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Vino el Amor #128 (Uni # 117) - Tuesday April 18, 2017 - Vino el Plans for the Future

Miguel has got big plans for vinedo del competency. Vinedo del incompetency is falling apart and we're supposed to think that's because Luciana quit. Sure...

The real reason for vinedo del incompetency's incompetency, Duh-vid, is making another incompetent decision by planning a surprise proposal for everyone's favorite aunt Succubus.

As for the rest of the villains, Lilian is planning to destroy Gut, Gut is planning to destroy the illegal traffickers, and Perla is stewing about Juan and plans to get Carito to stew with her. Only Carito has other plans... to help Gut catch Juan and Perla.

Hang in there, we're almost at the finish line (which is episode #141/142 in Mexico and who knows with Uni since they are stretching this out to May 5). Looks like I should plan to have one more recap next week...I think we only got episode #128 in this one, based on the summary at Canal de las Estrellas. If it turns out I'm wrong, I'll edit accordingly.

David decided that it is time to formalize his relationship with Graciela and tells Fer he's going to do that. She's thrilled and advises him to ask her ASAP.

Miguel tells Luciana about the lands that he inherited from Erica. Luciana is very proud of her friend and is sure he will make the vineyard that already was the best, the best! Adolfo says he already is, and now he's got Luciana to help him. Adolfo and Miguel head off to a business deal meeting.

Ramon and Susan discuss how things have gotten even worse if that is even possible in David's vineyard.  Orders are being delayed for the vino del romance because the price point hasn't been agreed to yet. Ramon and Susan think that it's all too much work. Ramon literally says, "now that Luciana is gone, it is getting worse." LOL like things didn't suck in David's vineyard when Luciana worked there. Luciana is annoying but she's not the real issue with vinedo del incompetency. That would be Duh-vid.
Susan desperately awaiting her offer of employment from vinedo del competency

Perla is very worried about some problem she vaguely alludes to and desperately calls Carito to talk to her about what is happening. She begs her and Carito agrees to come by.

Gutiérrez learns that the illegal traffickers returned to business. He's shocked. The other cop says there are no leads, but it's following the same pattern as before. Uh, maybe Mark's friend Juan might be someone to check out? Gut says to keep it off the record as long as they can.

Ah, Perla's call was a ruse to get Carito over and get her back on team illegal immigrant traffickers. Perla tells Juan she tried to get Carito to come over but she's not sure she will. After all, her cousin died because of the way they treated the immigrants. Juan tells Perla to tell Carito she is going to lose Juan if Carito doesn't help and to use the saleslady skills she uses on the illegal immigrants to convince them to stay.

Marta visits Luciana at work. Luciana says she misses her mom and Leon, but Adolfo and Miguel are great to work for. Probably because they are actually competent. Marta's glad to see it's going well and shares that the vinedo del incompetency is even more incompetent without Luciana. Luciana inquires about how David is...

Perla doesn't buy what Juan is selling. He doesn't care, and tells her that she needs to get Carito under control especially since they need money badly. Juan's olive oil isn't selling lately thanks to David's interference. Perla asks for a promise that when the olive oil business picks up, they will quit illegal immigrant trafficking. Juan swears that they will do that.

Marta really wishes Luciana hadn't asked about David. She tells her that David is fine and working hard and taking care of his family. Marta confides that taking this enforced vacation is boring her and she wants to get back to work. She's going to ask Duh-vid about this tomorrow. Marta misses the kids. Luciana hopes Duh-vid realizes how much he needs Marta.

Duh-vid talks to Bobby to find how he would feel if he marries his aunt. Bobby asks if he'll be happy with her. David says yes. Bobby says, well OK den, all I want is for you to be happy.

Luciana tells Marta that Miguel told Luciana that it's a big day for vinedo del competency. Marta is glad to hear it and happy for Miguel's success. She tells Luciana that she's been a great friend to Miguel. Luciana says it's too bad Duh-vid didn't see this. Marta bids her farewell, clearly not wanting to drag this part of the conversation on.

Bobby continues to reassure his dumb father that he's cool with him marrying Aunt Succubus. You can tell the kid just wants to get back to his video game. David tells him they will be a united happy family. OK, says Bobby, but first you must help me kill the zombies ... and he hands Dum-vid the controller.

An immigrant wants to turn against Juan. Gut promises the cop that he'll help the man get residency in exchange for information. Gut says he promised Marta he'd help the immigrants and that's exactly what he's going to do.

Lilian the PR expert plants some evil fake news about Gut not caring about immigrants with local news. Sonia disapproves.

Graciela talks to Fer who almost spills that her dad is going to propose but covers with a mystery invitation to join her and David at a restaurant at 8 pm this evening. Gracie thinks it's weird she's meeting them and not going with David.

Lilian confesses to Sonia that she wants to destroy Gut and then mock him. Sonia tells Lilian if she didn't care about Gut, she wouldn't think about him so much. Solid advice from a solid character. Like Lilian is going to follow it. Lilian asks Sonia to gather her press contacts, as she's got calls to make.

Marta is working hard again but Ramon makes her stop and rest. Marta tells her she hates watching everyone work. He tells her to use the time to do stuff she never gets to do, like go out with him. They make some goo goo eyes at each other and he asks her out on a date. She gives him a kiss and says she will rest up. He says that kiss gave him some energy to go back to work.

Lilian walks in on Gracie picking out an outfit for her mystery dinner. Gracie says it's probably something about Fer and school. She's worried because lately she's always with the kids and not so much David. She is overthinking it all and believing she's losing hope of marrying David.

Tano and Leon talk about side hustles and lawyers and permits and such. It sounded like they are going to start a taco food truck business. Leon is excited because it will give him something to offer Sonia.

Carito offers to help Marta cook. She agrees as long as Carito won't tell anyone Marta is doing a little work. Carito tells Marta about how Perla called and wanted her help. Marta warns her not to trust Perla and Juan.

Gracie picks out a dress and grills Fer for info on the surprise. Nothing doing. Gracie worries that David is keeping a secret from her. Fer tells her it's something good that will please the whole family and Gracie should look good.  Gracie is frustrated.

Perla is crying in her apartment when Carito knocks. She tells her she needs her more than ever Perla tells her that she and Juan have some awful money problems, are running out of options and having to traffic immigrants again. They need her help.

Fer sneaks up on Tano and he's happy she did. She tells him she loves him with all her heart. They sweet talk each other and start to make out.

Carito is horrified at what Perla is asking. She tells Perla it's awful to see what kind of person she's become. Perla tells her they had no choice and Carito points out you can always choose to do honest work. Perla begs her for help. Carito tells her no way and leave her alone. Good for Carito!

Things wine-wise are swimming along for vinedo del competency as Miguel and Adolfo closed the deal! A celebratory meal for Adolfo, Miguel and Luciana is on the menu. Gee, I wonder which restaurant they'll choose?

Perla and Carito get into it. Carito begs Perla to end the business with the immigrants. Then she calls Perla a coward and tells her she is turning into Juan.  Perla says she must help Juan and shoos her out. Carito stupidly threatens her with going to the police. Perla keeps her inside.

Gracie meets a sullen-looking Duh-vid at the restaurant. She asks where Fer is? Duh-vid explains that was a ruse to get her there and he has to speak with her....

Perla begs Carito not to go, and promises she'll get Juan to stop his trafficking. Carito doesn't believe it and warns Perla to get out of there before the police arrive for Juan. She stomps out.

Duh-vid rambles on about how his kids are stable now and Gracie is great company and a great example for them. So because of that -- he gets out the ring...

Duh-vid asks Gracie to marry him. Gracie YANKS that ring away, puts it on her finger, and is all "Si, si, si!!!!" Of course, at that exact moment, Adolfo, Miguel and Luciana arrive and can not believe what they are seeing. Adolfo shares that they are celebrating Miguel taking part ownership of the vineyard and landing some new business. David congratulates him. Gracie does too, and then she shares that she and David are celebrating ... their engagement!

End of Episode 128??? That's where the Canal de las Estrella summary ended anyway. However, most of what followed wasn't in the summaries for episode 128 or 129 and I think it went more with #128. Read on...

Adolfo, Miguel and Luciana congratulate Duh-vid and Gracie with even less enthusiasm than Duh-vid mustered for the proposal. Gracie doesn't give two figs as she plants besos all over David and Luciana watches.

Ramon asks Marta how Luciana is doing. Marta says she's still kind of sad, but the new job is going well. Ramon and Marta make lovey-dovey small talk at each other.  He's worried she's tired, but she feels rested. He doesn't like that she has to hang with Lilian and her rudeness while she works.

Gracie returns from the powder-room with some lovey-dovey talk for Dave, who replies with the tired it's all for the kids line. They toast to their "happiness."

Miguel has moved on and is thrilled to see Frontera on the wine list at this restaurant. Luciana is distracted and gets some kind words from Adolfo who offers that they can leave if she wants.  Adolfo tells her she's a strong gal. Miguel agrees. Luciana says if it wasn't for them, she doesn't know what she'd do. Then she turns around to see Gracie kissing David again. That will learn her!

Ramon and Marta continue to discuss Marta returning to work vs resting. Marta is afraid the kids will get too used to Tia Gracie. Ramon reassures her it won't happen, but Marta doesn't want to risk it.

Duh-vid tells Gracie about Fer getting some college grants. They are thrilled. Duh-vid wants to go home and give the kids the engagement news. Gracie wants to stay and celebrate in front of Luciana some more, but gives in.

Adolfo and Miguel redirect Luciana into trying to celebrate.

Fer wants Tano to help her with the immigrant association. He's worried they are delinquents but she says they just need help. He's proud of her for helping. They realize they only have a few more minutes to make out before Duh-vid comes back so they get to it.

Same with Sonia and Leon, who wants to get frisky in the kitchen. Sonia tells her lion cub she's got too much work. He helps her wash dishes and this turns her on.

Carito comes home sobbing and rushes into Marta's arms. She tells Marta that she's afraid because she doesn't want to put Perla in danger. Marta insists she tell her what's going on. Carito cries that she has done something very bad. Marta tells her that it won't be so bad if she clears her conscience and confides in someone.

Gracie runs in the door and tells the family about the engagement.

Lilian is glad Duh-vid did something correctly for once. Gracie says she won't take the place of Lisa but she'll make the family happy and beautiful! The happy family hugs.


Thanks, DY! More later. Just wanted to remark how weird it was for DisGracious to actually NOT be in the know about something---and it drove her ker-razy! Since she only manipulates and uses others versus having actual relationships with her, she was really out of her element not being at the wheel. It was a small pleasure to witness her discomfort and it got even worse in the moments before Dud-vid actually proposed!


I thought that was nice (considering), since it kinda reaffirmed that Graciela actually does have real emotions--even if she only ever shows them to Lilian and David, in order of degree, versus being an emotional simulacrum to everybody else.

That said, and thank you so much dy, last night's episode was sort of a mess. On the one hand, Carito finally got fed up with Perla and put her on blast for being a self-absorbed jerk and Best Couple Sonia and Leon got turned on by housework (okay, who am I kidding, that saved the episode). On the other hand: David's marriage proposal--or rather the buildup to it--was the most underwhelmingly forked up proposal I've seen in a long time. Assuming CC3 was on point, he basically said that Graciela had been good for his family and himself and he wanted to show her that he appreciated her--I think there was a te quiero in there before he rather unceremoniously busted out the ring, all the while still rocking his "Help me, I am in Hell" face, but I'm not even sure about that. Graciela lit up like the Empire State Building, though, so hey--mission accomplished.

Lilian trashing Magic Brian again for dumping her (which is even loonier since we never actually saw the dump) was probably more important for Sonia's ongoing slow march to actively resisting her boss. Lil's makeup made her look rather evilly severe there, too.

Thank you dy

"but Adolfo and Miguel are great to work for" That is until she sleeps with one of them.

Still trying to sell David is sacrificing himself for his children as noble, bullshit. This is the path of least resistance.

Marta has been away from "my kids" what, a week? Oh my, the world will end if they should forget about her.

I really felt sorry for Luciana at the restaurant. Glad she has Adolfo.


Thanks, dy77. "Gee, I wonder which restaurant they'll choose?" Indeed.

Marta sucks at vacation. Go to the beach, woman. But I guess Carito needs someone to talk to, else she'd have to talk to herself and I hate that.

It seemed like David was practically begging Bobby to nix the engagement. "Are you sure you're okay with this? Are you extra-special-sure? Are you super-extra-special-sure? Because I won't do it if you say no, so are you sure you're sure? It's okay if you say no, by the way."

Granted we had the advantage of seeing the avances and David's conversations with the kids, but even so, I thought it was unlike DG to be worried/annoyed about the "special meeting." The confident DG I know would have been like, "I'll bet tonight's the night he'll ask me!" Did she think they were meeting at a restaurant for him to say "I've packed your bags, they're in a cab outside, you don't have to go to San Diego but you can't stay here"? Or is she just that afraid of being bored?

Ugh, that restaurant scene. I'm glad Luci didn't start a brawl when Gracie waved the ring at her, but I would have forgiven her if she had. Funny that Luci kept turning around to look... you'd think she'd know better. (And IB was good in those scenes... I'm always impressed with her non-romantic scenes.)

How hot was Leon, washing those dishes for Sonia?? I hate doing dishes.

I'm amazed and disappointed that they showed us Lil's campaign against Gut without having let us see just how devastated she was over the breakup. It's not often that you see a woman slapping her own face. I wish they had found a way to splice that breakup in somewhere.

Ironically, tofie, if the circumstances were different I think we could (perhaps grudgingly) accept David's "sacrifice" as such. But, with what we've been handed...nooooo.

Oh, and Marta freaking out because she couldn't be with "her" kids--to Luciana at one point to boot--is/was hilariously forked up on its own merits. That awesome canyon-sized disconnect between the show's intent and where it really ended up is a hell of a sight.

Gracias, dy77. Good job on a -- finally -- complete episode.

Tonight's will pick up from the arrival home of David and DisGrace.

I think the subtitles were on point. DisGrace is the one who isn't really hearing what David is saying. She is blissfully unaware that el corazon no se manda and continues to delude herself into believing that David will ultimately love her. In the meantime what she is on about is obsession.

She has always been about besting Lisa because of Lillian's favoritism. Lisa was always good in school while DisGrace was always somewhere behind her. This must have been where it began. Lillian would have been on her case about this starting in kindergarten because in her mind college was for finding the men from the "right" families or ones who had high earning potential, like future doctors or lawyers. She thought she had it made in the shade when she began dating David only to lose him to Lisa. Everything she did after that was an attempt at stealing him.

Lisa had her number and told her to get out. DisGrace's response was to kill her. She has been relentless in the almost three years since and now she will probably get careless that she has the sparkling rock on her finger. Note that she didn't wait for David to put it there; she took it out of its box and put it on herself.

More later.

But Bill, David can still sacrifice for his children without marrying Graciela. He's marrying her because he couldn't keep it in his pants and got caught by Bobby. He could have stayed away from Graciela sexually and not dated anyone publicly.

Urban: "now she will probably get careless that she has the sparkling rock on her finger" I hope so. I want someone to overhear something. (Not Marta, she already blew her big chance.)

When she put the ring on right away, I thought about the old story of Napoleon coronating himself.

David can't pout and act like this is an accident. He decided to wife Graciela, shopped for a ring and with Fernanda set up a romantic dinner to pop the question. You can bet he'll be grinning ear to ear next time she snapchats him nudes when he's working.

Unless I've very mistaken Napoleon crowned himself because he did not recognize any authority higher than himself to do so. DisGrace is so gleeful that she bagged David after two decades and change during which time she could have made a productive life for herself.

What a waste of energy.

David's sacrifice is all about FerBrat. Bobby would be alright with David being a single dad until he could marry someone better for the both of them. He is not completely brainwashed but if this wedding happens he will be the first victim in DisGrace's attempt to isolate David from anyone who might have her number.

Fortunately there isn't enough time left to get us to what I think Lillian wanted, which is to steal the vineyard out from under David in whatever way she can think to do it. She would need a new accomplice since her arrangement with Juan ended up working only in Juan's favor. She was attempting this while Lisa was still alive.

Tofie: "next time she snapchats him nudes when he's working." Oh, is he getting a job? Good for him. That will set a good example for the kids.

Dare I say that Graciela sexting David would actually be an improvement over what we've got now. It would show more of her personal full court press on him, rather than strictly through his kids and the occasional take-me-like-I'm-Poland boink.

But, tofie, you're right in that David could have stayed single and maintained his grumpy status quo...but that literally ran counter to nearly every single manipulation Lilian and Graciela inflicted on him. (Not to mention Fernanda, jonesing in her way for a mother figure and latching onto the Succubus.)

Forgive me Julie

"next time she snapchats him nudes when he's playing video games."

Thank You so much Dee Wye.

I have found a way to watch this show:

Anytime Dud N' Dis and faaaaaaamiiiillyyyy are on, I pretend it is a commercial for DisCount Labotomies and just kind of ignore it.

Then when NoJuan, Perla, Gut, Carito, Sonia, or Adorabalfo are on I tune back in.


Aw bummer, Tofie. I was hoping I would see him at the mall selling Auntie Ann's Pretzels or something.

Marvelous DY, you always do a wonderful job. I absolutely love the screenshot at the top with DisGrace and her excited looking face that says, “I won! I finally WON!” Then we see David next to her saying to himself, “I really don’t want this consolation prize, but I must sacrifice for my niños.

I agree with Urban, that this is just a lifelong obsession of DisGrace. I don’t believe she really loves David, she merely wants to possess him (like the succubus she actually is). She wants what her sister had, that’s all. And even if this wedding goes through, she will ultimately become bored with him, kind of like the Rebeca Murillo character on ECDLP and will spend her life in cheap affairs. But hopefully she will be exposed for the murderer she is before a wedding happens. I just want to see her in prison, along with Juan. As for Lilian, maybe she will just be kicked back to her ugly apartment in San Diego.

Yes, and I caught that scene where DisGrace took the ring from the box and put it on her finger herself! How cheap can she be? Ugh! This woman has no class at all.


Thank you dy77--it was all and more of what we expect from you. Great recap.

Does anyone know why NoWhuan needs Carito to do anything? Pressuring and threatening Perla to get Carito into the act? Weren't they just taking blankets and water and sandwiches to the "prisoners?" Isn't that something NoWhereWhuan could do by himself? Yeah, I know, he doesn't want to expose himself. Poor Perla sounded desperate. This was Carito's moment in the sun, so to speak. I was afraid that she was going to cave at any moment, but she stayed strong and her tongue lashing of Perla was brilliant. Go Girl (for what little time you may have left of this earth).

Oh, I thought Adolfo was being overly tender and solicitous of Luci's dilemma, so when Tofie said----until she sleeps with one of them, I decided it was not out of the realm of impossibilities. Now HE'D be a good May-December catch. Miguel has now completely rehabilitated himself in my esteem. Someone said a few days ago--what long sleeves can do to a guy. I'll add a suit jacket to that statement. My heart actually skipped a couple of beats when the two fellows got back to the MPR to tell Luci about the big order and Miguel did a little something with his eyebrows. Yep, folks, Galan Material.

DisZyGrace was certainly turned on by that proposal and ring last night. She couldn't have been flying higher than a kite (the feathered kind) as she was stammering her thanks and gleefully wrapping herself around that rooted Oak Tree. He didn't move a limb or branch while she preened and pawed (not even his lips moved) while she flew up to build her nest among the oak leaves.

Why can't I feel sorry for The Man with a Plan (to Please His Chilluns)? Marry in haste, repent...forever. We know he doesn't want to do this and yet, even when FerBrat told him she's leaving for college soon and won't be around, she wants to insure he's happy doesn't spark some reflection on the situation.

He's no poster boy for Happy Meals, that's for sure (and you can bet DisMrsOak will hire a new kitchen staff and probably won't step foot in the kitchen ever again).

Sorry, I feel like a rant just came over me. I'd buy one of Auntie Ann's Pretzels, but doesn't she sell cookies, too? Or is that someone else's Auntie?

Did anyone catch that scene with Fernanda and Tano where she was talking about her community service helping the immigrants? It sounded like she said something like, “Well California used to be Mexico, so they have a right to be here.” Did she say that or did I misunderstand?

Anita, are you sure Grace isn't more bat than bird? That way, if she builds a nest up high on David's head you can say he has bats in his belfry. (Bats don't nest, but I'm trying to make a funny.)

Yeah, Auntie Anne also has cookies (I just found out). I've never actually bought anything there before. Not sure if I'd get a pretzel if I could get a cookie instead. Don't cookies outrank pretzels? I will have to investigate next time I'm at the mall. I do these things for science.

Yes, Cynthia, she did say that or something very close to it.

Yeah, that is what Fer told Tano. Don't get me started on MY ancestors the Cherokee Nation.

Let us suppose for a moment that David actually has two brain cells to rub together: The first thing he would do is get with SiezeHer and their attorney friend and work out an ironclad prenup. That would not make FerNut or Boob unHoppy.

Second is lay off Carito, Marta, and Sonia and announce even before the wedding that now that they are a faaaaamiiiilyyyy DisFunk and MomFunk can assume the duties of the house. Just Dave and the two kids, should be a breeze. "You whores know how to cook, right? Well, either learn or starve."

I truly believe that Fer wants her father to be happy, and if she had been convinced that Luciana was his happiness she would be all for it. However, Lillian and Grace knew this and did everything in their power (including a fake shrink) to thoroughly bamboozle the dumb spoiled brat ... so Grace it is. Can't wait for Fernanda and David to find out everything that beautiful, kind, generous, loving, self-sacrificing Tia Grace has really done to "her" family! Luciana will be like, "How you like me now, Fer?"

If anyone should be asking for a prenup, it's DG. She had a career that was apparently successful enough to get people to come to her "press conference." She had to lend David money to keep his business afloat. Now that business is in disarray because of David's ineffective leadership.

If things go wrong between her and David, DG can tell a sympathetic "public" that it didn't work out and she's going back to her art. (She will probably need to find a new agent if Joselo has any self-respect at all.) But David doesn't have a similar "career" to fall back on.

He does have the vineyard, but she didn't seem interested in that - wasn't she saying a few weeks ago that she was going to try to get him to sell the place? (just before the plague)

Dy77...thank you so much for recapping all the happy moments for the happy couple. I especially appreciated it because I missed the first ten minutes and the last ten minutes.

Here's the reaction of Hubba who does not watch this show.

Looking at Grace as Fern leaves her room : "She has some interesting looks. What's her problem?"
Looking at Dave after he gives Grace the ring: "His face says 'This is bad. This is wrong.' "

Wow, GrwbbyGrace was absolute!y in rapture. Her eyes positively sparkled. Old sad Dave didn't even get a chance to put a ring on it because she grabbed that ring the minute Dave opened that box. I Was hoping that Dave would sudden!y snap the box closed like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. I thought that she might do a cartwheel or one of their old college cheers. "WE ARE...enggggagedd!!!!" Hip Hip Hooray!!!!" "Winning!!!!" It was like the Christmas my kids got Cabbage Patch dolls or the day I passed geometry class.

Julie I have no idea anymore. Lil supposedly wants to stay there in an enebriate luxury and DG just wants to prove to Lil that she can snag as good as (the same) man as her dead sister. But there has not surfaced a cohesive plan to accomplish all those goals concurrently. I hope phone double posts are gone.

Julie. ..chocolate covered pretzels...its a pretzel...its candy...dropping the mike. P.s. I don't think that Auntie Ann has those.. .but... .they are delicious .

I think that Grace would evict her mother in a hot minute if she became the lady of the house.

Thanks, dy77. Great job. Loved the pics, especially Susan and caption and Miguel all grown up with Adolfo.

Well, David soldiers on with his estupideces. He is consistent.

No no Susanlynn. Lose the pretzel entirely, fill the chocolate coating with more chocolate. THAT is candy.

I agree that Lil would/will be sent packing if/when DG becomes lady of the house. Not sure how she would do it but it would probably involve DG crying a lot around Duh and the kids. It could be about anything. "My mother has been spreading lies about that nice sheriff who saved dear Lucianita's life! And she's been drinking around the kids. And I just found out she's been bullying poor Martita and not letting the kids see her. I feel so betrayed. What about our faaaaaamily..."

Of course, Duh could snap out of his hypnotized state at any moment and set things right. Sure he could. But then the anvils would float gently down to the ground on soft fluffy clouds. We can't have that.

I was just ready to ask that. What on God's Green Earth or any other planet Lil might be from would make her believe she is staying, given her frosty relationship with DisGrace. In a corporate world, DisGrace is already building the infamous "Paper Trail", the prerequisite to a one way trip to personnel with your cardboard box.

With Boob off to boarding school, and Fer at college pregnant, exactly what does DisGrace have in mind? Just sit all day and look at her prize, or try to send him into an early San Fran grave?

Work alongside him in the vineyard, while Lil makes Hoe-made bread and gets Dinner ready?

An occasional side trip to the Vineyard of Competency to be assured that Luci is still pining away for the Big Frigging Prize.?

BTW Gut is on the road to redemption. Carito is on the Road to Perdition, and Perla and NoJuan are ringing the doorbell at Hell.

On soft fluffy clouds? Too funny

Charged with fourteen bazillion volts of lightning maybe.

I don't want Luciana with galan B just because he wears sleeves (thank you Erika) and a vineyard (thank you Erika) and a little sexual swagger (thank you Erika). From what I see all Miguel provides is testosterone. SB's success was because of Erika and it's continued success is because of Luciana. Why should she hook up with Miguel and be his right arm, brain and creative force? That's not a partnership but another indenture for a place to stay, clothing and food when she should be an owner and Miguel be her gofer.

I think to cement her legacy, she needs to kill her Mom too, after it is discovered that she had a hand in killing FerNandooooo toooo.

Tofie, from what I saw, SB Vines was headed down the TerLet even with Adorabalfo's years of experience and his hotshot new Dude. And Luc managed to pull that from it's swirl around the bowl in her spare time.

Either she is Xena Wine Princess or Migger and Adolf are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

The Google demographics for Sonoma do not mention anything about general population mental acuity or lack thereof.

Later Patio. Got kids to pick up at school.

dy, outstanding as always!

Fantastic recap...

I had a quick lunch today and read this and the excellent comments but have to get back to work. I will only be able to say that Luci showed remarkable restraint. I would have yanked every hair out of Graciela's head and/or had my face in the plate crying through the meal.

Luci is very strong.

Won't be able to check in until late tomorrow but wanted to thank you so much for your time and effort.

Beautiful avatar Kirby.


Tofie, I don't want Luci to end up with any of these guys. I want her to end up with her own vineyard. Maybe she can win it on a reality TV game show where she has to live with a bunch of really obnoxious, manipulative snotty women for a few months.

It does appear that Erika was the brains behind SB, because Mig and Adolfo couldn't figure out what to do without her, even after Adolfo decided to move on from his grief. How did he run that place while Erika was away?

Maybe that's the explanation behind the MPR. Maybe the financial situation was so dire that they could afford to heat/air condition only one room.

Nobody has said anywhere in the series that Lillian had anything to do with Fernando's death. I think I started that ball rolling but that was on the basis of how Azela Robinson's villains are typically written.

At this late stage I doubt that will come up, but the writers have done a poor job with thinking these characters through.

Now, had Sebastian Rulli been cast as David he would have found something more about him and possibly influenced the writers to have made him smarter. He can make do with a bad script but he's a much stronger actor than Gabriel Soto.

I don't know that DisGrace would kill Lillian, but she might try when Lillian finds out that she killed Lisa. That is, if nobody else knows yet. If she were smart enough she'd kill Juan before he could spill the beans to anyone.

Adolfo probably was able to run his vineyard when Erika was away because he knew she would be back. Grief overtook him for a while, but he recovered much faster than David did.

I thought Kirby meant that Grace might have had a hand in Fernando's death. I had a similar thought a long while back.

I wouldn't put it past DG to go on a killing spree, but she's such a practiced manipulator I think she'll try playing to her strengths first. David does own a gun, though. Surely she can find it if she doesn't have one of her own.

Funny, Juan told Perla last night or the night before that he didn't want to get his hands dirty. I don't think he can afford to be so fastidious for much longer. I got the impression that he's very inexperienced with the gun and might just as well blow his own foot off as hit someone on purpose.

So now I am trying to picture a Juan vs Grace showdown and I have no idea how such a thing would proceed. Talking? Rocking? Shooting? Coin flips? He has the phone, but rock smashes phone. Or, rock smashes Juan, then rock smashes phone.

yeah I meant (tongue incheek) DG had kilked her own Dad

Interesting thought, Julie.

We still don't know exactly when Fernando died. Nothing seems to have been said about how and I'm not about to go through all those recaps to see if there was even a clue. All we know is that he put DisGrace's name on the San Diego apartment either on the deed before he died or in his will.

When I remember how nervous she was just after she murdered Lisa it certainly didn't look as though she had ever killed before. Also, the way DisGrace talked about Fernando it didn't sound like he showed favoritism to Lisa. Those accusations are solely directed against Lillian. She never mentioned his name in connexion with said favoritism.

One would think that any parent whose spouse showed such blatant favoritism wouldn't stay quiet about it. Either they agree with the errant parent or they don't, in which case they should strongly object. That we don't have a clearer picture of this is a writing fail.

We don't know that there is anything on the cell phone at all. Lisa was running out of battery power when she got to the river. I don't think that Juan said what evidence he had or whether he even thinks that there is anything on that phone. It could be that the last few calls she made or received on it could mean something but I don't remember that episode well enough right now to guess what they were.

I think the murder of Lisa was a once and done thing. Grace and Lisa got into it , and they were both really angry. Then, GRace got her hand on that rock , and opportunity knocked..Or rocked. Rock>>>>Lisa's head. Serendipity. It just kind of happened in the heat of that moment. Juan and Lilian would not be so easy to kill because they are down and dirty fighters just like GRace. When JUan tucked that gun in the waist of his pants the other night, I was hoping......But no.

All I remember about Fernando's death is that he was sick. We don't even know whether he died of the illness, though it would seem so.

Urban...Perhaps Grace was Fernando's favorite...A daddy's girl. She is a girly girl.

All I remember about the cellphone is that during or right after the rocking, the camera showed that cellphone on the edge of the river. There had to be a reason for that shot. Maybe nothing is on it, but Grace does not know that and so it might freak her out if Juan shows her that phone and tells her that it is Lisa's and he found it down by the river of no return...For Lisa.

Thank you all! Keep the fun comments going. Having seen the finale, it's hard for me to join the speculation but it's fun to read it.

Kirby, the best way to watch this show is with a glass of wine in your hand and that cap of Susan on your phone for live-tweeting purposes.


I think that I had better buy a bottle of wine for next week.

I am looking forward to the next TN role that Kimberly takes on. She is so pretty. I hope she is a protagonist. I think she would be ideal in a comedy for a change.

I DO remember an episode where Lilian was mad at Gutierrez and she made some kind of statement that alluded to her having something to do with Fernando's death. She said something like, "Well if he doesn't want to die the same way Fernando did, he better cooperate with me." Or something to that effect.

Right, Cynthia! I remember now. She said Gut would "end up like Fernando," didn't say "die" specifically, but of course we know Fernando died. But maybe Lil did something spiteful to him first.

OT: Is anyone watching "Mi adorable maldicion"? This is much better than I thought it would be. Does anyone know of a site where I can get recaps. I don't understanding enough Spanish to get the whole dialog. I know I have missed some important conversations. Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance.



Luciana and Miguel don't seem headed to San Francisco. It would be too awkward if they tried to rekindle Miguel's youthful fantasy.

I would love to see Luciana go off without Miguel and without David & His Very Important Family (what about Luciana's family?). But I think the handwriting was on the wall when Luciana told Susan she'd take David back no matter what.

Maybe she withheld medication, which would make it difficult to spin into murder after all this time.

All we know is that he died when his daughters were young adults. The evidence for that is the family photo someone was looking at in one episode that I think was about 30-35% into the series. I should have screen-grabbed it.

I also said that he had to have been at least an adequate father or Lisa would not have named her firstborn for him, so I doubt that he played favorites. Lillian may have concealed her own expressions of favoritism from him. He may have died just after Lisa married David or when she was pregnant. I think he was already dead prior to the first episode.

At the risk of overthinking this it really annoys me that the writers don't seem to have made any clear decisions about this stuff before the time jump, which is where this information begins to matter.

Bluejean, I don't think anyone here is watching that one. What you can do in the way of a recap is to find the page on Televisa's website, copy their synopses, and paste into Google Translate. The one problem is that the pronouns may come out strange as -- unlike in English -- Spanish uses the same ones for him, her, and it.

dy77, good recap. But what a load of bull, from dumb-vid & da-succubus. No
Joy what-so-ever in that damed-to-hell engagement.

And why does Lucy keep turning around
To look at stupid n stinky. David did
This to himself, and luciana. There is
Nothing she can do about the gigantic
Poo poo that dumb-vid has done in his
Pants. Really y'all he looks just like
A toddler that has dumped in his pants
And he looked at lucy like "mommie I sowwy Don't get mad I forgot" look on his face. Or the "I stepped in doggy doo"look. If it wasn't pathetically sad it would laughable.This man is just, I've never seen a man who allows
Himself to be this whipped.He really
Has no clue. How many more weeks we got left two,2 and a half,3?somethin's Gotta Give. In the next 1 or 2 weeks too. Miguel,leone`,and adolfo are the
Sweetest guys on the show. O and ramon
Cesar,Tano is kinda dumb sweet.He need
To get a clue. Dumb-vid stands alone.
I feel kinda sorry for him,cuz he is stuck. I said kinda.

Perla, still dumb and stupid.
Carita has grown up. One of these girls is gonna die. I hope it's not Carita. I'd settle for perla goin to
Prison. She can recover there. Stupid
Marta seems happy. We'll see how that
Turns out. Ok done fer now.

Thanks dy : )


I forgot about Leon and Sonia. Sweetest couple on the show. I love the way adolfo treats lucy. Just like
Daughter. Marcos Would kick dumb-vids
Arse if he was Live. Marta's to busy
Thinkin about her other kids (the spoiled brats). And they only think about her for what she can do for them
Little jerks.

Ok I don't recall seeing discrazy puttin that ring on her own finger. I
Gotta go back and look at that again.
Cuz she had her fingers stretched out
And he looked like he pushed it on her
Finger. I'll look at that scene again.
Anyways he put a ring on it. Or she did?

If it came to it would DisGanGreen try to seduce NoJuan to keep him quiet?

I am ready for something to happen.
The previews on Hoy, Despierta America and everywhere keep showing Armageddon
and we keep seeing 'Away in a Manger--Groundhog Day'.

Okay y'all I went back and looked at that scene where he proposed to her and,(if you could call that a proposal the man looked positively sick to his stomach. Anyway she had her fingers stretched out and he kind of shovedthe ring on her finger while she pushed from her side... that was such a mess. and his words were " Graciela I notice all you do for my children everyday and you always take care of me actually you're a good role model and you've given stability to this family my children love you they're happier than ever and you're a good companion for me( he could of been talkin about his dog, Lol) that's why I talked to fer and Bobby I made a very important decision, graciela will you marry me"?
And the he'll behind. I don't think it really matters who put the ring on her finger is all a nightmare. maybe while they're in the throes of passion on a honeymoon he can yell at Luciana's name.

And the hell begins" is what I meant

Thanks again, and muchisimas, DY!

Kirby, I don't think I'm the first and only to say it but I can see DG trying to seduce Juan to keep him quiet. I'm not sure they have time for that but all it would take is one scene, say with a kiss, which I imagine Doh-vid witnessing. A big argument ensues and Juan then outs DG, with or without cell phone, and maybe all the members of the FAAAAAAMILY come running when they hear the commotion as DisGotdammnedtohell melt's down and confesses to their shocked eyes and blown minds.

Nina, now this right here is REAL funny:

. . .maybe while they're in the throes of passion on a honeymoon he can yell at Luciana's name.

Dud would have to hope ain't no heavy paper weights or such laying around because she'd sure split his numb skull open for him!


Honeymoon? That's CRAZY ! No honeymoon for these two. Hell. They might be away from the kids for a few days, long enough for Boob iei to forget how to kick a soccer ball and Furby would be dead by then if she had to be out of sight of her liferaft Tia for two days straight.

In the restaurant when she flashed the rock to Adolfo I sooo wanted him to say #WaitWhat ! ? ! ? That's Lillian's daughter isn't it? Dave, aint that almost like shaggin yore Sister Son?

Ha! Interesting how that's not a factor, Kirb. Cultures differ. I guess in a lot of places it's ok for a sibling to take over with a spouse after a death -- whether accidentally or otherwise or divorce. Yuckola to me but, hey, different strokes.

Agree that without Tia-life-support these kids will be dead. I wonder how much time they're going to spend on the freak-out?

If Dud-ley saw DisGrope kissing another guy,,,,,AND if he was in possession of at least three brain cells, he would text the fellow a gift card for Motel 6.

Be like me catching somebody stealing my favorite mound of 150,000 pissed off Fire Ants. :-)

Hi, I'm a lurker...heehee...I love to read the recaps and your comments are always awesome...much more entertaining than the TN. I would really like to know--

What is your interpretation of DumbAss-vid's scratching his beard--always in the same place, so he probably has a callus there already. I'm thinking he is saying "Uh-oh, I did a DumbAss-vid thing...duughhh, what do I do now?"

Would love to get your thoughts on that, bet you all could come up with some humdingers!!


GoBlueFan--Kimberly Dos Ramos played a mostly sweet girlfriend to Eugenio Siller as one of the twins in Quien Es Quien. It is a comedy, but well written, with a dash of intrigue, bad guy, PSA on molestation and stalking (not by ES) and a mystery surrounding a switched soon after birth. Take it from me, it's worth finding and watching. It was on Telemundo last spring and summer.

They could go on a honeymoon if Marta gets her nana job back - which might happen if Grace kicks Lil out.

But otherwise, no. The only other option is to take them with you on the honeymoon like on the Brady Bunch.

Hi RC, I never notice him scratching his beard, but someone mentioned that yesterday or the day before, so I guess it's noticeable. Maybe itchiness is one of the symptoms when an undead person is slowly stealing your soul. I'll pay attention tonight and see how he does it.

Welcome, RC! Yah, we talked about that one day this week. He does it a lot, Julie. Sometimes it seems like a gesture of frustration or puzzlement, like scratching the head. If that's the case, damned beard should be gone by now! Maybe our male patio members can answer that but seems like a beard would be hellafied itchy, kinda like fire ants on the face!

RC--We already settled the beard scratching in an earlier comment. It is probable that David has cooties that itch. It is strange because I hadn't noticed until someone pointed it out. Now I see he does it all the time when he's in a tight emotional spot.

Glad to have you aboard even though this trainwreck is going to manage to pull into a Final Destination.

Julie--He did it twice last night. Once when he was with Grace and once when he was with Luci in the vineyard.

Julie--It's his left hand on the beard on his left jaw.

I'm so glad to have something to look forward tonight :o)

We know that Juan's life mission is to destroy Dave.He is just waiting to inflict that final wound. Will he wait until Dave and Grabby actually tie the knot , or is Juan so impatient to finish Dave off that he just will not be able to contain himself? Juan already confronted Dave and Grace in the fields with that vague remark about DAve not knowing what Grace is. Does Grace realize that Juan suspects that she killed LIsa? Maybe Dave will suddenly get cold feet , break the engagement, and GRace will go BSC, fly into a rant, and in a fit of anger accidently reveal that she killed lisa.I guess the truth has to either come from JUan, perhaps with his dying breath or from Grace herself in a fit of anger. Or will those two be arguing about it and someone overhears them? Fern, Boober,, Lilian, Dave, LUci? So what's on the cellphone? Will we ever know? Do the writers know? Do we care?

Oh yes Susanlynn, Grace knows that Juan suspects her. He's gotten blackmail money out of her with that knowledge. In fact, he also used that to get her to leave the vineyard for a while after Lisa "drowned."

My lame prediction is that someone will overhear Grace and Juan discussing it.

On the phone is an Angry Birds high score that Juan likes to show off and claim as his own.

Yes, I have noticed Dave scratching that beard. Hubba had a beard for several years , but I don't remember him scratching it. Perhaps it is like Lady Macbeth washing her hands With guilt "Out, out damn spot." Well, if DAve didn't do the nervous scratching, he might be sucking his thumb.The guy is stressed to the max.Just wait until the truth comes out!!

If someone overheard Juan and Grace arguing about the rocking, won't there have to be some kind of proof? Otherwise, it is just "he said", "she said.

Kirby...So, the oven cleaner didn't work on your ants ?

P.s. . Just asked Hubba if the beard he had years ago ever itched. He looked at me as if I was daft (as he sometimes does), asked why I asked, and said yes, as he recalled, it sometimes was itchy, especially when it was hot. I still think that it is a nervous habit that DAve has developed as his life spins out of control via Grabbygracie.

I think the overhearing requires DG melting down because she thinks Juan has proof, or she just has a psychotic break and outs herself or some such. DG got so nervous when Juan confronted her and Dave in the vineyard and just prior to this she'd had an argument with Lil in which she, DG, had a flashback of the argument and rocking. As she waited for Dave to propose to her, she really had no clue what he wanted to say to her and her face seemed filled with dread. With the argument and the flashback this is one thing the writers have done ok on: they have brought the murder back into focus. DG feels like she's home free but I believe she is deeply shaken by the confrontation in the vineyard. And remember, prior to the proposal she seemed, at least to me, to be ramping back up towards a freak out when it looked as if Dave was not proposing according to her time schedule.

I cannot wait to hear GRabby trying to splain away the rocking. " Lisa and I were arguing down by da river , and Lisa picked up a rock to bash me one on my head, so I had to get my own rock to defend myself. Honest That is the truth. It was self defense." Grabby will spin an interesting story. Or will it be , "Yeah, I did it. I have always been jealous of LIsa, and I have always wanted you, Dave. My bad. Now, where are we going on our honeymoon, honey?'Should I pack a swimsuit?"

Different ants

I have LOTS of pets. Grrrr


OMG Angry Birds High Score? That is brutally funny.
NoJuan is that shallow.

I think we need a side group for those of us who are damned to spent half of the rest of our life in the Assistant Vice Principal;'s helper's office eating Doritos to discuss these maddening previews.

DisGrace is nine tenths of the way to Freakout land every time something a little tricky happens and is not to her script. Like when she didn't know DumbestManonEarth was proposing to her and when DumLet asked what NoJuan was referring to in the vineyard, or when Lil gets on her case and she can't explain it because it would involve telling on herself.

She is like these people who get a subpoena and ignore it but sweat bullets of blood at the sight of every patrol car.

UNTIL one of those invariably actually sotps and picks them up.

Even after she marries Dummy she will still live in abject fear that her secret will somehow come to light.

She needs to binge watch that Justice Network channel with the missing children Walsh guy. She would especially like the "Forensics" segment they do 10 times a day

Kirby 8:21 I was looking into setting up a "room" with Chatzy for live discussion during episodes and after to discuss the avances, but it looks like Chatzy requires people to be invited by email, which I don't want to do. It's not exactly the Deputy Assistant Vice Headmaster's office, but it would be something.

Oh snap I wish I had a chat room right now...

Yikes one bites the dust.

Thank you Urban, I will check it out.

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