Tuesday, July 04, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #41, Tues Jul 4 2017: Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble

Laura asks Paloma to look into her eyes. Paloma can't see any evil there. They hug.

Laura tells Paloma that the lies were a trap to catch her, like the story where they try to trap the prince(ss). Laura cannot leave without Paloma. Paloma asks if a prince will rescue them. Laura says the princesses will need to unite and liberate themselves from the bad guy with the sunglasses. It's a deal, and they rub noses.

Leticia gives Ryan the envelope with the money. She begs him not to send Tomas to jail. Ryan is grateful. Leticia is confused. Ryan takes the envelope and shows it to Joe. They surmise that the money is Danilo's, and Tom must have found it in the warehouse where he works.

On the phone, Danilo tells Horacio that he didn't ask Marcelino for help with their thief. Dani will have to take care of it himself. Horacio reports that he was on his way to Tomas's, but his car broke down. And Ryan followed him. Dani is worried that Ryan will beat them to the money. He scolds Horacio for telling Asdrubal about the money in front of Ryan. Danilo orders Horacio to have Natividad pick up the money at Furia and take it to Morgana's show. There's a cruddy warehouse there where no one will snoop around.

Horacio asks what to do with Tomas, but Danilo has already hung up.

Tomas comes home, grabs his and Leticia's bags, and won't listen to any of her protests, including a warning about Ryan's visit. Granted, they have the whole drive over to the airport and then the whole flight to Helena to talk about it, but apparently they don't. More about that later.

Ryan and Joe go to the warehouse and wonder where the money is. Natividad arrives. He was told to pick up all those speakers and take them to Morgana's event. This strikes Ryan as strange, since the necessary equipment was already delivered to the venue. But Ryan says he will take care of it. He even offers Natividad some money. Nat wants to call Danilo first. Ryan insists that he come into the office (out of the warehouse) to make the call.

Joe and Ryan open up the speaker cases and see the sweet, sweet simoleons. Where is Natividad?

Ryan and Joe load the speaker cases into the truck. They're not sure where to take the truck, but they'll park it under a metal roof so the GPS can't be tracked. Ryan gives Joe the chance to bail, since the narcos are going to be upset about this, but Joe is in for the long haul. Natividad snoozes in the back of the truck, apparently knocked out.

At the airport, Leticia worries about being on an airplane. What if it runs out of fuel? He tells her not to worry. Their baby will be so happy. She tries to call the kids, but she can't reach them. Tom says they don't care about her. Their flight is being called. He kisses Leticia and says it will all be fine.

Danilo calls Furia to find out if Natividad's been there. The guy who answers the phone says there's a note saying the equipment has already been taken to Morgana's concert. The guy neglects to mention that the note was signed by Ryan!

Blake and Luisa have gone back to the other house. La Toña's still chained to that chair. Luisa lets her go and tells her to stay out of Blake's way and to take a shower. La T tells her, have fun [bleep]ing Laura.

Blake and Luisa say La Toña will stay out of the way for now. Blake fiddles with a dead butterfly and says that when he gets tired of tormenting Laura, he'll hand her over to La Toña to finish her off. Paloma will be his prize.

True confessions: I giggle every time I hear "La Toña" because it sounds like "Latawnya," which reminds me of this.

BunMan is cleaning his gun when Ryan calls. Ryan tells BunMan he's got the money and BunMan can have it when he gets Estela back. BunMan tells Talisman that Danilo lost the money.

Morgana and her band play at an outdoor event with bales of hay and a dancing horse. Tadeo plays guitar. Morgana introduces Tadeo. Danilo and Horacio compare notes. They haven't had a chance to check the warehouse yet, and Natividad doesn't have a phone. But before they can get to the warehouse, Morgana summons then to the stage. They sing together. I'm wondering if there shouldn't be a gong at every show, just for safety's sake.

Morgana announces that she and Danilo are in a relationship. (She doesn't mention a baby.) They make out on the stage, but Danilo is not happy. Horacio and Danilo notice that BunMan, Talisman & co are watching.

Tom and Leticia get to their room. She's worried this place is so cold and far away. He says she'll get used to it. They'll be very happy here. He goes out for food. She's worried to be left alone. He says it's safe and peaceful here. She's worried about her kids. He calls her stubborn. Her kids have forgotten about her, and she needs to forget about them because he loves her sooooooo much.

It's night. Morgana and Danilo are still at the outdoor event, speaking to the press. Oooh, she's saying there will be a wedding eventually. Afterwards, Danilo is mad at her for the announcement. She says she's setting it up to announce the pregnancy. He says she needs the gossip to keep her career afloat. She leaves. BunMan approaches and tells Danilo what Ryan did. Danilo insists that Ryan made it up, and the money is right here. BunMan wants to see it.

Laura sings with Paloma. Paloma hugs Laura and asks her forgiveness. Laura says those people tricked Paloma. Paloma is Laura's reason for living.

Celso bursts in and warns that Blake and Luisa are on their way. Laura reminds Paloma that they are warrior princesses and they'll get out of here. She asks Paloma not to tell anyone they spent this time together.

Celso fixes Laura's security monitor to return to the live feed instead of the footage of her sleeping. But before he can do the same for Paloma's monitor, Johnson walks in on him. Celso is caught. Cue music!

Tomas is eating fast food. Leticia is not eating, though there's a cup for her there. He asks where is the envelope. "I didn't bring it," she replies. She tells him she gave it to its rightful owner, Mr. Ryan. Tomas bitch-slaps her.

(Mexican version only: Tomas hauls Leticia up and flings her around. Finally she falls down unconscious.) Tomas yells at Leticia to get up because he wants his money. He's freaking out. He cannot rouse her. Cue music!

In the warehouse at Morgana's venue, Danilo eviscerates a couple of speakers. There's no money inside. Cue music!

Danilo is lippy and he shoves BunMan. He is angry that BunMan makes him be El Dorado but treats him like an idiot. Talisman begs BunMan to let him shoot Danilo. Ryan calls BunMan and gloats about the money's absence. On the phone, Ryan shows off the money and douses it in liquid from a gas can. (Horacio becomes very nervous.) Ryan threatens to set the money on fire if he doesn't have Estela in three hours.

Talisman holds a gun on Danilo. BunMan reminds Danilo that if that money is lost, Marcelino Salgado will be taking it out of the fake El Dorado's hide. Dani says that if he goes down, BunMan goes down too.

Celso tells Laura he got caught messing with the cameras. He warns her that these people are capable of anything. Celso used to work for Mr Blake picking tomatoes from sunrise to sunset, and if they didn't pick enough... (he doesn't say). Now he's locked up like Laura. Luisa comes in. She makes a snide remark about Laura's enchantments and smells Laura's neck. It's time for Celso to pay.

Tom has taken Leticia to the hospital. The doctor is speaking to Tomas in Spanish even though English is Tomas's native language. The doctor says there was a knock to her belly that could have hurt the fetus. And the police are on the way because she has a bruise that's consistent with spousal abuse. Tomas tells Leticia he didn't mean to do anything wrong, he was just upset about the money that they would need for a better life. He can get more money. (He says all of this in front of the doctor and the nurse.) The doctor interrupts, and Tomas almost wallops him reflexively. Tomas backs away, but Leticia stares at him as the doctor approaches her.

Luisa shows Laura a live transmission of Celso getting horsewhipped. Laura wants to be whipped in his place. Luisa doesn't think he will make it, and it's all Laura's fault, she says. She grabs Laura, and Laura freaks out and pulls away.

Horacio, BunMan, etc. look at a map, waiting for the money truck's GPS to show up. It doesn't. BunMan wants to give Ryan a nasty surprise.

Joe and Ryan talk outside the truck, anticipating that BunMan and El Dorado will get Blake to hand over Estela.

BunMan, Talisman, Danilo, and Horacio break into Ryan's house (the one where Mercy lives, not the condo). Danilo helps himself to a drink. Mercy's not home. Talisman finds a note from Mercy telling Rita that she was called away on an emergency and to take the day off. Horacio thinks that Ryan probably got Mercy to leave the house.

At the hospital, the female cop tells Leticia she needs to confirm the charges so they can arrest Tomas. Behind her, Tomas is shaking his head "no" at Leticia. The female cop tells the male cop to take Tomas outside.

The female cop says she knows Tomas and his ex-wife, who had a restraining order against him. Leti remembers Tomas telling her about the restraining order, but didn't realize what it was for. (What on God's green earth did she think it would be for??) The cop says that Leticia should speak with Felicia, Tom's ex-wife.

At Danilo's Laura's ranch, Natividad is tied up. Joe and Ryan and Mercy and Rosario look on. Joe tells Natividad they won't hurt him. Rosario is worried. Mercy tells her to mind her sugar. Ryan tells them it will all be okay.

BunMan calls and says he needs more time. (They're not still at Mercy's house, it looks like the warehouse where they had Morgana's concert?) Ry says nope, I'm gonna burn the money and send you a picture. BunMan tells Ryan to meet him at [some address] in two hours. Ryan tells him no funny stuff. BunMan says they're going to have to deal with Mr Blake. He warns Dani that El Dorado might lose a client, but Danilo can lose his life.

Tomas comes back to the hospital with flowers (cheap ones) and some other gift. He acts all loving and concerned. Leticia is still wearing all of her makeup. I don't know if she spoke to Felicia or not, but she just stares at Tomas and lets him babble. He says she'll be here for another day for observation. He calls himself a "crazy gringo" and begs her not to be mad at him, don't treat him this way. She says no.

Leticia says he can forget about forgiveness. She's afraid he'll hurt her again, or the baby. He insists that the baby will completely change him. He will be a good father. "I don't believe you," Leti says. He could have killed her baby who is totally without guilt. She won't let him be mistreated.

Rosario picks up a teddy bear and hugs it and cries. Mercy tells her to have faith. Estela and Palomita will be here soon. Rosario talks about how cute and sweet Paloma is and about her first steps. Mercy says that Palomita is like her granddaughter.

Ryan has been standing outside the door and has heard everything.

Next time: Negotiations with Blake.


Oh Thankeo youeo
Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble,
Something's Come Along And It's Burst Our Bubble
(Yeah, Yeah!) Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble,
Gotta Get Home Quick
March On The Double!

I can hear it now over the fireworks.

These two Einsteins from the UK have a song about an English CAT too.!

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Recap done-done.
I hope someone can offer an explanation for Ryan's face at the end of the episode. I'm pretty sure Mercy didn't say anything shocking.

...although, I've been thinking that Mercy probably is Paloma's grandmother. One of Paloma's parents must be Mercy's lost child.

Ryan wouldn't know that, though, so I'm still mystified by the look on his face.

Epic recap, Juiie! Thank you!!

Ryan's face at the end--I think Ryan was surprised and moved that his mother has grown so fond of Paloma. It was like he was saying...wow she does have a heart. who'd a thunk?

I'm glad they didn't show more of LetMe's beating. we could have done with less of Celso's thrashing too...I do hopeo he is stronger than Laura thinks.

Kirby, you're a poet too!! I'm impressed :-)

What really surprises me is how much AssBun puts up with Danilow. Those piercing blue eyes say much more than his actions. I know he needs the money laundered, but surely, he has a limit to how much he puts up with.

Julie, I clicked on your "cue music" and I get "I'm sorry. the video is unavailable." :-(

OK, I'll buy your explanation, Rgv. I still think that face was a bit much for what he was hearing, and it was an odd note to end the episode on, but I'm not going to complain about an actor over-emoting for the last scene of an episode.

I'm sure Kirby quoted the song to torment me. :-) It's a dangerous earworm!

Police car came along and they took us for a ride,
and when we get home we're gonna get, gonna get, gonna get fried!


Thank You Julie for the recap, um the earworm, not so much. Like an audio virus. :-)

I only say this because a baby should never be brought into a world like the LetTom world, but I hopeo she loses it. It serves her right the predicament she is in. There is never an excuse for domestic violence, but LetMe has had forty seven red flags which she ignored and ate. She has put herself into these dire straits despite the efforts of her own children. I believe the Darwin awards are looking for the next candidate.

Montana popo already know all about Mr. Wife Beater Allen. Did LetgMeGetBeatAgain finally turn into LetMeGetaClue? And he is there at bedside asking her not to treat HIM like this? How, like this? Like not in flippin jail yet?

Why is he running around buying two dollar flowers when he admitted to LetMe in front of the doctor that he did it. Arrrrghhh

Um point three you just un frapping plug the GPS..It is a little thing. It is not like it is manufactured into the van at Ford and is non removeabnle.

Four Did anyone catch that they (Luisa and Blake were giving Tona heroine? That is what I heard. That is a helluva punishment. supposedly excruciating to kick but if you don't you just die.

Five, all the money was on top of these commercial speakers, but daniLow was (it was supposed to look like) tearing the speaker cones out looking for the money. Completely unrealistic and I won't bore you with why.

Let Me say it again, LetMe has no one to blame but herself. Even her teenage kids had sense enough to get out of that insane asylum she CHOSE to get into and stay. I have some odd theories on that subject based on personal observations. IE in real life why do we see a particular woman search out and hook up with a series of abusive men over many years while other women will be gone at the slightest sign?

Weird... the links all work for me.
You can try this alternate version... same song, different video. The Power Rangers stuff and groovy graphics might give you a seizure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_RNAoBlUIo

Oh RGV that was not me I just copied it.

But I am still flattered.

Or maybe you are talking about my duck limerick. :-)

Some cars have built-in GPS... or at least they used to. I had one in a 2001 car. I don't think it was trackable, though.

I did not hear anything about giving Latawnya heroin!

Here is this herons identifying yellow crown

It was when they first showed Tona and Luisa and she was undoing the neck chain and Luisa said something like 'now you see why we gave you the heroin.'

I could be wrong, I barely caught it, and it was not mentioned again or discussed. She sure looked wobbly when she was asked if she wanted a shower.

Yeah most new cars do, like you said, for navigation, but the work vans ones are completely different. A buddy worked for an air conditioning company which had the GPS trackers and he got fired over it because it was not at his residence one time on a weekend.

All Joe and Ryan had to do was use a different truck. Surely Furia has a couple of trucks!

Exactly or rent one.

I KNEW I forgot something. Did you notice how as soon as they were on soil Tom changed from a few days to "You and I can start over here." " You will get used to the cold, you will like it here." as though they had just MOVED !

Regardless of how annoyingly stooopid LetMe is, she does not deserve Tom. Unless this is what she secretly wants.

Somebody needs to whisper to the boys not to quit their day jobs yet.

Kirby, I was talking about both :-)

And, yes, I did notice how "Tom changed from a few days to "You and I can start over here." " You will get used to the cold, you will like it here." I was expecting LetMe to say something like "Gee, I thought it was for a couple days" but she went right along with it!!

Thanks, Julie. Terrific job. You are a doll to do this for us on the holiday. Hope you had a great Independence Day. The music cues -- so cute. My fave line: I'm wondering if there shouldn't be a gong at every show, just for safety's sake. - lol!

I saw Ryan's look at the end as fear. Rosario had been going on beside herself with worry about something bad happening to Laura and Paloma, while Mercy was trying to pep her up with complete confidence in what her son is doing. Ryan is trying to be decisive and put up a strong act for everybody, but (understandably) he's scared. I thought he was moved by his mom sticking up for him and her softening up to feel like Paloma's grandmom. Since he was eavesdropping I did wonder if Mercy might slip about her other kid, but nope.

Morgana's no dummy, putting Danilo on the spot in public and laying the groundwork for baby and marriage.

We all knew when TomAss found out Leticia didn't bring the money that things would get ugly. Too bad it took that for her to decide to dump him.

Good NON BANGING NON BOOMING morning patio. What's up with Floridians? These Jackasses had me up at two with a gun in my hand. Just firecrackers. Onward light sleeper.

The unfortunate thing about poor self inflicted LetMerunAwaywithSatan is that she is far away from her new USA home with probably no money and spotty English. The girl had never even been on an airplane before. Unless she can get in touch with Morgana or Ryan or maybe even her kids, she will have a tough time if hopeofully shithead is back in jail where he belongs. With her weakness for always doing the wrong thing she will have a rough time with or without TomAss.

And Blake plans to keep Paloma for himself, and dispose of LauStela when he tires of torturing her? Paloma would just be a pet to that twisted bastard. Whatever Rosie Osie can figure out for his anvil better be good. I am not talking airplane propellers or bullets we want acid and electricity and knives.

As hurt as Mercy is about the 'other child' I am surprised she does not confide in Chayo.

Did Chava wither away and die in jail?

I love it when spoiled BratBun doesn't get his way and there is nobody to shoot. He has pouted himself into a real pickle now with The Mystery of the Marcelo's Missing Money. Like purple passion wondered earlier, why does Bun put up with DaniLow?

Speaking of DaniLow, hatefulness and Evilness are comparative things it seems. At one time we all would have celebrated any misfortune or death befallen that dunce. But now, he pales in comparison to Blake, Luisa, and AssBun.

The episode was dank, dark and depressing.

Julie, your recap made the sky sunny again and made everything right with the world (except for those in this sad and sordid TN).

"sweet, sweet simoleons" and "I'm wondering if there shouldn't be a gong at every show, just for safety's sake" were among many favorites.

Was there anything to celebrate last night? I mean, anything at all? One might be the scene between Laura and Paloma where the mother child bond was strengthened. The other may have been Mercy's candid and strong support of Ryan. I think that is what moved Ryan. I agree with both of you RgvChick and Niecie that he was both touched and afraid. I get the feeling Mercy hasn't always been totally supportive of him. What an ordeal he had yesterday. Threatening and blustering. He knows Paloma and Laura's well being and safety are riding on him.

Luisa. "She makes a snide remark about Laura's enchantments and smells Laura's neck" made my skin crawl. While I am saving my pity for others, I can't imagine how terrible Tona's ordeal was. Thanks for telling us about the drugs Kirby. She looked as though she was emotionally dead.

"Granted, they have the whole drive over to the airport and then the whole flight to Helena to talk about it, but apparently they don't". I wish she had told him in the crowded airport rather than in their hotel room. "The doctor interrupts, and Tomas almost wallops him reflexively". I wish he had! Tomas cannot be jailed fast enough for me.

"Blake fiddles with a dead butterfly and says that when he gets tired of tormenting Laura, he'll hand her over to La Toña to finish her off". Lovely.

Celso's beating was horrible, horrible, horrible.

I don't see badbun having a chance in hell, getting Blake to release his prisoners. I can't imagine how this is going to turn out.

Seriously, this is getting very depressing, they need to get Laura and Paloma out of there.

Kirby, thank you for the beautiful heron.

Julie, this was superb. Thank you.


And Julie, I am still laughing thinking how many times in this episode your GONG! would have been perfect. When the second big speaker was savaged by DaniDumb and found empty, pan the camera to the side, G O N G ! then continue on as though no one heard it. Even when TomAss is begging the object of his tantrum not to die for the third time---- G O N G ---then she flutters her eyes open

OH when Frankenslime walked in and busted Celso G O N G....hell can we have two G O N G S?

Thanks again

And when MorgotNoBebe is wheeled into delivery and the doctor comes out to a waiting DaniLowcount and announces .....what is it Doc, boy or girl....neither it's was a Dollar Store throw pillow. Ha Ha Ha G O N G

Kirby: Who joined the Body Count while I was on vacation ?

Yeah, hearing neighborhood fireworks half the night and probably for the rest of the week. They're illegal here, but no one cares. The houses are very close together, though, so I worry about fire when it's a nearby neighbor.

Hopefully Leticia will call Morgana. She might be afraid to call Ryan, and she thinks Estela is the devil, but Morgana is her good buddy.

I agree with everyone's assessment of Ryan. I really couldn't see it last night, but it does makes sense. I think I left out of the recap that Mercy told Rosario something to the effect that she doesn't especially like Estela but she still supports her for Ryan and Paloma's sake.

I hadn't thought about The Gong Show in years until I watched the tryouts for one of the early seasons of American Idol. Then I realized that a lot of bad things could easily be brought to a halt if only there were more gongs.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yes she told Rosario that she doesn't care for Estela because of what she had done to Ryan but she is resigned to the way things are because of Ryan and Paloma. If she only knew that this is Estela 2.0 she would have a whole fresh new set of things to not like.

Steve I can't recall anybody actually expiring, though we have a few candidates. The guy who mismanaged some of Marcelino's money ostensibly lost his hands, so I do not know what level of postop care Narco thugs provide, but in a basement tied to a chair that appears to be a dicey procedure. Celsius' temperature was near the boiling point the last we saw of him. Blake was trying his blind best with what looked to be a cat o' nine tails or some such. Luisa's prediction was that he might not make it, she drooled onto her fatigues at that thought. They need to start removing appendages on Blake, smallest first, and work up to just a head attached to a torso to be tossed into a vat of acid.

"Luisa's prediction was that he might not make it, she drooled onto her fatigues at that thought".

She did Kirby. The more I see of Luisa, the more repulsed I am. She isn't only carrying out Blake's orders, but doing so with great evil relish.


I don't know much about beating up women, what's the best substitute for getting kicked in the acorns, you know for LauStela if she comes to blows with TazMania? She looks to outweigh Lau by 40 pounds and is all muscle, LausStela really needs a lipstick-looking pepper spray. Just enough for one shot to the face.

Good Morning, All!!

Kirby, those fireworks must have pushed your humor button...loved your GONG comments :-)

I checked on Luisa's conversation with La Tona. Luisa told her that these were Blake's orders and they wanted to make it clear to her that she was there because she crossed the line. Luisa told La Tona to give up her stupid ideas or else this would happen again.

Julie, Mercy told Rosario that although she didn't approve of the couple's relationship because of all the turmoil it had caused, she still prays for Estela...because if Estela is well,then Paloma is well too. She tells Rosario that even though she may not believe that a woman like her has feelings, that wich she was describing (Paloma taking her first steps) she would like to have seen of her own grandchild, because tha is what Paloma is to her... a granddaughter.

When Ryan turned after he overheard her say that, he had that look with tears in his eyes. I think he was really touched to her her sya those things, but as Niecie also commented, he is probably afraid that he won't be able to get his mother's "granddaughter back.

wich =which

touched to her her sya those things = touched to hear her say those things


oooh the pic didn't come out as good as I thought! oh well...I tried :-)

It came out pretty good. Hey DUH, I just discovered something just now. When you click on someone's avatar to see the full size picture, there are these tiny arrows which let you click through all their past avatars. I just saw a very attractive chicken.

So I tried it on myself and there were all these feathered friends.
Who says you can't teach an old dork new treats?

Kirby, Blake's aim while thrashing Celso was quite accurate...I would consider that another GONG, que no? Also, "best substitute for getting kicked in the acorns"...hmmmm, it's probably not as painful, but getting hit in the slappers is quite painful.

In regards to the body count, would Rosario's son, Rafael, count in on that?

LOL, Kirby, my chickens have my back...or they walk all over me ...take your pick LOL

Yup, I've seen all your feathered friends, Kirby, and that shot of the bridge is spectacular!

OT: Plymouth Rock?

Waaaaay OT. I knooooow I'm headed to the Vice Principal's office.

Hmmmmm...l acorns or slappers, huh?

I am afraid LauStela may be out of luck then. It appears TazMania does not exhibit any gender specific attributes.

Kirby, it's a Dominique...and they would love to live a Danilow's ranch!! ...so not OT :-)

When Taz wear dresses, her slappers are quite prolific, so she may wear very tight minimizers

Wow, thanks ,Julie, for that excellent recap if avdark and stormy episode.

The comments gave me some giggles while eating my hopeos and strawberries. Gongs! (Would it be wrong to have one in my classroom? It would be a fast and efficient method of identifying a wrong answer.) Acorns? Slappers?

I do not like chickens very much. Sorry, rvg. They scare me. Steer and cows don't. Pigs do. I knew someone who lost an eye to a rooster when she was a little girl.

Watching Letmebesubmissiveandstupid and Tomass is awful. I always found it helpful to set up some rules early on, such as ,"If you ever lay a hand on me, I will call my father and the state police, but not necessarily in that order."

G.I.Joe Luisa seems to have a thing for the fair Laura ,as evidenced by the sniffing.I think Laura's defense against beer would be that sudden upward heel of hand to the nose thing.

Horrible though expected to see Celso beaten.

LaTona looked like she could use a shower.

The GPS conversation made me think of Hubba. He has not trysted it since it took us through D.C. on our way hone from Williamsburg. As the traffic increased, he said , "Sh** .. There's the Pentagon.," We usually take the more rural , scenic route.

Fireworks going off here in the countryside, too.

Well, gotta do stuff.

Beer???....her. There is no defense against beer.

Trysted...trusted. I don't want him trysting with anyone.

Ah..detention hall..here we go again. Does this mean that I can talk about Sam Heughan ?

Were Laura's words to Paloma A Rosygram that princesses have to rescue themselves? The Strong Woman theme? female empowerment? What does she mean when she tells her that they have to "team up" against their captor? Does Laura have a plan?

SusanLynn, Laura was telling Paloma that, like in her favorite fairy tale, just as the mean ones would set traps/tricks for the princess, these people had set traps for her. And the mean people said bad things to keep her here because they know she will not leave without her Palomita. When Paloma asked her if the charming prince was going to come rescue them, Laura replied "no" that many times the princesses have to save themselves. And they are princesses that have to unite so that together they can get away from the evil castle. They will have to defend themselves from the bad man with dark sunglasses.

SusanLynn I don't think Laura has a plan, I just think she was trying to reassure Paloma by telling her that they were there together; and together they would find a way to leave. But it just might be one of those Rosygrams...there's too many of those to keep up with!

I like that Laura tells Paloma that they are " Warrior princesses." #WWWWD. (what would Wonder Woman do? )

P.s. I am seriously thinking of changing my sign in name to Warrior Princess. Too much? #guardyouracorns

Time to identify buses .

Sue, when you get down here in D H you and I can talk about Sam all we want.

Yeah there are many many not so subtle messages in this show. Some alright, some rotten.

Next TN she needs to call me first. (If I'm even talking to her by then) :-)

I think team up simply meant, to a three year old, don't tell.

Kirby..It's a deal. I'll pick up some Doritos.


I'm going to 'Dicks' sporting goods for an acorn cup.

Do I talk to squirrels too much.?

Blue=Sherriff's Office
White=Shady Oaks Bingo

or at least here in FloriDuh.


LOL Kirby, no, you talk too much to squirrels. I probably talk a lot more to my chickens and goats.

Such a cute squirrel!! OMG...it's eating an acorn!! LMAO

*you don't!

Hubba threw one of those into my lap on the way to a baseball game. What is this says I?

G O N G !

Speaking of Luisa, when Blake said he was keeping Paloma for himself as a prize, there was a reaction shot of Luisa - but her face was blank. As reaction shots go, it wasn't very helpful!

There really is no substitute for the groin when fighting with a woman, but Luisa's braids might be easy to get hold of. Because they're Dutch or French or whatever braids, that might not be as effective as pulling loose hair or a plain braid or even a ponytail (because the force will be distributed more evenly around the scalp). Er, that's just speculation on my part. I don't have much experience with this.

Otherwise, Laura should go for the eyes or the throat. Also the solar plexus. But she has zero chance unless she can take Luisa by surprise, and even then she'd be pushing it. I'm sure Luisa has had training, and Laura has not.

Rgv, thanks for the Ryan pic. Ah, tears. I didn't see that before. I thought he looked stunned, as if he had heard something shocking.

Kirby, I've paged through your photo album before to see the pix that I miss during long absences. I didn't realize that you didn't know about that!

I think talking to squirrels is fine unless they start answering you.

I thought someone died last week and was waiting for Steve B. to update his body count, but now I can't remember who it was.

Speaking of Ryan's friend Steve, where is he? Is he still comforting Genesis?

Susanlynn, er I mean Warrior Princess, what did your hubba throw into your lap?
A squirrel?
An acorn cup?
A gong?

D'oh! Emerson died.

Julie, Steve is relishing in Ryan's shares...maybe he already sold 'em and left for the Bahamas...or Timbuktu. I'm still skeptical about Steve..

1) He runs/works at the Center that El D donates to
2) He talked Ryan into a deal with EL D
3) He now owns 40% of Furia

Right! Emerson died!

Thank you Julie for the recap of last night's horror show.

Tom's beating of Leticia was horrid, I hope both of them get back to LA so Let can get some needed support and Tom get eliminated by someone.

Yes the flowers Tom brought LetMe were cheap. But the flowers were fake as in almost every TN I have ever seen. Surely the budgets could spring for some real ones sold at cheap flower marts (even at Walmart.) Production staff should start buying real flowers. When the scene is over they can donate them to an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She might reward writers with some inspired plots and dialogue.

Loved the fact that Laura told Paloma that their freedom would not depend on the prince but on themselves. Probably true given the lack of success that Ryan and his crew have had so far.

Real flowers might not do well being under hot studio lights for hours. It might be okay if they're in a vase with water, but when they're wrapped up like they just came from the Stop & Shop florist, I bet they wilt fast.

I would not count on Our Lady of Guadalupe for inspired plots and dialogue. I mean, have you seen La Rosa de Guadalupe? I would think that if she were going to help out with TV shows, she'd start with that one.

I am impressed that Laura told Paloma that they shouldn't wait for a prince to rescue them, but I cannot imagine how Laura thinks they're going to rescue themselves. I'm just glad she hasn't given up. And she does have her makeup bag now, so an SOS written in eyeliner isn't out of the question!

Xena, without getting overly personal why did he think you needed it?

Rats, I forgot about Emerson too.

There has to be a way for The Boys to find out where LauStela and Paloma are. I understand they are fighting fires on multiple fronts, but hire a squadron of private Investigators and follow Blake and Luisa. Find out what he has rented in Riverside. Look for abandoned houses with the power on. I mean, Blake has her doing campaign events, have a good PI follow them. Then if they are afraid for Paloma's sake of just busting in, give LauStela the tools to rescue herself and Paloma. Ummm....she is putting up with all this because irt beats what she would face back in Mexico?

Did Satan move?

"Dear fans, constituents and fellow incendiaries, I am happy to announce that I have moved. My new address is
Satan, One Firethorn Way, Mexico, D.F.

In my absence, my son Lucifer will manage the day to day burnings and other torture here in Hell. That is, when he is not managing his successful, nightclub in LA or banging the police chick.

I am looking forward to all the misery I can bring to Mexico, and especially to Laura Carilla, who has until now somehow avoided me. I will keep in touch.


I agree that it really shouldn't be that hard to find out where La Regia is staying in between gigs!

Getting her out of there might be tricky, but it would be much easier to come up with a plan if they knew where she was. It's not the Death Star, for Pete's sake.

I'm thinking: put on gas masks and fill the house with knockout gas. It will knock out Laura and Paloma too, but they can be carried out of there while they enjoy a refreshing nap. I don't know if there is such a thing as knockout gas, but if not, someone should invent it.

Then they can douse the place, including Johnson and Luisa and Blake, with real gasoline (not the apple juice that I suspect was in the gas can that Ryan poured over the money) and set fire to the place because ooooh, fire pretty.


1.) Several of the Teachers at the Foundation

2.) Racist Skinhead

3.) Pedro Carrillo

4.) Walter Cabrera

5.) Dude killed by El Dorado's Men

6.) Laustela's Tia Herminia

7.) The Prosecutor

8.) The Prosecutor's Assistant

9.) Osiel

10.) Los Salgados Cartel Backup Team

11.) Lucio Galvan

12.) Porfirio Pineda

13.) Ursula Pineda

14.) The Henchmen from the Los Artos Cartel

15.) Henchman from the Los Artos Vehicle

16.) Trinidad Huerta AKA Callao

17.) Antonia Flores AKA La Tona

18.) Emerson


Steve, La Tona isn't dead. However, BunMan did casually shoot a guy dead by the side of El Dorado's pool a couple of weeks ago, so your count is still accurate.

MacGuyver would sneak up at night, put the knock out gas into the air conditioning system. MacMagic would cause it to go into the inside the house part where it would knock everyone out. MacGuyver can make knockout gas from a ham sandwich and toothpaste.

Hell, I could make knockout gas from the sandwiches in our cafeteria. (groan)

I wonder if McG could make mustard gas out of yellow mustard.


Well, I was out for the afternoon, and checking the new comments , I notice some questions from Julie and Kirby. Let's see,Hubba (then my beau) threw what he called a cup on my lap as I sat in the passenger seat of his car waiting to go to his baseball game. I had never heard or seen one of one of these oddlooking items before and could not figure out why it was called a cup because it was triangular shaped, made of metal with some holes in it , and edged in green rubber. And it was for him..not me. I think I was 17. #romance

P.s. If I ever go missing, I hopeo Julie and Kirby are tracking me down...and Macgiver.

Susanlynn, I apologize in advance for the yellow mustard stains.

Julie..whatever it takes. Just be more efficient and proactive than Ry and Co. Have been thus far. #,dontforgettowearacup #safetyfirst

P.s. Do you think Luisa wears a cup?

Probably so kickin da slappers won't work.
#WaitWhat No I got it all wrong again.

"I knew as soon as he tossed her his cup there was gonna be a wedding."

For our sidebar.



That would be something...cups with hidden blades...like 007's shoes LOL

Does anyone think little Palomita can keep her end of the secret and pretend to still hate Laura, or does she need to now that Celsius has been busted?

I do not believe they know the extent of his transgressions, but probably suspect. I would think that Mr. Bipolar Disorder and Ms. Chemical Imbalance would expect him to help Laura escape if anything, though, rather than just sneak in for a nappy poo and pep talk.


A 3 yr old? naahh...can't keep secrets, at least I don't think so...

I think Celsius will survive. He made it sound like he had been through similar situations and survived. If Laura and Paloma somehow get saved, I hope Laura doesn't forget about him.

I DO want to be a mouse in the corner when AssBun tells Blake he has to let LauStela and PalStela go.

My money is on AssBun as Blake typically only has TazMania, AssBun arrives with an entourage led by bloodthirsty professional arsonist TalisBun. Taz is pretty tough, but against someone substantially bigger, I don't think she would win. Anyway the AssBrigade just shoots you without all that hand to hand combat and wrestling around.

When Tomass told Letmebuyavowel five minutes after he approached her in the park that his wife had a restraining order against him, I wondered if Letme with her limited English understood what a restraining order was. As I tell my students, do not smile and nod your head if you do not know what people are saying to you.

Without Taz, Blake is pretty much harmless. We have seen others on his payroll, but I would be surprised if they would pursue their assigned tasks with the purposefulness she does. Celsius is an example.

Without Luisa Blake is just a harmless old dried up blind prune. His only power is his money and connections.

I am still trying to dream up an anvil for him. You can always lock him up and starve him until he is ready to eat his own body parts. Steven King wrote a story about a man stranded on an island who resorted to that, called "Survivor Type".

Yikes !



Susanlynn, Tomas told Leticia about the restraining order in Spanish - so she doesn't get a pass for language difficulties.

I remember "Survivor Type," Kirby. (I didn't remember the title, though.) I still think about it once in a while. That guy had heroin to help him out. Blake won't even be able to see what he's eating.

Hey, the episode started like 20 minutes ago and I haven't even had dinner yet. Uh-oh, I'm in trouble...


This is a really good recap. I didn't get a chance to read it until just now long day at work. but anyway I enjoyed it and I'll say this all the bad people should get theirs shortly and I'll be very happy about that and I'll
Write a comment tomorrow about this one and the other recap.

Thank you Julie.

Wow things happen fast once the damn broke.

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