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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #1 5.8.17: The American Dream is harder than it looks....

Courtesy of Vivi (Special Guest Recapper ;) to get us started):

The real name of Estela Carrillo is Laura Oviedo. Laura bought the identity (SS number, DOB info) of Estela Carrillo a few years back when she wanted to stop working under the table as an illegal, and get a real, decent paying job. She eventually got the music teacher job at the foundation that works with Latino youth in her Riverside community.

When the shooting happens at the foundation, "Estela" is hailed as a hero and the press wants to interview her. Of course Laura/Estela has NO desire to be put on tv, for fear that her real identity will be revealed (we also saw in flashback that she fled a man who was trying to harm/kill her back in Mexico). Ryan is in jail for manslaughter, for which he claims he's innocent and the REAL Estela Carrillo is the witness who can clear him.

Unfortunately, the real Estela has been missing for the last few years and his lawyer and P.I. have had no luck finding her-- until the news reports about the shooting. Ryan has his people investigate, and they find that the SS # and ID are a match to the Estela he's been searching for. Ryan orders them to bring Estela to him so that he can speak to her and ask her to testify on his behalf during his upcoming trial. Of course Laura/Estela has no intention of doing this, until she receives a summons from the D.A. to testify.

By the end of the episode, she decides she has no choice but to speak to this Ryan dude, which leads to the last scene in the prison when a shocked Ryan says she's NOT Estela, and Laura/Estela says she isn't, but she's still his only salvation (ticket out of jail).

Join is tomorrow (tonight) to see what Estela's magical salvation is...


Thanks Vivi for writing this up, and thanks Alfredo for posting it!

OK I'm in. Morgan (Africa) best booty shakin I have seen in a TN

Good Evening!

Just wanted to drop in and show my support and appreciation for this patio...Thank you Vivi and Alfredo!! Looking forward to the recaps and commentary.

Kirby:I actually thought of you when I saw Africa dancing and when all those girls were at that pool party...I just knew you 'd appreciate that booty..and some of the others :-D


Thanks, Vivi for the recap. I missed most of this but caught up on Tuesday night. I've been in TN limbo for a couple of months and look forward to joining in again. Don't have Unimas, so will miss those.

Thank you, Vivi and Alfredo.

Hi, Paloma. I don't have Unimas either. Good to "see" you again .

Thank you so very much Vivi and Alfredo for going above and beyond.

Details are crucial in my trying to understand. I see you've already done a recap for last night.

"Join is tomorrow (tonight) to see what Estela's magical salvation is...". So glad I did.

So, so grateful.


Good morning, Diana. It looks as though we will be able to enjoy another novela together thanks to Alfredo. It looks like a wild ride..very different from Vino.

Is the white haired guy in the bar and courtroom scene firm PyP? Jorge's right hand man? If so, he looks very different with long hair.

Gotta run to give my last final exam..grammar\writing. Later.

Thank you, this was a great way to start a new show.
Africa Zavala sure looks differnt in this tn. Are thise push-ups or her real implants? Heeh...
Didn't see much of Ryan to form an opinion but I loved how he put Estella in the corner when she came to visit. I actually like Ariadne in this role, maybe being a mom changed her because she never used to click with me burmy she's doing a good job and she sounds believable in the scenes with her daughter.

Adriana Noel

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