Thursday, March 16, 2017

Vino el Amor, #95, Thursday Mar 16, 2017: A Dry Spell Begins

Hi all! Cynthia is dealing with a cupcake emergency tonight. She will return as your recapper next week.

Luci tells Dave she thinks it's better for everyone if they break up. Dave can't believe life is so unfair, it's the second time that what he loves most is taken away from him. Luci says no, it's just not their time. He tells her that she's shown him the best time he's had in ages, and she will stay with him in his heart. They hug. She doesn't want to hurt anyone else with their love. He says they have to consider themselves very lucky to have lived such a special love. He says "I love you" (te amo), and she replies "I will always love you" (yo siempre te voy a amar).

They share one last whiskery kiss. Luciana walks away crying.

Lilian is having coffee with Brian. She's gloating about Marta's admission of the affair. Bri says he's sorry and he doesn't know what to say, but he looks as though he also doesn't give a crap. Lil continues that Marta said she did it to hurt Lil AND because she was in love with Lil's husband, in that order. Bri says he's sure Marta is suffering. Lil says Marta deserves it; she fooled Brian too. Lil is excited that this is giving her a second chance to be with David and with her granddaughter. (I guess Bobby can go fly a kite.) And with Brian, too. Brian dutifully smiles and puts his hand on hers. Lil assures him that she's not a bad person, and had good reason to treat Marta the way she did.

Brian kisses her hand and says, "enjoy your coffee." Steamy!

Meanwhile, Marta is tearfully telling Ramon (they are standing on the sidewalk) that Lilian has won and Marta wants to leave the vineyard, and he's telling her not to give Lil the satisfaction. He wants her to go on being the woman she's always been, and give the kids time to understand. He offers to get her a water so she can calm down. I'm thinking a gin & tonic might be more helpful.

Marta paces along the sidewalk past the open door of the very cafe where Lil is boring Brian. Lil is saying how with Marta gone, she'll be able to do whatever she wants, paint the walls, etc. and surely Luciana will be leaving soon too. Then Gracie will win Dave's heart - Brian interrupts, doesn't Bobby dislike Grace? Lil says they'll send him to boarding school.

Does Marta quietly slink off and decide to stay in David's house until Lilian dies of frustration? No. She pops into the cafe and announces her intention not to let Lil go through with her plans. That wakes Brian up!

Lil stands up and dares Marta to go tell Dave what she heard. He won't believe her; Marta's own children won't believe her now. (Brian says she doesn't have to argue. Marta replies, "stay out of this, pig!") Lil is sure Dave will end up firing Marta. Marta says she won't go until she knows her children are safe from Lilian! "You are warned, viper!" Marta leaves and I'm sure she'll be looking forward to that bottle of water.

Lil sits down again and rants and raves to Brian about "what I've had to put up with that woman every day." He doesn't want to hear about it and suggests that it's time to go. Lil agrees, but continues to complain and pretends to get weepy.

Luciana is sitting on the floor in the lab, crying. She tells Susan about the breakup and her mother's affair. Fernanda doesn't want to see Marta, and neither does Luci. Susan tells Luci the breakup is an act of love. Luci says her life is in pieces, just like her heart.

Susan tries to cheer Luci up. Luci has lost David and her mother at the same time. She hasn't the will or the strength to go on. Susan tells her to think of all the other difficulties she's overcome in her life: she can do this too. But Luciana thinks it's too much. It's best she should leave. Susan asks her not to, but Luci can see no other way.

Susan tells Luci that God doesn't send us things that we can't handle. Luci can't go running away every time there's a problem. She has to stay and face things. Luci says, if her mother leaves, she'll have to stay here to help David with Bobby, which will mean spending more time around David. Susan suggests that Luci could form a friendship with David. (Is she insane??) Susan says all couples go through situations like this. (Ummmmm no they don't.) It's not the end of the world. "You guys showed me that," Susan says. Maybe Luci will have to wait, but love is worth it.

Susan also tells Luci not to judge her mother. Luci's not sure she can forgive her.

Marta and Ramon are enjoying that frosty bottle of tasty water. She tells him that God brought her to this place so that she could hear that harpy's plans. No, she won't tell David what she heard, but she is going to stay for the sake of the kids and her daughter. And if Lil follows through on what she said she'd do, Marta WILL tell David and she will make him believe her! Ramon is on board with this plan. He sweet-talks her, but she stays on topic: she says she'll be waiting for those desgraciadas to make their move.

Fer is having a videophone chat, whatever that app is called, with Tano. She is upset about Marta. Tano tells Fer it was weird for him when his mother married someone else, but eventually he realized that everyone deserves to be happy. But Fernanda is determined to be angry with Marta. Tano says anyone with such a big heart should be able to forgive. To him, that's true love.

Miguel is up and around; Erika thinks he should be in bed, recovering from his beating. But he can't stay in bed when there's so much to do. If she won't let him help her, he'd like to at least stay and enjoy the view. She says the wine's already been bottled up and everything's all set. They admire one another's efficiency and she says that's why they make such a great couple. Kissy kissy.

Now David is processing with Cesar. David feels as though he's being punished for trying to be happy. Cesar tells David to do what David told Bobby to do: breathe deeply, relax, and prioritize. David says he's going to get a second opinion for Fernanda, even though she doesn't agree. Cesar says he'll help.

Juan visits Brian at the police station. (Brian seems a lot more animated around Juan than around Lilian.) Juan complains that he's being harassed by a detective Torres. He's tired of having the police on his back. He wants Brian to let his officers know that he has nothing to do with Mark or with what happened to Miguel. Brian acknowledges that Juan is one of his benefactors, but Torres is just doing his job, and if Juan's innocent, he has nothing to worry about. Juan seems a bit shaken.

David tells Cesar he wanted to be with Luciana, but it was much more complicated than he expected. Cesar says give it time, soon he'll be able to fix things and be with Luci.

Bobby bursts in, in a panic, begging his father to stop Marta from leaving. No one will tell Bobby why Marta is leaving. But Marta is right behind him, and she says she can't leave. This cheers Bobby right up, but he still wants to know why she was going to leave. "Let's just say I had a problem with your grandmother," Marta says. Bobby says Marta and his grandmother have problems all the time. Marta says, "this time I hurt her, and she had reason to be angry, but you'll see we'll fix it." Bobby offers to ask his grandmother to forgive Marta!

Marta formally asks David's permission to stay, and he says this will always be her house, though things might be difficult with Lilian... and Fernanda... and Luciana.

David asks Cesar to take Bobby out to the garden to play. David then tells Marta that he and Luciana broke up. Marta says maybe someday they can be together again. After they fix things with Fernanda. She urges him to have patience. (Am I crazy, or is this a totally different song and dance than she does with Luci?) Marta also darkly hints that he'd better be careful whom he trusts. Not everyone is what they seem. Keep the kids far away from Grace and Lilian. She'll endure all kinds of rudeness from them to be with her kids, but they meddle too much in his family.

David says he'll take that into account, tells Marta not to lose faith, and promises that she'll regain the love of everyone in the house.

Miguel and Erika discuss the wine contest. She's nervous about doing the presentation, trying to make the judges fall in love with the wine. Mig bitterly remarks that a good presentation can make anyone fall in love. Erika correctly surmises that his attitude has something to do with Luciana. He tries to explain, but she doesn't want to hear about it. He agrees that they should focus on how to win.

Grace finds her mother looking gloomy and comments on how short-lived her happiness was. (It looks like Lil is drinking something whiskey-colored today.) Lil tells her about the little showdown at the cafe. Grace thinks it's funny they were fighting over a man; there are THOUSANDS of them in the world. (Billions, actually, but what would Grace know about that? Why shouldn't her mother obsess over just one man, like Grace does?) When Lil explains what Marta overheard, Grace is indignant. She says they need to be extra-careful so David doesn't kick them out. (Which I thought he already did.)

Marta tells Luci and Leon that she's staying, and she's doing this to regain their affection. Luci's attitude is cold. She says, "you'll be glad to know that I broke up with David." Marta says it doesn't make her happy, because it makes Luci suffer. She wants to say more, but Luci cuts her off. "Forget it."

Leon's reaction is slightly less cold, but equally firm; he doesn't know when they'll be okay again.

Lil gloats to Grace that Fernanda will never let David kick them out. Grace gets a call from Juan. He wants to do business with her or possibly Lil, but Grace says they're busy with their own problems. He's curious about the problems, but she doesn't tell him what they are. He says, "it's too bad you're having problems, because soon you're going to have more."

Ramon finds Tano outside and says he's worried that the water pressure seems really low.

Grace questions Lil about Juan's insinuation that Lil might have wanted to make a deal with him. Lil denies it, but says it's best to stay on his good side. They are interrupted by a visit from Dave and Fernanda. (Grace and Lil draw together in a chummy pose.) Dave announces that nothing is more important to him than his family, and therefore, he and Luciana have broken up. Fernanda is stunned. Grace's face is much easier to read; she's delighted. Lil's smirk is more subtle. Fernanda hugs her father and thanks him.

Grace says it's a good thing someone changed his mind. Dave says no one did it; he made the decision on his own. (Read the first paragraph of the recap.) But, he says, it's no time to celebrate. It was a hard decision. He tells Fernanda he's done his part, and now it's time she does hers.

Lil cheerfully anticipates that Luciana will be leaving, but David says no, their work and personal lives are separate. If she wants to stay, that's fine with him. Grace starts to share her opinion on this, but David cuts her off. He says he and Fer will continue the therapy with Dr. Evil.

Lil pipes up that David needn't worry about Bobby; even though Marta's leaving... David cuts her off again, oh no she isn't. Lil is enraged. Why won't Dave allow her her place in the family?

Erika and Miguel are working on their presentation. She wants to mention that the wine is from a family vineyard. She feels that there's a little bit of herself in every drop. Mig says he'll have to buy every bottle because he doesn't want to share her! But she's still a little sore about him having thought about Luciana for half a second earlier in the evening. He says they're just memories, nothing more.

Erika suggests that they knock off working on the presentation for a while. He wants to go into town for some purchases. She's nervous about him getting attacked again. He says the police are on the lookout now.

Grace wonders, if Marta is staying, does that mean they have to leave? Dave reminds them that he said they could stay until Fernanda came back from the hospital. Fernanda begins to protest, but Dave says that in order to repair their family, they need to start doing things differently. Lil plays the victim card for all it's worth, but David says she should have come to him sooner.

Lil bitterly declares that she has never had a place in this house, and stomps out.

Tano reminds Leon of how Marta's always cared and sacrificed for him. Sonia interrupts, so that I don't have to listen to more people talking about their feelings. Tano gets up and says he needs to check on the situation with the low water pressure. Sonia tells Leon it's good that his mother is staying, because Bobby has been very upset. Sonia slightly insinuates that Marta might carry a little teensy bit of the blame for last night's problems, and Leon gets angry and says he and Luciana have their reasons to be angry with his mother, but he won't have other people saying bad things about her.

Sonia says she's just saying that she can see Lilian's side of it. But Leon says Sonia will have to pick a side. Sonia asks, if she doesn't pick a side, what will Leon do? Break up with her? He's mad at her for not supporting him when he's feeling bad. It seems like she's defending Lilian. Sonia denies this. And she thought their love was bigger than this, that it would be strong enough to confront anything. Leon interrupts and stomps out.

Fernanda interrupts Bobby's tablet time with a little tantrum about Marta staying. Bobby, of course, is pleased. She accuses him of being too stuck on Marta. He says she's too stuck on Grace. Fer says their grandmother deserves a chance.

David is telling the psychiatrist that he had had high hopes of remaking his life, having a family with his girlfriend at his side, and his children. The doctor says that in time, he'll realize that it was best to leave all that for the sake of his children. Dave says he was trying to give his children a nice environment to grow up in.

The doctor says, put yourself in Fernanda's shoes. She loses her mother, and you to your depression, and just as she's regaining your attention, you decide to have a girlfriend. And then she finds out you've been deceiving her.

David gets up and angrily says that's not how it was. The doctor says that's how it looks to Fernanda. His job is to help Dave see that. He'll speak with Fernanda next.

Mark is telling Juan that the immigrants have gone to Colorado. Juan says great, now they can concentrate on destroying David. "That's already done," Mark says, but Juan says no, this is just the beginning. Mark wants to know what's next. Juan tells him to lay low for now, because Brian's not stopping the investigations. Mark says, "I'll try."

Leon tells Luci about his fight with Sonia. Luci agrees with him that it's not okay for other people to diss their mom. Leon says sometimes he's tired of the vineyard. It's full of sadness. Luci agrees, but says Susan persuaded her to stay and deal with her problems. Plus, there's the wine contest, and she promised never to leave Bobby. One should confront everything for love.

Leon asks, if their father knew what their mother had done, would he have forgiven her? Luci thinks so.

Lil confronts Marta in the kitchen. She's furious because she still doesn't have her place in this house. (Say, can't Marta afford a sweater that fits?) Marta taunts Lil that she tries to get everything by force, but she's never won a thing. Lil says Marta wants to hurt her, but Lil will destroy Marta. "I've always been your victim, you can't deny that," Lil declares. Marta says she'll protect the family from Lil and her daughter, even if it costs her her life. "Be careful what you wish for," Lil replies. "Oh, is that a threat?" "No, it's a warning." "Well I'm not afraid of you or your slimeball daughter."

Lil says that while she stays here, she'll make Marta's life hell. Marta says she has nothing to lose, so let's rumble!


Thank you so much Julie! You did an excellent job on such short notice. Finished all my cupcakes and they look delicious. I made 48 of them. Wish I could share them with you all. ;)

Loved this line: "Brian kisses her hand and says, "enjoy your coffee." Steamy!" Oh yeah, wow, get me a fan!

Also loved the link to The Clash, "Police on my Back". It's nearly midnight and you have me giggling...It's late. I'm going to bed now. More later. Great job and thank you again.


Ya know Julie, you say a lot in a few words but I think I've told you that before. Thanks

"Fernanda is stunned. Grace's face is much easier to read; she's delighted. Lil's smirk is more subtle".

I'm not invested in Leon and Sonia in any way but that fabricated, choose sides argument, was stupid.

Miguel is an arrogant, jive talking pig. Insincere flattery of Erika to stay in her pants and employ or popped vein possessive rage towards Luciana, this guy believes women are possessions and toys and stupid and he is a couple slaps away from being Mark.


Thanks, Julie. Great job. Love all the snark. Susan suggests that Luci could form a friendship with David. (Is she insane??)

Cynthia, cupcakes! Yum!

Tofie, tell us how you really feel about Miguel! ;> I'm upset with Erika too because she puts up with it. She hasn't heard a single "te amo" from Miguel, yet she is all in.

Surprised to see David take full credit to his family for the breakup with Luciana. A smart move, yes, but it made me wince. Something not manly macho about it.

Those couple of slaps are a big line and I don't think Mig will ever cross that line. But yes he is possessive. So is Erika. She got bent out of shape with him twice over Luciana when he barely even hinted at her. The memory of David's wine presentation was still fairly fresh and it was natural for him to still be a little sore over it. But even if I give Erika that one, her second outburst was unprovoked.

When I printed this recap it was five pages. That's the longest one I've done in ages. There was so much talking and "processing." I probably could have cut Luciana's stuff quite a bit, but the thing is, it's so unclear where her affections lay (or lie) that I feel like I have to capture everything. She seems sincerely upset about the breakup with David and she didn't mention Miguel at all, but still I wonder how much it will take to send her to viñedo Santa Barbara.

I am equally confused about Brian. Still. When he's with Lil, he looks like he's counting the minutes till he can leave. Why bother?

The fight between Sonia and Leon was very contrived, yes. I don't think it was very smart of her to admit to Leon that she could see Lil's side of things, and it was even dumber to try to press the point. But Leon demanding that she choose sides was a little out of character for him, I thought.

Cynthia, I'm glad your cupcake crisis is resolved! I feel so much pressure when I have to do something for work, I'd much rather do a recap!

Niecie, are you sure there's never been a te amo from Miguel? I admit I haven't been keeping track, but if you're right, I'm surprised Erika isn't pushing him.

And I was also taken aback that David claimed that the breakup was totally his decision. I thought maybe I misunderstood, but that's really what he said.

Julie, Miguel has said stuff like she's good for him, he doesn't know what he'd do without her, they're good together blah blah blah, but not "te amo" to Erika.

Erika is foolish, not stupid and sees the sickly sweet syrup dripping from his lips knowing its not true but wishing it were. It makes me angry when anyone is so needy.

The whole night I was waiting for the galan/protag hookup that is coming after a few weeks of separation and a faux attempt at being happy with someone else. Luciana looks and sounds as insincere with David as Miguel looks and sounds with Erika.

Julie what a gem. Tank ewe Tank ewe Thank You

I think every last one of these numbskulls needs to lay off the company product. Leo and Sonia...NEXT!

I am solidly with Tofie about Smuguel. At least someone like me does not have to see as much of his hide now that Erika has him in Grown-Up shirts and out of those oversize Garanimals he wore with Luc. He still needs buttoning class but one victory at a time.

So we are to believe Goober is not telling Erika he Luuurves her because he is too noble to lie to her, right?

And Erika is just as bad. She was already wacko possesive of Miggy from the first time she saw him. Like a couple of guys getting in a fight over a car they are both looking at at the Chevy dealership.

I was corn - fuzed about the impending water crisis. If NoJuan cut the pipes, you would think the water would STOP. Ramiton was seeing a lower pressure which alarmed (rightfully) him and then Tano. I suppose I am not supposed to think about that. If you are watering your shrubs and someone turns off the garden hose at the house, it doesn't take a real long time to notice there is a big change in the water. like ON, then OFF.

Then Dave hops in his Jeep, drives the pipeline onto NoJuan's olive sanctuary and sees all those plastic and rusted iron pipes laying around near an excavation. BOOM ! WWIII is on.

I like Tano, even if he is dating a card carrying Brat. He is video chatting with FerBrat and hears someone coming. #payingmetobedoingsomethingelse

Buttoning class. LOL.

Erika claimed Miguel while he still had Luci's fingerprints on him. What does she expect?

Maybe it takes a while for the water to stop. They're just getting whatever's left in the pipes. Or maybe they get water from multiple sources, and the olive place is the biggest source? I dunno, just trying to make sense of nonsense.

Is there anything to stop FerBrat from learning from this how easy it is to for sure get her way in any situation?

She is almost a chip off the old Tia block by now so like it or not she has to have thought. "Wow, I have a lot more power around here than I thought. That passing out sucked, and the hospital food made me gag, and this Crazy Doctor is crazy himself, but I'm still tight with Tano, everybody is still kissing my royal little ass, and Luci aint smacking on Dad any more."

Nice going grownups. Like I said, you all need to try a "Week Without Wine" and see how things look on day 5 or 6..

Gracias, Julie.

The water problem will be the same as in LQNPA and will probably have a similar consequence, which is an expensive solution until they get the goods on Juan and the SkidMark. What this will do is seriously reduce the wine production and drive David to the brink of bankruptcy. Predicting that Luciana will somehow save the day.

Since DisGrace wants to get her claws into David this will create a major fight between her and Juan. Lillian could go either way, since her original intention at the outset of the series was to steal the property in its entirety. Since she didn't manage that during the time David checked out emotionally I can't see that happening now.

Cesar had better get that second opinion shrink ASAP because Dr Evil is going to do major damage to an already impossible FerBratzilla, possibly also to David. I also think Cesar was asleep at the switch thinking that breaking up with Luciana is any solution to the FerBrat issue. FerBrat is more than old enough to want her own life, her own interests, a boyfriend, and some independence. She is grossly immature for wanting her father to live like a monk while she does this.

On that note, my college buddy was the youngest of four children in an Irish-Catholic family. His parents were not young (by their generation's standards) when he was born. We once had a conversation in which he admitted that if either of his parents died he did not want the other to remarry or even date... and we were older than FerBrat at the time. I've heard of examples of people older than we were then thinking this way.

Getting back to our tale, I think Marta should not have confronted Lillian and I think she should tell David what she heard. He would believe her if he gave himself enough time to think about this or compared notes with Cesar. The faaaaaaamily photo DisGrace taunted Luciana with, DisGrace's attempts at seduction, the brochures for the boarding schools that Bobby found in her room, etc. He needs to be rid of DisGrace and her mother.

I'm trying to understand why Lilian is STILL in that house and threatening to make Marta's life a living hell. David keeps saying that she's kicked out, but it doesn't look like it.

And I figured out why Marta never left that house. She LOVES tormenting Lil. Her life would be empty without that.

A thought on the water situation. Maybe instead of removing the pipes, Juan had a valve installed. He's turned it ALMOST off so that David won't react right away. Maybe?

Julie: Once again: Lillian & Graciela WIN UGH!


So, Marta gets to rehabilitate herself with her children by going toe to toe with Lilian? What does Graciela making a play for David and sending Bobby away have to do with Luciana and Leon? The only thing new here is sending Bobby away. It's still the same two heifers jockeying for the greener grass, Graciela has always pursued David to be shot down again and again and even Luciana doesn't consider her a romantic threat. I'm all for protecting Bobby but Marta should be honest it's for David's kids she stays.

Even sending Bobby away is not new. I guess it's new to Marta, though. Yeah, I don't see how Marta's "protecting" her children, but I guess she's learned her lesson that she mustn't talk about David's children without also acknowledging her own!

ulie, that could be since there is no river to divert as in LQNPA and Juan wants to steal the vineyard. Removing the pipes would be the result of a lack of forethought. That would also be very expensive to fix.

Lillian deserves the torment but she has only been there full time since Lisa's death. She never bonded with Lisa's children in the same way that Marta did. Marta's bonding with them was what happened when she suffered the loss of Luciana to the deportation, although I don't think Marta herself realizes this.

Luciana and Leon are emotionally healthy young adults for the most part and can take care of themselves. Bobby is still very vulnerable and needs protection from the two succubi, who could make FerBrat one of them.

OOPs, I mean Julie. Some of my keys need to be hit harder.

What about Lisa's RIVER?

You know, "Rock Me on the Water" River? Like drowning because you are dying of thirst?


Down by the River, I Shot My Baby, yeah, I don't know why water supply should be an insurmountable issue.

I thought there was a portion of David's property, not all, that could be used only by accessing water piped through the Olive land.

Anyway, I didn't weigh in yesterday on water rights, I'm no expert, but successful careers are built on that specialty alone. Don't know about California but access to water rights can be nonsensical but very serious. Anecdotally, Mr. tofie fly fishes with a buddy of his with property in Colorado. It is a stunning property with a stream they fish and he bought it for a song but he hasn't water rights. He owns the stream bed but not the water, someone else does or multiple people do but it is allotted by priority and by use. He cannot dip a cup and take a sip of that water without breaking the law.

Very interesting... so there won't be anything straightforward about how David can solve this problem. He will not only need a lawyer, but preferably a specialist. (Maybe Luciana will like him... or if it's a woman maybe David will like her.)

If Mr. tofie catches a fish and smacks some water out of it, does he have to throw that water back into the stream?

Hahahaha, I asked him the same thing, well I asked what happened if the fish just took a big gulp, but he told me I think too much. I do know he cannot have livestock.

I was buying a house on navigable water one time and got an education on riparian rights. YIKES.

Anyway, I was cracking up at DisGrace last night. As Dave was making his Luci announcement I thought those crazy eyes were going to pop out of her head like Wiley coyote and dangle on springs like his when he sees the Roadrunner still alive.

The W A T E R. I do not know a lot about making wine, but I wonder how much potable water is used. If a lot, the river is out without a treatment facility. Since the girls are not complaining about flushing and showers, the housing etc. seems to be operational. If it is just for irrigation, I don't see the problem. Im sure the writers have this one covered. not

That river looked very polluted or not deep enough to provide what is needed so I don't see it as even a partial solution to the problem awaiting David.

Maybe Urban, lots of flowing water is dirty, IE: muddy, but livestock drink it without ill effect, and it was not polluted enough to not swim in.

Anyway, I'm beating a dead horse. We will just have to suffer through another contrived emergency.

How full of himself is NoJuan thinking he can waltz in and ask the Sheriff to call off his detectives?

" Yeah, Yeah Juan, Buddy, after all those 48 cupcakes you baked for my Wetback Charity Benefit, I'll tell Torres to cool his jets." "Just having this conversation right now makes me realize you are above anything shady."

Julie, your recap was so detailed and so well written, I soaked in every single word with great interest and appreciation. You captured everything beautifully.

"They share one last whiskery kiss Brian kisses her hand and says, "enjoy your coffee." Steamy" and "I'm thinking a gin & tonic might be more helpful" were on my pared down list of favorites.

After trying to process everything that occurred last night, I had a very unsettling feeling that I'm either missing much or much isn't being explained or a combination of both.

Brian is a total enigma to me. I am even more confused about who he is now rather than 50 episodes ago. Is he a user? Is he an abuser? Does he care about anyone? Is he even capable of truly caring? And the most troublesome question - why are the writers making this character an integral part of the story even when he doesn't really have our interest.

"Bri says he's sorry and he doesn't know what to say, but he looks as though he also doesn't give a crap" - yup - exactly. The only moment I was pleased he was on the screen last night was his reply to Juan who expected his support and yet got " Torres is just doing his job, and if Juan's innocent, he has nothing to worry about. Juan seems a bit shaken". As well he should.

"Erika claimed Miguel while he still had Luci's fingerprints on him. What does she expect?" True. I remember when most of us couldn't wait for Miguel and Erika to get together. She seemed smart, savvy and joyous. While she still is smart and savvy, she appears overly jealous and frankly, not the happy person she seemed initially. While this coupling may have been beneficial for Miguel, I don't think it's been for her. And as we've all noted, he isn't all in either.

I'm beyond disappointed David didn't sweep Luci into his arms and tell her they would make it work.

Sonia's conversation with Leon was a bit surprising. Sonia's head seems at times to be up in the clouds, but her comments were grounded. She didn't diss Marta, but kept it real. Grow up Leon.

"Tano says anyone with such a big heart should be able to forgive". I think you and your father have the biggest hearts here Tano...

Enjoyed everyone's comments.

thanks Julie - this was fantastic.


Diana, I think the writers are giving Brian a lot of screen time because the network wants the actor to have that. He's handsome, well-built, the right age, and bilingual. He could have a good future at Televisa.

The problem is that they wrote themselves into a corner when they had him get involved with Marta and realize that he should not be ashamed of his heritage. The only way to make the current situation make any sense is to have him allow Lillian back into his life to possibly use her just as she had used him.

Thanks, Julie! Your recap has it WAY over the episode. Sigh!

Yah, the two old moo-hairs at each other again! How big is Sonoma? Every time Lili is in town with Brian, they run into Marta! How is Lili surprised Marta heard her eeevil plotting! So nice of Lili to be so specific about their diabolical plans! *Yawn*

Now these are just funny:

Susan says all couples go through situations like this. (Ummmmm no they don't.)

(Brian seems a lot more animated around Juan than around Lilian.)

if Juan's innocent, he has nothing to worry about. Juan seems a bit shaken.

And Lili urging David to have patience? No, you're not crazy: she's got a whole different story for Luciana! Two-faced heffa!

Why does anyone EVER get upset when someone is kicked out, or fired, or say they've quit. Nobody ever goes any frickin' where! Jeezopete!

Feeling like I want to find and watch the last five episodes. . .or even the last one.

Thanks, Julie!

Perhaps David needs to take lessons from Lucia Gaxiola (ECDLP) on how to kick a ho out of his house...

Kirby: "I thought those crazy eyes were going to pop out of her head like Wiley coyote and dangle on springs" Grace really does look like that sometimes. I don't know how she can do that with her eyes. She always has a lot more white showing than most people do. She didn't look like that in the photos people posted last week, so this must be something that she does with effort. I think it would give me a headache.

Diana: "I had a very unsettling feeling that I'm either missing much or much isn't being explained or a combination of both." I've been feeling the same way regarding several things, including why are Lil and Grace still in the house, why is Brian courting Lil, and why are Gut's detectives totally unable to pin anything on anyone.

And perhaps most of all, why doesn't Brian tell Marta that Lil is the one who got Marcos and Luci deported. Lil loves to play victim. This revelation ought to shut her the hell up for a while.

Come to think of it, next time Lil starts complaining about Marta, Brian should remind her that she already got her revenge 10+ years ago. (Which may or may not have been before the affair. If it was before the affair, which I doubt, then Marta is the original victim. Either way, it sounds like they're even.)

I'm beyond disappointed David didn't sweep Luci into his arms and tell her they would make it work.

Amen, Diane. :/

Julie, girl you had me laughin with this one. I wish I could pull them all up but heres a few: marta said this, let me say this first, (I don't know how the interpretation comes across on yalls TVs but on mind they're kind of funny), when Marta said,"I'm not afraid of you or your slimeball daughter",on my tv it was "I'm not afraid of you or your weird kid", that was lol to me.
And the one about the water with Ramon and marta, after she told off lilian "marta might be needing that water about now"(I was thinking gin&tonic). Girl you just kept them comin. Totally agree that brian is very board with lil.She is not allthat,like she Thinks she is.
Ms lucy:I haven't the Will or the strength to go on","its to muuuuuch" O
Stop your Blarney and get up and fight Like your mom's gonna do. Marta gettin
ready to rumble, she should do It too. Cuz they will be together again. Me
Thinks there's something else going on
With Marta and the Fernando affair.All
The cats are not out of that bag yet.
I'm thinkin theres something else there. Cuz Marta looked a bit worried the other night that all wasn't outted
Yet. Was Lucy already born before the
Aggair, or after? Someone brought this
Up a few episodes back.Are lucy & lisa &discrazy Sisters? Yes marcos a Lucy were close, Maybe he bonded with her knowing she wasn't his bio baby? Just Throwin it out there. Something put that worried look on Martas face. That would kick lil and Discrazys butt. Love it!!!
Sonia wasn't completely wrong, but Leo
Gotta right to defend mom from other
Critics. And he know he won't brakeup with his soniaboo.
Why is the brat shocked, she got her way. I do not like that girl. And she
Don't care that much about her dad's attention. She just wants to do what she wants to do and since her dad is getting in her way she want to screw up his love life. But David and Lucy will be back together soon, we just got to sit through all this other crap first.
Thanks juls:)

I think we need a miracle of turning water into wine.

Thank you so much, Julie. Ironically, I'm sitting here at work with a frosty bottle of water reading all this...oh, great, I'm Ramon. Only without the pretty brunette with apocalyptically bad taste in footwear.

Marta declaring she'd stay at BdLA for "her kids" at this point includes her favorite daughter Fernanda and Bobby, and I don't think that sunk in until the second time she said it in this episode. Flip side, her karma is apparently to continue to play martyr to Lilian until whenever the hell Lilian's sins are outed. (Lilian's one unrevealed crime in the show that we know about is her collusion with Juan way back to embezzle money from BdLA, and other than that and her casual manipulation of, unless something's about to come out re: Still Dead And Away From The Harpies Fernando.)

What continues to niggle at me is that in effect we basically had this one big...well, medium-sized...and oh so brief implosion when Marta's affair came out. Then, in the larger sense, nothing; two episodes later, and what's really changed apart from Fernanda's current feelings towards her? She's still going to be clomping around, with Lilian hot on her heels and all up in her floral print-clad derriere claiming moral superiority--albeit, this time with a tiny, tiny kernel of corrupted accuracy--and she's still going to be this seemingly-hypocritical frumpy nana probably up until the exact minute Lilian gets busted. Couldn't we at least have gotten one knock-down-drag-out catfight out of this beforehand? Or even a slapfest? Something?

OTOH, minus a brief blip halfway through the episode, David continues to be sane. I guess the writers could do one or the other...

Perhaps David needs to take lessons from Lucia Gaxiola (ECDLP) on how to kick a ho out of his house...

Vivi, that wins this discussion today!

I am entirely willing to believe that Marta wasn't Fernando's only infidelity. Lillian is likely to have always been a shrew. What I am wondering is how Lillian reacted when Lisa named her daughter Fernanda.

When I was born my mother chose my first name and my father chose my middle name. It sounded alright with my first name to my mother so she agreed to it and thus it went on my birth certificate.

What my mother did not know at that time was that my middle name was the name of my father's previous girlfriend who had the gall to phone him at some point after I was born. My mother was sure that he was cheating on her but I don't think she ever knew the truth. I have always wondered whether her dislike of me started with that.

Now as regards Lillian and Lisa, did Lisa's desire for distance begin when Lillian objected to Fernanda's name? We may never hear anyone say this, but if I were Azela Robinson I would certainly take that into consideration.

Nina, are you talking about the English captions? "Weird kid" was the best they could come up with for "lagara"? says "slippery individual." I picked slimeball in a hurry, but there's probably a better match.

Cynthia, you are too funny.

Bill: "Lilian's one unrevealed crime in the show that we know about is her collusion with Juan" no. She has another unrevealed crime: that she tipped Brian off about some "illegals," and Marcos and Luciana got deported as a result. Brian didn't know who they were or that Lilian was conducting a personal vendetta at the time. Everyone will look at Lil differently when they find this out.

Urban, did they ever say that Lilian objected to Fernanda's name? Even without that, Lisa's desire for distance could have come from being tired of Lilian bullying the staff and trying to run things; it seems she's always been that way.

UA: Fernando possibly being a total dog definitely isn't impossible. It might fly a little in the face of Marta's declarations about him (flowery and vague as they have been), more so Lilian's "Mine!" insistences, but hey--and it also might help with Marta's overall case a bit if Fernando had a record of this stuff.

Julie: I'm admittedly fuzzy on this, but I could have sworn there was a blink-and-you-missed-it moment where somebody referred to Lilian tipping off Brian. (I could be wrong, or it might have gotten buried under Juan's declaration during his screw-alla-y'all exit from BdLA that he helped keep Marcos and Luciana out of the US post-deportation.)

No, Marta doesn't know that it was Lilian. But Brian did have that conversation with Lil a while back when he was shocked to discover that Marta was the wife of the man he deported, and that Lil had instigated it out of spite. I don't think anyone else knows besides Juan and maybe Disgrace who I'm sure couldn't care less.

Julie, no. There never was. But I don't think character names are ever accidental and this combination would have been eliminated if there was no intent to make anything of it.

Sure, I completely believe that Lillian bullied servants before the curtain went up on the story. I can also believe that she was a less than stellar mother even to Lisa, whom she seemed to favor. I doubt that Lisa and DisGrace had nannies when they were kids and Lillian must have hated the drudge work of motherhood (hence, not wanting to repeat it as a grandmother when there was enough dinero for a nanny).

For all that he may have been a lying, cheating hound Fernando was probably a better father than Lillian a mother and thus earned the honor of a posthumous grandchild being named for him. I can't see how that wouldn't have ticked Lillian off.

Lillian being a bully to servants or vineyard employees of any level points to her own insecurity, like with schoolyard bullies or with the fear of being unmasked as an imposter. Nobody who is truly To The Manor Born behaves this way.

I think it's a good bet that Fernando was a better father than Lilian was a mother. I cannot imagine her doing regular mother stuff. That's why it always amuses me when she and Grace put on their little mother-daughter-huggy show for David and others.

Urban- It just seems that David has a real problem getting unwanted people (Juan, Lil, Grace) out of his house and off his land. Maybe he's not drinking enough Lala Milk. ;-) For those who don't know what scene we're referring to in El Color, or just want to relive seeing Lucia toss Rebeca out like trash, here it is:


I'd love to look at that Vivi but I'm afraid I'll see how things could be and get novela envy! :/

Urban, you are right about some adult children not wanting their parents to get remarried. Case in point: My aunt died in 2010 at the age of 78. Her husband, my uncle was 79. Well he went and got married again later that year. My aunt died in January and he got married in October and shocked the family because he married the housekeeper. The housekeeper was from Mexico and the marriage would make her legal, since her visa was expired. My cousins were not happy about this at all, even more so when they saw their dad take down a beautiful painting of my aunt that had been in the living room. He didn't want his new wife (who was YOUNGER than my youngest cousin in that family).

I think that adult children get worried about their inheritances, and rightly so. My cousins didn't want this woman snatching up what they should be inheriting. So my cousins (there were only 2 at the time) got their dad to make sure that the house and other assets go to them. She only gets to continue to collect on his retirement.

Another cousin of mine who died recently was remarried after horrible divorce some years before. During the last days of his illness, she got him to change his will so that NOTHING went to his kids from his first marriage. She made sure that they couldn't even have one of his baseball caps or an article of clothing. Now that woman was a real shrew. We could make her persona into a TN character. She had a lot of "DisGrace" in her.

OH Vivi, I loved this: "Perhaps David needs to take lessons from Lucia Gaxiola (ECDLP) on how to kick a ho out of his house.."

I know of no one who keeps their in-laws in the house with them after their spouse dies. I do not understand how he can allow these women to leech off of him. They bring NOTHING to the support of the household and he's not wise enough to see what psychopaths they are.

Cynthia do you want a little wager about how long those two piranhas will still be there after David finds out the truth about his wife? I wonder whose wrath will be worse, David the grieving widower or Lilly the Mother who lost her only good daughter.

Kirby, I believe like in ECDLP, it will be dragged out till practically the finale.

Don't forget, in addition to David frothing at the mouth and Lilian spitting venom everywhere, there will also be Fernanda screaming her head off. It should be quite the scene.

Grace and Lil should already be gone, or do I just not understand what "after Fernanda gets home from the hospital" means?

Julie, both Lil and DisGrace should have been singing, "Leaving on a Jet Plane" and had their bags packed and ready to go. But no kisses and no smiles. ;)

"Ironically, I'm sitting here at work with a frosty bottle of water reading all this...oh, great, I'm Ramon".

And you know what Bill? That's a good thing. A really good thing :)

Diana (still smiling)

Yeah, it's not bad to be Ramon. It's only bad to waste time with the wrong person.

Yeah the same wrong person who told Brian "I'm just not ready." one night

We thought she was not emotionally ready to go to San Fran, as did Brian
She meant she was still trying to get them damn shoes off !

Late to the party.THanks so much for another excellent review from your view, JUlie.The comments covered all the maddening madness of it all. Poor Dave is surrounded. I am down the shore . Just had teatime. Now for a walk along the ocean. No snow here and sunny!!! I guess I will grab a frosty bottle of water for the walk. Later.

Sue, while you're down by the ocean don't forget to have cake!

Julie--Let me squeeze in a line or two to thank you. You are Grace Under Pressure, nah, make that Julie at her bestest. Grace is too volatile. I hope her bubble bursts soon.

Thank you for the recap. Now on to the comments while I wait for Carlos' Cochinito Pibil to come out of the crockpot. Sure smells good.

Oh, about the water. The camera shots of the rancho and its outbuildings are all at the top of the hill. That makes Juan's Olive Garden down below. So all this time, they've been pumping water uphill. Hmmm, not impossible. Someone (probably Kirby) mentioned yesterday of all the ways they can by-pass the water being cut off and dig a well or pump water out of Lisa's watery grave--which HAD to be near the house.

Why didn't an important vineyard in California like David's have a water tower for times of drought?

My guess is that as in a typical tn, when someone is seriously injured, everyone runs around saying Dios Mio, Ayuda, yelling at the victim to wake up, but no one calls an ambulance or a doctor. I have a feeling this is going to be the same--everyone running around trying to figure out what happened and not deciding what to do about it STAT.

Oh yeah, Anita - at the very least, you'd think they'd call a professional to take a look.

Maybe Lil and Grace can recommend someone!

I see the water problem discussion carried over to today's comments. Sorry for being redundant. I have a feeling I'll be up to my neck in water problems tonight. Stay tuned for a very late recap.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Just heard bagpipes at the pub. #Meninkilts .

Anita..I remember that back in the day, people at carat were exchanging pibil recipes. I still do not know what that is, but I am still making the corn pudding recipe that I shared at every family holiday.

Julie...forgot to say that l loved the title. There was a delicious pound cake at teatime, and I thought about taking a slice to eat by the ocean, but..there were a lot of strangers around . I will have to get a good route to Cape Cod and a good b and b recommendation for this summer.

Susanlynn--I do remember. Cochinita Pibil is a pork dish. There are several different ways to make it, all of them bring some spicy heat to your mouth.
--It's a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatán. Preparation involves marinating the meat in strongly acidic citrus (oranges, limes and lemons)

The traditional way to make Yucatecan cochinita pibil is to bury a pig in a steaming, smoldering, stone-lined pit and cook it slowly for many hours

Check out YouTube to watch some of the different methods. I just make mine in a crockpot and add black beans, corn, and some salsa.

OK, off to bury myself in Vino.

Anita..there was someone else besides Carlos with a favorite recipe for that dish, wasn't there? Was it Sylvia? I like pork, but I do not like spicy. Pork loin on the grill is more my speed , but The Blue Pig cafe here has a pulled pork sandwich. Hmmm. I think I might try that tomorrow fir lunch! P.s. Hubba just found Vino el Amor for me. Later .


Yall,how long do you think it will be before Lucy starts to show signs of morning sickness? I didn't see anybody get a condom out of the nightstand during that night of passion. Did anybody else? This is how it goes. I'll be surprised if it don't. Is there even time for such a storyline? How many more weeks to go? 6 8 12? Anything is possible in the land of wine& twisted Disfunctional families.

Julie, all of those interpertations fits discrazy perfectly.

Julie, just catching up on Caray and wanted to say thank you :)

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