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La Piloto #21 4.4.17: In Which Yolanda Faces Some Harsh Truths...

• Amanda walks in on Arley with her coworker, Cindy, and Arley asks the girl to leave and she does. Amanda can’t believe Arley betrayed her this way after she swore their relationship was real. He reiterates that it was but men like him have a man girl but they also have other women. Amanda can’t believe his words and runs out of the office without further explanation. She runs into Zulima outside, who asks if she told him about the baby, but Amanda just grabs her and runs.
• Yolanda is filling in Rosalba on her life since her coma. Rosalba tells her that her father would be so proud to see how far she’s come as a pilot but sadly he’s dead. Yolanda remembers when the police shot him and she witness everything. Rosalba is shocked to learn how fast she learned to fly and then asks Olivia and Lizbeth if they work in CAA. They shake their heads and Rosalba remembers what she read on the news. Rosalba can’t believe they dealings with drug traffickers. Lizbeth explains that only a bar would hire them now as John comes with good news but stops himself when he sees Rosalba. He is glad to see Rosalba is going better and Rosalba thanks him. He then asks to speak to Yolanda alone and they go off.
• Outside, John asks Yolanda why she looks so scared and Yolanda reminds him that Rosalba doesn’t know they were also involved in the drug trafficking. Yolanda will take Rosalba to Altamirano in a couple of days, as soon as Carlina gives the okay, so she needs his help so she doesn’t find out the truth. John agrees and then jokes with her about how good of a pilot she is. He then brings her a device to plot cell phone locators on outgoing calls since he imagines she wants to call her mom. She kiss him and thanks him for always thinking of her.

• Later, John radios his contact in the Panamanian border, which confirms things got rough for a second, but they managed to take care of it. John is happy to hear they are on their way and hangs up as Oscar comes in and asks to talk to him. John has a request first: that he please keep the guards under control and ask that they keep their guns at pay while Rosalba stays with them so she things they are good, decent people. Oscar reminds him that they are what they are and they need to focus. John asks him to leave because he’s tired of hearing the same things from him. Oscar thinks it’s ironic that the day he turns him back on their brotherhood, he found out Yolanda was sleeping with Dave Mejia. John slams him against the wall and warns him that he won’t allow him to spread lies about Yolanda. He then tells him to get out and Oscar chides for being soft regarding Yolanda before leaving.
• Moments later, John goes to look for Yolanda in Rosalba’s room. She goes outside the room and he asks her if she thinks he’s a fool because he knows she slept with Dave but told him she didn’t. Yolanda is quiet but finally admits the (semi) truth: she slept with him but long before meeting him. This doesn’t make John feel better because she still lied and he doesn’t know if he can trust her now. Yolanda swears she didn’t know he was with the DEA but she regrets sleeping with him. John realizes she can lie very easily so her word means nothing. Yolanda wants to know if Zulima told him but John confesses it was Oscar, who heard her and Zulima talking. Yolanda thinks Oscar is trying to drive them apart but John doesn’t care, she lied right to his face, and leaves.
• Moments later, Yolanda asks a driver, Canola, where Oscar is. He explains he just left and she asks him to drive her to where Oscar is.
• In the airstrip, John asks Vaquero if the airplane is ready and he confirms it is. Vaquero asks if he needs a driver but John wants to go alone.
• On the road, Yolanda asks Canola to hurry up so they can reach Oscar. Oscar notices the car with Yolanda inside and asks his driver to speed up as well and cut him off. Canola obliges and they both get out of the car. Oscar points his gun at Yolanda but she wants to know why he’s spreading gossip about her. Oscar thinks that if it was only gossip, she wouldn’t be there. In fact, he thinks she misses Dave. Yolanda wants to know if he only did it to hurt her and John but Oscar doesn’t care about her feelings. He reiterates that he prefers her dead because she’s not good for anyone. They have a stare down but eventually move away from each other and drive away.
• Ortega fills in Simpson and US DEA Director Montgomery on their recently discovery of Lucio properties and businesses, including Rapi Taxi. However, they have not been able to locate the Lucios yet. Dave then comes in but Director Montgomery is not too happy to see him. The Director wants to talk in private and Ortega and Simpson go outside.
• Ortega gives an agent the report he asked for and then asks Simpsons what’s bothering him. Simpson is sure Dave is going to ask for his transfer but Ortega thought he was just mad. Either way, he’s going to miss her if that happens. She’s sure nothing will happen.
• Montgomery asks Dave what is wrong with Simpson. Dave doesn’t think he’s a professional and would rather work alone but Montgomery doesn’t think it’s enough. He reminds him that if Simpson leaves, the Lucios will find out and think they are breaking apart. Dave is quiet and Montgomery asks Simpson to come in. He tells Simpson to not give Dave any more reasons to want him off the mission because he just saved him. Simpson understands and thanks Montgomery. Montgomery asks if they have a plan to capture the Lucios but they are both quiet.
• Yolanda goes to Cielito Lindo and fills in Zulima on what happened with John, Dave and Oscar. Zulima fakes surprise and asks how John is feeling. Yolanda explains that he’s sad and doesn’t want to see her but Zulima reminds her that he’s slept with plenty of women, including her. Yolanda is shocked to hear Zulima slept with John.
• Amanda cries and fills in Olivia and Lizbeth on what happens. They don’t like to see her like that but are happy she finally knows who Arley truly is. Lizbeth reiterates that all men are the same and Olivia agrees as Roberto has left her high and dry.
• In Tres Fuegos, Omar, Roberto and Olivia’s brother, Christian, inquire about her whereabouts at Lizbeth’s old apartment but a neighbor confesses that they were involved in drug trafficking and wishes the men luck, as women in that business don’t last long. Roberto doesn’t know what else they can do but Omar has an idea.
• Outside the bar, Zulima explains to Yolanda that it was just sex, no feelings, and it happened when they were really drunk. Yolanda understands; she was just shocked. Zulima asks that she please not tell John anything and Yolanda agrees and leaves. Zulima smiles at her handy work.
• The creepy men from the bar call their bald leader to inform him that Yolanda has left the bar…should they follow the girl or get their guns back? Baldie sends them after Yolanda, no matter how many people they have to kill, and hangs up.
• Yolanda tries to call Carlina to see how Rosalba is but has no cell signal. Canola tells her they will after they pass the bridge but they can’t move as two cars have blocked their path by the front and back of the truth. The leader gets out of the car and ask that she give herself over willingly or they kill her driver. She readies her gun and tells Canola she will cover him so he can shoot the men and run. He agrees and shoots all the men in the truck behind them. Yolanda tries to shoot the men in front of them but gets shot in the arm. Canola asks her to leave before she gets hurt further and she obliges as the leader comes and shoots Canola dead.
• In the police station conference room, Montgomery is disappointed to know the DEA has no idea who killed Zeki. He then asks if they have an idea of where the Lucio may be and Dave admits that he has a clue: Estela, Yolanda’s mother, who knows where the Lucio hideaway is. Simpson explains that Yolanda is John’s main pilot as Dave explains that Estela is in Atlamirano and he has her under surveillance. Montgomery asks that they continue doing so and he will go back to Washington to talk to the Secretary of Defense. Ortega asks if the US government would be able to approve a reward for any tips from the public and Montgomery will ask right away. She then leaves as does Montgomery and leaves Dave with Simpson, who asks Dave to please forgive him for his past mistakes as he promises to get better. They shake on it and Simpson leaves.
• Outside the office, Dave comes and finds Ortega talking to Omar, Christian and Roberto. Omar wants to know what they are doing to locate his daughter; Ortega confirms they are doing everything they can but they don’t know where she is and they haven’t for some time. Dave gives them his word that he will let them know if he hears anything and they will do the same. When they’ve left, Ortega confirms that Omar is in the military and then asks if he has a problem with her. Dave tells her it’s nothing and leaves.
• At Cielito Lindo, the girls and Zulima talk about Amanda and her non-stop crying. Lizbeth reminds her that they warned her about Arley and tells them that they need to make sure Amanda doesn’t see Cindy. Zulima then goes to the bathroom to see how Amanda is doing. When she’s leave, Olivia tells Lizbeth that a guy has been staring at her all night and Lizbeth goes over to him, hoping for a good tip. The man tells her that he’s had a lot of fun and hopes to see her soon.
• In the bathroom of the bar, Zulima goes to tell Amanda that she needs to stop crying or go home because she can’t have her serving clients with puffy eyes.
• Baldie and his men discuss the fact that Yolanda got away and Baldie wants to investigate everything about her with the capos in the area. His men don’t think that she served because they found blood on the bridge back to but Baldie wants to make sure. He reiterates that they will retrieve their guns ASAP.
• When he’s landed, John tells Oscar that he’s sorry they’ve been fighting for so long but family is the most important thing. Oscar tells him the same and asks that he trust him every once in a while. They hug as Yolanda comes running, wounded. John carries her to Carlina as Rosalba comes and asks them what happened. Oscar confesses that she got shot and then asks her to come by the house so he can tell her the truth about her precious pilot.
• Sometime later, Carlina attends to Yolanda’s wounds. John asks her what how she’s doing and Carlina confirms the wound was superficial and they just needed to disinfect it. Yolanda begs John that Rosalba doesn’t find out and then asks about Canola. John confirms that they are looking for him and then asks her what happened. He explains that there were men at the bar yesterday, bothering her and the girls, and his men attacked her today. John tells Yolanda to rest and goes to find out what happened.
• In Altamirano, Lopez continues to listen in on Estela’s calls and visits. He then receives a call from Dave and tells him that she keeps talking to men to flirt with them but she has not called Yolanda. Dave asks him to be vigilant and then tells him to report any new information to him first. Lopez reminds him that Ortega is his direct superior but Dave reminds him that they are working together. Lopez agrees and then hangs up.
• At Ortega’s apartment, she waits and calls and paces for Simpson to come so they can have dinner. He never shows up.
• Zulima and Oscar discuss the fact that their plans are ruined now that Yolanda’s been shot but she doesn’t think so. In fact, she suggests they make John believe Yolanda is a DEA agent. Oscar thinks John would have to be dense to believe that because Yolanda has worked with them for some time and he’s in love with her. Zulima explains that they should tell John her true objective is El Cartel de las Sombras and that’s why she hasn’t given out their whereabouts. Oscar considers this.
• Simpson talks to the Senator’s man, angry that he has done everything that has been asked of him, but the Senator hasn’t reached out to him like he promised he word. The man tells him he will have to wait because there’s a time and place for everything. Simpson demands to see him but the man asks him to calm down as Montgomery comes and asks him the same before congratulating him on a job well done.
• Yolanda is in her room, resting, when Rosalba walks in with a tea for her. She then asks if they shot her and Yolanda confirms it was just a flesh wound. Rosalba asks her, point blank, if she is a drug trafficker. Yolanda asks her how she knows but Rosalba confirms that it was Oscar. She then begins to cry and begs Yolanda to tell her the truth about what she’s become.
• Oscar tells Zulima that her plan is solid but it’s missing something. She tells him that they need him to tell John so that the story is more believable. John walks in and asks why no one told him about the armed men at the bar yesterday. Zulima didn’t think it was necessary but John reminds her that Yolanda could’ve died. Zulima explains that the men got drunk and started bothering the girls when Yolanda came and took their guns and told the girls not to say anything. Oscar tells him that he’s given Yolanda too much power but he can take care of the men that tried to kill her. John reiterates that they must be careful because they will retaliate.
• Yolanda explains the whole story and tells Rosalba that John is the best man she’s know. He tries her with respect and even helped her get Rosalba out of the hospital. She smiles and tells her John taught her to fly and everything. Rosalba then asks about Estela and Yolanda confesses that Estela sold her to the DEA. Rosalba hates that all her stories have to do with danger and violence and reminds her that she will never be safe because betrayal is at every corner. She wonders where that young girl that dreamed of being a pilot went and asks if she wants to end up like her father. Rosalba fears one day she will become a murderer but Yolanda reminds when Ernesto died by her hand. Rosalba asks her if there’s something she’s not telling her but Yolanda is quiet…


Non-stop Chaos!


Thanks Alfredo. Yes, have to agree with sounds like non-stop chaos. Sadness, betrayal and violence at every turn. Sigh.

Judy B: Yolanda is stupid enough to believe Zulima's trick!

Hook, line & sinker!

Thanks Alfredo! And Jardinera for yesterday!!

I'm always a day behind so I haven't seen last night's episode but I can feel my frustration growing!! I hate how Zulima is pulling so many strings and Yoli is so blind to it all. Must admit her plan to screw Yoli sounds like a good one and with Oscar in on it, the break between Yoli and John feels inevitable. They have been too happy together lately so it must end.

Thank you Steve and JudyB! I can't fault Yolanda for falling for the tales Zulima weaves, she has no instances to really gauge Zulima's evil. She blamed her for the money but Zulima explained it away and there have no others instances of true evil. She would've found out but OScar was the one who spilled the beans about Dave to John so Zulima (as Vivi said in the beginning) continues to be the master puppeteer with no actual skin in the game.

I'm excited to see more of the Cartel de las Sombras but I'm sad Rosalba's image of Yolanda has shattered. She needs all the family she can get.

Thanks, Alfredo.

I'm sorry to see that nice driver go. Hate to agree with Oscar, but Yolanda does need to leave. Calling out Baldie with a gun pointed to his nether region and all in front of his men was a bold move to protect her friends, but she should've known there'd be retaliation. Frustrating that she doesn't alert John about important stuff. Even without Oscar and Zulima working against her, it's just a matter of time before John finds out her mom was wired and being tracked by the police.

Not surprised Montgomery is dirty. He was too dismissive of Dave's concerns about Simpson.

Nope, nothing upbeat about last night's episode. But I'm enjoying the show. The hour passes by fast.

I don't know why Yoli didn't tell John the truth about she and Dave when he asked her at that lake. It would have been so easy for her to admit it but she has dug herself into a deep hole. And it's only going to get worse when he finds out she stole money to give to Estela to keep her quiet. She knows John would have whacked Estela for the wire stunt but she could have got rid of her money without giving her so much money. The threats alone are keeping Estela in line. Is it wrong to feel sorry for John right now?

You're welcome Carvivlie and Niecie!

As much as Yolanda says she hates Estela, she wouldn't want her whacked and she knows, if anything, that Oscar would do it as soon as he found out, no matter what John said so she's stuck between a rock and a hard place. Even more, she's trying to reconcile who she is with who she was but she has to make a choice because the narco game is dangerous and full of betrayal. If she is going to be John's right hand, his pilot and his woman, she can't have loyalty to anyone else but him and since she does, this keeps getting her in trouble.

If anyone saw, La Reina del Sur, Teresa's weak and blind spots were her boyfriends and her friends. You can't show weakness as a narco but yearning for human connection is inevitable.

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