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La Piloto #33 4.20.17: In Which Yolanda Asks the Right Questions...

• Yolanda tells one of the guards, Castro, that the party downstairs seems to be in full swing. Castro laments the fact that he’s not down there with the other soldiers but taking care of her; he also warns her that she shouldn’t try anything because they’ve told him about her. Yolanda then asks how often one of those parties takes place and Castro explains that it’s only when there is something to celebrate like taking down the narcos.
• From his office, Santamaria quietly observes the party as well.
• Amanda slowly caresses her stomach as Cindy’s mother does some house chores. Cindy then calls her mother to inquire about Amanda and her mother confirms that a doctor saw her and she’s doing better. Cindy tells her to warn Amanda that the Lucios are involved in what happened because she heard a conversation at the bar and they already know Lizbeth is alive but they are looking for her. Cindy will see them when she gets out of work but they shouldn’t go out or open the door.
• In the Cielito Lindo bathroom, Cindy looks at herself in the mirror and wipes her eyes before going out. She doesn’t notice Zulima come out of an adjacent stall and quietly wash her hands.

• Capitan Arguelles is unconscious on a hospital bed. The doctor explains to Raul that the bullet to the temple was a flesh wound but they sedated Arguelles so they can do more tests, just in case. Raul thanks him and the doctor leaves. Lizbeth worries that the Lucios won’t stop trying to kill her but Raul reminds her that their time is up thanks to her. He then receives a call from Monica but doesn’t answer. He tells Lizbeth that Monica was the only one that knew she was in that cell so he doesn’t trust her. Lizbeth nods and hugs him.
• Monica and some guards throw Arley in jail with Simpson, who tells her that he doesn’t know Arley and needs to talk to Montgomery soon. Monica tells him that she will get right on it and leaves. Arley laughs and tells him he’s screwed from all directions, as the DEA already knows where the Lucios are hiding, Simpson curses his luck.
• The agent in Villa Antigua tells Monica that they captured a kid and hung him. Monica asks if there is any way to rescue him but the agent doesn’t think so. She asks if he has seen the Lucios but the agent confirms he does not. She asks that he keep her informed and hangs up. She then calls Dave and tells him that they have a problem and can’t go raid AeroTours.
• Yolanda asks Castro if the party is always that big and Castro confirms it is but it hasn’t gotten as rowdy as it could. Last time they went to patrol the area drunk and found a peasant that was…Yolanda tells him she already knows the story and asks if the woman was also a narco. Castro confirms she was and asks who told her; Yolanda confirms that it was Vasquez. Castro laughs at how inoffensive Vasquez seemed but he was a snitch, either way, they all took turns with the peasant because she helped the narcos and then shot her in the back when she tried to escape. Yolanda nods and asks who killed the peasant. Castro shrugs and tells Yolanda the peasant deserved it. Yolanda assumes that Santamaria is good to all of them and Castro confirms he’s the best and rewards them for their hard work with money, women and even cocaine. Yolanda is surprised Santamaria is so nice and gives them all of that for free but Castro reminds her that nothing is free and silence costs money.
• Just then, Santamaria comes in and Castro immediately stands up to welcome him as Yolanda retreats into the back of the cell. Santamaria brings Yolanda a hot chocolate and bread, if she wants it, and goes to leave. Yolanda stops him and asks him to please let her go take a shower. Santamaria smiles and nods, just so she can see what a good heart she has. Castro warns her not to try anything and opens the cell.
• Oscar and John prepare their weapons when Oscar asks about Arley. John hasn’t heard from him so Oscar calls his cell but only gets his voicemail. He lefts him a message and wonders where he is because he knows they are going after El Bochas but he’s not with Zulima either. John will give Arley half an hour to report back or they will go look for him. Oscar nods and then john instructs him men to go meet Arguelles, who will give them the location of El Bochas. He reminds them that he needs El Bochas alive but Roberto asks them what to do if he resists. Oscar, with one look, warns him that he shouldn’t kill him, no matter what. Roberto nods and they go off.
• The truck Olivia is riding in arrives at a gas station and Olivia asks if he will take long. The man confirms he will go to the bathroom and asks if she needs anything. Olivia would like some water and the man nods before leaving. Olivia gets off the truck, nervous, because a police cruiser just arrived and two officers when into the gas station. She looks around and hears a couple at another pump is also going to Tres Fuegos.
• Yolanda arrives at the bathroom and asks Teresa, who is showering, for help. Teresa takes her to an adjacent locker room and Yolanda confesses that her airplane crashed near the base and Santamaria has kept her kidnapped ever since. Teresa asks if Santamaria raped her but Yolanda shakes her head. She tells Teresa that she wants to avoid that though and asks for help. Teresa doesn’t know how she can help because the soldiers always watch them closely. Yolanda reminds when she saw a sign for Las Palmas on the way back from the Moreno farm but Teresa confirms it’s 30 minutes away by car. She suggests Yolanda take the unpaved road near the base and Yolanda thanks her. They introduce themselves and find they are both Mexican. Yolanda then asks her to please call the number she gives her and call John Lucio. Before she can give her the number, Castro arrives and takes Yolanda away.
• Zulima shows Cindy how to close the register at the end of the night but Cindy doesn’t pay attention. She tells Zulima she doesn’t feel good so Zulima offers her a pill but Cindy wants to go home. Zulima suggests she go rest in the warehouse because it will be busy tonight but Cindy shakes her head. She tells Zulima she will stay at the bar.
• Amanda tells Cindy’s mother everything that happened with Yolanda and the attempt on their lives. Amanda thinks she may have an angel protecting her and Cindy’s mother agrees. She then asks Amanda about Zulima and Amanda confirms that John didn’t let her come with them and she hasn’t heard from her since. Cindy’s mother confesses that she is scared for Cindy’s life and Amanda asks if she spoke with her yet. Cindy’s mother tells her that she hasn’t but she prefers not to call her anymore so they don’t put her in danger. Amanda begs her to call Cindy to see if they find out about Olivia and Cindy’s mother obliges.
• The man who was taking Olivia comes out of the station with the two cops and explains that Olivia has a bullet wound. He takes them to his truck and finds Olivia gone. The police radio for updates and the man suggests Olivia went to the bathroom so they go look for her. A few feet away, Olivia has managed to stash herself in the back of the couple’s truck as they come and drive away to Tres Fuegos.
• In his office, Santamaria plays chess against himself when Castro comes and informs him that he saw Yolanda and Teresa talking in the shower and they seemed nervous. Santamaria asks if he knows what they were talking about but Castro shakes his head though he’s sure the women are hiding something.
• The DEA agent sees the Lucio men leave Villa Antigua and informs Monica. She asks if they are trying to escape but he confirms they are not and the Lucios are not in the cars either. She asks him to update her ASAP.
• Oscar tells John that his contact in Altamirano has found no traces of Rosalba and John curses his luck. Oscar assumes Dave hasn’t found her either since they haven’t heard anything from Simpson. John confesses that the news doesn’t make him feel any better because Rosalba knows exactly where they are so he needs her dead. Oscar agrees and then John asks about Arley but Oscar confirms he still hasn’t reported back.
• Dave comes to the station and Simpson asks him for help. He tells Dave that Monica has lost her mind and locked him in there but Dave tells him not to lie anymore because they have proof that he sold himself to the Lucios. Simpson swears he doesn’t know what he’s talking about but Dave doesn’t believe him. Dave then asks Arley if he doesn’t know the Lucios either but Arley warns him to not mess with the Lucios if he values his life and the life of his loved ones. Dave tells him he’s not scared of the narcos, much less now that they lost their inside man. He tells Arley that they will go arrest the Lucios in a bit and asks if he wants to send them a message. Arley is quiet so Dave hopes they don’t get too cold in the cell and leaves.
• Teresa visits Santamaria and kisses his neck. She asks him to let himself be pampered but Santamaria is more interested in what she spoke about with Yolanda. Teresa confirms that she was introducing herself because she hadn’t seen Yolanda before but Santamaria wants details. Teresa tells him they spoke about nothing because Castro came but Santamaria grabs his gun and points it at Teresa’s chin. He warns her that Yolanda doesn’t exist and they never saw her and Teresa agree. He tells her that the same thing goes for her girls and Teresa nods. Santamaria then asks her to leave and Teresa obliges.
• Yolanda is back in her cell, counting, when she sees two soldiers pass by and smiles, as she now knows the soldiers make their rounds every 5 minutes.
• In the hospital lobby, Monica talks to the doctor Arguelles’ condition. He confirms he’s sedated but stable and Monica asks about Raul. The doctor confirms he was there but left. Monica will call Raul then and the doctor leaves. Lizbeth and Raul see everything from an adjacent hallway but don’t approach her. When Monica has left, Lizbeth asks him what they do now since they can’t trust the DEA. Raul will call Dave and Lizbeth confirms she knows him but it’s a long story. Either way, if anyone wants to catch the Lucios it’s him. Raul confirms he will call him and goes.
• Outside the hospital, Monica receives a call from Dave, who tells her he’s back in Villa Antigua. She’s glad because she can use his help. He then tells her he went to visit Simpson, who denies being the mole, and Arley. He congratulates Monica on capturing him because the Lucios are lost without him. Monica nods and then explains that their agents at AeroTours saw her leave a couple of days ago without the Lucios. Dave then asks about Christian and Monica confirms he’s still hanging from a tree but is alive. Dave assumes they are using him for something or he would be dead. Monica tells him she’s on her way to the station now so they can plan the rescue. Dave will wait for her there.
• Yolanda asks Castro how long the party lasts and he confirms that it may be a while. She then asks about the girls and Castro confirms that it depends because they sometimes go back home or they stay the night. Santamaria comes and asks him to open the door for Yolanda’s cell. Castro obliges and Santamaria goes inside and asks Yolanda what she talked about with Teresa. Yolanda tells him they talked about nothing important and Santamaria nods. He hopes she’s telling him the truth because, if she isn’t, Teresa and her friends will pay the consequences. Yolanda is quiet so Santamaria grabs her and asks if she wants to carry that on her conscience. Yolanda turns away and Santamaria lets her go and leaves.
• Cindy carries a box into the warehouse as Zulima comes and asks her where she has hidden Amanda.
• In Tres Fuegos, the couple stops the truck by a field and gets out. Olivia gets out too and apologizes for hiding in their truck. She runs off as the couple tries to help.
• Cindy shakes her head so Zulima reveals she heard her talking to her mother about Amanda and Lizbeth. Cindy is quiet and Zulima offers her money to take her to Amanda. Cindy tells her she doesn’t want that so Zulima asks if she wants a punishment. Cindy can’t understand how she betrayed her “sisters” like that but Zulima thinks nothing of it. She tells Cindy to tell her everything or she will pay the consequences. Cindy refuses to say anything because she won’t carry Amanda’s or her baby’s death on her conscience. She tries to leave but Zulima slams her against a wall and knocks her out. She then grabs some rope and ties Cindy up. As she finishes, one of the new girls come and ask about Cindy. Zulima thinks he must have left and offers to help the girl at the bar.
• The night, the soldiers scream their lungs off and Yolanda asks him what happened. Castro confirms that the fights have started because of how much alcohol and drugs the soldiers have taken. Yolanda hopes the fights don’t reach her cell but Castro confirms that no one will harm her as long as she’s Santamaria’s woman. Yolanda asks him what he means so Castro confirms that Santamaria likes her; it’s the only reason he hasn’t killed her or turned her in. Yolanda, sarcastically, tells him it’s an honor to be loved by Santamaria.
• Downstairs, Caicedo beats up one of the soldiers as Santamaria comes and two soldiers break up the fight. Santamaria nods and confirms that the fight should go on. Caicedo takes this as his cue and continues to beat the other soldier until Santamaria separates them. He asks the soldiers to take Caicedo and the other man away so the party can continue.
• Olivia arrives home and frantically knocks on her front door. Her mother gives her a big hug as Olivia begs for forgiveness. They cry in each other’s arms.
• Eladio is enjoying his hot tub with a woman as his men enjoy some drinks and games. Coco brings Eladio a bottle and Eladio asks him why he looks so depressed when they one the battle against the Lucios. Coco nods but he’s worried about Arguelles, who hasn’t answered his phone in a while. Eladio thinks nothing of it but Coco reminds him that Arguelles always answers his phone. Just then, the Lucio men storm the house and kill everyone except Eladio, who puts his arm up in the air and surrounds his gun. Eladio tries to negotiate but Roberto tells him he doesn’t have anything compared to the Lucios and takes him away at gunpoint. They don’t realize that Coco is alive but hurt on the floor.
• Monica shows Dave their attack plans, first the bar then AeroTours. Dave confirms that they need to hurry because they will worry about Arley and Monica agrees. She reminds him they need to rescue Christian also and Dave suggests they enter AeroTours through the cabin because the Lucio’s men will see them if they go through the woods. He tells Monica that they have to watch out for other kidnapped civilians. An agent radios Monica to confirm the trucks that left AeroTours have just come back. She thanks him.
• Roberto and Jose take Eladio to the hanger and kneel him in front of the Lucios. John tells Eladio to tell them where the money and guns are so they can kill him quick and painlessly. Eladio laughs and shakes his head so John kicks him and reminds him he’s nothing compared to the Lucios. Oscar tells Eladio that he doesn’t like violence but, if he doesn’t talk, he will take out all his teeth one by one. Eladio tells John to give Yolanda a kiss from him and challenges them to shoot him. John and Oscar point and shot Eladio in the head. He falls to the floor, dead, and they fist pump before ordering Roberto and Jose to clean up the mess…


And another very rough night on Univision. My goodness Alfredo, it must take a long time to write these up. Very detailed. I certainly appreciate all the effort you put into these as well as helping out on other telenovelas. As always, muchas gracias. Glad our Yolanda is escaping serious abuse so far. But lots of other folks seem to be dying like flies.

Wow Alfredo, agree with JudyB, these episodes are brutal and you're doing an amazing job!

It's hard for me to believe that Santamaria hasn't raped Yoli yet. She has been there several days and men like him don't wait. All of these men fall under her spell so quickly. Poor Zulima ;)

After Zeki was saved at first I thought he would live longer. I was surprised that they killed him off so easily after he escaped from the Lucios and survived the crash. Thus, I'm not banking on any of the waitresses making it just because they have escaped. Olivia needs to get her Mom and go far away. Amanda needs to leave the area, sick or no. And Lizbeth needs to get out of the area also and find someplace.


Rule #1 when making a call from the bathroom....check the ALL the stalls to make sure they are empty. Cindy, her mom and Amanda are all targets now because Cindy was thoughtful but careless when she made the call home to warn Amanda about the police. I don't see a way out for Amanda anymore.

I don't see that Christian makes it out alive ... his rescue is not looking timely. I wonder if his sister runs back into the lions den when she finds out where he ran off to.

Yoli has nine lives so looks like she will be on the run again tonight....but how far will she get? I hope the Col. doesn't catch up to her...he will have no mercy this time around.


Judy B: What's the latest number in the Body Count right now ?

Alfredo, thanks much Man. What a load of work.

Yoli is a pretty resourceful little gal, her looks help her, but she is SMART. You don't pick up flying a non-automatic everything single (engine airplane) like she did easily.

Steve it is a hundred thirty seven, no , wait 138......139.....:-)

Thanks, Alfredo. I missed watching most of it last night.

Zulima is a monster. I cringe whenever she overhears a conversation. Poor Cindy, only trying to do good.

Teresa better run away with Yolanda too.

Kirby, no doubt Yoli is smart, but she's been obsessed with planes since a wee tyke, studying even before getting real lessons from John.

What's driving me a bit nuts is that Dave says that Yoli is his number one priority but really it should be the flight attendants. Yoli was fine being a drug trafficker as long as it meant she could fly. The other girls, especially Liz, didn't want to do it but felt like their lives were at stake. Dave needs to stop thinking with his down under and be a good cop for all of them.

Carvivlie: Something tells me Ortega won't make it alive before this TN ends.

Just my hunch!

Hey everyone and thank you JudyB, Carvivlie, Nett, Steve, Kirby and Niecie for joining me on this flight! ;)

The near threat of rape is definitely giving me anxiety because I don't know where this story will go. Yolanda is safe for now but the flight attendants, Cindy and even newcomer, Teresa have a bulls-eye on their back.

Cindy would have never seen Zulima slither into the stall because she's too slippery. I'm dying to see her face when John finds out the truth. Oh boy.

Simpson begging to be let out of the cell was hilarious...too late buddy, you're stuck there. Hopefully this leads to Monica and Dave ousting Montgomery but the corruption goes so far up the ladder that I doubt it even matters.

Carvivlie, I agree about Dave, he is on a one track mind, which is why I'm glad Monica is there to see the bigger picture. May the whole Raul mixup get cleared up fast so the DEA finds Lizbeth and adds another testimony to their case against the Lucios.

I thank you all deeply for stopping by those. The recaps are for you and it's my pleasure to do them.

Alfredo...thx for your Herculean effort with this TN. It's been a wild ride so far and I suspect it will be till the end.

The constant threat and violence against women is taxing. Unfortunately in this world its a reall and constant issue but I hope not to see much more of it in this Yoli has to evade the Col.

Yeah....that snake Zuli knows how to get around.....and that's why she been so successful at spewing her malice. I'm tired of her winning though. And John needs to find out ASAP that both she and Oscar lied to him about Yoli before she contacts him and he does something bad to her.


Speaking of. Yoli and violence....she absolutely called for the wrong person...Mama....when the Col was about to violate her. We know she's vulnerable but she should have no illusions that her mom would help her with anything that doesn't earn mommy dearest some lana,


If Yoli does get free and reaches out to John, that is if Oscar lets him have his phone back, how he will react? She knows nothing of Oscar and Zuli blaming the raid on her, girls gone and Rosie in trouble. She's been out of the loop a long time.

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