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La Piloto #31 4.18.17: In Which Yolanda Realizes the Danger She's In...

• Lizbeth walks around the town and asks a man on the street where the police station is. He tells her that it’s a little far but, if she takes the bus, she will arrive in no time. She tells him she has no money and he tells he she will arrive by foot in about an hour. She thanks him and starts walking.
• Across town, the truck Olivia was stashed in arrives at its destination and she gets off when the driver begs to unload boxes in a warehouse. Olivia looks around but doesn’t know where to go.
• In Colombia, Santamaria and his men stop a few yards before the entrance of Salvador’s house. Santamaria takes out his binoculars and observes a guard with a gun at the entrance. He asks Rubio to bring him Yolanda and asks her how many men are on Salvador’s farm. Yolanda has no idea but she assumes its 6 or 7. Santamaria orders his men to surround the property lest there be some surprises waiting for them and to let him know when they can proceed. The men oblige and Santamaria tells Caicedo, quietly, that if he sees any “snitches” (sapos) around to kill them. Caicedo nods and tells Vasquez to get a move on.
• Arley confers with his men about his ammunition. He nods as Roberto and another lackey confirm numbers. Just then, John comes with Oscar and tells the men that they will have a grand party tonight so they can capture El Bochas. Oscar wants him alive so they can take his money and supplies but if El Bochas insists on being difficult then they can get rid of him. Arley agrees and John gives him a phone to communicate directly with Capitan Arguelles, who will let them know when everything’s ready. John warns the men that the ammunition is not to be played with and the men all nod.

• Capitan Arguelles calls Arley and tells him that he will meet the Lucios at 7 and will send them the coordinates to the meeting spot directly. He hangs up as Coco and his men come and ask why he hasn’t responded Eladio’s calls. Arguelles explains that the DEA has been with him the past few days so he hasn’t been able to respond. Coco tells Arguelles to come with them and the men pull him into the car. They drive away and leave the squad car on the side of the road.
• Santamaria directs his men to go inside quietly and make sure no one escapes the farm. He then directs his remaining men to advance slowly and wait for instructions. The men obliges as Santamaria asks Yolanda to wait for him in the Jeep and instructs one of the men, Tapia, to protect her with his life.
• In Rosalba’s house, Dave looks through all the nooks and crannies and locates Rosalba’s telephone book. He finds Yolanda’s number and dials but find that it’s turned off. He begins to cry but stops himself when he receives a call from Monica. She asks about Canengo and Dave explains that he couldn’t make him talk and then his lawyer showed up, the same lawyer the flight attendants used. Monica laughs at how blatantly the flight attendants lied when they were arrested. Dave tells her he went back to Rosalba’s house to see if she had come back but she hasn’t and he found no clues. He asks about El Bochas and Monica confesses she hasn’t been able to find anything about the guy. Dave then asks about Simpson and Monica tells him that there is nothing new to report. She sees Simpson is on his way in though and hangs up.
• In the station, Monica asks Simpson if there is anything new to report on Aero Tours or Cielito Lindo. Simpson confirms there is not and asks about Dave. Monica tells him he went out but she has not idea where. Simpson nods.
• Santamaria and his men quietly infiltrate the Moreno farm and take out all his men. Vasquez shoots one of the men at the entrance and the soldiers go inside and separate to look for more men. Caicedo takes the opportunity to tell Vasquez that Santamaria sends him his regards and shoots him in the back. Rubio comes and confirms Vasquez is dead as the rest of the soldiers come to help. Santamaria asks Caicedo about Vasquez and he confirms that Salvador’s men killed him. He curses their luck.
• Tapia observes the ongoing activity on the farm while Yolanda grabs a tire iron from the car and approaches him. When he turns around to look at her, she hits him over the head with it.
• Rubio confirms the rest of the farm is empty and Santamaria confirms that they need to find Salvador soon and they will destroy the farm looking for him and any money or merchandise he left behind. Santamaria then radios Tapia but he doesn’t respond and Santamaria goes to look for him. Caicedo orders the men to search the whole house with Rubio and they go. Caicedo looks at Vasquez’s lifeless body and nods.
• Yolanda sees Santamaria approaching and runs but he fires a shot in the air and she stops with her hands up. He is disappointed that she keeps trying to escape but admires how resourceful and smart she is compared to the men he has ordered to take care of her. He grabs her by the handcuffs and drags her back to the car. He warns her that the next time she tries to escape he will shoot in her in the head.
• Eladio chides Capitan Arguelles for ignoring his phone calls and tells him to respond no matter what. He then asks him what he knows about AeroTours and Arguelles confirms that it belongs to the Lucios and Oscar is alive. Eladio curses his luck and Arguelles confirms that the Lucios have disappeared, presumably after the bar shootout. Eladio is pissed his missed his chance with Yolanda but a couple of girls should suffice for now. He then tells Coco to prepare everything because he is going to AeroTours to make sure the Lucios pay their dues to operate in his territory. Arguelles reminds him that the DEA may pass by AeroTours and find him there. He suggests that Eladio not move from house that night and Eladio agrees.
• Oscar and John walk the property when Zulima comes out one of one of the cabins and John chides her for not being at the bar. Zulima will go change and go right away. Oscar laughs at Zulima’s pet name for John (“leoncito”) and asks if he is officially with Zulima. John shrugs and Oscar thinks she’s better than Yolanda. John asks that he not mention that name again and leaves.
• The soldiers drag Vasquez’s body to the jeeps and Santamaria tells Yolanda that his death is a great loss, especially because he was the only one helping her at the base. Santamaria warns her that it’s his way or the highway and Yolanda tells him she’s sure he had Vasquez killed. Santamaria tells her to watch her mouth because she’s now more alone than before. Caicedo comes and tells him they found a bunch of money and cocaine and Santamaria congratulates them on a job well done. Santamaria then orders Rubio to report back what they found but to not give exact numbers. He then asks for some of the men to stay behind until the police come for Vasquez’s body. Santamaria then tells Yolanda that he will escort her back to the base because she didn’t keep up her end of the bargain and deliver Salvador; she only delivered his farm. Yolanda chides him for going back on his word but Santamaria points his gun at her and tells her that she can come the easy way or the hard way. Yolanda gets in the back and Santamaria curses her attitude. As they leave, one of Salvador’s men sees them and calls Salvador personally to tell him that Santamaria raided the farm, aided by Yolanda, the Lucio’s pilot.
• Oscar is sitting by the fire when Salvador calls him to confirm Yolanda is alive and well, aiding the military. Oscar curses Yolanda’s luck and Salvador tells him he’s now sure she released his prisoner. Oscar then asks Salvador for a favor: to find and kill Yolanda without John finding out. Salvador agrees but he will need some money for his services. Oscar tells him not to worry because the Lucios always pay. Salvador will let him know tomorrow what happens and they hang up.
• John calls his sicarios in Altamirano and tells them that he will pay $500,000 to whoever kills Rosalba first. He then hangs up as Oscar comes and tells him that a contact told him the DEA has new technology that allows them to tap phones wirelessly so they can’t be discussing business openly like he does. He offers to take John’s phones and block them from any listening device; in the meantime, John can use his walkie-talkie to communicate with his men. John agrees and gives him the phone.
• Dave arrives at Estela’s house and sees that no one has been in it since they locked it down. He notices a woman, Flor, walking to her house and stops her. He introduces himself as a DEA agent and asks Flor if she has seen Rosalba or Estela lately. Flor confirms that she hasn’t seen them for a couple of days.
• Estela observes Flor and Dave from behind the curtains. Rosalba comes and asks her what she’s doing; she notices Dave and asks Estela who he is. Estela confirms it’s Dave and Rosalba is shocked that he found them because she’s been in contact with him about Yolanda. Estela calls her an idiot and looks outside.
• Dave asks Flor if any neighbor has mentioned either woman in a while or if she’s seen them but Flor shakes her head.
• Rosalba tries to go outside to talk to Dave but Estela tells her they have enough problems and shouldn’t involve the police. Rosalba reminds that that she helped the police but Estela tells her that was something else and looks outside. Rosalba tries to run outside but Estela grabs her and covers her mouth.
• Outside, Dave can hear the thrashing inside Flor’s house and she confirms it’s her cats that make a ruckus when she’s out for too long. Dave nods and asks if she lives alone. Flor confirms she does and with her cats.
• Santamaria and Rubio drive Yolanda back to the base. He then hands her the hood to put over her head, as they can’t be too careful. Yolanda thought military officers had honor and puts the hood over her head. Santamaria confirms that they do and smiles.
• Outside, Dave gives Flor his card, just in case she hears something. Flor agrees and he gets in his car to leave,
• Estela throws Rosalba against the wall and tells her to be quiet. Rosalba struggles and they fall onto the couch. Estela tries to cover her mouth but Rosalba gets away and screams Dave’s name.
• Dave hears her and suddenly stops his car. He gets out, gun drawn, and goes to Flor’s front door. Rosalba can be heard inside, screaming her lungs off.
• Lizbeth arrives at the police station and asks for Raul Arguelles. The policeman on duty confirms he’s not at the station but tries to radio him. Raul doesn’t answer and the policeman offers to contact someone else. Lizbeth confirms that it’s a private matter and the policeman offers her a glass of water while she waits for Raul.
• Amanda wakes up and confirms she’s in a lot of pain. Cindy’s mother tells Amanda that still has the bullet in her shoulder but they have managed to cover the hole. Amanda asks her where she is and Cindy’s mother confirms her daughter, Cindy, found her in the river and brought her home. Amanda is surprised and asks where Cindy is now. Her mother confirms that she’s at Cielito Lindo, where they overwork her every night.
• At Cielito Lindo, Cindy cleans the bar as Arley arrives and she tries to tell him something. He stops her and radios the men to give them the all clear. He then asks Cindy what she wants but she receives a call and goes to the back to answer. It’s her mother, who tells her Amanda woke up and wants to talk to her. Amanda then thanks Cindy for rescuing her and Cindy tells her that she needs to see a doctor ASAP. In fact, Arley just arrived so she’s going to tell him what happened. Amanda tells her to keep quiet and not tell anyone she’s staying with her, especially Arley. Cindy doesn’t understand so Amanda confesses that Arley was the one who tried to kill her. Cindy asks her what happened but Amanda will tell her everything when she gets home. Cindy agrees and they hang up.
• Santamaria arrives at the base and calls his superior to tell him they found 20 kilos of cocaine, and it could’ve been more, but they arrived too late and Salvador’s men had taken all the money. The General thinks it was a win either way and tells him that they are getting everything ready for Vasquez’s replacement as they speak. Santamaria lament’s Vasquez’s passing but his General wants to know how he found the farm as Amparo’s directions were vague at best. Santamaria confirms that it was his military training that helped him out.
• Cindy goes back to the bar and Arley asks her again what she wanted to tell him. Cindy tells him they need some bottles for the bar and Arley confirms that she needs to talk to Zulima about that. Zulima arrives then and asks Cindy to take off her waitress uniform because she will be the new administrator of Cielito Lindo. Zulima also needs her to contract new waitresses as the old ones left. Cindy asks her what happened to the other girls and Zulima explains that they left and never called again. Cindy thought they were friends and Zulima thought they were too but those things happen. Zulima then suggest Cindy call her cousin to ask her if she needs a job and leaves. Arley comes behind the bar, gives her a kiss and asks her to come to the warehouse in the back to celebrate. Cindy is disgusted by his touch but Arley doesn’t notice.
• A military officer locks Yolanda up again and she curses Santamaria for going back on their deal. She looks out the window and sees Santamaria and his men hiding the money they stole from the Moreno farm. Santamaria tells Rubio to be quiet because his supervisor only knows about the cocaine. From the cell, Yolanda shakes her head as Santamaria gives Rubio and Caicedo a wad of cash for taking care of Vasquez. They thank him and Santamaria tells them to go get girls and food and drink to celebrate their victory and reminds them to keep quiet about Yolanda. Caicedo asks Santamaria if he wants him to bring back his regular girl but Santamaria has other plans and tells Caicedo they can have her.
• Flor attends to Rosalba’s wounds as Rosalba Dave asks about Canengo. Dave asks if she knows him and Rosalba explains that Yolanda left him to take care of her. Dave wonders why Canengo tried to kill her because it definitely wasn’t on Yolanda’s orders. Rosalba reveals that she hasn’t heard from Yolanda in days and Estela confirms that Yolanda is in league with some bad people, who possibly got her killed. Rosalba asks Estela to shut up but tells Dave she’s worried either way. Dave asks them to help him find Yolanda but Estela doesn’t want to because she fears the Lucio’s retaliation. Dave tells them that he can protect them, and give them a new identity, but he needs their help.
• Olivia arrives, by taxi, at a makeshift rest stop and asks a man and woman there for a ride to Tres Fuegos.
• Christian’s bus arrives at the Villa Antigua bus stop and he gets off.
• Monica orders of the agents to update the information she requested for the year 2016 and he obliges. She then receives a call from Christian, who tells her that he called to see if they had any news about Olivia. Monica confirms they do not and Christian asks if they know where his father was killed. Monica tells him he was killed in Cielito Lindo in the town of San Miguel in Villa Antigua. She wonders why he wants to know and Christian confirms that he is in Villa Antigua to avenge his father’s dead.
• Amanda’s fever worsens and Cindy’s mother prays that she doesn’t die in her house.
• Lizbeth cries in one of the police station chairs as Captain Arguelles comes and sees her. He remembers when he saw her at Cielito Lindo and approaches her. He asks if she remembers him but Lizbeth is quiet. He introduces himself as Capitan Arguelles and reminds her they met at Cielito Lindo, where she works. Lizbeth confirms that she no longer works there and asks if she can speak to Raul ASAP.
• Caicedo comes and orders Yolanda’s cell opened. He goes inside and drags her out as she tries to resist. He then takes Yolanda to Santamaria’s office and closes the door. Santamaria asks if she wants a drink but Yolanda wants to know what he’s up to because he doesn’t let her go or turn her into the authorities. Santamaria orders her to take off her clothes but Yolanda tries to leave. Santamaria cocks his gun and orders her again to take off her clothes…


Odds the Body Count increases to 50+ in this TN is around 50-50!

Yikes...our feisty heroine is in danger once again of losing her somewhat tarnished dignity. Love how these telenovelas always leave us with one raging cliffhanger after another.

Your precise, well-ordered recap made everything clear without having seen the actual episode. Thanks Alfredo.

Been watch telenovelas since UNA FAMILIA CON SUERTE. Es una gran manera de aprender español. Y ahora, con este maravilloso blog, puedo ver si entiendo. Muchas gracias,

Thanks, Alfredo. Great job.

The story is like an escape movie now.

Poor Cindy stuck in the bar with Arley. She must want to escape too.

Too bad about Vasquez. The only noble man in that whole outfit.

At last, Zulima may be detected. Cindy knows full well the Gone Girls didn’t just up and quit, and soon Amanda will realize Zulima didn't lift a finger to help them.

Dave, how can you assure Rosalba and Estela protection when who knows how many Simpsons are on the force? I can't tell, but I think Dave and Monica still trust Montgomery.

Niecie: Montgomery is DIRTY I strongly believe.

Simpson's got so many cronies inside the DEA, it's likely an international syndicate.


I've finally caught up, well up until last night's episode!!! My mom was in town so couldn't watch.

Thanks Jardinera and Alfredo for all of the great recaps!

So first off I'm pissed at Dave. He tells Oscar and John not to hurt Yolanda but doesn't mention the other girls? If Yoli was with them, him singling her out would put her in more danger. They know now they can use her as leverage. I know the writers are trying to hit John and Oscar over the head with the fact that she is a traitor but they are making characters stupid. Like the guy from last night that told them Yoli was helping. He didn't mention she had a gun on her.

I think Cindy changed the moment she heard Amanda was pregnant. She knew that Amanda wasn't just fighting with her over a guy but something much bigger.

Niecie, I too hope Cindy puts the pieces together and finds out about Zuli.

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