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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #2 5.9.17: Telling the Truth is Overrated...

• Ryan deduces that Laustela stole Estela’s identity and wonders what sort of deal an illegal immigrant can offer. Laustela goes to leave but Ryan stops her and tells her he will listen to her since they can help each other.
• Danilo gives Rita, the servant girl, a stack of clothes to wash and iron but Mercy comes and informs him that Rita only comes twice a week because a servant girl in the US is a luxury most can’t afford. Rita leaves.
• Laustela proposes that she testify in favor of Ryan and he forgets about her for the rest of his life. Ryan reminds her that the real Estela was his woman so she would have to pretend that she loves him and is deeply committed to him. Laustela wonders why Estela there to help so Ryan reveals that Estela is dead and that is why he needed to see her. She tries to leave but Ryan has a counteroffer.
• Danilo pushes the servant issue with Mercy, who reveals that despite having Walter’s name and a US citizenship, the only child Walter recognized was Ryan and he shouldn’t expect much from the will. Danilo thinks Walter could’ve left him something like part ownership of Furia productions but Mercy tells him you need an education to direct a company. Danilo reminds her that he’s never been accused of murderer even if he doesn’t have an education.

• Ryan proposes Laustela testify in his favor but continue to pretend to be Estela in public for the time being or he’ll reveal the truth. Laustela thinks he wants to keep control and would lose more if he revealed the truth. Ryan reminds her that he isn’t a murderer but she is a criminal and her daughter will be the consequences if she’s deported.
• Later, Laustela tells Chavalin that she needs new papers because she won’t risk testifying. She then receives a call from Rosario’s doctor, who informs her that Rosario needs a blood donation ASAP but she’s O negative and they have no more of that blood type in the hospital. He suggests she find Rosario’s sister ASAP.
• Ryan converses with his lawyers about their strategy. They reveal that the prosecution also asked Estela to testify against him and they could be in trouble if they did. Ryan wants to know where Estela was these past 3 years and they reveal that she’s a music teacher at a foundation and shares a home with Rosario, who also works at the foundation.
• Laustela finds Rosario’s room empty and a woman comes and tells her she’s been transferred to an expensive hospital in LA. The woman introduces herself as Hinojosa, Rosario’s sister who was paid by a lawyer to go sign Rosario out. Hinojosa warns her that she doesn’t want to hear from her again and leaves.
• Later, Laustela goes to visit Rosario, who seems to be recuperating well.
• Mercy tells Ryan that she will stall the reading of the will but Ryan reminds her that everything is under control and she’s only doing it because she’s afraid Danilo got a bigger cut than expected. Mercy asks if he’s not worried about it but Ryan reminds her it’s not Danilo’s fault that Walter cheated on her because there were many more women. Either way, Mercy is worried he will try to challenge the will but she will defend their inheritance tooth and nail.
• Ryan’s lawyers apologize to Laustela for transferring Rosario without her knowledge but Laustela thanks them either way. They tell her that they are at her disposal and Laustela tells them she will visit Ryan tomorrow with her answer.
• Laustela and Paloma converse over dinner about Rosario’s current condition. She tells her Rosario is better and Paloma gives her a kiss for Rosario. Just then, Chavalin comes with the new ID and she reveals that she will testify in Ryan’s favor.
• Mercy comes to find Danilo on his way out, shouting that Morgana can’t come home alone, and tells him that her driver is not at his disposal so he needs to get someone to come pick him up.
• Laustela tells Chavalin about Rosario and the private hospital but he thinks Ryan wouldn’t need her testimony either way if he were innocent. He then shows her a newspaper clipping of the murder of Pedro Carrillo Gonzalez, Estela’s father.
• Later, Danilo’s group sets up at a bar but Morgana is nowhere to be found. He goes to check the dressing rooms because they will be on soon and must make a good first impression with the reporters who came to see them.
• Laustela reads that Pedro Carrillo was stabbed repeatedly and Chavalin thinks she should testify after all so Ryan doesn’t kill her. Laustela doesn’t know what to do, especially because of Paloma, so Chavalian warns her to choose quickly as Ryan’s lawyers and the prosecution is after her, not to mention Rosario is in the hospital. Chavalin will leave her the documents in case she changes her mind and leaves.
• Morgana is in the bathroom, taking forever, when Danilo comes and tells her to show more cleavage so their band can rise in popularity since he already provides the music.
• Laustela asks Paloma if she would like to live elsewhere and Paloma nods. Laustela then promises to be with her forever so no one hurts her. She then sings Paloma a song so she can go to sleep.
• While Danilo and his group sing, a few men in one of the back tables make a silent deal, involving a metal suitcase. Danilo keeps staring at the man, who stops him after a bit, and chides him for forgetting the words to the song. He tells Danilo to begin again as the reporters who came to the band leave, frustrated.
• The next day, Laustela visits Ryan and thanks him for his help, despite the fact that he did it to force her to help him. Ryan then promises that he won’t tell the police the truth about her identity because he feels like he knows her and Laustela asks him what Estela looked like. Ryan is quiet.
• Morgana and Danilo, post coitus, hang out in her hotel room. She wants to go explore the city but Danilo wants to find reviews of their show tomorrow. He finds one but Morgana is disappointed to see it’s a horrible review about the whole band. Danilo thinks that there is no such thing as bad publicity and tells Morgana to show more cleavage at their next show. They kiss passionately.
• Ryan explains that Estela always looked like she was a hiding something but Laura is a fighter and that could be a blessing or dangerous. Laustela prefers not to be a witness for or against him even if he did murder the father of the woman he loved. Ryan tells her that she doesn’t know the whole truth but Laustela wishes luck as she goes. Ryan confesses that he knew she would leave him like Estela did.
• Later, Laustela visits Rosario, who was surprised to find herself in a luxury hospital. Laustela is happy to see her better and explains that Ryan’s lawyers took care of the agents that wanted to interview too. Rosario will thank them personally when she recovers but wonders if Ryan wants something in return. She deduces that he needs Laustela’s testimony but Laustela tells her that he promised to hide her secret from the police.
• Ryan tells Mercy what happened with Laustela but Mercy isn’t surprised since Ryan killed her father and their whole relationship has been tremulous at best. Mercy chides him for never showing her a picture of Estela but Ryan prefers to end the conversation and hangs up. Mercy then goes behind her bed and grabs a box before calling a David to ask him for a favor.
• That night, Mercy goes to visit Laustela and chides her for never meeting her or any other member of Ryan’s family. She also chides her for disappearing from Ryan’s life and begs her to help Ryan because Pedro Carrillo was a criminal. Mercy then gives her a stack of poems and songs that Ryan wrote during their time apart to see if soften her up. Once alone, Laustela begins to read everything.
• The next morning, Laustela visits Rosario and tells her that she made a mistake with Ryan because he can’t be evil and love Estela like he did, especially after reading all his songs and poems. Rosario thinks she’s falling in love with Ryan but Laustela tells her that she just feels bad and knows Pedro Carrillo wasn’t innocent either. Rosario suggests she find the truth inside her.
• That night, Laustela helps Paloma pray before tucking her into bed. She then goes to the kitchen and remembers the two men she fought three years crossing the Mexican/US border and how they tried to force their way into her room to steal Paloma. The leader asks if she would give up her life for her daughter and Laustela tells them she would.
• The next morning, Danilo instructs his band to tell everyone who asks that they are at the festival as a favor because they need to shed their “opening act” reputation. Morgana laughs and Danilo tells them that it’s the only gig they have so they have to do it. The drive then tells him they are being followed and Danilo asks him to step on it. They are intercepted and two men take out their guns and force them to stop the car.
• At Ryan’s trial, the same man that chided Danilo forgetting the song sits behind Mercy and watches the proceedings.
• Danilo wants to know why he and his band were taken to the pool party by force and the man explains that his boss, El Dorado, ordered it and leaves. Morgana asks Danilo who EL Dorado is but Danilo asks her to be quiet since it could be a narco. The other man comes and reveals that El Dorado is the one who launders the narco’s money and leaves.
• The defense tells the judge they have a key witness to help Ryan’s defense but the prosecution has never heard of that witness. The judge as the prosecution to proceed and they reveal that Pedro Carillo of his daughter’s relationship with Ryan and a voicemail proves that Pedro asked Ryan to meet hours before his death. The prosecution then tells the judge that he’s curious about the defense’s witness and the judge calls the witness forward. Ryan’s lawyers explain that the witness isn’t there yet as the doors open and in walks Laustela. Ryan is surprised but Laustela walks up to the podium, ready to decide Ryan’s fate.
• At the party, El Dorado’s men introduce Danilo and his men and warn him to keep his feet on the ground before he gets hurt. Danilo notices a woman in a covered chaise but Morgana chides him for his wondering eye. He then introduces the band and they begin their song. Ryan starts making his way to the woman in the chaise before being dragged off by Morgana before he can get a closer look.
• Laustela is sworn in and the defense asks where she was when her father was murdered. Laustela explains that she was home, in her bedroom, making love to her partner, Ryan Cabrera. The man from the bar, Mercy and Ryan all secretly smile…


Hey all! I was on the fence about this one but I can't resist a well paced story. Stevey was right, this is a narco, murder mystery, star crossed romance, immigration tale all wrapped into a fast paced, genre-bending package.

Anyone else think that little Palomita is not Estela's? Oh boy, if that's true what did this woman save this child from…and does that mean that she never intended to leave mexico until she crossed paths with Paloma. And could all of this have to do with Pedro Carrillo?

I'm so excited to see where this goes!

Thank you bunches Alfredo. I had not seen Africa since La Malquerida and she was pretty tame and mousey there. She had me wagging my tail last night.

Thank you very much , Alfredo. I had no idea what people were saying. Wow, this show is running fast right out of the gate. I do not like narco drama because I get enough of that on the nightly news. However, I like the cast so I will be watching.

Kirby, while I was watching last night, I was pretty sure that you would enjoy this one. Africa is interesting character.

Good Morning!!

Great recap, Alfredo! Thank you so much! I don't care for narco dramas either, but I'm with you, Susanlynn, I'm hanging in there because of the cast.

Alfredo, yes, the thought that Paloma is not Laustela's daughter did cross my mind. During the flashback, she kept saying "la nina"...any mother would say "mi nina." And when the man asked her if she would give her life for the child, she said "yes." Anyone would know that a mother would most definitely give her life for her child. Maybe Paloma is her niece? or maybe she is Paloma's nanny??


Sue: #Woofwoof

Sensational recap Alfredo. I don't know how you managed to capture all the events so well but the recap was well detailed and very informative.

I have a very difficult time learning who are the characters when these begin. I'm enjoying the casting and have to say although I'm not particularly enamored of David Zepeda, I like him here.

Africa and Danilo are playing their roles in over the top fashion and I couldn't be happier.

I've liked Mercy since Amores Verdaderos. AND Marco Mendez! Looking as handsome as ever with a gleen in his villainous eye!

And yes, I didn't think the child was Estela's (mine was only a hunch but RC provided a far better reason that I did :)

Kirby, not surprised at your comments on Africa! She is really sexing it up. Quite a departure from her LM role.

Clever title Alfredo. Can't thank you enough for taking the time to do this when you are already committed to other recapping responsibilities.



Diana...Marcos looks badddd. Love the long hair. Don't know how Kong I can stand David Z'S breathy whispering.

Long not like kong. Late and hurrying!!!!

I was not planning on watching this one, but the entire patio looks to be moving onto here so I thought I would give it a look. I did watch the trailer a few days ago. I initially got the imnpression this would just be another Anti Anti immigration hit job, which I already get it Univision,so I did not want a refresher course.

But this is a pretty complicated story and might be worth watching. Africa and the little Diaz chick from La Malquerida, the snotty little Danilo from P&P, and Chava 2.0 from Fin del Mundo, so this could be good.

Morgana can change my flea collar anytime.


Oh, and I almost forgot, incestuous Tio from Tres veces Ana as the judge.

Thank you, Alfredo, good job!
I'm with you, guys, I don't think Paloma is Este's daughter either, but the bad dude that is following them could be related to the child - a grandpa maybe, with Estela being the maternal aunt? We'll see...
The set up and part of the cast reminds me of Mentir para vivir, which was pretty fast paced at the beginning.
I didn't find Estela' reasoning too believable- changing her mind about commiting perjury because Ryan is a good poetry writer (say what?)...
Mercy never knowing Ryan's greatest love sounds strange, too, but I guess there is no other way for Estela to stick around and eventually play pretend love with Ryan.
Danilo has his moments, not sure if he's totally evil but he and Mercy are a hoot together.
I hope they give Africa more to do, so far her role could be played by any d-listed Televisa actress.

Adriana Noel.

Thanks everyone for joining me on this ride! Kirby, I initially thought the same things you did but I was presently surprised by the pace and how well all the elements of different genres fit together. It has been effortless thus far.

It is nice to see Africa in a completely different role. She has been mousy, boring, a brat, a fighter but never a sexy lead singer. I'm excited to see where they take her and Danilo's storyline. Danilo is so bratty and dumb that he's almost fun. Him trying to find someone, anyone, to carry his bags since he arrived in LA was hilarious.

Diana, I think Erika is looking great. I recently saw her in A Que No Me Dejas with short brown hair but the longer curls are suiting her a lot better. Obviously, she looks the best as a blond but I ilke when they change things up a bit.

Susanlynn, I think the narco drama will eventually engulf Estela's storyline, possibly Ryan's and Furia Productions through Danilo (if they ever open the will) but how will be the fun part. Because of all the other mixes of genres, I doubt it will overtake the story though.

RC, that's exactly what got me. "La nina…" Wouldn't she have said "my daughter?" That means Laura has a lot more to hide than a stolen identity.


Adriana, you're welcome!

I think Laustela's reasoning was that someone who poured his heart out in those songs and poems could not have killed the father of the woman he loved. It makes no sense to love someone and hurt them intentionally like that. Not to mention, the real Estela is dead and Laustela had doubts that Ryan killed, the poem confirmed he didn't (for her anyway). Enough for her to declare that Ryan is innocent. Not to mention, he kept his promise about not telling the police about her and helped Rosario.

Hi Adriana! So nice to read your post. "Danilo has his moments, not sure if he's totally evil but he and Mercy are a hoot together".

Aren't they? He and Morgana are exuding an easy chemistry and I smiled when he used her rear as a table.

"I think Laustela's reasoning was that someone who poured his heart out in those songs and poems could not have killed the father of the woman he loved". Makes perfect sense Alfredo.

And although Africa certainly has been cast in supposedly "mousy" roles, the woman is so gorgeous it's hard to think of her in any other way :)

This is going to be fun...


Awesome Alfredo, me happy.

Doesn't matter to me if the child is really Laustela's but I wonder if the real Estela is really dead.

Danilo was the same in P&P. Who stopped by the new hospital briefly, said hi (nastily) to Laustela and then took off. I thought she was the real Estela. I don't think I have all the characters and fake characters sorted out yet.

Me too, Tofie. I also wonder what Danilo meant when he said "I've never been accused of murder" to Mercy. Did she off her husband too and then things have gone from bad to worse at Furia?

Kirby, It was Rosario's sister, who's name I thought was Hinojosa but that's her last name. Ryan's lawyers passed paid her to sign Rosario out and take her to the private hospital. They also got the lawyers investigating the shooting at the foundation off their backs.

" Wouldn't she have said "my daughter?"

Alfredo. a mother may use the terms daughter, child, and little girl interchangeably, but would definitely use "mi/my" not "la/the".

"I think the narco drama will eventually engulf Estela's storyline" I sure hope your right. I'm really turned off by narco dramas...well, more specifically the violence that comes with it. But like, I said earlier, the cast is reeling me in...and Paloma is so adorable!!


I'm interested as to how the Narco drama will develop in this one, RC. It's not a narco novela so other elements may lessen the blow and lower the violence level.

When Danilo said. "I've never been accused of murder," I believe he was referring to Ryan being charged with murder...maybe I'm wrong...

And wasn't the lady who stopped by the hospital briefly Rosario's sister?


Ahhh, I was writing while you posted, Alfredo (re: Rosario's sister)


Thanks, Alfredo. You are amazing handling recaps for multiple shows. Muchismas gracias for all you do.

It's startling to see Africa's pretty face under such heavy, harsh makeup, but like a true professional she's turning herself -- and her boobs -- over to her character.

Speaking of keeping in character, DZ is doing a good job -- even his mannerisms are different from his previous roles. Sometimes you can tell when an actor has given his character a back story, and I'm thinking he has. And that beard looks mighty fine on him. Is it just me, or was there steam coming off the glass barrier between Ryan and Laustela when they were negotiating her helping him.

Big plot gap. How is it that there's no family or friend of the real Estella, since her father's murder was a big news story, saying "hey, that's not Estella!"

Nice to see Mendez back in a role that so far seems worthy of him.

Cynderella, you're a DZ fan -- are you watching?

I don't mind the "narco" part, as long as focus stays on the love story and the other tn shenanigans we're used to.
I hope I can keep up with this because it looks fun and we're forming a nice gang. If nobody offers, I could try to recap Friday's show and every other Friday from now on. I think I no longer have recapping rights, though, so let me know if the spot is available, so I can send a message to our blog mom.
Hopefully this doesn't get cut because I can only watch online and wouldn't be able to "guess" what Univision decides to keep once they start cutting scenes.

Adriana Noel

Niecie, great point! Where are Estela's friends, how come nobody knows that she's dead? I bet she's not...
Maybe down the line someone will show up and try to blackmail our main couple over this...
Adriana Noel

Haha, you and me are on the same wavelength, RC!

Adriana, thank you so much for offering and yes, Friday is all yours. Please email Blog mom so we can set you up for this Friday. Thank you!

Niecie, good to see you here. I think the plot gap is just missing information. Maybe Estela has no other family but her father. Remember Chavalin told Laustela that they only get information once the person will no longer need it so I assume he meant dead. THere is something bigger at play regarding Ryan, Furia, Laustela and the narcos that kidnapped Danilo so I'm sure they'll explain it soon.

Laustela and Ryan though are H.O.T.

I don't if anyone has seen Ariadne Diaz in anything else but this but she, like Silvia Navarro, always has amazing chemistry with her co-stars. Of course, Silvia Navarro is the stronger more versatile actress but Ariadne seems to have put her big girl pants on for this role as has David Zapeda.

Alfredo, I'll contact the blog mom.
I'll take on Fridays and see how big recaps I do depending on the time I have.
I have seen Ariadne in other leading roles but she has never had a good story to shine in, I believe. Her latest, La Malquerida, was all kinds of icky, because her character falls for her step father. She is ok but maybe the direction is better in tjis one, too.
SN can shine with everything that they give her - she's been doing this for almost 20 years ( she had her first prota at 18). I do wonder if any of the new , younger lead types will get to the same type of versatility. Angelique Boyer seems to be the main star but she reallt needs to rest her imagine for a couple of years (idealy more, if you ask me).

"but like a true professional she's turning herself -- and her boobs -- over to her character". I just laughed out loud Niecie. And so she is :)

I also really like Ariadne. She had a small role in El Color but she brought it and was totally believable. She's been good in everything I've seen. Yes, her part in LM was unsettling and disturbing, but it was the writing. I think she did the most with her.

I might also submit that Susana Gonzales can morph into any character seamlessly. She is vibrant and beyond talented. My absolute favorite.


Adriana, I agree about Angelique Boyer. She was over-saturated too much, too soon. A few years back, Adela Noriega said that she liked to take long breaks between her novelas so people could miss her and I think she had the right idea. Not to mention her last role was TVA which had triple the Boyer and a clueless main character (not the character's fault but everyone around her).

My favorite Ariadne role is still La Mujer del Vendaval. Her and Jose Ron had intense chemistry and the story was pretty good. Marcela was fierce and always carried her rifle with her ;)

As for LM, it was a heavy subject matter and all too close to home for some but the writing could've been better. When it hit it's stride, it was amazing and the ending was on par with everything that came before without tying everything up in a little bow. I think the ending is what made LM so memorable the evil doers got punished according to their crimes and the "good" guys began to heal, not fully, but slowly.

Since I didn't watch Azteca, I never saw Silvia until Amor Bravio and she was perfection. I was enthralled by her presence.


Still laughing at Danilo Carrera playing Danilo Cabrera

Also, the title is very telling. Is Doble Vida because of the identity thief or because Estela Carillo had two lives, of which we know nothing about.

Anon, I had to verify he wasn't playing himself the first time I read about it lol he was originally cast as the lead but I'm glad they went the DZ route, who seems more suited for the role.

Thanks Alfredo! I'm glad I decided to watch this. It's getting good. And one of the main reasons I wanted to watch was because of the cast. Africa and Danilo are stealing the show already. Total opposite role from what Africa portrayed as Alejandra in La Malquerida. I wanna know if it was the producers idea to cast Danilo and have his character share practically the same name or if he requested it lol. I'm excited to see more of Marco Mendez's character as well. And it was a nice treat to see Tío Mariano again. So far I'm not liking Mercy much though.

I too don't mind that the story has a bit of narco in it. If it was full on narco like La Piloto I probably wouldn't watch it. Which is why I'm not watching La Piloto.

It's kinda surprising to me that DZ has great chemistry with younger actresses. He's 13 years older than Ariadne and 15 years older than Angelique. I liked the latter's chemistry in Abismo.

Can't wait to see the plot develop.


Thanks so much, Alfredo! Things are really zipping along, and I like the mysteries surrounding Laura's and real Estela's past histories. Perhaps they intersect in some way, other than Laura stealing Estela's identity.

Little Paloma is so adorable, and she resembles Laura/Estela so much that it's hard to think she's not related to her. But perhaps she is her aunt. When Laura was looking at the missing persons info about Estela on the computer, it said Estela has brown hair and green eyes-- just like Laura and Paloma have...Coincidence?

Africa is playing SUCH a different role than her last one, in the comedy where she played a devout wife and mother to four kids (two of them grown)! It must be fun to mix it up with roles, but damn, she must have to work out four hours a day to maintain that body to flaunt these outfits.

Alfredo! I thought no one else wanted to recap this one, do you need help? I'm willing to recap!

Juju: I'm interested watching Africa Zavala portraying the arch Antagonist!

Got to believe the Body Count here will increase.


You're welcome, TF and Vivi!

I hadn't noticed the real Estela's description but this seems like a good mystery to sink your teeth into. Thanks for the info, Vivi.

DZ had awesome chemistry with Ana Leticia in TVA so it makes sense he did in Abismo too since they were the same couple lol Angelli Nesma loves repeating couples, right?

Princess Juju, yes, I wasn't going to but it peaked my interest a lot of the Vino shippers were watching so I figured what the heck? What day would you like or email me at so we decide. Any day is open except Friday, which Adriana has agreed to recap.

It looks as though a nice group is assembling here on the patio for this show.

I think that all the actors are doing a good job right off the bat. The lead actress ( I never spell her name correctly) did a good job in LM, and she seems suited for this role. DZ is not my cup of tea, but we will see. I always love Erica in all her roles and all her looks. Africa is beautiful. I am also a fan of Marcos.

Diana, Susana is one of my favorites.


Alfredo , Adela Noriego is another favorite of mine. I loved her in Amor Real. I have not seen her in a novels since Fuego end LA Sangre.

Susanlynn, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adela Noriega. It's one of the reasons I couldn't watch LSDP because EL Manantial and Adela were perfect in that as was Mauricio Islas, Alejandro Tommasi and Daniela Romo. AR is the only one of Carla's Epoca Trio that I haven't seen :( I'm sure I can find the episodes online but the quality is always so-so. I will watch it eventually.

I liked her in Fuego but as soon as the filler took over I left.

Thanks, Alfredo! I'm still not totally into this yet, but I'm really impressed by the pacing.

I wish I liked banda music more, though.

Alfredo , my three favorite telenovelas are Alborada,AmorReal, and Passion, in that order. You must try to watch Amor Real. Fernando Colunga plays a galan that I both loved and sometimes hated. Adela was spectacular in it. Mauricio was FC's rival. I wish that Carla would do another historical romance. She is the best, especially when teamed with Monica.

Julie...come on !!! The gang's all here. Doritos for everyone. And NO DAVE from the vineyard of despair. It's all good. The music style is not my fav either, Dave. I am not sure if anyone is into vests. I will check tonight.

And Maria Zaranttini as her adapter and head writer ;)

Alborada is definitely my favorite too. I love rewatching Dona Juana scenes because she was so quietly, masterfully over the top.

Pasion is worth it for Camila and Ricardo who had one break up that last three episodes of a five month novela.

I miss Carla so much :( \

And I read this is Rosy Ocampo's last novela too so it seems we're ushering in a new era at Telerisa.

Uh oh. If Vino el Amor is any indication of the direction that telenovelas are headed, I am worried. Perhaps the new generation of writers no longer believe in love and romance. Que lastima. Is it the end of an era for telenovelas?

P.s. Autocorrect changed "romance" to "finance " this a bad omen?

I think it depends, VEA was definitely a fluke. I don't know it it's the fact that a newer writer was heading the team or that Castro just didn't give a f*** but I've seen some of the newer ones and there was plenty of romance. Simplemente Maria, Corazon Que Miente and even Mujeres de Negro had plenty of romance and small romantic moments. I read that Castro was suffering from depression but that was way back in LM and PyP. I honestly don't know what happened with VEA. I thought about watching it but read the ending and decided against it. What a waste of time for whoever was watching it day by day in MExico hoping it would get better.

Thanks Alfredo, good recap. I'm not crazy About narco tns, I think they're more suited for Telemundo. But I kinda like where this might be going. I like the Actors, I haven't seen that guy that's Playin Ryan in a long time, I do not Remember his name, but he's also a singer right? And the actress that's in the roll of estela, she was in the "color of passion", what small part she had in that did not last long enough for me.But this part seems very
Well suited for her. So far I'm liking it. I'll see where it takes me. The recapping is good, thank you Alfredo. Now why is that guys shoes so long At the tip? Is that a thing now or just for the show? I don't like em,
I don't have to wear them
Each his or her own. By the way I also
Remember him from "passion and power".
He was horribly good in that. This is
The guy that plays Danilo. I do not Remember his name either. Im bad with
Names,I know faces,I'm bad with names.

Im more Interested in Ryan and Estela tho. The Characters look like a good match. Im Feeling the chemistry with these two. That cute little girl isn't
Her bio baby. Seem like I remember her
Telling somebody the mother died,maybe
But Ryan's mom might think that little
Girl is her grandbaby, since Estella
Supposedly disappeared for awhile. It could be she left to have Ryan's baby.
Just sayin.Maybe the writters saw that
That would great, that is the cutest
Little girl I've seen in a long time.

Thank you Alfredo.

Danilo playing Danilo is funny. He was Franco in P&P and was the same personality. Same smarmy attitude and same "slap it off my face" sneer too.

Africa is not really my type, but when her rump was used as a rest for his tablet my type changed.!

This comment has been removed by the author.

PSA: Anyone who would like to recap LDVDEC we have Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays open :)

Adriana pleade email me at also. Thanks!

I must say Africa has come a long way from wearing that pre-nun's outfit in Amorcito Corazon!

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