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La Piloto #28 4.13.17: In Which Yolanda Settles into her New Reality

Selvas del Choco, Colombia, 2016 (We are back to where we started):

• The Colombian Air Force tells Yolanda to land immediately or they will shoot her down but Yolanda continues to go. Air control tells the air force pilot to continue to follow it. Yolanda descends so the pilot can’t reach her so air control asks ground support.
• On the ground, Capitan Arnoldo Santamaria shoots the engine and the plane and Yolanda goes down by the river. Arnoldo leads a search in the forest and asks his men to look for survivors and merchandise. They finally find an unconscious Yolanda by the river and wonder who she is.
• Later, Yolanda has been taken to the Lanceros military base and laid to rest. She wakes up with a start and thanks her Virgencita for helping her survive. Arnoldo thinks it’s a miracle she did and Yolanda wonders where she is and asks for her clothes. He tells her they are at a base but asks her why a beautiful, Mexican woman is piloting a plane in Colombian airspace going north. Yolanda tells him she’s taking a pilot course and had an accident but Arnoldo shows her the cocaine they found. Yolanda is quiet.

• In Villa Antigua, Oscar tells Zulima that the airplane’s GPS has bee stationary for hours and Zulima tells him the plane is still is Colombia. Oscar wonders if they have finally rid themselves of Yolanda; Zulima doesn’t think she survived. Oscar thinks it’s possible since Zulima survived Zeki’s attack and Zulima nods but Yolanda’s plane could’ve exploded. Oscar tells her that the GPS wouldn’t work if the plane had blown up.
• That night, Arnoldo interrogates Yolanda for information. Yolanda finally loses her patience and tells her that he has no idea who he is messing with but Arnoldo reveals that no one knows where she is but he and his men. Arnoldo points a gun at her head and tells her that she will do what he wants her to and what he wants her to do is talk. Yolanda puts her hands up and agrees. He asks why she ended up as a pilot when she could’ve been a prostituted but Yolanda tells him that she’s always wanted to be a pilot.
• Zulima reminds Oscar that either way, Yolanda’s fate doesn’t matter because John doesn’t trust her any more, especially after Dave appeared at the club. Oscar thinks they did well but he still wants to know how Dave found them. Zulima reveals that he found Cielito Lindo because of Olivia’s father.
• Yolanda tells Arnoldo that she told him her whole story but Arnoldo doesn’t believe her. Yolanda asks him what he plans to do with her and asks that he let her go because John Lucio has probably sent men to find her already. If he obliges, John Lucio may give him a lot of money. Arnoldo doesn’t like either option so he asks his guards to take her away. They come, grab her, and Yolanda asks to go to the infirmary because her back is hurting. He tells the guards to give her a bath and then take her; they oblige.
• Oscar calls Moreno, who reveals that the local police told him that the Colombian military shot down a plane and it was soon after theirs left with the merchandise. Oscar asks him to find out if Yolanda survived and Moreno tells him Yolanda owes him one because he lost a prisoner after she came to get the merchandise from his house. He tells Oscar that she was with the police and he has to leave ASAP before they find him. Oscar reiterates that he needs to know if she survived and Moreno tells him that he’s sure there were no survivors but he will try to find out what happened. They hang up.
• Zulima appears in a drunken John’s bed and slowly caresses his cheek. He wakes up with a start and takes out his gun but she tells him she’s there to take care of him now that Yolanda is dead because her plane crashed. He smiles and gives into her kisses.
• Yolanda takes a long shower and cries as the military officers wait outside the bathroom. Arnoldo opens the door to give her a towel and warns her to take care of herself at the base because he can’t guarantee her safety.
• Outside the station, Ortega gets the results from the blood samples and they were of Omar Nieves, demonstrating that he was at the bar and was probably killed there too. She relays the information to Dave and then calls Simpson and asks him to pick up the lab results. She hangs up and tells Dave that she needs to tell him something about Simpson but she would like to do it in the privacy of their hotel room so no outsiders can hear them. They leave.
• Estela counts the money Yolanda gave her and notices it’s slowly dwindling. In the living room, Rosalba tries to call Yolanda but finds that the phone is out of service. Estela comes out of her room and Rosalba hides the notebook she got the number from and leaves. Estela finds it either way and writes down the number.
• The medic checks Yolanda’s vitals and confirms that she has no fractures or bruises. He says it’s a miracle she serviced the crash but she must be a good pilot. He then tells her that it would’ve been better to die in the crash than ended up in Arnoldo’s clutches because he’s not a good man; he explains that they captured a woman that was helping the narcos a few days back and tortured her to death. Yolanda asks him for her because all she needs is a cell to make a call but the medic can’t risk it. He leaves her.
• Caicedo, Arnoldo’s right hand man, comes and informs him she’s at the infirmary and he’s waiting on further instructions on what to do with her. Arnoldo tells him that he has various options: he can either negotiate with John Lucio because he will give him a nice reward or turn her into the military, get another medal and work on his ascension or use her to find all the narcos in Colombia and he likes this option the best. Caicedo tells him there’s a fourth option: leave the woman in the soldier’s quarters so they can have some fun but Arnoldo warns him that no one can touch a hair on her hair until he says so. Caicedo nods.
• In the hotel room, Dave tells Ortega that he doubted Simpson’s loyalty but he’s shocked to learn that he is working against them. Ortega laments the fact that she slept with him while Dave finally realizes that’s the reason he always wanted to follow them around. He tells her they need proof so Ortega offers to grab his cell so they can check the calls and texts. Dave agrees and tells her it’s the only way Montgomery will believe them.
• Simpson arrives at the station with the results and looks at them. He then receives a message from Vergara, asking him to call Oscar Lucio. He does and Oscar answers, wondering if he’s calling to apologize for the DEA finding them. Simpson explains that the situation is complicated but Oscar doesn’t think it’s a good start to their relationship. Oscar then asks how Dave found them and Simpson tells him it was coincidence but found nothing so he should be off their trial for now. Oscar doesn’t believe that but he asks Simpson to kill Dave ASAP. Simpson tells him he doesn’t have those orders but Oscar tells him to get himself some big boy pants and do it. He also warns him to never leave him exposed like he did with DEA and hangs up.
• Arnoldo reads off assignments to his officers as Yolanda waits their makeshift jail. He then calls over one of the officers, Rubio, who confirms his order for a helicopter has been confirmed but they don’t know when it will arrive. Yolanda hears everything.
• Arguelles is watching Cielito Lindo from his car when he receives a call from Dave, who apologizes for the late hour but asks if he’s been watching the bar and AeroTours. Arguelles confirms he did and Dave tells him about the lab results, which confirm what he has been saying all along: Omar was there so Olivia has to be there with the Lucios. Arugelles assumes that he was there by coincidence but tells Dave that Omar’s body wasn’t among the dead when the police got there. Dave doesn’t understand either but asks Arguelles to keep him informed. They hang up.
• The girls are working the bar, tired and stressed, when Olivia asks about Zulima, who left them alone for the night. Cindy tells them to close up if Zulima doesn’t arrive in time to close the bar. Cindy leaves and the girls wonder why Zulima has been so dry with them lately and how Cindy knows more about her than them. They realize that they are more alone than ever and hope Yolanda talks to John fast so they can leave.
• Post coitus, John sleeps on Zulima’s chest as she smokes a cigarette. She smiles and tells him that she will take care of his sadness and ensure Yolanda never comes back.
• Yolanda tries to open up the bars of her cell to no avail. She gives up and goes to sit down.
• Roberto is looking at guns in one of the hangers when Oscar comes and asks if everything is good. He confirms it is but just wanted to try out some guns for his new gun. Oscar tells him that if he likes guns, and behaves well, he may ask Arley to give him a crash course. Roberto thanks him and Oscar tells him that the Lucios are decent, hardworking, loyal people and he expects the same thing from his men. Roberto agrees but they don’t notice another guard watching them.
• Simpson arrives at Ortega’s room and she is happy to see him. He kisses her but she shies away from his touch, briefly. He asks her if everything is okay and she confirms it is but would like a drunk. Simpson confirms he got her favorite whiskey but she would like some ice to go with it. Simpson leaves to go get it as she checks his phone but finds it empty. She calls Dave to confirm the cell’s information has been erased and he tells her they have to think of other ways to find proof because he will derail their investigation as long as he’s on the team. Ortega agrees and hangs up.
• Eladio chides Arguelles for not keeping the DEA at bay but Arguelles reminds him that he’s still an officer of the law and must keep up appearances. He then tells him that he took the DEA around Villa Antigua and checked out AeroTours because they suspect it’s been used for drug trafficking by the Lucios. Eladio thinks that if it belongs to them, the men he spent over there must be dead; Arguelles confirms Eladio’s men are dead because they found the truck by the river that morning. Eladio curses his luck and Arguelles explains that the DEA has not found anything to connect AeroTours to the Lucios so he’s unsure if it does belong to them. Eladio asks him to keep a close watch on AeroTours and make sure that Oscar is dead; when he has that information, he will make sure to plan his revenge against the brothers. They part ways.
• The next morning, John wakes up next to Zulima but quickly stands up, surprised to see her there. Zulima explains that he was a little drunk but they made passionate love. John tells her that he wants to be alone and kicks her out of the room.
• In the kitchen, Amanda sees a naked Zulima run across the main hallway and go into her room. She shakes her head.
• Caicedo brings Yolanda some fresh closes and asks her to get dressed. She asks him to turn around. He obliges but continues to sneak looks.
• In the lobby, Simpson asks Dave and Ortega if he goes to the bar but Dave doesn’t want to arouse suspicions. Simpson suggests he go alone because the flight attendants may not recognize him and he can confirm if they’re there. Dave agrees and asks him to go. Simpson leaves and Ortega asks why he let him go after what she told him last night. Dave confirms he put a tracker on him but can’t stand to be close to him.
• Oscar calls Moreno to confirm what happened with the plane. Moreno confirms that there were no traces of the merchandise or Yolanda but they found the crash site. Oscar asks them to look for her everywhere and get back to him.
• The girls ask Amanda what is going on with her because she has barely said one word or eaten and Amanda confirms she saw Zulima coming out of John’s room, naked, and wrapped in a sheet. Olivia thinks it may be a misunderstanding but Lizbeth hopes it has nothing to do with Yolanda’s disappearance because Zulima is her best friend.
• In the mess hall, Caicedo fills in the other officers on what happened to her plane and tells them she’s a great pilot to have surprised the crash. He then warns the men to stay away as Arnoldo ordered but they think it’s because the Capitan doesn’t want to share.
• In another table, Yolanda sits down to eat breakfast with Arnoldo but finds all the men staring at her. Arnoldo notices too but doesn’t say anything. Yolanda thanks Arnoldo for giving her food, fresh clothes and releasing her for the time being and Arnoldo thinks any decent human being would do it. Either way, she should appreciate it, as jail may be a different story. She asks if he will turn her in but Arnoldo tells her that all depends on what she’s willing to do to stay out of jail.
• John comes out of his room and finds Oscar waiting with a cure for his hangover. John thanks him and then asks about the DEA. Oscar confirms he spoke with Simpson who confirmed that Yolanda sold them out. John asks if he’s sure and Oscar nods. John then inquires about Yolanda and Oscar tells him Yolanda is dead from a plane crash. John nods and tells Oscar that he doesn’t want to hear Yolanda’s name again. Oscar is happy to hear it and then John asks him to clean up the house and get rid of the girls, Rosalba and Estela, if he can find her. Oscar smiles and John orders him to get make sure that anyone who knows about their current base of operations is dead…


The only way out of this mess for Yolanda is probably through San Francisco or that chick she helped escape.

Kirby: Yolanda is on her OWN! That's what she gets for being involved with Drug-Lords.

Now Ortega is getting suspicious about Simpson. Dave putting a tracker isn't going to work because Simpson has cronies not only in the DEA, but most likely the FBI as well.

Thanks, Alfredo.

So John wants to go after Yolanda’s aunt and (hell)mom too? I’m done with him. He’s as bad as Oscar now. And dumb too – shouldn’t the fact the Zulima came into his bed give him an inkling that she had it in for Yoli? Basta!

Nice of Capitan Arnoldo to write Yoli’s options on the blackboard, so I could grasp better what’s going on.

Not even a bruise? Wow, superwoman.

Now that they know Zulima slept with John, maybe it will sink into the gone girl’s heads that Zulima is nobody’s friend.

Steve I think the man they want to tell about Simoson is dirty too. Montgomery? Who is he?

Wilt Yoli presumed dead Oscar and Jon want to kill all the women.

WITH thanks Samsnag

Yes, Montgomery is dirty too and that's why he rebuffed Dave's complaints about Simpson.

Since a woman has already done her task of pooping Oscar onto the Earth I feel that he would be happy killing every woman alive.

So the Lucio Brothers can forgo one of their pilots, (Yolo), a little Cessna, and 5 million dollars worth of cocaine and celebrate with a nice blitzed out drunk-on?

Niecie: I'm expecting all of the Gone Girls to get whacked. Plus, you can expect Yolanda's mother & aunt getting whacked as well.

Kirby: Ortega better watch herself because Simpson will whack her & frame Dave.


Thanks, Alfredo! Lots to think about here and my #29 actually got here on time! Sorry not to be able to comment sooner. Love the action the past couple of nights!!!

Well..If Yoli is able to make that phone call..I wonder how John will react when he receives it now that he thinks shes dead and he wants no memory of her. I wonder at what point Yoli finds out he ordered the hit...I'm sure that will be a turning point for her...or will it.

Now I'm anxious to see how John reacts when he finds out the extent of Oscars betrayal when it comes to Yoli.


Thank you everyone, Niecie, Kirby, Steve, Jardinera and Nett! Sometimes a break in between narco shoot outs is required. I have to catch up on Friday's episode so see you there ;)

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