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La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #35 Friday, 6/23/17 Everybody wants a piece of Estela Carillo

Estela reads the note that Ryan got from El Dorado: they want his Furia shares and for him to break up with Estela
Ryan says he will NEVER leave Laura. She is forced to acknowledge that thanks to ED he is alive. But why would ED want to stand between the two of them? Wanting access to Furia is one thing, but why are they targeted as a couple? Ryan thinks that his brother might be involved, but Laura doubts it. Nevertheless, Ryan thinks that she should stay away from him.
Laura is thinking about talking directly with ED. Ryan thinks this is a situation that men should handle (huh?), but she is sure that women are strong, too. After all, the person who tried to kill her and hurt him was a woman, La Tona. Ryan asks for the truth once again. So Laura tells him how she used to work for La Tona as a prostitute. She believed Fausto's lies, but he just left her in La Tona's hands. The first few months Osiel used to beat her every day, but after a while she managed to convince them that she was Ok with her situation, even if she was broken inside. She remembers how at one point she wanted to call her aunt but La Tona told her that the old lady was dead. When Laura cried she was just handed over to some random guy.
Ryan is crying as Laura is talking. She tried to tell him once, at the restaurant. He is sorry she had to talk about the past, and he thinks Fausto is Paloma's dad. She denies it and wants to go. He asks her to come back, kisses her hand and says how sorry he feels for everything. She quiets him with a kiss.

Erasmo does the first decent thing since we first saw him: he goes to Tomas' house to break his face.
Tomas says that LetMe is his wife now and Erasmo should leave them alone, since they each have a different family now. Erasmo says that LetMe will never abandon Tadeo and Maria.

LaTona is not dead, she's just being tortured by Luisa (I hope they kill her). She says that Laura is dead, but Luisa doesn't buy it. Mr. Blake shows up to threaten her better, but gives her some time to decide to talk on her own because they used to be business partners.
Later he's back and he threatens to cut her fingers one by one, if she won't talk.

Danilow receives Calao's dead and naked body, hanged in a tree, near his house. He actually cries mumbles something (I'm having a very hard time to understand his words, is it the coke or he's just turning mad?)

Morgana is not happy with her stage costume, she thinks it's too big for her and plain awful. LetMe comes to clean the room and Morgana asks for her opinion. LetMe offers some suggestions that Morgana likes and wants LetMe to work on her costume.

Ryan is tormented because of what Laura told him, he tells Steve that he wants vengeance for Laura but for himself, too, because her being a prostitute hurts him. Steve points out that he slept around a lot!! when he was trying to forget Estela. Ryan admits this is true and he does still love Laura and he will not stay away from her.

Laura tells Chayo that she's afraid Ryan will look at her in a different way now that he knows the truth. Chayo tries to encourage her but Laura still doesn't understand why ED wants to interfere in her couple. She insists that she needs to talk to him.

Danilow comes to visit Ryan at the hospital. They get into a fight, Danilow thinks Ryan is trying to take his place with ED. Must be the drugs talking... Ryan plays along, says that after all they are brothers, they share the same blood and they both like money. He leaves Danilow all hot and bothered, just as he stumbles onto Laura, who came to visit Ryan again. They fight a bit, she makes him even more paranoic about his fear that Ryan is trying to take his place. So he goes running and Laura follows him and sneaks into his car while he's paying the parking fee.

LeMe arrives home and tells Tomas that he found him a job at Furia. He doesn't look happy but he quickly changes his speech, saying that now that he'll be working, she can stay home, take care of the  house and their future child.  LetMe tries to say no, she still needs money for her other two children, but Tomas brushes this off quickly, they need to think about their little family and nothing else.

Danilow arrives at ED's house. He takes off his vest, takes out his riffle and starts shooting at the sky and shouting for ED to come out and show himself, that traitor.
Several men with guns show up, with Asdrubal following. Danilow threatens him, too, (meanwhile Laura is in the car, hiding, listening to everything), he still thinks that Ryan will take his place and Ass calls him an idiot, because they have different plans for Ryan. Danilow stomps his feet on the ground, demanding to know the truth and Ass explains that ED wants Ryan's shares. He also wants for Danilow to stop making stupid things, because he needs to focus on the money laundering. Forget about Regia for now and do the job. Maybe ED IS interested in Regia, but ED will get tired of her, too. Meanwhile Danilow needs to do the job he was hired for.
They all leave and Laura gets out of the car and sneaks into the house.

Blake now knows that Laura, Estela and Regia are one and the same. Luisa tells him about the assassination attempt against Laura. They realize that Ryan was just caught in the middle. Blake wants to prepare their attack since Regia is in the spotlight a lot. It won't be impossible to get to her, but first they have to know who else is after her.

Ryan is calling Laura, leaves a message to say that he doesn't care about the past or ED. He will fight them all and he loves her like he has never loved before.

Laura is now in the house, she sees a room with a code, but has to hide while a guy talks to the patron inside the room. He almost catches her but eventually El Talisman is the one who finds her and takes her straight to Assdrubal.
She asks him why is ED interfering with her and Ryan, since there are a million women around. Assdrubal says that ED doesn't want just any hooker. Maybe he wants her for life. In fact, it's not even ED, but him, who is the interested party and as simple as it was to save Ryan, they can decide to kill him, too.

Fausto thinks that Nina could use her position with Regia to help them.

Laura and Danilow are back home, he threatens her again and starts kissing her. She thinks he's just too coward to go against ED. They taunt one another for a while, he leaves some saliva on her lips and then goes to bother Morgana. She whines about her show, but he wants to tell everyone about the baby because this is everything that they have left. She doesn't understand, but he wants to use the baby so that they can both became rich. As soon as she starts showing things will change for them.

Laura listens to Ryan's message and is upset. He calls just then but she won't get into details. He insists they need to keep fighting, but she says that it's late and she wants to spend some time with Paloma. And here is the little angel, in her bathrobe, after having taken bath. They talk about a new show on tv and Paloma wanting to be there with her mom, too.

The next day Mercy is with Ryan at the hospital - he'll be out soon. He's worried because Estela felt strange the other night. Just then Laura arrives and Mercy leaves. She kisses his forehead and he says that he's determined to fight for their love. Laura finally looks scared to take on all the mafiosos, she tells Ryan this is not a joke, ED wants to break them up because he wants her to be the woman of his second in command, Assdrubal.


Adriana Noel, the downbeat tempo of the storyline continues, but thankfully your wit and humor brightened and elevated this grim episode.

"Erasmo does the first decent thing since we first saw him: he goes to Tomas' house to break his face" was perfect. I admit I was started, but pleasantly surprised he wanted to rearrange Tomas' face. I was disappointed Tomas didn't wimper and beg for mercy. He actually talked back and rubbed his relationship with Leticia in Erasmo's face.

Looks like Leticia is dispensing some sound fashion advice to Morgana. Perhaps there might be a new career on the horizon - fashion consultant. Oh, sorry, I forgot. Tomas now wants her to stay home and stare at the walls, now that he will be working. Blech.

"They taunt one another for a while, he leaves some saliva on her lips and then goes to bother". Danilo licking Laura's face was, quite frankly, very disturbing. But then, typical Danilo.

I do think he was very upset by Calao's murder. However, he is just too stupid for words. Did he really think he would make an impact by brandishing one gun against badbun's army of reprobates???

And while I've lauded Laura for her bravery, what did she hope to accomplish by sneaking in the mansion? What did she hope to find and what was her plan to leave the mansion undetected.

Yup, add badbun to Laura's list of suitors and pursuers. Except for Ryan, they are all odious, including Fausto, LaTona, Blake and Luisa.

Ryan was very sweet and understanding to Laura. The tears seemed real and heart felt.

I still fear rock bottom hasn't been reached. Yet.

Thank you Adriana! Sensational as always.


"Ryan is calling Laura, leaves a message to say that he doesn't care about the past or ED. He will fight them all and he loves her like he has never loved before".

A most welcome, galan like declaration of love, tearfully and truthfully conveyed.

A tiny ray of hope amidst the evil and anguish.

Thank you Adriana.



Thank You Clara Senior, very nice and complete. Interesting to see some of our suspicions confirmed.

It was telling to watch TomAss' reaction to his confrontation with ErasMutt. Rather than an iota of remorse, or an apology, we saw the actual real TomAss, defiant, arrogant and unafraid even of ErasMutt. It makes me see that any claims of "Oh honey I am so sorry, it will never happen again, I don't know what came over me, I feel so awful for what I did," etc. etc. is just for show and TomAss is evil through and through. You could really see it as ErasMutt had him bleeding out of his mouth pinned against the wall and he was still spewing his venom. I was disappointed EMutt didn't go ahead and beat his ass good instead of a little love tap warning.

And why oh why AssBun puts up with DaniLow is beyond me. Interesting that AssBun told DaniLow that El Dorito said to cool his jets for a while on LauStela. Go figure............

What is it with Blake and these butterflies? He can't see them, supposedly, right? He looked to be feeling them with his fingers, but still....butterflies are mostly a visual thing. Just weird. Really weird.

The "previews" with Blake make me almost unable to wait for Monday's episode to verify what he was saying..

Kirby, yes, Tomas was "defiant" against Erasmo's assault. Amazingly so. I'm glad someone else was as puzzled as I. Usually he reserves his taunts and anger for his vulnerable victims, not a strong, angry man ready to pummel him into oblivion.

I kept hoping Blake's "butterflies" were paper. He is a disturbed individual and I fear Laura being in his hands more than anyone else's. With Ryan convalescing and Dan too much of an idiot to help (especially as his crazy sidekick is gone), I fear her only protector will be badbun, who to me is simply the lesser of two evils at the moment.


Good Morning, Patio Peeps.

Thank you, Adriana, you did a fantastic job with the recap, very complete with some added humor and insight...very appreciated.

Kirby, although impressed that ErasMutt went to defend his kids and even LetMe, I was disappointed that he didn't try to beat that smirk off of TomAss's face. When he hit him, I yelled. "Yesssss!!" and waited for more punches but NADA. I did notice that ErasMutt looked more cleaned up and not as unappealing as before...maybe they are trying to show that he is changing???

I see no reason why AssBun is still putting up with Danilow's stupidity. He really doesn't need him anymore, and Danilow knows it. I thought it funny that Danilow took off his "favorite" jacket when he got off the truck with that gun. Was he expecting to get killed? maybe wanted to get killed?

Blake and butterflies...and fingers...the man is demented and vicious. I wonder if La Tona has all her fingers...she seemed pretty intent on keeping to her story that Laura is dead.

Busy morning...errands to run...more laters


Adriana: Your title said it all!

Adriana, thank you for that detailed recap. I could not watch , but your description of the action gave me a movie in my mind.

I am sorry that I did not get to see Eraser give Tomass a punch. It sounds as though both he and Dan love to go cruisin' for a bruisin'. They just taunt their attackers .

Poor Lastela has so many people after her....Either for her bod or her life. Do we still not know if she is Paloma's mother?

SusanLynn, it has not been confirmed (without a shadow of a doubt) that Paloma is not LaStelGia's daughter...but there is a preponderance of evidence.

LaStelGia finally told Ryan most of the truth about her past. She told Ryan that during the first few months, there wasn't a day that would pass that she wouldn't get a beating, she attempted to escape several times, but they even controlled the air she breathed. That flashback was gruesome...after she refused to "service" an nasty-looking fat man, La Tona told Osiel to "mark" her, but not on her mouth, somewhere where it wouldn't show. She was also made to service a man/men free of charge and then locked in a room full of rats (maybe a basement?). This scene was not easy to see, so SusanLynn, I'm glad you didn't have to see it.

So LaStelGia finally realizes that this is not a joke? Did she think it was a joke before? There is a big difference between being brave and being hotheaded and reckless. IMO LaStelgia is being the latter and she is not considering that she is placing everyone she cares for in danger.

Steve, if you're out more to your body for your count- El Dorado henchman by the pool got shot. I suppose that was to show Danilow that Assbun doesn't think twice about killing someone? or was that AssBun's "payment" for killing Calao.

BTW, the scene where Danilow stood in front of Calao's hanging body was a little over the top (IMO). Surely they can find other ways to show that Danilow has a heart. When he was mumbling, Danilow was telling himself that this was just a reminder that the real El D is the one who decides who dies..and to remember that he is not the real Dorado. He also asked Calao to forgive him and not to look at him with those eyes.

Steve..."one more to your body for your count" Didn't mean to imply you are using your body for the count...LOL. It should read "one more body for your count. Sorry!

Rvg..thanks for clearing that up. I guess Paloma's father will eventually be revealed.

I am so glad that I did not see those scenes. Awful. Man's inhumanity to man..and woman.It is amazing that Laura was not permanently damaged mentally by her experiences . In my favorite book\tv show, the hero is tortured by a sadist. As terrible as it was to read those scenes described in the novel,it was even more difficult to watch them on the TV screen. It is unbelievable how people in real life survive atrocities.

Kirby, that pic is fascinating...the reflection, the ripples on the water, the bird itself...WOOWWW!

Now tell me what kind of bird it is...cuz I'll be wondering all day long...

Thanks, Adriana. Fine recap. Diana brought out all my favorites.

Laura is thinking about talking directly with ED. Ryan thinks this is a situation that men should handle (huh?), but she is sure that women are strong, too.

Could this be another hint to Viewerville that ED is in fact a woman?

At last, Laustela confesses to Ryan that she was forced into sex slavery. After waiting awhile for this, I wish they'd let that scene last a little longer.

I'm thinking Univision censored the scene of Calao strung up, and for once I totally agree with them. Danilo and Calao made good buddies, great chemisty, but almost totally amoral.

I don't get Asdrubal. Is he really interested in Laustela the woman, or just a test roll in the hay like with Morgana, or doing ED's bidding? He never gives a damn when Laustela's daughter is in danger.

Yay, who would've thought Erasmutt would come to the rescue. ITA TomAss showed his true colors. He's been fishing around for a downtrodden woman to hold down and now he's hooked one.

Niecie, "Could this be another hint to Viewerville that ED is in fact a woman?" It could very well be, but the writer's are trying to convince us it is a man. Every time AssBun talks to El D on the phone he says "señor" or "patron" did the henchman last night.

Why would that bedroom have a combination lock to it? That was really strange...Are they trying to keep someone in? or someone out?

RGV Juvenile Bittern thanks spell check with an r

Hmmm...didn't Ry also find a locked room when he was snooping around somewhere?

Rvg..Interesting question. Is the locked room keeping someone in or someone out?

The mystery lady at the party was not tied down. They just kept Dan away from her . Is she Realestela? Is she El Dorito?

SusanLynn, Ryan encountered a locked room when he was at the restaurant and went snooping. But a man unlocked it and suddenly got called away so Ryan was able to go downstairs and found AssBun's computer.

The mystery lady at the party was not tied down, but she was well guarded.

Rvg...what a tangled web has been woven. I hopeo that we eventually get answers to all our questions.

RVG Chick: Thank you for letting me know.

This TN trying to get bloodthirsty like "Yago".

Adriana thanks for a spicy recap.I can
Not see assguy with laura/estela/regia As Goodlookin as he is there's no chem
There.I still think Ed is estella and
The real estela is stirring the pot. She Wants ryan back. I think whoever this ED person is they need to grow a pair And make an appearance,and stop hiding Behind Assman with the bun. And gun.

Im gonna have to go back and look at the part where erasmo goes to jackup
The weasel tomass. I just caught the
End of that scene.You know...erasmo is
kinda goodlookin. I'm sleepy,I need
A nap. I'll talk more later.

Thanks Adriana.

Hey, All. Just a tidbit of info. I was just watching the episode where Danilow approached the mystery woman at the party. The only jewelry she is wearing is a bellyring and dangling earrings--no necklace--of course that doesn't mean that she isn't RealStela...

I really don't think AssBun wants LaStelGia for himself. I think that's just the excuse he gave to hide the real reason El D wants the relationship ended.

Either we're gonna be Shocked to find out that ED is dead wally whoes not dead or the real dead Estella whose not dead. Dead and undead has gotten
Very popular in this twisted tale. After all this mystery about "where's ED" THEY BETTER NOT COME UP WITH SOME
Lousy mob boss wannabe that looks like
Mr potato head with a manbun. Ok there
Ya go. It's Saturday night, now I'm gonna find something to watch that
Is romantic & fun. Or sicencefiction. Syfy and Hallmarks good for that on Saturday nights. Or on Demand.

Nina, Hallmark is usually what I watch on Saturdays too--no brainers: guy meets girl, guy loses girl, guy gets girl back. :-)

That's how it used to be in the telenovelas/soaps. But now they've been invaded by telemundo." Guy meets girl, guy falls in love with girl, guy and girl get together,then the evil ex comes along separates them, tries to kill the girl, kills everybody that knows she's the one that caused the separation, she gets mixed up with other crazy people that like to spill blood and there's a whole lot of red river flowing, and then somehow they get back together with a trail of bodies behind them". Don'tcha just love romance? Well it ain't what it used to be RgvChick. It is what it is, we'll go with it until someone decides
Maybe to go back to the good romance type we all know and love. In the meantime they really need to let us know who the real Eldorado is. The suspense isn't exactly killing me it's just annoying me. Come on already Miss
Ocampo! And give letty a pair so she can get sick of being a punchingbag & put asstom out of our misery.And hers.

Nina, I'm watching "Mi Adorable Maldicion" (on Univision in the afternoon); and it is like the old far. It started before Doble Vida and the only people that have died so far are the protag's parents; and they died of natural causes when she was young. There has been no violence...well, one guy got beat up by the galan this past week, but he deserved it. Nothing like a good old-fashioned TN--this one is a good break from the TNs with all the violence.

Thank you, all, for stopping by and rhe insightful comments
Oh, rhe telenovelas of yesteryear... I actually don't mind if some scenes are a little rough, but when everything is murder and torture, it kind of gets depressing after a while.

I think ManBun actually fancies Laura, if he's also following ED's orders then all the better for them, I guess.
LetMe' story is getting past the point of unlikable waste of screen time to cringy and unbearable to watch. When will this woman wake up???

Catchin anything?

Nah. Been out in this sun for hours, haven't even seen a bug !

And the next TN coming along is about a pretty young girl who becomes an assasin, um that means KILLS people for an occupation, I believe.

Doesn't LoneyVision have a 'Nature' or National Geographic?
The first Rosie Scissors was pretty good with Flor Martinez. She was believable, and sweet and vulnerable at first.
The second with the Zulima from La Pilota was disgusting. The whole show was hour after hour of the girl we hate again now in La Piloto.

I am on the fence about this third try with that story.

Watched this episode again. After Asdrubal calms down Danilo, they and the rest of Asdrubal's crew are walking by the swimming pool. But Danilo is still sniffling about the loss of Calao - he was loyal and his buddy. Suddenly Asdrubal shoots one of his men, who falls dead in the pool. I guess Asdrubal did that to prove to Danilo that loyalty to anybody except ED means nothing. Who the hell would want to work for a crime lieutenant who dispatches his own staff like that? My guess is Asdrubal is a relative of ED's whoever he/she is cause I can't see him being loyal to someone on narcobiz grounds alone.

Good Sunday Morning, All! It's actually a pretty good morning here in the RGV--cloudy with a chance for RAIN!!

Kirby, I've seen the previews to Rosie Scissors and it looks like it'll be worse than "La Piloto" in terms of violence and dead bodies. I started watching "La PIloto" but gave up on it before the 1st week ended. So, I surely doubt I'll watch Rosie Scissorhands.

Your pic is really nice...maybe the birds should try going a little further in to the bushes :-)

Adriana Noel, "LetMe' story is getting past the point of unlikable waste of screen time to cringy and unbearable to watch." I 2nd, 3rd, 4th...that. I know some of the commenters find it interesting, but, to me, the airtime could have been used to give us more background on some of the characters.

Oh my, oh my, oh my. I see these things falling from the sky...they look like drops of a wet that what's called rain??? HAAAALLELUJAH!!!

Praise the Lord and pass the tequila !

Stocking the patio bar with tequila...the rain started just before I wrote the "Oh my..." sentence and was over by the time I verified I wasn't a robot. But that's ok, I'm not complaining, como dice el dicho: algo es algo dijo el calvo...and there's more chance for rain for the next few days!!

Have you ever tried a Bahama Mama (and I'm talking about the cocktail...nothing else LOL). That is my fav drink...yum, yum, yum...

Kirby, I was looking at your map. I don't know what M?E could be McAllen-Pharr-Edinburg (3 cities that are very close to each other). Anyway, I'm right below the "E"

Nina and RgvChick, I also yearn for a good, old fashioned, romantic yarn.

I have a fondness and weakness for pirates. Colunga in Pasion and Yanez Corazon, sigh. Susanlynn?

Kirby, the upcoming 10 show (RT) has me a bit intrigued. But I'm up to my eyeballs in violence with this and it's just too late for me.

Niecie, thanks for the reminder that badbun aimed the gun and shot one of his men without any thought. Not even a glance. I guess he just assumed he would hit someone. Stone. Cold. Not an iota of kindness or caring. Completely devoid of human emotions. And yes, he seems only loyal to ED, whom I'm convinced is some sort of relative. Sister or brother.


Adriana, I also meant to add I agree badbun is attracted to Laura. Brains and beauty. But he doesn't seem actually capable of having any emotional connections. His cruel and unbelievable callousness toward Paloma is proof positive he has no heart.


Good afternoon, from here in the Mid-Atlantic--sunny with a few clouds with not much of a chance of rain (we need some, too, for our tomato and zucchini's sake).

RgvChick--I know how desperately you'all need rain, but your oranges, grapefruit, sweet onions and potatoes keep on truckin' The three letter abbreviations do stand for cities. Even I could recognize Galveston, Houston, Brownsville, Harlingen and Port Isabel. Somehow I missed your three.

Of course AssBun has a thing for the Three Faces of Singer-Songwriter. Do we not remember how captivated he was during her warm-up teaser show? He had a silly teen-ager crush grin on his face watching her. What's a poor girl to do when the men are lined up to either make love to her or kill her (+ one woman).

Diana--Ever since you told us your husband's operation and recovery, I had meant to give YOU some support and encouragement. Sometimes these procedures are harder on the caretaker than the patient. It's good to see you came through in one piece!

Yeah the MFE is McAllen Edinburg. MFE is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) identifier code used by the FAA for McAllen airport.

I have no doubt that AssBun is attracted to LaStelGia..that was obvious from the first time her saw her...and I'm referring to the time she declared for Ryan at the courtroom. But, it just seemed that the manner in which AssBun was taunting her was odd. He first went along with her and made her think that El D was the one who wanted her, and all of a sudden, he announces it is he who wants her. I still think there is more to it--either El D, RealStela, or someone who doesn't want Ryan with her. Oh well, time will tell.

Kirby, thanks! I learned something new today :-)

Thank you, Kirby. Wow, RgvChick--You have STATUS, International airport!! Got many visitors from Moscow? Medellin? Quebec? New Delhi?

Anita, I have no idea how many visitors there are. I just know that when I've gone shopping at the malls, I here several languages LOL. And, yes, we do have an abundance, sometimes over abundance, of citrus, onions and potatoes. In fact, they have recently been dumping truck loads of onion close to where I live; and I've even told them to put some on my property since the goats really like it.

Kirby, I also get to see all kinds of birds--during migration time. I should get myself a good camera...

RGV you should. And the birds are flattered too.

Anita it is interesting you bring that up. About ten years ago the smaller airports began to start calling themselves "XYZ International Airport" I do not know how it started, or what rule change allowed it, but it was a very sudden change at the time and I never heard a reason.

"Get Outta Here!, Can't you see he's taking my picture?"

Black Crowned Night Heron Left
Wood Stork Right

If I were the Wood Stork, I wouldn't get too close to the rear of that Night just might get feather-slapped to orbit...or worse LOL

If that next tn is going to follow the status quo of these others I think I'll go back to watchin the shows I left behind. If I wanted to watch all of That narco mob murder blood flowing
Heartless killing I'll tune into Telemundo. I don't know what's going on with Univision with all this stuff but it is their right to show whatever they want, maybe somebody called in and ask for more stuff like that, but thats just too much. I mean it just sucks the love out of a romance.

RgvChick,I to started watching "mi adorable Maldicion" when it first came on, it's pretty good I was wishing somebody would pick it up and do a recap but I guess nobody liked it. But I still watch it. I don't know what the heck they're saying but you watch it long enough yu get to know what's going on with the show and the characters.

Assbun is really coldblooded. He'll be
Dead at the end. See what I mean when I said the guy gets the girl back but they've got a whole trail of dead bodies behind them? yes they end up together but all that blood.thats what you expect when narcs and the mob is involved. I no we're complaining but I'm just surprised at Univision for showing this type of TN. like I said it's their right. But this one is kind of enjoyable I'm going to be watching just to see all the bad guys get what's coming to them: Tona,fausto,ED
Assbun,dumbasslow,Morganobaby,mr blake
Talisman,& more. And where the heck is mercy's kid? Probably all grown up.
But where? That's basically why I am watching, all of these unanswered questions. The romance is pretty much on the back burner here. And the cutest one on the show is little Paloma, she's got the sweetest little voice. I can listen her talk all day. Maybe.


Anita, thank you for your kind words.

Kirby, only you could get such an amazing shot. It's as though the birds are vying for your attention.

RgvChick, when badbun was threatening Laura in the dungeon, he did not have the look (or mannerisms) of a smitten suitor, did he? If he does care for her (or whatever limited emotions he is capable of feeling), he can certainly turn it off. Chilling.

Nina, Univision has something cooking with Sebastian Rulli that looks like it might be a comedy. I see no real romances on the horizon unfortunately. I've never watched anything on Telemundo.


If assbun can just take a person's life and not even twitch, just keep on
Walkin....there is no humanity there.
Just pure evil.You heard his thoughts
On paloma dying in that hot car? The
Man is dead up one side and down the other. Here I come hallmark.

Rvg..I am curious. When the goats eat onions,does it affect the taste of their milk ?

It was a long beach day for us. However, quite different from the Jersey shore that I am used to. This beach had huge evergreen trees and rocks around it. Now, everyone is tired. I will catch up on today's comments. Yawn.😴

SusanLynn, I don't know if the onion affects the taste...I don't care for goat mils so I've never tasted it. I would think not since the babies drink it like there's no tomorrow and they're usually very picky.

Diana and Nina, AssBun is definitely evil to the core. I don't see how he could expect LaStelGia to "be with him" when he has had no consideration for either her or Paloma's well-being. You'd think he would at least pretend that he cares about them if wants LaStelgia, but he doesn't even do how serious was he in saying that it was he who wants her. He taunts Danilow in the same way...he told Danilow that the only face of El D that he would see is his face.

Here's something I've been pondering--Pedro C was murdered 3 years ago; and whatever "arguende" Laura was involved in in Mexico happened 3 years ago...could the 2 events be related????

ooops.... mils = milk

RgvChick, the two events certainly could be related. It seems many events here are linked to others, intertwining the characters. But until we find our more about the real Estela, her backstory and her present whereabouts, I can't even hazard a guess.

I'm still trying to figure out what Laura did that engendered the deep hatred Blake and Tona have for her. I think we will learn more tomorrow night from Blake's perspective.

And yes, what badbun did to Laura paled in comparison to his not caring if her daughter perished in that car. He must know he would have to force himself on her as she would never willingly "be" with him. I really hope he is just trying to keep her away from Ryan on ED's behalf. Laura's been so physically abused, it would be too much for it to happen yet again.


Diana, I hope that your husband is on the road to recovery.

I thought that we had guessed that in an attempt to escape, Laura had caused a fire or explosion that killed LA Ton's husband and blinded Blake. Blake, evidently, thinks that his Nina was also killed, but was she? Is Paloma his daughter or granddaughter? So many mysteries!

As for Maria Scissors,it looks very violent, and my motto is make love not war. Is anyone watching the 8.00 show José el Egipto? Does anyone know what show will follow Doble ?

Diana, please know that you and your husband have been in my prayers. As Anita stated earlier, caring for someone who is convalescing is not at all easy. Take care of yourself as well.

SusanLynn, yes, La Tona wants to kill Laura to avenge Osiel's death. As far as Blake is concerned, I don't think he wants vengeance for being blind as much as he wants vengeance for whatever happened to the child that died. There's something else he said in the avances so I won't comment on it until after the episode.

I have had the Joseph in Egypt on, as I waited for Double to come on, and I must say S&M in La Piloto must have been educated in Egypt. That must have been a brutal time in history. Stoning and throwing people in pits in the desert?

Nothing with Fur or Feathers would do that shit to one of it's own.

We spend a fortune here in Sarasota on bridges.

"Come with me squirrel. Some dude over here wants to take your picture !"

What bridge, Kirby?

That bird does look like it's summoning....a squirrel LOL

That is actually the fairly new one over to St Armands Circle and Bird Key

"Hey..hey..Is that him? Is this his boat?"

"Yeah, looks like him. Hes gonna be pissed. I thought it would rain before he got back."

"I know, that dam fish last night Tore Up my stomach !"

Susanlynn, my memory is so bad, I have no memory of Laura causing any explosion. That would explain a lot.

RgvChick, thanks for your kind words. I don't think I will get to watch tonight's episode so will look forward to hearing what happened. The preview was definitely a spoiler, even what little I managed to understand :)

More beautiful birds Kirby. They love "posing" for you.


Thanks. Birds are soooo vain. They think I'm with National Geographic. :-)

Good Mornign, Everyone!!

Kirby, thank you for the many wonderful pics; and that you understand birdspeak makes it so much more entertaining.

SusanLynn and Diana, whatever happened that caused Osiel's death and Blake's blindness has not been revealed. Some time back I did comment that it must have been something like a fire or explosion since it injured at least 2 people, but I was only speculating.

Looking forward to more revelations this week...we surely don't need a more tangled web.

Has anyone heard from Julie? Last time she mentioned her health, she still had a cough and sniffles...hopeoing she didn't take a turn for the worse...

Kirby, when I get back home, I might check Egipto. I only caught part of the first episode. The Egyptian exhibit was always my favorite at The Museum of Natural History in NYC when I was a kid. And, yes, it was a violent, cruel time.

Diana, Rvg is right. Caretakers often do not take care of themselves. hubba and I were the main caretakers for our parents as they aged. sometimes, I felt as if we had no time for our own lives. Remember to rest and relax when you can. Also, remember to eat and hydrate. A trip to T.J.Maxx for something pretty could also help!!

Rvg, yes, I have been wondering about Julie,too.

Kirby, get in your boat and find the beautiful birds to photograph. I have noticed that a lot of people have boats around here because there are so many lakes and rivers.

Good morning, everybody!

I really hope he is just trying to keep her away from Ryan on ED's behalf. Laura's been so physically abused, it would be too much for it to happen yet again.

Diana - My feelings exactly.

I used to think Asdrubal had some ounce of humanity. Back when he had Calao send Laustela the threatening text that triggered her to get back with Ryan, Asdrubal had this faraway look and said something like "These two (Ryan and Laustela) are the real thing and probably would've gotten back together anyway without us." But it's been downhill for him since then with low deed after lower deed.

Sue, yes that is a lot of it. Either by water or even just having a boat gets you into a lot of places you would have trouble getting into otherwise. I mean you can't go paddling up there in a bathtub, but if you are part of the boating community it helps.

The eagles are usually on land, close to water, but mainly fresh water.

Julie was here a couple of days ago, when she was explaining "Dead Fly" to you Sue. She didn't mention her cold, I take that as a good sign.

Hi, all. I didn't take a turn for the worse, but I still have the cold and I had a lot to do over the weekend, and spent the rest of the time sleeping. I'm stll super-tired.

I still believe Asdrubal is RealStela's (the real El D) brother, so all of his humanity is probably tied up in protecting his sister.

RGV mentioned Bahama Mamas, I wish I could have one right now, but it would probably make me pass out, and they frown on that kind of thing around here.

One thing in the recap, where it says Danilow cries and mumbles in front of Calao's corpse, wasn't he reading a note that he found on the corpse saying that only the REAL
El Dorado decides who lives and who dies? I thought there was a note.

Kinda surprised that Tom didn't want Leticia to keep her job so that he could enjoy her salary as well, but I see he prefers to keep her dependent.

I am confused that Blake doesn't seem to know that La Tona is the one who tried to kill Laura. Do they still have Tona on the premises with all ten of her fingers? Oh goodie, I may have to recap some finger surgery tonight.


Hello Julie. Were your ears burning?

Shit Happens-------------------------------------------------------->

Julie..Good to hear from you. We were worried about you. My dad used to make himself a hot toddy and then go to bed when he had an occasional cold. My sister and nieces take Airborne at the first sign of a cold. I usually just drink lots of mint tea and sleep as much as possible.

I am glad that I have you guys to talk to and my friends at home to email because when my two daughters get together, they usually talk to each other, not me, and I try to be quiet and let them talk. We don't all get together very often. they keep playing by he same music over and over. I like it , but I am getting tired of the same songs.

Badbun is a mystery..and evil mystery. maybe we will get some clues tonight. Cannot watch , so I will be looking forward to the recap. I hope that Alfredo is having a good vacation.

Kirby..truer words were never spoken.

The movie I took the kids to on Friday night (which pretty much wiped me out for all of Saturday, even though I was home by 11) was Transformers 5. It was visually spectacular. Anthony Hopkins was fun. I enjoyed the space robots. (I shall say nothing of the film's more dismal qualities, such as the plot.)

But it was an effective reminder that there is a reason why I like some kinds of movies/TV and not others. And as I watched this episode the next day, I couldn't help thinking that Bumblebee would make a great addition to the cast of La Doble Vida etc. He could help out around Furia and maybe kick some asses. Drive employees hither and thither. Pick up some take-out for lunch, perhaps. I bet he'd enjoy being part of a coherent and well-thought-out plot.

Julie, you're right, I forgot there was a note Danilow got that they had left on Calao's did say that this was just a reminder that the real El D is the one who decides who dies..and to remember that he is not the real Dorado. After that he told Natividad to pray for Calao--that his soul was worth something; then he also asked Calao to forgive him and not to look at him with those eyes. So many details!! Hope you're getting your needed rest.

Rest, shmest. I'm at work, trying to do work. I'm not sure how much of a recap I'll be able to do tonight, but I'll try to get the big stuff, like births, murders, weddings, superhero guests, etc.

I'd like to know what's the deal with Natividad. Until recently, he was just the caretaker of an abandoned property, right? Now he's disposing of dead gangsters. I hope they gave him a raise and a good benefits package.

Yeah, Julie, I was thinking the same about Natividad. I'm assuming Walter was a pretty good guy. He seemed to instill good values in Ryan; and it seems he kept Furia clean of any wrong-doings, so I don't think he would have had Natividad do any "dirty" work. But money does seem to talk, doesn't it?

Julie if you are still under the weather for your recap, any little 'seed' you plant will get THIS patio off like a bottle rocket. I will be sure and pay attention and with everybody else here, everything will be just fine.

I don't want you giving us your cold. :-)

Fresh Bird

That bird cannot possibly be real!!
OK, the bird can be real, but the color? No way!

It may be wearing makeup. But it is just like it came out of the camera. I swear.

Kirby, I'm impressed! The birds are now so comfortable with you that they let you dye their feathers, right? Luuurrve that blue!!

Julie, Kirby is right, don't stress too much about the recap; you need to get some rest.

Kirby...beautiful colors on that and pink? What kind is it?

Egretta rufescens common name Reddish Egret.

I especially like the two toned bill.

Blue is my favorite color.

I wonder if telenovelas have changed forever....violence replacing romance???? Discouraging. Does anyone know what is replacing this show? Is Scissorhabds replacing Piloto?

I just googled "Egretta rufescens." NONE of the pics come close to your pic, Kirby. The colors on your pic bring out the colors much more strikingly. You're just plain awesome!

They had joseph of Egypt on at 2:00 today. They have no 2:00tn for that time slot.So I'll watch"Another world" they're as crazy as ever. Laura's back with a crazy 8 year of nephew. Maybe
They'll give us a good tn for that time of day on uni. Mi adorable Maldicion is all they go going.Kinda interesting. Everything is a changing. Tonights episode should be a humdinger

Feel better juls.

RGV Good light probably. I think it was mating season (it, not me) and their colors are more pronounced.
I don't doctor these up in Photoshop or anything. I do have a pretty decent camera. The shots I have seen on Google look like they were taken with a WalMart TracPhone. :-)

If a bird won't show me it's best side it doesn't get in the portfolio.
Like for humans 'skin to win'


I can hardly concentrate on DaniLow, Ryan, Laura and Paloma because tonight is the last night of La Pilota and there are so many anvils still needed.

BIG anvils
Like House Trailer size.

OMG, I'd watch it if it was called "Rosario Scissorhands." I think Televisa is missing a lot of opportunities.

Kirby your picture takin technique is excellent. Pretty birds too. Ooo that
Hawk looking bird is going to have or
Had a somewhat tasty meal,Ratatouille?
Yummy yummy yummo. Yuck.
Did that boat sink oris athat floating
Dock? That water is so beautiful, the
Camara picked up the color beautifully
You're a good photographer kirby.

There's a couple TNs that I read about and should be aired (or start) this year on Univision/Televisa. One is "Enamorándome de Ramon" which is a romantic comedy starring Esmeralda Pimentel (protagonist in ECDLP). The other is "En Tierras Salvajes" which is about three brothers that fall in love with the same woman. I think Daniela Romo will be in this one as the mother of the 3 brothers. Hopeofully one of these will replace DV.

Rvg..Ohhh...I like Daniela .I loved her as the deliciously evil Dona Juana in my first telenovela Alborada. I also saw her sing and dance on Christina with the other main cast members after Alborada ended. I would definitely watch that new show.

The novelas and series that will be seen on Univision in the next few months include 'Mi Marido Tiene Familia' (with Sebastián Rulli), 'Papá a Toda Madre', 'Amar Después de Amar' and 'El Último Dragón', with Kuno Becker.


Nina the boat sank That is how deep a lot of the water is in the intercoastal. Wait you are a Floridian so you know. It looked to be one of those pontoon boat things with an upper deck anyway.

Thanks NiNa. Patient is more the case mostly as far as my "skills" go. And for every "Oooh Ahhh" shot you guys see I throw out twenty. :-)

And birds trust me somehow.

This Joe of Egypt thing is killing me. There was a guy who cried and yelled and carried on for at least five solid minutes, tore his shirt open, and hollered some more. Then in another scene I saw a guy who looked like Captain Jack Sparrow. I wasn't paying attention, so I didn't know what was going on. I'm sure it all made sense in context, but I can see why people who don't watch telenovelas think they're laughable.

Julie: I'm NOT a big fan of the "Jose De Egypt".

Recap finished... wow... big night.

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