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La Piloto #15, 3-27-2017: The Rumble And The Aftermath

Dave and the posse aka Simpson (now the new Dave replacement?) and move in on foot waving their pathetic pistols as the John and Oscar grouse over John’s taking YO!Landa instead of him.  Of course, while Daverted and the good guys go on foot, the bad guys, packing semi-automatic(?) assault rifles/sub-machine guns and the like, get away in the air as Viewerville no longer  wonders why we’re losing the war against drugs.  (Like just what’s wrong with this scenario, DUH?)  Yolanda has Dave in her sights but refuses to pull the trigger.  Well, John and YO!li try to escape in his pet plane, but it looks like Red Baron 1 won’t start.  John and she race to the next couple of planes. I cannot catch the discussion, but one of them I figure says she CAN with another plane/on her own while the other one figures she CAN’T.

She gets into another plane—but has left her black backpack of who remembers what goodies-- and trawls off after John in one of his other planes while the shootout at the Narc-O.K. corral continues on the ground.

Daverto sees the last plane racing down the runway and he has Simpson and some others jump into a couple of SUV’s to face Yoli down.  Simpson is screaming about crashing into the darned thing.  Dato is single-minded, if nothing else, and plays a high stakes death-defying double-dawg-dare-ya with Yoli.   YO! lifts off at the very last second before crashing head on into the SUV’s.

Yoli is all smiles at what she’s pulled off.  Dave has somebody get hold of the flight tower near by or ??? He wants to know when and where the 2 planes and a copter land so the Feds can send in the troops.

John gripes that the radios in his plane don’t work.  He has to use his cell instead.  He calls Oscar who’s got Arly watching over Rosalba.  She’s dying/half dead and O doesn’t have the slightest idea what to do.  Well, inform Yoli and see if she’s gotten off ok.  O warns his brother that he’s not ready to risk life and limb for someone who he doesn’t know or care a fig about.  John urges him to play nice till he can figure out what to do with the woman.

Yoli tries with her radio but it’s worthless as well.  She tries using her maps.

Dato finds Yoli’s bag with her phone in it.  The underlings ask what to do next with the fleet.—Examine of course.  Then there are the empty boxes of guns and ammo.  He comes across John’s radio and some printed out data.  He tries the radio and is in touch with Yoli’s plane.  She thinks it’s John.  Whoops!  He tells her they’re tracking her plane.  He closes the door and tries to reason with her for her aunt’s sake.  He’ll try to protect her.  She shouldn’t become a criminal like the others.  “--Don’t mention my aunt.”  She refuses to listen to a two-faced copper/federale and she’ll never turn herself into the Feds, ever! (The rest is not intelligible.)  Static.

One of the other agents informs Dave that the gang left their financial books. (I think.)  They go over them.  He’s not really into it.  And the radio tower tracking the planes?  NADA.  A big goose egg.

Back at the hospital, the doctor says official cause of death for the pilot is a heart attack.  Monica asks if something couldn’t have been injected to cause this (without clues, natch) and the doc accedes.  She tells the agente with her that she’s certain that runaway nurse had something to do with it.  Always a step ahead of them!!  Additionally, it allowed Yoli’s aunt to be taken in a helicopter.  Moni acknowledges that it means YO! has now transformed from a mere stewardess to a full fledged pilot.

The radio tower suggests if the planes aren’t on the radar it’s only because they’re flying low to remain undetected.  And so, YO! finds her way back to the other field listed on John’s map.  She is blocked by a group of unknowns.  Turns out she tells the leader she works for Los Lucio.  He welcomes her and calls off his goons.

Olivia is back at home trying to reason with her papi who isn’t interested. First with the crappy boyfriend and then she just sort of fell into this.  This is not the way they raised her.  Outside, Bette and Amanda are trying to get word from Arly.  He doesn’t answer.  Inside, Dad says nope.  Get the help you want from the dope dealers, not him.  He never wants to see her again.  Outside, Oli tells the others, ain’t no way she can count on Papi for a dime.

At the same time, Zulima is checking out the current news online.  She see the airfield, airline, and all have been raided [allanamiento].

In Michouacan, Villa Antiqua, Oscar is back and getting things put into order.  The foreman is not totally prepared to have them there yet.  However, the security is: he’s got his men all around the perimeter reporting back to him minute by minute.  Oscar wants a second ring of security so find more men.

John shows up with Arly and wonders about Yoli.  Arly’s isn’t worried.  She can seemingly think on her feet.  O asks what John thinks of the little operation he’s got put together for him, worthy of Pablo Escobar.  John is non-committal.  As long as he hasn’t got his girl or his plane, this place is worthless to him.  Oscar says well, nice to know what’s most important to you and grimaces in disgust.

Back at the other gang’s narc-ienda, Big Man/Yanez? cannot get hold of John to see what’s what.  He states he’s never seen a girl pilot before, let alone, one so beautiful.  She makes sure he knows she’s John’s girlfriend.  (So shut yer pie hole and let me loose.)  Yanez finally gets Oscar on the phone and wants verification of Yoli and her story.  Luckily for her, John grabs the phone out of O’s hand.  He verifies Yoli’s story and warns him to treat her like a princess. She and John catch up on what happened and how she barely got away.  He then tells Yanez to bring her to him there.  Yanez gives Yoli her pistol back and apologizes for not giving her the welcome the boss’s girlfriend deserves.  No sweat.

Back in Tres Fuegos, DEA continue searching the Centroamerica offices.  Moni sees the lockbox was opened and is now empty.  “—You imbeciles!  It means the Lucios got in here and got away again!”

Zeki is calling back to the Lucio’s hidden hacienda in the hills (of Las Aguilas?).  He gets no answer.  He hears the latest news of the latest confrontation with the DEA and shuts off the radio.  He notices a guerrero a few yards up the road.

Moni now interviews the taxi driver who got “stuck” in the middle of the road by back-ending his car into another in the middle of traffic to stop the DEA’s pursuit the other day of Zuli.  He denies any personal contact with Los Lucio or their gang members.  He plays the dumb peasant.  He’s only missing the huge sombrero and his serape.  She lets him sweat before she decides to let him go and sets up a tail on him.

 Moni talks to Daverto and finds he lost the trail when the gang flew off into the wild blue yonder.  Dave gets an idea to have Simp-sone put a tail on (the air traffic controller???).

Simp-sone questions the dude as he ends his shift.  The guy tells Simp-sone the same under the radar story.  Sim tells the guy it’s a bit strange and doesn’t he really work for Los Lucio?  Of course he doesn’t!  Ahah.  Ok. See ya ‘round.

Monica begins an interview with Unky Ernie’s long-time sleaze-squeeze, La Estela de Hella.  Moni is muy la impactada to find out Bella Estela is Yoli’s mami.  Moni informs Estela about her sister and how her now moribund grubby of a hubby managed to throw her sister off a balcony before succumbing The Grim Reaper himself a few hours later.  Estela says it’s a lie; Ernie was always a terrific guy and got along well with everybody except Yoli, who couldn’t stand him from the start.   She’s always been ungrateful—to this day!  News of the videos arrives while Estela is being interrogated.

Back at V.A., Carlina is now taking care of Rosie.  Yoli asks Carlina what happened with the pilot.  He died.  While sitting with her aunt, Yoli overhears an argument between John and Oscar with Arly agreeing with something. The whole thing turned into a mess because of his little pet gal (?)  The decision to rescue La Consentida, aka, Red Baron 1 is made and Arly agrees to go with his men.    (I couldn’t make sense of this last discussion.)  John owes everything to the lucky charm that plane is for him.

The videos, Moni informs Daverto, show the death took place around the same time that Yoli entered the hospital.  She has to be the one who killed Ernie.  It isn’t conclusive, he argues.  No, but she’s now their principal suspect.  She brings in Estela to meet and speak with Dave.  Estela believes Yoli did it and doesn’t bring up the history Yoli and Unky Ernie “shared” which Dave already is in the know about, but because she always had it in for the sweet, loving man—she cut him in the face, disfiguring him for life, and now she kills him.  Yolanda is sooo selfish!!  He defends Yoli.  Moni wants to believe Estela and asks for her help.  “We want to ask your help in finding Yolanda.”  The expression on Estela’s face is priceless…..


Thanks so much, Jardinera! I'm just back from vacay and haven't seen the show in a week. I see that the action hasn't slowed a bit. I'm glad Zeki survived. The very fact that the DEA hasn't shown up at the old ranch should tell John that Zeki was not a DEA agent/snitch. By the way, Zuli also saw in the news that Ernesto is dead. It was a small article at the end of one of the web pages.

Estella is disgusting, putting that rapist before her daughter, even when he's dead, and trying to convince that cops that Yoli killed him in cold blood.

Glad to see that Yoli doesn't hate Dave enough to take a shot at him when she had the chance.


Love it Jardinera. Especially "long-time sleaze-squeeze" for Estela. Actress is doing a fine job of making us absolutely hate her.

Yep, not matter what our Yolanda says, she's still conflicted in her feelings about Dave. Gives me hope for the long-term. As always, I'm a total sucker for those Dave entreaties... Let me "cuidarte". Yessss...do let him Yolanda. But guess it's not to be for now.

Enjoyed her tough moves with the first guy who groped her while patting her down for weapons, and equally tough moves with the head man at that little airstrip. Definitely a take-no-prisoners heroine. I suppose we have Ernesto's initial betrayal to thank for that. Our gal will not let herself be abused again.

Enjoy the show (although the prolonged shootout at the air field was a bit boring. Reminded me of the old cowboys and indians shows we used to watch as kids). Still, not seriously complaining. This show moves right along at a good clip, just like the recap!

Thanks talented lady.

Thanks, Jardinera. Great job.

Yanez seemed to be a bit disappointed Yoli already has a man. Wondering if the triangle will become a quadrangle; on second thought, I don't think Yanez is dumb enough to take on John. I do get Yoli being torn between John and Dave, both have a good quality or two.

Nice of Oscar to yell at Arley to take his jacket off and drape it over Rosalba’s body in the plane. But what prompted that kindness?

Monica, good luck trying to use Estella as bait for Yoli. Yoli knows her mother was counting the insurance money when she thought her daughter had gone down in a plane. As soon as Estella tries to be "nice," Yoli will know what's up.

Welcome back, Vivi!

Thank you so much, Jardinera!

These people get out of one just to get into another one!

Estela is a real piece of work. She will blame Yolanda for everything bad that happened to Ernesto until the end of time. I don't know how she can never believe her own daughter and say her ex-husband was horrible. If he was anything like Ernesto than she sure knows how to pick them. Unless she means Ernesto gave her everything she wanted so he's the best thing since sliced bread.

Now that the DEA has finally realized the Lucios are everywhere, will they be more careful who they bring into their inner circle?

Neicie..John gave strict orders to take care of tia so oscar had arly on the job while in the air.

Yoli was definetely feeling thrill of it all when she finally got that old plane to fly. Shes digging the adrenaline now...even tho she expressed her fears to that snake Zuli earlier.

John has chosen and Oscar is pissed and hurt. My cc indicated the guys made a joke about oscar crying over john's choice. Oscar will be the wedge that betrays Yoli and drive her out of the club. Its just a matter of how he does it...likely with Zuli'help...directly or indirectly.. .assuming Zuli survives Zeke.


Alfredo: What's Estela's main angle here in blaming Yolonda for everything ?


Steve, sadly, no angle. She's the typical person who is in competition with their child and then a man comes along who sees the daughter as more than a step-daughter and the woman doesn't believe anything her daughter says, blames her for everything, etc.

Thanks again. IMHO Yoli is a money maker for Estela. It is always the $ angle. No love, just what is she worth in pesos.

Jar--You are a Patio Treasure. What a wonderful recap for a dark and fascinating tale. Thank you. I hate to leave this one-table Patio arrangement for the next two weeks, but Paris beckons. I'll be flying over, but not with Centroamerica Air.

I hope Yo! at some time ahead, overhears more than how they are going to get the Red Baron back and begins to think about her future. Does she really want to live around all those guns, gunfire, thugs, drugs, and frequent address changes to stay in hiding? It's not a normal life, as much as she wants to be a licensed pilot. John will never leave the life, nor would Oz let him. Oz is not finished with Yo! He's going to keep trying until he manages her downfall and/or capture.

I can just see Estela from Hella (good one) trying her darndest to get some intel on Yo! and ending up with egg on her face in front of the DEA agents. Serves her right. And of course, she doesn't believe Ernesto was a decent guy, but he did enable her to drink and avoid employment while keeping a roof over her head. Yeah, I also want to know what her real husband was like and does Yolanda remember him with any fondness, or remember him at all.

Can't wait to see what Zeki and Zuli are going to do next--independently, of course.

Anita - In the first episode, Yoli flashbacked to when she was a little girl and her dad (Estela's first husband, I presume) gave her a toy plane and quizzed her about planes. He also gave her a Virgen medallion. Seems they had a good relationship. The mystery to me is how Estela landed this good man. Have a great trip!

I think Anita meant as I did if Yolandas dad was good to Estela or just Yolanda. Or if she only mewsures men by their wallet size in which case was her first husband poor so hes not as great as Ernesto who had influences in Altamirano?

Sorry--Now I remember. Carlos Ponce just didn't last long enough on screen. Thanks.

Anita...You. Are. Killing. Me. Paris beckons? Hell's Bells, Paris beckons all of us. But not everybody gets to go, girlfriend. But bon voyage and enjoy it for both of us!

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