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La Piloto #6 3.14.17: In Which Yolanda Goes on a Date...

• At the ranch, Zeki is walking to his car, cursing Zulima, when Oscar comes and reminds him that he told him working with women would be hard. Zeki agrees, gets in his car and drives away. Oscar laughs.
• The next day, Yolanda fills in Amanda and Lizbeth on what happened at the clinic. Lizbeth reminds her that she told Yolanda the Lucios were dangerous but Yolanda tells her that she’s not going to see them anymore. Amanda doesn’t think it will be so easy since 1) John is her boss and 2) John likes her. Amanda explains that it doesn’t take a genius to see she likes him too. Yolanda disagrees and tells them that everything will be done through Zeki from now on until she can make enough money to move elsewhere with her aunt, where no one could find them. Lizbeth thinks it’s a good idea but wonders how hard it will be to free. Yolanda then asks her how it went with the NY pickup and Lizbeth confesses she was nervous but she made it.
• Just then, Ortega comes into the airline with an arrest warrant and an army of agents. She goes to Zeki’s office and asks that he let them do their job and search everything on the premises.
• At the same time, DEA agents also raid warehouses affiliated the Central American market that use double accounting books.
• Zeki gives a press conference and explains that CAA has nothing to do with drug trafficking and asks that the DEA let CAA work until anything concrete shows up.

• In the ranch, the Lucios and Zulima commend Zeki on his acting skills. John then reminds Zulima that they aren’t mutually exclusive and asks her to go to work. Zulima is bothered but his attitude but John tells her that they will sleep together again but first she needs to find out who the mole is. She leaves and Oscar congratulates him on his tact.
• In the ranch bathroom, Zulima curses her luck with John but she shouldn’t expect anything different from a drug trafficker. She then notices John’s bloody towel on the rank and takes it.
• Ortega is frustrated at the lack of evidence inside the airline.
• Some time later, by Zeki’s office, Dalberto comes and asks Yolanda what is happening. She explains that the DEA thinks the airline has connections with drug trafficking so they are searching everything. She notices his hand and grabs it, taking a closer look at he cut. Dalberto explains that he fell. A few feet from them, Zulima takes a picture of them holding hands. The agents find nothing and Zeki announces that they should get back to work. Yolanda goes to leave and Dalberto asks if she has plans.
• In the locker room, Zeki comes in as the women are changing and ask about Olivia. No one knows anything about her and they haven’t been able to communicate with her since she picked up her package. Zeki warns them that 3 million is missing and he can’t and won’t defend them. He then asks Zulima if she knows where her subordinate is but she doesn’t. He comments on how unhappy she looks now compared to how happy she was last night and he leaves. Yolanda asks Zulima what he meant because she left her at the ranch late into the night. Zulima tells her that she was home and then demands to know where Olivia is. Amanda knows…
• Olivia is at another airport buying a ticket to Madrid. She looks around, nervously.
• Zulima chases down Zeki and he asks her if she wants to apologize for sleeping with John. She laughs off his comment and tells him Olivia is at the airport because she’s going to Spain to meet her boyfriend, Roberto. Yolanda went to go find her and bring her back but she’s sure they are both trying to escape.
• Zeki tells Oscar what happened and Oscar tells John. Oscar is sure Yolanda is going to escape with Olivia. John doesn’t believe him because Yolanda wouldn’t betray him but Oscar tells him that he will find out now since he is going to find the girls. He storms out and John calls Yolanda and asks where she is. Yolanda tells him she’s going to the airport to pick up her aunt. He tells her that he thought she went to go pick up Olivia. Yolanda tells him she isn’t and John warns her of the dangers should she try to steal his money and escape with Olivia.
• Dalberto runs into Hector outside the airport. Zulima watches from afar as Hector chides Dalberto for trying to cut him out of their deal. Dalberto explains that he wasn’t able to take anything from Zeki’s office and asks that he trust him. They go off to talk.
• Oscar arrives at the airport with his men and gives the order to lower the arms, find Zulima’s car and that will lead them to Yolanda. He wants Yolanda alive for him.
• In the other airport, Yolanda finds Olivia and drags her out of the line. Yolanda wonders if she’s crazy to steal the money and then warns her that the Lucios will find her and all she fears will come true and they will kill her and Roberto. Olivia starts freaking out and Yolanda tells her to think about the consequences of what she’s planning to do. Olivia agrees that she’s right and they agree to turn in the money. The men and Oscar spread out in the airport to look for them and Yolanda notices and runs off with Olivia in the opposite direction.
• Later, Zeki calls John and informs him that Olivia brought the money and John asks him to control Zulima since she’s spreading false information about her subordinates. Zeki asks that he calm her down since they slept together and John confesses that he wouldn’t have slept with her if he knew he’d get so annoying. Zeki warns John to not trust Zulima and then asks him about the DEA raid. Zeki isn’t comfortable with the filtration of information but John tells him not to worry. John then tells him that he wants to visit Miami to check on his business and till everything dies down. He commends Zeki on his idea to use flight attendants and suggests reward the girls for their hard work. . Zeki suggests a bonus but John wants a party in their honor where they can discuss expanding their business transactions in South America.
• In her office, Ortega updates Dalberto: they found nothing irregular. Dalberto tells her that he is going to dinner with Yolanda then and Ortega asks if he still thinks she’s with the Lucios.
• Yolanda returns Zulima’s keys and asks her what he game is. Zulima plays dumb but Yolanda wants to know how Oscar found out about Olivia and went to go find them at the airport. Zulima confesses that Zeki dragged her into his office and demanded to know where Olivia was and she had told him. Zulima laments their deteriorating friendship and tells Yolanda that if she knew hiring her so she could fulfill her dreams would bring them all this trouble, she would’ve never done it because she’s being ungrateful. Yolanda reminds her that she gave her a bag with 5 million, that she has to repay, and started all of this. Zulima reminds her that she didn’t know the money was there and asks Yolanda to forgive her. Yolanda gives her a hug because she knows it wasn’t intentional. Zulima smiles.
• That night, Zulima performs a ritual so John falls in love with her forever and she awakens his passion using the bloody towel from his bathroom.
• The ext day, at the party, John is disappointed that Zeki wasn’t able to bring Yolanda. Zeki explains that Yolanda told him she was visiting an aunt but he thinks she has a secret boyfriend. John doesn’t think so but Zeki reminds him that you win some and you lose some. Zulima, who has been watching them, finally approaches them but stays talking to John, much to Zeki’s chagrin. She tells John that she’s having a lot of fun but laments Yolanda isn’t there.
• Yolanda is at dinner with Dalberto. He offers her tequila and she agrees. Dalberto confesses he doesn’t know how to cook and they laugh. She is happy to be there either way and the salad looks good. They toast to their date because she’s the first person to be in his apartment since his wife died. She thanks him for inviting her then and smiles.
• John tells Zulima that Yolanda isn’t there because she’s busy with her aunt and Zulima tells him that her aunt’s name is actually Alberto. She tells John that they’ve been going out for a while and shows him the picture she took of them holding hands. John remembers when he saw them talking in hushed whispers on the trip form Colombia to Mexico. He goes off to find Zeki, who tells him where to find Dalberto. Zulima smiles at her handy work.
• In another part of the ranch, Arley and Amanda chat. They’re surprised to see each other and he asks her what she’s doing there. She confesses that she’s a messenger for Lucio is the party is for her and her friends. She asks if Arley is a sicario but he prefers to be called a trustworthy partner. He then asks if she wants to go somewhere quieter.
• Dalberto and Yolanda keep drinking and he tells her that he confessed something personal the other day so it’s her turn. He wants to know everything and Yolanda tells that she has nothing to hide. They laugh.
• In the airline, Ernesto goes to find Yolanda at the airline and Hector tells him that she works there but isn’t there at the moment. Ernesto asks if he knows where to find her.
• The tequila is almost finished and Yolanda confesses that she would’ve accepted the date a lot sooner if she knew she would be having this much fun. They toast again and Dalberto gets in close but doesn’t kiss her and instead offers dessert. The atmosphere is awkward now and Yolanda asks to go to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, Yolanda looks at herself, wondering what happened.
• There is a knock on the door and Dalberto goes to answer it. It’s John with two of his men. Dalberto welcomes them and asks John where he has seen his face. John introduces himself as Sr. Lucio ad goes inside with his men. He then explains that Yolanda is his girlfriend and he’s looking for her. Dalberto tells him that he’s there alone but John wants to know why there’s two cups of tequila. Yolanda is in the bathroom, oblivious.
• Ortega is drinking at a bar when Luis, the bartender, comes and tells her that he knows why she’s suffering. She then receives a stealth call from Dalberto, who has placed his phone upside down so she can hear what is happening at his apartment. She receives a call from Dalberto who has called her and left his phone on so she could hear him say he has a gun and two men.
• Yolanda comes out of the bathroom and hears everything going on in the living room. She hides in the bathroom again. Dalberto asks John why he thinks Yolanda is there and John tells him someone, who has no reason to lie, told him. Dalberto tells him that Yolanda isn’t there and John tells him he’s only playing but would like a tour of the apartment either way. Yolanda goes from the bathroom into the bedroom as John checks the rest of the rooms.
• Monica asks for backup as she races to Dalberto’s apartment. She still has the call active.
• Zulima gets a call from Hector, who tells her that someone is looking for Yolanda ASAP. Ernesto reiterates that it’s important because Yolanda’s mother is sick and he came from Altamirano to tell her. Zulima remembers Ernesto and then remembers Yolanda’s confession that he raped her. She tells Hector that he knows where to find Yolanda.
• John searches every room as Yolanda looks out the window. John goes to check the bedroom but it’s locked. He wants it opened immediately and Dalberto goes to find the keys. In the room, Yolanda grabs her stuff and climbs out the window and onto the landing outside. She uses a cable to hold on as she makes her way to an adjacent balcony. She makes it and knocks on the balcony window but no one opens. She prays that John won’t find her.
• Dalberto finds the key and opens the door. John looks around the room but not out the window. He goes back out to the living room where Dalberto confesses that he’s gay so Yolanda couldn’t have been there. John laughs and commends his huevos on telling the world. He tells him to be careful and leaves.
• Yolanda has made her way back inside the apartment and thanks her lucky stars. When John’s left, Dalberto grabs hi gun and looks at his cell. He goes to check on Yolanda.
• Downstairs, the police arrive and quietly disable the elevator and make their way up the stairs. John is waiting for the elevator, which won’t come up, as one of his men notices a policeman and shoots him. The policeman falls down the stairs and another shootout ensues. John curses his luck and goes back into Dalberto’s apartment to find both him and Yolanda there...


Yikes, another stomach-churning jam-packed episode. Are they going to keep up this pace? If so, I'm going to need a prescription for some kind of tranquilizer. Have mercy! No wonder Yolanda wants to swear off John and just focus on tender, caring Alberto/Dave.

Zulima is very well cast. She has a serpentine, dark and devious shadow to her face and every movement that just shrieks danger and betrayal.

And as someone fearful of heights, my heart was in my mouth during the cable hanging trek of Yolanda. Then dang, she gets discovered anyway. Not sure how they're going to get out of this one but can't complain. Always a cliff-hanger at the end. Well written and played so far.

As was your recap Alfredo. Thanks so much for clearly recapitulating all the action 'cause there was a boatload of it.

Alfredo- Bravo for yet another great recap.

Yoli saves another person's bacon. Olivia this time.

Judy- I was right there with you. Heart in throat as Yolanda went out on that VERY narrow ledge and made her way gingerly across by holding on to that VERY thin wire. All that effort, just to be caught anyway! How are she and Daverto going to get out of this one?

And, excuse me? Just when did Yoli become your "novia", John? I think you should maybe consult her first.

I sure wouldn't mind John giving Ernesto a taste of his gun though. Ugh! First of all, this means Yoli's useless mother gave him the info about her work. THEN, that viper Zuli, the only person Yoli has confided in about her rape, puts him on Yoli's trail. I bet she gave him her home address. Oh, please, let John be there the next time that piece of filth tries to put his hands on Yoli.

Any theories on why Yoli and Dave pulled back from their almost kiss? They were both feeling it, but they both seemed confused or ashamed by it.

I'm thinking Dave feels conflicted because he hasn't been honest with Yolanda about his true identity. So taking the next step into possible passion would be wrong. Even though he wants it. He may also be thinking it could expose her to even greater danger. But too late for that!

Yolanda...hesitation because her only experience with men has been disgusting and hurtful (not John per se, but the godfather and the guys on the make at her other employment). Trust issues galore.

As we say, both are carrying a lot of baggage, not even adding Dave's recent widowhood.

Thanks, Alfredo. Great title and recap of another rollercoaster episode. I’m amazed at your ability to describe the complicated twist and turns so smoothly.

Oscar made me laugh looking so delighted when brother John stopped Zulima from clinging and ran her out of their man cave.

Uh-oh, John and Oscar are not such polar opposites after all. John can be BScrazy too. But I don’t believe he really thinks he’s Yoli’s novio. Vivi, yes, if John gets rid of Ernesto … he will have served a noble purpose.

JudyB, ITA with your take on why Dave and Yoli didn’t kiss. From my view, Dave pulled back first and Yoli would’ve gone for it if he hadn’t. But going from kissing John just the other day to wanting to kiss Dave today discombobulated Yoli. She's shocked herself that she could be into two guys at the same time.

So tonight we get to see Yoli, John, and Dave interacting after John busts Dave for lying and Yoli for hiding and now John has to hide too because the police are surrounding the building. Ay!


As usual a very nice and thorough recap Alfredo. Judy I could not describe Zuli any better. Her jealousy is going to get someone killed. I know her target is Yoli but Zuli planting her seeds of doubt in John's and especially Oscar's ears - there will be bodies in her wake. Oscar is salivating at the prospect of harming/killing Yoli John's feelings be damned. Now Ernesto is back in the picture and with help from Zuli he will find Yoli. Zuli has that same nervous hand tick as Rebecca from ECDLP which I find funny. Olivia will is too damn clueless as to what she's involved in - Yoli to the rescue again. Vivi preach! exactly when did Yoli become John's girl? That was a pretty tense scene where Yoli was playing hide and seek with in the apt. That girl has some serious cojones on her! Dalberto was pretty slick with the 'gay' admission and I breathed a sigh of relief when John and his men left. Then John kicks the door in and I 'oh sh!tted' lol. Never in my life have I experienced a novela with so much action packed into one episode. I hope this narcovela doesn't spoil me.

I take back the slack I cut John yesterday. He's a disgusting swine. Novia? Oh, please. He thinks she's his property just because he likes her.

I'm frustrated that I am still missing dialog details, but love the pace.

Thanks, Alfredo!

Thanks so much Alfredo!

I'm surprised by Yoli's stupidity right now when she has been so smart lately. She knows John likes her and they have kissed so her going to Dave seems ill advised. Especially lying to John abt where she is. Both are in deep poo now. Dave may like Yoli but he is more concerned about his job and what info he can get from Yoli. I don't think he would have too many qualms about putting her in jail for drug trafficking.

The character of Zuli seems like she is acting in another show. She is funny but borders on farce. Kinda takes me out of the seriousness of the show.

Yoli didn't owe John any explanations about where she was or whom she was with. She does her job-- all three of them (being a flight attendant; transporting money; and keeping the other flight attendant/mules in line). Plus the bonus job of saving his life from time to time. One kiss does not make them anything, and certainly doesn't make her his novia. Plus his own brother has threatened her life if she doesn't stay away from John.

I agree that she isn't his novia or owe him an explanation but that only works if you are dealing with a normal person in a normal situation. She knew enough to lie to John about whom she was with so she knows the score with John and still did it. Logic and rationale has no place when dealing with matter how cute.

Thanks so much, JudyB, Vivi, Niecie, roxangisel, Carolina and Carvivlie!

So glad you enjoyed the recap. Tbh, this is a fun show to recap, plenty of action with a dash of romance and lots of suspense.

I think Zulima is supposed to be ridiculous because she's so dangerous and cruel. It takes her down a peg, IMHO, to a place more human, where this source of evil can be equally ridiculous. It also adds a little fun. Add that to her Rebeca hand thing and you got a recipe for disaster. Maria Fernanda Yepes if definitely killing it in the role though.

As for Yolanda, I think Dalberto pulled away because of 1) his wife and 2) I think he may actually like Yolanda and doesn't want to blend those lines. Yolanda likes John but she's dating him, if barely, so she can go out on a date with Dalberto but may realize that John is not the most forgiving and understanding guy so she lied.

I'm dying for Yolanda to find out the truth about Zulima for all she's doing and get back at her by rising to the top. If she causes direct harm to Yolanda by telling Ernesto where she is, I hope Yolanda wipes the floor with her.

I can't believe Yolanda went through the cable twice, I wouldn't broken a window before growing through there again.

Does anyone else think Monica overreacted? I was expecting her to show up and be there to save Dalberto just in case with one squad car but she showed up with a whole squadron. Not a very good idea either.

John appreciating Dalberto's balls for telling him he was gay. LOL! All these people are equally ridiculous I say which make their evil actions much more sinister.

Glad to have you all in for the ride! :)

I wouldn't mind seeing John go off on Ernesto, the scum bag. Or her scum bag mother who sent him there.

DEA so close on the heels every episode that at some point they have to make progress. Can't watch 80 episodes of them being one step behind.

Thanks, Alfredo. You got the job done, delivered on time and didn't steal $5 million bucks--or get shot at. So glad you are enjoying recapping this. I have a very hard time understanding the accent on the first go-around. I feel so much safer on AQNMD and Vino. Don't miss much there.

Not much to add, just wanted to let you know I'm watching and reading.

I sure wish Hulu would show new episodes. They are still stuck on #4.

I did complain to Hulu today, but they didn't know what was the problem. At first, they said that Univision wants to hold all episodes for 8 days before releasing them to Hulu, but I pointed out that this isn't the case with other Univision TN shows like Vino el Amor.

Anita that was damn funny re: Alfredo 'You got the job done, delivered on time and didn't steal $5 million bucks--or get shot at. glad you complained to Hulu. Yesss...they've been stuck on #4 forever. There's no reason for it. Thanks for ringing their bell even if you didn't get anywhere ('cause they're STILL stuck on #4)

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