures him the only reason he hasn’t yet is because he doesn’t have enough money, but he’s already treating her mas formal (really??).
Alone, Araceli admits to herself that Teo is right, Ed will never want a serious relationship with her and she won’t give in, either. If by giving in she means accepting to go to the movies at night (oh, the horror!), then, by all means, girl, stay away from the hunky Ed. Visit some monasteries, see if monks are into dating.

Tav is getting ready for the dinner at the Gov’s house. Ed reminds him tomorrow is L DAY – Lucia arrives and he has to meet her in Toluca. Tav thinks about asking Miguel to accompany them to meet his wife and son.
Before he leaves, Ed shows Tav the red piggy bank, and Tav puts some money in it, for Ed’s wedding (ok, I admit, I haven’t been watching very carefully, when I’m not recapping I sometimes use the show as background noise for when I cook or clean the house, but did I miss the whole part about buying the porcelain piglet and saving money for the wedding?).
Tav’s stash of money is too thick to just go inside easily, so he just lets Ed to it and leaves. I was sure Ed was going to put the money in his pocket, but he gleefully pushes them inside the piggy bank. Is he really serious about this wedding?

Just as Ed is about to leave the room, too, MA calls asking for Tav. Ed explains he’s at the Gov’s house, for dinner and MA guesses this will be the night of his formal engagement to Doris. Tav should be careful, she says, because he’s already married in Mexico and getting married a second time is a crime. Que que what? Ed is impactado, how can Maria Alejandra Mendoza know anything about this? Well, MA knows a lot of stuff about a lot of things.
But I think MA knows squat, she’s barely starting her venganza and she’s already slipping, her jealousy is getting the better of her.

At the engagement dinner Doris is presenting her prometido, Octavio Narvaez, Navy Lieutenant (Navy, Army, same difference, right?), to the entire dinner party. But wait, this is not the formal Formal Proposal, that will take place in the Palacio de Gobierno, with a big ball (do the isla Dorada inhabitants know how their money is being spent?). Everybody applauds and the Gov is asked to speak, too, but the proud papa is keeping his speech for the ball night. (Give thanks, Viewerville, at least we were spared of that!)
Andres is the only sane person in the room, he can’t stand the stupidity, anymore, so he leaves the table. He explains to Isabel that Tav doesn’t love his sister and then leaves for his room.

Mariana, another random character we don’t need, overhears the conversation and goes to ask the Gov if he’ll get married, too, after his daughter. After all, the island can’t remain without a Gobernadora for long. (So that was Doris’ position? Someone has to explain me Mexican politics better) The Gov assures her he’ll do just that and they drink to it. Oh, goody! Mariana wants to know who the woman is, but the Gov is not yet willing to share.

Tav asks Doris who is the woman talking to the Gov. The two prometidos both agree she’d make a great candidate as papa’s new wife. And that will also keep a certain unwanted presence away. Doris won’t allow MA in her family, anyway, but she doesn’t want to talk about it now, she much rather enjoy Tav’s kisses.
But nope, he has to go home, rest for the next day early flight. Doris begs him to stay a while longer and eventually he caves in. He doesn’t think he deserves her love, though. “Oh, yes, you do, mi amor.” – and Doris kisses the stone faced prometido.

Late at night Miguel visits Ed and finds out that he can join them the next day to meet Lucia. Miguel doesn’t want to hear about this, he still hopes Lucia won’t come, because HE asked her not to (does he think he’s Emir Miguel and the Narvaez Ranch is his Emirate?). He’s worried that her arrival will make him spend more money, but Ed points out that with Raiza he doesn’t seem that worried about spending.
But no, Miguel won’t go to Toluca and expose himself to being caught by the police, especially since being a fugitive is not his fault, but Lucia’s.
Ed is surprised at how much Miguel has changed. When he asks him to leave because tomorrow he has an early flight, Miguel wonders what to do with his time, because the Casino is closed for the night. Oh, already addicted, Miguel? This prompts Ed to ask him how much he spent at the Casino so far, and does Tav know he’s signing those IOU’s by using the ranch as a warranty? How can he be sure if he won’t end up gambling his brother’s part, too? Now, that is the million dollars question!! And why isn’t Ed sharing this with Tav, his best friend?
Ed continues saying that the lands might not have the value Miguel thinks they have and what if the person who has the IOU’s is very much aware of the real value of his fortune? Also, Raiza is obviously with him for the money, too.
Does any of these warnings have any impact on Miguel’s clueless self? I hardly think so.

Back with Tav and Doris, he finally manages to open his mouth about how ridiculous his new title is, because he knows nothing about military stuff (we’re back to military, then).
Doris knows that, so she decides they’ll change his title, making him Capitan of the Isla Dorada Aviation Force (LOOOOL).
But there is no Aviation Force on the island, Tav reminds her.
“No importa, lo inventamos”, is the short story of what Doris is saying, and any honest man would run for the hills. Octavio? He sighs, says a scolding “Doris” (using the same tone he’d use with his daughter Lupita, if she asked to eat desert before dinner) and then accepts her kiss. All she wants is for him to have a title that would make him good enough for her and all she asks in return is his love, forever and for always. Easy enough, right?

In his hospital room, Karim wakes up at midnight and wants to know if his leona came back to see him. “Que mujer!” he’s amazed of her resistance. How can he make her love him, tolerate him at the very least? What is her weakest point, how can he remove her shield?

Tav goes to visit Ed after the dinner is over. Seeing him a little ruffled, Ed thinks he’s drunk. Yes, he is, drunk with affection, because Doris has spent the entire night annoying him, she’s going up to his head like champagne.
Yeah, interesting, Ed nods, but do you know that if you marry Doris you’ll end up in jail?
“Que?” Ed seems shocked, what is this tonteria? 
Ed kindly reminds his BFF that he already married once in Mexico, so he could be accused of bigamy. Someone called him and said they knew Tav was married and they wanted to remind him, too. Ah, you’re making this up, Tav things – Oh, boy, if the phone call is made up, does that mean he’s less married? Ugh…
No, Ed always wanted the wedding, it’s ella who is interfering, la dama del Casino, Maria Alejandra Mendoza.
Tav seems furious, asks Ed to repeat what she said word for word. And then one of his neurons start functioning, when he declares that can only mean that MA is Maricruz Olivarez.

Ed thinks Tav is crazy, but Tav looks confident enough: MA kisses like MC, lifts her head like MC, so it has to be her! He flashes back to an old conversation he had with MA when he’d confronted her, too, and then repeats that she is his little salvage and the baby girl has to be his daughter!
Oh, my, could Octavio be THAT smart?

Karim and Mohammed talk about MA’s relationship with the Gov. The Emir doesn’t thing the Gov would ever marry a woman beneath him, but Mohammed doesn’t think politicians have that much scruples. Well, if that’s the case, Karim will get the Gov out of the Government, start a smearing campaign against him, turn him into dust if it’s necessary.
I wouldn’t mind these two millionaire idiots fighting to the death for MA’s affections, while she is totally in luv with a not so clueless anymore pilotonto.
Mohammed thinks to himself about what all of us already know: his Emir is loco, but luckily, that can cause someone’s death, too.

It’s the next morning and Octavio overslept in his clothes. Ed comes to wake him up, apparently the Lieutenant had a bad night. And, brace yourself, ladies and gentlemen, Tav kind of remembers Ed telling him something before going to bed, but what was it?
And I thought he couldn’t sleep all night thinking about his discovery… as it turns out, he forgot about it as soon as his empty brain hit the pillow.
Ed promptly recaps the discussion they’ve had, including the part about MA being MC and the little girl being his. He’s laughing about it, but Tav is still sure he’s right and he feels una sensation dolorosa about it (glad that made an impression!).

The Gov is reading the morning papers in his office (it’s not the gossip rags, as one would assume), when Doris comes by, explaining his dad that he has to give Tav an aviator title, not a marinero one. Geez, dad, don’t you know he flies a plane!?
But the Gov can’t do this for now, inventing such a position would drive the opposition mad, so Doris will just have to wait. Que horror!
Just then someone calls the Gov – it’s an anonymous call, letting him know that the novio piloto is already married. Oh, sh**!

Now at work, Tav asks Jacky to take good care of his sister-in-law and his nephew if they accompany him in his return flight.
In the cockpit, the guys talk about not sharing with Lucia what Miguel has been doing. Miguel didn’t seem too happy to have her come over and Tav is very worried about his brother’s life and the way he changed.

Today’s revengy monologue comes now, at the end of the show, as MA congratulates herself for having the Gov’s private phone number and thinking that he won’t allow his daughter to marry a married man (yeah, that was the exact line!); and she won’t allow Doris to take away her father’s daughter, at least not while the venganza is still an ongoing affair.

The Gov is investigating to find out who called him on his private line. Doris thinks this is an infamy, a calumny, Tav would never dare…and was the person who called a woman?
Can’t the Gov recognize MA’s voice on the phone??

Mohammed (to MA): The emir is loco? Let’s lock him up!

Tav (to Lucia): “Miguel changed! 
Lucia catches Miguel in his bed, looking like a drunken drunk who drinks all day.”

Doris: “Have you ever been married?”
Tav: “My wife had my baby.”

Karim (to Mohammed): “Call the Police! I’m accusing MA of my assassination attempt.”


Adriana - thanks for your recap. Good for you in having some tequila to assist you! You had some many fun zingers like "Tav knows nothing about military life or life in general" and Karim "he also has a lot of enemigas -his entire harem."

Frankly I'm ready for Karim to exit this present life. His treatment of MA is bad enough but add to that his attitude toward women and his wives and we just have someone who needs to be written out of this unfortunate script.

And Tav was in hilarious oblivious form. First he's going to make MA suffer by marrying Doris (who would that really be hurting, silly) and then how does she know I'm married?

The police are about as intelligent as the Narvaez brothers (even including Tav's renting someone else's brain this evening). I'm tired of the MA killed Karim (but still never reported his kidnapping attempt) plot. Angel/Teo needs to put that nonsense to a stop.

Adriana, awesome, awesome recap, from start to finish, so well done! My favorite has to be "oh, sh*t",lol.

Remind me if I got this wrong but I could swear that in the July 4th episode of this Octavio told MA about MC, he asked her "do you want to hear a love story" and then went on to talk about getting married to MC, I'm not wrong am I?

Great recap! I'm sure the shot helped the epi go down smooth Lol.

I've decided that Tav is like most men, cant. Tell the truth to break up or unable to upset anyone so just acts half heartedly until the other party gets tired and ends it.

A bit disappointed in the way he has finally seen the light that MA is MC. Was hoping it would be more dramatic and on MAs terms.

Ed looked hot this episode. Like his little piggy
bank. I though Araceli was naive but she seems to know what shes doing. Lol

Adriana- I love that you took a shot of tequila with this episode. LOL!

No, you did not miss anything. Tonight was the first time that there was any mention of Ed and Aracely saving for their wedding.

Carvivilie- I have had the same thought. Just like "naive" MC manipulated Tav with her tears in the beginning, I think "naive" Aracely is using her prudishness to get EXACTLY what she wants out of Ed-- a chaste courtship, and marriage. Very clever.

How is Mari going explain her anonymous call when the telephone company tells him who made the call?

Sorry Carvivlie, I didn't mean to combine our names with an extra "vi" in your name. :)

So the piggy bank thing did really happen? I thought it might have been a joke and even laughed out loud, oh man, Ed is getting married! Weeeeeeeeeee!

Eli- Oh, the piggy bank was real. And it's pretty cute too. Shall we put bets down on when Ed finally goes to Teo to formally ask for Ara's hand? Well played Aracely, well played. I think in repayment for poor Ed pratically becoming a monk in order to court Aracely, she should be taking some "bedroom arts" lessons, so that she can blow him away (no pun intended) with her skills once they are finally married. Then, I would say they're even.

Vivi- LMAO, I had to laugh at "blow him', I have a dirty, dirty mind. Sooo this is how you get a guy to marry you *takes notes*

Very entertaining recap, Adriana.

@Vivi - It's past 11 pm and I'm truly laughing out loud, even as I type this, about the "blow him" comment. Like Eli, I have a dirty, dirty mind.

Adriana, this was a very fine and funny recap.

I loved seeing the Gov. playing solitaire on his computer. Says so much about his character and the life on Isla Dorada. Same with the police and their operating methods.
Another nice moment--the Gov. giving his eyebrows a little touch-up before MariAle comes in to see him.

I'll bet the Gov. does want to see Doris happy. There's hell to pay when she's unhappy. If she acted as an official hostess for her dad, she didn't have much in the way of diplomatic skills.

I liked Ed telling Tav the Isla's navy only had two toy boats.

When Tav was talking about arms with MA, he said he had two--one for Doris, one for her (or something like that.)

Let's hope Karim has a serious relapse and goes on to paradise.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Adriana, thanks for a hilarious recap of a good episode!!!! My favorite was the line about Karim's harem of enemigas. Hehehe.

Doris being the gobernadora is maybe like over here when the daughter of the President is First Lady if her mother has died.

My heart is so happy that Tavvy FINALLY woke up and smelled the coffee. It's frustrating that it took so long, but I'm willing to put it behind and move forward.

That phrase "the mice ate his tongue" is funny, considering that in English we say "the cat got your tongue". Interesting.

@Carviville: I loved Eduardo's lil piggy bank too! He has good (if a bit feminine) taste. One thing that keeps bothering me about him: why is he so obsessed with Tavvy?If he thinks marrying Doris and ruling Isla Aburrida would be so great, why doesn't he just woo her himself? Why is he so insistent on Octavio bettering his career? At any rate, both boys need to get their acts together. Tav marrying Doris is so pathetic (and a predictable storyline), while Eduardo needs to break up with Araceli once and for all.

@karen: Call me crazy, but I'm still entertained by Krazy Kampy Karim. Carlos de la Mota plays the role so cartoonishly that I find him funny rather than offensive.

I completely missed this last night so I thank you for the great recap. So glad Lucia will be arriving soon.


Adriana, sorry, no time to read..out of town guests coming soon. Will check in with CarayCaray next Monday when I catch my breath!

Thanks for this most excellent recap, Adriana Noel... good job and very very funny. I love your title. As you may know, I've also found that Tequila goes very well with this TN... and apparently... Miguel has as well.

The gobenador certainly chose an unfortunate time to indulge in a little bribery, didn't he?


Great job Adriana, I think I might need take a tequila shot too before I write tomorrow's recap.
Is 5:00am too early for tequila? I guess I'll find out. And I get Lucia's arrival. Yay!

Make Octavio a lieutenant of the navy? Just like that? How absurd. This whole show is absurd, so I guess it fits in nicely.

I doubt that Octavio really does figure out that MA is MC. She'll just tell him she isn't and he goes back to be Oblivio.


Great Adriana,
This thing has become painful to watch, & I think it just overtook FELS for worst TN of all time.

Not only is Oct an idiot, he has got to be the worst date. When have he and Doris had fun?

Piggy bank??? why would the writers just throw that in? Who is going to steal it & why would Oct contribute?

I guess Oct's disease is contagious, the Gov can't recognize MA's voice.


5:00 AM is definitely not too early for tequila if you are watching this mierda.

Cathyx, go right ahead with your tequila, no judging here :)) You can just call it a very very late night at the club (or the Casino, it fits better for this situation).
Your 5.00 AM is about noon where I am (depending on the exact time difference), so I can join you virtually.
Is noon too early for tequila? Surely not! Salud!


Bailey Marie: I think Ed focuses on Tav so he doesn't have to focus on himself. Always easier to tell someone else what to do!

Vivi: Our great minds were thinking alike when you added the extra "i"!

Tonight's episode should be interesting. I wonder if MA will admit she is MC when Tav confronts her, or continues to play it off.

I hope MA has a great plan for when Lucia arrives. I need some vengeance in this place!!! LOL

A piggy bank? How old are these people? How big does a piggy have to be to save enough for a wedding - it's not like they're saving for the ice cream truck! Wait, maybe they are.

Regarding this comment:

Remind me if I got this wrong but I could swear that in the July 4th episode of this Octavio told MA about MC, he asked her "do you want to hear a love story" and then went on to talk about getting married to MC, I'm not wrong am I?

I add: Didn't Ed visit Tav at the ranch when he was married to MC? I remember there was discussion that this was a deviation from the originl story in which Ed appeared on the scene later.


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