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La Piloto #40, 5-1-2017: Of Contraband And Contrabanditos Or Hand Across the Water, Heads Across The Sky

It's on the way (with apologies to Paul and Linda, qepd. --edit.)

Over the next five months, life goes on.  DEA Dave returns to the EEUU where Spanish is spoken like a native language; Amanda gets plumper and plumper as the pregnancy continues in Villa Antigua now as Sindy’s surrogate self; Lisbette gets very courtier-like visits from Lt. Raul Arguelles, who comes a –courtin’ her in jail; Olivia is putting together and studying pictures and maps/locations of los Lucios and the main players in that group, using the dead sergeant/colonel’s RV (don’t know what good it’s doing a dunce like her, but again, we’re in telenovela land where the miraculous is the norm); Rosalba prays for and to her (shrine of) her niece; Monica avoids all contact with her former life and Dave; John struggles not to lose patience with Zoolima’s lacking aeronautical acumen; Yolanda endures Colonel Santa Maria nightly “assaults”; and the partying never ends in the new mansion of Lucio expansion.

Five months and counting, Yoli pretends to be totally enthralled with Col. S&M so that she can wangle a call to her aunt Rose.  He promises her if she continues to be so delightfully delicious (or rather, charmingly submissive) [jugosa=juicy],  she may very well get her call.

Dave, meanwhile, is up to here, there, and everywhere with reviewing criminal files and sitting behind a desk.  “—I’m a field agent and it’s been five fricking months of nothing but going through case files since Simpson’s death!  I cannot take it anymore!”  His supervisor tells him to cool his jets cuz it’s Montgomery’s doing.  However, now he will get a different opportunity: interviewing extradited narcotrafficantes.  Yeah, righhhhhht.  He slams the door on the dude in charge.

Back in the D.F. or wherever los Lucio now have their airfield set up, Zooli has once again botched her landing the plane and now she whimpers about it to John.  “--Give it more effort.  Concentrate better, all right?”  (Yeah, Zoo can dress the part but she just ain’t got it; and yet John wants her quiet and putting out, so…he puts up so she’ll shut up.  Uggh!) Oscar walks up and informs his big bro that Salavador has reported a couple of shipments are late.  They suspect some of their distributors are selling to a different cartel now.  He plans to fly down and handle things personally.

At the same time, S&M gets a call from the general that they now know where el tal Salvador Moreno has his new narco-cienda.  Capture him dead or alive!  And, then S&M gets word that the long awaited medical supplies, et al, are arriving that morning at 9:00.  Yoli’s brain starts plotting for if and when she gets her chance…..

In Villa Antigua, Raul, who is now a DEA agent, meets with Bette’s lawyer. Mr.  Abogado [advocate] has located [radicar] Bette’s file, examined all the flaws and gotten an appointment with a judge for a hearing the next week.

Once the troops head out to surround and capture Moreno, Yoli sneaks into the infirmary and manages to steal some morphine in her pants.  Castro tries to interrogate and search her but Yo! warns him to stop manhandling her or she’ll tell Col. S&M!  He fears S&M’s ire more than her stealing something from there.

Richie and Moreno pack up their red truck with merchandise.  He jokes with Rich about the medallion he kept when they offed that stupid soldier after he supposedly killed La Piloto.  La Virgencita and/or Yo! must be smiling on him from above since he’s had nothing bad happen these past five months.

In the woods outside the narco-cienda, DEA agent Reyes, greets the colonel.  S&M warns him things will be done his way, not Reyes’ way cuz he doesn’t want any fuck-ups this time.  Reyes insults him by addressing him as Sargent.  S&M cuts him off and reminds him, it’s not Sargent but colonel and the DEA are there only to assist in Army operations, not to run them!  Reyes, having now gotten his attention, reminds him the crook is awaiting extradition to the EEUU if he’s caught and it’s his duty to review that with him.  S&M replies, sure thing, as long as he’s still breathing.  Reyes wants him alive, and so does the U.S. S&M looks him over and then in the eye.  “—What’s your great interest in him, anyway?  He family to you or what?”  Reyes heels.

S&M suggests to Rubio that if should happen to snatch Moreno and he repents, then a bullet to the head might be called for, all being fair in love and war, shall we say?  Rubio nods.

Reyes does admit to the colonel that one of the narcos had turned informer for a huge packet of pesos.  “—Aparrently.  It would not be for love of country, would it?”  The whistle-blower signals on Reye’s phone. The  operation is successful. However, S&M is about to shoot the dude in the head but Reyes is witness and yells at him to lower his gun.  “--The guy’s asking to be arrested and has given up already!!”  S&M turns his gun on Reyes, but then lowers it.  He gets Salvador Morena alive and kicking since S&M likes to keep his hands clean in these matters, but not before he kicks the brut in the head a good one.  Thus, Salvador is …ahem…saved and to be extradited to the U.S.

Back at the camp, the new medic has been shot by a stray bullet that one of the soldiers accidentally fired.  The gun went off, that is…  Yoli removes the bullet for the guy and saves his life.  She takes the opportunity to get ready for S&M’s return by filling the vodka bottle with the clear liquid morphine and hiding electrician’s tape under the mattress to await her chance.

S&M walks Salvador out and mentions his great desire to have had the opportunity to have him killed rather than his spending time in a U.S. prison.  Salvador replies in kind: he’s sorry that soldier of his didn’t kill both him and Yoli in that grenade attack.  S&M is not totally surprised to hear it was Caicedo, but that the intention was to kill Yoli and not him.  Yup.  Who paid for that?  Los Lucio?  “—Who???  I don’t know any Lucio!”  Sal doesn’t get too far with that and eventually tells him it was in fact, Oscar Lucio.

Reyes calls and informs Dave that Morena’s been taken alive and is being expedited.

S&M reports the success of the operation and gets a week leave at home. Reyes leaves with his prisoner and S&M informs Rubio the grenade attack was just for whom and by whom they expected except it was to kill Yoli and not him.  Rubio’s told to keep mum and not even Yoli is to hear about any of that.

John and Oscar get the word that Sal is being extradited to the US and Montgomery cannot stop it from happening.  Zuli overhears Oscar’s concern that if the guy talks it can be very problematic for them and their operation.  John doesn’t agree, but it seems that Zuli does.

In Miami, Dave interviews Sal and sees the medallion.  He learns from Sal that Col. S&M has kidnapped Yoli and kept her prisoner.  “—He’s given her over probably to his men these past five months rather than report her as captured or handing her over to the police.  Seems the guy is a bit of a minor Mafioso type himself.  Yeah, I tried killing her myself cuz she came to my finca an helped a prisoner of mine escape.  I had a guy with Santa Maria and I thought she was dead, but now I have my doubts.  She’s got more lives than a cat!”  Of course, he never did see her body, right?  Nope.  And the medallion?  It was a a little present, a little bit of proof, that she supposedly was offed.

S&M returns home for a week’s liberty.  His wife is anything but Yoli.  She’s tall, slender and very blond.  She isn’t in to making love that first night home and goes to the kitchen.  S&M’s cell rings.  He gets word of the shooting of the medic and Yoli’s role in saving his life.  His wife overhears her name and asks who she is.  He lies that she’s some 48 year old fat nurse in the area who came out to assist in the infirmary.

Meanwhile, Dave tells Reyes that according to Sal, the medallion he’s showing him is Yolanda Cadena’s.  She never died in the jungle as reported.  No, Santa Maria supposedly captured and then kidnapped her there and has held her the past five months as his prisoner in the jungles of Colombia.  He wants Reyes to fly him out incognito to that base in Colombia.  Reyes is a bit edgy about it….

Yoli, meanwhile, tries stealing keys and a gun while the colonel is gone, along with her other preparations.
A week later, Col. S&M returns to his base of operations in the jungle.

Lis, meanwhile, practices what she must testify about with Raul and Mr. Lawyer.  She and they agree to keep Amanda’s name out of things since she was also an innocent victim.

In Colombia, Reyes and Dave learn from Teresa’s pimp, Martinez, about Col. S&M after a bit of coaxing collateral crosses a few palms in Las Palmas.  They’re looking for a woman there that some of his girls might have seen around.  Yeah, his memory suddenly returns and he says his girls did mention they saw a Mexican gal there that day and something happened that they were told not to peep a word about.  And now poor Teresa is dead with two bullets in her chest.  “—Yeah?  And just when did they see her?  How long ago?”

Yoli, at the same time, now plies Col. S&M with her favors. So taken with her and so sure of himself and his power over her, he drinks from the enchanted cup…..


Jardinera - Looking forward to your recap. Terrific title. Squee! Looks like Yoli might finally make The Great Escape.

Love that "he drinks from the enchanted cup". And ditto Niecies "Squee!". I'm totally ready for Yolanda to be liberated from the sexual grip of the perpetually randy Colonel. And for nasty "Zoolima" (loved that one also) to finally crash that friggin' plane. Thanks for keeping us all up to date Jardinera!

Wow...5 mos. Glad viewerville didnt suffer thru it and got the benefit of a time jump. But poor Yoli had to put up and out with Mi Col. I hope he takes a grenade to the lower extremities...and have to deal with it...for life.

Anyway...not that I want to see her...where is mommy dearest...I hope she's somewhere paying for her sins.

Yep...Zuli crashing in the jungle with Mi Col would be a well deserved twist of fate.

Glad Raul is still around. Maybe he can team up with Dave and take los Lucios down once and for all. But I do want the loose ends created by Oscar and Zuli to come to light before hand.


Thanks Jardinera!

Agree with Nett, glad we didn't have to watch 5 months of Yoli in Colombia. Gosh I hope her plans work. But then Dave will just miss her right?

I don't think Olivia is a dunce. She is just a naive young lady doing the best she can to save her brother. I think she is naive, but brave.

Glad Zuli is failing but I wish John was smarter. Letting his brother and Zuli manipulate him is getting boring.

Right now, Bette seems safer in jail than she would be out of it. If she does get out, she and Raul need to move far far away from the Lucios reach.

What happened to Ortega ? Is she still with us ?

Steve....Im guessing we find out that Ortega went into a 5 mos funk or depression....glad we didnt have suffer thru that either. I hope she snaps out of it in time to help put the screws to los Lucios. She deserves a victory out of all of this. I just hope she goes back to being smart....but that depends on the writers.

Speaking of which....does anyone recall a quality novela that didnt require suspension of all logic...and common sense... but still made a good TN story. Ive only been watching TNs for about 6 yrs for the spanush lesson. Only one TN comes to mind and it was the turkish drama Fatmagul.



Thanks, Jardinera. You made me laugh right from the start. DEA Dave returns to the EEUU where Spanish is spoken like a native language.

Raul is a real galan, sticking with Lisbeth through prison. Nett - Yes, he and Dave would make a good team

I'm hoping Olivia has smarten up and that she and Yoli team up.

John so deserves Zooli drooling all over him. Big dummy.

I was surprised they showed so much of Col. S&M's family life. Will wife and daughter figure in the story in the future? It looked to me like the Col. and his wife did the deed but she hopped out of bed right after, without any tenderness. My guess is A) she knows he's cheating, B) he brought the same selfish it's-all-about-my-pleasure, forget-about-you skillz to their marriage bed, or C) she doesn't give a crap because she's found somebody else. All I know is I liked seeing him treated like he wasn't all that.

Thank you Jadinera. I certainly did not get the finer points without your recap. Let's hope Yolanda get out OK this time. The helicopter is being guarded on orders of Mi Colonel. Let's hope S&M's wife finds out what a snake her husband is. I guess this novela will still run for some time. Does anyone know how many chapters there are?


Nett...the telenovelas by Carla Estrada are well done. Amor Real, Alborada and la Pasión. Also, Teresa is a very good one, and it is on Netflix now. Used to be on Hulu till Univision pulled the plug.

I was surprised how nice a house S& M has. It looked like any other upper middle class house here in the states.

I just made myself remember he is skimming massive amounts of money off the drug busts, so, Nevermind.

Late to the party, so there is little left to comment. I did think it was interesting that the military went in with cloth hats and no bullet-proof vests and didn't lose anyone. Also interesting that only Reyes was there to meet the Col--and this was a DEA operation? Where were his men, I wonder. I loved Reyes pissing S&M off by calling him a Sargent. There is so little humor in this tn, I grab at everything I can get.

Undoubtedly the Col.'s family was focused on very carefully. Something is awry in that marriage--and I like all of Niecie's possibilities. I didn't like how Joli welcomed him back. I would have been a little put out with his being gone for a week and she knowing where he was.

BTW, I could have sworn Castro or Rubio told the Col. that the helicopter would be arriving the next morning at 9--before S&M ever went on leave.

So glad Zoolie can't figure out how to keep a plane in the air. John is just using her to forget Yoli anyway, but you can tell he's losing patience with her and regards her as less than a match for himself.

When oh when is Oscar going to get outed?????

Little to add....except to thank Jardinera for bringing us this really exciting episode, fully recapped and zingers added for spice. Thanks, amiga.

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