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New Telenovela: Por Siempre Mi Amor - Starts Monday on Uni

Hey all-

There’s a new telenovela starting next week, and we all seem to have forgotten about it. It’s Por Siempre Mi Amor and it starts Monday the 2nd in the 8pm EST timeslot. It’s a remake of Mi Segunda Madre (1989), and is being produced by Ignacio Sada (Un Refugio Para el Amor). If anyone is interested in recapping this tn, please contact Blog Mom Melinama, ASAP. A synopsis of the plot follows.

Arturo and Eugenia de la Riva (Guy Ecker and Luz María Zetina respectively) form a happy family with their lovely daughter Aranza (Karyme Hernández--young Aranza/Telma Madrigal—adult Aranza). However, Eugenia’s cousin Sonia (Dominika Paleta), is in love with Arturo and is envious of the perfect life of her cousin, and she decides to do anything she can to destroy Eugenia's happiness.

At the same time, Isabel López (Susana González) has been married to Fernando Córdoba (Héctor Suarez Gomis) for two years, but one day she discovers that he is a con artist/criminal who has another wife, for which she decides to send him to jail.

Both of these situations lead Arturo and Isabel to meet and fall in love, without imagining that, in order to realize their love, they’ll have to confront Sonia, Fernando, and even Aranza, who refuses to accept Isabel as her new mother. The cast also includes Ana Martin, Fabian Robles, Pablo Lyle, Sofía Castro, Martha Julia, among others.

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Yes! I was wondering when the recaps would begin to show up and here they are. Hector is awesome,he also starred in Zorro as Pizarro..Too bad i watched the novela ahead online again i seen around 25 episodes. And yeah ,i cant miss a novela with DP starring,she seems very manipulative in this novela

For once it doesn't look like Ana Martin is the maid.
I look forward to seeing Pablo Lyle again.

Sounds like the usual novela fare.

Demetrio- Since we don't have any recappers for this show yet, I'm not sure if this show will be covered here on Caray Caray. Hopefully some folks will reach out to Melinama and say they're interested. Since you know something about this tn, perhaps you should tell us here what you like about it, with no spoilers of course, to try to generate some excitement. Perhaps you'd like to recap this tn?

Just from reading the synopsis yesterday, these are the things I find interesting about this plot:
- The protagonists are older, one is divorced and from the promos, the other is widowed.
- Enough time passes that the galan's daughter goes from being a child to an adult.
-The daughter is played by an actress I really liked in PVAA and is currently playing a fun ditzy character in Mujer del Vendaval.
- It looks like Sofia Castro is playing a bad girl, and I'd be interested to know just how bad they'd let the current Mexican president's stepdaughter be.
- Ana Martin looks like she's playing a lady with money.

Vivi sorry but i cant recap really i dont have much knowledge of Spanish and my school life is sort of eating my time. Well to the excitment,the novela seems Light hearted at the early stages but it gets more dramatic after some time passes in the novela.The daughter isnt really the daughter of the year..Julian Gil also stsrs in the novela but i havent seen what kind of role he plays,evil or good,he appears somewhere late in the novela which i dont like one bit.

Vario,haha yeah seeing Ana Martin playing another maid/madrina would have been so boring.

Vivi-I am most drawn to this TN because of the cast. So many actors that I like. And more mature, too.

Sofia Castro is playing a love-struck teen in Cachito (Pablo Lyle being her crush), but I am interested to see her in a (hopefully) edgier role. I really like her.

I'm looking forward to seeing Thelma Madrigal again.

Oops-sorry I forgot one thing.

Having never seen Ana Martin in anything BUT the role of maid/madrina, I am very much looking forward to seeing her in a different light.

I hope that if Fernando Colugna does more tns, that he starts to do roles like these where he is the father of adult children and has already lived a full life (as a man of his age should) by the time the story starts up. If Televisa is going to continue to use these aging galans (not that there's anything wrong with that), then they need to start producing more of these stories with protagonists in the 40s and 50s, like Amores Verdaderos.

Yeah,we need some older actors back.Come to think of it,
Guilermo Garcia Cantu could return he was crazy in Fuego en la Sangre,he hasnt acted since 2011 what a shame. And yes we need some more creative stories like Amores.Im getting tired of : Poor young uneducated woman meets a hombre from a rich family who she falls in love then marriess him blah blah blah,im tired of that ,i think i will probably skip La Gata because of this...

I'm hoping AV is the start of a new trend, too. I enjoy watching stories about people my own age. :-)

Vivi, I'm willing to recap but the link for melinama doesn't work on my tablet. Could you write out the address for me? I'll E-mail immediately. I know it's dot mappamundi something.

J desde NYC- The email address is:


J desde NYC- You can also e-mail her at:

Write to both addresses to make sure she gets it.

Thank you, Vivi. You're a gem!

Vivi--You know I'm crazy about Guy. He's been one of my heartthrobs since Eva Luna. I did not like his follow up character in Corazon Apasionada, where he was less than stellar. I think I'll blame it on the story and the casting. He was too old for the part, even though they really tried to make him seem older and more experienced.

That said, I'm going to be traveling so much this month and through the spring that I could only promise occasional recaps--as in Marido.

If we don't get enough recappers to do official every night complete coverage, could we ask for a weekly page the way the Telemundo recaps are posted on the sidebar for discussions?

Of course I'm going to watch and try to keep up, but again, can't commit.

Sara C.--Ana Martin played Candelaria, a nurse in Amores Verdaderos--just a couple of notches up from maid, bus still in that nurturing profession, although we didn't get to see very much of that with her daughter Cristina.

Anita- Great idea about the weekly post, at least until any other recappers, aside from J desde NYC, volunteer.

I know Guy is your guy. :)

Anita-I watched AV and I still felt like Candelaria was still a variation on the maid theme. She let Anibal pull too many strings.

Apparently PSMA is getting relatively low ratings. It replaced CI and I can imagine those numbers were hard to top. The ratings are mainly in the 14s and 15s in Mexico. Slightly better than Cachito. I'm watching Cachito and it's not horrible, but I think I've mentioned that I have a pretty low bar when it comes to TN quality.

I am really looking forward to this - Susana Gonzales is one of my favorite actresses.

I fervently wish I could recap but my Spanish comprehension is below minimal and simply do not possess the language skills...I wish I did!

I realize most of our wonderful recappers have been doing double duty, recapping double episodes and/or several TNs...If this ends up not being covered, I will likely not be able to watch too long as Caray is my lifeline in interpreting the stories, and I will likely not be able to follow this on my own. Again, I am most appreciative of the recappers who give so generously of their time and effort to summarize these stories and realize recapping here might not be possible.


This novela is a remake of a novela from the 80's, Mi Segunda Madre.

María Sorté played the role Susana González is playing here and Daniela Castro played the step-daughter.

Sara C. 14-15 was the usual rating for the 4 pm timeslot before the novelas there started overperforming with Un Refugio para el Amor. Cachito de Cielo was on at 6pm so its numbers were a bigger failure in that timeslot. I think CdC is one of Televisa's worst performances of a telenovela in the afternoon timeslot.

It's interesting how the 4pm timeslot tends to work, it goes back and forth between the most typical types of telenovela stories of the poor cinderella and stories where the main characters are older and their children are adults. I think this might be the timeslot for the older audiences.



Thanks for the info, Jarocha. It's interesting that Univision has been showing the afternoon TNs in the Primetime slots. Well, it's interesting to me at least.

I really am looking forward to this one. I hope that it does well enough that Univision shows it ALL. I felt so bad for the QBA and LT folks when they started chopping episodes. CI is what needs chopping.

There were only a few episodes of QBA that were severely edited and most of what they cut out wasn't important. The only important thing that was cut was the early revelation about Concho stealing the Mendozas' share of the bar.

The main problem of QBA was the censorship.

I'm looking forward to this series because they're giving Guy Ecker an age-appropriate character; after all he is 54 years old. However, he is still 14 years older than Susanna Gonzales.

The ratings statement is characteristic of both Televisa and Univision. Both have a high water mark for each timeslot and being #1 in the timeslot but not reaching that mark is insufficient for either. That says nothing about the quality of the series.

I'm going to have to bale on this one. I'm already going crazy from watching the three I'm stuck on--and am glad CI will be moved back an hour,

I know the cast will be awesome if the script is decent, then so much the better! Maybe I can catch it on Uvideo later on.....


I certainly have dropped the ball on this one. Will get it into the sidebar now. Thanks Vivi!

Awesome, Jane/Melinama! I just looked at the sidebar and it looks like you've already assembled a team very quickly. Just missing two recappers. Just one error on the sidebar-- the link for Siempre says it's for Manda recaps.

I hope someone from the recapping team remembers to at least post a discussion page after tonight's episode, since it doesn't look like they have a Monday recapper. Thanks Kathy, J desde NYC, and Tablet Jefa for stepping up!

Thank you Melinama! That's wonderful that recappers have stepped up. As Vivi already noted, very quick work on both your and their parts!


I'm looking forward to seeing Susana Gonzalez in this role. I've heard that, in her earlier tns, she was unremarkable. I caught a bit of an early tn she was in the other day-- she was the heroine with Cesar Evora as the galan. She didn't make much of an impact on me.

But the first tn I saw her in was Para Volver a Amar (PVAA) a few years ago in a small role, and she was fabulous as a cold, scheming beauty. The camera loved her. Then I saw her completely transformed into the wild, crazy, bitchy sister in LQNPA. And then she was totally different and wonderful as a sensible, abused mother in Amores Verdaderos. These three very different roles have now made her one of my favorite tn actresses. Now I'm interested to see if she can pull off being the protagonist.



I too am looking forward to seeing Susana Gonzales in this one. The first one I saw her in was PVAA too. She was really good in that, and she really pulled it off in LQPNA. But I think I liked her best in AV. It was so heart wrenching to watch her in that role, but she was so very good at it.



+ All,

I am unable to step up and recap another show, lo siento.

Mads and Vivi:
I, too, love Susana G. I think she has become a very good tn actress. I

I will try to keep an eye on the show and at least comment when possible.

Elna June


Vivi, I thought Susana shone as the protagonist in Pasion. That was the very first time I saw her and thought she was wonderful. I also feel she is growing as an actress as evidenced by each successive role she has played. I don't know how she could surpass her AV role. We shall see.


Diana- I never saw Pasion. I wish they would re-air it during the afternoons, like they did with Amor Real (that's how I was able to see that).


I'm wondering if the chop jobs are done by Univision which we know happened in QBA or if the cutting occurs at the source at Televisa when a novela is doing badly in Mexico. I heard that LT was really choppped up near the end but had read early on that it was doing so badly in Mexico they were considering a time slot change. If it was doing so poorly they may have opted to just cut it short and take their losses. For what it is worth and i don't know how true it is I also read that LQLVMR is doing badly and wonder if it will suffer the same fate. Perhaps Jarocha can fill us in.

Decie Girl- I've heard that at the very end, Televisa truncated LT from what they had expected to show. But what we are talking about is a MAJOR and horrible chop job that Uni did with the original episodes that came from Televisa. The tn was actually not bad and was doing well in its timeslot in the US.The cuts made the tn very hard to follow. Luckily, the recappers were able and willing to find and watch the original Televisa episodes to tell us what we were missing, to help make sense of what we saw.

Quick looks on NovelasLounge shows that the ratings for Robo in Mexico are just fine. I think, as Jarocha pointed out, there is a difference between a hit, something that is disappointing (only because they expected it to be a major hit), and an actual bomb. But Uni seems to have a hard time distinguishing the difference when it makes choices based on how things did in Mexico, as well as realizing that there are some differences between the US and the Mexican audience.


Why are they doing chops to telenovelas,is it because of controversity in some scenes or is it something else? From all i hear The US soap operas they produce are a bunch of junk,i mean the american soap operas. I dreaded the cuts with LT,it had potential and i hope it does not happen again.

Demitrios- Uni always edits the love scenes and offensive language/sounds from the original Televisa episodes. That is so common, we don't even really mention it anymore. The kind of editing we're talking about is chopping up episodes so that 2-3 episodes fit into 1 hour-- turning them into one episode. That is clearly done to wrap up a tn more quickly and to get something else into the timeslot. The only reason to do that would be if they felt the show replacing it would bring in higher ratings.

This could backfire on a network if during the cuts, viewers become so disgusted that they leave and never come back. I can't imagine what the US audience, who didn't have our site to explain what had been cut, thought about LT!

Well thats terrible,Uni always just cares about ratings,ratings,ratings. If they let novelas run their course they would be getting more profit,more fame .It its getting terrible ratings the problem,it there is not a problem then leave it the f*** alone!

FYI- These are the ratings for the current crop of Televisa tns showing in Mexico, as of two weeks ago:

1. Lo Que La Vida Me Robó: 22.2
2. Que Pobres Tan Ricos: 21.5 (Semana de Estreno)
3. De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero: 18.8
4. Quiero Amarte: 17.8
5. Por Siempre Mi Amor: 15.3

Urban--Remember that QBA started off with 1 1/2 episodes each night from the very beginning. It was hard to follow the episode numbering, but we did our best. You, Eli and I were among the recappers for that.

It was Uni who did the chop job on LT since the recappers were able to find the complete episodes on-line. The decision was probably based on the ratings + whether the next novella was ready or not.

I'm disappointed, as we all were, they hurried up the end LT and then filled two hours with CI after PEAM ended. They could have given LT two hours each night to finish it up sensibly and not lost much advertising revenue. (Don't tell them, but I pause during commercials so I don't have to watch and then FF to the next scene.)

While QBA was on I hypothesized that they did the loaded episode thing for two reasons:

1. There was a simultaneous debut on Telemundo and they didn't want to lose the 9PM audience.
2. They wanted the series to finish by a certain calendar date. Airing the episodes in the normal way would have put the finale on an inconvenient date.

While they censored the love scenes (Boo!) they didn't do a major chop job on more than a few episodes. I'm sure most of the audience loved having fewer commercials and I know that Univision got premium dinero for the ones that aired during that program.

What they did with LT was truly awful. I will never understand how they chose to keep CI going for what feels like an eternity and LT was over in 3 months!

Vivi, I have the Televisa ratings for last Friday (from masquetelenovelas). I follow the everyday ratings to see how Quiero Amarte is doing.
ROBO is rising, so is Pobres, but in my opinion the true winner is De que te quero..., who sometimes even wins the no 2 spot, with more than 20.0 rating.

So, this was Friday, the 29th

LO que la vida me robo - 23,3 rating/ 46,9 share - as far as I remember this week it reached 25 points, it's about 3 weeks ahead of the US
Que pobres tan ricos - 19,5 rating/ 41,5 share - significantly down from its usual 21-22 points
De que te quero te quero - 17,8 rating/ 45,3 share - is the real winner, a sleeper hit I'd call it
Quiero amarte - 16,2 rating/ 39,2 share - it's down from its usual 17 or so points, I think they need to improve their share
Por siempre mi amor - 12,2 rating/ 42,3 share - usually somewhere near the 15 points, it's so much better than CI who had this time slot, but I will never be able to understand CI's succes.

I'm enjoying this new show and I'm thankful it will be recapped!

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