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La Candidata 6/13/17 Chapter 9: Omar Orders Javier's Execution

• Regina wanted to tell Alonso everything about her possible candidacy but he didn’t make dinner and then he arrived with Natalia so she figured it’d be inappropriate. Alonso thinks they can talk about it now but Regina thinks that it’s an informal possibility though Alonso argues that it is one presented by the Worker’s Union, which is very important. Regina thinks he shouldn’t minimize his own aspirations to the presidency but Alonso already explained why. Regina shakes her head, she knows him and knows he wants to be president. She asks that he let her know, if anything, but Alonso tells her that some people think he should be but that doesn’t mean anything. She asks why he talked to Gerardo about it, if it meant nothing, but Alonso is more pissed that Gerardo told Regina about their conversation. She tells him that it wasn’t Gerardo and explains that Ignacio told Daniela, who then told her. Alonso nods but confesses that she is becoming unrecognizable, especially after she hid her meeting with the Worker’s Union from him. Regina also explained why she did so but realizes that Alonso only cares about the possible effects of her nomination on him and not because worries about her. She apologizes and promises that she will never forget that he is the priority. She storms off and Alonso asks why they always fight when they talk before leaving.

• Cecelia combs her hair, as Hernan asks why she hasn’t wished him good morning. Cecelia, tired of his sarcastic, reminds him that there’s was a business deal and he should leave because he will never touch her again. Hernan gets up, grabs her, and demands to know if she’s serious. Cecelia reiterates that, unless he has something else to give her, he will never touch her again so he should get dresses and leave. Hernan doesn’t take no for an answer and begins to kiss her neck.
• Noemi looks around Mario closet and then picks at his cell phone as Mario walks in and grabs it from her, asking if she’s reordering his things. Noemi nods and Mario chides her telling Regina that he had a lover, which later caused Regina to lash out in front of Alonso in the most embarrassing way. Noemi demands he confess that he has a younger lover but Mario explains that the girl is the daughter of a friend, who died recently. Noemi doesn’t believe him and Mario laments how little she loves herself, especially considering her fits of jealousy. He storms out as Noemi pulls out a flask from the dresser and greedily chugs down its contents.
• Gerardo takes Ximena to a shelter and explains that they are there so she can see how bad some people and how lucky they are to have what they have. Two employees come and Gerardo introduces Ximena to them; one of the workers explains that they have had to turn away more hungry patrons, as the rations the government promised to have been less than expected. The other employee, Margarita, explains that a lot more people are jobless and they need the shelter to provide food for them and their families. Gerardo explains that he spoke with some supermarket chains and they promised to bring any leftover food. They thank him and Gerardo inquires about Margarita’s son, who’s doing better since he called the hospital. Just then, two children run in and Gerardo asks them how their doing before the two women leave with them in a hurry. Once alone, Gerardo tells Ximena that the reality of the country is difficult and he has to help their fellow man, which is why he more absent from her life than he would like. Ximena nods and smiles.
• Emiliano finds Hugo in school but Hugo prefers to avoid him. Emiliano won’t let sleeping dogs lie and pursues Hugo to reiterate what a piece of trash he is and how he is responsible for Florencia murder. Hugo leaves in a hurry as Emiliano looks on.
• In Alonso’s car, Ochoa confirms with him that Javier is in a safe location, as instructed. Alonso wants him out of the country, ASAP, and with a new identity. Ochoa promises to take care of it and gets out of the car. Alonso then notices a boy across the park that is getting wet from the rain and notes that he could be very useful. He instructs his guard to get the boy, take him to the governor’s building and find out where his parents are. The guard obliges and then the driver, Silvino, asks Alonso what he plans to do with the boy. Alonso mutters one word, “politics,” before smiling.
• In the Governor’s building lobby, Mauro runs into Magda, who admits that she didn’t sleep well. They then run into Hernan and Mauro asks if he has any unpleasant questions for him today. Hernan shakes his head and then notices Cecelia across the room. He excuses himself and walks over to her before asking if they can talk. Cecelia demands to know what he is doing.
• Mario visits the blond prostitute that Cecelia found, chides her for not getting up in time for their meeting, and gives her a photo of Omar. He instructs that she make him fall in love with her but first, he will tell her when and where she will meet him.
• Regina bids Daniela, who asks about her dinner with Alonso, a good morning and explains that Alonso never made dinner but she did run into Gerardo. Daniela follows her into her office and demands to know all the details. Regina reminds her that they are there to work, not gossip, but Daniela can’t believe how boring she is. Regina bursts out laughing and asks Daniela to put her up to speed. Daniela reveals that Ignacio came to visit her yesterday, much to Regina’s annoyance, and tried to scavenger for information on her possible nomination for presidency by the Worker’s Union. Regina shakes her head and admits that her “possible” nomination has caused some trouble with the Governor. Daniela then explains that Ignacio also came by to discuss his own party’s candidacy though Regina assumes that they will nominate their own candidate soon. Daniela shakes her head and reveals that Gerardo’s party is going to meet with Alonso today to negotiate. Regina is floored.
• Gerardo’s party members meet with Alonso to discuss Regina’s proposed legislature. They think it’s a horrible idea, as all the services Regina proposes for women and children, free of charge, will bankrupt the country. They agree that it would only encourage the poor to get pregnant so they can cash a check. Overall, they are disappointed that Alonso has not managed to kill the bill before it was proposed in the Senate. Alonso quietly observes them all and ultimately asks them to walk with him as he is going to show them why they need to pass the legislature.
• In the lobby, Magda tries to calm the sea of reporters. Alonso comes with the party members and asks them to smile and stand with him so the press knows that they are for the proposed bill. He then goes to stand next to the boy he found in the park, Tomas, and explains to the reporters that Tomas begs at stoplights 8 hours, 7 days a week because his father can’t work and he needs to help feed his siblings. Alonso nods and announces that he and all his supporters are approving Regina’s proposed legislation for the benefit of the country. He smiles and holds up Tomas arms, triumphantly, as reporters snap photos.
• A few feet away, Mauro stands with Cecelia and Hernan, who keep asking questions. Mauro asks Cecelia to answer as he doesn’t have time and reminds Hernan that his special permission from the Governor is not eternal before leaving. Once alone, Cecelia offers to tell Hernan what is going on but he wants to talk about last night. She warns him that she will report him for sexual harassment if he insists on mention last night and reminds him that she will only do so if it benefits her, not the other way around. She then asks that he take out a pen and paper so she can give him an exclusive on the Governor’s plans.
• Gerardo takes Ximena to school as she asks how often he goes to the shelter. He tells her that he tries to go at least once a week, as they need the help, and Ximena thanks him for understanding her and helping her understand the world. She thinks that he’s doing an excellent job of being mother and father and Gerardo agrees that it will be hard at first but they will get used to it. He confesses that he loves living with her and she does to. She thanks him again, after they promise to get together and talk about what she did last night, and leaves.
• In his office, Alonso instructs Mauro to take care of Tomas and his family so that Tomas can go to school and stop being a street kid. He says this loud enough for Tomas to hear and he smiles. Alonso then sits down with Mauro and, in hushed whispers, asks that he make a lot of photos are taken with him and Tomas and defused to the public so that everyone knows what a great job their doing and can vote for the proposed legislature. Mauro thinks his plan was a stroke of genius but reminds him that it could’ve backfired as well but everyone at the conference left happy. Alonso nods and asks that everyone on his team work together so that the whole country knows Tomas’ story, cries along with him and eventually approves the bill. Mauro congratulates him for making Regina’s dream a reality and Alonso tells him that, after his work on the bill, the country will beg him to present his candidacy for the presidency. He then goes over to Tomas and complements him on his drawing skills as Cecelia walks in. Alonso calls her over and asks her to take Tomas to the Senate so that he can meet Regina. Cecelia is taken aback but Alonso asks her to make sure plenty of reporters take pictures so that Tomas becomes the face of the bill. He then sends her and Mauro off with Tomas before looking at Tomas’ drawing with a smile at his face.
• Omar’s people follow Alonso’s people and find Javier’s location. They explain that Alonso’s people may be moving him and it could be the only opportunity they have. Omar tells them to do as he ordered and hangs up.
• Natalia calls Alonso, who tells her that he is going to get Javier out of the country but can’t tell him where. Natalia begs him to tell her where but Alonso promises to have Javier call her one final time and hangs up.
• Some time later, on the way to the airport, Javier calls Natalia, who is ecstatic to hear from him. She apologizes for all that has happened and Javier accepts, as he is alive because of her. She confesses that she will never forget him and neither will he as she, literally, changed his life. Natalia reluctantly says goodbye and he hangs up. Neither Javier nor Alonso’s men notice the black car following them.
• Gerardo goes to visit Teresa but the doctor reveals that she escaped last night though he doesn’t know how or why since she was always receptive to the treatment. Gerardo thinks it’s incredible that no one knows anything, and chides the doctor for his lack of control, but the doctor reminds him that patients check themselves into the clinic voluntary and can also check themselves out. Gerardo nods but worries that Teresa is going to discontinue her treatment. The doctor assures him that they would’ve advised against it, if she had said anything. Gerardo thanks him and then leaves to find her.
• Emiliano waits for Hugo outside of school and demands Hugo take a walk get in his car so they can talk. Hugo doesn’t want to but Emiliano slaps him and pushes him into the backseat unless he wants to get shot. Hugo finally relents and gets in the backseat, as Emiliano demands his driver keep his mouth shut. His driver texts someone though and asks them what to do as Emiliano is out of control.
• Omar’s men assume Alonso’s men will run out of gas soon as they made sure to perforate the gas tank. It is revealed that the car Javier is in is leaking oil onto the street but no one notices.
• Alonso meets with the Worker’s Union and asks them for their support, especially considering his success with Regina’s bill. He asks if they will endorse him or look for another candidate. They are quiet.
• Cecelia brings Tomas to Regina and explains the situation. Tomas draws her something and she smiles before asking Daniela to take Tomas to the cafeteria for some food. Once alone, Cecelia asks Regina if they can talk before showing her the pictures of her and Gerardo at dinner. Cecelia explains that she rescued them for her as Regina looks through them. Regina then looks Cecelia in the eye and asks why she is showing them to her. Cecelia is quiet and Regina demands to know if this is blackmail.
• Alonso’s men stop the car as they are out of gas and the driver suggests Ochoa move Javier to the second truck, parked across the street. Ochoa obliges but doesn’t notice the car that is speeding toward Javier. Before Javier can get out of the way, Omar’s people run him over and drive away. Ochoa tries to save him but Javier is sprawled in the middle of the street, eyes open, with a head wound gushing blood.
• Cecelia is surprised that Regina would think that of her, especially since it was a gesture of loyalty on her part. She wanted to destroy the photos as soon as she received and before they could do any damage but Regina notes that the photos are still on her phone. Cecelia nods but explains that the person who sent them to her no longer has them. Regina wants to know who it is and Cecelia tells her that it was a reporter who was dining in the same restaurant but reiterates that she only rescued the photos and plans to do nothing with them. Regina apologizes for her attitude and for always being on the defensive. Cecelia understands, especially because you can’t trust anyone in politics but Cecelia tells her that she is not her enemy and will always help her, any way she can. She should’ve erased the photos but she thought it was important that Regina saw them first. Regina explains that she is not hiding anything either way; it was just a coincidence that she and Gerardo were in the same restaurant. Cecelia reminds her that those innocent photos may be interpreted another way and Regina asks that she erase the photos, once and for all. Cecelia obliges and asks Regina not to worry, it’s like the photos don’t exist anymore. Cecelia smiles slightly but Regina is wary.
• Alonso asks the Worker’s Union that he wants to work together to create more jobs and simulate the economy but he needs endorsements to become president. The Worker’s Union explains that they must talk to the rest of their members and Alonso also reminds them that he is in favor of improving the labor laws, unlike others who love to exploit the working class. The Worker’s Union understands but promises to communicate with him as soon as they have an answer. They leave and Magda comes in to tell Alonso that Javier was run over and has died. Alonso assumes it was an accident but the police think it was an execution. Alonso demands she call Mauro, immediately.
• Cecelia tells Regina that Tomas and his parents are ready for the photo shoot but she doesn’t move. Cecelia explains that Alonso would love for her to be a part of the photo but Regina reminds her that the Governor can do whatever he wants but she has never been one for photo shoots. She would love to meet Tomas’ parents though and asks her to bring them in. Cecelia obliges and goes to get them as Daniela comes in and tells her that she spoke with Emiliano’s security team and they took him and Hugo to the cemetery to see Florencia’s grave. She notes that Emiliano actually forced Hugo to go, kidnapped him, even. Regina calls Emiliano but only gets his voicemail. She then asks Daniela to tell the security team to bring Emiliano to her office, immediately.
• Gerardo arrives and finds Teresa in his office, laid back in his chair and legs up in the air. She demands that he have sex with her but he wants her back in the clinic, ASAP. Teresa warns him not to reject her or she will scream but Gerardo asks her to calm down. Teresa chides him for sleeping with Regina when he hasn’t slept with her.
• Emiliano demands his driver stop the car and forces Hugo out of the car. He drags him to Florencia’s grave and slams his face into the dirt by her headstone. Emiliano demands he apologize for his actions and Hugo does but then shakes Emiliano off. He demands to know how much longer Emiliano is going to torture him and Emiliano tells him that it will be forever. Hugo asks Emiliano if he wants him to commit suicide, because he will, and runs off as Emiliano calls his name. Emiliano then goes back to Florencia’s grave and screams in frustration.
• Omar’s men report back to him and let him know that everything went according to plan and no one recognized them. Omar is happy and asks that they go and find Arturo, Javier’s partner in crime, and take care of it as he asked. Omar then hangs up.
• Gerardo demands to know why she is behaving this way and Teresa explains that Ximena confirmed her suspicions and told her about his relationship with Regina. Teresa is tired of Regina always coming between but Gerardo is tired of her attitude and reiterates that Ximena is wrong. He then asks her to go back to the clinic but Teresa doesn’t want to. In fact, she demands he find prove that she is crazy because she is not going back to the clinic voluntarily. She will instead go back home and Ximena is coming with her.
• Emiliano arrives at Regina’s office and Regina asks him to close the door. She wonders how far he is willing to push the Hugo because he just committed a crime by kidnapping him. Emiliano is quiet.
• Hugo arrives home and runs upstairs to his room, as he mother demands he open the door. He screams for her to let him be as he looks through his social media and sees various pictures of Florencia’s crime scene that have been posted on his wall. His mother begs him to let her in but Hugo slams the computer closed and cries.
• Cecelia runs into Mauro in the lobby of the Governor’s building and demands she stop Hernan immediately as he’s sure Hernan leaked confidential information about Javier. Cecelia asks if it’s the same one that was supposed Natalia’s lover and Mauro reveals that he is dead and the media is reporting that it was an execution to shut him up. He warns her that the news can destroy Alonso’s own bid for the presidency if they don’t stop it so he needs her on it right away. Cecelia wants to the deals but Mauro has no time right now. He reiterates that she needs to help them before leaving to meet with Alonso.
• Omar watches the news report about Javier’s death. He then receives a call from Natalia, who has also seen the news, and call him a murderer. Omar asks her to calm down and take a pill, the anxiety ones she kept in her drawer next to the condoms. Natalia curses him and screams that she hates him but warns him that she will report him to the police immediately. Omar suggests they talk later, when she’s calm down, and laments the amount of violence in Mexico before hanging up. Natalia continues to cry.
• Alonso, Pacheco and Mauro watch the news on Javier’s death. The reporters assume that Javier knew secrets about the government, secrets that got him killed. One reports asks what ties Javier might have had with the Governor himself.
• Cecelia also watches the news as Hernan comes and asks if she will go talk to his Editor again so he can kill the story, though he doubts it will do much good now. Cecelia asks that he get to work and Hernan reiterates that he has been because his story about Javier is good.
• Alonso curses his luck. He can’t believe that this should happen after all the positive press with Tomas. He orders Pacheco to take care of the damage immediately and Mauro confirms that he also spoke with Cecelia and she’s doing her part. Alonso nods and demands Pacheco make sure Cecelia is controlling the situation before kicking him out the room. Once alone, Alonso demands Mauro speak to the Federal Police and request that he be kept up to date on the whole investigation. Mauro obliges as Alonso calls Omar and demands to know why he killed Javier or will he have to hear the reason why on the news. Omar feigns ignorance but Alonso chides him for not thinking of the consequences of his actions. Omar can’t see how, as he hasn’t left the house but Alonso’s patience is wearing thin and asks if he would prefer he turn him into the police. Omar thinks he’s losing his sanity but Alonso reminds him that he asked him to leave Javier alone. In the end though, Omar killed a man and betrayed him. Omar warns him to control his language as he is not a Mafioso but Alonso is sure he did it. Omar wonders if it’s just a gut feeling Alonso has since he doesn’t have any proof otherwise. Omar then hangs up as Alonso wonders what he will do now…


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Another excellent recap, Alonso! Thanks!


Emiliano crosses the line and becomes a criminal tonight by kidnapping Hugo. He needs something more than bodyguards: somebody that can tell him NO like a parent. His family knows how distraught he is but still are nowhere on the radar in caring for him.

It looks like Cecilia is willing to continue to trade sex for info with Hernán.

Alonso did not miss a beat in asking for the laborers union support for a presidential run behind Regina's back.

Javier almost makes it but not quite. I knew he was going to get murdered but not quite like that.

I felt sorry for the blond prostitute getting stuck with seducing Omar. It could solve Natalia's problems, though.

I am sick of Teresa. Gerardo needs to divorce her already.


The best part of the episode and maybe the the key to the plot of the whole novela is at the beginning with Regina with a "smile" telling Alonso that now she got it: she forgot that he was the the most important thing and that everything revolves around him.

Alfredo: Good recap. The Body Count just increased again!

Jarifa: Alonso plotting a campaign for the Presidency.

Another fine recap, Alfredo! What was Omar thinking? It would have been way better to let Alonso quietly smuggle Javier out of the country. Now he seems to have have torpedoed his son's chances at the presidency. Alonso is so opportunistic about helping Tomás and his family--though it's hypocritical and self-serving, Alonso does help them, but let's hope it lasts and doesn't leave Tomás even worse off than before. And my goodness! Emiliano is turning into a real bully--a chip off the old (male) blocks.

SpanProf:: Not surprised that Emiliano is turning more EVIL. I hope Karma hits all of them SOON!

But for now, let's sit back & watch the TRAIN-WRECK!

Another great Recap Alfredo thanks.

Wow train wreck indeed.

All aboard:

Emi is so lost, so immature and is getting no positive attention from anyone, completely inside his bubble thinking he can do anything with no repercussions. I feel very bad for Hugo, he is being so mistreated by his "best" friend.

Tere wow she is one of the bigger wrecks, she is so easily derailed, and this one is all Xi's fault. Little metiche.

Now to the biggest wreck of all IMHO, it is Omar, what was he thinking is right, he wasn't it was his inability to deal with the fact that his wife found someone better....yes much better, it was his male ego that made him act stupid. I can't wait until he gets what's coming to him.

Finally, Alonso besides being a cheater, absent father, and corrupt, has now added conniving back stabber with his attempt to derail any chance for Regina to become a candidate. He cannot stand to know that his wife is more popular, without having to buy anyone and without breaking the rules. He is a Loser with capital L.


Great work, Alfredo, and thanks again for standing in for me. New computer is working like a dream and I'll be back up and running!

We knew Javier was going to bite the dust soon and I think we can expect more repercussions from this. Alonso and his father are going to be at odds for a long time, maybe until the end of the series. It looks like Omar isn't above trying to gaslight his own son.

Teresa needs to disappear. She will ruin Gerardo's career one way or the other if she doesn't. Was there any statement about how long they've lived apart? I get the feeling this happened long before the curtain went up on this tale.

Urban, I never have heard any mention as to how long Gerardo and Teresa have lived apart.

Sandie: Would Alonso destroy Regina's chances of a political career if he's that determined to become President of the Mexican United States.

Thank you all and you're welcome, Urban!

Well Omar continues to be the biggest (outwardly) scumbag while Alonso wins the title for biggest (inwardly) scumbag. It takes a certain kind of reptile (with apologies to the reptiles) to use a child's plight for political gain. Wow (new low gents).

As for Teresa, my god, what a disgusting woman. Showing up in her ex's office, legs all up in the air, demanding sex and then threatening a scandal if he doesn't give in right then and there. Teresa has a gambling problem but I think that's the least of her worries.

Regina, I don't the blinders you have on, but your husband doesn't care about you or Emiliano or his parents. He has a one track mind, presidency, and that one is plainly obvious. I'm glad she stood her ground with Cecelia though and asked the right questions. I'm wondering where the backups are hidden because I doubt Cecelia gave her a free pass.

Of course she didn't; I think she will try to destroy Regina.

I need to begin building that Toxic Sisters page....

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