Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Vino el Amor #75, February 14, 2017: Vino el Fer's Party Plans, But First - Have You Heard About Luciana and the Patron?

On this very special Valentine's day episode, we get bullying in the school and workplace, some missed connections, some party planning, some smuggling planning, some charity planning, some campaign events, a smidge of wine-making discussion, and a TON of workplace gossip! In other words, go on your Valentine's Day date and skip this one! Although it did feature rare smiling from Grumpy David and about two seconds of Luciana actually working!
  • Repeated scene: David is on top of things for once, at least when it comes to buying olive oil making land, and has emailed the owner to arrange a site visit.
  • Juan is not happy that David is letting Miguel and Leon pay their fines on installment; he would've charged more interest. Juan learns from David that David is annoyed with Gracie.
  • At school, bullies hone in on poor Charlie and Bobby defends his friend. Bobby and Charlie manage to convince the bullies to back off. They make plans to go report the bullies to the principal, based on advice Bobby got from the psychologist. Who is clearly Dr. Roman from El Color de la Pasion because that is bad advice if they actually want the bullying to stop.
  • Juan and David discuss how Graciela and David are no longer close and that she doesn't like Luciana. Fer interrupts and Juan uses the opportunity to make an escape. David is going to wish he went with Juan, because Fer wants to discuss how Luciana is to blame for Gracie and David being on the outs.
  • Now here is a romantic scene for Valentine's Day. Lilian visits Gutierrez at work, although she doesn't know why as she didn't care for his treatment of her at the campaign event. (Did Televisa begin the cutting? Did I fall asleep during this?) Apparently a person asked Gutierrez why he was dating a white woman when he is Latino. Lilian says that Gutierrez is American. Gutierrez tells her to get used to these comments because Latinos want Gut to date Latinas. Lilian says that's racist and Gutierrez should have stood up for her, the way he did for Martha, so many times. Gutierrez says if she keeps reminding him, he won't be able to forget Martha. Lilian says he shouldn't forget the reason she's with him. They are off to a campaign event, but Lilian says if he behaves, she'll let him back in her life. He agrees, but now they need to focus on the efficiency of his natural disaster aid plan. (LOL, is that foreshadowing?) Lilian is hype for the natural disaster aid plan, what with all the earthquakes and fires in California!
  • Gutierrez gives her a tender kiss for that, thinking that she actually read his speech. She totally pretends she did. Then she says it was only to make sure he gets everything right, and she doesn't understand why men have to learn the hard way. He says he was a fool, and now he understands that his place is by Lilian's side. She likes that response, and moves on to the future - people always want to vote for a perfect, stable man, with a spouse and family by his side. But no kids, she hates kids. Joking! He dodges by saying when the time is right, they'll talk. She reminds him he owes her. 
  • Gracie interrupts this by calling. She missed her connection. So she's killing time by worrywarting about Luciana. She's annoyed that Lilian is going to a campaign event and showing off instead of managing David for her. Lilian is not sympathetic and tells her to respect that it's Lilian's time to shine now and there's nothing going on at home that can't be fixed later.
  • Fer and David are getting into it about Luciana and Gracie. He tells her it's an adult argument between Gracie and him, and she's not to interfere. He's firm when she fights back and asks why he's mad at Gracie. He denies it's due to Luciana and reasserts it's something between him and Gracie. Frustrated Fer walks off.
  • Carito is happy to see Miguel visiting the employees' quarters. He's come to pick up a few things for work.
  • Carito asks how it's going. Miguel says work is going well. Then he asks where Luciana is. She's not happy with that.
  • So she answers that she doesn't know where Luciana is, but surely she's working -- with the boss. Carito "explains" that the boss and Luciana have been together all the time lately "working on things/" She sees that Miguel is crestfallen and says that she knows Miguel is sad about Luciana, but she thinks he made the correct decision. It would be hard for him to see she doesn't miss him. The boss and Luciana are always alone, together, and it's starting to seem a little strange. Even Marta scolded Luciana about it. Miguel is flummoxed.
Whoa, she's actually alone and working for once...Let's see how long this lasts...
  • Fer comes into Luciana's office and asks what she's working on. She's reviewing results of the young wine-making. Fer asks if Luciana knows what happened between her father and her aunt. Luciana tries to dodge this by answering it's between Fer's father and her aunt. Fer tells her that Gracie said it was Luciana's fault. Luciana says that she doesn't know why Gracie told her that and while they don't get along well, Luciana doesn't believe she's at fault. 
  • Luciana is saved by a box of hair, as Tano comes in and asks why Fer is there. Fer covers by saying she was asking Luciana about helping with her upcoming birthday party. She hopes Tano will be there. He's not sure - with Miguel gone, there's a lot of work to do. Fer explains to Tano that it's her party and he'll come if she wants him to, and asks Luciana to help convince him. Heck he can even invite his friends. Luciana says she's sure if Tano is her friend, he will come to her party, right, Tano? Done, Tano is coming! (I'm sure you were all on the edge of your seats about this.) Luciana actually wants to get back to work, so she nicely encourages Fer to not get into more fights with her dad and leaves her own office. Fer reconfirms that Tano is coming; he says he is, but he seems less than thrilled.
  • Miguel is not buying what Carito is selling. He actually is kind of mad at her for suggesting that Luciana might be doing more than working and tells her that he'll always defend Luciana and she needs to get that if they are to be friends. He suspects her of ulterior motives and staring rumors and stomps off.
  • Wine and girl talk time with David and Cesar! Yay! Even grumpy David is smiling about this!
  • David kicks it off by saying it's tough to keep his romance a secret and Marta isn't happy with it. Cesar gives it time. David says he hopes she will come around, because Luciana will want her approval. David also bemoans his issues with Gracie and says that Fer is upset about them. You don't say. Cesar says what's the issue with Gracie? David doesn't like the way she treats Luciana. He mentions the time that Gracie gave Luciana a family photo. Cesar's got that girl figured out! She's just jealous! The big kiss you two had meant more to her! You don't say.
  • Lilian is back from the campaign event and Sonia tells her that she's a grand woman and she's proud of her. Lilian says, "Me too!" Sonia then throws out the possibility that Gutierrez might not be the man for Lilian, given his affections for Marta. Lilian says he made a mistake with that. A big one. Sonia suspects Gut is a lying liar who lies. Lilian says that would be Marta. So she's pleased she's the reason Marta got her heart broken. Sonia asks if that's the reason she is with Gut. It's not the only one, but it's the most satisfying.
  • Cesar advises David to be clear with Gracie when she gets back that he has no intentions towards her. David thought he was before, but he will do so again. Cesar thanks him for some medicines he provided for a charity effort. They actually talk about Cesar for once next - he's working too hard and David tells him to not do that. Cesar can't find a gal who can handle his busy doctor schedule.
  • Tano is terrified for some reason about going to Fer's party and BEGS Leon to go with him since he can invite anyone he wants. Leon says that's crazy and points out 1) Juan will hate they are there 2) Fer has an awful grandmother who will hate them being there, 3) the rest of that family too. Tano plays the Sonia card - she won't hate that Leon is there! Leon doesn't have a convincing reason there but he goes with, well it's a work thing.
  • That look from Tano does the job, and Leon agrees to go to the party.
  • Miguel returns to his workplace and asks Erika how long ago the machines had some maintenance. It's been two years. This was not a good answer and he seems upset with it. She tells him not to worry. He's still seeming very irritated, and she correctly suspects he may have visited his old vineyard. He tells her he learned from Carito that David and Luciana are together all the time.
  • Adolfo weirdly meets with Luciana in David's mansion to ask her a question. Oh, apparently part of checking Miguel's references includes interviewing his ex-girlfriend about why they broke up. Luciana says nice things about Miguel. Heh, now Adolfo tries to recruit Luciana to work at his vineyard. She declines.
  • Erika says that Carito isn't a reliable source. She doesn't understand why Miguel is fretting about it. She reminds him that David gave him a good reference and tells him to focus on more important things. Like work. He's trying, but he can't stop thinking about Luciana.  If it's true that she's with David, there's nothing he can do about it. 
  • Adolfo takes the job rejection like a gentleman. He worries that David will take the hiring of Miguel away personally, and Luciana reassures him that he didn't. Lilian is not pleased to come in and see them chatting, and breaks it up. She invites Adolfo in and apologizes for any impertinence by Luciana. Adolfo says he's happy to see Lilian. He'd like to take her out soon for a meal and catch up. She'd "love to" but she's busy.
  • In New York City now, still flight-delayed, Gracie gives Juan a call to say she's annoyed he didn't tell her about the olive oil land dealings. Juan says the olive oil land is not a good investment, and is overdramatic about it. She laughs at him, clearly hearing in between the lines that he just doesn't want David to buy the land. Then she warns him not to do things to hurt David. She tells him she's capable of defending her turf. Juan asks if she's going to kill him like she killed David's wife. Gracie denies she did that, but tells him she could kill someone if needed.
  • Adolfo pressures Lilian for a date. She tells him that she was clear. She's busy and her family comes first. She declines again his cruise offer.
  • Juan is mad at Gracie's threats. He tells her he's had enough of her and her mom and reminds her angrily that they are in cahoots together. Juan snaps that the land is not worth buying and will ruin David. Gracie says that things better be in order by the time she returns or there will be consequences.
  • Fer and Tano are in town with her party shopping list. He asks if that's everything. Not even close. She's going to have sushi for her meal. Tano was hoping for meat. She also plans to have party music, balloon decorations, etc. Tano asks if this is too much for a party. Not even close, Tano. She's got a concept! Tano thinks it might be one that's too expensive and too much to get in one day. Fer is not worried about this. Tano wonders if he should get back to the vineyard and work. Fer says nope, we're going for ice cream! Off they go.
  • Susan, Luciana and David talk wine calculations, while Luciana and David sneak in a steamy look at each other when Susan mentions a chemical reaction. Susan and I share a reaction to that.
  • Some charity talk (basically something Susan and Cesar are doing to support the refugees in their area). Luciana mentions that she and Miguel wanted to do something labor-wise for them and asks Susan to let them know if there's a volunteer opportunity. Susan leaves to go join Cesar, and Luciana and David are left alone. He praises her for volunteering for the charity effort. Then they are going to kiss, but Luciana notices the office blind is not pulled shut. Instead of being like Perla and shutting it, they crack up at each other, sparing us viewers another one of their teeth-baring makeouts.
Whoa, grumpy David no more - two smiling caps in one post!
  • Miguel is back for another visit. This time he sees Leon, who is thrilled and asks how things are going. Miguel says good but he misses his friends! Leon observes he's working with an attractive lady. Miguel says yes she is, but she's his boss and her dad runs the vineyard. (It's like a Tano-type problem apparently.) Leon thinks he should go for it since his sister and Miguel broke up. Leon tries to understand what happened between Miguel and Luciana. Miguel says he's still sad about Luciana but the real issue is that she is into someone else but. He asks Leon to be straight with him: Is it true that Luciana and David are always together?
  • Luciana and David have their usual conversation about hanging in there as a couple and little by little the world will be on their side. Hey, they've got Bobby and Cesar! Luciana doesn't seem as convinced this time; she mentions that she's a little frustrated by not being able to do things together. And she's not convinced Fer is always acting with the best of intentions. You don't say. Then she rats on Fer for asking her about Gracie and David.
  • Miguel mentions his conversation with Carito and Leon says that's all crazy, David and Luciana are just working, and Carito only said this because she has a crush on you. He sets Miguel's mind at ease. Someone needs to clue Leon in.
  • Tano is carrying multiple bags of party supplies and some helium balloons into the house. He can't see where he's going, so Fer guides him. He still doesn't understand why she needs all this. Plus she spent a lot, and even bought him some clothes. She thought they would look good on him. And she wants a perfect party and thanks him for his help. She bought him a leather bracelet to say thank you too. As she puts it on him and gives him a hug, Lilian watches disapprovingly from above.
  • Luciana and David discuss how she was trying to improve her relationship with Fer. Luciana says that when Gracie returns, it will get worse. David disagrees and Luciana takes that personally, saying that she has been trying on her end. David tells her to calm down. Luciana says she doesn't want Fer to feel like Luciana is taking all of David's attention. David just wants his daughter to be happy. Luciana agrees, but asks what if it comes down to making a choice between her and Fer's happiness.
  • Fer sees Tano to the door and bids him goodbye. She turns around after shutting the door to find a very annoyed grandmother who wants to know why she's hugging that tipo. Fer defends Tano, but Lilian compares him to Luciana (oh jeez). Fer defends Tano some more, and points out that it's her party and she'll invite Tano if she wants to! This turns into a discussion about how Fer is being negatively influenced by Latinos, especially Marta. Fer points out that Gut is a Latino. Lilian says hey no one is perfect. Fer sticks up for Tano again, pointing out that he's hard-working and a U.S. citizen, and puts her foot down - no more insulting Tano. She stomps off, party supplies in hand. Lilian reminds her to get the balloons.
  • Luciana and David reiterate that his kids and her mom are the most important thing, but they want to be happy too. He promises all will be well in the end.
  • Tano returns to employee's quarters and confides to Leon that he spent the day in town with the boss' daughter. Leon has the obvious concerns about this idea, given that the boss can be a bit...grumpy. As they chat it out, it becomes clear that Tano really actually likes Fer quite a bit, but has some concerns about Fer's wealth and being able to treat her to things that she is used to. Leon is concerned for him, especially since Fer is the boss' daughter.
  • Later, the boys are eating dinner in the kitchen when Perla runs down the stairs screeching that she's not their servant and neither is Carito. Tano and Leon look at her like she's from Mars. She's going on and on about how they eat all the food and leave all their stuff all over the place. Leon engages with her and points out how all work pretty hard compared to her, especially his mom who cooks the food, while Tano laughs. But Leon ticks off Perla to the point where Perla starts in on he and his sister being high and mighty and in with the boss, and she repeats all the workplace gossip Carito told her about Luciana and David. Leon, who is the last to know apparently, denies it but Perla is on top of this. Perla stomps out as Marta comes in and asks what's up. Leon mutters about Perla being a pain, and Marta agrees and goes upstairs. Carito comes in, and Leon confronts her about what she told Perla and Miguel.He accuses her of making it all up about his sister and his boss and promises to tell David about her spreading gossip.
  • Mark (wearing a weird shirt with flowers on the collar) and Juan are in the holding pen with their latest batch of immigrants. Mark wants to use Perla to distract the "guy at the border." Juan says no. Mark thinks using a Mexican lady who is sexy will work better on a Mexican border official. Juan asks what Mark really wants with Perla. Mark says "nothing," but Juan says that Perla told him Mark was molesting her. Mark asks if he really cares. Juan says he doesn't like it when people don't respect what's his, so leave her alone. Mark claims she's making it up, but Juan doesn't care; Mark is to leave her alone or else:
  • Carito and Leon continue their discussion. She acknowledges she doesn't want problems with Grumpy David, and shouldn't have gossiped, but hey on the other hand, Leon's sister is all over the boss. He zings her about just gossiping because she wants Miguel. She is offended and goes upstairs to hang with Perla. Then, Luciana comes home. Leon gets right to it  ... what's going on with you and the boss? Luciana says nothing, but Leon says that everyone is talking about it. And why is she fighting with mom?Luciana gets mad of course, and says she wants to be left in peace. She can't believe Leon is listening to Perla and Carito. Leon says well, it's not just them, I heard it from Miguel. This gets a "no puede ser" from Luciana, who turns to confirm that it's true, she and David are a couple and will be happy in spite of everyone. Marta, who is coming back downstairs, overhears this and is not happy.


Perfect DY. A very enjoyable read, thanks so much. "teeth-baring makeouts"? Too funny. Reminiscent of hyenas on National Geographic !

It is nice to see almost all the hateful people hating each other, threatening one another, and otherwise at WAR.

That PigPen -- NoJuan powder keg fuse is burning pretty fast. Speaking of: NoJuan has a skirmish breaking out on another front with hurricane DisGracie bearing down and headed straight for LA Vineyards.
David appears to be beginning to suspect that maybe NoJuan would in fact NOT lay down his life for him, and will soon be in position to uncover many of NoJuan's self-serving lies when David meets with the Popeye,...nope Olive Oil, um... er.....the land owner.

And of course, there is turmoil between the succubus and Lilith (look it up). But that is not the least of her worries, as about the time she makes landfall there is the sticky little pissed off David problem. Oh what fun. And she has already told Dumbass to piss up a rope over in Spain, so hopefully that will fester into genuine self preservation hate on Joselo's part.

I have no clue what we are to take away from Lilith and Gutt. Brian may have made some mistakes many years ago, bu he is not in Lilith's league. Not even close. I now understand the Medieval 'burning at the stake', and mourn it's waning popularity.


A sensational recap and screen shots dy. SO much better than the actual episode.

“…bullying in the school and workplace, some missed connections, some party planning, some smuggling planning, some charity planning, some campaign events, a smidge of wine-making discussion…”, “Luciana is saved by a box of hair, as Tano comes in” and “(It's like a Tano-type problem apparently)” were among many favorites.

"Juan asks if she's going to kill him like she killed David's wife. Gracie denies she did that, but tells him she could kill someone if needed. Believe her Juan. I'd confirm it myself if I cared about your worthless lying, scheming life. But I don't :)

“Luciana agrees, but asks what if it comes down to making a choice between her and Fer's happiness”. To her credit, I think Luciana has a point, and quite an important one. I can’t quite fault her for not diving into this relationship head first, when she’s not at all convinced the water is deep enough (or may indeed be too deep). David might not be able to have it all – a bonded family with is children who enthusiastically support his new love. We all know the solution is for Gracie (and Lili’s departure) but Luci is unaware that this will eventually occur (one way or the other).

That said, I loved that Fer told Lili off about Tano in no uncertain terms. Lili was clearly flummoxed and I relished her stuttering and struggling with her words as Fer departed.

I keep thinking there is hope for Carito, but that is dimming. Perla was a shrew last night and Carito's hurting Miguel was just uncalled for. Does the girl not realize she has not chance at all??

Kirby, Lili and Brian have me scratching my head. Why must we be subjected to this loathsome couple and their "relationship"? He has undergone more personality changes than Sybil and no longer holds the slightest bit of interest (for me at least). Unfortunately, Lili must stay I suppose to torture Marta (and us) until this ends.

Juan must care about Perla (to some small degree) in order to warn Mark off. Of course, that will only serve to have Mark take it out on Perla.

Sonia seems the closest thing Lili has to a real friend. Lucky Sonia. Blech.

dy, this was great. Thank you.


One more thing I have been thinking about.:
It appears with FerBrat's unshakable interest in Tano, Lilith's disapproval and scolding of FerBrat may work to Luci and David's advantage. Last night Lilith was her normal shrew, but more open to FerBrat with it, and hopefully FerBrat will begin to see their (Lil and Dis) one sided hatred for Luci and their attempts to manipulate her against Luci/Tano/Leon/Martyra et al.

Last night FerBrat in essence told Lilith to shove it and she refused to listen to her venom spew. It is not a far stretch for FerBrat to realize their hatred is not just for Tano. We can hope.

Thanks, dy77. Your recap is a delight. Love the opening pic. Luciana is saved by a box of hair, as Tano comes in - ha!

Glad Luciana outed herself to León. He'll come around, unlike their mom.

Brian is actively digging his own doom. He deserves a woman like Lilian.

Don't know why Miguel is so floored that Luciana is hanging out with David. He was the first to notice they had a thing going on. Enough of this. Hombre, move on.

I confess I did like Juan when he told Mark to stop bothering Perla. I was wondering if Juan was capable of pimping out the girl that's been attached to him since childhood. I guess not -- unless Mark pushes real hard.

I laughed all the way through dy. Thanks

"Miguel is flummoxed"

Totally enjoyed Fernanda sparing with granny. Noticed Fernanda didn't huff and puff too much with David or Luciana but OMG when she discovers something is going on and Graciela throws gasoline on the fire.

Miguel still hanging on to his delusion.

Luciana keeps asking David for reassurance, he readily offers, and last night looked smitten with him, not quite gonner smitten, but smitten. However, I still haven't heard her declare her love to him.

Unless Carlos wins powerball he ain't got a chance.

At least Juan believes Perla but I think Mark has already left a mark. Perla's screech at Tano and Leon is retaliation she cannot express to Mark when he belittles and threatens her and demeans women wholesale.


Tofie: I noticed that Perla went off at Leon & Tano. What's she going to do ? Send Juan to whack them ?

Kirby: Lillian & Graciela are NOT done manipulating FerBrat into bashing Luciana, Leon, Marta, David, Tano, etc.,

Thanks, dy. "Wine and girl talk time with David and Cesar! Yay!"

I don't know that Juan's protection of Perla is motivated so much by care or affection as it is by possession. He doesn't want anyone messing with his stuff.


Thanks all. Julie, I agree. He didn't really defend Perla so much as he claims the right to be the one to pimp her out.

I go back and forth on Fer. Maybe because I have college age daughters. They really are still figuring out things. So she can be bratty but I'm not convinced she's a brat at heart, given her treatment and defense of Tano. Who I am soooooo glad is not with Susan anymore! She's so much better with Cesar and doing charity stuff. Hoping she'll get her groove back.

I go back and forth on Carito too. Not sure of her age, but she might be in that same young, figuring out life age. She's more inclined to give into her bad impulses, but I think she has a warmer heart than say, Perla.

By the way, just a warning for those of you who like Twitter. If you click the #VinoelAmor hashtag today, you will see a huge spoiler for something that just happened in Mexico (where the show is in its last week).

"Unless Carlos wins powerball he ain't got a chance." And slim then.? ? ?

Dy77: I will be cheering when Perla gets whacked!

FerBrat IS Aranza 2.0: I want her Karma to be when she finds out her precious aunt, Graciela whacked her mother, Lisa.

I'm also hoping Susan gets her groove back with Cesar.


dy77--Excellent retelling. The episode was dull as dishwater while your recap was amazingly bubbly. Dull episodes can be trying--in this one, there was so much gossip flying around and if you leave out one whisper of her to him or him to her, the next episode may not make sense. So thank you for going the hard route and giving it all to us, with such elan.

I do wish someone would take a pair of scissors to Luciana's hair. It's beginning to look like a mop. Doesn't anyone in wardrobe wash and blow dry her extensions?

Fer won my heart yesterday in her confrontation with Lil. But does she understand the impression she was making on Tano? With her "overspending" on a fiesta, when things are still tight at the vineyard, it smacks as overprivileged spoiled behavior. No wonder Tano worries about how he's going to provide for someone with such expensive--and expansive tastes. In Amor Bravio, I loved how Camila, who had been raised in a climate of plenty, tells Andres that she's willing to take a paying job in some other rancho, just so they could be "equal." I don't quite see Fer doing that. OTOH, I agree with dy77, at 18, she's into fun, friends and the very near future. (Well, ok, it was only 4 grocery bags and a bunch of balloons.)

Poor Carito. What will it take to open her eyes that she's hurting her own case by dragging Luci's name through the mud. Even though it was true, she didn't really know.

I got the biggest kick out of Lil and Gut in his office. Right after she was declaring her 100% white, white Caucasian racial ancestry, in very halting British English, she answers Gracie's call in very loud unaccented Spanish. It was a delicious moment. Surprised Gut hasn't noticed that before.

dy--thanks for that image of the two hyenas pairing off.

Dy77,good as usaul. I had hoped for gut, but hes very disappointing. I had
Hopes for him but he has really just dropped the ball here. Now while I may
Like Marta more than I like lil, and I'm not liking Marta....much, he & lil
Deserve each other. They changed him from a nasty disgusting creature to a
Low down whipped wimp. And he wants to
Be the sheriff, what kind of sheriff is he gonna be with somebody like lil
By his side? Jerk!
Mark probably has a bullet or knife or
And a beat down coming his way. I wish they'd go ahead and do something cuz I'm really tired of seeing his ugly disgusting face. Juan is bad enough as a super nasty jerk on this show. He and perla winds it out perfectly. I
Thought Carita was changing but she is still on the "I hate Luciana" wagon.

Mig need to stop with the jealousness
Of David. Lucy is not for him, so he should just go on with ericka and stop
Beatin a horse he will never ever (thank you Taylor swift) ride again, no pun intended.
Lil can dole out all the nasty racial
Cruelty but she can't take it. I can't
Stand that woman.
I would really like to know the story behind the hatred she has a marta.... where did Martha meet Fernando,why did she think it was a good idea to have an affair with him, how did he die,all of that stuff. I wish they'd get to that, maybe they will after they get over the halfway mark. Looks like there might a good ol family smack down Tonight between Marta and lucy.

Ok back work. Read y'all later. Thank
You dy77.

Oh yeah, Miguel. He's always finding an excuse to go back to David's vineyard. Yes he has friends there and stuff, but this is not how you make a clean break.

Anita - - - The poor girl is, as she said a few eps ago, "working ourselves to death", you really are expecting a lot for Luci Locks to have all that hair in good shape too. Sheezo woman. Poor thing. :-)

I am glad there is no any mechanical machinery in and around wineries or we would surely see an almost bald Luci crying over a gear or driveshaft with a lot of hair rotating with it.

There must be a grape-smushing machine. I wouldn't be sad if Juan fell into it.

I gotta look up smushing. It is not in my 'Handbook of Accepted Engineering Terms and Euphemisms"

I wonder if Marta will collude with Miguel and/or Graciela or possibly tell Fernanda to keep Luciana and David apart. Or she may prefer Luciana away from the vineyard like she did when Luciana first arrived.

I believe the brand name is Smush-O-Matic.

(I couldn't think of the word "stomp." I suppose "smash" would have been good, too. But I like "smush" because that's the sound I imagine the grapes make when you stomp/smash/smush them.)

Hey, that's an interesting question, Tofie. We will see just how far Marta will go to interfere with this relationship. (I assume she won't go so far as to tell Luci the whole story of what went down between her and Fernando.)

I use smush. Like dog poo between the toes or big spider smush.

"I don't know that Juan's protection of Perla is motivated so much by care or affection as it is by possession. He doesn't want anyone messing with his stuff".

An excellent point Julie, I think you nailed it...



Just back from work and enjoying a great recap and comments from the patio.
Thank you , dy77. love your sense of humor.

Julie ..Dobyou have a patent on that smush-o-matic? However, a wine with the essence of JUan is frightening to imagine. Hmmm..It's a bold wine with a slight woody flavor, and it tastes like....

As to accidents around heavy machinery...I have some knowledge there. Our neighbor lost his arm while operating a hay bailer, and my dad's toolmaker friend lost his arm operating a factory machine. People operating heavy equipment or playing sports usually have short hair or braids. I, too, think that LUci seems to have run out of shsmpoo or is overdoing the conditioner. Maybe Tano hoards it.

I like Cesar.He is a good friend , a good listener, and a responsible, mature man. However, he would not be a first choice if you were looking to get your groove back. Her saying.

Just saying.

Susan likes to go dancing at clubs. Cesar doesn't. I guess that doesn't have to be a deal-breaker, but it seems to me like she needs to be with someone who's more outgoing, and he needs someone a little mellower.

I have a feeling that the wine must be pretty good because I think CEsar is willing to put up with the whining to get the wine. However, I am not sure that CEsar would be up for salsa lessons.


Well... maybe Cesar would do salsa lessons for Soo-san. He does seem like the type who is willing to try. Hell, he took a punch for her, and by comparison, dancing shouldn't seem so bad.

Great stuff, dy77.

Lots of monkey business as usual, but one of the things this episode points to is that FerBrat is no more right for Carlos/Tano than Susan was. She's too young, immature, and too far away culturally from him.

Who did the cooking in the Robles household before Sonia came along? Was there never any Mexican or Spanish food on their table? How many generations were they in the US? If it's more than two why are they still speaking Spanish most of the time?

Lillian is a real case. She speaks Spanish 90% of the time yet pretends to be upmarket British: her British is inconsistent and sounds incredibly phony. As to the issue of "white" vs "Latino" someone needs to correct word usage here since Latinos come in all colors.

I hope David didn't spill anything to Juan about what he will address with the succubus but since there is another delay with her flight change in NYC that could still happen.

There will be a total of 141 or 142 hours with the finale happening this Sunday in Mexico.

DY77, I just loved your retelling of last night's episode. The pics you put on kept me laughing, especially the one of Tano where he gave that look! And then your hair comment (box of hair) on Tano, had me rolling on the floor. I really like the character and I think it's hitting him how high maintenance Fernanda would be because she comes from money and he doesn't.

Urban, that is true that "Latinos" come in all colors. They even come in "white".

Diana, I do think that Juan cares about Perla, but since he's such a bad guy, I do believe that evil people don't have the capacity to really love. But perhaps he does care even through his deceit and selfishness.

Susanlynn, I like Cesar too. He is a very comfortable character, but maybe for a woman who wants more excitement, he's not too exciting.

I really do think that Carito is a good kid and just badly influenced by Perla. The other thing is that she is in love with Miguel and since Mig was/is in love with Luciana, she instantly made Luciana and object of her disdain because she believed that Lu stood in the way of her happiness with Miguel. Of course we know that's not true, but in her mind, she rationalized that Luciana is the problem. And of course it's all probably fueled by Perla.

Again DY, great job!

The Smosh-O-Matic wine press is imported from the Ukraine.

I do not think NoJuan cares one quibble for Perla, he is just not finished with her yet.

It appears that both Martyra and Sonia both cook, as we have really seen Sonia whip up that little fllet for Bobby, but last night Leon was arguing that his Mom prepares the food for Perla and friends, so I do not know who came first.

Gee, I thought that Juan was finally showing a tiny teeny bit of a heart and actually had some real affection and loyalty if not love for Perla. I thought that perhaps Nojuan was finally trying to be SomeJuan. Am I being too optimistic?

Susanlynn, I think you're being too optimistic, but maybe I'm wrong. I think he's "protecting" Perla the way he'd protect his car. And he probably doubts that Perla would be up to the job that Mark wants her to do, anyway. No matter how effectively he thinks he can manipulate her, I'm sure he remembers that it was hard enough to get her to speak to the immigrants as a group. It would be insanely risky to expect her to snow a customs agent, or whatever it was that Mark wants her to do.

NoJuan has such a black Hole of greed and revenge , it sucks up any love he might give SomeJuan and he has no love for AnyJuan.

And I am still trying to see a Label on Juans Woodie Wine.

Thanks, DY! You've all said everything so wonderfully. Look forward to fireworks tonight. I don't know why, but I feel Dahveed is going to be mealy-mouthed and vague about his relationship with Luci and Let DisGracie feel him up afterwards.

Kirby..Just look for Ripple.

Lila..what is up with these girls (Disgrace and Erika) getting all handsy with these guys?

Alpha wench females.. .we know DisGracie has killer instinct, maybe Erica does too but hasn't discovered it yet.

I'm tired of David letting Gracie paw and lean on him all the time. He'd better man up tonight. I'm not so hopeful after a little snippet from the previews -- No spoiler!-- I'm tired of Luci and David hiding and being wishy washy. It's sad when the most definitive thing done in defense of love is a deadly rock upside the head of Lisa!

The label on Juan's Woody Wine should feature a pair of punchable-looking lips.

Julie..of course..trademark those lips.You are a marketing genius.

OT..Lila, I am getting a strong Laoghaire vibe from Disgrace and Erica. Sometimes one has to get blunt and say "Keep your hands off my man."

I think it's seriously weird of David to let Grace grope him.
Didn't we get enough inappropriate groping in TVA? I know it's not as bad as uncle-groping, but it's still pretty bad, considering that he's told her he's not interested in her.

OT--Laoghaire's description sounds like a young Grace, both her looks and her character.

Julie, DisGracie and Miguel are two of the most brick-headed people ever! They just won't quit. Add Marta to that, as well. I'm tired of 'em all! David needs to take a page from Fer's book and break it down for DisGracie. . .maybe she needs him to paint a picture!

OT..Lila..well, um, yes, minus the makeup and expensive clothes. ..and about half Disgrace's age. L. Is a wee devil.

Julie..yeah, what is up with these hombres standing there and letting the bad girls grope them? Once maybe they are stunned and trying to but over and over???? Just say.... NO.

To me, the far more interesting story, even more interesting than watching Luci and David um, yeah kissing, that is what you all call it, is the Gracie and Juan and Mark situation. It was pretty chilling when DisGrace told NoJuan "I've killed before, I can do it again." That is two people who have threatened his life in the past episode or two.

He should be thinking:
1. Kill them both before they kill me...or
2. Get out of Dodge.

Then throw in GutBrian hot on their tail, and Lillian a tacit accomplice by silence, and things could go South with her and Brian. REALLY South as in seeing Brian apologetically cuffing her and locking her up.

Mix in the Dumb Hoes Perla and Care-ita and you have a PitBull sized Spanglish mess without the main characters.

Kirby, I agree. I find David and Luciana to be maybe the least interesting pairing & I'd call what they do "gnawing". The other stories have more layers going on, even if some of the characters are loathsome.

I vote get out of dodge. Take his money and halla$$

Dy77...gnawing...not good. Where is the love and romance?..not anywhere in this telenovela.

Kirby...yes, this is a disaster waiting to happen..Juan, Marked, Disgrace, Lilian. I am picturing Gut handcuffing Lilian who by the way has been acting lately like Miss Teen USA whom all the boys want to date. She has been absolutely giddy lately with Gut, the pquarterback (or the German Shepard..sit, roll over, beg)and Aldofo, the president of the chess club. Throw in daily taunting of captive Martyra and Lilian is ...WINNING.

I cannot wait until Disgrace starts stirring this boiling pot of malcontent. I don't think that she is a graceful loser.

P.s. Kirby, I hope that you are not in the storm's path.

Thanks Sue. I'm too far South.

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