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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo #7, 5-16-17, Breaking News: Dead Men DoTell Tales

Anita, here, substituting for Alfredo, so he can have the night off. I apologize for the lack of detail, but my heart is in it. Some short scenes have been combined. Ok, here  we go---

Lo de Ayer
Laustela tries to convince Mr. Everwood of the real reason for the mass shooting at the Foundation. He refuses to believe that it’s all about the gangs trying to re-establish lost territory by frightening the citizens of Riverside into looking to the gangs for protection. That and then recruiting new gang members, even from the Foundation. Estela is there to warn him. He still doesn’t believe her and points out that the home invasion at Estela’s proves the action was taken against her specifically and not by throwing blame for the danger to the neighborhood on others. She knows that El Caravelas, a gang member is involved. Everwood is still not convinced as he’s the nephew of Bettina, who is very helpful to the foundation. He thinks Estela is the one responsible and trying to blame others.

Meanwhile, at the La Furia offices, after the reading of the will, Ryan is trying to calm a very agitated Mercy saying he will never abandon her or leave her unprotected. That’s not what she’s worried about. She’s worried about Ryan and what will happen to La Furia in the hands of that buffoon—as she points to Danilo. Ryan is calm. He says what’s written is written and he plans to follow his father’s wishes.

Danilo says he’s good with that. They’ll work it out among the three of them. Mercy is quick to point out that Ryan is ahead since he’s already produced a child, so the shares are now 60/40 in favor of Ryan. Danilo looks blank.

Lo de Hoy – Still at Everwood
Mr. Everwood is hedging, thinking Estela wants to somehow come back. She tells him she has no intention of returning. She just hopes the warning doesn’t come too late for the children.

Luisa, “dressed” as a reporter comes back into the picture, hassling Laustela about her past and specifically about the song she was singing during the shooting spree. She can’t find it anywhere. Is it hers? Did she write it? Laustela shuts her mouth for two seconds. Then she hurries away with Luisa following. She won’t let the reporter take a picture. She has to go. Agustín is waiting for her to go back to the office.

La Furia Offices
Ryan urges Mercy to apologize to Danilo. She sort of does and suggests they come to an equitable agreement. Danilo is all ears and all smiles—that’s more like it, he declares. Mercy’s equitable agreement is for Danilo to sell them his shares for an exceptionally tantalizing sum of money. Dan-boy rolls up close to her in his wheelchair, looking as if he might take her up on her offer, and smiling just as broadly, turns her down. His daddy didn’t want it that way.

Alone with Ryan, Mercy decries that everything is stacked against her. Ryan’s father is making her so angry from beyond the grave—added to all their current problems. Ryan accepts the blame for the latter with his arrest and all. The talk then turns to the musical group that was supposed to be in the Jaripeo Festival is no longer one of theirs, despite Estela’s confirming they would be appearing. Mercy goes on to note how much Ryan has changed in his attitude towards her, especially now that Estela has returned. She accepts the blame partially, by not getting to know Estela (supposedly the love of Ryan’s life) the way she ought to and treating her like dung. She just can’t get it out of her head that she up and left and left Ryan with a broken heart. But, she doesn’t hate her, how could she hate the mother of his child. (Ryan tries not to swallow hard.)

Ryan notes that now Mercy has had a change of attitude towards Estela. Mercy replies, well, does he want her to keep hating her, since reasons for doing so are not lacking. He mustn’t judge her. Ryan forgave Estela and not just out of gratitude for testifying in his favor, maybe for his daughter? Ryan reminds her Mercy always said family was the most important thing. So, Mercy continues, it’s logical then, for the two of them to stay together, for the good of the child. She urges a vote of confidence. Ryan reminds her that trust is not something that can be regained easily, especially when the people one loves turns into strangers.

Chicano Motel
Morgana and all her Assets are ready to partay—to celebrate Dan-boy’s good fortune. Champagne and nookie top her list. He retells Mercy’s reaction to turning down her offer to buy his shares. Morgana and all her Assets want now to be formally introduced to his bro. Danilo takes her glass away. Whoa, wait a minute, he knows that look on her face. She asks, jealous? No, that’s not why. He’s pissed at Ryan for already having a kid. Morgana thinks he should be satisfied with what he got (and that miserable ranch to boot). No, he thinks they should do what they should have done awhile ago: have a kid of their own. Morgana reacts as if someone had just made her gain forty pounds. What—and ruin this beautiful body for a kid? She tells Danilo he’s crazy.

A bit later we see the partay’s not over, but they aren’t having as much fun. Morgana thinks everything will be ok if he buys a new RV and new suits for the guys. (I think Morgana sees some advantage to staying with La Furia, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. Sorry.)

La Furia Lobby
Laustela and Agustín get back to the office, not knowing the will has been read. She’s curious about Ryan and asks Agust if Ryan has always been so serious. He says yes, but also was a “cool dude” in the past, but the last three years he was sad alternating with angry. Now that Ryan and she are back together again, he sees Ryan as happy—a different person.

Ryan’s Office Before All Hell Breaks Loose
The D.A. (or prosecutor/fiscal) has come to see Ryan, who’s surprised since the case is closed. Well, the D.A. still has his investigator gum-shoes on, tracking down some stuff. He wants to know how Estela is—just as she walks through the door. Ryan jumps up and runs around to greet his beloved girlfriend, while behind the D.A.’s back he gives Laustela a high sign and they quickly turn into a loving couple, including a very chaste kiss. They convince the D.A. they are happily back together. He asks one last question before departing—where is their daughter? Almost in unison they answer she’s with Ryan’s mother, of course. That’s all he wanted to know.

Ryan’s Office After All Hell Breaks Loose
Ryan points out that what just transpired is a good reason to continue staying together. He wants to know why she’s so late—she went back to Riverside, didn’t she? Laustela kinda shrugs, yes. Ryan and Laustela argue about her carelessness in going about on her own. Ryan says Agust is not at her beck and call; he has other obligations. Estela retorts that therefore, she needs a way of getting around. Ryan puts his foot down. If she needs to go somewhere, Agust will accompany her. It’s for her security. So, Estela yells, she has to have a watch dog day and night? Ryan moves close to her—he only wants to protect her he says. Laustela is left speechless.

La Furia Lobby
Asdrúbal (why do I want to call him Assurbanipal—shades of Library School, I think) is on the phone talking to someone important. He says he’s waiting for Dan-boy to come tell him what was in the Will. Suddenly he sees the D.A. crossing the lobby and Asbal keeps his eyes riveted on his disappearing back.

Joe’s Office
Joe agrees with Mercy that Estela and Ryan should stay together and register the child as Ryan’s as soon as possible. When she has a slip of the tongue regarding the robbery of the money from Estela and Joe catches her, she denies having had anything to do with it, but it certainly worked in her favor. It instilled some mistrust in Ryan. Joe still suspects her because she doesn’t normally deal in cash and would have had someone besides a new employee pick it up. Mercy brushes it off—sooner or later that woman is going to cause problems for Ryan. Still, Joe feels sorry for Estela. Mercy certainly doesn’t. The most important thing now is to get that child recognized officially and later on they can figure out how to get her out of the family. Joe wonders if she’ll be able to pull of such a radical change of attitude. She looks at him coyly—it wouldn’t be the first time she’s had to pretend to feel something for someone when she didn’t, as she touches his cheek and kisses the other cheek. Joe looks down (ashamed, maybe?) as he catches a glimpse of the picture on his desk of his wife and family.

Ryan’s Office, Explosion Over, Almost
The two play one-upmanship. Ryan is not trusting her—he only knows her name. Laustela says ha, she coulda, woulda, shoulda left him in jail. Ryan counters that he has some other exculpating evidence that would clear him. She thinks he’s bluffing. Ryan indicates he has plenty of reasons not to trust her. He’d like her to answer his questions: 1) Why can’t she go back to Mexico, which she purports to love so well; 2) Why is she so afraid; 3) Is Paloma’s father threatening her? Laustela gets up to leave without answering. She doesn’t have to listen to him.

Ryan jumps up, hopping mad. He wants an answer, just one or his mistrust in her will only grow. She won’t give him an answer. He mistakenly calls her Laura and she yells back to never call her that again, for all their sakes. He agrees—eyes blazing. He declares she will never measure up to the real Estela, she is merely a poor copy and she will never fill up her space. (Ouch) Laustela has the last word. Though she uses that name, that space will remain empty, like him. Out she goes and Ryan is left standing there, frustrated.

Beauty Rest Interruptus
Rita disturbs Mercy during her siesta with an envelope that just arrived. It might be important. She shoos Rita away and gets up to read the single sheet of paper. Given the face Mercy makes on reading it, it is. She immediately calls Joe for a meet-up.

Asdrúbal’s Lair
That giant snifter full of money is enticing—I digress. Danilo has come, as promised, to report on the inheritance. Asbal think 40% isn’t bad. Danilo tells him he’s come to resign, he won’t be needing El Dorado’s help any more. He’s disposed to pay ED for the RV, the new suits and ta—done. He learns from Asbal that once in, he can never leave—until ED decides and right now, ED needs him to be the means to launder money through La Furia. Danilo doesn’t look very happy any more.

Mercy’s Mansion
Laustela is telling Paloma all about school. When she goes, she’ll learn new stuff and have lots of friends. She asks her if she’d like that? Paloma says no, she doesn’t want to go to school. (Will parents ever learn not to ask a question you might not get the answer you want, then what?) Actually, Chayo comes to the rescue, they won’t be separated, it’s only for a few hours a day and she’ll learn to be strong and valiant. Paloma is ok with that scenario. She goes outside to look for butterflies and Chayo gets caught up on what went on between Laustela and Ryan. The result is that neither believe in nor trust each other.

Laustela surmises that whoever planned that daylight robbery did it with the intention of creating mistrust in Ryan—but who could it be? (Oy, think girl, think.) Laustela just wants to live like a normal person again, while Chayo reminds her they’ve never had normal lives. Laustela insists it’s possible—she wants to live in peace, like before all this. Chayo and Laustela are being entertained by Paloma when Danilo comes hobbling in on his crutches. He and Estela introduce each other. She introduces Chayo and tells him the cutie pie is her daughter. He introduces himself to Paloma—using a long string of occupations. She in turn introduces herself to him, with her occupations, among them a singer, like her mother. Danilo is impressed. Still talking to Paloma he says maybe they can get her mother to sing with the group some time. Maybe Paloma could ask her daddy to promote a career for her. Paloma answers quite definitely that she has no daddy. Danilo looks up at Estela.

After an awkward moment, Chayo takes Paloma out of the atrium and Estela explains that this is all too new for Paloma, too confusing and they haven’t told her yet. She asks him not to say anything in front of her. He asks if Ryan has recognized Paloma legally. Estela says they haven’t gotten that far yet. Hmmm, muses Dan-boy, it would seem to him it would be a priority, given the inheritance and all that. Estela is taken aback, but before they can continue that line of conversation, Rita interrupts with some “housekeeping” question that leaves no doubt that Estela and Ryan aren’t sleeping in the same room. That’s how Danilo learns the two are “separated.” He offers a friendly ear if she ever needs to talk to anyone.

Ryan’s Office
Genesis comes in with an envelope. It contains a flash drive. Ryan plugs it in. Holy Macaroni! It’s, it’s, it’s Cesar E---er, Ryan’s dad Walter on the screen with a message. Tears welling up, Ryan watches his father’s image, transfixed. He admits never being the father Ryan deserved. But the essence of the little post-demise talk is to ask him to give Danilo a chance to be family, to be brothers.

Ryan has called a buddy to share how he felt seeing his dad’s face and hearing his voice. Meanwhile, he keeps coming back to who IS Laura Oviedo. He’s obsessed with finding out what it is she’s not telling him.

Bar None
Mercy and Joe have a no-holds bar-r’d talk. She’s working on a pink martini and he’s drinking something on the rocks. The letter she got was from the dead Walter, intentionally delivered after the will was read. Mercy is furious because Walter said he cut her out and cut his bastard son in on the inheritance to take vengeance on her for having a lover. She proclaims he has a lot of nerve after he bedded every female he could put his hands on and tried out every new secretary at La Furia. And he charges HER with infidelity? She only did it ONCE, looking at Joe.

Joe wonders if Wally knew all along about them. Mercy doesn’t think so, or he wouldn’t have been kept on at La Furia. Joe then wonders when he might have found out. Mercy hasn’t touched her drink, but she’s loose lipped and her speech is getting a little slurred. How would she know. Perhaps he was about to find out and died. Joe laughs at the thought and then wonders if Ryan knows about her infidelity—for surely Walter sent other notes. Mercy! Mercy hopes it’s not true. But she’s going to have to investigate. She gets up and marches out.

Chicano Hotel Pool
Morgana and all her Assets are taking a dip when Danilo returns. He’s late because he stopped by his dad’s house after the trip to see El Dorado—whom he didn’t get to see. She’s in a hurry to find out what came down. He’ll tell her later. There’s no hurry if it’s bad news. He *told* her it was a bad idea allying with El Dorado, but they have to live with it for now. He’s already thinking of Plan B—the fact that the little girl hasn’t been registered as Ryan’s daughter works in their favor.

Mercy Mansion
Mercy has been waiting up for Ryan. He says he worked late. He lets her know he has to fly to New York the next day. She starts to talk about Estela again—and registering the child. Ryan can see through her. Ryan tells her everything is copacetic for now—he and Danilo are on equal footing 40/40. He asks Mercy not to say anything to Estela about the terms of the Will (kiddo, you are a peso short and a minuto late). He doesn’t want her to feel inconsequential. Mercy, in return, asks him not to say anything to Danilo about the little girl not being registered yet (oh, no, you, too?). They agree.

Paloma and Chayo’s Palatial Guest Room
Chayo teases Laustela about Danilo’s attentions. Laustela thinks she’s seeing thing that aren’t there. Laustela catches Chayo up on what went down at Everwood and that lady reporter. There was something about her that wasn’t right. Chayo thinks she’s imagining danger everywhere she looks, but she gives Laustela the benefit of the doubt after all she went through, back when, but she needs to stop being so fearful. Ryan knocks and enters and asks to talk to Estela. She tells him she’ll see him later in his bedroom.

While Laustela takes Paloma off for her bath, Ryan gets chummy with Chayo and tricks her into telling him where Laura was from—Michoacán.

Blind Man’s Bluff and Bluster
Mr. Blake is raging that Luisa couldn’t find out anything definite about Laura Oviedo. Luisa insists the girl is Estela Carrillo and the daughter of a criminal. He screams that she is Laura Oviedo. She could have changed her name, gotten false papers. He knows she wrote that song. He wants Luisa to get out, she’s useless.

Ryan’s Bedroom, but not Sleeping Room
Ryan tells Laustela he’s tired of the farce that they are a couple. People are finding out they are on the outs and don’t sleep together. Laustela tells him Danilo already knows. He’s pissed, but ni modo, he will still hold up his end of the bargain and turn her and Paloma into legal residents. Laustela says she doesn’t really care anymore about her status. She just wants to keep her job, pay them back everything she owes them and get out of there. End of conversation. Ryan does one more thing. He gives her a new cell phone with her old number. He leaves the room. Mercy sees him leaving and asks if they are still mad at each other. Ryan says yes and doesn’t think there will be a reconciliation. Mercy doesn’t care about a reconciliation. She only cares that the child is made officially Ryan’s daughter. They must find a way to convince Estela. Mercy rubs her thumb and fingers together. Ryan is offended that she would pay her off and he stalks away.

La Furia Conference Room Next Day
Mercy is holding a meeting in regard to the Jaripeo Festival music groups they still need. She ignores Estela’s suggestions, not useful. Estela learns they stand to lose a lot of money if they don’t have Don Chayo. Estela volunteers to go see him personally. Mercy scoffs at the idea and puts her down, as if Mercy herself hadn’t already tried. Estela negotiates. If she can get Don Chayo, their earnings go over $50,000 and thus her debt should be considered paid in full. Mercy accuses her of underhanded dealings. Estela says no, she wants to do it just to do it.

New York City--Michoacán
Ryan is not in NYC. He calls his bud to let him know he’ll be nosing around this place for a couple of days. He starts asking around about Laura Oviedo and finds three ladies who won’t tell him anything but direct him to the church and talk to Padre Otero. He knows everything about everybody.

Chicano Motel
Morgana and all her Assets are sitting on the bed, behind Danilo and ask him sweetly if he wouldn’t consider getting an apartment just for the two of them. He tells her no. For now he needs to continue living in the Mercy Mansion. She wants to know why, what is he planning? Does it have something to do with Ryan’s daughter? Danilo says he’s just stacking the deck (quiero bajar la mora a mi hermano) [HELP—I think that’s what he said, but don’t know the exact translation. In context I would say he wants to take Estela away from Ryan.] Whatever, it earns him a BIG slap across the cheek. Morgana is spitting mad. Danilo talks her down and tells her softly that everything he does he does for the two of them.


Thank you, Anita. I liked the place subtitles. I was surprised and happy to see Cesar. Ry's single tear..ahhh.

Must run. Later, gators.

Thank yoi so much, Anita! For the sub and the delicious recap for breakfast ;)

Danilo sure is a scoundrel but hes about to find out there is someine more slippery than him: El Dorado.

If Mercy is to be believed then Walter was also quite the scoundrel but maybe Walter took it personally that Mercy did it with Joe and so close to Furia?

Either way, the Cabrera sibling reunion may not be so happy anymore.

I am loving Laustela and Ryan as well. Shes sharp and hea a go get. This should be interesting when they finally team up.

Good Morning!!

Thank you, Anita, for that very thorough recap...great title and subtitles!

I, too was moved by the postmortem message to Ryan...very touching. It's always better late that never that a Dad sees the error in his ways and gives such a sincere message and advice to his son.

Alfredo: ITA, Danilo is a scoundrel and makes some really dumb decisions. But, he he has also shown that he can be very smart. He knew he'd be over his head (and may lose it) in getting involved with the likes of El Dorado. Many things he does are due to Morgana's criticisms and put-downs. She is a beautiful, sexy woman, but that mouth of she'd only keep it shut and be more supportive!

I, too, gotta back later...



Anitaaaaa what a fun surprise on a Hump Day. ! !

Yep Morgana (and her ASSets) my minds eye just calls her Morg N' the girls. I am really enjoying her. WOOF ! But laughing at her interaction with DaniLow too. Like it is perfectly allright, Okie Dokie for her to already have Ryan's card, yada yada, he is cute, etc. except when Estela is cute too, he gets a nuclear slap. She's just hilarious. Low EyeCue tells her she is Hot, but Dumber than a Box of Rocks and she only hears the Hot part. I have seen her before and she was never even sexy or anything of interest to me, but in this one she is a real ASSet.

Mercy's "Beauty Rest"? Then they shouldn't wake that old Hoe up fort what? about ten years. Yuk !

In a TN when someJuan kisses another person who they do not like, for appearances only, they always sneak and surreptitiously wipe their lips. Laustel did not after the show smack for the District Attorney. BTW I call bullshit on that whole DA thing. He went to prison for a while, went to trial, was found innocent, case closed. If the DA is still not convinced he needs a new Grand Jury, right Tofie?


Lots of cowboy hats in this one. It is odd that in Vino el Ohno nobody wore a hat even when they were out working in the vineyard.

Ha. "Beauty rest " used to be a term for a nap . Now, science has important sleep really is to health and beauty. I think Mercyme is just all stressed out right now because things are not unfolding as she thought they should.

Great recap Anita. Thank you

"Morgana reacts as if someone had just made her gain forty pounds"

Loved Danilo toying with Mercy about selling his shares. Him over brooding, ham handed Ryan any day.

Laura saved Ryan's butt. He owes her and she owes him nothing and it irritates me when he bitches about trust. All he's looking for is leverage to force her to stay.

Anita- I loved every word of this recap, especially your take on Danilo and Morgana and her "assets." Ha!

Yes indeed. Dani told Morgana that his plan is to steal his brother's girl (mora). But considering that she's been openly lusting after Ryan since she met him, she doesn't really have a shapely leg to stand on. I'm guessing the next iteration of this plan will be Dan moving in on Laustela, while Morgana does the same with Ryan.

Mercy was SO transparent in her sudden change of heart about Estela, after learning about the division of shares. I can't wait to see her try her new friendly routine on Laustela. Laustela won't buy it for one minute.

Ryan sure is nosey! I can't believe he's going to such lengths to keep Laura with him and to learn about her past.

I really don't think Joe is Mercy's first affair. She didn't have that old picture of Estela's daddy tucked away for nothing. If her affair(s) was the only reason Walter cut her out, I agree with her that he was a hypocrite, considering his well-known womanizing and the result (Danilo). But somehow I feel there is more to the story.


Thanks, Anita. Great job. You are a doll to give Alfredo a break. That giant snifter full of money is enticing—I digress. - lol! Fab headings, especially “Blind Man’s Bluff and Bluster.”

Nice seeing César Évora. Since he’s in the opening credits, I’ve been wondering when he’d show up. But Walter Cabrera is dead, so I guess he won’t be back.

Ryan turning up in Michoacán surprised me. Hombre, you’ve got your hands full with Danilo as a partner now, but you take off to snoop on Laustela? But then, I want to know the story between Laustela and the loco who scratched out his own eyes, so I’m glad Mr. Nosy is there.

I’m not getting that Ryan was in love with the real Estella. Don’t see a wistful look when he talks about the good old days with her.

Niecie...I agree that it does not seem that Ry is pining for Oldstella, but he does seem to be crushing on Newstella .

Well, I guess Ryan had three years, a lot of anger, AND some jail time to get past his hurt over Oldstela. According to chatterbox Augustine, it was a rough three years. Ryan is over it and ready to move on.

Laustela is also very easy on the eyes...which, can I say, I love how not only Ryan and Laustela seem to be falling for each other slowly, but the writers also acknowledge the initial "lust" factor instead of going into straight romance as it usually happens in real life.

Alfredo..."the initial'lust' factor" ..ha...let me write that down! So you mean"lust at first sight"...yeah, I have had that !

P.s. autocorrect wanted to change that to "cluster actor" I love autocorrect. It is so judgemental and is always correcting my choice of words.

Good early afternoon to you all. Thanks for stopping by and adding to the dialog! There is too much dialog in this story and it all seems to be key to unlocking the mysteries and secrets of the characters. Everybody has something to hide, so every conversation might be important. Daunting task to sift through them all.

I enjoyed 'ole Wally saying that Ryan takes after him, smart and good-looking, well, not as good-looking as Walter considers himself. But ask me decades ago if I could have turned down an offer from Walter--even for one night (in a telenovela, natch). Ufff. Too bad it's all over between him and Mercy. I would have loved to have seen those two interact in a scene.

Niece--I think you are onto something. We'll have to keep an eye on Ryan whenever he talks about Estela.

I think Ryan is so over Estela but we won't know for sure unless she pops up. My problem with Ryan is not that he is ready to move one, or that it may be with Laura, but how he is manipulating her to stay in a cage so he can work his mojo on her. Same ole, Neanderthal romance, bash her over the head and seal her in a cave with fear and threats until she digs him.

Excellent Anita.

I'll chime in with the chorus that "Morgana and all her Assets" was perfect.

I so enjoy seeing the gray shading of our characters' characters: "Mercy’s equitable agreement is for Danilo to sell them his shares for an exceptionally tantalizing sum of money" and "He declares she will never measure up to the real Estela, she is merely a poor copy and she will never fill up her space. (Ouch)". Cold Ryan - very cold.

Wholeheartedly agree it was nice to briefly see César Évora. "But Walter Cabrera is dead, so I guess he won’t be back". I am wondering Niece. Do we know that as an absolute certainty? We know there is someone shrouded in mystery who will be revealed to be El Dorado, the brains behind all of this. Who better to fit the bill? Pure speculation.

RC, Danilo is such a contradiction to me. Seemingly clueless one moment (actually thinking he could "resign" from ED's services) and then astonishingly cagey the next.

I could watch Danilo and Morgana all day...

Anita, thank you for this marvelous, detailed summary.


I could watch Danilo and Morgana all day...

Me Too


'Specially them dam Assets we keep seeing. Vrooom !
Diana, I wonder, could they put some feathers on her?

If 'Walter' is dead, I wish he had left me his VOICE. Cesar for you? For me Maybe if I could just hear his voice...and think of England..or Scotland.

Susanlynn: Who got whacked last night ?

Kirby: Let the chaos begin in this TN. Holding out hope Univision doesn't chop-up this TN.


Kirby, I would listen to Cesar all day...Those velvet tones.

Susanlynn, we usually agree on good looking/appealing galans or at least who is :)...I like the actor who seems to have a perpetual twinkle in his eye. Yeah, he is pretty hawt to me and age appropriate to boot!


Thanks Anita.I like the way you titled
Everything. As for that last talk with
Dannyboy and the assets in Clothes, it
Sounded like he may have said, "I am
Stacking the deck against my brother"
The only language I speak is english so that could be wrong.But hes Plottin
Something. He's a devil he is. I wish
That Ryan and laura/estela would get it together.Maybe after the padre tell
Him what he and us need to know, the
Romance will get to Movin. Miss mercy
Is a sneaky devil. Wally might have the thought of maybe Ryan may not be his, which is why he didn't spend to
Much time with the lad when he was a
Kid. But it is possible to love a child that's not yours, but still stay
Awsy Because of that. And who knows what Ms Mercy is hidding sneakin all around with Joe"I'm happily married" "lawyer guy. He probably forgets that
Once his zipper goes down.

I would love to know how laustela got little Paloma away from that crazy psychopath blind guy thats screaming at Louisa. Maybe tonight the Padre will tell Ryan & us how this mess got
Thank you Anita. You done good. : )

Nina: Can you name the people, who's currently on the Body Count ?

I know it's highly likely to crack double digits.

Thank you, Anita. This TN hasn't disappointed me yet!

And it was super-cool and unexpected to see Cesar Evora in such a bitty little role!

Assets in Clothes. Pretty funny NiNa. I could watch this show just to see assets.

It always seems to be late in the day when I get on the blog. Thanks, Anita, for an excellent and entertaining recap. I appreciate all the recaps, especially Alfredo's contribution.
I wasn't sure about this TN, but I'm getting constant entertainment from it. David Z. was never a fave, but I'm warming to him a little. Ariadne is doing a good job as Estella/Laura. Love Danilo and Morgana. I've only seen Africa Z. as a sweet person in other roles, so this is a very amusing change.

Funny, Paloma - this is the only thing I've ever seen Africa Z in, and I can't imagine her in a "sweet" role! She must be good.

Steve I think some people may have bit the dust in the first episode. But I don't think we'll find out until later when Stuff starts to heat up.

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