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Corazon Indomable, Episode #70 - “One Step Closer to Discovering MariAle’s True Identity and to the End of our Protagonist’s Not-So Fairy Tale Marriage”

Corazon Indomable, Episode #70, Monday, August 19, 2013 –

“One Step Closer to Discovering MariAle’s True Identity and to the End of our Protagonist’s Not-So Fairy Tale Marriage”
Recap by LatinaInMD 

Karim meets with the governor and repeats his claim that he lost his throne thanks to MariAle.  The guv tells him he doubts it was her fault, but Karim assures him he is already preparing his payback against her.

Doris and Mariana appear at the hospital to show Octavio they care about his nephew’s well-being, but as usual Doris ends up ordering Octavio to take her out to lunch later, once he’s had a chance to see his nephew. 

Speaking of meals, Ed and flight attendant Sonia are having breakfast at a restaurant when Angel and Araceli walk in arm-in-arm.  Sonia notes that Araceli looks quite happy.  An annoyed Ed says he can’t believe Araceli could have replaced him in just two days.  He glares at them and notices as Angel cups Araceli’s hand in his hands.

As usual, Octavio tries to say no to Doris but quickly gives in to her wishes, noting how “generous” she is in allowing him a whole ten minutes to see his nephew before they leave.

Octavio goes in to see his nephew, and both Miguel and Lucia immediately beg him to go borrow money on their behalf, as Miguel is too embarrassed to do it himself.  Octavio agrees to do it, but says he will not sign the IOU himself.  He will only pick it up and bring it back for Miguel to sign it so he can get the money.

Angel now caresses Araceli’s face, and Sonia notes that it looks more serious than she imagined.  Ed figures that’s why Araceli didn’t want him at the store anymore and wasn’t willing to give him more time to get serious about their relationship.  Sonia points out he can’t have it both ways – love her or leave her.

Octavio wonders how much money they will need to borrow.  Lucia suggests they can use some of the money she brought with her (from selling the cattle), but Miguel insists she will need that when she returns to the ranch.  Octavio asks Miguel if he truly thinks she will be able to return to the ranch.  Lucia has an inquisitive look but stays surprisingly quiet and clueless about Miguel’s debts.

Angel tries to get Araceli to eat, but she says she is too scared because of Ed’s angry looks.  She takes his hand and asks if they can just leave, but at that moment Ed gets up and heads toward their table.  Araceli begs Angel not to say or do anything to Ed.  As Ed approaches them, Angel asks him if he lost something at their table.

Octavio dryly tells Miguel and Lucia that he’ll have to come up with some excuse to get rid of Doris so he can go pick up the IOU.  As Octavio heads out, Lucia asks Miguel what’s up with Octavio’s hostile attitude towards him, but Miguel completely evades the issue.

“What did I lose?” says Ed.  “It turns out that l lost a perfect flirt!!”  Angel tells him he better not be referring to the young lady next to him because she is with him and Ed owes her respect.  Ed laments how she pretended to be a “decent girl” and Angel tells him she IS decent and he better not dare question her decency or else.  So now it turns out you are in love with her, says Ed, to which Angel responds by putting his arm around Araceli’s shoulders and saying that he loves her enough to marry her soon, as soon as she chooses. 

As usual, Octavio failed miserably at getting rid of Doris, and they are now at a restaurant having lunch.  She is again going on and on about the great job she got him.  He tells her she shouldn’t love him so much, he is not worth anything, all he has is the problem with his wretched marriage.  She reminds him that she has quite a bit and she will share it with him.  He asks if a “decent man” could accept so much being given to him.  (Uhm, good question, but I suspect Oblivio will soon forget he even asked such a question.)  He again insists he has to resolve the problem with his marriage first.  She says, problem solved, on Isla Dorada we can simply ignore it.

Esther tries to get Jose Antonio to go into the big house.  He pulls back, saying the people from that house don’t want him, and respect him even less.  And besides, he says, no matter how much he wants to he doesn’t even believe in her love for him.  She begs him not to say that because it hurts her.

Octavio politely knocks on MariAle’s office door before entering.  She asks him why he is back again.  He informs her he is there for the money his brother needs.

Ed asks Araceli what her answer is to Angel’s marriage proposal.  She says she has nothing to say.  See, Ed says, don’t even get excited because she doesn’t love you.  I’m the one she loves, and if she agrees to marry you it’s only because you are rich.  Angel tells Ed that unlike him, he respects Araceli and wants to give her a real home.  Ed demands to hear from Araceli’s own lips whether she will marry that man for his money.

Octavio reminds MariAle she promised to loan them money.  She says she remembers well, she knows the money is needed for a good cause, and she will be glad to lend it to them.  She asks how much they will need and he says he figures $4,500 dollars will be enough – (uh, Oblivio, this isn’t the public benefit hospital where they fixed your leg but forgot to fix your brain.)

Lucia stares at her perfectly still and fast asleep child and then goes to Miguel and claims their child looks “very nervous”.  (Que que?  She’s more perceptive than I am, for sure.)  She then laments that they’ve taken such a beating from bad luck lately that she can’t even remember their “happy days”.  Oh, my poor Lucia, he says as he embraces her, I promise you that those happy days will return.  (Girl, don’t hold your breath, remember this is the same man who promised to work hard to make the ranch prosperous.) 

MariAle says she will round it out to $5,000 dollars and asks Octavio if he will sign the IOU.  He says no, he will take it to his brother to sign it and will then return with it.  She reminds him if Miguel requires more money, she will not be able to lend him more against his part of the ranch since she has already lent him much more than those lands are worth, unless of course Octavio wants to borrow against his own part of the ranch.  (Quick cut to more of Jose Antonio telling Esther he still feels her relationship with him is pure whim, and Esther begging him not to torment her by saying that.)  Back to the casino, where Octavio says if it is absolutely necessary then he will put up his part of the ranch as collateral.  He then informs her that he will be out of town for a week.  She asks if he is going on vacation and he tells her he needs to go to his home town.  She smiles and asks sarcastically if he is going to “relive” his past.  He says in some way he is, adding: “I’m going to file my divorce from Maricruz Olivares.”  We get a surprisingly controlled “cara impactada” from MariAle….and fade to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, MariAle continues to contain herself, smiles and says calmly:  “You don’t say.”  He says yes, and he plans to marry Doris.  He notes he could get married there on the island without a problem, but he prefers to do it the legal way.  She asks if he seriously thinks he will get it done in just one week.  He says it shouldn’t be a big problem, since they were only married for a few months, so he thinks in just two months he will have in his hands the divorce papers.  (Of course, being oblivious, he forgets one teensy-weensy detail - his child from that marriage!!!!)  She smiles again….but if looks could kill!!!

Angel tells Ed to quit bugging them and leave, or he will have him thrown out.  Ed dares him to do it.  Araceli just wants to leave, but Angel won’t let her do it.  She begs Ed to leave.  He says sure, I’ll leave, but I have to speak with you and that monster who takes care of you so he won’t sell you to the highest bidder.

MariAle again smiles and tells Octavio she’ll have to congratulate him, for he and Doris make a great couple.  Then they repeat their little song and dance about how she will keep one of the men Doris loves, and how Octavio is sure she wants him, and how she only wants him for vengeance.  Then she adds:  “Frankly, the governor is much more convenient for me.  He has money, a magnificent position.  He’s a gentleman.  A marriage to him is much more advantageous than a marriage to you.  I hope that Doris will choose to keep you….since you are worth, well……less.”  Ouch!!!!! 

He pretends that didn’t hurt, noting:  “Well, you can see that for Doris I’m worth a whole lot.”  

She replies:  “Because she doesn’t know you well, señor.”  

“And you do?”

“To perfection.  Better yet, I know all men, because I am, we’ll say, intuitive.”

Now he’s ready for a fight:  “No, you are full of resentment due to something some man did to you, and you are breathing through the wound.  But I’ll have you know that not all men are the same, nor are all women like you, fortunately.”

She remains calm, too calm, asking:  “You consider yourself a good person?”

“I’m not a saint, but I’m also not a bad person.”

She bursts into laughter and out of her chair:  “Oh, señor, you are worse than bad.  That is little for you.  You are a mercenary, you are a scoundrel!!!”

“Please watch what you are saying to me,” he responds.

She answers coldly:  “There is a story of yours and your family’s, that if the governor were to know about it, he would not let you even…..”

He interrupts her, yelling as he jumps out of his chair:  “Just one moment.  You don’t know that story.”

Now she let’s out her full fury, screaming:  “Of course I know it, and to perfection!!!”

(Cut to another scene of Miguel insisting that Lucia return to the ranch with their son, then back to our protagonists exchanging zingers.)

Octavio counters with:  “If the story you know about me is about my marriage to a little innocent and ignorant peasant girl who made my life impossible for a few months due to her jealousy, I want to tell you that I don’t hide it like a crime.  Because if I made a mistake, it’s also true that when I left, abandoning her, I gave orders that she be protected, that a home be built for her, that she be given a monthly allowance for her, her grandfather and her little sister.”

She peels her eyes wide and asks calmly:  “And were those orders followed?”

No, he says, but that’s not my fault.

She responds in an increasingly altered tone and volume:  “Of course, how easy.  It’s not your fault what that miserable girl suffered because of that abandonment.  It’s not your fault that she was persecuted, that she was trampled, accused and sent to jail.  It’s not your fault that criminal hands set fire to her shack and burned her grandfather alive.  It’s also not your fault that some scumbag raped her sister and left her pregnant, right?”

“You are lying!!!”

“No, sir!!!  I’m very well informed about everything that happened!!!”

“Well, they misinformed you.  Maricruz went to jail because she stole some jewelry, and the grandfather died because he fell asleep in the shack with a lit candle, and as for the little sister…….”  (Oh, Oblivio - in one ear, out the other.  Nothing sticks in your memory, does it?  Not even a full confession from the culprits.  Pea brain.)

She has now lost all self control, screaming:  “Look señor Narvaez, everything was done by your family.  Everything.  Absolutely everything.  The one who is misinformed here is you.  What did you expect?  That your good and faultless relatives would acknowledge to you all the damage they caused her when you left and abandoned her, leaving her at the mercy of those who hated her so much.  They did everything to her, the Narvaez family and the riffraff that works for them.  All of them.”

“No, it’s not true.  Because no one is so evil to commit so much cruelty, and much less a member of my family.”

In a rage, she screams some more:  “Oh, please, the members of your family, with you at the head of it, are the worst scum that exists on this earth!!!!!!!”

He takes a deep breath and says:  “Only Maricruz Olivares could say everything you just said.  Don’t keep denying it.  YOU ARE MARICRUZ!!!!!!”  She raises her chin and stares defiantly at him.  (And we fade to commercials again.)

(More blah, blah, blah from Jose Antonio to Esther about all the evil the Narvaez family did to Maricruz and that’s why he hates them; she asks him to tell her that he doesn’t hate her.  He repeats that she will have to prove her love to him.)

With eyes welled up but still containing her tears, MariAle repeats calmly that she is Maria Alejandra Mendoza, the daughter of Don Alejandro Mendoza.  Period. 

“And you are also Maricruz Olivares.”

“Of course not.”

“You ARE Maricruz.  There is a lot of rancor in your eyes.  There is a lot of hatred, a lot of contempt.  And that can’t be expressed by a person who isn’t Maricruz Olivares.”

She tells him to look closely at her, her hands, her hair, her manner of speaking, of expressing herself.  “Can I possibly be that poor little savage?!” 

He acknowledges that not in those ways, “but in the fire of your pupils, in the fierceness of your attitude, in the aggressive tone of your voice, in the hatred and the heat you put into your words.”

“I am not immune to an injustice, much less to the one committed against that poor girl.”

He asks again why she doesn’t want him to marry Doris, if perhaps she is hiding her jealousy.  She says:  “Don’t make me laugh, don’t be naïve.  I already told you and showed you that if I want, I can have you eating out of my hand, surrendered at my feet.”

“Of course, relying on your resemblance with Maricruz, right?”

“No, relying on the fact that I’m the woman you desire.”

“Just the same, I’m going to marry Doris.”

“And I’m going to marry the governor.”

He now tells her he sees the advantage of marrying the governor’s daughter, because besides her money and distinction, she is a very beautiful girl.  MariAle agrees, but is barely containing her tears.  And just to drive the knife a little deeper, he adds that he doesn’t object to her marriage with the governor, and in fact he will do everything he can to convince Doris to allow her to marry her father.  That’s the last straw for MariAle.  She orders him to leave her office immediately.  He refuses and plants himself back in his chair.

Back at the hospital, the nurse on guard checks little Miguelito and then asks Lucia if she has noticed anything unusual in him.

Meanwhile, Ed shows up at Teo’s house and when Araceli opens the door he forces his way in and demands to see her protector.

MariAle is again screaming at Octavio to leave her office already.  He says he’ll do it, but not in that manner.  She insulted him, while he tried to stay calm.  She warns him that he will be sorry for defying her.  He assures her women can inspire love and compassion in him, but never fear.  He demands to know what she intends to do. 

“Perhaps to avenge Maricruz Olivares.” 

“In what way?”

“Soon you’ll know in what way.” 

“And why have you turned into Maricruz’s avenger?”

She screams again:  “Because I damn well please!!!!”  She then threatens to call security and have them kick him out if he doesn’t leave her office.  He finally heads for the door.  (Of course, being Oblivio, he forgets the original mission that brought him there, so she has to remind him to grab the IOU from her desk before marching himself out.  As soon as he closes the door behind him, she grabs her cup and shatters it on the floor.)

Teo and his peanut-shaped fake hump come out to the living room.  Teo asks Ed to sit down and then calmly asks him what brought him there.

The nurse goes to the doctor’s office and tells him no one seems to have noticed that the little boy is having convulsions.

Octavio returns to the hospital and gives the IOU to Miguel.  He tells him to sign it and go pick up the money himself.  After the big fight he just had with Maria Alejandra, he is not about to return to do something Miguel can do on his own.

MariAle stands in her office by her window, her eyes tearing up as she remembers Octavio’s news that he plans to file for divorce.  (cut to commercials and we return to this same point.)  The tears are now freely rolling down her cheeks.  She wipes them off with her hands and defiantly declares:  “Divorce.  We’ll see, Octavio Narvaez.  We’ll see if it’s so easy for you to divorce me.”

The doctor examines Miguelito and then tells Miguel and Lucia that while he is doing better than when he arrived, he wants to order some additional tests to make sure he is fine, since there is something he doesn’t like.  He won’t say what, though, until the exams are done.

We get a bit more back and forth between Ed and Teo while Araceli stands there listening.  The two men discuss Araceli as if she weren’t even there.  Ed whines about the fact that he saw her with that other man and Teo says he “gave her permission” to accept the man Ed saw her with.  (Ugh.  What a useless scene, and so demeaning to a woman.  Thanks again, Mrs. Mejia.)

Santa goes to see Jose Antonio and tells him the whole world now knows what he is up to.  He says, who cares, and what business is it of hers anyway.  She tells him he sure has changed, that that woman has hurt him a great deal.  He doesn’t want to talk about it.  She asks when the baby will be born.  When she questions whether he is even the father, he tells her to shut up.  She wonders what Maricruz would say if she only knew.  Jose Antonio is not concerned because he is sure she will not return.  Santa assures him that she will return.

And still more back and forth between Ed and Teo.  For a while it looks like we’ll get more of the same old, same old, but after Teo asks him to confess that he doesn’t want to marry Araceli, Ed says on the contrary, he is there to ask for her hand in marriage.

Octavio informs Doris that he will be out of town for a week.  He needs to go to the ranch to get a divorce, because to marry her he first has to be legally separated.  He doesn’t want anything turbid between them.  He then asks her to not oppose her father’s marriage to MariAle.

MariAle sits alone in her living room, practicing hand signs representing the alphabet.  (Potential Solita and Tobias sighting soon?  Which also means that Carlos may soon get his wish and see the monkey again, unless he’s been shipped to the jungle.)  MariAle gets frustrated with the signing and plops down the book.  (Wait, what happened to super MariAle and her ability to study into the wee hours?  Oh. Oh.  Hope it’s not a sign that she is losing her mighty powers.)  She now thought bubbles:  “I hate you for everything you did to me, Octavio Narvaez.  Even though I still love you, I also hate you with a hatred I cannot tear from my heart.  I will never forgive you, and you will never be free of me.  You won’t get a divorce, because I won’t give it to you.”  She continues with her usual thoughts of vengeance, promising to make Lucia eat mud, to take away Miguel’s lands, and to drive Octavio crazy with love.

The next morning, Ed chats with his little piggy bank and Octavio congratulates him for finally planning to take the plunge with Araceli.  As they head through the hotel lobby on their way to the airport, Miguel meets up with them and tells them he is very worried.  He is not sure yet about his son’s condition, but there could be complications, even possibly death.

Meanwhile, MariAle is fast at work with her machinations.  She is on the phone with a prestigious law firm, telling them she is putting her case in their hands, no holds barred when it comes to expenses.  (oh, oh, MariAle, watch it with those words.  Never, ever, tell a lawyer cost is not an issue.  Trust me, I’m a lawyer.)  Anyway, she adds that she will pay anything “to stop that divorce”.

Previews:  MariAle tells the governor to call Doris and to tell Doris in front of her that he intends to marry her; Doris asks her father how he dares ask her for something like that; Octavio shows up in the town’s puny little civil court and is informed that Maricruz beat him to the punch and filed suit against him, demanding payment of child support and claiming cruelty, pain and suffering, etc.

Recap by LatinaInMD 


LatinoMD: Wow! Thanks for all the dialogue and I LOL at all those snarky asides of yours. We two were definitely tracking there! The zingers were flying so fast I did miss a couple, so thanks again for that. Oh Oh Oh Oblivio! Keeps going through my half awake brain this a.m.

Eduardo fell faster than I thought. The piggy bank's endearing, but if that's really his style after earning what a pilot earns.....

Great recap LatinaMD. Still a little jet lagged and started nodding off until the yelling started.

At this point, why doesn't MC just tell the family who she is. Wouldn't change her "revenge" and if anything, might really put the fear of you know who into them, especially Lucia. And that stare into the camera...gees, I'd sue the lighting director. That was just creepy and...dark.

Poor Oblivio - he is faced with and obsessive spoiled girl or a former flame who has turned into a flaming revenge minded shrew ( in his eyes). Love is grand.

Oh, and thanks for the nod that Solita does exist as MC is still learning sign language. Big whoop.

And I'm really head shaking at Are. She just lets Creepenstein take possession of her withn the grabs and starts talking marriage, and she just stands there. This girl needs to start talking for herself. I'm really disliking Teo and his manipulation of this girl.

Why is Santa bringing up MC with JA? Like she gave him the time of day romantically before? Plot ploy to make things difficult with Ester?

Thanks to all the recappers while I was out. Was able to check in daily and keep up with the antics.


Thanks so much Latina. Brilliant job with the Mari-Tav argument.

Poor Miguelito! Looks like he's going to have some major health issues. But it's good for Mari's plan, as it will allow her to bleed Miguel and Tav dry. She couldn't get Tav to gamble or drink away his land like Miguel, but he will sign it away in order to help his nephew.

I also don't understand why Santa is acting like JA ever stood a chance with Mari. Even if she comes back, she'll never look at JA as a romantic interest. It's his business who he chooses to boink, impregnate, and marry. I think he should stop whining, man up, and start working to make a home for himself, Ester, and their child. What better way to earn her respect and deepen her love for him? Right now, he just seems like Miguel, needing a strong willed woman to lead him.


I am also hoping that the sign language studying means a Solita sighting is coming soon.

Terrific job, Latina. Especially the conversation part of the recap between Oblivio and MA. That had to have been a real chore to get it all. Well done.

My goodness. Oblivio will now be Super Oblivio if he still doesn't realize that MA is MC after that argument.

Daisynjay- ITA that the whole Aracely thing is ridiculous and sexist. But, she is actually in on the plan to make Ed jealous to push him to ask Teo for her hand formally, so she wasn't as passive as she seemed in those scenes. And she got what she wanted! Not only is Ed now engaged to her, he's happy about it! Sucker.

Thanks, LatinaInMD, for helping me relive the intense Mari-Tav scenes. Great recap!

Here's the line that had me stumped: "It’s also not your fault that some scumbag raped her sister and left her pregnant, right?” I'm on my knees, clawing at the TV screen, saying "Wait! Wait! Explain yourself, MariCruz."

To the best of my knowledge, we never had a scene where Solita actually TELLS anyone the story of the rape. The doctor may have deduced it, but did we ever have the Big Rape Reveal? Someone correct me or instruct me on this?!

Arecely really was passive in those scenes with Ed and Angel/Teo. I think the people in costume and makeup are playing "pin the tail on the donkey" with Teo. Just take the hump and plop it blindly onto his back and wherever it lands is that day's spot.

So Santa comes along and rains on JA's parade and the medical team sees a problem with Miguelito. No one can catch a break, can they?


La Paloma- Yes, Mari suddenly connecting Solita's rape to the Narvaez (and it really isn't since none of them knew about it), and knowing that the fire was purposely set and must have been set by the Narvaez, came out of nowhere. Never before have any of her thought bubbles indicated she has been thinking about this. More things left on the cutting room floor?

Thanks for this great recap, Latina, what a great job.

I do hope that we get to see Solita, her little boy, Tobias, and yes, the monkey very soon. Although it will be a good thing that the rapist is revealed, it really doesn't matter much since Miguel shot Eusebio. However, maybe Solita will also reveal that it was Eusebio who set the blaze that killed Ramiro. It shouldn't be too much of a stretch to tie that to Lucia.

It looks as though Maricruz is obsessed with having Lucia taste some mud, but as cruel and mean as that was, Maricruz could have simply refused to retrieve the necklace from the muck.

If Ángel is indeed the new improved Teo, I wonder what his ultimate plan is? We know that he is also obsessed with Maricruz... does he think that he can ultimately end up with Maricruz?

I really like Doris' hairstyle with it braided across the top.


Thanks so much for the recap! I was pulling out my hair when Tav and MA were yelling at each other bec I wished I knew spanish better.

I too hope for a Solita sighting.

Also, did I miss a scene? Does Araceli now know that Angel is Teo because she was letting him get very touchy feely and he is, after all, her employer?

Loved the end that MA is going to get what she deserves from Tav's abandonment!


Carvivlie- No, Aracely does not know Teo is Angel. But she knows they are "friends", and Teo supposedly pulled Angel in on the plan to make Ed jealous.

Thanks so much LatinaInMD! I especially appreciate the Mari-Tav dialog. What a face off - great to watch!

Ed pretty much looked like a gigged flounder to me! Reeled him right in, didn't they? But, gee, he was nasty, yuck. But now he's so happy about his piggy bank, LOL!

Looking forward to Tav's return to the pueblo.

Oh and thanks for pointing out that Oblivio had been told directly by Miguel about Lucia's crimes. I thought he knew all that. I suppose he just chose not to believe it because his "family couldn't possibly be that cruel!" Confusing! But it's obvious who is confused. Maybe Santa will spell it all out for him again when he returns to the pueblo. Of course he'll probably still not believe it.

Thanks Vivi! I'm still confused over this story line. I thought Teo just out and out didn't like Ed but now he is working to make him jealous? He should just be happy they are broken up. But I guess he does want to make Ed marry her and thus make Ara happy.

Still think the whole Teo/Angel thing is creepy. But I do think Angel's hair looked better this episode.

Hi all, thanks for your comments.

And thanks to all the recappers this past week. I was a bit busy and also a little under the weather (sinusitis - thanks east coast humidity!!!) so I didn't get to comment much on the great job you all did.

I figured some of you might want the detailed dialogue between O and MA. We get so little of them together that I like to savor the zingers they shoot at each other whenever we do get them.

LatinaMD: so glad for the zingers. I really thought Tav finally believed all of the bad stuff his family did to MC. I mean wasn't he finally blaming Lucia for her actions? I think the writers are really poor in this respect as it just weakens Tav's character and makes it seem like he has short term memory loss. Frustrating to the viewer. But it was really nice to have MA yell the truth at him but would have been better if she was MC doing it.

Tks Latina

I hope MC saved her white rag to wear to divorce court. Oblivio apparently forgot there is a child, they were only married a short time so it s/b be easy to get a divorce. ¡¿Qué what!?

Oct's mental deficiencies are contagious, Ed can't recognize Teo/Angel's voice? Think of him w/o that awful wig Ed!

Of course Doris being a dimwit also thinks it wouldn't matter that Dumbo is married, if they married on Isla Dorada.

I think the mono went to Germany with Bieber.

The way these characters forget important details makes the audience feel like WE'RE the ones suffering from memory loss or hallucinations (remember conversations that obviously must not have happened based on the behavior of characters like Tav). I'm not falling for it writers! You can’t gaslight me! :)

Lol, Vivi. You're memory is too good for these writers. And we have recaps to back it up, too.

I don't have a problem with MA wanting Lucia to taste mud like she did. MA needs to put some money in the mud when Lucia is bankrupt and desperate for a new maxi dress and tell her to get it out with her teeth.

When Oblivio goes back to the ranch, I'm sure that Santa will fill him in on all the news of the past. But I'm not sure that Oblivio will even believe her.

cathyx: It wouldn't matter if Oblivio believed Santi, this time, because he will have forgotten by the beginning of the next episode. My frustration is growing with this plot point...

thanks Latina inMd...I missed this episode. What can I say ? I just do not understand these folks. I am always fascinated and frightened and confuzzled by people who are their own worst enemies on telenovelas or.... in real life. I keep thinking to myself...REALLY ????? in both cases. My goal has recently been to SIMPLIFY my life...you know...KISS. Evidently, this theory does not work when creating novelas....the more convoluted and complicated the response to any situation, the better. In my own life, I am trying for the opposite approach ...go slowly. ..think before you speak......look before you leap...let things go...let things unfold . ...count to ten...breathe and relax. These folks need to get a grip and practice a little mindfulness. I guess the telenovelas might be a good learning tool for what NOT to do in a stressful situation.

Finally, telenovela viewers need to remember to serve themselves a large portion of suspended disbelief, verdad ? This semester, I have a woman from Rumania who also speaks Spanish. I had the students interview each other as a first day icebreaker , and I heard her tell her partner( a middle aged engineer from Mexico )that she likes Mexican telenovelas. His reply "I don't!" there you have it. Some people can enjoy and appreciate the camp that is novelas and some can't.

WOW!!!!! LatinaMD, what an epi you got last night. Thank you for such a GREAT JOB. I woke up this morning
still reeling. And they called it boring. QUE? Not on your life.
Some of your great lines---Uh, Oblivio, this isn't the public beneffit hospital where they fixed your leg but forgot to fix your brain.
I hope that Doris will choose to keep you...since you are worth, well...less. Ouch!!! Yes that was a
Ouch!! a double Ouch!! I'd say.
No, my family isn't that cruel. Oh
yeah!!! Oblivio, meet Lucifer.

I'm still laughing at Doris from a couple of chapters back when she said that it doesn't count because they were married in a small town. It's no problem if your wife comes to the island, daddy will make her leave. I can't believe that was actually said. Maybe there should be two Oblivio's. Octavio and Doris
they seem to match.

At the restaurant last night there was a caged bird in the room. I remember not long ago down the street from me, there was a very popular restaurant with both inside
and outside seating. In the outside
area, there was a bird in a cage but it didn't last long after the Health Dept. found out about it. I guess that in Mexico, the laws are not so restrictive.

Talking about restaurants---I have noticed that in most novelas, there
is almost always a big arguement that starts right in the middle of a restaurant dining room. As the arguement progresses, the people at nearby tables usually go on eating as if nothing is wrong and a manager is almost never seen. Such was the case last night with Ed, Angel and Araceli. Are people that laid back in Mexico or just very polite? Maybe it's just a novela thing.

Yes, the conversation was demeaning
This isn't the Dark Ages. Araceli
isn't a child, she doesn't need men
deciding for her--she can make her own decisions. Who wrote this?

She continues with her thoughts of vengeance and promises to make Lucia eat mud, to take away Miguel's lands and to drive Octavio
crazy with love. WOW!!! That's a full plate, but we must remember that in the middle of all that, we
have the crazy blue eyed psycho Karim making plans. Mari for sure is going to have to be Super Mari to get through all of this. Boring?

Carlos---Mari could have refused to
retrive the necklace from the mud but she had never had a necklace. It meant a lot to her. What woman doesn't want a pretty necklace, especially a woman who has never had one before?

Lucia/Lucifer eat mud? YES, YES,YES

The previews look great---I'm counting the hours and the minutes until episode #71 Can't wait.
the gringo


Latina, what an AWESOME recap!!!!! I was craking up at:

“(uh, Oblivio, this isn’t the public benefit hospital where they fixed your leg but forgot to fix your brain.)” and :

“Lucia stares at her perfectly still and fast asleep child and then goes to Miguel and claims their child looks “very nervous”. (Que que? She’s more perceptive than I am, for sure.)”

Your asides are just brilliant. I’d like to give Octavio the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was testing Maria Alejandra when he declared Maricruz guilty of the robbery. He could have been trying to get a confession out of her about her true identity. But who am I kidding? This is Oblivio we’re talking about.

Last night’s episode was enjoyable, but it’s getting harder and harder for me to deal with Octavio’s obliviousness. I agree with @Daisynjay, why doesn’t Maricruz just confess her identity already?

@Carlos, I loved Doris’s hairstyle last night as well.

@Carviville, thanks for clearing up the confusion about Araceli, Teobaldo, and Angel.

The piggy bank scene was too weird. Daniel Arenas looked just as confused as we, the viewers, were. Did the writers actually put that in there, or was Eduardo ad libbing the whole thing? BIZARRE.


Kudos to you, Latina. I normally forget an episode as soon as I've seen it, but you recreated this one with all the Biff, Baff, Pow! of the original.

Enjoyed especially your re-creation of the knock-down-drag-out verbal fight between Maricruz and Octavio. I figured he was deliberately baiting her, hoping she'd lose control and admit who she really was. Maybe I'm giving him too much credit, but that was my feeling. (hey, I've been wrong before!)

Sorry about the sinusitis but happy that it's cleared up now. And thanks for another sparkling recap.

Oh, and Susanlynn...love your list for getting through life without causing damage to others...or oneself. Works well in real life.

Makes for a boring telenovela though.

Here's hoping people aren't handling their relationships like these people, however!

On top of being oblivious, Oblivio is such a wimp! He's always "going to tell Doris" whatever, yes, no, maybe ... but then SHE tells him what to do or where to go and all he does is, "No ... No ... Okay!"

I hope that when Octavio finally believes everything that was done to MariCruz by his family (if he ever does), that he doesn't act like it's the first time he hears all of it.

Carlos - MC snagged the necklace from the mud because Lucia told her it had belonged to Octavio's mother and that it meant a lot to him. She wouldn't have done it just for herself. She humiliated herself for him, which hurt doubly when she found out he had abandoned her.

The way everyone forgets the truth, after they've heard it a dozen times, is the fault of the writers. It makes no sense otherwise. Remember how Mari kept forgetting how Don Ale searched for her for years and that her mother abandoned him, when she would start saying that he couldn't ever love her if he knew who she really was? It's like our two protagonists have brain damage. Seriously.

Other than Teo, none of the men in this tn can stand up to their women and make up their own minds about things.

-Tav with Mari and Doris
-Miguel with Lucia
-Tony with Carola and Raiza
-The Gov with Doris and Mari
-Ed with Aracely
-JA with Ester and Santa

Karim is BSC, so he's a mixed bag of emotions and reactions.

Right Vivi---The women rule this one with the exception of Aracely. None of the men seem very strong.
the gringo

Even weakling Aracely knows how to manipulate Ed.

Teo has been able to tell off Raiza and Carola and refused to do their bidding. He is the only strong-minded man in this, and even he is creepy half the time.

None of the men seem strong, but Miguel is doing by far the best job of being weak.

The writers need a continuity editor because like Vivi said, they all constantly forget the truth. It is lazy writing or they just don't have enough creativity to fill in the full number of episodes in this series for which they have to write.

Latina thanks for the wonderful recap. You made the episode completely hilarious with your asides.

Vivi is right that the writers have made the characters in the TN brain damaged and its a shame. The information that people "forget" to most often is too important to forget, sigh.

@Carvivlie - right on both counts - writers are lazy AND lacking creativity. Just one more proof of their laziness, as if we need more: whenever they mention dollar amounts they use the exact same amounts that were used in Marimar in 1994 - so they didn't even bother accounting for inflation and cost of living increases. sigh

People, people. Rewriting scripts cost money. It was no cost to sub the monkey for the animal in Marimar that I can't remember because monkeys work for bananas, which are cheap in Mexico. Also, they can use the same set for the casino as for Alejandro's home. And Vivi said that Doris wore the same dress that Roberta wore in CME, so there's a recycling going on. Also, they are using the same actor as Teo and Angel. And Teo's hump is obviously put in by himself, and that saves the wardrobe money too.

@cathyx - lol.

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