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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #3 5.10.17: Out of the Frying Pan and into a Fiery Pit...

• The defense rests and the prosecution asks Laustela when she renewed her relationship with Ryan. Laustela explains that it was recent because she realized he was the love of her life but the prosecution calls to dismiss her testimony as her relationship with Ryan shows clear favoritism. The defense tries to object but the judge shakes head. Laustela explains that her father opposed her relationship with Ryan because he thought it was a passing fancy and the prosecution assumes that’s why Ryan hated Pedro Carrillo. Laustela tells him that Ryan didn’t hate her father and explains that Pedro was a criminal who could’ve been killed my one of his many enemies. The prosecution asks for proof, especially because she may be an accomplice to her father’s criminal activities, but Laustela makes it clear she only found out about it after Pedro passed and he knew none of his father’s contacts.
• At the narco party, Danilo and his band continue to play. All the narcos drink and dance around as Danilo tries to catch the attention of the woman in the chaise. Morgana is none too happy about this but continues to sing, When Danilo gets closer to the chaise with drinks, one of the El Dorado men grabs him and points a gun at his privates. He reveals that the woman is El Dorado’s main squeeze and Danilo should be careful.

• The defense explains that Laustela is an honorable woman and her testimony should not be discredited but the prosecution insists she knew of Pedro’s criminal activities. The defense reminds the judge of her heroic efforts at the Everwood Foundation but the prosecution thinks the gunman could’ve been there for her. The defense argues that Laustela is not on trial and asks the defense to redirect his questions. The judge agrees and the prosecution rests so Laustela is allowed to leave. She goes to sit next to mercy as Ryan is called to testify.
• Danilo insists that he was not trying to get with the woman and then asks where El Dorado is since he’s not at the party. The man explains that he’s busy but wants Danilo to continue singing until he tells him to stop. He warns him about his privates again and leaves as Danilo grabs a bottle of tequila and chugs.
• Ryan tells the prosecution that he never thought of killing Pedro for any reason. The prosecution reminds him that he told the police Pedro was dead when he arrived at their meeting spot but took some time before calling the police. The defense tries to explain that Ryan was in shock at the dead body but the prosecution reminds the jury that he and Estela were back together at the time. Ryan didn’t want to involve Estela because that was the first time they had been together in years but the prosecution reads his testimony where it states that he hadn’t seen Estela in three years since she left him stranded at the airport before their Rio de Janeiro flight. He asks if Ryan lied about his testimony, their reconciliation or the fact that he saw Pedro Carillo after they got back together. Ryan confesses that he didn’t want to involve Estela was because of their daughter. Laustela gets up, shocked, and Ryan explains that he wants to give their daughter his last name so they can be a family.
• Chavalin cleans out his office and leaves Laustela a message to inform him of any change during the trial and to please not tell the police about his business. He then reminds anyone listening in on their conversation that it is illegal to record his private conversations and hangs up before leaving.
• The prosecution continues to argue their case against Ryan as the defense argues his innocence. Ryan looks back at Estela, who is quiet. Some later, the jury reaches a verdict and hands it to the judge. The verdict is innocent! And everyone celebrates except the prosecution, who warns Ryan that he will find out the truth, and Laustela, who walks out of the courtroom without another word.
• In the hallway, Ryan catches Laustela but she wants nothing more to do with him. She feels horrible about lying but she chose to in order to protect her daughter. Ryan tells her that they didn’t convince the prosecutor so they need to keep up appearances so that neither of them gets in trouble. Laustela reminds him that he promised to let her go as soon as she testified and storms off.
• Rosario answers a call from Laustela, who tells her that the court ruled in Ryan’s favor. Rosario is happy it all went well but Laustela is unsure and wishes things could go back to the way they were. They hang up and then Rosario answers the door to find the superintendent asking for the rent. She is sure Laustela is going to pay him soon but the super reminds her that business and business and Laustela should’ve milked her newfound fame. He tells her he needs the money soon and leaves.
• Mercy and Ryan drive back to their house. She wants to know when Estela told him about their daughter and Ryan explains that it was when they found each other again. Mercy is surprised she waited that long to tell him and suggests he ask for a DNA test since Estela may demand a portion of the Cabrera fortune.
• Laustela arrives home to find a reporter, Milton, waiting for her. He wants to know if there is a connection between Ryan’s trial and the shooting at Everwood and asks if that is the reason why she ran from the press. Laustela tries to evade him but he insists that the shooting may have something to do with Pedro’s ties to organized crime. She pushed her way past him as he asks her what she is hiding and takes a picture of her.
• That night, Mercy fixes up Ryan’s room and tells him he can work from home if he needs to catch up on Furia Productions’ business. Ryan agrees because he has a lot to think about. Mercy is ecstatic that he is back home but dreads the fact that Danilo is living with them, especially since he’s out at all hours. She then lets him rest and leaves as Ryan calls a friend and asks for his help to retain someone against their will. Ryan looks up the shooting at the Everwood Foundation as the man asks him what he has in mind.
• Paloma shows Laustela and Rosario her drawings and they congratulate her on a job well done. Laustela sends her to put them away in their treasure box and then asks Rosario about her wound and reminds her to make her medication last from now to the end of the month. Rosario thinks she’s being overbearing but changes the subject and asks if she would consider taking Ryan’s last name so that she and Paloma could be legal immigrants. Laustela thinks it’s crazy but Rosario reminds her that he helped them and seems like a good person. Laustela wishes she never took Estela’s identity, especially after all they know, but hopes this nightmare is finally done.
• The next morning, Mercy hears a news report that states the regional music scene are the perfect target for organized crime in terms of distribution, recruitment and money laundering. Ryan then brings her breakfast and confesses that he’s having trouble sleeping. Just then Danilo comes (drunk, hungover or both) and Ryan introduces himself. Mercy thinks it’s an embarrassment that he comes home at that hour and in that state so Danilo tells them he is going to go shower. He tells Ryan that they will get to know each other later and reiterates that he always believed in his innocence before passing out in Ryan’s arms.
• Laustela arrives at the Everwood Foundation and finds a makeshift meeting in the hallway between the parents, teachers and administrators. The president announces that the parents are worried because they read the shooter might have been gunning for her but Laustela assures them that it’s not true. The president thinks she should’ve told them her father was involved in organized crime, especially after all the work they’ve done to better the neighborhood and shelter the kids. The parents think the reports that he was a racist gunman were a lie and the president decides to fire Laustela so they can have peace of mind. Laustela is shocked.
• Ryan asks for help from their driver to take Danilo to this room. Mercy thinks it’s dangerous to have him in their house but Ryan reminds her that he is only drunk and she should know better than anyone when someone is dangerous. Augustin, the driver, comes and helps Ryan carry Danilo to his room. Ryan offers to rehydrate Danilo and help him feel better
• Laustela reminds them that she has worked at the foundation for two years and they have received no complaints on her behavior. The president agrees but her ties with Pedro make her a liability. The parents think it’d be hypocritical to keep their kids away from danger when her being there puts them in danger. Laustela tries to plead with them but the parents remind her that many people died in the shooting and there may be more. One of the widows tells Laustela that her husband is dead and they don’t want her there anymore, for all their sakes. Laustela nods, thanks them for everything and goes with the president in tow. Some parents lament how things went down but the widow thinks it’s dangerous to have Laustela in Riverside and demands they force her out. Other parents agree that that will be more difficult but one of the parents, a bald guy, observes the proceedings, quietly.
• Outside, the kids say goodbye to Estela. They offer to talk to their parents but she tells them that it has been decided. The kids lament that their new music professor won’t be as nice or teach them Mexican songs but Laustela assures them that everything will be all right. She says goodbye and then runs into her friend, Emily, who thinks the parents were too harsh. Laustela doesn’t blame them since they are only trying to protect their children. She whispers to herself that Estela Carrillo may be in trouble and goes.
• Some time later, Ryan goes to visit Danilo in his room. Danilo is still hungover and apologizes for his show earlier. Ryan thinks they were both in the wrong and hands him his breakfast tray before suggesting he take it easy when he parties. Danilo thanks Ryan for helping him, especially since he’s his only family and wonders if they may have more brothers since their father didn’t spend a lot of time with them or with Ryan. Ryan is quiet and Danilo hopes they can be there for each other.
• In a room, a man caresses a butterfly and tells his servant, Luisa, that it has been three years without seeing one. Luisa reminds him tomorrow is a big day and the man is revealed to have bandages over his eyes. He doesn’t think life is worth living, especially after “that woman” took away what he loved the most.
• At home, Paloma holds a butterfly in her hand and Laustela suggests they let her go so she can be happy. Paloma agrees and they release her. Rosario then tells Laustela not to worry about the news report because no one in Mexico will find her. Laustela doubts it, especially because of the Internet, but Rosario reminds her that no one knows her US name so they are safe. She then offers to take her and Paloma for a walk around the park.
• Ryan is swimming when he receives an alert with the news article on Laustela and her picture. He shakes his head as Danilo, refreshed, comes and tells him that he is on his way out. He then reminds Ryan that no matter what the will says, they will always be brothers. Ryan reminds him that he doesn’t know what the will says either but he can work at Furia Productions regardless. Danilo explains that he is in a band that they can launch but Ryan explains that he is in the administrative side of things. Danilo knows that he can vote for an artist and Ryan agrees but he doesn’t make the artistic decisions. Mercy comes and Danilo thanks them again for everything before leaving. Mercy wonders if he will be as friendly when they open the will.
• That night, Laustela arrives home with Paloma and Rosario and see three men running from her house. She gets out to confront them but the men drive away. Laustela thinks it was just to scare them and runs inside to see what happened.
• Inside the house, Laustela finds everything destroyed. She sees Paloma’s drawings ripped up, furniture turned over, vases broken and starts to cry. Just then, Paloma comes with Rosario and asks her if anything is missing. Laustela confirms there isn’t and tells Rosario that they have to leave immediately.
• Laustela calls Emily and asks if she can stay at her house but Emily’s mother-in-law is in town and she’s scared those men might have followed Laustela. Laustela is shocked to hear Emily believes what they are saying about her but Emily reveals that she heard the parents talking after she left and she’s scared, especially because Laustela didn’t tell her the truth about her father. Emily reminds her that she once told her she was in trouble and apologizes for being unable to help her. Laustela thanks her either way and hangs up.
• Morgana talks on the phone with Danilo and warns to be careful because her father might have left him out of the will. Danilo explains that he is getting close to Ryan in case he didn’t but if Walter did then he will cash his money and help out the band. Morgana nods and asks him where he is going to sleep. She then hears a knock on the door and opens it to find the man from the party standing there asking for Danilo. Morgana is frozen in fear.
• Laustela arrives at a cheap hotel, next to a biker bar, with Rosario and Paloma. She gets off to see if there are rooms but a few bikers surround her and impede her path. She manages to escape and gets in the car. Rosario thinks they need to figure out something fast and Laustela agrees because they can’t keep running all their lives.
• Augustin brings Ryan the documents he requested from Furia Productions and tells him how happy he is to have him back and how much better his mother looks and feels. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Laustela, who asks Ryan to tell him about he real Estela. Ryan asks her where she is but Laustela insists he tell her the truth. Ryan asks her where she is again and Laustela tells him. Ryan hangs up and leaves to find her.
• Danilo arrives at the meeting point to find Morgana and the man waiting for him. The man tells him that he has a surprise for him from El Dorado and hands him a set of keys. Danilo turns around to find a tour bus with their band name, “Los Jerarcas de la Sierra,” on it. He is pleasantly surprised.
• Ryan finds Laustela and explains that no one is after Estela and nothing that has happened has to do with her. He reminds her that if they wanted her dead, they would’ve killed her as soon as she took on Estela’s identity. Laustela reminds him that before the shooting no one knew her or had divulged her name in available media. Either way, he told her Estela was dead but Ryan reminds her that the man at the school and the men at the house would’ve gone directly for her if they were after her. Laustela is tired of the whole mess but Ryan thinks her taking Estela’s identity is the safest bet for her. He then asks her to follow him so he can help her and she obliges.
• Some time later, Laustela arrives at the safest place they can be, according to Ryan, his house…


Hey everyone!

Man I was hoping the people in the Everwood Foundation would be a lot more grateful but damn, they turned on Laustela so quick.

Mercy is going to blow a gasket when she sees Laustela, et al. in her house, especially because she's the woman who "ruined" her son. If she already hates Danilo in there, three more strangers is sure to add more powder keg to an already loaded household.

Danilo getting in deeper with EL Dorado is how the narcos will get into Furia because he's so vain he will take any luxury at any price. Idiot.

Who is this new butterfly man and what does he have to do with Paloma? He seems like the man who was waiting outside the door of the shack at the border as his lackey demanded Laustela open the door. Did she blind him? Oh boy.

Just to make sure she sees it:

Adriana, please email me at so we can get the recap team together. And everyone else, Mondays, TUesdays and Wednesdays are still open if you would like to recap :)

Thank you, Alfredo. I'll e-mail you today, I already contacted the blog mom.
Loved the episode, I think Ryan paid someone to scare Estella off so she will move in with him. He needs to keep the farce going in order to fool the authorities.
More later, gotta run.
Adriana Noel.

I'm so ashamed to ask this again. I think I have most of it right. But if anyone can add to my comments, please do so:

HELP, Please, I'm one of those terrible "lurkers" because I watch so many novelas at odd hours.

But please have pity on this poor "lurker"

Does anyone know how many episodes of :

(1)* "El bienamado" have aired on Unimás @ 10 pm ESDT) ? But when did it start? There are only a few episodes on Unimás.

(2)* “Mi adorable maldición” does this start May 23rd on Univisión @ 3 pm ESDT as shown on U-VERSE.

And is this right:. ???

* "Enamorandome de Ramón"
* "Simplemente María”. Has this already aired ? I wanted to watch this one, so I hope it did not air already.

I would really appreciate the help with the information, as school is winding down and I have time now to watch novelas!!

Original post.

Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 6:32:00 PM EDT

Hey Anon,

EL Bienamado started last Tuesday, May 2. If there are no pre-emptions, it should have aired 8 episodes but I only see 5 on demand so I assume there has been.

MI Adorable Maldicion actually started April 3, 2017 and has currently aired 27 episodes if on demand is to be trusted.

Enamoradome and Maria haven't aired here yet but there are posts online that it may premiere May 29 but I don't know what channel or time or if it's even true.

Hope this helps!

Hey Adriana,

I totally missed your comment. Thank you!

I originally thought it was the bald guy from the meeting at Everwood but you may be right about Ryan. Now that would be interesting because then he may be willing to do anything to keep her close and both of them safe.

Good Morning!!

Alfredo, your recap is absolutely awesome and love your title....PERFECT! This episode was full of action and you caught it all!

I was also surprised by how quickly the parents at the foundation turned on Estella. I suspected they would when the reporter was trying to interview her. but I certainly didn't think it would the very next day (or so it seemed). Some of the concerns were a little outrageous, but IMO, the parents had valid concerns--maybe they were wrong in thinking the attack was meant for Estela or that crime would rise in the community because of her, but the publicity did put the foundation in danger due to her father's past. OTOH, they could have thought of something else to do other than fire Estela--maybe beef up security?

I really don't think it was Ryan who had those people scare off, I think it was that (male) parent at the meeting--he looked like he was already thinking of ways to drive her away.

The blind man with the butterfly? Maybe he's Paloma's grandfather???

And, I too can't wait to see Mercy's reaction when Ryan goes in to the house with Estela, Paloma and Rosario. I'm expecting an all out hissy fit!

Anon 2:02 I don't know about the other novelas, but where I'm at, Univision started showing "Mi Adorable Maldicion" about 3 weeks ago...could be 4...

Looking forward to reading everyone else's comments...


I also thought it was interesting the the blind man was admiring the butterfly (and ultimately pinned it down) and Paloma loves butterflies...

LOL Alfredo, you posted again while I was writing..there is always that possibility that Ryan is behind Estela's "scaring off"


Thank you again Alfredo for the recap.

Hmmmm, Adriana I believe Ryan is up to something but it never occurred to me he was behind ransacking the house.

It bothers me how macho aggressive Ryan is towards Laustela but equally that she kinda digs him. Yuck.

It would make more sense if we knew how bad Estela's dad really was and hope we learn soon.

Riverside has plenty of affordable hotel/motel options and you don't have to run a biker gang gauntlet however any time I am there I stay at The Mission Inn

Thanks RC and tofie!

Funny enough, Ryan seems to be acting like Ricardo from Mentir Para Vivir. Laustela wants to run but Ryan needs her to stay so hes going to push her against a wall if need be because shes involved in something they dont quite understand yet.

The motel was a littke drastic vut I think there were going for his is all I can afford vibe.

I agree about the securitt at Everwood. I doubt Laustela would bring back all the gangs and some of them were completely irrational but thats what happens after a tragedy.

I want that will opened since evryone seems obsessed.

Alfredo, this is moving along at a busy pace which is so refreshing after Vino! As pleased as I am with the show, your splendid recap added infinite value. What an incredible job!!

"Just then Danilo comes (drunk, hungover or both)" and your comment "If she already hates Danilo in there, three more strangers is sure to add more powder keg to an already loaded household" were among many favorites.

Let’s see. Laustela gets fired (vilified in the process), her home is invaded and destroyed (leaving her homeless), denied a “room in the inn” by the bikers....This surely gives a whole new meaning to having a bad day, doesn't it?

Yes the utterance of "that woman" does not sound promising. What is the man's motive and who does he mean?

I have to say Danilo was pitch perfect last night. Totally believable as inebriated. I feel the actor's charm. He seems to be relishing his role as much as I am watching him. I don't want him to be a villain.

I have to say I am also liking Ryan/David. Loving the beard (unlike David/Gabe who should have shorn his in AV immediately) too!

I couldn't figure out who the guy with the tats was at Ever Wood ((not that there is anything wrong with it, they and the outfit) just seemed a bit out of place. I understand he was a concerned parent. While it would have been nice if the other teachers had been more supportive, I understand that the children's safety must always come first. RC, excellent point about him possibly being the one who had the bikers intimidate Laustela.

Three for dinner? Mercy, Mercy me.

Alfredo, masterfully done. Thank you for explaining all the action is such fine fashion.


Thank you so much, Diana!

Just to avoid any confusion:

There was a bald parent at the meeting where Laustela was fired that was quietly observing everything but didn't really put in his two cents. He did look angry by everything and possibly sent the men to scare Laustela since one of the widows said Laustela should leave Riverside all together.

When Laustela was outside talking to Emily, she saw another bald and tattoed man coming toward her with his hand behind his back. She tensed up but it was revealed that he was there to see his girlfriend and had a flower behind his back.

None of these men were shown to have anything to do with the biker gang outside the hotel but it is possible. Most importantly, this novela is about identity and, most importantly, appearances. The man outside the school looked like a gangbanger but was in fact a sweet man in love (presumably). Just like Laustela seemed decent but was connected to organized crime (through Pedro and the real Estela) and got fired over it. Appearances matter so much it's sad.

Alfredo Thank you so very much for answering my comment. U-Verse is sometimes behind with their on-demand, and honestly I wasn't even aware that Univisión has novelas online as the only thing I watch on the TV is tennis. Since the came into my life years ago I read and watch novelas almost exclusively.

Thank you again! It is great when Caraymates help each other out. Also, I'll try to stop lurking !

Most of those mentioned by Alfredo so generously aren't showing on U-Verse On-demand, so do you guys (particularly FC fans) think 'Pasion y Poder' is worth watching ? From the comments, it appears that 'Vino de Amor' isn't, even for GS fans.

I watched PyP and some of the actors did a great job but it doesn't rank high for me. A stellar TN is Yo No Creo En Los Hombres.

I didnt see the whole of PyP but I saw the first two weeks and left. It wws so boring yet over the top. At least Mundo de Fieras (the prevous remake) was a complete circus you could laugh at.

I second YoNo, stellar production.

Also we still have Tuesdays and Wednesdays still open if anyone wants to join! :)

Thank you, Alfredo. You are so kind to recap another episode. I would have no idea what was happening without your description.

How much do you want to bet that the sweet little girl is eventually going to win over Mercy Mercy Me?

Is this the first time Mercy and Ryan have met Danilo? Danilo seems young , arrogant, and foolish, but I hope that he becomes Ryan's ally and not enemy. His relationship with Africa's character seems to have happened quickly,or did he know he before ? That gun at his inbetweens may settle him down a bit.

So I watched the first episode and the third episode of last night (I forgot to dvr the 2nd). I really like members of the cast but if I'm in the 3rd episode and already having problems with the show I need to bow out. Thanks Vivi and Alfredo for your recaps!!!

The judge was hot tio in TVA, so will he have more than that small cameo in this show?.

Sorry to hear that Carvivilie! See you on LP! :)

Susanlynn, it's possible since Ryan is worried the prosecutor didn't buy their story.

Taking a break from chores to come to the patio... Some sweet bread and coffee would be nice :-)

Susanlynn, I'm sure you're right...Paloma is so cute,she could win over any old prude...well, maybe not Lillian (VEA) hahaha

I'm sure both Mercy and Ryan knew of Danilo, but I don't think they had actually met him. Danilo does seem arrogant and foolish but I think he is very entertaining and Danilo (actor) is doing a really good job at playing the part. I believe Morgana (Africa) and Danilo have been together for quite awhile...I can't recall anything that would make me think otherwise.

I was reading last night that there will be a sequel to this be aired next year and produced by Eduardo Meza? Has anyone heard about this? Is that producer as good as Ocampo?

Alfredo, again, thank you so much for recapping...and your comments always promote good discussion.

Back to chores...


Thank you so much, Alfredo, for two fabulous recaps. I'm liking this TN very much so far. I love Marco Mendez but I 'm not so sure about the man bun thing...

Do you know if Uni will run La Candidata?

You're welcome, Loriloo. It will be aired on Unimas starting May 29 (I hope) at 9 pm.

Hey RC! I did read that but I don't think Eduardo Meza has ever produced a novela. I think it would be his trial run since Ocampo is leaving Televisa after Estela. I hope the ending is satisfactory and the sequel is more of a "continuation" as opposed to an outright cliffhanger with a resolution TBA next year.

It seems Ryan didn't know Danilo personally but knew of it. Mercy did know Danilo but she was shocked he had the gall to show up at her house after years of not speaking.

Alfredo- Thanks so much for another great recap.

Yes, blind butterfly man was the same man who was threatening Laura/Estela when she was locked in that room with a gun and baby Paloma three years ago in Mexico. Did Laura blind him? It seems she might have. Is he upset that she took the baby? It also seems so. Is he related to Paloma? Also a big possibility (given their mutual love of butterflies). If his operation was successful and he's able to see when the bandages come off, I'm guessing one of the first things he'll see is that photo and news story about "Estela".

Who is the mysterious El Dorado? Is it Marco Mendez's character? And why was he in the courtroom during Ryan's case? Does he know that Laura isn't Estela? Could El Dorado's mystery lady be the real Estela?

Danilo is a fool if he thinks these narcos are being so generous to him because they like his mediocre band. They see a patsy when one lands in their lap, and they surely know Danilo's an heir to Furia Productions, which would be the perfect place to launder their money.

Ryan seems very happy with the idea of a ready-made family. I don't think his only interest in bringing Laura/Estela and Paloma into his home is because he wants to keep up appearances for the D.A. He also seems to want LaurEla as his real novia.

Evidently Ryan and Danilo 's father ran around a lot because of that comment about the possibility of more siblings.

Marcos is a very handsome silver fox, and I like long hair on men. I am not a fan of the man bun. He has an evil, scary look in this show.

"Could El Dorado's mystery lady be the real Estela?"

I was thinking the same thing Vivi!

You're welcome, Vivi! You're right that Ryan seems very happy with the idea of Laustela and Paloma but he still needs to ensure that he doesn't go back to jail and Laustela with him.

I'm wondering if El dorado is the mystery woman who happens to be Estela. Convoluted but I'm hoping for a giant surprise lol


"love Marco Mendez but I 'm not so sure about the man bun thing..."

Ha! You know LoriLoo, I like him so much I hadn't paid much attention to the man bun but of course you are right!

Diana looks as though you and I are staying for the Marcos !!! Do you miss Dave at all ? neither !!! I hope Julie and Lila join us, too. Get the old vineyard team back together.

Thanks, Alfredo. Great title and recap. All the details much appreciated.

Now that I realize the parents think Laustela is connected to organized crime, I can see them running her off. Still sad though.

Laustela needs to search the internet about the real Estela's family, but of course this is TN Land and she won't.

ITA Ryan seems to be meeting Danilo for the first time. Danilo is as annoying as hell and very entertaining. I take from Ryan's look at one point that Danilo's drunk breath was most rank. Why is El Dorado so thrilled about Danilo?

Ryan sure jumped quickly to Laustela's daughter taking his name. Even if he's crushing on Laustela, that is super fast. Wondering if he's got something else up his sleeve. Still, I don't think he was behind the thugs trashing Laustela's place. I vote somebody connected to the parents that want Laustela out of Riverside did it.

He doesn’t think life is worth living, especially after “that woman” took away what he loved the most.

Guessing “what he loved the most” is Paloma.

Enjoying the mystery.

Vivi - Just saw your comment on why the interest in Danilo. That adds up. Couldn't figure out why the guy was more interested in Danilo's mediocre singing than in Morgana's enthusiastic booty shaking.


Niecie, the fact that they don't even blink at Morgana's goods made me go "hum", too, but of course one of them might put his stinky eyes on her later on.

Vivi, the mystery lady should be the real Estela, if not why else make such a fuss about her. Dead she ain't, where would be the fun in that? I must have missed the moment when Ryan said why he knew for a fact that Estela is dead and nobody else is aware. Anyone remember?

Ryan and Danilo have never met before but Ryan didn't give him a very big welcome, so I'm guessing there is some animosity there. The fact that Danilo was so drunk didn't help matters either.

Adriana,bebe est belle !!

Thank you Alfredo!

This TN takes place in CA, right? So why is everyone speaking Spanish in the courtroom, including the judge?

Wait, PyP was a remake of Mundo de Fieras? I didn't know that. I would have watched it.

Susanlynn, I don't miss David at all. I wouldn't mind seeing a vest or two, though.

Julie- I SO prefer to them to speak in fluid Spanish than in that stilted English folks were speaking in Vino.

You're welcome, Julie! The eternal mystery of the spanish speaking everyone in a US setting lol

Also, MdF was a remake of the original PyP of 1988 but fused with a new story. The abused Julia was Laura Flores' character while the Nina character was played to crazy perfect by Edith Gonzalez. They added a poor, mousey protagonist but a lot of the subplots remained the same. Since it was done so poorly, the fused stories caused such a convoluted mess when it came to revelations. They also made Eladio and Arturo twins that grew up separated and evil Cesar Evora wore an eye patch. See ridiculously entertaining.

Yeah, I watched MdF. I didn't watch PyP. I would have liked to see a less-stupid rendition of the story.

Julie: My cousin is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Tagalog, etc.,

Vivi: For all we know, we might see future TN's on Univision & Telemundo with people speaking English or Portuguese.


Alfredo...MDF was a strange, wild ride, for sure. I remember the comedy show "Talk Soup" showing the clip of Cesar as the evil twin sitting on the stairs bashing his head against the failing. Edith was superbly evil . Laura Floras was so sweet.

Railing..not failing. I must remember to proofread !

Alfredo, lovely recap.I can understand
Those people being afraid,but they act like they hate her. I don't think she knew what she was dealing with when she took on that name and ss number.
And even more when she decided to go
Testify for Ryan. But I'm sure he'll
Make up for it.And and for mercy being
Pisst about strangers in the house,I'm
Hoping little paloma will grow on her.

Butterfly guy seems scary. Whose the
Baby momma? And whose the butterfly guy?And how are they gonna keep momma
Mercy from Getting DNA testing done?
A lot of questions. One more. Why did
El Daoblo put his lady on display in the Middle of the yard? And he's not there. So far I'm liking this tn. Its
Been only been 3 nites. Im anxious to see what happens between Estella and ryan.

That guy that guy playin ryan is a
Lot more muscular than I remember. It
Looks good on him. Really good.

Thanks Alfredo.

Steve, what is Tagalog?

Yeah what is it with that guy and Danilo's singing. Its not that good. Is he tone deaf?.And why was he at ryan's trial?A lot of mysteries in this tn.

Susanlynn, not missing Dave. One bit. Sigh.


I'm totally embarrassed to admit that I had forgotten that David Zepeda was in TVA. It's not as if it was a minor role! And it wasn't exactly a long time ago! He just seemed very different in that TN.

Julie...he was kind if like our Dave...forgettable ..minus the vests .

Julie, have you noticed all the rooms and furniture in this telenovela? A veritable plethora of sofas , including that outdoor canopied thingie that MYSTERY WOMAN was provocatively sitting in. #bigbudget

Haha! Everyoe looked bored in TVA except Boyer and Pedro Moreno. DZs character also wore lots of vests, not as many as dave, but still lol

You're right, Alfredo - Ramiro did wear vests. Tee hee hee.

And yeah, Susanlynn, I did notice the very nice sets. I don't think we'll be seeing a lot of "multipurpose rooms" and two-timing sofas around here.

I like Pedro very much. He did an excellent job in TVA. I hope that he is in another telenovela soon.

Jeez Julie. I forgot that David was in TVA too! Color me red faced. "Everyone looked bored in TVA except Boyer and Pedro Moreno" is right Alfredo. They had my undivided attention whenever they were on the screen together. Now they were sexy. I don't think I'll forget the scene where he picked her up with one arm, carrying her effortlessly into the bedroom. Sigh.

I did NOT forget Pedro Moreno:)and like you Susanlynn, hope to see him soon.


Diana. Oh yeah...THAT scene.........yeah.🚿

Pasion y Poder didn't get good until a secondary character bit the dust, maybe a month or two after the show started.

Characters started shapeshifting. Characters you were supposed to not like you ended up liking and vice versa. It kind of changed the story.

PyP was entertaining, once you got past the first 6 weeks of it.

Anon207..."Characters started shapeshifting,." That is the perfect way to describe what happened in that telenovela .

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