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La Piloto #70 6-12-17: The Witch Finally Who Wanted To Be Rich Admits

Arley makes it out with the Gone Girls and Estela La Bruja; however, poor awkward Wilmer gets caught by Colonel SantaMaria and is taken hostage.

Vergara knows he’s done for.  He refuses to tell Dave who left in the luxury  sedan then blows his own brains out rather than go to jail; Dave then finds Wilmer is S&M’s hostage but can do nothing about it.  He can’t aim worth crap and S&M drives off with Wilmer and his posse in one of the SUV’s back to the Empty Suites hideout.

Raul and Dave learn that Mena got the women out; he tells Fajardo the details of what happened and will have to give Benvenidez a report right away.  They find the baggie full of cell phones, one of which is Lisbet’s.  So, they realize none of the Gone Girls has a phone.

The remaining Gone Gals end up in a motel somewhere listening to the news and learn that Wilmer at least isn’t among the dead bodies that were found after the shootout.

Sonia, John, S&M and the General decide to put a contract out on Sinesterra (using S&M of course), and the General says fine.  They’ll now be the new cupola to Las Sombras.  With Vergara out as security chief, the General says nobody better than Col. S&M.  Sonia and John are up with all of that.  Seems S&M is also.

Yoli and Zulima land in Colombia.  Yoli leaves Zuli in charge of loading up the plane and making sure it is refueled while she and Druggie Boy Reggie have a quick drink. Yoli tells Zuli to take her phone and call the others to let them know they made it safe and sound to Columbia.  Zuli curses her under her breath.  She gets Yoli’s phone and then picks up the message from Dave about how Zulima is the one whose fingerprints are on the car that ran down Amanda and must also be the one who murdered Mandy in the hospital.

The others are discussing the heat and slugging down a few tragos when they all hear a gunshot; they all go looking for spooks or rival drug lord gangs throughout the property.  Zuli and Yoli, however, are left by the plane to guard it and the bag of cash.

Meanwhile, back in Mexico, S&M tortures Wilmer into telling him that Yolanda is really in Colombia.  However, S&M doesn’t believe the guy and continues torturing him till John tells him it’s probably the truth.  He knows that Las Sombras has her now running drugs in and out of Colombia and probably with his old contacts.

Zuli pulls a gun on Yoli and tells her time to part ways.  Hand over your gun, Yo-girl.  And, BTW, I’ve never liked you or your looks—with a face and brains to boot to manipulate any and all who look your way. “-- Since when, Zuli?”  “Since I first met you, that’s when!  I used you to do the things I didn’t want to get caught doing and you did them all.”  She tells Yoli every single thing she did to avoid getting in harm’s way and every lie she told her and the others to get her own way and wrangle her way up the Lucio food chain.   Oh yeah.  She was FYI, first Zeky's lover and killed him and his family; and further, she then plotted to have Oscar and John move Yolanda the social climbing interloper, goody-two-shoes, boyfriend-stealing bitch, down and out, i.e., by telling John that Yoli sold him out to the feds, and how she and O were responsible for the resultant contract hits on her.  Naw, she wasn’t raped.  She was always John’s lover before and loved it the entire time0--til Yo stole him away from her;  how she moved back in at Yoli's expense and how he even taught her to fly.  Just like Yoli, so there!  "--I’m flying out of here and you’re a goner, ex-girlfriend that never was!"

Yoli tries to wrestle the gun away from Zuli but can’t and decides to run for it.  Zuli can’t shoot straight, either and jumps into the play and takes off instead.   The men come back and she has to explain all to Reggie who blames her.  She has a better idea.  Leave Gonzalez there as a hostage while she and Reggie take the old Cessna and race to catch up with Zuli.  Reggie finally agrees.  –A little bit later, Yolanda starts trying to reach Zuli on the radio.  She tells her to answer cuz she’s in hot pursuit.


Thanks so muchooo Jardinera. That Snake never misses a beat. Even after Yoli caused her to drop her gun it appears she had another at the ready under her jacket. Ugh ! I was surprised the other fellows didn't come back and left Zooli there with the plane, the money, the drugs and 'Cutie Pie' long enough for Zooli to recount almost the whole TN up to now. Wow ! They were just going to see where the shot came from, right?

Zooli may be in a much better plane with a souped up engine, but it is carrying a full load of fuel and cargo. Plus take it from any NASCAR driver and he/she will tell you it is MOSTLY the driver, so Go Yoli, Go Yoli. Did they bring along a Kalashnikov or AK-47? They will not have much luck shooting her down with pistols.

Poor Wilmer, for what he has gotten out of this so far, he should have just hired a room full of hookers.

Somebody needs to take out that other eye for SM. His shooting accuracy would surely go down then.

Thanks, Jardinera. Stupendous title and recap! Yep, poor Dave "can’t aim worth crap." Fajardo should've been there instead.

Yikes, I fell asleep (good episode, but long day) and missed Zuli sticking it to Yoli. Did Zuli include the fact that she worked with Yoli's stepdad rapist and he butchered Zeki's wife and kids?

Poor Wilmer. Maybe if he shows them his IT skills they'll keep him alive.

Kirby - My money's on Yoli's flying skills too. Zuli's no match.

...'fell asleep...' Rats, hate it when that happens :-)
She made no mention of the StepRapist, but did cover Zeki and family. quite a resume'

It took Yolanda long enough!

Wow Jardinera!!! Can't wait to watch this episode. I want to see the look on Yoli's face as Zuli is recounting her treachery. I'm glad someone now knows she is responsible for Zeki's family.

Poor naive Wilmer. He can't catch a break.

Ah sounds like another episode of murder and mayhem recounted in your inimitable style. Thanks Jardinera. Lots going on here and have missed checking in. But appreciate all you and Alfredo do.

The look on her face was something like: "Wow, I can see all the way down the barrel of that gun and actually see the bullet in there, it is so close."


BODY COUNT (Unless Judy B or Kirby can say otherwise):

1.) Yoli's Father

2.) One of the Smugglers

3.) Amanda AKA Flight Girl #1

4.) DEA Agent Simpson

5.) Several of the Mexican Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

6.) DEA Special Agent Baker

7.) Rubio

8.) Oscar Lucio: GOOD RIDDANCE

9.) The Pilot of the Downed Plane

10.) DEA Agent #2

11.) The Groundskeeper @ the AerosTour

12.) Monica's Sister

13.) Raul's Father

14.) S&M Sergeant

15.) Yoli's Sex Fiend Uncle AKA The Pervert

16.) Zeki's Family

17.) Zeki

18.) The Jeep Driver

19.) The Medic

20.) One of the Young Soldiers helping Yoli

If there's anyone else I left out, let me know & I'll update this immediately.


Jardinera, thank you as always for taking the time to recap this. Granted that Yoli is a much better pilot than Zuli - but what is her plan - force Zuli to land. They are both narcos. I don't think that either of them know about what happened back home in the Ciudad de Mexico - elections etc. Yuli likely doesn't know that S&M's diabolical plan. Will John allow her to be captured by him?

Steve except last night, there were so many bodies laying around they needed a front end loader. Especially Vergara.

Oh ! One of the Flight girls (Olivia?) Father and brother. Did you get them?

And the farmer whose greenhouse Oscar landed in and SM killed him on the side of the road after he helped load dead Oscar into the car.

Montgomery? whose job DEADave now has.

Another DEA guy SM dumped in a field after he took his car and credentials. Ruiz or something like that


Steve - The count is higher than for The Terminator. Five more:

Teresa, the nice prostitute that tried to phone John for Yoli

Rosalba's neighbor, who let Rosalba and Estella camp out at her place

The waitress and her mother, who brought shot Amanda home and nursed her back to health


Lynette that is what I was wondering when I asked what kinds of guns Yoli and Rueben had on their plane. Still, even with great guns it would be hard to shoot Zooli down.

If Zooli does somehow make it back will she be in for a helluva surprise. Hopeofully Dilbert..um DEADave will get wind and meet her when she arrives. She can't stay up there forever.

Steve:Sindy + her mama

Jardinera: WOW! This is slowly turning into a Super Series.

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