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La Piloto #71 6.13.17: In Which Yolanda Is Not As Dumb As She Looks...

• Yolanda demands Zulima answer but she asks her to leave her alone. Yolanda asks if she has a plan, or is just making it up as she goes along. Zulima tells her that she always has a Plan B; either way, she will never recover the money or the drugs. Yolanda reminds her that those things can be replaced but her life cannot be. She warns that if Zulima lands anywhere, she will find her and make her pay. Zulima asks if she’s threatening her, a powerful witch, but Yolanda tells her that she will beg for her life. She suggests Zulima to land soon as Zulima tries to go faster.
• Dave meets with Benavides, who has reinforced security around the station, and confesses that he is worried about Sinisterra. He reiterates that they must stop him from becoming president but Benavides explains that they need to arrest him first and for that they need proof. Dave asks what would happen should they not have proof and Benavides warns him that Sinisterra will become president in that case. Dave reminds him that there is a video proving his ties to organized crime as Benavides receives a call that Sinisterra is there to see them. Benavides asks Dave if he will be able to control him in the meeting and Dave nods before they leave.
• Yolanda begs her plane to pick up speed but it continues to decelerate as Zulima looks behind and sees that she’s getting away. Yolanda curses the fact that she only has one motor as Zulima picks up her phone and calls John.

• John is looking at the news reports on Sinisterra when Pirana comes and hands him his cell phone. John demands to know what she wants and Zulima explains that she is currently piloting La Consentida, which she stole from Yolanda, and is close to Mexican soil. She asks if he wants to meet up so she can hand it over but John wants to know what she wants in return. She proposes they forget the past and become come together to destroy Yolanda.
• Benavides and Dave welcome Sinisterra. Dave shakes his hand and Sinisterra explains that he’s there to give them his full testimony regarding the video in which he appears with Oscar Lucio. Benavides asks him to follow him to the interrogation room and Sinisterra obliges along with his lawyers.
• John wants to know why Yolanda is after her and Zulima confesses that she found out some things about her and wants to kill her. John asks if she found out she killed Amanda and Zulima nods, among other things. John is quiet and Zulima proposes that she turn over his plane and a ton of merchandise for his help. John laughs and asks where she plans to land. Zulima explains that Yolanda has a clandestine airstrip and John is pissed that Yolanda is using all his tricks against him. Zulima suggests he destroy the airstrip when he comes to get her and John agrees. He tells her that they will see each other soon and hangs up. He then remembers when Zulima and Roberto took his money and escaped. He also remembers when Zulima begged him to help her and threatened to go to the police. He shakes his head at the whole situation.
• In an interrogation room, Benavides records his session with the Senator Sinisterra, who reminds him that he is the President Elect. Benavides corrects himself and Sinisterra declares that he is there to explain the very embarrassing video that was published of him and Oscar Lucio. Benavides asks if it was staged but Sinisterra admits that it was real and the only reason he was there was because Oscar asked him to be an intermediary between them and the police when they turned themselves in. Benavides reminds him that there has been no such proposal turned over to the police but Sinisterra explains that Oscar asked him to wait. Benavides thinks that is a contradictory statement but Sinisterra confesses that the Lucios took advantage of his reputation and good faith to try and ruin his political career. He assumes that his political rival planned the whole thing to make him look bad before and during the elections. He assumes it was because he promised to destroy the organized crime regime in Mexico. Outside the glass, Dave shakes his head, smelling the BS a mile away.
• Raul is in his office when he receives a call from Lizbeth. She assures him that she’s okay and managed to escape the club, safely. Raul warns her to be careful with Mena, as he is still a dangerous man, and Lizbeth remembers when he tortured them. Raul asks her where she is but Lizbeth reminds him that it’s better if he doesn’t know, for his own safety. She just wanted to tell him that she was safe and ask about Wilmer. Raul reveals that Santamaria kidnapped him and they both worry about what Santamaria may do, as he is a sick sadist.
• Santamaria continues to beat Wilmer when John comes and tells him that he knows where Yolanda is: in a clandestine airstrip in Tomuca. He proposes they go immediately and Santamaria nods before cocking his gun to shoot Wilmer. John proposes he let Wilmer suffer a bit first because he may be necessary later. Santamaria nods and then tells Wilmer that John saved him before leaving.
• Raul asks if Lizbeth knew Vergara and she confirms that he kidnapped and threatened them. Raul then reveals that he committed suicide but they recovered his cell phone and it had one text message that may lead them to Rosalba and Amanda’s baby’s location though they are not sure where that is. Just then, Arley comes and rips the phone off of Lizbeth’s hands before hanging up on Raul. Raul shakes his head, frustrated, as Arley pushes Lizbeth back into the hotel room.
• Outside the police station, Benavides tells Sinisterra that his declaration will be crucial to the new investigation that will begin shortly. Sinisterra is happy to hear it, as they have to fight for justice. In fact, he notes that Mexico will soon need a new Attorney General and Benavides is the perfect man for the job. Dave then asks if Sinisterra was at the Club yesterday but Sinisterra explains that he was in his hotel room, closing out his campaign, and then went home to celebrate with his family. Dave, however, is sure he saw him at the Club but Sinisterra reminds him that he needs proof if he’s going to accuse him of something or he will demand him. Dave attacks Sinisterra but Benavides pulls him off and asks that he control himself. Sinisterra tells them that he must go and attend to the press as Dave angrily tells him that he will have time to talk to the press as well.
• Outside, Sinisterra runs into a mountain of reporters, who ask for his opinion regarding the videos. Sinisterra thinks the answer is obvious: his opposition wants to see him ruined because he promised to be tough on organized crime.
• Dave and Benavides watch Sinisterra’s declarations from his office. Benavides doesn’t buy his story but it sounds true enough to be convincing, especially as the media will present it. Dave shakes his head, frustrated that they are once again one step behind the Sinisterra. Benavides thinks the message is clear also, if he helps Sinisterra, he should expect to be Attorney General soon but Dave thanks him for his solidarity above all else. He then proposes that they reach out to all the agencies in Mexico and the US to ask for help, regardless of the danger, because they won’t be able to stop Sinisterra if he becomes president. Just then, Dave receives a call form Raul, who asks about his meeting with Benavides. Dave explains the situation and Raul shares his frustration. Rau then tells Dave bout his call with Lizbeth and Dave shares his happiness. Raul then tells him that he found Vergara’s phone and there is a message that may reveal Rosalba’s location.
• John, Santamaria, Pirana and some other men look at a map of Tomuca. They pinpoint the possible location of Yolanda’s airstrip and asks everyone to be ready. The men go prepare and Santamaria reminds John that he will personally take care of Yolanda so he should leave her be. John is quiet and then gets in his car, as does Santamaria.
• Lizbeth tells Olivia and Estela that she spoke with Raul. Estela chides her for doing so but Lizbeth tells Olivia that Santamaria has Wilmer. Olivia begins to cry and asks why they took him. Estela thinks they took him to kill him but Lizbeth thinks they should stay positive. Lizbeth then tells him about Vergara’s message and they hope to find Rosalba soon. Lizbeth then hugs Olivia as Estela chugs alcohol next to them.
• In Tomuca, John and his men look over the map and radio Santamaria to give him the possible coordinates. He tells Santamaria to be alert and follow his lead.
• Lizbeth explains that Arley knows where Rosalba may be because it was a safe house where the Lucios used to hide. Estela sarcastically smiles and tells them that she doesn’t agree because they have no weapons or communication devices. Olivia agrees and Estela reminds them that they could be shot on sight too. Lizbeth offers to talk to Arley to see what they can find out about the safe house.
• Yolanda realizes that Zulima is going to land in Tomuca and Zulima challenges her to catch up. Yolanda takes the challenge.
• Santamaria finds the airstrip and shoots everyone in the hanger except for one man, who escapes. He orders his men to follow him and bring him back.
• Outside, John radios his men and asks them to make sure nothing looks out of the norm as Santamaria comes. John complements the placement and look of the airstrip but Santamaria thinks it’s unimportant. He then asks John to call Zulima and find out where she is and if Yolanda is still after her. John obliges but asks Santamaria to be patient. Zulima answers and explains that she’s half an hour away from the airstrip but Yolanda is still behind her. John explains that he cleared the airstrip for her and she will land with no issues so they can surprise Yolanda. Zulima agrees and John hangs up and smiles with Santamaria.
• Lizbeth and Arley break into a van and get inside. Arley hot-wires the car as Lizbeth stands guard.
• Raul meets Dave at the DEA station and Raul shows him the text message. Dave wonders what it means but Raul thinks they are missing something and Dave thinks they need Arley, ASAP. Dave then asks about Lizbeth but she hasn’t called again. Dave then asks about Yolanda and Zulima but they have no news. Dave admits that he is the most worried about that.
• Yolanda radios the hanger and John gives her the all clear. He disguises his voice enough, so she doesn’t recognize him, and Yolanda orders them to be vigilant because Zulima about to arrive in La Consentida and they can’t let her leave. She then hangs up and John tells Santamaria that Yolanda is close. He smiles and radios the men to hide the bodies and wait for Yolanda. He reiterates that no one should touch Yolanda before hanging up.
• Zulima radios John and asks for permission to land. John gives her the all clear but warns her to take care of his plane. She nods and then lands safely at the airstrip. When she gets off the plane, she hands John the keys, and he tells her that she did good. Santamaria then orders them to hide and prepare for Yolanda’s arrival but John welcomes his plane with a kiss first. He then tells Zulima to stand by him and she obliges.
• Raul continues to call Lizbeth as Dave calls Yolanda, both to no avail. Dave has a bad feeling but Raul thinks they should stay positive.
• Zulima brings John the money and drugs and then confesses that it’s good to see him. John is quiet and Zulima thanks him for accepting her deal and promises not to betray him again. John hopes so because he won’t forgive another betrayal and swears on Oscar’s life. John then opens up the bag and finds the money. He then it has been a good day sicne he got his plane back, got some money and some drugs to sell. Just then, Yolanda radios and asks if Zulima landed. John confirms she did and they are waiting for her but Yolanda asks him to identify himself. John asks Zulima for a name but she shrugs, as Yolanda demands he identify himself.
• Yolanda prepares to land and asks if it is Montero. John confirms it is, he just couldn’t hear her, but Yolanda confirms that it is John, who is trying to trick her.
• On the ground, Santamaria sits by La Consentida and asks him men to be attentive but quiet lest they scare Yolanda away. Just then, he sees Yolanda landing the plane but is surprised to see she keeps going and doesn’t land. Santamaria demands to know why she didn’t and radios everyone for answers.
• John runs to the radio as Santamaria storms inside the hanger and demands to know what happened. John radios Yolanda and asks her why she didn’t land. Yolanda explains that she isn’t an idiot and reveals that none of her employees are named Montero. Santamaria curses his luck and John tells her that it’s a shame she didn’t land as they had a surprise for her but she is prolonging the inevitable. Yolanda vows that the next time he sees her will be his last but Santamaria grabs the radio and asks her to come back and end this. Yolanda tells him that she doesn’t follow orders and no one will ever capture her. John proposes she land soon, as she’s running out of fuel, but Yolanda prefers to die than to be in his clutches again.
• In the air, Yolanda radios air control and informs them that John’s plane was stopped in a clandestine airstrip in Tomuca. She asks them to make note of the coordinates.
• Sinisterra arrives home and finds his wife, Lorena, waiting for him. She saw his interview but would believe him if she didn’t know him. Sinisterra reminds her that they just need to create a smoke screen and then no one will know the truth. Lorena agrees but she’s worried that the investigation may yield more dangerous results. Sinisterra explains that the police only have the video, and no other hard evidence, so it’s impossible that they cooperate. Lorena wonders what would happen if Oscar confesses that they were partners but Sinisterra reminds her it would be a “he said, she said” situation. Jus then, their son, Mauricio, comes and confesses that he is pissed because he had a horrible day in school and it was his father’s entire fault. Sinisterra asks him what happened and Mauricio explains that they teased him for being the son of a drug trafficker but he fought the kid who said and won. Sinisterra thinks eh did the right thing, and he won, but Lorena is more worried about Mauricio’s hand. She goes to put some ice on it as Sinisterra receives a call, urging him to do a video chat ASAP.
• Three uniformed police officers arrive at the office and tell Raul and Dave that a woman called in an anonymous tip and they may know where John is hiding his plane, La Consentida. Dave and Raul realize that it was Yolanda and go immediately to find out how accurate the information is.
• Yolanda, now off the plane, walks down a dirt road. She flags down a car and explains that her car broke and she needs a ride. The woman opens the door and lets her inside before driving away.
• John tells Zulima that she will go back to Mexico City with Santamaria as he flies La Consentida to a safe location. John gets inside the plane and leaves Zulima to get to know Santamaria better. Zulima proposes that she help Santamaria find Yolanda but he can manage alone though he wants to know where the airplane might have gone. Zulima thinks about this for a second…


Thanks Alfredo, nice work Bud. I do have a question though as it appears I missed something crucial. When Yoli borrowed a 'chase' plane from Reggie we saw the following:

"She has a better idea. Leave Gonzalez there as a hostage while she and Reggie take the old Cessna and race to catch up with Zuli. Reggie finally agrees."

And she and Reggie take off. Somewhere along the line Reggie must have fallen or jumped out of the plane, because in the next episode Yoli is alone in the old Cessna and is still alone when she almost landed.

I have to say that was a clever trick she pulled on SM and John with 'Is that you, Montero?' Now what a pit of vipers with Zooli, S&M and John together with all three of them just itching to kill each other. I do wonder where she landed/left the plane.

Thank you, Alfredo. I was also wondering about what happened to Reggie. I wonder who the person is who picked up Yolanda and if she is in the pay of Zooli, S&M or John. I suppose that for the story to work, she will have to face up to S&M. John does not seem to be agreeable to let S&M capture Yolanda. He has said before that she will never be his woman - or whatever word he uses. David appears to be pretty useless in gun fights or rescuing people.

Kirby: Dave & Co., will NEVER stop President Sinisterra from moving into Los Pinos.

I don't know Steve. He's a pretty bad dude, and this is a TeleNovela. Bad guys have to die.

It is pretty ironic his standing up there and swearing that he wants nothing more than to defeat the drug traffikers. Not mentioning that he is only talking about the ones who are in competition with him. He is the most realistic part of this whole show. IE: How can you tell when a politician is lying?

answer: He is talking.


1.) Yoli's Father

2.) One of the Smugglers

3.) Amanda AKA Flight Girl #1: RIP :(

4.) DEA Agent Simpson

5.) Several of the Mexican Federal Law Enforcement Authorities

6.) DEA Special Agent Baker

7.) Sergeant Rubio

8.) Oscar Lucio

9.) The Pilot of the Doomed Plane

10.) DEA Agent #2

11.) The Groundskeeper at the AerosTour

12.) Monica's Sister

13.) Raul's Father

14.) S&M Sergeant #2

15.) Yoli's Sex Fiend Uncle AKA The Sex Addict

16.) Zeki's Family

17.) Zeki

18.) The Jeep Driver

19.) The Medic

20.) One of the Young Soldiers helping Yoli

21.) Chief of Staff Vergara

22.) The Farmer at the Greenhouse

23.) Ruiz

24.) DEA Special Agent In Charge Montgomery

25.) Kidnapped DEA Agent

26.) Teresa the Nice Prostitute

27.) Rosalba's Neighbor

28.) Cindy

29.) Cindy's Mother

30.) Roberto

31.) Olivia's Father

32.) Olivia's Brother

33.) Olivia AKA Flight Girl #2

It's increasingly likely this Body Count will surpass Telemundo's "LA DONA" & UniMas' "Yago".

However, the highest Body Count in any TN or Teleserye, belongs to "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano", the Philippine Teleserye on ABS-CBN Network: currently at 178 & counting.


Thanks, Alfredo.

Yay! Yoli outfoxed John. Also sweet seeing green with envy Zuli witness John's and Col. S&M's obsession with Yoli, even though their objective is to kill her.

So Yoli has a ride from ??? to ??? but does she know yet about the happenings with Vergara and Sinister et al? It should be no surprise that John is out and about as she saw the beginnings of his escape. If she were even TN smart she would call Dave, as he has tried to kill her fewer times than any other man she knows.

When any one of the three of Zuli-John-S&M decides that any one of the other two is no longer useful to themselves personally I expect them to kill that person. Or at least start trying. Id Luuuurve for Zooli to walk in on John and Sonia A G A I N. ! Before Yoli and or John die(s) I would like Yoli to be able to tell him all the bullshit Zooli told her. IE: I wish he could see the episode we just saw.:-)

No honor amoung thieves, you wonder how many other 'Johns' Sonia has orbiting. We heard at least one call her as she was with John.

Mena was hilarious last night with the "Girls'. Obviously he knows a thing or two about staying alive and the Narco/DEA world. Art one point he said something like "OK hens, drop the clucking, we need to be absolutely quiet if we are going to survive." So that lasted (SURPRISE! ) about ten seconds, until one started talking about a boy. Obviously Olivia hand wringing over Wilmer with help wringing from Liz. Arley comes back with "Listen, one more cluck and I'm shutting you up," or thereabouts. He was just funny after seeing the malevolent killer/torturer he has been, now trying to help a couple flight attendants and one useless old drunk broad stay alive.

Kirby: I would not be shocked if Yolanda gets whacked (Arturo Montenegro was whacked in "PyP"), so crazy things happen.

If that happens, Dave might end up with Monica.

Hey everyone! Thank you for stopping by during this final week before the final week and a day! lol

Kirby and Lynette, I agree and think they threw poor Reggie out the plane. What a continuity fail but I wonder where the hell she did land the plane? I hope that woman who picked her up isn't going to die too.

Arley is tired of the girls and they're screaming, bad plotting, etc. He is a man on a mission and needs to get back with his boy Dave and take out John, Zulima and Santamaria. In a perfect world, Yolanda shoots Santamaria in the privates but leaves him to rot in jail, shoots John in the heart and strangles that witch Zulima. She deserves for Amanda who looks like the only perfect who won't survive this :(

Niecie, it was great.

May the punishment fit the crime(s)!

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