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La Piloto #45, 5-6-2017: Setting Traps; Plans In Motion

Parte 1~~

Shot start firing at Rosalba’s and Yolanda wants to race off to know what’s going on but she can’t cuz they know her face.  Wilmer volunteers to check on what’s taken place.

During the fracas, DEA Dave manages to wound and capture one of Oscar’s guerreros.

In Mexico City, John gives Zulima another drug pick up by plane.  He tries to sweet talk her and tells her not to get her nose so bent out of shape.  Oscar gets off the phone with one of the goons who’s told him Yoli showed up at Rosalba’s house but some guys with guns showed up and chased them away.  Yoli’s still out and about.  Well, Oscar figures he’s still got at least one Ace up his sleeve and it’s now time to use it.

Back at Rosie’s, Dave tells Ruiz that he plans on interrogating the goon, difficult as it will be. Ruiz heads into the agency to sign off on the paperwork for the arrest. Ruiz will put up a couple of cops to guard and a squad around the place for protection.

In Colombia, in the military lockup,  Col. SantaMaria and Rubio trick a guard, attack and strangle him to get his keys and make their escape.  They kidnap S&M’s replacement and use him as a hostage to get away from the base Scot free.

Wil tells the girls about the cops and the shootout.  Yoli wants to go to the hospital to see what’s what with the gunman, but Olivia tells her it’s a bad idea.  So she determines they’ll drive around the neighboring area to see if Rose is anywhere nearby.  

At the same time, Oscar beats up on Christian and takes Estela out of the warehouse to use as bait.

In the Mexico City jail, Lisbet’s cellmate, aka Braids, tells her thanks for not selling her out to the warden.  Braids informs her that her stabbing victim is still breathing, then lends Bette her cell phone to call Ruiz.  Ruiz takes her call and informs her about what the warden said about making her an example; he mentions that Dave is back down because Yoli’s alive and somewhere nearby.  Bette’s excited about the good news.  He adds the bad guys are after her also, though.

Yoli, meanwhile, gets another call from Oscar.  Liv has Wilmer trace it.  Oscar tells her hasn’t a clue where Rose is, but then he puts Estela on the phone.  He tells Yoli that he’ll hand her mama and Christian over in exchange if she hands herself over to him.  Yoli stalls long enough for Wil to track down the general area of the phone call, near some warehouses in the general vicinity.  Yoli wants to do the stupid heroine thing by making the trade!  Liv talks her out of it. No way am I handing myself back over to those creeps to get back my brother!  Think of something else!  They finally agree to pretend to agree to the deal, then stop a few blocks away and check out the warehouse to see if the hostages are really in there while Oscar and his goons leave the building to come for them.  After that???? Wil says expect to get a bullet in the head.  Liv screams at him that unless he has a better option, to shut his pie hole.

Roberto asks Oscar if he’s really going to hold up his side of the bargain.  “--Of course not!” Rob looks like his few last scraps of conscience are panging…..

S&M and Rubio head next to Las Palmas where they pay Teresa’s pimp to find them a speed boat.  It turns out the dude selling the boat is one of Salvador’s ex guerreros.  They recognize him and force him into the SUV.  Once they take charge of the boat, S&M shoots the dude in the head.  “--Kill the dog and kill the scourge [sarno=mange].”

Lt. Reyes gets word from the military connection, who apparently found the tied up military hostage SantaMaria left in the woods, that S&M and Rubio were headed to the local cat house to pick up something.  Reyes says they’ll need to head there immediately and tells him the place and its location.

Yoli notices there’s a police road block or squad near the house and tells the others.

In the men’s correctional in the D.F., Arley feels abandoned(?).  He wants a guard to get him the name of the judge for his and Cañengo’s case; he gets word via a guard to the warden he’s got information to hand over to him.

Reyes finds Pimp Daddy and pays him to play both sides of the fence, which he does once those pesos pass into his greasy palm.

Back in Altamirano, a couple of policemen from the roadblock want to check out the motor home.  Ruh-Roh!!!  Turns out that the one cop checks the plates and Wilmer says the van belongs to his uncle.  Ok.  The 2nd cop will let them go if Liv would only write her phone number onto his palm so he can call her later on.  She does.  They get to leave.
Parte 2~~

Reyes calls Dave and tells him all about S&M and Rubio.  Dave figures they’ll be heading through Panama for Mexico.  Reyes swears he won’t let the guy get to Panama.  Dave tells the others that Rubio and SantaMaria are driving back for the boat.  Rubio’s having second thoughts about leaving the country.  He would rather head home, get false identity papers and begin a new life in Colombia.   SantaMaria says he’ll pay him well and he’s working for him.  Rubio says he thinks they are really going too far trying to find some woman that flew the coup on them.  S&M gets really mad at that.  He’s going for vengeance!  The woman maimed him, wrecked his career and ruined his life!  She cannot be left to get away with that!  He won’t let her!   And, Rubio is coming with him, period!

The guard comes back with a phone number for the judge and gives it to Arley.  Arley calls his office.  He finds out that their lawyer hasn’t done a single thing on their case in five months. Arley swears vengeance on los Lucio for abandoning them in jail like that.  Cañengo warns him that going against John and Oscar Lucio is crazy dangerous.  Arley reminds him that if he could kill his own kid and Amanda,  he can face the Lucios without flinching an inch.

Dave goes to the hospital with Moni and Ruiz.  He tries torturing Oscar’s hired henchman for information.

Cañengo makes a call to the Lucios’ mouthpiece and tells him to stop the B.S.  He knows the guy’s lying through his teeth about handling their case for them.  He says he’s calling to give him information on Arley and to let the Lucios know he’s still on their team.  (--whatever that’s worth these days.)

Ruiz and Moni and Dave figure that now Oscar’s got a hit out on Yoli, she must be in Mexico City as well as John and Oscar, especially since SantaMaria is heading north for the D.F. also (I think was the gist of that conversation.)

Abautista (?) calls John to give him the 411 on Arley’s turning traitor now that he and Cañengo know for a fact they’ve done nothing to get them out of jail.  Cañengo’s still with them, but Arley’s trouble.  John says that’s life and then tells him to off the both of them.

Wil and Yoli put their plan together.  Liv mentions she thinks Yoli’s putting too much faith into the likes of John Lucio as she remembers the tale Zuli told them all about why she was sleeping with John while Yoli went missing.  Yoli’s still certain went looking for her and when he finds out about all that Oscar’s been doing recently, he’ll put him in his place and Oscar will stop causing her trouble.  Liv doesn’t argue.

Yo! calls Oscar to tell him she’s agreeing to meet him wherever he says.  Oscar says be sure to bring Olivia with her to the meet—and she better not have any policemen in the vicinity.  She tells Oscar he’d better play straight with her also.  They try tracking the call and learn he’s around 10 km from there in a moving vehicle.  Good, says Liv.  Yo! Cocks her gun and Liv does likewise.


Thanks for the comments from last time. The next one is up. Enjoy!

Looking forward to it!

Thank you Jardinera!!!!!

If Wilmer gets killed because of Yoli's stupidity she will have lost me completely. Too many people, innocent people, have died because of her choices.

Thanks Jardinera. Intend, one of these days, to get caught up On Demand, but just not able to find the time or energy at the moment. So appreciate your recaps all the more. Keeping my fingers crossed for Wilmer. Yes, the body count is this one is already staggering.

Thanks so much, Jardinera! I finally feel we are back to that wonderful first month where everything was rip-roaring quick and lots of action with amazing character moments. I fear for Wilmer so much right now and any other person who is not Yolanda, Zulima or the Lucios because this is a war and there will be casualties on both sides.

John is still so clueless about his bro bro and "La Bruja" but even worse...Yolanda is in the dark, as is everyone but OScar, about Zulima. A part of me wants her to be discovered soon but another part of me wants the Lucios to die by her hand and have Yolanda vs Zulima for the final weeks. These two women are titans and a battle between them would be amazing.

How awesome are our rag tag makeshift teams though??? :)


Thanks, Jardinera. Reading your recap is a terrific afternoon break.

I take my laughs where I can find them. Funny moment when Arley is on the phone with the judge’s office for him and Cañengo and he asks Cañengo, I think, for his formal name and looks surprised/amused at whatever it is.

I know nothing about cartels, but the way the Lucios have treated Arley is bad business. The Lucios have no loyalty, and anybody working for them should take note.

Though we know John never forced Zuli, Olivia needs to tell Yolanda all. They’re in dire straits and this isn’t a time to spare anybody’s feelings.

Steve and JudyB -- The body count is way too high for anyone to track. The highest I've ever seen.

Carvivlie – Ditto what you said about Wilmer. I have issues with the plot, but the writers and actors have crafted people Viewerville cares about, even the minor players.


Alfredo - The ragtag teams are awesome. Wilmer has such skill, now I'm wondering if he still has a job since he spends so much time helping Olivia.

I hate Yoli has an ounce od concern for mommy dearest. She should leave her to hang but Chris is another story. Stupid of him to run off to avenge his father but he deserves help i suppose. We dont know that ge is a bad person unlike stella. Cant save one without the other i suppose.

I too want no more bodies to pile up due to Yoli. She needs to be more strategic. While we know Zuli was lying...wish Liv would have revealed what she knows about john and zuli. Liz at least tried to plant a seed of doubt with yoli...but yoli is single minded at this point.


Weighing in, Jardinera. Good work and sorely needed because I just can't keep up with the conversations. I did get the part where neither Oscar nor Yoli are going to keep their end of the bargain. If Oscar is stupid, he'll leave Estela and Chris in the warehouse; if he's smart, he'll take them with him to the "meet" and try to gun them all down.

I like Reyes. I wish he weren't so far away in Colombia. He's very brave to be working by himself.

I didn't get that the boat guy S&M shot had something to do with Salvador, so again, thank you Jar. He is as ruthless as Oscar and John--leave no traces and that includes anyone they talk to. Arley and Canengo are now in line to die. So, I'm also worried about Wilmer, but won't they kind of need him to find John, Rosalba and trace Dave so in the end Yoli can actually call him.

Oscar is beyond redemption asking for Oli to come with Yoli to the "meet." Of course he wants to kill them both.

John ordered Yoli's assassination back when he first learned of her "betrayal" with Salvador. I think he believes she's dead and Oscar has to run around the countryside to get the job done, since his paid assassins couldn't do it, before John finds out. I hope he continues to be a bad shot.

Niece--haha, I wondered if Wilmer had a lot of vacation time saved up! BTW, did you ever watch Reina de Corazones on Telemundo a couple of years ago (with my fave Juan Soler as the evil mastermind)? Now THERE was a body count and they didn't use automatic weapons to just mow people down.

Anita - I will have to check out Reina de Corazones online. Sounds like it got creative in ways to dispatch people.

Maybe Yoli will get lucky and Estella is killed in crossfire.

Yeah, I agree Carvivlie and I am kind of shocked she dropped everything to go rescue Estela. I would think she would be there to help Olivia rescue Christian instead of that sad excuse for a human being who even blamed her for everything. Funny enough, the only reason Estela is even kidnapped is because she's a winer who wanted to go first. If she would've been selfless and let Rosalba go first she would've been okay and drunk in her cushy Mexico City apartment. The irony of it all is the subtle humor from this series that I love.

Carvivlie: We can ONLY hope!


VERY OT: Niecie--I think you will like the story and the leads (Eugenio Siller and Paola Nunez; Juan Soler, Laura Flores and Mmmmmmmmm Sergio Mur (check him out on Google).

From NovelaMaven's intro:
Juan Soler = Victor De Rosas, in a World of Dazzle and Deception, Intrigue, Dizzying Wealth, High Fashion, Juan Soler amid Dirty Money and Dirty Diamonds, Dangerous Men and Fast Women, a World of Casinos and High Rollers, CIA Spies, Amnesia, Juan Soler, Mysterious Threats lurking in bushes, and lots and lots of Sexy, Pretty People -- what's not to like? (Oh and did I mention Juan Soler?)

Actually they didn't spend very much time in the casinos. Since it was on Telemundo, the recaps were sprinkled in with all the other shows that were being recapped and commented on. However I have all the recaps together in several Word docs and would be happy to pass them on. They don't quite correlate with the YouTube versions, but you'll get the idea.

(I can only find the Telemundo 22 min. version right now, but here is Cap. 1 for you:


OT: Niece--I found the full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYqMgqcMiI0


Thanks, Anita! I liked Juan Soler in Cuando me enamoro but haven't seen him since then.

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