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La Piloto #30, 4-17-2017: Slip-Ups And Loose Ends Hurt Your Friends

Vasquez enters Yolanda’s cell and wakes her up just as Sargent Recaldo (?) abusively reminds him that Yolanda is Colonel Santa Marina’s personal property.  He’s called away and El Galeno finds his cellphone on the floor under the bed for her and says make that call now before somebody else comes along and they make din-din out of the both of us!  She does but there’s no signal.

In Villa Antigua, John and Oscar are still offering Pops Arguelles, the Rent-a-Cop, an offer he cannot refuse.  Oscar tells him that they have a friend in common that they’re looking for and want to get in touch with, El Bolches, aka Eladio the Bald Bullyboy.  Pops takes the cash and says he’ll let them know.  “—Better be today.  And BTW, smile for the camera—just in case you’re thinking of opening you’re big trap…DON’T.”  Pops exits stage left as Arley enters.  Arley tells him the stewardess, aka the Gone Gals, have been permanently exiled to the depths of “el más allá [the great beyond/afterlife]” otherwise known as that great airline in the sky.

Back in the jungle, Col. S&M has the cell phone searched for.  He sees Vasquez running off like he’s scared of something and runs after him.  While Galeno tries hiding the cell under an old step, S&M walks up and puts a gun to the back of his head.  “--I can explain—“  “--Yes and you will.” They dunk him and tell him to search his memory as Yoli watches from her cell window.  He was trying to call his girlfriend on her birthday.  They dunk him again.  Finally Yoli stops this by calling down to the colonel and saying she’s ready to tell him where the local narcocienda is located.

In Altamirena, DEA Dave stops by Rosalba’s house looking for her.  No answer.  He enters and looks around, pistol in hand.  He finds Cañengo tied up in the closet and answers the ringing cell. “--Oscar, your guy’s all tied up at the moment and can’t take the phone.”  “—Who is this?”  “—What?  Don’t you remember me?”  John answers on speaker and asks if the guy’s dead yet or not.  “--Nope.  Not yet.—“Daverto want’s Yolanda and if anything’s happened to her they’ll swing Big Time.  “--Well then, you’ll have to come here to get us cuz we burned her already.”  (I think) John is asking why Oscar did and said that. “--Because they were in cahoots together!” He’s never seen Yoli there.  So, if Rosie were dead then he’d have no reason to follow the yellow brick road back to them there.

Meanwhile, Estela and Rose have sought shelter across the way in Florence’s house.  They borrow Flo’s cell and Estela wants Rose to call Yoli but Rose says she doesn’t remember the number and it’s only in the book she left at her house.  Estela pulls out a card in her purse and has Rose call that instead.

Over at Rose’s, Dave tries getting information on John or Oscar from Cañengo and of course he’s staying mum.  “—Get a last look at the sunshine and sky cuz it’s the last time you’re going to enjoy it.  You’re going to be in jail for a lonnnnnnnnnnng time.”  He calls Monica then.  He tells her about the tied up guerrero in the closet and the phone call from John and Oscar on the guy’s phone, and then how Estela and Rose must have fled for their lives.  He mentions that Oscar said that Yolanda is dead, but neither of them know whether to believe it or not.

Back in her cell, Yoli wants to know if she can really trust Col. S&M.  He says yup.  I don’t know you and this never happened.  She wants more than just his word.  She doesn’t and, he’s in a hurry so she better open up now or else.  A few minutes later, the men are at attention and they’re getting ready to go for the narcocienda.  Vasquez is released from the hold.

Dave and Moni chat about Simpson who is still at the bar (I don’t know if it’s Cielo Lindo or not).  He’s done nothing suspicious about (I think) his being in contact with one or the other drug gang in Villa Antigua?).  She’ll check on El Bolches, et al.

Speaking of which, he’s mad that Pops hasn’t spoken to him yet.  Pop’s son, Lt. Arguelles (Raul) is suspicious as to why his papi hasn’t answered his phone all morning.  Pops says it’s just some crank caller.  Pops gets especially angry when Jr. suggests giving this search up to the Feds.  Why bring them in here? We’re good enough to do it by ourselves!  He orders his son to Utero where there is nothing but a bunch of cantinas and prostitutes. “--Why not let me get hold of Santa Marina, then?”  “--Nothin’ doin’!!  You’ve been given orders, so follow them!”

At Moni’s office, an agent comes in with a report of shots fired near the river there in the area of Villa Antigua.  She calls Dean Simp-sone and asks where he is.  He’s gone from the bar since nothing was happening around there.  All quiet.  Ok.  There’s been shooting reported around Los Vinieros.

Simp-sone goes to check on things there.  He tells the Lucios that he’s leaving and not to worry.  He’s got the lady Lt. under his thumb.  She doesn’t know a thing and the cartel pays him well to keep it that way.  “--Relax, guys.  Cao.”

In one of the nearby towns, possibly Utero, some tuffs try to take advantage of Bette but she knocks one over the head with a nearby discarded liquor bottle.  Smash!  Just then Lt. Raul drives up.
At the same time Liv sees a farmer loading pallets.  DEA DEAN stops and asks about the gunfire.
 Liv hides till he’s gone.  She climbs up a to the truck and hides in the back.  The farmer drives off as her kid brother heads down that way on the bus.

Col. S&M handcuffs Yoli to the back of his jeep and they head off.  She’s got a hood over her head so she’s less “out there”.  Vasquez is under guard in the following truck.

Back in the outback of Villa Antigua, Cindy is lying to her mother about taking that job at Cielo Lindo Bar when she comes across an unconscious Amanda laying in the creek.

DEA Dave has been unsuccessful questioning Cañengo.  The guy’s mouthpiece of a lawyer rescues him.  “—What of Rosalba?”  “--She’s got somebody helping her, but it sure isn’t one of the DEA cuz this dude hasn’t gotten me to talk and nearly strangled me because of it.  Those guys don’t know anything about Rosalba!”

John and Oscar discuss how Rose got free of Cañengo and if she’s ready to open her mouth then they’re sunk.  Something has to be done.  They have a traitor in their midst.

Estela and Rose tell Flo about their little adventure and send her off to buy groceries and make them dinner.  “--Why’d that guy want to off you, Rose?”

Back in the jungle, the army stops and Yoli gets the hood off.  She climbs up and tries to get her bearings for the narcocienda.  Col. S&M has her back in cuffs again.

Oscar calls DEA Dean and scolds him for not telling them that Dave was in Altamirano and now they have one of their men.  Shucks!  He wasn’t told!  Oh??? “--What’s your problem, gringuette??? Dave’s found Rose alive and if she talks all of us go down, including you!  So, get your act together and fast!”

After some afternoon delight time (I think), Zulima asks John to keep the bar open and to keep Sindy on since she did back them up when the Feds showed up for a raid.  He says fine, keep her on; but you will answer for her—with your life if she screws up and screws us over.

Sindy, meanwhile, has Amanda recuperating in her bed at Mama’s place.  Mama is pissed as hell, especially when she learns that Amanda worked along with her for the Lucios’ bar.  We have to help Amanda and tell her friends that Amanda’s here. (Big mistake!) Nobody else knows. (And you should keep it that way, but what the hell…..)  Call me if she wakes up.


Sorry, it's late due to computer issues. Enjoy.

Thanks, Jardinera. Super title and recap. Love the names “El Bolches, aka Eladio the Bald Bullyboy” and “Colonel S&M.”

Yay, all the gone girls survived! Nice that Cindy is the one to rescue her former nemesis. I just hope nobody phones Zulima.


Niecie: Ortega & Dave secretly working to avoid Simpson suspecting them finding out his corrupt activities, etc.,

Jardinera: No problem!

Thanks Jardiners. Back in town but no viewing this at the moment. But still interested enough to keep up with the recaps. Yes, Colonel S & M is a perfect name for this guy! Nothing like some nice enjoyable torture sessions to set a guy right!

I am glad they are letting Yoli be a normal woman instead of some supergirl who whips S&M and ten others and takes their guns like in some popular movies.

Thank You SixFiftyFour.
Man ! Little Yoli got some Big Cajones for a chick. I haven't seen every episode, does Yoli know Zulu is a backstabbing beach?

Kirby - Nope, Yoli has not figured out Zuli is a backstabber. If Yoli gets access to a phone and dials Zuli, I will scream.

OK thanks. I was thinking that.

thanks Jardinera654 for your hard work, I have been following the recaps but don't usually have much to add.

This is fun and hard to predict which adds to the excitement, no bullets a flying this time! (I think)

I'm glad the "gone girls" aren't ... so far. I am a little surprised the opening credits still show the steward uniforms, we are so far from those days.

Thanks for calling Monica, Moni not Ortega, even the CC names her Monica. I think Simpson/Montgomery (last names) should be for the crooked cops.

I miss Hulu, i was really able to study the language and the slang.

Rena: Ortega needs to watch herself because if Simpson even smells a hint of her investigating him, he's going to whack her.

The corruption inside the DEA is expanding & fast!

Dave's going to need help from maybe the cast of ABC's "Quantico" to assist him in exposing the corruption, etc.,


HULU SUCKS! Gracias de tu por tu servicios. Cindy was moved by Amanda's pregnancy - think she'll be a "good guy."

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