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La Piloto #46 5.9.17: In Which Yolanda Rescues Everyone But Herself...

• A freshly showered Zulima gets a call from Oscar, who informs her that Yolanda accepted their deal so he needs her to entertain John while he kills Yolanda. Zulima hopes he doesn’t fail again and hangs up.
• Roberto informs Oscar, who is in his car outside that John has been in his room for a while. Oscar instructs him to go to the warehouse, grab Estela and take her to the warehouse where they will meet Yolanda. Roberto thought that they were going to kill Estela and Christian but Oscar wants to see what Yolanda is planning first.
• Yolanda and Olivia arrive at the warehouse that Oscar told them about and sees Christian. She wants to go in immediately but Yolanda tells her that they need to bide their time and plan their strategy as Oscar is going to betray them. Just then, Yolanda receives a call from Oscar, doesn’t answer, and she tells Olivia that they have to hurry.
• Roberto is packing up his things when another one of the Lucio men, Javi, catches him. He tells Javi to let him explain and then attacks him. In the ensuing gun battle, a round escapes and kills Javi. Roberto freaks out at the sign of his blood-covered hands.

• As John showers, Zulima walks in, all decked out in heels and lingerie and waits for him. When he gets out of the bathroom, she kisses him and he assumes she forgot all about their little spat earlier in the day. She nods and they fall into bed.
• Roberto gets into a truck outside the Lucio house and drives off.
• On the way to the meeting point, Oscar wonders where Yolanda is because he can’t find her. He instructs the driver to drive slow to see if they can see them as he loads his gun.
• In the RV, Yolanda and Olivia get ready for battle as Wilmer suggests they call the police. Yolanda reminds him that Lucios have men everywhere and Olivia gives him a gun, just in case. Yolanda tells him that he will be their eyes and ears so she needs him to focus. Just then, Olivia sees Roberto arrive at the warehouse through the windows and Yolanda tries to calm her down and remind her they need to plan their strategy.
• Roberto opens the room where Christian and Estela are and tells Christian that they have to go ASAP. Estella tells Roberto that he is late because Yolanda is coming to rescue them but Roberto reveals that Oscar plans to kill them all during the exchange. Just then Roberto’s phone rings and it is Oscar, who asks him where he is. Roberto tells him he is getting Estela right now because his car stalled and he’s running late. Oscar asks him to hurry because Yolanda doesn’t appear or answer her phone. He tells Roberto that they might have to cancel the exchange and tells him he will be at the warehouse in a bit. Roberto hangs up, shows Christian all the money he has in his bag, and tells him to hurry so they can escape.
• Yolanda and Olivia arrive at warehouse and pretend to be lost. When a guard goes to help them, Yolanda takes out her gun and tells him to open the door for them.
• Roberto instructs Christian to be quiet and cooperate as he takes out his gun.
• In the entrance to the warehouse, Yolanda walks behind the guard as another one comes and begins to fire at them. She lets go of the guard and her and Olivia dash behind a column. Just then, Roberto comes and shoots the other guard in the back. Olivia and Yolanda come and ask why he is helping them and Roberto reminds her that he owes them one. Both are reunited with their family as another guard appears and begins to fire at them. Christian is hit in the stomach and Olivia goes to attend him.
• Outside, Oscar drives by the warehouse, notices there isn’t a guard at the door, and instructs the driver to park around the corner. Oscar tells him men that something strange is happening so he needs them ready.
• From the RV, Wilmer sees Oscar’s car arrive and shakes him head.
• Yolanda and Olivia run away with Christian and Estela as Oscar busts through the door as Roberto dashes inside a car to hide. Oscar finds him and Roberto explains that Yolanda and Olivia caught them by surprise. Oscar wonders how they got to the warehouse but Roberto doesn’t know and reveals that they took Christian and Estela. Oscar points his gun at him but Roberto swears he didn’t help them.
• Yolanda and Olivia finally reach the RV and tells Wilmer to step on it so they can leave ASAP.
• That night, John is asleep next to Zulima when she receives a call. She goes to answer but he keeps on hugging her. She eventually grabs the phone, as John turns around, and Oscar tells her what happened at the warehouse.
• In Guanajuato, Raul gets a call from Lizbeth’s lawyer, who tells him that until she is released from solitary, they can’t ask for another audience with the judge. Monica hopes everything will be alright either way but Raul explains that the judge is hard on drug trafficking so the next appointment may be another five months from now. Monica tells him to not pour his heart into helping Lizbeth, especially because Dave is already in love with Yolanda, and that can backfire on them all. Raul nods but tells her that Lizbeth is paying for her mistakes and Monica agrees. She is willing to kill Yolanda if it means capturing the Lucios and bringing down El Cartel de las Sombras.
• Zulima meets Oscar in his room. He is pissed that Yolanda always escaped and this time she escaped with Christian and Estela. Zulima shakes her head and Oscar tells her Yolanda played him like a fool. Zulima reminds him that Christian knows where to find them and he better pray that he doesn’t open his mouth. They also have to be on John like white on rice to make sure Yolanda doesn’t get to him. Oscar asks her to leave him alone and she obliges. He then calls Roberto and instructs him to come to his room.
• In Palenque, Panama, Santamaria and Rubio run through the jungle. Rubio thinks Santamaria’s plan to go through Panama is flawed but Santamaria instructs him to only talk when he has an idea and not to complain. Rubio nods and then asks what they will do now, without a boat. Santamaria takes out a map and finds that they are between Palenque and Panama City. He tells Rubio that need to travel east and Rubio asks that they find some sort of vehicle soon so they can move faster. Santamaria smiles at his bright idea and then tells him that he hopes Yolanda has settled into her old life because he’s coming to bring it down.
• Later that night, Estela finds the only bottle of alcohol in the RV and pours herself a cup. She sits down in front of Yolanda and supposes she has to thank her for rescuing her. Yolanda tells her that she can thank her if she wants. Estela chides her for taking so long in rescuing her but Yolanda explains that she’s been trying for a while. She then asks Estela about Rosalba and Estela explains that she has no idea where Rosalba is as she was kidnapped when they were going into witness protection. Yolanda realizes that they wanted to kidnap Rosalba but took Estela by mistake and Estela nods. She tells Yolanda that she only saw Oscar and never John so Yolanda assumes he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Estela then explains that they traveled for a while before arriving in Mexico City as Wilmer comes and tells Olivia that the hospital admitted Christian but they need to have patience. Olivia wants to go be with him but Wilmer reminds her that the hospital is full of police and she can’t go. Yolanda instructs Wilmer to go to the waiting room but Estela offers to go instead because Christian helped her a lot when they were kidnapped. She grabs the bottle and gets off the RV. Yolanda then tries to calm down Olivia and reminds her that he is finally in the hospital and they will take care of him.
• The next day, Bautista meets with Canengo and asks if he will run into Arley in the visiting area. Canengo shakes his head and tells him that only Amanda cared for him and he shot her. Bautista nods and then explains that the Lucios are very happy with his loyalty and will gladly pay for it on top of securing his release but he has to kill Arley first. Canengo doesn’t want to but Bautista tells him that he must and he will get him any firearm he wants to do it.
• Dave looks at a GPS and sees that the Lucio airstrip is in the South of Mexico and there are in the North. Monica assumes they will go ASAP but Raul wants to visit Lizbeth at the prison. Dave reminds him that he is the only one who can order reinforcements, if necessary, since he and Monica are no longer in the DEA. Dave begs him to come with him and they will help Lizbeth once they’ve captured the Lucios. Raul agrees and they go.
• In the RV, Wilmer tells Yolanda and Olivia that several calls have been made from the Lucio numbers from the same coordinates, close to the mountains, in the South of Mexico. Yolanda nods and tells them John always hides his airstrips close to the mountains and tells Wilmer that they have to go check it out. Olivia will stay to watch over Christian.
• Santamaria and Rubio walk down a highway. When a car comes by, Santamaria waves him down as Rubio goes to hide the rifle. The man in the car asks Santamaria if they need help and Santamaria shoots him dead. Rubio starts to freak out but Santamaria reminds him that the man could’ve called the cops and instructs him to hide the body and then grab the rifle. Rubio obliges and they go.
• At the Lucio airstrip, John comes and instructs him men to help the intoxicated pilot out of the plane. Arguelles tells him that plane smells horrible and John explains that the pilot probably left one of the containers open and got intoxicated. He instructs his men to take him to an urgent care so he could get some fluids. He then instructs Arguelles to clean out the plane so he can personally take the merchandise to Brazil as they have no other pilots and Zulima isn’t ready for such a long trip. Arguelles obliges.
• Wilmer and Yolanda arrive at the airstrip and they walk the rest of the way on foot. She hopes John is there because that will solve a lot of their troubles but Wilmer is worried that the airstrip will be watched and they will run into trouble. Yolanda tells him that Oscar is after them, not John, so if he’s there, he will help them. Wilmer asks why Oscar hates her and Yolanda reveals that Oscar hates all women equally. They go off.
• The maid at Lucio headquarters goes into the laundry room and screams when she finds Javi’s body.
• In Oscar’s room, Oscar and Roberto get dressed and Oscar asks him why he has been acting so strange. Roberto confesses that he’s pissed because Olivia escaped again as Oscar receives a call that one of their guards was found dead in the laundry room. Oscar and Roberto will be right there to check it out.
• At the airstrip, John asks Arguelles if he’s heard from Oscar but Arguelles hasn’t since last night. He offers to call him but John shakes his head. He confesses that Oscar has been acting weird lately like he’s hiding something but Arguelles doesn’t think so. John asks him to investigate and report back to him.
• Oscar, Roberto, Zulima, the servant and other Lucio men look at the dead Javi. Oscar looks around the room and asks someone to explain what happened. Zulima reveals that some money has also gone missing and Oscar thinks it’s strange a rat has suddenly appeared in their mist. He instructs Roberto to keep a look out for any suspicious behavior and warns them that whoever it was is in trouble. He walks away.
• Dave, Monica and Raul arrive at the path to the airstrip. Dave thinks the mountainous region is a perfect place to hide an airstrip.
• Arguelles radios his men and asks if there is any movement in the surrounding areas to the airstrip but his men report that everything is clear. Just then, Roberto calls him and tells him that Oscar is hiding important information from John. Arguelles demands to know what it is but Zulima finds Roberto and aims her gun at his head. Roberto hangs up on Arguelles and looks at her.
• Zulima knew Roberto was stupid but she didn’t know he was a rat. Roberto pleads with her but she points her gun at him and tells him that they have a lot to talk about.
• Yolanda tells Wilmer that they need to split up and asks if he has the gun Olivia gave him. Wilmer nods and Yolanda shows him again how to use it but prays he doesn’t have to. Wilmer then tells her to take care of herself and Yolanda nods before kissing her medallion. She then walks off.
• John asks Arguelles if the plane is ready and he nods. John then asks about Oscar and Arguelles explains that Roberto called him to talk about Oscar but he couldn’t say more. He did manage to hear Yolanda’s name before the call cut off. John thinks it’s strange and goes to call Oscar as Arguelles gets a report that a woman has infiltrated their barrier and is on her way to the airstrip. John hangs up immediately and readies his firearm as do the rest of his men.
• Yolanda sneaks in through the bushes and sees John. She smiles and runs to him as his men point their guns at her. John instructs his men to lower their weapons and Yolanda hugs John and thanks her stars that she found him again. She kisses him but John doesn’t respond and pushes her off. He calls her a traitor and reveals that he knows she sold him out in Villa Antigua and that’s why he ordered her execution. Yolanda is shocked.
• Oscar has tied Roberto up in the warehouse and proceeds to punch him. He wants to know what he was going to tell Arguelles but Roberto is quiet. Oscar punches him and Roberto confesses that he was going to tell Arguelles that Yolanda was alive. He then confesses that he helped Christian and Estela escaped but he didn’t steal the money; he only helped Christian because of Olivia. Zulima is shocked to hear he still loves Olivia despite the fact that he has been sleeping with Oscar. Zulima then looks at Oscar and Roberto confesses that he doesn’t like men and only slept with Oscar in order to keep his job. Oscar points his gun at Roberto’s head.
• John reveals that he ordered Pinto to kill her too because she sold them out to Dave and the DEA. Yolanda shakes her head and tells him she is not with Dave but John doesn’t believe her. He knows she betrayed him and Yolanda asks if Oscar told him that. John warns her to never mention Oscar’s name again or he’ll kill her. Yolanda grabs his hand and points his gun at her forehead. She orders him to shoot her if he’s man enough but John doesn’t and Yolanda pushes him off. John tells her that it will hurt him a lot but he has to do it because no one betrays the Lucios. He points his gun at her head and aims.
• Just then, Dave shoots a warning shot into the air, having found the airstrip with Raul and Monica and witnessed the whole John-Yolanda scene. Dave orders them to be surrender but John and his men begin to shoot. Raul calls for backup immediately and orders Arguelles to surrender. Arguelles sees him and runs off with Raul in town. Yolanda runs into one of the hangers, evading John’s rounds, with Monica in tow. She hides behind one of the walls and hits Monica in the back when she walks in. Yolanda grabs her gun and orders Monica to surrender
• Raul catches up to Arguelles and points his gun at him. He orders Arguelles to stand down but his father refuses because he won’t go to jail. Raul tells him he will go to jail and pay for what he did. Arguelles lowers his gun.
• Monica screams at Yolanda that her sister is dead because of her. She begins to cry and Yolanda tells her that she has no idea what she is talking about but she will shoot her if she tries anything. Monica is still as Yolanda looks around the hanger and runs toward an open door. Monica curses her luck.
• Outside, John and Dave are at an impasse. John tells Dave that he will never surrender and instructs his men to get in the car. They drive away and Dave chases the car as John fires off round after round. None of them hit Dave and John tells him to go to hell before the car drives off.
• Arguelles gets closer to Raul and chides him for repaying all the years he took care of him with this betrayal. Raul calls him a hypocrite and orders him to throw his gun but Arguelles shakes his head. He tells Raul that he is his father and he can’t betray him; he must let him go. Raul shakes his head and tells him that he is under arrest. Arguelles calls him an ungrateful bastard and turns his back on Raul. He beings to walk away but Raul continues to order him to stand down. Arguelles turns around suddenly and shoots Raul in the stomach as Raul shoots Arguelles in the stomach. They both fall down and grasp for life.
• Oscar lowers his gun and reminds Roberto when he came to him and begged him for a job. Roberto nods but admits that he was wrong and can’t continue with the narco life. Oscar tells him that when he had a father, he once heard him say that every action has a consequence, and asks Roberto what the consequences of his actions should be. He asks if he should shoot him in the head or let him go. Roberto begs Oscar to let him go and he will never hear from him again. Oscar tells him that since he wanted to do Christian a favor, he will now take his place and be his prisoner for the time being. He then tells him goodbye and leaves with Zulima.
• Outside, Zulima wonders what would’ve happened if she didn’t catch his boyfriend trying to betray them. Oscar chides her for calling him that and reminds her to call him Roberto. She apologizes and then tells him that he should learn from his mistakes and not fall for every guy that he comes into contact with. Oscar grabs her arm and then her face and warns to never speak to him in that manner about a man again or he will blow her head off. She nods and he lets her go before radioing John for an update.
• Yolanda arrives at the RV but finds that Wilmer has not arrived. She closes the door and continues to scream his name to no avail. She apologizes to Wilmer but she has to go and starts up the RV…


Guys, hope you enjoy this action packed episode! If Yolanda leaves Wilmer behind then she is the worst because I handle casualties since Wilmer decided to be there but if she deliberately leaves him, ahh!!!

I hope Monica's confession that she would kill Yolanda doesn't destroy her relationship with Dave because they are the best but she's right, something has got to give.

Finally it is established that Roberto has been sleeping with Oscar but I can't believe he flat out confessed that he did it for the job. Like….at least say you like him a little so he can have pity on you. Idiot!

After some time, it's hard to find the right words to describe a shoot out, especially one as crazy as this one was. Hope I did it justice!

Wow, action packed is right! Can't wait to watch it tonight!! I'm sure you did the whole episode justice Al!

I hope Christian is okay and isn't murdered in the hospital.
I don't understand why the Lucios would kill their best guy and not try to break him out.
Super disappointed in John's reaction to Yoli. I wonder if Dave wasn't there if she could have convinced him that she wasn't working with the DEA. Looks like my dream of a Yoli/John reunion is over. She wouldn't take him now knowing he ordered her hit.
Can't believe Yoli is leaving poor Wilmer behind. I hope he isn't dead.

Thx captured such great detail in this action packed epi. I fear you missed nothing.

Im not a fan of estella but it made no sense for her to go to the hospital. The last thing she should risk is being seen by the criminals who held her captive for months....but oh well. Someone had to go I guess.

Dont know what to make of dad shooting a son that he forbade anyone else from harming. Raul shot in self defense mire so than in defense of the law. Between the 2 of them....I hope raul recovers and dad is a gonner. Needless to and estella are vying for the worse parent ever award.

Finally...Yoli's eyes are opened about john's will she respond. John however still has not put it all 2gether regarding the lies he's been fed. Unfortunately...revelation of his betrayal of Yoli will be the thing to push her into the arms of dave and the feds

I so hate that mi Col is still on the loose. Cant he get by a giant snake i Panama and due already.

I like the pace of this TN in general...outside of the Colombia months


Thanks, Alfredo. A double header from you today. Much appreciated.

Yolanda instructs Wilmer to go to the waiting room but Estela offers to go instead because Christian helped her a lot when they were kidnapped.

I can’t get over Estela volunteering to help anyone under any circumstances. Wondering if she took the opportunity to simply run away.

Roberto confesses that he doesn’t like men and only slept with Oscar in order to keep his job.

And I think I’m a good employee because I stay late and work weekends! Despite what he said, I’m guessing Roberto is bi. There is just so much one will do to keep a job.

Nobody knows Wilmer, so I’m thinking if he keeps his gun hidden, he’ll be okay. But where in the dickens is he?

John will disappoint me if he doesn’t now notice the phony masks Zuli and Oscar are wearing. After betraying him as he claims, why would Yoli put herself in harm’s way to run into his arms? If she was there to lead John to him, she would’ve remained hidden in the bushes instead of stepping forward.


Nett: Is Estela dead yet ?

Carvivlie: Yolanda is STUPID & a complete idiot. I've given up watching this train-wreck & just come here for the comments.

Alfredo: WTH ?

Well, Narco Yoli and Narco Robby are both hookers? :-)

Niecie, I LOL'ed when Roberto said that because bro, it wasn't a one time thing, you were sleeping with him for months, there has to be something there because it's not like they pay you so much outright.

Roberto definitely chose to sleep with Oscar. It wasn't a back against the wall situation like Yolanda's.

Maybe Estela is actually trying to be a human being???? At least with Christian??? Though the first thing out of her mouth was her assuming she had to thank Yolanda for helping her -.-

Jeezo Sheezo Estela is a waste of oxygen, why is she still alive?

Yoou can feel a bit of forgiveness if a person has made a few mistakes, but a lifetime of being an evil selfish waste should be a ticket to the cemetery. She is despicable and appears to have been all worthless all Yoli's life.

Kirby, it was offensive the first time you called a woman who was raped a hooker, and it's offensive this time, too. Here's a clue because you seem a little slow on this subject: it is always going to be offensive to call a rape victim a whore.

Thanks Alfredo for the detailed recaps. I enjoy reading the recaps and the comments but I find all of the drama and everyone constantly getting into trouble. The show is quite late and I'm tired from gardening all day. Thanks

Thanks Alfredo. I still haven't caught up with this On Demand, but your dedication is impressive and here you are taking on la Doble Vida as well. Bravo to you, you're paddling a lot of canoes almost by yourself, amigo mio. Much appreciated.

That was a test to see if you would be offended about the man too and my guess was correct you were not.

Love that double standard.

Kirby, I'm offended whenever someone is abused. Yoli was forced to get naked at gunpoint, tied up outside in the hot son on a stool or something for who knows how long, tied up on a lab table with tarantulas and taunted by an open fire, not able to have access to a cellphone to reach out to others for consolation, and the one good soldier who tried to help her was murdered -- and that's just the foul deeds I can remember. Roberto had access to a car, cellphone, and guns. Maybe we'll get a back story on why he became Oscar's lover. No double standard here.

I concur with Niecie about Roberto's access to a car, cellphone, guns, money, etc.

The difference between Roberto and Yolanda is the difference between someone who speaks English in California being forced into prostitution and someone from Thailand, for example, ripped from their homeland and taken to California to be a prostitute. Both are forms of abuse but one at least understands the language, knows the layout, may even know people, while another doesn't know where they are, doesn't understand the language and even if they escaped has no place to go.

Yolanda had to steal a plane to get away from Santamaria when all Roberto had to do was pretend he was going to the store and never come back. DId Oscar abuse his power? Yes. But Roberto had more chances for freedom with freely available items at his disposal.

If this novela shows us anything, is the narco world is a disgusting abuse of power where, if you get out, you leave in pieces as a broken human being. Nothing to be admired here but I think LP makes it a point to show it's not as amazing as it seems sometimes.

Neicie and Alfredo...well said. Consent by coercion is not concent of free will and in Yoilis case...her consent was about survival.


I tried to find out how many capitulos there were. I think I found out that there were about 80. This makes it more interesting as we won't have to go through endless drama for another 100 chapters.

Lynette, thanks for checking. Good to know. I thought we might be past the midpoint since Yoli finally found out about John. Hopefully this will give Yoli and Dave time to rejoin and work together. I know Dave is a good guy, but he's just not as compelling to me as John, but maybe that will change if John gets more screen time.

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