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La Piloto #16 3.28.17: In Which Yolanda Considers Her Options...

• The DEA set up Estela with the wire for her meeting with Yolanda. They explain that it has a long range and she shouldn’t stop talking so they always know where she. Estela has no questions so Ortega asks Simpson and Dave to follow her outside so they can talk. Estela takes a swig from her vodka bottle when the agents have left.
• In Dave’s office, Dave confesses that he doesn’t think they should use Estela but Ortega reminds him that they have no other clues or tips to find the Lucios so Yolanda is the next best thing. Simpson thinks it’s a good idea and asks if Estela accepted of her own free will; Ortega confirms she did for a reward. Dave is shocked to hear this but Ortega reminds her that she is the mother of a criminal. Dave asks Simpson about his meeting with the air control employee and Simpson explains the airplane disappeared from the radar and that’s that. Dave could’ve sworn he worked for the Lucios but Simpson doesn’t think so. Ortega goes to take Estela to one of the hotels the DEA uses and Simpson offers to take her so they can have a coffee.
• In her hotel room at the Lucios, Zulima does a ritual while remembering all the times John used her for sex and then threw her away like yesterday’s trash.

• Zeki arrives at Zulima’s vacant apartment and lets himself in. He walks down the hallway but hears a knock; it’s the doorman of the building, who knows he’s inside, and threatens to call the police. Zeki doesn’t answer so the doorman takes out a walkie-talkie and tells them Zeki is inside the building.
• An undercover DEA agent, Lopez, talks to a manager about a job as a taxi driver at Rapi Taxi. He tells Lopez to fill out the forms and bring it to him to saw; Lopez arrives and walks away. He then takes out his phone and calls Ortega. He informs her that the hiring process, etc. seems normal but Ortega is convinced that the Lucios own it and asks that he keep surveillance them. Lopez agrees and hangs up.
• Moments later, at a bar, Ortega and Simpson are having a drink. He asks her about her phone call and she confesses that she’s nervous. She’s not sure how far and wide the Lucio payroll goes and is worried that she could be talking about something and an informant could be listening. He thinks the dismantling of the airline was a good first step in dismantling the Lucios and she agrees and then tells her it’s an honor to work with her because she’s very efficient and they toast. He then asks if there’s anything eh should know regarding Yolanda and Dave because he pays special attention to her. Ortega makes it clear that Dave’s objective is clear and she knows that Yolanda is very pretty but she’s John Lucio’s woman. Simpson thinks if that’s true, then she doesn’t waste time; he admits Yolanda is pretty but he likes another type of woman and smiles. Ortega nervously smiles too.
• In Villa Antigua, Yolanda comes and informs John that she’s going with him to rescue La Consentida because he didn’t leave her alone in her aunt’s rescue. Either way, he’s going to need a pilot and he agrees and they kiss as Oscar comes and asks if she’s coming. Yolanda takes out her gun and asks if he has a problem with it but Oscar would be honored to have her along for the mission but would be sad if something happened to her. Yolanda reminds him that he should be careful too that he doesn’t get in the line of fire. John tells them both to stop the bickering and they all leave.
• In his office, Dave is looking over surveillance photos when he sees a photo of John, hugging a man, next to a plane. He wonders where he saw it before and calls a fellow agent to ask where all the planes they confiscated have been stored.
• Zeki opens the door and the doorman notices his poor appearance. The doorman then asks about Zulima’s whereabouts but Zeki shoots him and runs away.
• Zulima is at the Lucio hotel, pretending to set up her things by the pool and enjoy a day of sun, but instead runs off when no one is looking.
• The Lucios and Yolanda meet with one of his men and explains the plane to rescue La Consentida: he tells them that they are going to storm the hanger and then fly the plane out of there. Everyone agrees and then Yolanda shows everyone the route by land and warns them to be careful the closer they get to the hanger. They all get a gun and set off in separate motocycles with a truck following them.
• Later, they arrive and leave the motocycles behind one of the buildings with two men and walk 10 kilometers to the hanger. Then Oscar and two men stay by the door as the rest go in. Everyone looks for the plane but Yolanda warns John that it’s a trap as soon as a shootout breaks out. John asks everyone to cover themselves as Dave comes in, pointing a gun at Oscar, and tells them all to lower their guns. The men act as if they will but then shoot at Dave, who runs away. The police continue to shoot at the Lucios, who shoot back, but Yolanda manages to escape the hanger with Dave in tow. She hides under the stairs but Dave finds her and tells her to lose the gun. Yolanda comes out into the open and tells him to lower his and Dave obliges and asks that she looks him in the eye. He gets close and manages to grab her gun and asks her to think about what she’s doing. He wants to know what’s wrong that she’s with the Lucios and killed Ernesto Calles. Yolanda tells him to put cuffs on her if he thinks she murdered him.
• The Lucios and their surviving men have managed to leave the hanger but they have lost Yolanda. Arley goes around the building and finds Dave and Yolanda, struggling. He fires several shots into the air and Dave lets Yolanda go and runs away with Arley. The agents come a few seconds later and chase after them. Arley and Yolanda shoot a couple of tanks of gas by the side of the building and start a fire that the DEA can’t get pass. The Lucios and Yolanda and their men all get on their motocycles and drive off.
• Zulima arrives at the warehouse Ernesto rented and the owner opens the door. She asks him to please let her in because her uncle rents the warehouse and she lost her keys and needs to retrieves some documents. He gives her the keys and she goes as he makes a call on a nearby phone.
• Ortega arrives at the office and Simpson offers her a coffee. She takes it black but he thought he took latte but she reminds him he doesn’t know her. She then tells her that she had a good time last night and Simpson did too. They smile but Dave comes in and lets them know the mission to arrest the Lucios failed. Ortega asks why he didn’t call her and Dave explains he called her 3 times but her phone went directly to voicemail. Ortega looks at Simpson and Dave reiterates that he’s tired of them always been one step ahead. Ortega tells Dave to go to the infirmary and she will take care of the plan they spoke about yesterday.
• The Lucios arrive at the hotel and Yolanda goes off. One of the security guards informs John that they looked for Zulima in the hotel but she’s disappeared. He tells the guard to find her immediately because he needs to talk to her.
• Zulima goes to the warehouse and sees it just as Ernesto first rented. No trace of him ever being there is left. She looks around, confused.
• Zeki is sleeping in his house, on the floor, when his cell phone wakes him up with a start. It’s the warehouse owner, who informs him that a woman came by saying she was Ernesto’s niece. Zeki asks if she didn’t know he died and the man assumes she didn’t and all she said was a lie. Zeki asks him to describe Zulima and Zeki realizes it’s her. He asks the warehouse owner to please delay her as much as he can because he’s on his way. The man reminds Zeki to not forget his money and they hang up.
• In her house, Amanda calls Arley and chides him for disappearing. He tells her that he’s dying to see her and kiss her where she likes. She smiles and explains that things have been really crappy for her and her friends lately because they can’t find work. She then hears a knock and tells him she will call him back. Amanda goes to open the door as Lizbeth and Olivia walk into the living room. Amanda opens the door and finds Estela, who introduces herself as Yolanda’s mother and explains that she got her information from Yolanda long ago. She explains that she has to inform Yolanda that her godfather died. She cries.
• Yolanda is eating with the Lucios when Arley comes and tells her Amanda wants to talk to her. He gives her the phone and Estela tells her hi. Yolanda asks her why she’s calling and how she got to Amanda’s house. Estela tells her the news about Ernesto. Estela asks Yolanda for her and she agrees and tells her that she will disappear form her life as soon as she gives her the money. Estela agrees and Yolanda tells her to stay in Amanda’s house until she calls her.
• Down the street, in a van, Ortega and another agent record the whole conversation. The agent triangulates the call and informs Ortega that the call is coming from a hotel. She calls the agents and asks them to be ready for raid with a warrant. She then asks reinforcements to come and watch the girls and drive off.
• Zulima says goodbye to the warehouse owner and gets in her car but the man stops her and asks for her keys. He asks if she found what she wanted and she confirms she did and gives him some money. He offers to take her to the store in the corner to make another key but she shakes her head and drives off. Just then, Zeki arrives and he tells him Zulima left in the red car. He follows her and doesn’t give the man his tip.
• Yolanda is back at the Lucio table with a sourpuss face. John asks her what is wrong and Yolanda asks him to help the flight attendants find work because they are passing through a rough patch. Oscar tells them to do what they can, including prostitution, but Yolanda explains that they don’t want to get to that point. She then asks John if he’ll help and asks if they can work with them. John tells her that he will send them money till the end of the money and Oscar chides him for being charitable. Yolanda tells them that they prefer to work and asks John if they can bring them along and then find them work in the organization. Oscar reminds her that he already has enough seeing her face everyday so that her posse ends up working with them. Yolanda goes to say something but John stops her and Arley tells John he agrees with Yolanda. John agrees but tells him it’s his job to take them out of Amanda’s apartment and bring them to Villa Antigua. Arley agrees but the celebration is short lived because Vaquero comes and informs him that DEA agents are trying to enter the hotel. They all run off.
• Outside the hotel, at the gate, the manager is not letting Ortega through without a warrant. She tells him it’s coming any minute but he won’t let her pass. Ortega gives the order to surround the hotel in the mean time.
• Moments later, the agents radio Ortega and inform her that they have found nothing yet. The manager reiterates that they weren’t going to find anything when the agents inform her that they found blueprints for the Central Hospital in the garbage. She tells her agents to take it back to the station and pack everything up.
• The Lucios, Arley, Yolanda and Vaquero walk through the back of the hotel, by the sewer, and get into a waiting taxi. They drive off.
• Later, Amanda informs Yolanda that she hasn’t seen any surveillance cars for a while and Yolanda tells her to pack up and leave ASAP. Amanda then asks about Estela and Yolanda tells her to bring her along. Amanda then asks if Zulima is with them because they haven’t seen her since last night but Yolanda tells her that they haven’t seen her either. Amanda then asks where they will meet and Yolanda tells them that they will meet in the parking garage of the mall they first met. They hang up and Yolanda tells John.
• Outside, the girls and Estela lave the apartment and go around the corner as Zulima arrives and goes upstairs. Zeki arrives moments later and goes up as well.
• Ortega informs Dave of what they found at the hotel and he asks her to continue to watch Estela so they can get to Yolanda. Ortega informs him that she sent units to the apartment as they had to leave but Dave offers to go there and maintain surveillance. Ortega informs her he’s on his way too.
• In the apartment, Zeki comes up behind Zulima, who is shocked to see him, and throws her on the couch. He begins to choke and scream that he’s going to kill her for what she did to his family. Zulima explains that they forced her to do it and he grabs her. Downstairs, he throws her into his car as Dave arrives and begins to shoot. Zulima opens the door, jumps out of the car and runs away. Zeki drives away with Dave in tow. Dave asks for reinforcements and they manage to set up a roadblock a few miles from the apartment. Dave gets out of his car and walks to Zeki, who surrenders. He arrests and they inform him his rights but not before Dave tells him they are going to talk.
• In the parking garage, Estela informs Amanda that Ernesto was her guide and companion because he accepted her as she was and maintained her, not like Yolanda’s father who was a mediocre man. She explains that she was a swimmer and was going to be in the Pan-American games but her pregnancy and eventual marriage ruined everything. She goes to tell Amanda how she met Yolanda’s father but Amanda asks her to be quiet because she’s nervous. Just then, Yolanda comes with Arley and Amanda runs to meet them. Estela asks for a hug but Yolanda tells her to stop being a hypocrite. Yolanda then asks Amanda about Lizbeth and Olivia and she tell her they are on their way but no one has heard of Zulima. Yolanda informs her that the phone has been going to voicemail but will try again.
• Zulima is running down some stairs in the city when she picks up the call from Yolanda, who tells her that she picked up the girls and asks if she wants to come with. Zulima does and Yolanda gives her instructions on where to meet.
• Ortega and an agent cross the street by Amanda’s apartment and the agent asks if they wait till the girls return but Ortega asks he use his common sense because everyone left with Estela’s mother. She asks that he go in the van and find the frequency of Estela’s wire. He obliges and Ortega meets with Dave, who informs her that he arrested Zeki. Ortega thanks her stars and hugs Dave.
• Yolanda gives Estela the money she promised but Estela thinks it’s too little. Yolanda tells her that the money is to bury Ernesto, not to go on vacation, and she can leave it. Estela decides to take it and Yolanda asks that she never speak to her again. She goes to leave but Estela asks her to please not leave her there because Yolanda’s the only person she was left. She cries and begs Yolanda for an opportunity because she realized how wrong she was when she saw Rosalba. Yolanda tells her she can’t take her and she needs to bury Ernesto either way. Estela offers to call and deposit the money for the burial but doesn’t want to be left alone because she’s scared. Yolanda considers her options…


I strongly rather slap Yolonda for her stupidity!


Thank you Alfredo, great work as always taking us on this fun ride. Well it looks like Yoli has settled into the narco life quite well. She plans capers, shoots guns, flies planes and now we learn she can handle a bike. Almost seems like she was born for that life. Love how she took charge in handing out assignments for getting La Consentida back. And loved even more the disgust on Oscar's face every time John agrees with Yoli. Arley being down with Yoli and John on helping the girls pissed Oscar off to the nth degree. He really believes women are worthless and have no value except for a few obvious things. I cannot wait to see the backstory on why he is that way. If you are gay it doesn't necessarily mean you hate women. Speaking of despising women Estela is a waste of skin. She offers absolutely nothing of value to her own daughter but has blind loyalty to that piece of mierda that was Ernesto. It is so sad and I feel for Yoli and you could see her struggling with the decision on leaving Estela. I was hoping she would leave her greedy, alcoholic a$$ behind. Zuli always seems to manage to get out of whatever situation she ends up. She's a maldita gata who’s nine lives will eventually run out. I was rooting hard for Zeki to get away but hopefully this will make John continue to question if Zeki is the rat why has he been on the run all this time and was arrested in a shootout. We know why Zuli left the hotel but to anyone else it should seem that she was conspicuously absent for a long stretch of time prior to the raid. Can’t wait to hear Zuli’s version of these events. Soooo there seems to be smoke from the eventual fire between Ortega and Simpson - I say go for it woman and become Simptega lol. It’s a shame tho that every time the DEA aka the keystone cops get a lead on the Lucio’s its somehow tied back to Yoli directly or indirectly thru her actions. Damnit I love this novella! PS welcome back Vivi


Thank you Alfredo.

I've watched just haven't stepped on the patio but cannot hold it in anymore.

While Narco is not my thing this isn't even Narco but a series of nonsensical pursuits, gun play and flight. Reminds me of the Monkey's show when the screaming fans would chase boys in the band.

Anyway, not sure who is more stupid. Dave, who is trying to save a girl that doesn't want to be saved and in the process spends millions in taxpayer money, loses dozens of officers in gun battles, can't nab the bad guys, yet got a promotion. Or Yolanda, who is rotten and at every juncture turns toward thuggery cause it's easier and waves a gun around like it's a pompom.


You're welcome, Roxangisel! Zulima ran out of the car so quick I almost missed her. That girl has faster reactions than a cat. John is so in love with Yolanda, it's disgusting (in a good way). He smiles when she takes charge, listens to her suggestions, values her options...there's definitely good in everyone I guess. Yolanda is part of the Lucio organization now though, everything she does will always tie by to her. I'm dying to see the bigger organization, El Cartel de las Sombras, come into play. Should be fun.

Steve, Yolanda is kind of like a wide eyed deer in headlights, she reacts because things keep happening to her. The more she continues to take charge and lead her own destiny, the better it will be. If not you run the risk of another Maria Dolores 2.0 from YNCELH.

You're welcome, Tofie! Glad to see you've joined us on this bumpy ride. Dave asking and begging Yolanda to tell him whats wrong and why she joined the Lucios was so out of place. 1) He's a DEA agent 2) she's a criminal 3) they were bullets flying from both sides. Not the best time to discuss your feelings or ask for explanations.

"Not the best time to discuss your feelings or ask for explanations." Ha! So true, Alfredo. :) Thanks for another wonderful recap. I haven't yet had the chance to watch this episode, but it seems that Yolanda has firmly embraced this new life. However, having been so far sheltered by John's affection for her, I don't think she REALLY knows all that this life implies. Right now she's in fight or flight (literally) mode. But when the dust settles, will she really be able to swallow the moral ambiguities of the life of a narco? The fact that Oscar so flippantly suggested that the girls turn to prostitution is perfectly in line with the roles women are expected to play in that world.

Oscar doesn't hate women because he's gay. He hates women because as a gay man, in the hyper-masculine narco world, he is scared of anything that might make him appear soft/weak/feminine. He abhors those who show those traits (women, gays), because he's afraid of showing those traits in himself and exposing himself to ridicule and shame. It's a reflection of his self-hatred. Yolanda gets the brunt of his hatred because, in addition to being a woman, she is also "stealing" the love of the only person that loves him and that he loves-- his brother John.

Well, I'm still a sucker for the potential Yolanda/Dave romance, but on the other hand agree with tofie that the repetitive gun battles each and every episode are getting old.

Vivi, that's a plausible explanation of Oscar's attitude. And also, you need an Oscar and a Zulima to generate internal tension in the group, as well as the external tension of the Federales eternally always being on their tail.

I'm assuming Simpson is also an employee of the Lucios and that's why he seduced Ortega. No?

Anyway, the one thing we all seem to agree on is Yoland's mother is the worst!

And you're the best Alfredo, to keep churning out these slam-bang recaps. Thank you!

I really can't get into this tn anymore. It's to much like those drug
Mafia infested shooting tns on the telemundo. It was somewhat fun while it lasted tho. The actors are good, I just don't Like the storyline.

Read you guys on "vino la more" &"Dejaslandia. Thanks Alfredo : )

Alfredo "YOUR" recaps are always the best. You explain everything with so much clear detail that it's so easy to follow along. I thank you so much for your recaps of this crazy show that i can't miss.

Thanks, Alfredo. I look forward to the recaps everyday.

He smiles when she takes charge, listens to her suggestions, values her options... John would make such a great boyfriend -- if only he weren't in the narco biz. When Yoli was on the phone, you could see his concern when her voice got tense.

Painful to watch Estella snowing Yoli like this. And what kind of narco operation is this not to have some kind of doohickey on the cellphones so locations can’t be tracked?

JudyB, I don’t trust Simpson either. He asks too many questions about Dave. But I can’t tell if he’s working for the Lucios or internal affairs. Dave has crossed the line with Yoli, so I can see IA checking on him.

Wondering where poor Rosalba is convalescing while everyone else is out running around shooting. The character writing is good and the cast is great, but like others the daily shootouts are wearing on me – and seem to be contrary to the low profile that senator is expecting from the Lucios. More stealth tactics, less shooting I say.

Oscar is foiled every time and I love it. Arley the hitman with a heart sides with John and Yoli over Oscar. Ha!


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