Tuesday, June 13, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #27 6.13.17: How to Betray Cartel Leaders and Almost Get Shot

• Rosario and Paloma cheer Laustela on because she’s committed to Regia despite the circumstances. They all smile.
• Nina tells Fausto that his scar is almost closed but it got infected so he’s going to have a nasty scar. He thought they had taken good care of him at Mr. Blake’s but that was not the case. Nina is curious and Fausto explains that Mr. Blake is a blind white guy. Nina then gets ready to go, much to Fausto’s annoyance, since he wanted her to stay but Nina wants to go see Regia live, especially after she met her in person. She suggests he get dressed and go with her but Fausto wants her to come back afterward so they can have some fun. Nina suggests he pay her, so he can reserve her time, and Fausto halfheartedly does, though he chides her for making him pay since he thought they knew each other better.
• In the dressing room, Genesis tells Laustela that Ryan is on his way and the band members are almost ready. Laustela comes out, as Regia, and Genesis complements her attire and body. Just then, Danilo comes and Genesis leaves. He thinks Laustela looks gorgeous but a little sad. Laustela admits that she wanted to be a singer but the circumstances have made her less enthusiastic. He nods and requests that he open with a new song before handing her a piece of paper. Laustela argues that she didn’t rehearse it and it looks strange but Danilo wants her to learn it in 20 minutes and perform it as instructed.

• Steve and Ryan at Rodeo LA. Steve notices the tour bus and congratulates Ryan, who explains that Furia didn’t provide it as the band is just starting out, though he thinks it may be the one Danilo owned beforehand. Just then, Lucio Galvan arrives and Ryan explains that he is the investor Danilo brought to Furia and Steve remembers he also made donations to the rehab center. Steve realizes where the money for the tour bus must be coming from and Ryan nods as Lucio gets off and shakes their hands. He is there to see how the band does with Regia though Ryan thinks the launch will be fine though he is surprised to see Lucio so well guarded by Asdrubal and Talisman. Ryan wonders what Lucio is really into but Asdrubal warns him that he shouldn’t ask so many questions before walking into the club with Lucio and Talisman.
• Inside LA Rodeo, the announcer introduces Regia and the band. Regia comes out and welcomes them all to a fun time but reminds them that the real star is Regia! She begins to sing Danilo’s song as Lucio and Asdrubal look on, smiling.
• Out in the desert, a drug deal goes bad and several men are killed.
• Regia continues to sing as the crowd cheers and Asdrubal is drools at the mouth.
• Tomas shows Tadeo how to use an iPad but Maria is not having it. She sits on the couch, with a sourpuss face, until Leticia calls her over and asks Tadeo to look for Regia’s concert. Maria chides Leticia for telling her the story about how she met Regia a million times but hasn’t introduced them. Leticia explains that she’s only seen her a Furia, thus far, as Tadeo finds the concert and wonders when he will get another guitar to play. Leticia reminds him that his priority is to study but Maria wonders if Erasmo would get him one, if he asked when they went to see him, since Leticia already told them that Tomas doesn’t have a job. Tomas is surprised that they visited Erasmo as Tadeo, sensing the tension, asks Maria to go to their room to watch the concert. Tomas demands to know why Leticia went to see Erasmo but she argues that he is her children’s father and they wanted to see him. Tomas grabs her, slams her against the wall, and warns her to never see him against before leaving. Tadeo asks what happened, as he heard the door slam, but Leticia shakes her head and follows him into his room to watch the concert.
• Regia begins another song as Danilo looks on backstage.
• Tadeo is memorized by the performance on his iPad as Leticia comes and smiles, happy to see her friend succeed. She then goes to start dinner, since Tomas will be home soon, but Tadeo stops her and asks if she will leave Tomas as soon as they have their papers. Leticia tells them that they have a long way to go and Tadeo admits that he doesn’t trust Tomas, especially since he offered to help without expecting nothing in return. Leticia explains that Tomas is just stressed but things will get better soon. She then goes to make dinner.
• Regia teases the audience but ultimately thanks them for their support and their cheers. She then welcomes another artist onstage, Julian Alvarez, and they begin to sing together, much to Asdrubal’s annoyance.
• At the bar, Danilo finds Lucio and reminds him that he is following his instructions to the T and he’s there should he need anything. Lucio reminds him that they are there to have fun but Danilo wants to know where he left the missus, since he was hoping to sing her the song he composed. Asdrubal explains that the missus doesn’t like concerts and then asks Lucio if he can talk to Danilo alone. Lucio nods and Asdrubal tells Danilo that there are difficult times ahead and he needs him 100% present and ready. Danilo nods and Asdrubal goes back to drooling as Regia sings onstage.
• Rosario and Paloma watch the concert and clap for Regia. Moments later, Laustela then calls them and Paloma tells her that she loved her singing. Laustela smiles but chides her for not being in bed yet. Paloma asks if she will come by to sing her a song and Laustela confirms she will be there, soon.
• In the dressing room, Laustela looks at herself in the mirror, all dolled up but unhappy, as Danilo comes in with Lucio, who congratulates her on a job well done. Lucio looks her up and down, mesmerized, as Asdrubal reminds her that he’s there to help her with anything she may need, all she must do is ask. Laustela reminds them that she would love to never see them again but Genesis comes and reminds her that the fans are waiting outside with the press for interviews and autographs. Laustela tries to leave but Danilo reminds her that her job isn’t over when she leaves the stage as she sighs.
• Julian Alvarez continues to sing onstage as the crowd cheers.
• Danilo walks outside, happy as a clam, but runs into Ryan, who slams him against the wall and wonders if Lucio is happy that they’ve laundered his money successfully. Danilo tells him that the money Lucio gave him is clean and from the restaurant but Ryan chokes him and chides him for involving Laustela in his schemes as well. Calao comes and point as gun at Ryan’s back, asking Ryan to let Danilo go. Ryan obliges and walks away as Danilo asks Calao to not leave him alone every again as Ryan may kill him one day.
• Inside the tour bus, Danilo finds Morgana laying on the couch. She came to see Julian and then to celebrate with Danilo before Laustela could get her claws into him. Danilo smiles and Morgana tells him that she has a surprise for him before kissing him, deeply. Calao continues to watch them and Danilo asks him to leave, lest he wants to pay for a private show. Calao nods and lets them be as Danilo and Morgana continue to make out.
• Steve finds Ryan and tells him that Lucio and his men have left. Ryan tells him that he confronted Danilo but Calao, his bodyguard, stopped him before he could get the truth out of him. He explains that Calao is the same one who threatened Laustela and Steve is surprised to know that Danilo was part of that too. Ryan assumes it all must do with whatever Danilo is forcing Laustela to do is pissed that he seems to be the only in the dark about what is going on at Furia but he vows to find out.
• Morgana and Danilo have a quickie, much to her disappointment, but Danilo reminds her that “time is money.” She then tells him that she has a surprise for him, and it’s not the quickie, but rather that she is pregnant! Danilo is shocked but smiles and asks if it’s his. Morgana chides him for thinking that is isn’t and Danilo agrees that it doesn’t matter who’s it is but the fact that it exists is great. Morgana demands that he get Laustela out of the ranch, ASAP, so she can take her rightful place as the mother of his child, but Danilo reminds her that it will be a few months till she gives birth. Either way, they must prevent Ryan and Laustela from getting back together, in the meantime, lest they register Paloma and win the 20%. He then instructs Morgana to take good care of herself and she smiles.
• Laustela signs autographs and answers questions as Ryan and Steve look on. He tells Steve that Laustela was born for this as Nina runs past them and goes to hug Laustela, who immediately recognizes her. They smile at each other as the press takes pictures.
• That night, Tomas grabs himself a beer sits to down to eat dinner with Leticia. He confesses that his father always told him that Latin women make better wives because they take care of their husbands. Leticia smiles and fixes him a place as he apologizes for what happened that afternoon. He begs her to understand and explains that the fact that he doesn’t have a job has him stressed out. Leticia nods and explains that she was thinking about it and there may be a job for him at Furia. Tomas smiles and thanks her for her help.
• Laustela puts Paloma to bed, happy to see that she waited up for her. Paloma asks her how the concert went and Laustela tells her it was a complete success but her greatest success will always be her though. She starts to tickle Paloma as Rosario proposes that they celebrate her success with a big glass of milk. Everyone cheers as Rosario goes to prepare the milk with Paloma.
• Tomas tells Leticia that she is a great woman and she thanks him for all his help as well. Tomas asks if that is all they’re ever be, friends who thank each other but don’t love each other, but Leticia needs more time to get to know him. She thinks she may love him, after some time, but Tomas begs her to sleep with him tonight. She worries about the children but Tomas reminds her that they are married before giving her a kiss. Leticia gives in and kisses him back.
• Laustela reads a text from Ryan, who congratulates her on the show and promises to fill her with kisses whenever he sees her again. She smiles and proposes they see each other soon. Ryan agrees and wishes her a good night.
• The next day, Rosario and Laustela have breakfast. Rosario thinks she should’ve stayed in bed with Paloma a little longer but Laustela shakes her head. Just then, Natividad comes and Rosario chides him for not wishing them a good morning. Natividad confesses that there is nothing good about the morning and explains that there was a shootout between rival cartels (Porfirio’s and Marcelino’s) yesterday and many people were killed. In addition, Porfirio’s people took over the town of Torre Blanca, where his some of his family lives, from Marcelino’s and ran out a lot of residents. Both women are shocked as Natividad leaves and Laustela searches for news on the shootout online. She realizes that the song Danilo forced her to sing yesterday was a message.
• Asdrubal and Talisman watch the report on the shootout before Asdrubal turns off the TV and slams down the control. Talisman though Torre Blanca was Marcelino’s and Asdrubal nods but Porfirio stole it. Asdrubal then receives a call from El Dorado, who asks if he heard the news. Asdrubal confirms he did and El Dorado wants him to call Porfirio with a request. Asdrubal is shocked to hear the request.
• At Furia, Ryan chides Joe for not telling him about Danilo’s money laundering operation, even though he’s known for a while, and he hopes that it wasn’t because Danilo was blackmailing him. Joe is quiet and Ryan demands to know with what was he being blackmailed. Joe explains that he knows how narcos are and the kind of reach they have though Ryan is worried about how dirty Furia may be. Joe isn’t sure, especially because there is currently a Team Ryan and a Team Danilo working against the other’s interest. Just then, there is a knock and in comes Soto, who tell Ryan that Genesis him that he needed to see him. Ryan is quiet but his look says it all: Soto has some explaining to do.
• Danilo goes to his room, hungover from a night of partying, and finds Laustela there. He is happy to see that she is finally giving him the welcome party he deserves but she chides him for making her sing a narco corrido. Danilo smiles, asks if it was good and reminds her that she didn’t even notice what it was. She wishes he could disappear but Danilo warns her that worse things would’ve happened if she didn’t sing the song. Either way, he reminds her that she can’t say no to him, goes to kiss her, but Laustela pushes him away. Danilo warns her that she will need him, eventually, and grabs her again.
• Soto explains that Danilo told him that Ryan and everyone else was aware of the situation but wanted plausible deniability so Danilo would handle everything himself. In addition, Danilo told him that Laustela was there to launder money, and not just because she was Ryan’s girlfriend, so he assumed everything was kosher. Ryan shakes his head and Joe asks for documents that prove Danilo is responsible for it all. Soto explains that there has been a lot of money laundered through Furia already and if Ryan wants to report it to the police, they will all be held accountable, starting with Estela Carrillo. Ryan shakes his head, pissed.
• Danilo kisses Laustela’s neck and she tries to play dead so he will go away but he won’t be dissuaded. He chides her for not sleeping with him, after all time he’s given her, but Laustela asks if he will force her to sleep with him. Danilo shakes his head but continues to try and romance her though Laustela vows to make him pay for all the dead people in Torre Blanca. Danilo just gets more excited but Laustela pushes him away again. He warns her that she either gives in to him or he will have Ryan killed. Laustela warns him not to touch Ryan though notes that the only way he can get anything from her is by force because he’s not man enough to make her fall enough with him. Either way, if he wants to be a dog and beg, she has time to have a little fun with him. Laustela rips open her blouse, then takes it off, challenging Danilo to do something. He licks his lips and smiles.
• Sometime later, Danilo is in bed, on top of Laustela, but he can’t seem to “function.” He chides her and demands she help him out but she lays still. He gets off her and explains that it’s her fault, as these things never happen to him, but Laustela thinks that he’s just not man enough. Danilo argues that he’s hungover but Laustela knows the kind of man he is, a lot of talk, but nothing between their legs when the going gets rough. He laughs and gets dresses as Danilo, embarrassed, stands in a corner and wonders what happened. She then leaves the room but Danilo follows her out.
• Leticia screams for Tadeo to get ready, so they can go to the school, as Maria grills Leticia about Tomas. She wants to know when he got home last night and if she loves him but Leticia wonders why she’s acting. Maria knows that she didn’t sleep in the room with her and only got there at dawn. Leticia reminds her that Tomas is her husband and Maria nods and asks if she’s repaying him for helping her obtain her papers. Leticia slaps her but immediately apologizes as Tadeo walks into the room. He asks them what happened as Maria shrinks away from Leticia’s touch.
• Laustela runs outside, with Danilo in tow, and calls out for Rosario and Paloma. Danilo grabs her from the back and warns her that he may have to shoot her so he can get excited since he only functions when he’s threating her. Laustela turns around and demands he try as Danilo grabs her again and tries to kiss her. As Laustela fights him off, Talisman arrives with Asdrubal and asks everyone to calm down. Laustela demands to know where Paloma is and Asdrubal explains that she’s in the stables with Rosario, safe, though they have more pressing business to attend to. Namely, the fact that El Dorado is pissed because they’ve been working together with Porfirio and they have some explaining to do.
• Tadeo chides Maria for disrespecting Leticia but Maria tells him that their mother shouldn’t act like it’s a sacrifice to be married to Tomas. Leticia doesn’t care if Maria judges her if her sacrifice helps them be someone in life. Maria laughs and asks if she wants them to end up like her, cleaning bathrooms. Leticia is taken aback but asks them to go as Tomas screams that they need to let them sleep. Maria storms out and Tadeo tells Leticia that he respects her but he is finding it hard to live in Tomas’ house as well. He leaves too with Leticia in tow.
• At Furia, Ryan tells Soto and Joe that the best thing to do would be to declare bankruptcy and close the company. Joe reminds him the IRS may investigate their financial activities if they do that and Soto agrees because it would be suspicious for a company that has had so much income to be bankrupt. Joe suggests he sell Furia and start fresh elsewhere but Ryan doesn’t want to reward Danilo for his actions, much less destroy the family name and legacy. He will need to do something, though he doesn’t know what, and Joe offers his support as Soto apologizes.
• Morgana goes to the fertility clinic and demands they implant an embryo in a surrogate but without Danilo’s knowledge. Morgana explains that she wants to have a baby, without her husband knowing that she’s infertile, but the doctor maintains that it would be illegal and asks her to leave before she calls the police.
• Ryan tells Mercy about the money laundering and the fact that they are all implicated, directly, and indirectly. Mercy shakes her head, shocked that things have gotten this bad, though she wants to know why Joe never said anything. Ryan explains that his hands were tied and Mercy assumes that Danilo threatened to kill him. She worries that they may all end up in jail but Ryan explains that they need to bide their time and find proof that Danilo is solely responsible for the money laundering. Mercy laughs and things the whole situation is beautifully ironic: a regional music record label has ties to organized crime, as everyone has always thought, with an owner who was in jail for murder and a singer, whose father is a famous money launderer. Ryan is quiet.
• In the torture basement of El Dorado, Danilo and Laustela, now tied up and at the mercy of Asdrubal, wait for their punishment. Asdrubal asks Danilo if he thought that his brilliant idea would work and chides him for composing the narco corrido in the first place to make people think he had betrayed El Dorado but then blame him for Torre Blanca. Danilo tells him that he only wanted to branch out on his own but Talisman thinks he bit off more than he could chew and Laustela was his accomplice. Laustela shakes her head but Asdrubal grabs her hair and reminds her that she sang the narco corrido. Laustela reminds him that she only does as she’s told and Asdrubal lets her go before berating Danilo for involving Laustela in his petty schemes. Danilo is quiet and Asdrubal orders Talisman to put his gun in Danilo’s mouth. Laustela begs Talisman not to shoot him, as it isn’t worth it, but Talisman demands Danilo looks at him as he pulls the trigger…


Alfredo, you are a gem. Excellent recap as always...Thank you!!

Geez...this episode had me cheering, booing, biting my nails and laughing...what a rollercoaster ride.

I absolutely loved Laustela challenging DaniLOWWW...and how he just couldn't ♪♪get it on♪♪ ...best part of the episode!!

LetMeStayWithDanger is starting to see the true TomAss...but does she even think about leaving him? Nooooo, she's actually going to "get it on" with the control freak... unbelievable!!

"Morgana goes to the fertility clinic and demands they implant an embryo in a surrogate but without Danilo’s knowledge" QTH??? She really expected the doctor to go along with her crazy scheme...the woman is totally nuts!


Thank you, Amazing Alfredo, for another detailed and amazing recap of all the crazy.

Dan and Morschemes ..now there is a Brain trust right there!

And Tomass...your mask is slipping, and we are seeing why so many of us were skeptical about a random park guy approaching a total stranger. That was fast. Okay, I got her, now I can let out the real me. No job. Right. Letmemakethingsevenworse makes another good decision...sleep with the crazy guy. You know things are going down hill when the new hubby quickly starts making the awful old hubby look good. Yeah, I said it, and you all know how much I hate icky Eraser .

I was reading something , and when I looked up, Dan and Lestela were in bed ...together. QTH??? Mercyme must have gotten a voodoo doll of Dan because he was not up to the challenge that is Lestela.

Thanks Mr. Alfredo.
Well, Well, Well, Morgana has shown us that she has no skills, can't sing, can't be a Mom, won't work, so what is she good for? Yup, well maybe two.

I liked Laustela's fix for Mr. Macho. He 'went tiny" on her? Good one.

Too bad El Dorito and AssBun don't believe LauStela had nothing to do with that cartel song.
Pay attention people. WTF did you think that song was about honey? Unicorns and tooth fairies? Jeeeez.


SusanLynn, Laustela was awesome right before they got into bed...chiding him, telling him that the only way he could get her would be by forcing her, but to go ahead and try...so she could have a good laugh. He was definitely not up to the challenge. Yay, Laura!!


You're a quick draw Alfredo. They are not moving slow with this.Thank the tn
gods. Or writers, producers ,directors
Him right,jackass. I'm sure the crack
May have something to do with his lack of can'tstanduppishness.I'm just not
Caring that much about dumbnilower any
More. He's kknda boring.

Morgana-cant-have-a-baby is not moma
Material. But she'll find a way. Shes
Crafty that one. I won't be surprised if she winds up preggers. It'll be nothing short of a miracle. That poor baby.

The narcs are takin over.Ryan is stuck
Between a rock of crack and his dumb
Half brother the crackhead.stuff should get interesting now that his
Back is against the wall. And his mom mercy is no help at all.

That's A weird situation with letty and tomas,and the younguns. There are so many storylines going on, almost hard to keep up. Almost.

Thanks Afredo, good night all.

Thank you, Alfredo, this was as exciting to read as it was to watch. I feel like the show is running 100 miles/ hour. I love it!

I didn't like Laura taunting Danilowest, she is playing with fire with a mad man. One of these days she will gey into trouble because of this. IMO, she should do her best to avoid him, not try to prove to him that he's not man enough. I think she's being naive when it comes to him and her power to keep him in check.

Do you guys smell the scent of baby stealing drama coming somewhere down the line? Morgana will have that baby one way or the other. Maybe LetMe turns out pregnant, now that she and Tomass are doing th nasty in between wall slamings and slow brainwashing.
What a nightmare of a sl.

Thank God Ryan knows the truth. And yey for him threatening Danilowest Cowardest. Where is Paloma when you need her to point a gun at someone?

I LOVED the torture scene (I'm an - wful person, I know). As soon as Laura was of the hook, I started cheering for the bad guys to kill the stupid once and for all. We should be so lucky! They should contact Mercy, she's in need of a good mercenary team and if Danilowest is left without his reproductive jewels more than one person will say a blessing.

Thanks, Alfredo. When I grow up, I want to weave stories like you do. Great coverage of this fast-moving TN with so much detail.

I liked seeing Laustela make a fool of Danilo, but still hated seeing him, even sexless, lying on top of her. Ugh. Adriana, I'm with you. She played a dangerous game and has no backup there if he rages on her.

Yay, at last Ryan knows what's going on at his business. I like the way he talked to all the principals - Soto, Joe, and his mom, even though she had a right to a "I told you so" about Danilo and there's really nothing they can do.

Laustela is a grand woman to beg Talisman not to kill Danilo. Not sure I would've done that.

Leticia hopes to get Tomas a job at Furia? Ack, like Ryan needs one more problem in his business.

Grand woman? I was thinking about as stupid as she has been all along, but meh...that's just me. Something about self-imposed rank stupidity just rubs me the wrong way.

I would have liked her to tell them "You pull the trigger and I will tell you everything you want to know about little Danny Boy, just as soon as the corpse cools. Here, untie me and I'll help you. "

Yikes ...the patio is bloodthirsty today. I really do not like to see violence, and the violence of these cartels in real life is dreadful. I prefer telenovelas with the usual weasels scheming against the leads in less graphic ways.

I am glad that the good guys are trying to get the wagons into a circle now that they know what is happening. Ry , at least has some good friends to back him up..Steve and Joe.

Overcast here today and the temperature has dropped into the 70s....weird summer.

Alfredo, thank you for the carefully written detail you provided in your sensational recap.

"Regia continues to sing as the crowd cheers and Asdrubal is drools at the mouth" made me smile and was one of my favorite lines.

"She realizes that the song Danilo forced her to sing yesterday was a message". I totally missed this so appreciate your spelling this out.

So now Furia, including Ryan, Laura et al are so deeply immersed in money laundering, they cannot either extricate themselves or report it. Everyone's hands are dirty. And yes, let's add Tomas to the mix as things aren't completely out of control. Ack.

I found the episode disconcerting on several levels.

I do not want to see that basement ever again. Even the hint of or idea of torture is troublesome. I thought badbun had a bit more insight into what was happening. If he seriously thinks Laura had anything to do with Danilo's machinations, he isn't as bright as I gave him credit for.

So Talisman is likely in his element. Ready to blow Danilo away and to hurt Laura in the process. I think it's too early for Dan to die so think a reprieve is likely. I really do want to know who ED really is...that will explain quite a bit.

Laura is fearless. While taunting Danilo was reckless, I have to give her props for doing it. Hopefully, he is shamed sufficiently to leave her alone for a while. She took a huge chance though. I think she is more than capable of handling Danilo. Badbun and Talisman are s different story. Again, Laura asks he be spared. Quite a courageous move in the midst of that snake pit.

Now the real Tomas is emerging. This is another situation I don't wish to watch further, especially now that her children are on the scene. We need a little more lightness here. Paloma is just not enough.

And Morgana? Can't. Even. Go. There.

That said, I would put nothing past her Adriana, baby stealing included.

So many odious storylines.

Alfredo, thank you for the awesome recap.


Good Morning to All!!

SusanLynn, I think we need to pass around some Hopeos, Smoochies and chocolate kisses....sweeten up the patio. After that episode last night, I can see why everyone is worked up and ready to bitch-slap some ofthose idiots into orbit.

Busy morning....more laters.


Diana. ...yes, those weasels Juan, Lilian, and Disgracie seem mild next to ALL these bad folks. As to that basement..shudder.

Tomass is just going to sink deeper into the nasty , and he sure had Letmemakeanotherbaddecision suckered in. In addition to of a runaway, good for nothing husband #1 and crazy husband #2 , Letmehavemorepain has to endure a bratty daughter. We have seen a lot of rich, entitled brats , but I think that Maria might be the first poor brat that I have seen in a telenovela. I have good daughters, but I recall that when they were teens, my idea of a hero was anyone who said, " Don't talk to your mother like that !"

OK...I have repented. Here's a chocolate gumdrop. AssBun seems to actually be taken with LauStela. So I don't think he will let anything really bad happen to her. My take is he is majorly attracted to her, but in addition I believe he is impressed with her voice.

It will not take long for him to figure out that the only real rotten egg is DaniLow.

I gotta give it to LauStela, that was a 'Double or Nothing" gamble with DaniLow, but it appears some of her whorehouse experiences may have shown her some useful things too.

OK now back to Evil Blooodlust. :-)

Susanlynn, after waiting and waiting for something, anything to happen on Vino, I'm starting to wonder if I complained too quickly.

Disgrace was a bad woman. Yet, (except for the very end) she was well, somewhat more outwardly calm. When she killed Perla, it was a straight shot to the stomach. There was no inserting a gun in her mouth, burning the flesh from her hand or other gratuitous torture. I rather preferred her tight lipped insane smile to the hateful stares and actions of badbun and the henchies.

As soon as that basement comes on the screen, my stomach sinks. I know something is coming, and it sure won't be good.

I like forward movement, but need a bit of reprieve from the evilness. Perhaps we can persuade Kirby to send some of his fantastic nature shots to remind us there is beauty. Not "there". Elsewhere. But somewhere.


Kirby, I meant to say send your shots to Rosy and the writers.

Apparently they have forgotten what beauty and tranquility looks like.


Oh Diana they haven't forgotten, they show Palomita occasionally. :-)


MorgaSlut looks almost Indian in some angles. SlapaHoe ...... maybe?

Susanlynn, “I am glad that the good guys are trying to get the wagons into a circle now that they know what is happening.” I was also ecstatic that Ryan figured out the money-laundering scheme, but, my question is: how did he go from questioning where the money for the bus came from to pushing Danilow against the wall and asking him if that is why he had brought ED into Furia…to “clean” his money. Did I miss something? Up to now, Ryan’s light bulb hasn’t been too bright. I suppose that’s irrelevant now; the good thing is that his eyes are being opened about his MommyDearest and his half(assed) bro. What will he do? Joe gave him a good suggestion and he discarded it…not because he didn’t like the idea, but because he didn’t want Danilow to “win”…IMO, he’s letting his pride cloud his judgment.

“Ry, at least has some good friends to back him up…Steve and Joe.” Very true, but Joe wasn’t a very good friend when he first found out about the laundering and I question how long it will take Joe to back off (or be backed) and manipulated into going against Ryan...agian

Diana, “While taunting Danilo was reckless, I have to give her props for doing it.” I agree that it wasn’t the smartest thing to chide Danilow as she did,.,.and it was very risky, but I’m glad she did it. I’m sure she learned some good tricks (at the bordello) to fend off perverts and probably figured out what would “turn off” Danilow. Laying like a bump on a log was smart of her…Danilow seems to like a “spunky” woman who likes to fight/play rough…and Laustela did the exact opposite…and the results were fortunate.


Kirby, ITA...AssBun is taken with Laustela...that's obvious now. I'm glad he realized that she is only doing what she is told.

Is Danilow going down? I seriously doubt it...I just wonder how he is going to weasel out of that gun in his mouth. One thing I do have to give him credit for though, is that he tried to protect Laustela by telling AssBun that she knew nothing and had nothing to do with his plan.

MorgaSlut was thrown out by the doctor...again...yay! So what is she to do now that she told Danilow that she is pregnant???? The only thing I can think of is to do a "pretend" pregnancy and. as someone commented earlier, look for a baby to steal.


Kirby, "MorgaSlut looks almost Indian in some angles. SlapaHoe" now that you mention it, yes, she does look Indian. slap her into orbit?? :-)

LOL, Kirby, I had to look closely at your avatar...I was wondering why you had gone from beautiful birds to ladders! Cute owl!!


RgvChick, your reference to Ryan "IMO, he’s letting his pride cloud his judgment' was totally on target.

Pride and jealousy are a combustible mix. And Ryan has plenty of both.

I might suggest to badbun that if he does really like Laura, tying her to a chair and roughing her up might not be the best course of action. Of course he has no chance. She has stared at him in nothing less than a contemptible manner from the first time they met.

I am a huge fan of Africa who plays Morgana. I only saw her in La Malquerida, but that was enough to make me really like her. She always looked so gentle and sweet. That is not the case with the character she plays here. Some of the faces and facial contortions she makes make her look very unattractive. This seems to be due to the actresses ability to really get into character. We are seeing the inner ugliness not the outer beauty.

I think badbun will put a stop to Danilo's execution but only because he hasn't outlived his uesefullness. Yet.


It was warm and a little cloudy this morning, but someone just turned on the oven :-/


Diana, I saw Africa in La Malquerida and have liked her since then too. She and Ariadne are the reasons I wanted to watch this TN. But you're right, her facial contortions are very unappealing..and her speech/dialect and make-up don't help either.


Diana and Rvg..yes, Africa and Ariade were both great in LA Mal. Africa can switch from good girl to bad very effectively. She is repulsive in thus show. I wonder what it is like having to wear those skimpy costumes around all the guys on the set? You have to be a confident person to do that!

SusanLynn, with a body like that, I'd be confident too!


RVG Chick: Morgana's multiple abortions have pretty much destroyed any chance of her getting preggers anytime soon.

Steve, yes, Morgana won't be getting pregnant anytime soon...or ever. But she told Danilow she was pregnant, so she's going to do something to make him believe that.

BTW, Steve, did you add to your body count list--multiple Cartel Los Salgados men at the shootout.


Great discussion. You all covered some things that didn't sink in with me. So Danilo did try to protect Laustela. That's something.

I agree they could've spent a little more time on Ryan making the revelation about money laundering. But it was pretty evident from Danilo's snazzy new bus and the way Talisman and Asdrubal were serving as lietenants for ED that ED's do-good persona was a mask.

I'd forgotten the Laustela and Morgana actresses worked on La malquerida together and were close friends there. It must be a blast for them to play such different characters now. After playing a mother of grown kids near her own age in Amores con trampa, I'm guessing Africa is thrilled to be a sexy hot mess here. But poor thing, no hearty food on the set for her cause she's got to flaunt those abs all the time.

RGV I was in the garage waxing the car or something one night and looked up and I had a visitor. I took a pic and continued on what I was doing. Went inside for something much later and came back out and he/she was gone. Several of them lived off and on, or at least roosted many nights in the front yard tree. This is probably the same one, really tame.

"After playing a mother of grown kids near her own age in Amores con trampa, I'm guessing Africa is thrilled to be a sexy hot mess here" :) - I'm laughine in agreement Niecie!

Susanlynn, I suspect Morgana has the self confidence to strut around the set, but Africa? Not really sure :)

RgvChick, I also really like Ariadne. She had a small part in Camino and was fantastic (not sure if you watched that?) I admire her strength here, with a strong inner core but without a bitter, angry edge. She doesn't have to proclaim she is bad to the bone, it just comes naturally.

Great squirrel Kirby!


Diana it's a flying squirrel.


Kirby, your coment on Mena for La Piloto took a left turn and wound up on the Doble Vida page. I am enjoying Arley now, before his life sentence in the pen.

Diana, I haven't watched a lot of TNs. I watched most of the novelas with Adela Noriega, then took a long hiatus and started back with La Malquerida, then Que Te Perdone Dios...took another break and came back to watch ECDLP (which I started watching because Ariadne was in it). I've recently watched MEPS and saw Ariadne there...she was very young. The flashback Laustela had pre-bordello reminded me of her character on MEPS (bangs and all).


Where's the squirrel??? I only see an owl!

Niecie, "Kirby, your comment on Mena for La Piloto took a left turn and wound up on the Doble Vida page" We could use some of those bad-ass good chicks on La Piloto to come take out the bad guys here on DV. That would be great! We can line up all the baddies, Yolanda can come in a helicopter with a machine gun, grenade, whatever...and just wipe 'em off the face of the TN earth!


Thank you, Alfredo. No time to read today. :-( Maybe tomorrow. Just wanted to say, boy-oh-boy, Tomas crossed the hell over that line last night. And Leticia thinks she can get him a job at Furia? Great, Danilo can use him as a human body shield at the next shootout.

On the bright side, if Tadeo catches Tomas mistreating his mother, Tad might kill Tom, go to jail, and perhaps be reunited with Vhere's Valdo. And they can have their own telenovela.

Another possibility is that Eraser ends up killing Tomas for some reason.

I can't help noticing that all of these scenarios include Tomas's death. Here's hoping.


Yeah it is a screech owl. :-)

My Mouse is pissed about that owl and making me look stooopid.


If someone were invading my space, I'd be pissed too :-)


My Mouse is pissed about that owl and making me look stooopid.

And I'm helping it.......................................

Naahhh, Kirby, one trivial oopsie does not a stooopid person make. Now if you were to make the types of mistakes Dumbnilow makes, then I would agree with you.


RgvChick, I love Adela Noriega! I wonder if she is ever coming back. There were some published pictures indicating she might be back for Sueno. She must have reconsidered and backed out as that role went to Betty Monroe (poor woman).

I also really liked Allison Lozz who retired after ENDA. I think she was 18...

I'm feeling guilty because I'm not watching LC as my favorite is Susana Gonzalez. But I got hooked on this and just wasn't up to a political TN.



Kirby, a flying squirrel??>

OMG, are my eyes that bad??


OK now I am confused.

RgvChick, you see an owl too. I see one now but there WAS a squirrel earlier, right??


Noooo it is a little screech owl. But somebody said great squirrel, so I just had some fun and went along with it.

It was always an owl, first sitting on my ladders and then on the tree.

Checking in ..I see an owl !!

Add me to the Adela fan list. I loved her opposite Fernando Colunga in Amor Real.

About that brand new bus..I am wondering how many people Dan is going to throw under that bus.

Diana, from what I've read, Adela has not had any intentions of returning. Supposedly, someone who likes to impersonate her spread those rumors. My fav TN with her was "El Privilegio de Amar" which also starred Rene Strickler and Helena Rojo ( the other reasons I watched ECDLP.


RgvChick, there were actually promos shot with Adela and Chris DLF for Sueno. I think they will appear if you do a search for her. I am thinking she was waiting for the right vehicle, and sensed that wasn't it. Now, I wonder if she will ever return.

I only saw FELS in its entirety and although the story was weak, she was so good. She has such an angelic, ethereal quality. Susanlynn, as you know, I saw some of Amor Real and loved her in that too. She was a great partner with Colunga but I liked Susana Gonzales in Pasion with him just as much. I never saw ECDLP but maybe I will be able to see it if rerun.




Hey all! Thank you for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the recap!

This thing just gets more twisted but I love Ariadne's voice and overall presence on stage. Too bad Danilo is too dumb to function and is going to get them all killed.

That poor doctor Morgana harassed must be wishing they never met because wow! Who even thinks that would work and without offering any hush money either???? Like….

ITA about Laustela egging Danilo on. It was hilarious but extremely dangerous. He is an insecure fool and there's nothing worse than that. I.e. Tomas anyone? Leticia needs to get out of dodge pronto.

Are we taking Tadeo/Osvaldo bets yet? lol those two sizzled for the little time they shared onscreen.

Omg, my favorite novela topic second only to Carla Estrada novelas: Adela Noriega. You all have to watch El Manantial. It seems to be the big Adela Noriega novela that no one here has seen but I agree that Privilegio and Amor were top notch.

Diana, I have to say I loved Colunga's chemistry with Susana in Pasion a lot more than Colunga and Adela on AR (from youtube scenes). THose early scenes when they were feeling each other out and he would touch her cheek, wow! Intensely hot sexual tension is the only way to describe it. As for favorite female protagonist (though no one discussed it ;): I loved Lucero's Hipolita the best out of all three. Refined and spunky all in one.

RgvChick, how long have you been watching novelas? It seems like awhile since those were some older novelas you were referencing?

OT: Susanlynn, I started Outlander and am on Episode 6. I love Claire and Jaime's chemistry and how they learn from each other. There is a mutual admiration and respect, even in the beginning, that some novelas have seem to have lost.

So Danilow has graduated up to stone cold murderer, and LauStela saw it.

Time for a new name and address again Honey.

Alfredo, ITA with Colunga and Susana's sizzle in Pasion. That was the first time I'd seen either actor and both blew me away. I was puzzled that some did not care for Susana. I thought she was great but enthusiastically feel she has gotten even better and stronger in each of her successive roles.

I will be on the lookout for El Manantial as well. I never saw Lucero's Hipolita but there have been many rave comments about her here over the years.



Diana, I googled Adela and you are right, she did consider the contract for Sueno, but in less than 2 weeks she refused it. The info I gave above was the most current info I found which was in May of this year.

Alfredo, do you really want to know how long I've been watching TNs? LOL Let's just say that the very first TN I remember watching (as a child of course) was Esmeralda with Lupita Ferrer and Jose Bardina...ok I just dated myself...LOL

RgvChick (not very much a chick anymore LOL)

Still a chick to this Rooster.

Did you see little Paloma tell Danilow "That's not true, because I love you." And he almost croaked.

Haha! I may date myself too but I remember watching Maria la del Barrio when I was a child lol

Diana, you have to watch both, great novela though El Manantial is dark though (far warning) but a great story nonetheless.

I am sad to see Adela didn't come back but since it was Sueno thank god! That whole patio remembers it fondly…by fondly I mean as most of you remember VEA for all the wrong reasons ;)

Kirby, that got me too! My god, that little girl is already a heartbreaker


I saw Maria la del Barrio too! Thalia, right?

Yes, that scene with Paloma was so sweet! But will it penetrate Danilow's heart? Oh wait, does he have one?


Kids come into this world pure as the driven snow and innocent. It is us grownups who fork them up.

He has a heart.....not a brain lol yes! It was the last one of thw Maria trilogy.

So the old Soup Nazi really was El Dorito? Had me fooled.

RgvChick, you are not the only one feeling a bit of whiplash over Ryan suddenly figuring out the money laundering scheme. THere was no hint of it before that moment.

In Laura's defense, regarding her handling of Danilo, I agree that in ordinary circumstances it would have been a serious gamble. But I think she feels that with Danilo she doesn't have much to lose. I think she took a calculated risk and selected the strategy that she felt would be most effective in holding him at bay. He's got quite the ego on him, so maybe she sensed that he wouldn't be able to perform if he wasn't able to seduce her effectively.

I like Morgana's (ex-)doctor. What a refreshing change from so many TN doctors who can be bribed and/or blackmailed into doing dishonest things.

If I had a bod like Morgana's, you'd have to pay me extra to wear clothes.

Alfredo, I don't think we can have a Tadeo/Osvaldo betting pool... pretty sure we are all thinking the same thing about those two. <3 <3

Fun memory, when we were recapping Pasion I remember some people thinking Susana and Fernando didn't have great chemistry. Whuh??

I really liked Lucero as Hipolita because she was assertive but not a reckless hothead like Camila sometimes was. Trivia, Hipolita is the name of Wonder Woman's mother. I found this out when googling the name during Que Pobres Tan Ricos (another Rosy Ocampo TN). Someone had given that name to a chicken.

Love the owl pix :-)

I still have my doubts, Kirby.


49 minutes (with commercials) into this episode and I'm more than ready for someone, anyone, to sew Tomas's mouth shut. Actually I'm amazed that his ex-wife in Montana didn't poison his meals.

(This episode = #28 so I shouldn't be talking about it until the next recap but seriously, stfu Tomas)

I know Julie, I'm g g g guilty.

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