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La Candidata, 6/14/17 Chapter 10: Cecilia and Alonso's Rendezvous

Regina is chasing Emiliano down the hallway of the office; obviously he did not like being reprimanded for kidnapping Hugo. As she continues to chase him, Tere is casually coming out of Gerardo’s office and what do you know Regina bumps into the last person she should have bumped into. Tere takes this very opportunistic opportunity and begins to shower Regina with insults. “You love to steal husbands”. Gerardo who is behind Tere tries to hold her back and tells her to stop. Regina is paralyzed and can only watch. Gerardo asks Tere to leave, and she obliges but not before trying to land a punch on Regina. Wow. Gerardo tries to apologize to Regina, but all she can do is yell at him not to touch her and storms off.
Mario is on the phone with Cecilia, and he tells her that if she manages to help Alonso get out of the eye of the storm she will “earn a piece in heaven”, and as for what she did with the Regina/Gerardo pictures, that was good because “we always have to protect family”.
Mauro approaches Mario, Mario says
“I think we have Omar were we want him, look for Javier’s partner and find out everything about Javier Guzman”
Mario will have to get close to Natalia in order to get more info. Mauro then informs Mario that Natalia is at the Governor’s house because she had a problem with Omar.
Noemi walks in and Mario informs her that they are going to pay Natalia a visit. Noemi hesitates because she does not want to see Omar. Not a problem Natalia is at the Governor’s house.

In her office Regina is telling Daniela that Tere embarrassed her in front of everyone. Daniela quite wisely tells her, Ignore Tere because she is obsessed. Regina feels that nothing ever works out. Daniela hates to add to the pile of problems but has to inform her that Javier is dead and then tells her the Velez is there (the Labor Union leader) and it is urgent. Regina wants to go look for Emi but will give Velez a little bit of time. She also asks Daniela to find out Hugo’s address.
Mauro is giving Alonso an update on the Javier issue, and then lets him know that his press staff is waiting to meet with him. He tells them to come in.

Pacheco and Cecilia walk in and Alonso says “what do we know?” Pacheco tells him that it is still considered and accident but the press is circling like wolves. He thinks that Alonso should hold a press conference. Alonso does not like that because it would seem like they are admitting to guilt of something. He asks Cecilia for her opinion and she says she agrees with Pacheco.
Ximena is leaving school and sees that her dad is there to pick her up.
 “Is everything ok with mom?”
“No she escaped from the clinic, she came to my office and caused a scandal, you know she told me that you said I had an affair with Regina”
“Forgive me; forgive me that was not my intention”
Gerardo informs her that Tere now wants Xi to go back to live with her. Xi does not want to. Gerardo tells her to go to Tere and tell her that everything was a lie. Xi agrees to do that.

At Alonso’s office Cecilia continues with her ideas and says that she will try to divert the news to another topic. She will use a journalist “friend” to help change the topic. Alonso is pleased with that idea; Pacheco is not sure and makes a snarky remark about her “friend” not being reliable. Alonso gets upset at Pacheco and tells him that now Pacheco will do the news conference, essentially tossing him to the wolves. Alonso tells Cecilia “give Pacheco your notes so that he knows what to say”. Pacheco not pleased.

Velez is at Regina’s discussing the fact that now Alonso is supporting the Universal law to help protect families and children (Regina’s proposed law), but he does not believe that the business men will be happy to support it. Regina reassures him. He also says that in their meeting with Alonso he tried to convince the labor union to support his candidacy for president.
Noemi and Mario get to the Governor’s house, Natalia opens door and assumes that they know she lives there now.
Regina is in her SUV arriving at Hugo’s house with Daniela. Daniela is telling her that she is the best candidate and that she is upset that Alonso used Regina’s proposed policy to enhance his candidacy and is now pressuring the labor union to support him instead of Regina.

“What are you going to do? I’ve always told you, that you are the best. I have told you to get out from under Alonso’s shadow, you have a brilliant career”
“One other thing, I don’t like that woman”
“Who Cecilia?”
“Yes that woman, I don’t trust her”
Regina then tells Daniela how that woman obtained and deleted some pictures that could be misconstrued. She actually “saved” her from some potential problems (TBD)
Mauro (the whispering exaggerator) comes in looking as if he just saw a ghost and tells Alonso (no whispers to Alonso) that Mendoza wants to see him. Alonso does not want to but Mauro recommends he has to hear him out.
Mendoza walks in and announces that they will support Regina’s Universal law of support for families and children and they will support his campaign for president. Alonso is excited about the news but not too fast bud, Mendoza has a caveat. They will support him as long as he signs a new policy that will allow the removal of the employer contributions into the laborer accounts and temporarily suspend the employee pensions.
Regina is at Hugo’s to apologize for Emi’s behavior. Hugo’s mom does not want her apologies. She tells Regina that Hugo is being tormented by Emi and the entire student body, but sadly Hugo still loves his friend.  She asks that Regina and her family stay away from Hugo.
Regina leaves and as she approaches Daniela says “that woman hates me, and she is right. Emi is going to have to listen to me”
Emi walks into his house sees his grandparents and does not respectfully address them.
Mario follows him and goes to reprimand him. Mario tells him to stop blaming others for his problems.
“Then who do I blame?”
“Yourself, we all are responsible for our actions and when you act without thinking these things happen”
“Am I not allowed to make a mistake?”
“Of course you are”
Mario goes on to tell him to stop crying about Florencia because she used him. If he doesn’t things will remain the same and he will continue to be a poor devil all his life.
Noemi trying to find out what is going on with Natalia, she promises not to tell Mario. Natalia cries.
Pacheco holds his press conference and tells the wolves not to jump to any conclusion, ends it there and the press begins a commotion.
Of to the side Hernan tells Cecilia that he’s not buying it and he will investigate to find the truth.

Pacheco goes to Hernan and asks
“How long have you known Cecilia?”
“Why do you ask?”
“That woman is a climber”
“No she is worse than that”

Alonso is telling Mauro that the business men have asked him for something but if he gives it to them; he will lose the laborers support.
“If you lose their support they will give it to your wife”
“But we need the business men they own everything”

Alonso begins to get anxious and says he needs to relax. And what do you know in comes “Xanax” with legs. Cecilia smiles and says press conference is over. Alonso asks her to sit and smiles his creepy smile and tells her “I was just thinking about you.”
At Tere’s house Ximena comes to tell her that what she said about Regina was not true but Tere doesn’t buy it she has made up her mind about Regina. She then asks Ximena for the money. Xi gets mad and says that’s all that matters to her.

Ignacio discussing with Gerardo that it appears that Regina’s policy of support for families and children is an issue of contention between the couple of the opposition (Regina/Alonso).
“This is your moment Gerardo”
“I know that you have something going with Regina but you have to think that this is your moment.”

Gerardo says he is not worried about that now he is more worried about the Casino debt. Ignacio says he took care of it.
“Some cash to get their casino owners permit approved.”
Gerardo becomes upset at this revelation and then Ignacio erupts and says
“Get dirty Gerardo, this is politics, we are in Mexico man!”
 Ximena calls Gerardo crying about Tere.
“Please help me I don’t want to stay here”
“I will talk to her, stay there tonight”
Regina gets home and wants to talk to Emi. Her mom tells her to “breathe”

Alonso tells Cecilia that she is doing a great job. He flirts with her.
Emi is on Skype with Xi. They complain about their families, and plan to go to a party that night.
Regina comes in to tell Emi that if he does not change his attitude he will remain hi the house. The guards won’t let him out.
Israel comes to see Magda at the office and tells her that she can’t ignore him and toss him to the trash (`a la Fatal Attraction except 30 years later, and with less oomph). She asks him to leave and a guard helps to see him out.
Cecilia finds Hernan in the hallway and he says that half the people in the office already hate her and she says it’s because half the people are incompetent.
“You need a friend here”
“Are you going to be that friend?”
“Think about it”
At Gerardo’s hose Tere brings Xi to pick up her things and while she goes to get her things Tere steels money and a pocket watch. She does not even wait for Xi leaves probably to go sell the pocket watch. Xi comes out with her bag to find her mother is gone.
On the phone Regina talks to Alonso about getting therapy for Emi, and as always he dismisses her concerns. She then says they need to talk about it in person and also about his dirty tricks.
“What are you talking about?”
“About how you are using the labor union and they rescinded their support of me because you called them, you are playing dirty”
"I don’t like your tone of voice”
“And I don’t like to be betrayed”

Daniela comes in and Regina tells her everything is bad. She just had an argument with Alonso; Emi is bad, etc.., etc.
She then tells Daniela that Alonso is not the same man, the college professor that she fell in love with. Daniela catches that she uses the word loved and not love as in past tense. Regina wants to fix things for Emi’s sake and decides to go to talk to Alonso right there and then.

The two Dons are at Omar’s house and Mario is offering his help. He tells Omar that he has Javier’s partner.
Gerardo is trying to get Tere on the phone, but she does not pick up because she is at her happy place. The casino.
Mario tells Omar to take the Partner and give him to Alonso as a sign of peace.
“You either end this or you are over, you choose”
Tere is at the Casino having a momentary winning streak.
Emi is telling Xi he can’t go to party because he is punished. Xi has her way with words and convinces him to disobey and go to the party. It works she convinces him.
Back at Omar’s where they begin to have a “civil” conversation and Omar agrees to work with Mario.
Gerardo calls Ximena, who is now dressed to go party, he says he can’t get a hold of Tere.
“Is she there with you?”
Xi lies and says she is in her bedroom. Gerardo tells her to put her on the phone but Xi says she does not want to go to her room because they are not on good terms. So Gerardo drinks the Kool aid and hangs up.
At the governor’s office the last of the employee leaves, except for Cecilia. She gets up to go to Alonso’s office. Hernan sees her going in.

Alonso turns his chair
“I’ve been waiting for you”
“What did you want to talk about?”
“More than talk, I want something else”
“I thought we were going to talk about work”
“I want this to be part of your Job”
“To relax the Governor”
Alonso pulls her close and kisses her. She lets him. She says she doesn’t want to get involved with a married man.
As this is going on Regina is in the building approaching Alonso’s office.
Alonso asks Cecilia to remove her clothes slowly, and she begins to do so.
End Chapter 10.


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Thanks, Sandie! Great "Fatal Attraction" comment.

So why does an unwilling Ximena have to go and stay with her mother? Sacrifice your child for an addict? A bad call, from Gerardo.
Eventhough Emiliano and Ximena are both annoying, their parents are far from exemplary in their roles including Regina and Gerardo.

Anything good in Mario's lecture to Emiliano was dwarfed by the fact that we know he had Florecia killed. Disgusting!

I could not believe that Alonso called Regina on her tone of voice. Yay! She sure let him have it.

Funny: Omar only drinks with his friends. Evidently Mario is not one of them.

Creepy striptease in the gov's office,


Jarifa: What are the odds the Body Count reaches to 50 ?


Gracias, Sandie.

I wonder how Teresa's bills are getting paid. She lives in what may have been her parents' home and it looks like she pawned a family heirloom to go to the casino. Maybe her parents knew what she was like and put the money in a trust so the bills are paid by their attorney.

BTW, that wasn't a punch thrown at Regina; Teresa was trying to scratch her eyes out. Good for Regina that she didn't let that rattle her.

If I were Gerardo I'd put Ximena in a convent for what she just did. This girl can't be right in the head herself: She doesn't want to live with her feckless, narcissistic mother -- which is understandable -- but tells her mother that Gerardo is having an affair with Regina. She is more than old enough to know that this will cause more serious problems than they already have. Being stuck in Teresa's house with her is the least she deserves for this.

Emiliano needs a shrink, but I can't see that happening anytime soon because of the attitudes of Alonso and both grandfathers (whose feelings about shrinks must be worse than Alonso's).

Hernan is dead right about Cecelia; she is still a whore. Only this time she isn't dealing in cash for her favors because she's playing for higher stakes. That was no veiled threat she threw at Magda, who might be the only positive force in Alonso's political career at this point; she will find a way to get rid of her.

I can't wait to see the next episode. It is actually too early for Regina to catch Cecelia with Alonso, but the tension makes for a good cliffhanger.

Steve, we are counting on you to keep a good count.

Excellent recap, Sandie! I especially loved "opportunistic opportunity" "'Xanax'with legs" and "at her happy place. The casino." Well, Jarifa, Mario may be a crook and a murderer (and yep, it's both disgusting and hypocritical that he's giving this advice since he had Florencia killed), but he was absolutely right on in his advice to Emiliano. Emi does need to start taking responsibility for his own actions, and yes, Florencia was using him (Mario would certainly know!). Oops! Mendoza wants to remove labor pensions! Not likely to win any elections with that platform. What a dilemma for Alonso. Ximena appears to be getting downright dangerous, for both Emi and Gerardo--and all so she can party. She certainly is becoming her mother's daughter! Whoa! Suspense! Regina approaching the office as Alonso and Cecilia start to make love. (Will he say that he was helping to fix her zipper?:)) I agree, Urban, it is too early for Regina to catch them, and I expect tonight we will have a typical beginning-of-episode letdown.

SpanProf, ITA about Mario"s advice. Too bad neither of Emiliano's parents has taken the time to tell him what needs to hear. For me it is the same thing with Ximena, Gerardo is so busy with "work" or trying to control his addict wife, Ximena has gotten lost in the shuffle. Both of these kids needed and still need someone on their case telling them the truth, like Mario, 24/7. They have been just allowed to drift with no direction resulting in a couple of brats.

Jarifa: Yep, ITA.

Jarifa: So far, we've got Florencia & I think Javier on the Body Count when I last checked (I've been watching "Doble Vida" on Univision & flip-flopping between that TN & this one).


Thank you Urban, Jarifa, SpanProf and Steve for the comments.

I agree there are two on the body count, but there are many more casualties due to the irresponsible behavior, corrupt shenanigans and ill placed priorities of many of the "adults" in this TN.


SpanProf, I wouldn't call what they're about to do "making love." Nothing about Alonso convinces me that he knows what that is and Cecelia even less than that. Both of them seem to see sex as currency, an ego trip, and the way to get their rocks off. Cecelia is like both her parents and Alonso is just like his father in this way.

Urban, I thought it curious that Omar declined Mario's offer of a young lady. In that sense he is not like Alonso, complete opposites in fact. But you are right what Cecilia and Alonso are doing is the furthest away from "making love".

SpanProf, I was just thinking about your comment in reference to Mario giving advice to Emi. Yes, you are absolutely right Mario is the last one to be giving Emi this advice, he is the one who created this predicament for Emi in the first place. When Emi finds out that Mario was Florencia's pimp, and that he had her killed, man no amount of medication and/or therapy will help Emi to get over that.

Thank you, Sandie, for giving us an HONEST rendition of all the action.
While the opening credits the folks are mostly in grey, the end credits show them mostly in black. So I guess that means this story is just going to get darker.

Complicated story--shifting loyalties, politics, betrayal, adultery, murder, sex, brats, LOVE IT. Odd that every one of those nouns were applied to Vino, but what a difference! I think the only thing Vino didn't have was nosy investigative reporters.

Of course I noticed the frontal-opening zipper dress, but had no idea Cecelia was going to get asked to unzip it herself. Yeah, too early for Regina to find them. Will she run into Gerardo first?

Speaking of the clothing--it's easier, so far, than most tns, to determine the length of the day. I think this is two episodes Regina has been wearing the blue/white A-line and Cecelia has been in the zippered up front.


Thank you so much, Sandie! I finally got aeound to watching the episode and wow! Teresa too 5 hrs to get back to the casino and have Xinena back in her clutches. She needs a clinic for her crazy, not just the gambling problem.

Seeibg Mario and Omar go at it was amazing. These teo really have an onscreen presence that is unfallible. Omar may know why Mario wanted him with a prostitute: blackmail.

I have to aay that Mario is a slimeball but the advice was solid. Emiliano has a long way to go before hes okay because he may have to contend with his parents as rival political candidates.

Im glad Regina stood her ground again. You go girl!

Ximena and Emiliano right now....Zzzzzzz......

Daniela is impertinent but Im loving her friendship with Regina. Gerardo needs a Daniela, not a Gerardo.

Im hoping Regina catchea Cecelia and Alonso. Too soon? Lol

*I meant Gerardo doesnt need an Ignacio.

Oh! Im shocked Hernan is a little surprised to know Cecelia uses sex as currency. He started the game first.

Just watched the episode again (to tune my ears into the Spanish) and the "chess" pieces in the intro are actually in black, just as the end credits. It's the close-ups that seem to be grey--except for Regina.

BTW--In my version of the episode, just to clarify, I didn't hear Regina tell Gerardo not to touch her. I did see her wheel and take off down the hall.

"---Gerardo asks Tere to leave, and she obliges but not before trying to land a punch on Regina. Wow. Gerardo tries to apologize to Regina, but all she can do is yell at him not to touch her and storms off."

Not critical at any rate, I just want to put it out there that I don't think Regina is angry at Gerardo for this little confrontation--unless I heard wrong. It did affect her, big time. It's too bad, especially after the two of them had such a relaxed time (as someone mentioned) over their dinner.

Ignacio is right, though, Gerardo needs to be careful--there are cameras everywhere.

Sandie--my recap will be very late, just so you know.


I don't know if Regina is full on angry regarding Gerardo but I'm sure she blames him, in part, for not keeping his distance despite the fact that he already knew Teresa thought he and Regina were having an affair and may have told Ximena. He also didn't tell her about Teresa's paranoia until Ximena had already told Emiliano and both accused her of having the affair.

Add that to Emiliano's bullying, Omar's and Mario's power plays, Cecelia's duplicity and ALonso's backstabbing and she's just frustrated that it's something else on her plate that she shouldn't and won't have time to deal with.

Anita, Just watched that part back, and she does say "don't touch me" then storms off. It appears she is angry, rightly so, and does not want to hear anything from anyone.

Thanks, Sandie. I stand corrected. My ears are probably older than yours!

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