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La Candidata Martes, 6/27/17 Chapter 18: Alonso's Attempt to Win Regina Back

Politics does make strange bedfellows and a lot of dangerous liasons.
  • D.D.
Chapter Eighteen: Alonso's Attempt to Win Regina Back

Alonso marched into his office, complaining that he was alone. Magda followed him, telling him he was not.
You have Cecelia. She's loyal. She's efficient. She plays on your side.”
Alonso looked up, but Natalia's arrival stopped him saying anything had he been inclined.
Good afternoon,” she said.
Magda gave her a cold look and got a dismissive one in return.
Leave us,” Natalia whispered. Magda obeyed.
Hello, Mother,” said Alonso as Magda left the office and closed the door.
Yes, your mother is now becoming a museum piece.”
Don't talk trash about Father, please.”
Don't tell me you're going to defend your father's actions against my lover.”
Ex-lover. It's better we don't talk about that, isn't it?”
You're right,” she said, not agreeing but not wanting more conflict than necessary. “Totally. I'm condemned by your father. That man wants to think he's the exemplary husband but in reality.... I don't want to talk about this. As soon as you've made your bid for the Presidency I will separate from your father.”

No, no, Mother. You can't. This can't happen.”
Of course it can. Your father is sick and I won't spend my life going mad with a psychopath. As soon as you're elected I'm leaving him and it doesn't matter what you or your father want. I will do it.”
Alonso shook his head in disbelief. He must have seen enough divorces in his life that he should have seen evidence of dysfunction, but he was just as incapable of seeing his own.

Daniela met Andres, her contact, in his car. He gave her a flash drive containing the information she was looking for. She thanked him but he didn't want her thanks; he wanted a date. Daniela smiled as she tried to think of an answer.

Natalia went home and found Omar in his den.
You're still here? I thought you would be at work.”
I was just about to go out. Why?”
It doesn't matter; you will do as you please, as always.” She went upstairs.
When she was out of hearing distance Omar looked behind her then turned toward José, the chauffeur he had assigned to baby-sit his wife. He questioned him about the day's activities. Jose explained that Mario had not been permitted visitors so he had taken Natalia to Alonso's office at her request. Despite that she had gone to see Alonso, Omar was still angry at what he regarded as her defiance of his will.

The press went after the Secretary of Education and stopped him for questions. Lorena, his assistant, broke away from the group and went into the waiting van to meet de la Garza who kissed her before the car took off. As it pulled away it revealed Hernán, who had probably concealed himself behind the tree at the side of the road. He was on his cell phone talking to Cecelia, who thanked him for his detective work and immediately went to Magda to tell her she had to see Alonso. They were about to open the office door when Omar arrived, saying he wanted to see his son. Magda said she would announce him.
Why do you insist you have to announce me, Magda?” he said, irritated.
She did not reply, but merely opened the door. He closed it on his way in. Magda turned to Cecelia.
I'm in love with him and look at how he treats me. You have to be more intelligent about this.”
She went back to work, leaving Cecelia to stare at the closed door.

I'm in charge of this, do you hear? I'm in charge,” Alonso said over the phone as Omar took his seat. He hung up. “What is it, Father?”
I know that your mother was here. What did she want?”
You're imagining too much, Father.”
You know what she did to me.”
I have enough to deal with without one of my parents looking for a divorce.”
Who's talking about divorce?”
Magda came in without knocking.
Excuse me, Governor, but de la Garza is on the news.”
Alonso got up and buttoned his jacket.
I was talking!” said Omar.
Yes, yes, Father,” he said as he left the office. He was irritated but probably relieved at postponing what would have been a very inconvenient conversation.
Alright,” Omar said, getting up. “I promise not to bother you about the divorce.”
Magda caught that and she stood there for a moment in a state of surprise.
You just go on with what you do,” Omar said.
Magda followed Alonso out of the office The television was tuned to the news and de la Garza was taking full responsibility for the price fixing on vaccines. He publicly resigned from his position, declaring that his colleagues were blameless. Everyone in the office applauded.
Later, Alonso congratulated Cecelia on meeting the challenge and they drank to it.
He has a lover. Much younger than himself. She's very pretty and she works for the Secretary of Education.”
Of course. Very good. Very good,” Alonso said as he took another sip. Cecelia smiled at her victory.

Daniela showed mug shots to Mrs Galindo at the shelter, who finally identified a young man with thick dark hair and a slightly drooping mustache, somewhat 70's-looking. That same man was in Isela's establishment, keeping an eye on her. She was irritated at his tendency to appear out of nowhere and they went into her office. Cecelia arrived a moment later to see her, but was told she was in the office with El Cuervo. She asked for a double tequila and for her mother to be informed that she was there. Her wishes were granted and she drank down the shot. Pacheco appeared, greeted her as though they were old friends, and ordered a whiskey.
What are you doing here?”
No, no, no; the question is what would the governor say if he knew that his press secretary's mother ran a... cabaret like this? Tell me.”
What do you want?”
Destroy his existence. Nothing else.”
Cecelia stared. For a moment she looked like a frightened child.

Regina was on her way out of the office and ran into Gerardo on her way. She was not pleased with him over what he had said earlier to the press. She accused him of being ambitious for the presidency at the expense of his feelings and sarcastically wished him luck.

Cecelia told Pacheco he was pathetic.
I have nothing to do with anyone the Governor fires. You're useless and that's why he did it.”
You can think what you want but I will see you rolling in the mud. Do you get that?”
The bartender returned, sensing trouble. Pacheco finessed his way out by telling him that Cecelia and he were colleagues. He then departed. Cecelia told him nothing and got up from her seat in time to see Isela enter the room. She walked up to her and said “I have to talk to you” before going into Isela's private rooms while El Cuervo sat at the bar and ordered a drink.

Nayeli treated Emiliano to a strip show via Skype. He covered the screen with his jacket to take a call coming in on his cell, but he was only on long enough to say he was talking to a friend and would call the next day. He then removed the jacket in time to see that she had removed her brassiere with her back to the camera.

Cecelia watched Pacheco in the bar and told her mother she didn't like him being there. Isela called someone on her mobile device.

Regina got out of the shower wrapped in a towel to see Alonso pouring her a glass of champagne. He was still fully dressed. He happily told her that Gerardo showed himself to be a traitor before suggesting they drink a toast to their anniversary. He touched the glass in her hand and drank. She did not follow suit.
I'm sorry, I forgot,” she said. But she was clearly apprehensive.
Alonso took out a chain with a pendant, which he presented as a gift. It was a figure of Dame Justice, which he said symbolized her. Reluctantly she turned around so he could put it on her.
One day,” he said, “you gave me a wallet which was a symbol. That day I fell in love with you.”
She turned around, wanting to head this off at the pass.
Alonso,” she began.
Who better than you symbolizes justice for me? Regina, you are blessed with justice.”
You fell in love with me but [???]
That can change. We can recover this.” He began caressing her. “We can overcome our problems.” He kissed her.
She did not resist, but hesitated before beginning to participate in the kiss. He released the towel, which fell at her feet. She was naked in front of him, like a woman in a harem. While he remained fully dressed. Eventually his clothes joined the towel on the floor and they were in bed, engaged in the missionary position. Alonso did not notice, but when her eyes were not closed she was looking away from him.

Ignacio appeared at Gerardo's apartment to have Teresa let him in.
This is a surprise. What are you doing here?” she asked in a voice absent of annoyance.
I came to collect my part of the deal,” he said as he entered.
So soon?” she asked.
Why not?” He moved in on her neck like Count Dracula in that play I saw in New York some years ago.
Wait, I can't,” she whispered. “My daughter is in her room.”
Right on cue Ximena entered the living room.
What's going on?”

Alonso had managed to don pyjamas and was sleeping. Regina could not sleep. She lay awake next to him, also in nightwear. Her cell phone indicated a message and she sat up to read it. It was from Gerardo. [If anyone knows what it said, please e-mail me the correction; my screen isn't large enough to read it on.] She made sure Alonso was asleep and tried to decide what to do.
Gerardo was in his car. He texted I know what I am doing is crazy but I need to see you, Regina. Come down, please.
She saw this on her screen and checked her husband's status again.

I know you work for my father but I don't understand why you are with my mother.”
No, I'm not.”
No; he came here to see your father,” Teresa said.
I'm looking for him but he didn't answer his cell phone so I came here.”
Don't worry,” Ximena said, “We'll solve this quickly.”
She texted her father on her cell phone as Ignacio watched. Dad, are you alright? Where are you?
He texted back. I'm finishing a meeting. I'm leaving to go home.
What do you need to see him about that's so important?”
That's privileged. It's good to see a fast answer.” He paused for a second. “I'm sorry to disturb you at this hour.” He looked at Teresa and rubbed her right upper arm. She smiled back at him. “Therefore I hope this is solved.”
What's important is that we found him,” Teresa said.
Then excuse me,” Ignacio said with a smirk before he left.
Ximena was immediately more suspicious. Teresa knew it from her expression and asked “Well, what?”

Regina put on her robe and stepped out of the house with her cell. There were security men in the pool area but she did not see them. She called Gerardo and he answered immediately.
The secretary made it clear what you said.”
Listen to me, please.”
The initiative was obvious. What are you trying to do now? Judge my marriage or bring false accusations against my father?”
You're mistaken, Regina. I don't want to judge. I want to see you. I can't not be with you.”
Then you will have to demonstrate this some other way.” She looked toward the door as she ended the call. She went back into the house.
Regina? Regina?” Gerardo said. As he put his cell in his pocket the bald security guard knocked on his window and ordered him out of the car.

El Cuervo at at the bar having a drink. Pacheco approached him.
Do you know the owner of this place?” he asked him.
What does that matter to you?” he answered, not looking at him.
I'm a reporter doing a story on the city's nightlife.” He slid a business card toward him. “In case you know anything important I never reveal my sources.”
El Cuervo said nothing. The bartender appeared, grabbed Pacheco by the shirt. and tossed him out. El Cuervo looked at the business card with a sly grin.

Regina told the bald security guard that all was well and that Gerardo was a colleague. Alonso came out.
What happened?”
Some confusion,” Regina said. “All is well.”
A suspicious van outside the gates,” said the guard.
Senator Gerardo Martinez.”
I don't know why he was here,” Regina said.
Therefore, why did you wake up?” Alonso asked. He sent the security guard back to his duty, then turned to Regina. “Is there something you want to tell me? This doesn't look normal. You're outside of my house at this hour. You must have gone out to see him. That's how it looks.”
Regina had tried to stop him before he got there, but ended up folding her arms in frustration.

Omar entered Natalia's bedroom.
I see you are looking for a divorce.”
I see you've been talking to our son.”
I will never give it to you.”
What do you think you're accomplishing, Omar? We were over a long time ago.”
Not for me. You love me.”
Since when?”
He slapped her. She fell against the furniture behind her, giving him the opening to haul her up and throw her on the bed. He climbed on top of her and continued to slap her. She yelled at him to leave her alone as he continued to do so, finally leaning over like a vampire going for her neck. Jose was out in the hall and heard this. He breathed hard and looked indecisive. He knew who his paymaster was, but did not seem to like being put in this position.

Daniela and Andres went out for a pint or two and appeared to be having a good time. She took her purse and said she was going home, but he held her back. She told him this was complicated because he was a friend of her ex. She told him he was attractive and she liked him but that she didn't want him making the same mistakes, including taking her out drinking in a police bar. Finally she kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for what he did for Regina.

Isela and Cecelia had Pacheco in the office. When he said he was investigating she turned on the computer monitor and showed him the video she shot of him and two of her girls. He realized she had him by the short hairs and accused her of blackmail.
No; I'm merely looking out for my own interests. If you pull anything again I will release this.”
He paused for a second.
Do what you want with it. I have no wife and no engagement.”
Cecelia looked him in the eye.
Think about what you say. Something like this can really hurt a new candidate for the presidency, don't you think?”

Omar was calling for help on his cell phone. He sent Jose out to search for help, immediately. After this he poured himself a straight one and swallowed it down. Magda came in to ask what happened. He told her he didn't know, that he had lost control. That there was no response. He almost begged her to help him. Magda took his hands and said she would help. She was truly a fool.

Gerardo was brought before Alonso, angry that he was being treated by a traitor to Alonso's empire. With all the control he could summon, Gerardo told him he was there to apologize to Regina for his recent errors regarding the accusations against Mario. Alonso wanted to make more of this to use it in his favor, but Regina tried to get him to back off.
There is no innocence in politics,” he declared. Then said he wished to speak to Gerardo alone. Reluctantly Regina went inside the house.
What are you up to with my wife?”

Magda gasped when she entered the room. Natalia was lying on the floor. She was conscious, but unable to get up. There was a cut above her left eyebrow that was bleeding. Magda rushed to the bedside phone to call a doctor to get him there immediately. Omar watched from the door where Natalia couldn't see him. He entered and asked Magda if there was anything he could do. She said “You know what? Get out of here. Leave me here alone with her, please.” as she guided him out of the room and closed the door.

Cecelia got off the elevator to find Hernán with a large envelope. He was still intent on continuing their sexual relationship but she was not interested.
'Love' is too big a word. I don't want to feel anything for anyone. I don't want to suffer. I just want to worry about myself.”
But I won't hurt you.”
But what if I hurt you?”
You can.” He paused. “So at the core, you do feel something for me.”
She could not figure out how to answer that. Instead she changed the subject.
Hernán, thanks for what you did for me. I need to concentrate on this.”
Hernán was living proof that men can be such fools for love.

Alonso and Gerardo continued their conversation in the living room. Alonso sat in his comfortable throne while Gerardo sat on the couch. He tried to make Gerardo admit stupidity in bringing accusations without proof. Gerardo tried to bring home the point about the people being hurt by corruption. Alonso's attitude showed that this did not matter. Gerardo did not change his opinion, finally accusing Alonso of being the property of the powerful and wealthy men in their country.
Further, you do not own Regina. This damned delusion is your worst weakness. Good night, Alonso.” He left him sitting in the dark.

The San Roman's family physician came down the stairs. Omar asked about Natalia.
She's recovering. Look, Don Omar, your family has trusted me for a long time. But I can't continue to be an accomplice.”
What are you trying to say?”
You hit her. I won't say anything now but the next time I find Natalia in this condition I will be obliged to inform the authorities. Good night.” He headed for the door.
Good night, Doctor,” said Magda.
She stared at Omar for a moment and he turned away from her gaze.

The following morning Alonso brought this up again, telling Regina that Gerardo was planning to run against him for the presidency and that “neither of us could win the presidency alone. Neither myself nor you.” All the petty people [mezquinos] would not be with them. He was sure that Gerardo was trying to separate them to insure his own election.
Gerardo isn't an enemy,” Regina said. “Just a member of the opposition. Just an ethical and noble politician, so relax.”
Well, if he's so noble and ethical, then why did he oppose your initiative?”

Mauro arrived at the office; Magda was already there. He saw that something serious had happened. She began telling him about it.

Mario had been released from the hospital. Noemi tried to get him to have breakfast and relax, saying he was told by the doctors he couldn't return to work until he was completely well. Like most men whose pride rested on their control, he insisted he felt completely well and renewed thanks to all the medications and procedures. There was also too much to do.
Soon our daughter will be First Lady,” he said.
You don't know her either? Are you so sure she won't fight?”
Of course. We have no time to think about this. We have to concentrate on making sure that things between Regina and Alonso are improved.”
Do you think it will be that easy to get Regina to give up the candidacy?”
Regina has to forget about the presidency. And you have to help me. Make her give up this stupid fantasy about being the president.”

We can't allow the resignation of the Secretary of Health to go without investigation,” Ignacio said to Pacheco. “We have to find more things to hang on him for the governor.”
We want de la Garza to be guilty of everything. Right now as far as the people are concerned he is the corrupt one.”
But we know that is not the case.”
Ignacio, reality is one thing, perception of reality is another. That's the only thing to keep in mind. I don't want anyone talking about this. That's it.”
You don't get it. I need to look everyone, under rocks if necessary. I need all the information to bring anyone down.”
Calm down. Let me explain that the resignation enhances our credibility.”
Yes. But we need dirt on the senator and on the governor.”
It's going to be hard to investigate that.”
Gerardo walked in.
I don't want to hear anything said against the father of Senator Barcenas,” he began. “We have problems enough with Mendes.”
We have a fight.” said Ignacio.
Without concrete proof we have nothing.”
Then we have to investigate more. Attack him and attack her.”
I'm not so sure of that,” Gerardo said. “I will make this clear: the political strategy will be decided by me without attacking the governor.”
At your orders, boss,” said Ignacio with a sarcastic tone. He left the office. Pacheco followed him.

Alonso, Mauro, Pacheco, and Cecelia were in an office when Magda let them know that Lorena Sanchez was in her office. Alonso told her to bring her in. After she closed the door Alonso said they needed to go after Gerardo. “I want to make his life a nightmare. Go after his wife. Look into her addiction, into their daughter, too. I want her out of the city.”
The men indicated their compliance as Alonso left the office. Cecelia followed him. He threw her another bone of approval, then said “I need to destroy Gerardo Martinez.”
Pacheco reluctantly admitted his recent sexual adventure to Ignacio, telling him that this could be a problem with their proposed investigation. Ignacio laughed and called him an imbecile. His phone rang. He checked the screen and excused himself to take the call. Teresa was inviting him to her house. He told her he was unable to come because he was busy.
Don't give me the same excuses as my husband!” she almost shrieked.
I know this isn't what we talked about. I'm busy. These are working hours. There is nothing I can do.”
That is not important to me. I want you here now!”
Excuse me, please. I can't see you right now.” He ended the call. He had no idea what he had started or tried to end.

Lorena Sanchez entered Alonso's office. She wore a green wrap dress and simple jewelry. After the usual greetings she took her seat opposite Alonso. He spoke of hearing of her work and that he thought she would be an asset to his team. He spoke of promoting her to the position of Secretary of Health. He was sure she was qualified. He did not drop his gaze as he asked her whether she accepted.

She looked like she was looking for the price tag of acceptance.


Urban, who is DD? I missed that explanation somewhere along the way.

UA: Maury should get the Baby Momma reveal to Alonso soon.

Jarifa: Regina dropping out of the Presidential campaign quickly ?

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Thanks Urban, you did a great job as always.

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Gosh I thought Omar had surely murdered Natalia. I am glad she is still alive, hopefully she will outlive Omar in the story.

Question for everyone: Did Omar call Magda, "Marta"? Or did I hear wrong?

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Urban, I remember Dominick Dunne well. That is a nice touch. Thanks.

Thanks one more time for the fab recap.

Ha! It looks like Ignacio's "handling" of Teresa is not going unnoticed by Ximena.

Oh, great, Natalia gets to be ministered to by her husband's mistress.

At least Dr. Contreras will do something legal about the abuse . . . Next time. Geez, Natalia might be dead the "next time".


Another thing, why can't Hernán see the separation between sex and love and realize sex is only a currency for Cecilia? He is one sorry and annoying character.

Jarifa: Not confident Natalia will be among the living much longer.

Steve, keep that tally handy!

Thanks for another magnificent entertaining recap, UA. As always, expertly done. I've been faithfully following this well-made but extremely dark TN but have been terribly remiss in adding to the conversation. I appreciate and admire the recapping team here and hope to pay proper respect to each of you very soon.

I'm mainly dropping in today to note the appearance of my favorite TN actress in the role of Lorena. That is of course the gorgeous and talented Laisha Wilkins. She always brings her best effort no matter how small the part. Also I notice that a Caray Caray favorite is here as the driver, José. Fabián Robles is always a refreshing treat to watch.

While I don't care at all for that creepy kid, Emiliano, I don't think that anyone either here or in the show has given him any credit for basically saving the life of his friend by rushing over to his house after he took all those pills.


Thanks so much for the excellent and detailed recap, Urban! Because of it I could go to my aerobics class yesterday evening without fear of losing the plot thread.

Carlos, most of us find Emiliano frustrating. He keeps screwing up and resisting any help or advice. Granted, his parenting has been faulty with a worse father than a mother and even worse male influences than Alonso, but one would think that there would at least be a decent teacher or two.

UA, I agree that Emiliano desperately needs both guidance and supervision and strangely the only worthwhile advice he has been given was from Omar. However, I would have thought that Hugo's mom would have been at least somewhat grateful to him for alerting her of the danger that Hugo was in.

Am I the only one (except perhaps Alonso) getting a creepy stalkerish vibe from Gerardo? At the very least he's apparently not too bright.


I don't remember if this is provable but I think that Hugo's parents never really approved of his friendship with Emiliano and now that they knows that Hugo is gay that will muddy the waters even more.

Parents like Hugo's will blame everyone else -- except themselves -- for anything wrong their children do. I saw this happening with the parents of neighborhood bullies when I was a child. It's not a pretty sight.

Hi everybody!!

I've been sans computer for the last little while so I haven't been able to comment (tap-tap-tapping on a cell phone just pisses me off), but now that I'm able I wanted to come by and put in my two cents here... I'm really loving everybody's comments, and Carlos, it's great to see you back! I was a little disappointed that the patio for this wonderful novella isn't busier, but the group that is here is terrific (it's great to see you back, Carlos!), and the team of recappers couldn't be better- I'm glad that you guys are recapping a novela that's worthy of your efforts!

Carlos pointed out the addition of Laisha Wilkins' Lorena to the cast in this episode... she is a wonderful actress, isn't she? Consistently good in everything that she's in (I thought that she was the best thing in the otherwise disappointing 'Que te perdone dios', in the dual role of the evil twin/crazy twin that was Helena Rojo's (Natalia here)in the original. Much the same could be said about the other actor that Carlos pointed out, Fabian Robles... an actor that does consistently good work, solid supporting work in quality novelas but flies under most people's radars perhaps because of it.

Regarding Helena Rojo, I must say again how impressed I am with her here. Keeping in mind that she was in her 70's when this was filmed (she was born in 1944), she was given a role so different that any of the standards that we find for 'grandmotherly' types in- not just novelas, but pretty much ANY series- a deeply unhappy, frustrated, passionate, sexual, vibrant woman bristling at the constraints she has had forced upon her her entire life. Keeping in mind that she was already into her 70's when this was filmed (she was born in 1944), this had to have been well outside the zone when it comes to roles and characters she thought she would be playing (and, undoubtedly, would also be offered), yet she does a terrific job here in her portrayal of an older woman who is still bubbling just under the surface. For this, full props and kudos should go to producer Giselle Gonzalez and writer Leonardo Bechini for going outside the norm when it comes to telenovela characters, and for coming up with challenging and different roles to offer, not just their actors, but we viewers as well.

I mentioned QTPD earlier... Angelli Nesma Medina's next one has just come onto my horizon- it sounds really good. On the 'La piloto' forum there had been some talk about what might be coming up next on the horizon. Would you guys like me to do another "Upcoming attractions" post to fill you guys in on everything that's coming on the horizon? I'd be happy to!

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Urban thanks for another awesome recap.

This episode had me at the edge of my seat. There was so much going on with Emi and that brat doing the strip tease, Alonso getting his way with Regina, and that sick homicidal maniac.

Jarifa: I'm with you, neither Dr. Contreras, Jose nor Magda are doing the right thing here. Natalia will end up dead and it will be blood on all their hands. I sure hope that Regina finds out about the beating that poor Natalia got and gets her out of there. Omar is one sick bastard.

I don't know what Ignacio's agenda is but he is definitely not looking out for Gerardo or the party.


Stevey, now that you've whetted our curiosity you owe us that info!

Carlos, I neglected your other question. As far as Gerardo is concerned he is suffering from Arturo Montenegro Syndrome or Pining Over The One He Should Have Married. Regina is the only sane person in his life right now and/or the only person he can trust. He needs to be rid of Teresa or his career will be down the drain.


I'm also a bit disappointed that this TN hasn't accumulated a larger community here on the patio and I'm guessing that to a large part the fact that not everyone who haunts the patios of Caray Caray has access to Umas and perhaps to a lesser extent the dark nature of this TN. It's my opinion that this show could benefit from a few comedic touches. Not necessarily comedic characters per se, but maybe some quirky traits in one or more of the villains. I don't think there has been a more evil character than Fedra (Azela Robinson) in LldA (she took here adolescent son to a brothel and poisoned her daughter's cat for goodness sake) and yet at times she was downright hilarious.

I agree with you about Helena Rojo. Given Natalia's predilection for younger men, wouldn't it be delightful for her (and us) if she has a little fling with José? They'd of course need to be very careful.


Ah, I was thinking about Fabian Robles in LQNPA when all three of the women he was fooling around with found out. One of those ladies was the toxic sister of our anti-hero protagonist, too, and she was played by Susanna Gonzales.

However, I don't think that this series would benefit from any comic relief.

The inconsistent availability of Unimas -- and lately Univision -- on people's cable systems has affected the size of each program's community; this much is certain.

What is now concerning me is that each pre-emption makes it more and more possible that Unimas will slice and dice the last dozen episodes to finish before Labor Day.

Cynthia--Thank you for yesterday. I didn't watch or read until late today. I always try to watch twice--once in real time and once after I read the recap. I'm constantly amazed by how different my interpretations are from 1st to 2nd! Thanks for setting me straight on many points.

Urban--Top notch retelling of an intensely complicated story. Thank you for doing this and managing the crew on your team. With all the pre-emptions, it is driving us all crazy--No episode tonight either!!!!!! The backroom machinations are certainly making things politically and romantically complicated for Gerardo and Alonso. I'm surprised they sat down and had a civil conversation, though each one was trying to one-up the other. Gerardo is in a no-win position. If he doesn't back Regina's bill, he loses her; if he backs it he loses the support of his Party and a nomination he doesn't really want but feels he must assume to maintain his position in the Senate. Of course, IMHO, it is desirable for Ignacio to have Regina run against Alonso to split the vote. Is Gerardo up to the challenge of being President? Hmmmm. I think he'd rather have Teresa out of his life and be content with reclaiming Regina--if she'll have him.

Jarifa--I have a feeling the next time Omar beats Natalia to within an inch of her life, he WON'T call Magda and won't permit Dr. Contreras to treat her. We can only hope Jose will step in and stop him. Omar told the truth when he told Magda he lost control and couldn't help himself. He did look worried--only because he thought he'd killed her.

Carlos--So nice to see you back in form. Many of us have missed your droll wit and wisdom. Yes, I did notice who was playing Jose. So different from his role in MEPS, La Verdad Oculta, LQNPA and STuD. He's a very busy guy for a secondary figure. Jose is already giving Natalia the eye, so we can only wait and see--and probably not for very long..... Of course Lorena would catch your eye. But not Teresa? Maybe if we put a headband on her? Although certifiably crazy is not attractive. Ignacio doesn't know what he's getting into. He barely got a taste last night.

As for Gerardo taking on some creepy attributes--he's been pretty straightforward with Regina about his feelings and has respected the distance she's put between them. He couldn't stand it, though that she wouldn't stay to listen to his side of the story in the corridor, but it did seem imprudent of him to drive by and park infront of her house late at night. Regina agreed to meet him and thought Al was safely asleep.

Alonso is now dead to me. When he silently acquiesced to Emiliano asking out loud if Regina had anything to do with Florencia's murder. It was the smirk that got me. This is HIS family he's doing this to. I can see his threats to De La Garza not bothering him a bit, it was dispassionate, it's business, maneuvering to keep scandal away from the evil triumvirate.

Stevey--Yes, please do another one of your essays on upcoming treats in the telenovela world. I especially appreciate it when you go into deep background on the actors cast and the directors-producers.

BTW--Do you have any idea or knowledge as to why La Candidata didn't become popular in Mexico? Was it too close to the truth and the audience didn't like a mirror being held up to them? Or are they not used to political telenovelas when many who watch want some escapism? I personally like dramas, intense ones, better than the ones we all end up making fun of and have to admit we wasted our time watching.

I happened to see a list of the 50 top favorite novelas in Mexico. I don't even know who made the list or what they based their data on, but La Gata was one of them. I didn't watch it, but as I recall, here on Caray, it plummeted to the bottom rather quickly. At least Alborada, Pasion and Amor Real were up there, along with LANPA, Sortilegio and others we've seen and liked up North.

I couldn't even get through the first episode of La Gata. I'd love to know how that made the favorites list.

As to dark stories, I like them. I loved ENDA and MdN. I wish there were more stories like those.


I already embraced Teresa early in this TN. I spoke out in defense of her bangs and pointed out that a nice headband might greatly enhance her look. I really like this actress and enjoy the characters (seemingly often tragic and/or crazy) she portrays. She reminds me very much of both Tracey Ullman and Patty Duke. Unlike probably most here I don't blame her entirely for her current state nor do I see her as narcissistic. I think that she has likely been neglected by a selfish self-important Gerardo who very well may have married her as he rebounded from an earlier rejection by Regina and now he blames her primarily for his unhappiness. (Quite a bit of speculation here, I realize) By the way, I have a special fondness for both the evil and crazy ladies... evil and crazy... wellll...

I don't recall anyone here musing about this, but I'm picking up on a possible impossible romantic yearning for Regina on Daniela's part.


Anita: Looking forward to seeing Alonso having a Sinisterria-like downfall.

Hi everybody! Just got home and quite enjoyed reading everybody's comments, so thought that I'd chime in with a few things before bed...

Anita, actually LC was very successful in Mexico, much more so than I believe anybody thought that it would be, and this is AFTER the number of episodes got cut (by, I believe, 12) because it had become to be considered as, not necessarily too controversial, but more as something of a 'bete noire' on the television for the network considering that it airing right in the middle of the campaigning for the big election, and it had been bandied about by various political acolytes for their own purposes in their fight against the other (this was actually something that plagued LC from even before it aired, when certain members of a political party accused Televisa of bias even before LC had even aired, assuming that this story (of a female politician attmepting to rise above her scumbag husband to be the leader that the country deserves) was actually nothing but thinly veiled propaganda designed to propel candidate Margarita Zavala (former first lady, now running as a candidate herself) to victory. Total nonsense, of course, but as time continued and every so often mention would be made of this series about the corruption in Mexican politics, Televisa got increasingly nervous to the point where to them it became untenable. Hence, episodes were cut from 80 to (I think) 68. I myself was somewhat buoyed by the fact that- in spite of this- it's ratings in Mexico were pretty stellar (I think averaging around the 24-25 mark, which is pretty damn good... alas, the days of 32 points enjoyed by the likes of 'Teresa' and 'Abismo de pasion' are long behind us, which I believe partially explains how sketchy networks seem to be with what they're airing, when, and then the slicing, dicing, and moving they do after the fact... they're panicking.

Also, a quick aside, if I may... if anybody wants to try and find out a bit more about ratings and the general reception a telenovela got down in Mexico... DO NOT go to the internet! It is LITTERED with forums and websites wherein people can pretty much post anything that they want, and because there's so much sh*t out there, people can just pick and choose what they want to believe. And so a lie travels half way around the world while the truth is still putting its boots on. Every time I try and find out something about the network and the genre using the internet, I come out of it without a f**king clue what is what, something that my friend at the network confirmed for me (it's anarchy out there when it comes to telenovela news online, it really is...)


The fact of the matter with LC is that the network was just so totally surprised when at that years TvyNovelas awards, Giselle Gonzalez's last production, the incredible YNCELH, swept all but one of the awards that the public voted on (indeed, it was after this year that the network decided to totally change the awards show entirely, making the entire thing an 'audience voting' affair, as opposed to one where the winners are selected by a panel of 'experts' and then there is a separate (less prestigious) audience-voting award offered, in my opinion to throw a sop to the fans (if you'll forgive me my metaphor)). The network was not really expecting much from YNCELH, yet it was solid in the ratings (nothing spectacular, but nothing is anymore) and, again, the audience loved it. So they gave Giselle Gonzalez her chance. She wound up producing something with even stronger results than she did last time (LC won by far the most awards at last years awards show) AND this is with the audience voting as to what their favorites are. So they're giving her even more free rein, and her next project will be an adaptation of an incredible popular Argentinian novela with an incredible cast (Silvia Navarro, Adriana Louvier as the two female leads, Gabriel Soto and Carlos Ferro (that's Lazaro from 'Reina de Corazones' if anybody's curious) in his first Televisa production as the two male leads, Erika de la Rosa also making her Televisa debut in an important debut (villainous... I don't think at this point anybody does villana better than she does), and Arath de la Torre and Ela Velden and the veteran actress Julieta Egurrola in the supporting cast. I personally believe they're going to let Giselle Gonzalez go as far as she wants until she falls flat on her fact, BUT... that really IS just my opinion. The fact of the matter is that the network is terribly insecure about things right now, so to predict what it is going to do with this genre with any degree of certainty is simply impossible to do right now.

Anyways, it's obscenely late so I had better head off to bed... but I'll start up on my 'Coming Attractions' post as soon as I can. Thanks all, and everybody have a great Thursday tomorrow (er, 'today' (lol))

With my continued best wishes to all... :-)

The double-digit ratings that the original three US networks enjoyed for so long are a thing of the past. This is more about audience fragmentation among cable networks than it has been about quality of programming, which waxes and wanes as regularly as moon phases.

As to whether the genre will survive the increasingly shortening attention spans of potential audience members, I can't predict this. However, it does annoy me that many people with seriously short attention spans think they are superior to those of us who can sustain attention.

Right on Urban! I couldn't agree more. Now if we could just get Televisa to read CarayCaray on a daily basis and implement some of our suggestions, we'd be making real progress!

Well said, Urban.


Sunday you said this:

"Considering that prostitutes are usually frigid I wonder whether Cecelia enjoys sex at all."

Are you referring to some a study that confirms that prostitutes are usually frigid or is that a presumption? As for Cecilia, I am guessing that at some point we'll actually get to see her enjoy sex.

Also, do you think that people with seriously short attention spans even bother thinking about other folks?


Of course the move to 6PM central time probably isn't helping viewership here. As I've said before, I'll give up quite a bit for a good telenovela, but not aerobics. I'm also watching El bienamado, which, while not quite of the same high quality, is fascinating for the mixture of light comedy and horrendous brutality (Juancho's clothes catching on fire because of a juvenile prank by Alexis and Jordi comes to mind). Also, my husband says he sees a sort of Doc Martin vibe in the story of the out-of-place Dr. León Serrano who finally begins to heal and fit in. Besides, it's at a convenient time for me.

Stevey--In response to your query on La Piloto:
Anyone who recaps would be happy to post your Coming Attractions with the correct label. I can, too (please, pretty please, I want dibs). I will try to get in touch with Vivi and find out what's going on with her. At her time of life, it's most likely job, travel and family. I'm pretty sure she's ok and just had to pare down her attention to Caray.

Thanks for the run-down on La Candidata. I thought I WAS reading an official website that panned it and that viewers thought Silvia was too bland and preferred Susana and wished she had been the lead. I've tried to wrap my head around a switch like that, but Silvia has always played "the good girl" roles, while Susana has stretched and stood out as both a lead and as the wounded victim who sometimes loses and sometimes wins back her personhood, and not the 100% evil queen we normally see in an antagonist role.

This goes a long way to say it might have worked. I always go back to ENDA as an example of what the switch between the lead protagonist and the lead villiana did. Leticia and Victoria ended up owning the roles they played.

Carlos--whether it's true or not regarding prostitutes being frigid, in the technical sense--we have been led to believe through movies, books and theatre, that a professional prostitute shuts off her own feelings (but maybe not her ability to reach a climax) and becomes the consummate actress. If you've ever watched Klute--that's the character I'm drawing on. When she becomes interested in a man not as a client, she's emotionally confused by what she was feeling. How does she shut off the acting and begin feeling her own emotions. I think Cecelia will surprise us, but with whom--Hernan or Alonso?

P.S. People with seriously short attention spans don't bother reading books or watching series on TV. They "probably" prefer twitter or any social media that gives them instant feedback and instant gratification......maybe???

Oh, and yes, I don't think there's any doubt that Daniela harbors physical feelings for Regina. I think she knows her place and is content (for now) to be close to her as her most intimate female confidant. I do think she presses Regina too much on the details of what is going on between her and Gerardo. Vicarious living, maybe?

SpanProf, I am so glad to hear you are enjoying "El bienamado". I love it.. Somehow I have gotten used to the grotesque twists (Juancho being set on fire, Odorico shooting Homero, etc. ) even in the telenovela comedies. I wish it weren't so but it usually just is, I am annoyed that they are giving us double episodes of "El bienamado". The only way I will watch it now is recorded so I can fast forward and cut out the commercials. It is as if Unimás is playing with the ratings of both of theses shows so they can get another Spanish dubbed Brazilian Biblical extravaganza on ASAP. :(

Thanks, Jarifa! Given that Portuguese is somewhat like Spanish (Old Spanish, anyway), I don't know why those dubbed telenovelas bother me so much, but they do--even more than English-language movies dubbed into Spanish.

Carlos, my experience of people with seriously short attention spans is that they have nothing but contempt for "joy readers" and those of us who prefer opera to Broadway fluff and classical music to pop bubble gum.

Yes, Portuguese is very much like old Spanish! I cannot take the dubbed telenovelas either. I wish they would leave them in their original language and have Spanish subtitles. The Diva Brazilian looked cute but it was dubbed.

About Daniela:

She mentioned that her ex is a cop, could he be El Cuervo? I believe it is likely.

And after Hugo declared his love for Emiliano, will Emiliano (who to me seemed somewhat affected) now have ambivalent questions about his own sexuality? His previous heterosexual encounters have certainly not been very positive.


Anita: Daniela has secret feelings for Regina ?


That would be too much.

Emiliano is full of self-doubt and now that all his relations with females have ended badly in different ways... who knows? Maybe he will end up in a seminary.

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