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La Piloto #51 5.16.17: In Which Yolanda Hides From Everyone But Yanez...

• John and his men torture Monica, now tied up with rope from head to toe, by placing a plastic bag over her head. He calls her pretty but Monica shies away from his touch. He continues to ask her where Dave is but Monica is quiet. John shrugs and tells her that he will get the information out of her the hard way. Just then, Monica’s phone rings and it is Dave. John answers and asks Dave where he is. Dave is shocked to hear John and asks him what happened to Monica. John tells them they are just talking but Dave vows to kill him if he does anything to Monica. John reminds him that he can kill her whenever he wants and Dave asks him what he wants. John tells Dave to come to them and bring Yolanda but Dave tells him that he doesn’t know how to find her. John suggests he does, soon, and hangs up. John then tells Monica that they will finally see if Dave loves her as much as Monica loves him.
• On the side of the road, Yanez agrees to help Yolanda and tells her that John is in Olivia’s house and they need to call the police. Yolanda wants to call Olivia first, who is on her way there, and Yanez hands her a phone. Yolanda calls Olivia immediately, who is close to her house, and warns her to not go home because john is waiting for her. Olivia nods and tells the taxi driver to not stop and then hangs up.
• Zulima converses with the Senator, who chides John for not appreciating a woman like Zulima. He suggests she come with him so she can take advantage of all his privileges as the future President of Mexico. Zulima laughs and tells him that any woman would love to hear his promises but she knows he won’t leave his wife and she will not be his lover. She thanks him and tells him she can’t accept. He nods and asks if she thinks she’s the only woman in John’s life. She is quiet and the Senator asks her to look him up should she change her mind and leaves.

• In Nicaragua, Santamaria congratulates Reyes on a job well done at the border; no they only have to cross Honduras and Guatemala. Reyes suggests Santamaria turn himself in before he gets in any more trouble because he is now an international criminal but Santamaria laughs. Reyes laughs too and calls him a loser, much to Rubio’s chagrin, because he is crossing country after country for a woman who hates him. Santamaria asks him to shut up but Reyes reminds him that Yolanda had enough of him for the past 5 months and she will never be his woman either way. Santamaria begins to choke Reyes but Rubio reminds him that they need him as Santamaria screams that Reyes will do what he wants, when he wants. He eventually lets him go and everyone is quiet.
• Dave is frustrated because he can’t find any trace of Monica and then asks Lizbeth if she knows where she might be. Lizbeth shakes her head and Dave realizes that Monica may be after Yolanda and Raul offers to call his contact in Tres Fuegos so they can find her. Dave nods and Raul makes the call. When he’s done, he tells Dave that the police saw John by Olivia’s house and they are on their way there.
• Close to Olivia’s house, Yanez orders his driver to station the car lest the police catch them too. Yolanda thins everything will be fine and Yanez reiterates that he wants John in jail after the way he treated him at his ranch.
• John asks Monica why Yolanda went to work for her instead of the DEA after all the time she spent in Colombia. Monica explains that they don’t work together but John reminds her that they arrived at the airstrip together. Monica tells him that it was pure coincidence because she would never work with Yolanda. John nods and smiles before getting a call from Dave, who tells John that he will turn himself in with Yolanda. He then asks John where he is but John reminds him that he makes the rules and then hears police sirens. John hangs up, looks out the window and sees the police cars. He cocks his gun and points it at Monica’s head.
• Dave tells Raul and Lizbeth that the police have found John because he heard the sirens over the phone.
• Moments later, Monica, tied up from head to toe, walks out of Olivia’ house with a gun pointed at her back. The police over her to get on her knees and she obliges.
• From across the street, Yolanda sees Monica and tells Yanez that she knows her. Yanez wonders where John is and Yolanda realizes that Monica is a distraction and John is escaping through the back.
• On the roof, John makes his way down a ladder on the side of the house and runs.
• The police order Monica to stay up and she obliges. She then takes off the rag covering her mouth and orders the police to the back of the house where John is escaping.
• On the roof, John’s man follows the same path but a policeman sees him and shoots him dead.
• On the street, John walks up to a car, steals it at gunpoint and drives away as the driver runs from the scene.
• Yolanda and Yanez confirm that John is nowhere near the house and curse his luck to away escape at the last second. Yanez notices the police coming toward their car and orders the driver to drive away fast. He obliges.
• Raul’s contact let them knows what happened at Olivia’s house. He then asks about Monica and the contact confirms that they don’t know anything about her yet but will report back as soon as they do. When he’s hung up, Dave calls Monica’s phone.
• Monica is currently having her vitals checked in an ambulance. A policeman brings her the phone and Dave is happy to hear she is okay, despite some bumps and bruises. Monica hates that she couldn’t do more to stop John and Dave asks her why she was there alone. Monica asks if he would’ve let her go if he knew she went there to arrest Yolanda; Dave is quiet and then asks if Yolanda was there. Monica confirms she wasn’t but John was looking for her because he wants her dead. Dave nods and Monica hangs up, frustrated.
• Amanda is in her room, packing up her thinks, when Carmen calls her to come eat dinner. Amanda tells her she will be there soon and closes the door to continue packing.
• Oscar goes to meet John at the headquarter gardens. Oscar demands to know what is going on since he’s been in the dark way too long despite the pact they have to always be honest. John orders all his men to leave them alone and then demands to know why Oscar has been lying to him all this time. John explains that both Monica and Dave confirmed Yolanda never worked with them.
• From the living room window, Zulima observes the whole scene.
• Oscar is quiet and John demands to know the truth lest he forget that Oscar is his brother. Oscar puts down his gun and reveals that he and Zulima lied about some things: Yolanda was never working with the DEA and she never betrayed John. John begins to cry, finally realizing his mistake, and reminds Oscar that his whole world crumbled when he found out about Yolanda and Oscar continued to lie to him. He also reminds Oscar that he ordered Yolanda’s execution based on his information but Oscar tells him that he did it all for his wellbeing. Either way, John needs to cool down first to think things through because he knows Yolanda would’ve betrayed him sooner or later. John is quiet and Oscar reminds him that Yolanda lied before like when she said she didn’t sleep with Dave. Oscar doesn’t want to see him like that ever again and that’s why he lied. John thinks he shouldn’t have lied about Yolanda because that was also a betrayal. Oscar tries to reason with him but John cocks his gun and points it at Oscar’ head. He wishes he could kill Oscar right then and there but he can’t. Oscar admits that he let himself get roped up in Zulima’s lies but all he’s ever wanted was John’s wellbeing. He then apologizes to John for everything he’s ever done that ever hurt him and asks John to do what he needs to. John takes shakes his head and finally puts down his gun. He tells Oscar that he broke his heart and then asks where Zulima is. Oscar doesn’t know and John vows to make Zulima pay for all her lies.
• From the living room, Zulima hears everything and runs away faster than you can say, “snake in the grass!”
• Moments later, John runs up the stairs to Zulima’s room but doesn’t find her.
• Zulima is actually untying Roberto since his plan to escape together doesn’t seem so bad now. Roberto wants assurances that Zulima won’t betray him and she reminds him that they are both dead if they don’t leave. He nods and they go.
• Lizbeth attends to Raul’s wounds as he asks Dave if they know when Monica is coming back. Dave thinks it would be early morning and she’s lucky, as John could’ve killed her. Lizbeth finishes and then tells the guys that she is going to call Olivia because she’s worried she didn’t answer Yolanda’s call. Dave asks her to keep him updated since he is going to follow up on Santamaria. Lizbeth nods after Dave explains that he was the military officer who kidnapped Yolanda in Colombia.
• Rubio drives the car as Santamaria sits with a now restrained Reyes in the back. Santamaria tells Reyes that tells them that they are close to the Mexican border but Reyes reminds him that it will be a lot harder to cross because they ask for documents. Santamaria reminds him that they have his documents and badge and asks Rubio, who looks like Reyes, to act like him and tell the officers he is on a secret mission so they can cross quickly. Rubio is scared but Santamaria tells him to not be such a chicken. Just then, Dave calls Reyes’ phone rings and Santamaria tells him to act like everything is fine or he will shoot him in the head. Reyes answers and Dave tells him that he confirmed Montgomery works for the Lucios. Reyes is shocked and Dave tells him to be careful about what he says around Montgomery. Dave then asks if everything is okay and Santamaria instructs Reyes to tell Dave that he is going back to Colombia. Reyes obliges and tells Dave he is going back there to look for them. Dave finds it strange that they’d go back but Reyes hangs up before he can say anything else.
• Oscar takes John down to where Roberto is but they find it empty. Oscar and John are shocked to know Zulima and Roberto were in cahoots and Oscar radios his men to make sure they don’t make it out of the house.
• Zulima and Roberto go get the money and then go downstairs and to the parking garage as the Lucio men look elsewhere. They get into a car and drive off as the Lucios and their men shoot at them. They escape and Oscar radios his men to follow the car and make sure they don’t get far.
• Zulima asks Roberto what they will do now and Roberto suggests they drive a couple of blocks, find a parking structure, and hide in between the row of cars. Zulima nods.
• Olivia arrives home with Wilmer and Margot and they immediately begin to pick up the mess John left. Wilmer offers to take Margot to a hotel but she refuses to let herself be uprooted from her house despite everything. Margot leaves to her room and Olivia asks Wilmer if he has heard back from Yolanda. He offers to call but sees the phone doesn’t have battery and goes to charge it as Olivia continues to clean up.
• Lizbeth keeps calling Wilmer’s phone to no avail. She then asks Dave if he is okay because he looks worried. Dave confesses that Reyes was acting strange when they talked but he may be over thinking Lizbeth nods and tells him Wilmer has his phone off and wonders if he is okay. Dave is sure they are because they weren’t home when John was there. Lizbeth calls again and Olivia finally picks up and tells her what happened with the battery. Lizbeth asks if everything’s okay and Olivia confirms that they didn’t run into John but he escaped and they also can’t find Yolanda.
• Amanda continues to pack her bag when Carmen comes in and catches her. She asks Amanda where she’s going but Amanda is quiet.
• Rubio approaches the Guatemalan-Mexican border as Santamaria and Reyes hide in the truck. Rubio tells them to be quiet and Rubio drives up to the guard and shows him his ID and badge. Santamaria warns Reyes to be quiet.
• Yanez and Yolanda arrive at his house. Yanez doubts John was caught because there was nothing on the news. Either way, they are out of time because John may be coming for him if he escaped. Just then, John calls and Yanez asks Yolanda how she wants to proceed.
• In Lucio headquarters, John keeps dialing Yanez to no avail. He tries him one more time and Yanez finally answers and tells John that Yolanda was in fact at Olivia’s house and he kidnapped her. John asks him where he is and Yanez explains that they are on the way to his ranch in Guadalajara, much to John’s delight. He asks to speak to Yolanda and Yanez goes to pass the phone but Yolanda stops him. Yanez reveals that Yolanda is passed out because he hit her when they kidnapped her. John warns him that she better be okay and Yanez is surprised he cares about her wellbeing so much. John wanted her dead before but not right now. Yanez nods and tells John he will let him know when they are at the ranch. John nods and hangs up.
• Moments later, Oscar comes and tells John they have found Roberto or Zulima yet but their men are looking. John then tells him that Yanez found Yolanda and he is going to see her. John leaves much to Oscar’s discomfort.
• The guards at the border ask for more information but Rubio tells them to call the embassy to confirm his identity because he’s on a secret mission. After a moment, the guard let him through but Reyes manages to secret for help as they cross. The guards fire at the truck to no avail as Santamaria orders Reyes to shut up before shooting him in the stomach.
• Amanda tells Carmen that she is thankful for her help but she needs to get out of Villa Antigua for her baby. Carmen doesn’t think she should be alone but Amanda reminds her that she won’t be and she will need to support herself and her baby. Carmen shakes her head and reveals that she knows Amanda wants to get back with Arley, despite the fact that he tried to kill her. Amanda tries to explain but Carmen tells her that she can go, after she’s had her baby, because she will not allow any harm to come to the baby. Amanda reminds her that she can’t keep her there against her will but Carmen locks the door and tells her she can before calling her Cindy. Amanda reminds her that she isn’t Cindy and Carmen remembers when Cindy first brought Amanda home and when she found out Cindy died. Amanda sits Carmen down and tells her that she is Amanda and has to go. Amanda opens the door and leaves but Carmen chases her onto the street, calling her Cindy. Carmen grabs her and pulls her back but Amanda loses her grip, with the help of some people on the street, and runs away as Carmen screams that she is carrying her baby.
• Raul tells Dave that if John had Yolanda, he would also have Olivia, Wilmer and Margot. Dave agrees but wonders where Yolanda can be if it’s not with John or Oscar. Dave asks Raul if his contact in Tres Fuegos can find out where she is and Raul confirms he can but he would need more information on where she last saw her. Lizbeth comes and tells Raul that Olivia can tell them that before asking Dave to calm down despite how stressful the situation may be. Dave tells her he can’t and walks away.
• Pass the border, Rubio stops the car in an abandoned field and pops open the truck. Santamaria asks him for help to dump Reyes body, much to Rubio’s chagrin. They get back in the car and go.
• John warns Oscar that Roberto and Zulima better appear soon. Oscar confirms they will and John reveals that he is going to win Yolanda back, give her a place in their organization again and make sure Zulima pay for what she did. Oscar looks at him, pissed.
• Yolanda warns Yanez that John will come at them with everything he’s got so they need to buy some time. She instructs Yanez to act like everything is fine when John first comes and he agrees before showing her his plan to get rid of John, Oscar and their men. Yolanda tells him that she doesn’t want them dead because that would not be sufficient punishment. They need to call the police and make sure they are extradited to the US to serve out a maximum sentence. Yanez reminds her that it will be dangerous but it’s a good idea. He then asks if she knows someone they can trust to turn in the Lucios and Yolanda smiles, knowingly…


Wow Alfredo I can't wait to watch this episode tonight! I can't believe Oscar actually confessed the truth. So glad they are after Zuli but I guess she will run to the Senator for protection. I don't think John is going to get the chance to explain himself to Yoli. I doubt she would take him back at this point anyway.

Glad Amanda got away from crazy Carmen. She must take anti-something pills to stay stable. The woman has suffered immense grief due to her child being killed so I feel badly for her.

Super disappointed to read that Reyes died but I guess we knew it was coming.

How can Monica arrest Yoli when she left the DEA and isn't working for anyone? Citizen's arrest? I guess if you show up with a wanted person at the police station it doesn't matter if you are police or not---they'll take the criminal.

Thanks Alfredo. Are we certain that Reyes is dead? Cindy's mother is clearly unhinged but I think she is correct being suspicious of Amanda's wish to see Arley. Maybe she can outrun Amanda who is very pregnant. So Monica wanted to be able to arrest Yolanda. Do any of the girls really know that Zulima betrayed them in order to get Yolanda away from John? We'll see this evening!


Alfredo--Excitement runs rampant in this telenovela. Non-stop action and they keep us guessing as to who is going to hit the dust next. Here I just pledged my interest and loyalty in Reyes one or two episodes back and he is no more.

Wish John had had to courage to at least hurt Oscar, to teach him a lesson, but I guess he knows how to play the innocent game as well as Zuli. I think Zuli took Roberto because with a little more effort on Oscar's part, he would have coughed up the information on Zuli having taken their money and hidden it.

'Cmon Dave, please don't make us wait until the last episode to take Yoli in your arms and kiss her while John, Oscar and Zuli all watch, in chains, on their way to the States.

Go Amanda! Carmen is in Lala Land. I'm glad Amanda figured it out although she almost didn't make it out. I don't know that she will take Arely back, but I'm pretty sure she's going to go see him, introduce him to their child and thumb her nose at him to show him what he's missing.

Are Liv and Wil really end-game? Looks like Monica is the odd-(wo)man out when everyone gets paired up. For awhile I though she had transferred her affections to Raul, but I'm glad Liz is back in the picture.

Oh, I was going to add that the ammunition manufacturers in Mexico must be multi-millionaires, along with the arms manufacturers. Never have I seen so much gunfire exchanged with so little carnage, especially when it's one or two people escaping in a car. Has anyone down there thought about shooting out tires? At least it would slow them down. I don't see much damage to underground garages, cars, walls, trees, or rocks either.

Thank you, Carvivlie, Lynette and Anita!

As far as we know, Santamaria shot Reyes and then they dumped his body past the border. I hope he's not dead, ala Rosalba or Arguelles, but for now we don't really know.

I also wish they would've hit OScar and caught Zulima but thank god we are past the lies and JOhn knows the truth. I doubt Yolanda will go back also, I mean Oscar and John tried to kill her, but I hope she hears John out, even indirectly, so she and the flight attendants can unite against Zulima, who will now be with the senator.

Sorry for the run-on but damn is this thing complicated! lol

In Soap land as well as telenovela land having a child means that you are suddenly forgiven all. I did not follow la Piloto from the beginning but what job skills does Amanada have? She is now a heroine as she is going to have a bebe. Lizbeth had to serve 5 months in jail. Does Amanda go free because she is going to have a bebe? Probably in telenovela land. I don't have children but I think it is really, really hard to raise a child as a single mother without job skills. But in the end I suppose Arley will miss her, marry her for the bebe and then go and have some more affairs. The bebe might be better off with Cindy's mother if she can get off pills. At least she has a house and likely some money.

If Amanda can be freed of all charges then she can go back to being a flight attendant--with some help from a babysitter. I don't know her family situation. I can't remember if we were given news of a mom and dad in the picture. She seems all alone.

I was afraid S&M would just kill Reyes, so he is not as good a prospect for Moni as we first thought. When you go through a string of COUNTRIES killing cops, don't the authorities track your ass down and arrest/kill you at all cost? I mean what happened to seeing the direction he is heading and having a squadron of helicopters tracking him down?

Glad to see Zooli in trouble and Robbie getting away. I was actually trying to telepathically pull the trigger for John when he had the gun to Oz's head, but I need more practice. :-( Of course Oz used the old 'Blame Shift' technique to save his sorry ass and out his partner in (this) crime Zooli. Dammit all the wrong people are dying in this show.

A few of you women were right, it appears, about Carmen. She completely wigged out when her replacement daughter tried to leave. That angle never dawned on my male mind. Go figure. I'm glad she got out while she still could, will the other GGirls take her in?

Thanks again AA, much appreciated.

So YoliandYan are planning to set the Luci boys up to get busted by the PoPo if I understand. And this involves ALL them to include YoliYan along with the PoPo and the Lucis, then will the PoPo not just go ahead and take YY in also and kill 4 birds with 74 stones? I suppose we don't know the details yet.

Kirby: Who's Yanez & what's his connection to this TN ?

Kirby: I'm getting a feeling that Yolanda's plan in getting the Lucio Boys busted will backfire!

Carvivlie: I'm with you on Amanda.

Lynette: Better hope Shondra Rhimes doesn't get involved in causing chaos in this TN by directing this.

Thanks, Alfredo. From the living room, Zulima hears everything and runs away faster than you can say, “snake in the grass!” - you nailed it.

Sorry to see Reyes go. So many innocent people gone.

Poor Carmen. She started out doing a good deed and now she's nuts. Once she's safe with her baby, and away from Arley, I hope Amanda at least gives her a call. The woman and her daughter saved her life.

Steve, Yanez is the owner of the other drug operation in Guadalahara or Guadalupe or something, who John Lucio went to visit and beat up and took over his operation. He used to be another drug Lord like the Lucios but John told him he was taking his operation over and made Yanez his security chief.


Yanez is the guy that John took over and made him head of security...and sent him after Yoli. Yoli and Yanez are now working together to set John up with the Popo.

Many of my guesses or hopes...have been wrong about this TN but its a good ride so far. I like the pace even if not the turn of events for some of the characters. Does any one know how many more epis there are.

Nett disrespect to your correct chose Steven in my reply to you.


Niecie: Reyes got whacked ? WTH ?


Yeah Steve Santamari and Rubio ambushed him and took him hostage to get across the border into Mexico then shot him.

They threw him out into some underbrush assuming he was dead.

Kirby: OMG! It's getting close to bloody like Telemundo's "LA DONA" was.


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