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La Piloto #38 4.27.17: In Which Yolanda Sets a Plan in Motion...

• Santamaria is pissed that he has a mole in his battalion and orders Caicedo to watch him closely but don’t reveal that they know about the grenades. Caicedo agrees and asks if he needs anything else. Santamaria sends him away but Yolanda reminds Santamaria that they still need supplies to treat his wound. Caicedo offers to go into town and Santamaria agrees but asks that he keep things quiet because no one in town needs to know about the attack or the intoxication. Caicedo nods and Santamaria then asks him to send over all the squad leaders. Caicedo nods again and leaves. Once alone, Yolanda attends to Santamaria’s wounds with alcohol while they wait.
• The Lucio man in Altamirano call Oscar to let him know the job was a success but Rosalba won’t shut up and keeps insisting that she’s Estela. Oscar asks the man to describe the woman and Oscar realizes the woman they have is Estela. He orders the man to lock Estela up good and watch her until he receives further instructions. The man agrees and Oscar hangs up. Zulima chides he for kidnapping the wrong woman, especially because Yolanda hates Estela, but Oscar reminds her that it’s the only leverage they have at the moment. Zulima then asks if Salvador called to inform them of the Yolanda situation but Oscar tells her they haven’t heard anything yet.

• Santamaria meets with his squad leaders and tells them that the grenade attack was most likely against Yolanda and himself and the person responsible is Salvador Moreno. Yolanda is quiet and Santamaria reveals that Salvador has a mole in his battalion but when he finds out whom the traitor is…he is going to wish they tortured him with his spiders. The men are quiet.
• Outside the warehouse, Dave comforts Monica. He understands it’s difficult but she needs to be strong. Monica, distraught, asks him what is going to happen with her now but Dave tells her not to think about that right now. Monica reminds him that she needs to get to the morgue to see about her sister’s burial and Dave offers to go with her. Just then, his phone rings and it is Montgomery. Dave puts him on loudspeaker and Montgomery demands to know what happened and why Dave killed Simpson. Dave reminds him that Simpson was a mole but Montgomery reminds him that they didn’t have proof and there is a protocol in place. Dave understands but reveals that Simpson kidnapped and murdered Sofia, Monica’s sister.
• Santamaria tells the squad letters to pass along a message to their soldiers: he is offering $100,000 de pesos for whoever turns over the traitor. He then asks Rubio for his cell phone but Rubio reveals that the cell was destroyed in the explosion. Santamaria asks him to go order a new one as Caicedo asks if he can go to town to get the medicine. Santamaria orders him to leave and then kicks the rest of the men out of the infirmary.
• Monica tells Montgomery that what Dave tells him is true and Simpson would’ve killed them all if he hadn’t intervened. Montgomery understands but he should’ve been informed of the situation because they can’t act of their own accord. Dave understands but he didn’t have time, he had to save Monica. Montgomery shakes his head and tells Dave that Internal Affairs is going to open up an investigation into the homicide of Simpson. Dave is shocked and Montgomery tells him he left him no choice and hangs up.
• In the Santamaria’s room, some of the men pick up the mess left by the bomb. He Santamaria tells Yolanda that Salvador signed his death warrant when he attacked them and Yolanda agrees and offers her help. Santamaria thanks her but reminds her they need to find the mole first and Yolanda is going to help him with that. She is surprised but Santamaria asks her to watch Rubio as well. Yolanda explains that she was watching the men when they were all united in the infirmary but she doesn’t think the mole is Rubio. In fact, she thinks the mole is Caicedo but she doesn’t know why. Santamaria shakes his head and tells her that Caicedo has been with him since the beginning and he trusts him with his life.
• Monica and Dave arrive at the morgue and Monica cries over her sister’s body. She then goes outside and breaks down momentarily as Dave watches her. She tells him that they not only killed her sister but they stole her life. Dave knows it’s not the time but he has to ask: did she have something to do with the Lucio’s escape? Monica nods and reveals that she received a call from a man named Vergara who told her she had to release Arley, Simpson and help the Lucios escape or Sofia would die. Dave asks if Arley would have been processed and Monica tells him she had to convince the police in Villa Antigua to release him. Dave asks why she didn’t ask for help but Monica continues to cry and apologize as Dave hugs her.
• The agent in charge of Rosalba gives her a tour of the apartment and warns her to not go outside for the time being because it may be dangerous even if the Lucio don’t know exactly where she is. Rosalba nods and tells him that she heard they escaped but wonders if someone else was caught during the DEA operation. The agent tells her that only a female cook and some guards were detained but no one else. Rosalba thanks him and asks if she could be left alone to get some rest. The agent obliges and goes.
• Dave receives a call from the agents in charge of Estela who reveal that she has been kidnapped. He asks the agents to keep him informed and hangs up before telling Monica what happened.
• At the bar in Las Palmas, Salvador’s right hand man converses with the bar’s administrator and they agree on a plan. He then walks over to Salvador and tells him their plan is all squared away. Salvador smiles and they toast. His right hand man suggests they use the bar as their new base of operations but Salvador reminds him that Santamaria controls the whole bar and he is pissed. He tells his men that need to take care of what they need to take care of and go. Just then, Caicedo arrives and Salvador calls him over.
• Santamaria shows Yolanda their new living quarters (a tent) while the soldiers fix their room upstairs. He knows it’s not the greatest but Yolanda thanks him either way and then checks on his wound again. She hopes Caicedo comes back quickly because the wound looks fine now but it could get infected. Yolanda then touches her neck and realizes the chain her father gave her is gone. She tells Santamaria that it’s all she has left of her father.
• Caicedo shows Salvador the chain he took from Yolanda as proof that she’s dead from the explosion at the base. Salvador thinks the grenade was a bit much but Caicedo tells him that it’s how he rolls. Salvador then asks him about the medicine bag and Caicedo explains that it’s for Santamaria, who was hurt in the explosion. Salvador laments that he survived because he would’ve paid him double. Caicedo demands Salvador pay him for his services and Salvador nods before instructing two of his men to hold Caicedo down so they can “pay him.”
• Yolanda asks Santamaria if she can go upstairs to find the chain but Santamaria prefers to look for it later. Yolanda begs him to please let her look for it and he finally concedes. He asks that she come back soon though and she thanks him before leaving.
• Salvador slashes Caicedo’s throat and then asks him men to dump in the river where he won’t be found and to make sure they aren’t seen. His men nod and begin to wrap Caicedo in saran wrap.
• Yolanda looks for her chain in both the infirmary to no avail. Rubio comes and asks her what she’s looking for. She explains that she lost her chain in the explosion but is going to go look for it in Santamaria’s quarters next. Rubio offers to help her and Yolanda agrees. Rubio then explains that, no matter what Santamaria may think, he had nothing to do with the grenade attack on the base. He also reveals that he thinks it was Caicedo who did it.
• Dave is in the morgue looking over documents when he receives a call from Rosalba, who explains that she had a hard time getting in touch with him. Dave asks her how she’s doing and Rosalba explains that she’s in the apartment, safe and sound. Dave is glad to hear it because Estela was been kidnapped on the way over to the airport. Rosalba is shocked and asks if they found her but Dave tells her they haven’t. Rosalba then asks about Yolanda and Dave reveals that she wasn’t in AeroTours but Lizbeth told him she left for Colombia a couple of days ago but they haven’t heard from her since. Rosalba begs him to find out what happened and Dave tells her that he has an agent in Colombia who may be able to help him. He promises to find out what happened and hangs up.
• Lizbeth is in her cell when her cell partner comes and asks her how she’s doing. Lizbeth is silent and the woman rips off her blanket and pulls her off the bed. Lizbeth obliges and the women warns her to be careful or she’ll pluck her eyes out before going to sleep.
• Lizbeth asks Oscar if Salvador will be able to kill Yolanda and Oscar hopes he will, if he wants to stay in business with the Lucios. Just then, Oscar’s phone rings and Salvador tells him Yolanda is dead. He explains that he sent a mole to the military base but Oscar asks if he saw a body. Salvador confesses that he didn’t but the mole killed Yolanda with a grenade, and he saw the explosion, so the only thing left of her is a chain with a Virgencita on it. Oscar demands to know what he is going to do with a Virgencita but Zulima overhears and nods. Salvador then asks for his payment and Oscar tells him he will have his money tomorrow before congratulating him. Zulima then asks about Teresa and Salvador reveals that Teresa won’t trouble them any more. Oscar smiles and nods.
• Later, Santamaria is in bed sleeping when he wakes up with a start and finds Yolanda is not back. He radios his men, who tell him they have kept a close watch on her like he ordered. They tell him she’s currently in his office.
• Yolanda looks for her chain when Santamaria comes up behind her and demands to know what she’s doing. Yolanda explains that she’s looking for her chain but Santamaria demands to know what she’s doing in his office.
• John and Zulima enjoy some hanky-panky when John opens his eyes and sees a hallucination of Yolanda. Yolanda asks him why he wants to kill her as she starts bleeding from her mouth. She begs him to come rescue her because she’s alive and then kisses him.
• The next morning, John begins to toss and turn in his sleep. He wakes Zulima, who asks him what’s wrong, and wakes up with a start. He looks at Zulima and tells him that he dreamt Yolanda begged him to rescue her. Zulima tells him it was only a nightmare but it makes sense because he ordered Yolanda’s murder. John reminds her that he needs to see a body before saying she’s dead. Zulima confirms she is dead but tells John she can protect him. John asks her how and Zulima explains that she will pray to her Gods and Yolanda won’t bother him again. She kisses him and tries to calm him down.
• A helicopter flying over the base wakes up Yolanda, who looks around the tent.
• Olmedo wakes up a sleeping Olivia and tells her they have arrived at Cielito Lindo. Olivia confirms it is but notices that policemen are stationed at the door. Olmedo thinks the place looks relatively calm and Olivia notices Raul talking to the policemen on duty. Olmedo asks her if she knows him and Olivia confirms that he was interested in one of her friends and seems like a good guy.
• Raul tells the policemen that if the Lucios or their men haven’t come back then that means they won’t. He orders the men to leave for the time being and calls Dave but only gets his voicemail. He leaves a message for Dave to call him when he can and drives away.
• On the side of the bar, Jose notices Raul left and goes to wake up Roberto so they can go inside the bar. Olivia sees them from the trailer and begins to freak out. She tells Olmedo that they need to catch Roberto but Olmedo asks her to be patient and wait for them to go inside the bar. He then gives her a gun but Olivia doesn’t know how to use it. Olmedo tells her to aim as best she can and press the trigger. Olivia nods and they go outside the trailer and toward the bar.
• Jose and Roberto force the front doors to the bar open and go inside. Roberto asks Jose where the money and guns are but Jose has no idea. Roberto is pissed that he has been waiting outside the bar for hours and they don’t know where the merchandise is. Jose, tired of Roberto’s complaining, tells him to look for the merchandise and shut up. Roberto then stops Jose and tells him something is wrong. Just then, Olmedo and Olivia come through the front door and Roberto notices them. A shootout breaks out and Jose is shot in the arm. He begs Roberto to help him but Roberto shoots warning shots into the air and escapes as Olmedo points his gun at Jose, who surrenders. Roberto runs outside, with Olivia in tow, but realizes Jose has the car keys so he runs into the street. Olivia tries to shoot him but misses and Roberto runs away.
• Inside the bar, Olmedo demands Jose tell him why they are at the bar but Jose doesn’t know. Olmedo warns him that he ahs all the time in the world but Jose explains that his boss was going to call him with instructions when they attacked him. Olivia comes, points her gun at Jose and demands to know where Christian is. Jose is silent but Olmedo points his gun at him and Jose reveals that the Lucios took Christian to a safe house by the Guatemalan border but he doesn’t know exactly where it is. Olivia tells Olmedo that they have to go and Olmedo obliges but they take a screaming Jose with them.
• Yolanda goes outside and admires the helicopter as Santamaria comes up behind her and asks her if she was able to sleep. Yolanda nods and confesses that he scared her just now. Santamaria is quiet and Yolanda touches his face. She asks if he drank his antibiotics because he’s burning up. Santamaria reveals that Caicedo never came back and it seems that she was right and he was the mole but they will take care of that later. Santamaria then tells her that he needs her to stay in their tent while the helicopter’s captain is on the base, to avoid any unnecessary questions. She nods and Santamaria receives a call from one of his men who tell him they found Caicedo’s abandoned Jeep but no traces of him. Santamaria orders the men to bring the Jeep back to base so they can figure out what to do.
• John comes out of the safe house with Zulima and notices Oscar’s face. He asks him what’s wrong and Oscar reveals that he got call form Roberto and they haven’t been able to get the money out of Cielito Lindo because some armed men came and shot at them. Oscar explains that they weren’t police or DEA and John assumes it’s someone taking advantage of their situation. Arguelles comes and tells them it may be El Bochas or one of his men if they didn’t all die in the shootout. Oscar laughs and John curses his luck. He’s tired of risking his life to make money just so someone else can steal it. Oscar agrees and John tells him he’s going to talk to Vergara and demand a meeting with Senator Sinistierra. Oscar asks him to think about it but John is tired of running while the Senator is in his office, fresh as a daisy. Oscar then asks what they should do about Arley and Canengo and John asks him to send their lawyer to stall the police while they think of what to do.
• In Mexico City, Arley and Canengo are escorted through the federal police station. Arley wonders why their lawyer hasn’t arrived and tells Canengo that if the Lucios don’t help him, he will make a deal with the DEA. Canengo warns him it will be like committing suicide but Arley thinks it’s better than going to jail.
• In the Tres Fuegos police station, Dave calls Raul back and Dave tells him about everything that happened with Monica and her sister. Raul laments it and tells him he’s only calling because he’s worried about Lizbeth and explains that they thought she would be released if she helped their investigation but was instead sent to a Mexican prison. Dave tells him that he will try to help her when he goes to Mexico City to figure the Arley and Canengo situation.
• In prison, Lizbeth begs a guard to help her talk to Dave or the DEA so they can help get her out but the guard doesn’t listen and takes her away.
• Yolanda is hiding in the tent when he sees two men unload boxes from the helicopter and walk away.
• Zulima performs a cleanse on the safe house. Oscar comes and asks her what she is doing and she explains that she’s doing a cleanse because John is dreaming of Yolanda. Oscar sighs heavily and tells her Yolanda is dead but Zulima tells him her sister still lingers around them and continues her cleanse. Oscar tells her to stop, grabs Zulima’s cigar and smokes it. John comes and asks Oscar if he set up the meeting with the Senator in Mexico City. Oscar smiles and confirms he did but Vergara told him that Dave killed Simpson. John curses his luck and tells Oscar that he will kill Dave because he keeps interfering with their operation.
• At Sofia’s funeral, Dave tells Monica that he has to go to Mexico City to see about Arley but suggests she go with him so she’s not alone with her thoughts and because she needs him. Monica tells him she won’t go back to work and will resign after the funeral. Dave is shocked.
• Zulima performs a cleanse on John to try to rid him of Yolanda’s spirit and protect him from all harm.
• Yolanda grabs a canister of gasoline and throws it all over the tents. She then takes out a lighter and sets the whole encampment on fire. The soldiers come out and try to put out the fire as Yolanda observes from a nearby building. The men throw water on the fire to no avail as Yolanda runs to where the helicopter is stationed…


Wow Alfredo riveting episode!!! I can't wait to watch it!

So happy to hear about Olivia fighting back. It would be wonderful if it was the three flight attendants that took down the whole Lucio operation! Forget Dave, Monica or Yolanda.

Did Roberto fire warning shots because he didn't want to shoot Olivia and her father's friend? (mind blank on his name--just after reading the recap too!) I still think he shot her by accident while in the woods.

So Yolanda plans on piloting the helicopter out. Gosh I hope she gets away or Santamaria won't let her live. He can't forgive her again.

Thanks, Alfredo.

Carvivlie - I like Olivia fighting back too. All the Gone Girls are handling themselves apart pretty well considering.

And all they wanted was to be flight attendants and travel. I've asked this a thousand times already, but when will somebody see Zulima, who knew all along she was getting them into the narco business, is a snake in the grass? I like that Christian all tied up curses her.

Sorry to see Monica go down like this. It just wasn't realistic that this nerves of steel cope would break down BEFORE she got to her sister.

Funny when the man on the phone described the woman they've captured and Oscar realizes its Estela, not Rosalba, I guess because of her nonstop yapping.

Is this Yolanda's third escape attempt? She's just gotta be successful this time.

...nerves of steel cop

Wow. Sounds like this was a jam-packed episode and you covered every tense, angst-ridden detail, you hard-working recapper you! Thanks so much Alfredo. Really will be keeping my fingers crossed that Yolanda makes it out in the helicopter again. 'Cause yeah, even a saint might not forgive her one more time, much less Santamaria.

thanks Alfredo, i look forward to your recaps, they are detailed and helpful.

I am happy to say that my efforts in learning the language are paying off, I find that I can, mostly, understand what is going on in the episode with the captions... now I have to find someone willing to speak to me using notecards! next step is understanding spoken Spanish...

i can't help it -- I always crack my neck whenever I see Oscar do it, it's infectious like yawns.

I also want the immortal flight attendants be the heroes of this story, sweet, sweet justice.

thanks again!

Thanks Alfredo for the detailed recap. The question now is where will Yolanda go? She still doesn't know about her betrayal by Zulima and Oscar. Santamaria may not be willing to call in the Colombian airforce as he did not notify them about Yolanda.

The last comment was by me. Lynette.

Thx for the detailed recap as usual Alredo.

Yes...3 strikes and you're out so this has got to work for Yoli. She will be tortured without mercy and fed to the men if she don't make it so I'm guessing it works this least I hope so. I can not stomach another sexual assautt.

So....John is letting Zuli work her voodoo magic to rid him of Yoli. Good, the last time zuli worked her magic it had the unintended affect of awakening Tia...not killing her. So this means John and Yoli will find each other again cause while Zuli's schemes work....her magic doesn't. It was funny to see John in his nightmare awaken with panic.

I did not imagine that Arley would be the one to squeal...he's the last one I expected to break. But he is the one who knows the most. But given he's sqealing now....and How he treated his mujer, he still needs an Advil....but all these guys do.

I was so glad it was mommy dearest and not tia that got snatched by the bad guys.It wont sadden me to see her take an early exit. She lasted longer than I thought she would or should. Judging by what we see now, tia has always been more of a mom to Yoli anyway.


Lynette, I was thinking the same thing about where will Yoli go? The last place the Lucios were they just abandoned and Raul pulled his men away too. Roberto and Jose were the only ones left and now they are gone. Is there anyone left to tell her how to find John? Though at this point she may have second thoughts about his intentions.

Niecie, I'm so hoping Olivia is able to rescue Christian and he tells her about Zuli and she spreads the news.

Rena, the visual you gave of two people talking to each other thru notecards gave me a chuckle. I'd like to see you and a friend in Starbucks sitting across from each other doing that!

Nett, I was thinking the same thing about Zuli and her magic. It would be hilarious if the day after she does it Yoli shows up on their front door! Agree, Arley needs a huge anvil and I am surprised he is the one to talk about being a turncoat. I thought it was funny when Zuli says Yoli hates Estella. Glad it was her and not tia. She deserves a huge anvil for being worst Mom of the year.

Am I the only one from the aviation community watching this show? That is why I started dropping in was becsuse of the airplanes. I am wondering if they are having Yoli steal that chopper. That is a stretch going from a Cessna to a helicopter.

Kirby..Yoli received a crash course on helicopters when the pilot was killed on one of her missions. Plus...we all know she Is a fast learner :>)

I hate this new tablet keyboard and autocorrect. When I look back after posting I always finsd something off. I meant to say anvil and not advil but y'all knew what I meant.


Kirby: Yolanda is still in Colombia ?

Carvivlie: I'm hoping Yolanda's Mommy Dearest gets whacked soon!

I'm getting tired of her BS!

Advil threw me off for a second. :-)
CRASH Course tee hee

zOh Yeah Steve I qant that vitch G O N E

Speaking of autocorrect where are you


Was that question for me


Nett. No sorry I was talking to my phone. :-)

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