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La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #52, Friday, 07/21/17 Still on trial....

Yikes! I recapped Monday's episode.

Please read Rgv's recap in the comments - thanks, Rgv, once again you save the day :)
I'm getting pretty bad at this recapping game... can we just say that I had a glimpse into the future?

Also, Alfredo, can I do Monday's recap? :)


Heeeey Adriana Thanks a bazillion. I wish ordinary patio peeps like myself had that strikethrough available. It IS clever. But then half my comments are already in (parentheis) and/or CAPS, so the rest would be in strikethrough.

I think this is actually Monday's episode, as we skipped Thursday. I feel like I cheated on a test and got clean away with it. :-) Maybe we should do this always, then if your Spanglish is not the best (ME), or you don't have CCs, you arer in like Flint. I was actually thinking about Orange is the New Black as soon as she was found guilty.

Morgana is not only a cheap Hoe, she is a nasty cheap Hoe.

Kirby, yes, this is Monday's episode...yikes!!

Here are some notes that I took for last night's episode:

Rosario and Mercy are sitting in the living room with Paloma. Mercy is showing Paloma how to count to 5 in English, when the maid comes in to tell her she has a visitor. Mercy tells Rosario to go hide because it is the social worker. Mercy greets the social worker…they talk about Paloma’s adoption. Mercy is very excited until the social worker her tells her that there is someone else interested in adopting Paloma…someone who is as financially capable as she is.

At Blake’s house, Luisa worries that Toña and Fausto will implicate him if they are arrested. Blake is not worried, but if it comes to it, he’ll seek the help of his special contacts—the ones in the green agenda book—which are documented in a code that only he and Luisa can decipher. He thinks twice about it and tells Luisa he will go ahead and prepare any way—he will need someone to blame everything on…a martyr to take the fall for him.

Danilow is surprised that Laura would ask him such a favor and wonders what he could possibly do. Laura tells him he knows people that could help him find something to help Ryan…she thinks that whoever killed Pedro C either worked for El Dorado or was El Dorado himself. She reminds him that he owes her because of what he did to her. Danilow agrees, but asks that the incident be “forgotten” and wants to be friends.

AssBun and Talisman watch a report on Regia’s trial which does not look favorable. AssBun is on the phone with the “patron” who is very worried as he/she is watching the same report. AssBun gives his opinion, But El Dorado apparently shoots it down which does not please AssBun at all. When he hangs up, he tells Talisman that the patron is still upset because of the raid instigated by Blake. He thinks that El Dorado will find a way to get back at the blindman.

Milton is in his office, fiddling with a pencil and thinking when a helper brings him a stack of information he requested. The worker has a list of names of people that have been associated with money laundering. When Milton asks what the last name on the list was, the helper responds, “El Dorado.” Milton looks at his bulletin board full of pictures, including Ryan’s picture, and info he has gathered. He pins another picture on the bulletin board as the wheels in his brain turn (you can almost see them turning) and appears to have come up with a good idea/conclusion.

Ryan thanks Nina for testifying. Ryan and Joe share with her that they still need to find a way to make the judge see the Laura that they know...a good, strong woman. Nina has an idea…finish the video and launch it. Ryan thinks that will help.

LetMe goes back to Chava’s old bakery, but it’s still closed. She leaves another note.
LetMe is back home sewing when Maria walks in. After LetMe asks her why she is so late, maria responds that she was with her friends practicing her English…she wants to get rid of the ugly accent. LetMe gives her a lecture on being true to her heritage, but Maria insists that she is in America now. LetMe asks Maria what is really going on with her and suspects she has a boyfriend. Maria admits to having a boyfriend, but lies about how far she’s gone with him. LetMeBleieveTheLie is relieved and tells Maria that the first time should be special…for love.

Tadeo goes into Horacio’s office because he is disappointed in his check…given all the work has done. Horacio reminds him where her started and tells him he should be glad danilow has given him an opportunity. To appease Tadeo, Horacio tells him he will talk to Danilow to see if he can get him more shows.

At Blake’s house, Blake is on his way out to Aspen (skipping town) with Johnson. He assures Luisa that he is only doing this because he has to; and she understands, he needs to protect himself. He holds her head in his hands, tells her to trust him, and kisses her on the forehead (I was hoping to see if that left a burn mark).


Morgana chides Danilow for leaving her alone. After he admits he is going to the trial to support Laura, she gets upset and they argue which leads to a slap from Danilow that sends Morgana to the bed (not orbit). She gets up, knees him in the groin and starts hitting him. They fall to the floor still fighting, but end up performing the deed. Afterwards, they rest with a blanket over them hiding all the necessary parts…and Danilow still has his boots on (♪♪These boots were made for ***king♪♪)

Back at the prison, Joe gives Laura the good news…he was informed that warrants have been issued for Toña, Fausto, AND Luisa, Laura is surprised about Luisa, but Joe assures her that his informant told him that Blake’s lawyers are going to use Luisa as a fall guy (…gal…whatever).

Toña is talking at her attorney on the phone while Fausto looks out the window. When she hangs up, she tells Fausto that the attorney thinks they should go to Mexico because the cops are already looking for them. As Fausto tells her they shouldn’t have trusted Blake, they hear the sirens. Toña grabs Osiel’s picture and tells Fausto she knows how to escape.
At Blake’s house, Luisa hides the green agenda book in teh desk drawer. When she hears the cops yelling that they have the house surrounded, she kneels in front of the desk and raises her hands. The cops come in to arrest her.

At Furia, Ryan shares with Genesis that they want to finish up the video as a way to improve Laura’s image that will help with her defense. She’s all for it until Ryan tells her someone else will help too…in walks Nina. Genesis does not look happy. A little later, Genesis, Franco and Nina are together discussing what needs to be done to finish the video. Nina gives some ideas, but Genesis shoots them down and gives her own ideas which she thinks are better because, after all, she does have more experience in these things.

Laura shares with Joe that she is worried about Ryan going back to trial. She wants to testify that she forced Ryan to use her as a witness in his trial, but Joe doesn’t think anyone will believe that. Laura tells Joe that it will at least buy some time to get some proof of his innocence. She confides in Joe that she has someone who is going to try to find evidence to prove that Ryan didn’t kill Pedro C, but she won’t tell him who is helping her.

Mercy tells Ryan that they can’t try him twice for the same crime. Ryan reminds her that he can be charged through a federal court since the first charge was through the state court.


Part 3
The trial resumes and Joe is requesting that the attempted murder charge be dropped. He also requests that Toña’s and Fausto’s testimony be stricken from the record since they are in the process of being arrested; and their testimony is questionable. The prosecutor objects, but the judge accepts Joe’s request. The prosecutor reminds the judge that Laura still has other charges including using a false identity with which she testified and perjured herself in Ryan’s trial. Joe states he has a special witness he would like to bring in to testify. After the judge agrees, Joe looks to the guard who opens the door…in walks CHAVA!!! (Wooohoo!, Yaaayy!! Dancing a jig!)

Morgana goes to the Furia studio where Ausencio is finishing a macho song. She applauds him and they chat. He notices her long face and she admits it’s because of Danilow. He insinuates that if she were his woman, he’d treat her like a queen…she falls for it.

Back in the courtroom, Chava testifies for Laura. He states that no immigrant comes in to this country with the intention of getting in trouble. They come to work so they can earn money to send back to their families. He adds that, in Laura’s case, it was a life-or-death was for her daughter. The prosecutor asks him if he hadn’t got caught, would he still be doing the same thing. Chava responds that he no longer does that…he has done his time, and he has changed.

After Laura takes the stand, the prosecutor asks her to explain why she gave false testimony at Ryan’s trial…was it her idea or did Ryan force her to testify. As she starts to explain that it was her idea, a stunned Ryan looks at her. She continues to explain that she did it as a way to protect her identity as Estela Carrillo…she was the one that forced Ryan to use her as a witness. The trial is adjourned for the day.

Genesis feels bad about not listening to Steve’s explanation, but it’s too late now…she is seeing someone else and is falling in luuurve. Franco runs over in a panic and tells Nina and Genesis that something happened to the computer and he can’t access the video. They all agree to remake the video even if they have to work all night.
Ryan goes to see Laura at the prison and is very upset with her. He is confident that once the trial is over, Laura will be with him and Paloma. Laura is committed to doing anything she can to assure he doesn’t go back to trial.

Danilow is in his office telling Horacio that he has no intention of finding proof of Ryan’s innocence…he told Laura he would do it just to get on her good side. He would just rather put a bullet in Ryan, but he wants to see Ryan’s face when he takes Furia and Laura from him.

LetMe won’t let Maria go out with Mark or her friends…she wants Mark to come introduce himself to her. Maria gets upset and walks away as the doorbell rings. LetMe thinks it’s the people from Furia that are going to come videotape her for the Regia video, but it’s Chava…whom she is very happy to see. They talk for a while…he tells her he is working at a friend’s bakery and hadn’t contacted her before because he was broke and struggling after they released him from jail. Franco and Genesis arrive to videotape her and Chava leaves (the popcorn machine still lives).

Mercy is in her bedroom with towel-covered Joe. They talk about Paloma’s adoption. Joe thinks Mercy is moving too fast…Laura may be acquitted, but Mercy is pessimistic about that and just wants to follow through with her promise to Laura…to protect Paloma. Joe is skeptical about Mercy’s true intentions…or the reason behind it.

Part 4

Next Day—
Everyone is at the courthouse—after Danilo asks Morgana why she is there, she responds she wants to see Laura condemned. As they separate, Morgana runs into Mercy and chides her about Ryan losing his chance to get the 20%. Mercy assures her that, before they claim the 20%, she is going to demand a DNA test. Genesis talks to Steve and admits she was wrong to not have listened to him, but everything happens for a reason…she hopes they will be friends. Chava and LetMe are sitting inside the courtroom…and Blake sits beside them. The prosecutor presents his summation…he thinks Laura is a threat to national security. Joe presents his summation and shows the video.

The verdict is in—For the charge of attempted murder of Toña and Fausto – not guilty. For the charges of murder of Osiel, kidnapping Paloma, and using a false identity—GUILTY!!!

Thank Yoooou. Yeah, my opinion of DaniLow continues to grow. First let me say I DO NOT advocate physical violence or murder or domestic violence, UNLESS they have pissed me off. That said, the MorGotaBigMouthToo smackdown was very satisfying. And wearing your Tony Lamas to San Fran and BACK gets points..... Were made for WHAT? Nancy. They have a rambunctious way of foreplay, must be a bit of kitty cat in both of them, but need a bit more screaming and howling.

The look on Luisa's face when Blake talked about a ScapeGoat (sorry Goatdom) said she already knew her fate.

Remember all those Honeys in Ryan's flashbacks of his mourning RealStela's leaving him? He needs to see if a few are still single, time to move on.

OK Wilting Milton: He had a big 'Dragnet' looking spider web on his board with pictures and names of all the key players and lines all over around from one to another to denote their links. His is trying to put together a loose Org Chart if you will, and trying to get a graphic of where all the lines converge. Pretty sharp for a reporter, a pretty good investigative reporter, unless he is actually with the FBI or some other Law Enforcement agency.

His helper is ironically named Horacio too.

I'm so upset right now, I feel like stomping my feet like a child. So sorry for the spoilers, guys! I guess this will be a stress free weekend, right?

Adriana Noel, we perfectly understand. You have so much on your plate right now, it's a wonder how you manage are a woman to be admired.

Kirby, I burst out laughing when I saw Danilow had his boots on. I would have understoon if he also had his pants on, but he actually took off his pants and put his boots back on!

Milton looked like he was lost in amazed me that he was able to have a conversation.

Adriana don't worry about it. I like it to tell you the truth. Like a bonus. What's better than Adriana or RGV on a Saturday morning?


(((Adriana)))..Thank you for your hard work. I do not care about bring spoiled. It will actually help me enjoy Monday's episode better. No worries.

Chickie..thank you for that detailed recounting. When I saw Milton's bulletin board , I immediately thought of "Homeland." If any of you watch that show, you know that Carrie, the CIA agent uses that same technique to catch bad guys. She is some kind of bipolar savant. I have been wondering for a while if Milton is actually some kind of government agent.

"The first time should be special"... Meaning ...not holding onto the paper towel dispenser in the boys' bathroom. I am so tired of Marymaria and her blonde frizzyvhair and her mean teen ways. Basta.

Sunny and hot here. Have a good weekend.

Unless DaniLow's pants are so loose that the pant legs will go over the boots. My Levi's won't even discuss it and are snug on the boots normally.

So I can't explain it but it cancelled three death wishes from me.

Thanks, Rgv Chick. Fab job.

I think we're suppose to believe Danilo is some kind of Houdini who can get his pants off without removing those boots. Maybe the pants are spandex?

Luisa seemed to be wearing a guard uniform. She's got something up her sleeve.

LetMeBleieveTheLie is relieved and tells Maria that the first time should be special

I suppose some would say a grungy public bathroom stall could be special. Poor Maria, but at least she's got Chava back as a friend.

Joe's closing argument using Laura's "We Are Women" video fell flat with me. Joe, sorry but you didn't bring out your inner Atticus Finch with that move. But unbelievable that a young women forced into sex slavery would be convicted of murdering one of her captors. At the most, it should've been ruled involuntary manslaughter.

Adriana - No worries. You were a doll to fit the recap into your busy schedule and take time from your adorable cutie. Now we're all set for Monday. Looking forward to your recap.

Hey, let's just suppose for a minute, that Milton IS with some agency. (With me RGV?) FBI, IRS, CIA, League of Space Robots, whatever, and he continues to dig aaround and get the scoop on the money laundering, Blake, LOGAN, and them all, thanks in part to Laura.

During the prosecution of all the above Laura's story is corroborated, and she is exonerated partially based on the testimony of the Federal Agent (Milton) who made it all happen. On appeal she is found not guilty and Paloma gets her Mama back.

DaniLow dies with his boots on.

.....while bunnyhopping with Morgana. I just thought that I would finish your thought, Kirby.

And I have a quick easy little question for LetMe: If your Mexican heritage is sooo sacred, and you do not want to learn to fit in in your new country, why not save ALL us some aggravation and GO HOME.

And as a matter of fact, if it were my country I would stay and fix it rather than run away to another country leaving my countrymen to sort it out.

One word Doritos. I'm still wondering about the towel bar. I saw one of those ceramic ones pop right off the wall once

With ole Morgana, maybe he needs his boots to stay in the saddle. That pony looks like it bucks a lot.


Gee, I missed a lot, especially Monday's gratuitous recap. Back in the saddle, so to speak....

RgvChick, Alfredo, Kirby, and everyone who participates in recapping, reviewing this (god-awful) tn with so many unbelievable set-ups it has become a comedy without even trying. What's not to love, eh?

I think Danilow took off his boots first, took off his pants and then said wait a min hon, while I put my boots back on...don't RealMen want to die with their boots on?

I don't understand. Can a U.S. court can find someone guilty of a capital crime committed in Mexico? I know there has to be some kind of connection, like drug trafficking, people trafficking, money laundering and such, but Laura did none of these. Yes, to the kidnapping and other charges, but certainly not 20 years. That was just to make us all gasp.

Kirby, your idea about Milton may just help Laura out of jail...even if it may be under probation terms. However, based on what the social worker (or somebody) said some time back, would Laura still be allowed to keep Paloma? Laura probably has to be completely exonerated.

I was completely annoyed with LetMe...She has completely lost control and respect from Maria. Although I'm glad Chava is back, I think he deserves someone much better than LetMe.

I meant to leave y'all a great big thank you. It was great reading while I was away. Don't need to see any episodes to feel caught up.

RgvChick--At least LetMeDoIt is not afraid of hard work. Did you get a load of all the material she had stacked up? It'll last her at least a year to get all those costumes done. Will she have to make them larger and larger to accommodate MorGanAss' growing panza (fake or not)?

Anita, I agree with how ridiculous the sentence is, but this is also the TN that sent Rosario to prison for at least 15 years for "kidnapping" her own son. So Laura probably got off easy based on the TN punishment rule book.

Anita, yeah, I noticed all the work LetMe had now which is good for her, but keeps her from keeping tabs on her kids. In regards to her making larger clothes for Morgana, how would she be able to do that if Morgana won't let her touch her...for measurement?

Mercy made it clear in no uncertain terms that if and when Morgana produces little Master 20% she WILL have a DNA test. So when MorGotNoGame is at the next Mensa get together, maybe she should ask around, and see if any of the other Einsteins have an idea. She doesn't want the results to be "Ms. Morgana Santos and Wamsutta".

Kirby, yeah, Mercy is not going to accept that pillow unless she gets a DNA test...which may lead Morgana to try to falsify the result somehow. What worries me about Mercy, is that it seems she is actually hoping Laura is sent to jail so she can keep Paloma. Even if Laura gets acquitted, Mercy may try to find a way to make Laura out to be unfit for caring for Paloma...and I think Joe suspects that too.

Chikie that was already on my radar, that Mercy is understandably very attached to Paloma, enough so to put her (Mercy's) wants above all else except for the welfare of Paloma.

There were a couple of little clues where Merc said something to the effect of "Well, Laura or Estela whatever she calls herself has done some unsavory things." when everyone else on the defense side was simply overlooking Laura's transgressions and focusing on her reasons and her defense.

Speaking of Joe, you hens finally got to see him shirtless, and he has nice arms, I'm surprised the patio isn't all atwitter over that. :-) I am sure you all have room in your hearts for more than one TeleNovio.

If they would tell us how Merc disposed of her mystery child maybe we would be a little more understanding, but she is about as bad as DaniLow, in that there is a lot to like and to hate.

Thanks, all. I jumped back in to see if I'm in the dog house for spoiling one of the big events of this tn, but you're all great. I usually check the Univision site to make sure what episode to watch, but this time I actually watched way in advance because my daughter's godparents are visiting this weekend.

I don't have any kind of respect for people who come to a foreign country and refuse to assimilate. I actually have french friends who tell me they've never seen someone so interested and willing to adopt a different culture. I'm only doing the best I can to adapt and be prepared for when my daughter starts asking questions. Another black ball for LetMe, I think...
Mercy is not to be trusted around Paloma, IMO...

Adriana, I didn't get to read your recap (drat) but looking forward to reading it after Monday's episode airs. You have been so dedicated despite a schedule that would exhaust anyone. As time is one of the most precious gifts we hav, you have shared your so generously.

Rgv Chick, fantastic recap.

"He would just rather put a bullet in Ryan, but he wants to see Ryan’s face when he takes Furia and Laura from him". His delusional words and behavior are incomprehensible. Does he actually believe that for even a moment? I have to say though that I smiled at the boots. He is loathsome - agreed but I can't quite totally hate him.

"there is someone else interested in adopting Paloma…someone who is as financially capable as she is". Hmm. Could it possibly be?? I'm hanging onto the illusion that Cesar Evora is still alive and that the potential adopter is none other than Ryan and Dan's daddy. We know it's not Blake. Who else would have such a vested interest??

Niecie, no Joe didn't bring his "inner Atticus Finch", did he? :) I thought the video was horrendous. I sense music will not be part of Nina's future. I'd tell her to stick with her day job, but I really do wish something better for her.

Genesis is falling in love? What a bitter pill she will be swallowing soon.

I gather badbun and ED are not in agreement on several matters. Perhaps he should take a page from the devoted Luisa's book. Loyalty at all costs. I have to say when Luisa knelt in the house as though she were offering herself up as some sort of saint, I threw up a bit in my mouth.

I'm delighted Chava is back but am totally confused as to what is going on in Milton's mind.

Kirby, what a spectacular pink bird. I'm in awe.

Welcome back Anita! You've been missed.

Thank you Rgv Chick, this was great.


Adriana..yes, I have taught foreign students for a long time and most of them want to assimilate. Usually, if they speak to their children in their native language, the children answer in English. It is just the way it is. I once had a young guy who always wore a pair of slacks and a nice shirt to class. One spring day, he came to school wearing a tank top and shorts. He told me that his father would kill him of he wore the outfit to school in his country! He asked me what I thought about his outfit, and I said ," It looks like you are going to the beach." I know that Americans have become very casual in their dress, but some times people are too casual ! It is a fine line. In almost every other country, students wear uniforms to school at all levels and often they have to follow rules about hairstyles, too.

Diana, I think the other person interested in adopting Paloma actually is Blake. He/His lawyers had started the all the paperwork for it...that was back when he told Luisa he was going to change her name to Brittany...mainly to aggravate Laura. But now that he is supposed to be off to Aspen (which apparently he isn't since he's sitting in the courtroom), he might put the adoption on the backburner...or not.

I agree with all the comments regarding assimilating into a (new) country, It only stands to reason that people need embrace the language and customs of whichever country they live...but not at the expense of denying your heritage and/or being ashamed of your family...which is what Maria is doing. I don't think LetMe is trying to keep Maria from assimilating; she just wants her to be proud of who she is and where she came from.

Kirby, I did notice Joe in the towel, but I still have AssBun's image engraved in my mind (when Genesis leaned back in the chair and he went toward her with that sensuous smile and seductive look....wowowoweee!!)

Niecie and Diana, you have my vote...the video was horrendous...if anything, it had the opposite effect than what Joe expected.

Thanks Rgv Chick. I mistakenly thought the court had discounted Blake as they let her stay with Mercy.

I can't believe they would actually consider his application but I guess anything is possible.

Kirby, Joe does nothing for me. Towel or not :) I'm with Rgv Chick - badbun has it all. Oh, except heart. But the man is hawt.


Susanlynn, you give a very interesting peespective into foreigners life. All my close friends are doing their best to assimilate, but we still celebrate in our way and have things that will never make us forget who we are. And their kids all prefer to speak French but can speak two languages
Seeing your enemy suffer bacause of actions you caused directly gives a type of satisfaction that is much more powerful than simple death. Danilow is the type of villain who won't be happy until he sees Ryan lose everything and crawl ... and then maybe he will reserve himself the pleasure to kill him.

"and then maybe he will reserve himself the pleasure to kill him." Adriana you are right, fortunately Dani-LOW is actually near the BOTTOM of the food chain and will probably not live long enough to accomplish any of that. Part of the reason is that he doesn't know he is near the bottom, but rather thinks he is the big fish.

Thanks, Rgv Chick! Yeah - slapping, but not into orbit. Not yet. LOL at your shoutout to the popcorn machine!

As soon as Blake said "trust me" to Luisa, I knew he was fixing to throw her under the bus. He'd better hope a bus will be enough, because she doesn't strike me as someone who reacts well if her trust is abused. I assume the deal is that her incarceration will be brief and he'll get her out quickly, but I wouldn't trust that guy any farther than he can see.

So, do all of you have a big corkboard covered with photos of people, and string or tape connecting all of them together? Is this a thing now? I see it on TV so often now that I'm beginning to feel left out.

"Mercy tells Ryan that they can’t try him twice for the same crime." They can if the first trial is declared a mistrial, right? Wouldn't having an imposter for a witness be grounds for a mistrial? I guess it doesn't wonder if he can be tried in a different court anyway, but whatever.

I agree that Mercy is hoping Laura goes to jail so she can keep Paloma. I have no idea why the state is entertaining Blake's offer to adopt her - he has no connection to the child except for when he wanted to harvest her organs. Oh and the time he KIDNAPPED her and Laura.

And actually, when you offer to adopt a child, do you get to skip to the front of the line, or pick out a specific child that you're not related to? I guess his connections are really, really good.

Laura is a threat to national security? Yeah, right.

Regarding Maria and Leticia, I think Leticia was irked mainly because Maria used the term "India" to describe her accent. In other TNs I've seen, "Indio" or "India" is a derogatory term that snooty light-skinned rich Mexicans use to insult their dark-skinned poor laborers. Sure, Maria should assimilate - but assimilate with the nice people. Not the douchebags!

Oh, Morgana actually sabotaged the video - she poured coffee over something. Am I the only person in the world who compulsively makes backup copies of everything?

Say, hasn't there been any investigation into Tom's death? I mean, when a man dies with five finger-shaped bruises on his neck, don't they consider that suspicious?

Julie, no, you're not alone in making back up copies of everything...I'm with you. And, yes, according to LetMe, they were investigating Tom's death...they asked LetMe if he had any enemies...of course I doubt she volunteered any information about him stealing money.

"Leticia was irked mainly because Maria used the term "India" to describe her accent" ITA, that's exactly what got LetMe riled up the most. I was not aware that term was used as a derogatory I know, thanks!


I'm not sure if it's a reference to people from India, or if it refers to Native Americans (Aztecs or whatever), but it was at that moment that Leticia looked up from her sewing!

Julie, it refers to indigenous native Mexicans ...just looked it up :-)

Interesting... Franco wants to check the camera to see who sabotaged the video, and Genesis says they don't have time for that right now. Will they remember/be able to check it later?

Oh, thanks for looking that up, Rgv. Damn, that's a feeble way to insult someone.

Hey all! Sorry Ive been away, buay couple of days. I finally caughr up and wow! Ultimas semanas has been great thus far and Monday begins Ultimos capitulos which ar going to get even crazier.

A big, big thank you to RGVChick and Adriana for keeping us going. I didnt catch the recap this morning but I will this Monday ;)

As much as it sucks, I appreciate the fact that Laustela is going to jail for its realism. Regardless of the reason she stole an identity and a child as well. It sucks but its the truth.

As for Luisa, la pobre, Has it only been 3 or 4 years since she met Blake. Thats some loyalty. I hope they carch Fausto and Tona soon before they cause anymore damage.

Maria denying her heritage os horrible. Assimilating is one thing but burning the roots is way too much. As for tadeo, I hope he finds a better job sooon because hes being taken advantage of. I was shocked Chavalin looked Leticia up. She still seems clueless.

Morgana is sure a jealous piece of work but I cheered when she kicked Danilo. Fibally someobe did it.

I wonder if they will be able to launder the money now or if the missing doc will lead to their downfall?

OT..Julie, I thought of you today when I googled Comicon 2017 because I saw a trailer for a new comedy on Fox which is a parody of Star Trek by Seth McFarlane called " Orville." It looks pretty funny . Also, Downward Dog is cancelled, but I do love the Beneful dog food commercial with the talking dog..much better .

Chickie, I also thought of you today. It was 90 and muggy all day. Then, as we left the restaurant after Hubba's birthday dunner, the sky opened up and it poured. We got soaked because I left the umbrella in the car. Wish that I could send some of this rain your way.

Adriana.. I used to get a lot of older students who had already been to college in their countries. Doctors, lawyers, etc. However, for the last ten years or so, I am getting a lot of teens who go to high school here for two or three years , but they still need more English help to attend college, especially help in grammar , composition, and academic level vocabulary. Their speaking and listening abilities are good as is their pronunciation, but they often pick up many bad behavior habits when they attend our high schools .

Oh thanks for reminding me, Julie. I am all for Steve and Nina but poor Genesis doesnt deserve Asdrubal. I hope Franco remembers too. I half expected her to say the camera was busted. Thank god it wasnt at least.

(Still watching the episode)... damn, Joe IS fine. Now I want to see Horacio with his shirt off so I can compare them.

Leticia is lucky Chavalin doesn't hold a grudge.

I think a couple of Laura's "friends" from Riverside are in the courtroom? Nice of them to make time for her hanging. >:-(


Yeah I saw that. They all sucked except for Emily, who wasnt that much better but helped in the beginninh I think.

I wonder if they will resolve the everwood association thing or just let it sit.

Susanlynn - yes, I'm looking forward to Orville. I won't miss Downward Dog.

Alfredo, Emily did let Laura borrow her lipstick at the restaurant, but when Laura showed up at the foundation the next day Emily was among the mob who turned against her. On the bright side, she is now painting her lips with something that touched a restroom wall.

Everwood will probably have a grand re-opening in the final episode with a swimming pool, tennis courts and a wisecracking robot that gives piano lessons.

And a popcorn machine from an anonymous donor.

I missed the beginning of Genesis and Badbun's office tryst. I surfed into the episode as they were hiding behind the dark as Mercy came in and started picking up garments from the floor! In think that Joe is very handsome, but his helmet hair reminds me of those Funko dolls. ,(,goggle them,,) I need Joe to let his hair down. Literally. Does it stay that way when he and Mercy are bunnyhopping?

Not dark. Desk..note to self,remember to proofread

I was thinking more in the first episodes. She was most unhelpful during her mob era lol

Susanlynn, I googled the funko dolls and jamie fraser is the second one that came up ;)

Oh yeah, Funko. They make Power Rangers, too.

I don't like Joe's hair, and I think Horacio looks a lot like him, but from the neck down they're not bad.

Alfredo, I read on CompuServe that the Jamie Fraser doll was $10.00 when it was first on sale a few years ago ,and now it is worth $150.00. The main actors are at coming con. You can see their interviews on YouTube. To me, Joe's hair looks like a Funko doll . Let your hair down , Joe.

Julie..I saw photos of the panel for Justice League at Comi con. The actor playing Aquaman looked kind of scary and unkempt. another bubble bursts.

No..$180.00 . And. ..That is comi con..that mistake is autocorrect,'s fault. I only had one whiskey sour at dinner..honest. I am just careless and autocorrect hates me.

Wowow funny how that happens huh? I think GoT was probably the same. I read the other day that it was a disaster when the first pilot was filmed. Amazing how its a the phenomeon it is now.

Yeah the person who invented Autocorrect can go to hello. :-)

I hadn't noticed the 2 ladies from Evereood in the courtroom so I rewatched that scene. I had also missed MorGumStretcher playing with her gum...gross! She stretched it out quite a bit and twirled it around her didn't even stick to her finger...then she puts it back in her mouth...yuck!

SusanLynn, thanks for the kind thought today...we only got up to 99 today and the afternoon was quite breezy which helped...under the shade.

I just watched "Hacksaw Ridge" (only because Dish has a free promo for HBO this weekend...haha). If you haven't seen it, I recommend that is a real life hero! BTW, I just saw it today because I'm just not a (theater) movie type...

Oh Susanlynn, there's a short video clip of AssBun's and Genesis's tryst on the Univision website.

Thank you RgVChick for your quickly recap. It's a keeper. Ol blindblake: "You do understand my dear, I'm only throwing you under the Bus to protect myself, awhile in the Clink won't be so bad"(Im paraphrasing). But he is such an ass. He might as well had said that to her.Jerkass!

That wig Maria is wearing looks really terrible. And I think it's going to take more than a few sessions to get rid of her accent. Poor stupid girl.

When I saw todao come into that office to complain about that paycheck I was thinking $169.00,lol.I'd be pist too.
But I really hope it was more than
That. Of course Danilo is cheap. Lol.
I don't know why I'm laughing about it cuz it's not funny. Danilo is in such deep Doodoo. He has no idea of the depth of The septic tank he's swimming in.
Joe is right sneaky mercy does have an
Ulterior motive. She wants paloma to
Call her moma. Sneaky mercy.

Is so gray. How long was he in jail?

And who brought blindblake to court? Since Louisa is under the Bus so he can protect himself. Cuz he's so darn
Important. I'd like to know lu's back story.How'd she get involved with this

It sucks. When will the nightmare be

That DA:Laura is a threat to "national
Security"? She's gonna blowup all the
Whore houses so he and his posse can't
Frequent them. Is he serious? A threat
To national security. How stupid. He said that with a straight face too.

Ryan and Steve should go on another of
Those field trips and find the green
Tablet that lu hid so well in the desk
Drawer. Lol.

Thanks again RvG Chick.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yep NiNa if Laura were to blow up all the whorehouses, Caesar's cut off.

He was having a dry spell in VEA too. :-)

And I don't think a Vest or Bun will help him.

Chickie, Our son in law recommended "Hacksaw" to Hubba yesterday when we told him we had seen "Dunkirk." We found it on HBO, but we have not watched it yet. Is it very bloody?

More rain predicted today and tomorrow here...muggy now.

Off to a birthday breakfast with family. Later.

Good Morning!! It's a nice start to the day here in the RGV...waiting for the heat to come in.

Kirby, yep, the prosecutor/Cesar in VEA truly had a dry spell...and he was evil in ELCDLP.

SusanLynn, I think you'll really like "Hacksaw Ridge." There are a couple of bloody scenes during the second half of the movie (since it was during the battle at Hacksaw Ridge) but it was minimal compared to the rest of the movie (I checked in on the patio during those scenes :-).

Have a happy, peaceful Sunday!

Nina, you crack me up. :-)

Julie..stopped at Target...They have Wonder Woman dolls complete with sword and Power Ranger plush pillows .

Happy sunday people.We had a nice rain storm here in North Florida, but it's muggy. The grass and weeds are happy. The beach is over crowded, but it's summer it's suppose to be.
When morganotpregnant and Daniboo was
Fighting (if you can call it that),its forePlay on the floor, I was thinking if they don't stop she's going to hurt the baby then I remembered she's not pregnant, it's just a pillow. They did
Move if but he kept the boots on. The
Hotel should steam clean the floor later.

LOL Nina, if I were teh hotel owner I'd probably replace the carpet. I liked the way MorGotSpunk fought back--knee in the groin and that headbutt looked like it could have really hurt!..knocked the stallion right off his feet but not out of his boots :-)

Yeah we are having what looks like feeder bands down here in Sorrysota, but they are not. No Hurricanes yet.

NiNa you are right again about MorGotNuttin. I started watching this show strictly to see her.... booty shakin'. and now I am still watching it to see her,...... IN A CASKET. Nasty Ho.

Hugs and kisses patio pals. Happy Sunday.

Did they let our Protagonista try on the gloves ?

LOL, Steve, no gloves in this case...just guns and rocks.

Nina, the same thing happened to me - "oh right, she's not really pregnant!"

Steve, with Laura's luck, the gloves would have fit.

Kirby those squirrels never miss a photo opp.They live for their closeup.
"<●><●> we're ready for our close-up Mr.Johnson" Lol. I was hoping laura
Wouldn't end up in jail,so she wouldn't Run into somebody that hates her.Yall Know what's comin.

Yeah I just realized this afternoon... isn't Luisa in jail? Will they be in the same facility? (In real life, I doubt it... but on TV all possibilities are open!)

Oh my, if they're in the same facility, Luisa may try to make Laura her sweetheart :-/

Since there was a bleep every time Luisa spoke to Laura, I'm not sure whether she wants to kill her or marry her. :-)

I pay those squirrels handsomely to pose for me. The girls down at the Farmer's Co-op could not figure what I was doing buying raw peanuts 10 pounds at a time. I am too slim to have been eating them and my shoes just don't look like a peanut farmer's.

They have shown us how much Luisa must hate Laura, but we still don't exactly know why. BlindAssGonaDie supposedly rescued her from a drug addiction or something and I guess saved her life, so she feels beholden, but her thing for Laura, who knows.

A squirrel will take risks which would send Ryan or Danilow quivering with terror for ONE peanut. They dart in front of speeding cars (and MOTORCYCLES) on a dare from another squirrel safely in a tree.

Squirrels are fearless!

It's gonna be a love/hate relationship...does Luisa wear boots? :-D

Kirby, cute squirrel, but that rifle caught my eye...what kind?

What do a peanut farmer's shoes look like? Google wasn't sure.

I assume the rifle belongs to the squirrel? They really should arm themselves...

Yeah, Luisa did seem interested in Laura. Luisa is another mystery.

Chickie, I started watching "Hacksaw" with Hubba, but I had to leave just now after they climbed that ridge. My Uncle Artie was a teenaged Marine in Okinawa. He came home , but my mother told me that he was pretty shaken up and never talked about what he experienced there except with his father. Miraculously, he went on to marry, have two daughters, and lead a happy life. He is still living. I just could not watch the Carnage play out on screen. He is my favorite uncle. He had a brother in the army and one in the air Force , and his sister's husband was in the Navy. They all came home.

re Squirrels as thrill seekers.....yes, while walking on a back road behind the house, I saw one leap from one high tree branch to another...and barely make it.

Rifle..350 Savage?


Noooo little BB gun. It is a multi-pump which you can not pump the required number of times to make it shoot very soft. I was having some problems with murderous male squirrels when Lucky (the squirrel) was a baby but wanted to go exploring. So a couple pumps just gave the offenders a memorable suggestion.

A peanut farmer's shoes are covered in red clay dirt.

Yes at the time everything belonged to the squirrel.

I don't normally interfere in Nature, but one of these bullies had already bit a chunk out of his ear, so I had to go against my principals. And assistant principal too. When he got bigger he could defend himself and no longer needed me protection. I taught him to fight as best as a human could, but the adults would gang up on him.

SusanLynn, I'm so glad your uncles made it home. I can understand why you weren't able to finish the movie. Despite the carnage (which I avoided seeing), the movie is really good and what Desmond Doss did was short of a miracle...and he never used a weapon.

Kirby, nice BB gun. I had thought of buying a BB gun, I really would hate to kill anything, but I figured the "critters" I want to get rid of wouldn't be phased by a BB Gun.

Kirby, I understand about going against one's principles...but if I have to choose between my goats and chickens or the predators, I'll do anything to protect my "pets."

Chickie...Are the predators coyotes?

RGV exactly. The squirrel in question I rescued when he was first born, waaaaay before his eyes were even open. After all it takes to keep a newborn rodent alive I was not sacrificing him to my principals about Nature.

We have the Queen Palms lining our streets and the tree trimmers didn't see the nest and killed all but one which miraculously fell into the St Augustine grass. I hear a squeak after the trimmers left and there was this little peanut sized rat tail down in the grass. Took it home and figured out how to be a Mama squirrel.

BTW some of the newer pellet guns shoot almost like a .22. I have a Beeman which is cut for a normal scope and it has a laser sight also. Shoots 22 pellets and will almost get through a half inch plywood at about 60 or 70 feet.

Kirby, yes coyotes, although lately I suspect a looks quite smaller than the usual coyotes I see and I've seen it climb over a 6 foot fence.

Amazing how the "mother" in us comes out when a baby is in desperate need of care and protection. The baby squirrel truly is "Lucky" to have had you as its mom :-)

I'll take a look at those newer pellet guns, thanks for the info.

Oops, SUSANLYNN, yes eyes are tired and your question just seemed to mesh with Kirby's comment. Time to rest...zzzzzzzzzz

Those squirrels are either fearless are just crazy. I hate to see them dart Out in front of a car. I was coming home from work one day and I was driving down the road and this little squirrel ran out in front of my car,I was thinking stop you stupid squirrel go back he stopped right in front of my car and I thought you know what, he's probably like the under the car and I'm thinking he ran and I just rolling right over him. I said oh my gosh I never hit anything in my life and I could not even look back. I really hated that.

Chickie..We had foxes at our farm. Then, Hubba saw a coyote there , and now no more foxes. He wonders if the coyotes killed the foxes. He also saw a coyote after someone's cat, but the cat defended itself and scared the coyote off ! I have never seen a coyote. We used to have lots of bunnies and squirrels in our backyard, but I now never see any. We wonder if the coyotes got them. I guess that they look like mangy dogs. They were never around this area when I was growing up.

SusanLynn, female coyotes will go after small animals, i.e., rabbits, chickens, squirrels, cats but male coyotes will also kill larger animals like baby goats, lambs, foxes, etc. I have lots of squirrels and bunnies around here. Sometimes I notice that the population goes down so I figure it's the coyotes...or hawks, they take smaller animals too.

Hi, Chickie , we have hawks around here, too, but not as many as we used to have. We used to often see them circling above the woods around us. Sometimes, you pass a field around here and you see a silhouette of a coyote the farmers think will scare the crows away from their crops. It did fool Hubba and I the first time that we saw one.

Good Morning!

SusanLynn, yes, sometimes I mistake dogs for coyotes...same size, same color. BTW, some dogs kill baby goats and lambs too, especially when they're in packs. AND, I have heard that coyotes and dogs can mate, so there are dogotes out there too.

Anxious to see what happens this week...avances were spoilers, but the excitement is unwavering.

Good morning, Caraymates! After Monday's episode, Doble Vida doesn't air again until Thursday. Tuesday has 2 hours of Jose de Egipto and Wednesday the Concacaf Gold Cup final (USA vs Jamaica).

Whaaat!! That's a real bummer! Thanks for letting us know Niecie. :-((

Kiiirrby! Where aaare youuu? We need a pic to lift our spirits...

Our rabbit population (small as it was) was decimated years ago by coyotes.

I haven't seen coyotes in years but am thrilled to report we have not one but two rabbits that come and feed in our yard. Rgv Chick, they can climb 6 foot fences??

Kirby, I'm very impressed by your nurturing skills. The animal population in your area is very lucky to have you!!

Niecie, yes, we will have to get our "fix" in tonight's show. I can't believe they are preempting our show for two nights.

Happy Monday all!


Diana, I couldn't believe it either, but yes, I have seen the fox/small coyote (it's dark so I can't tell which it is) climb over my 6 ft. chain link fence...and there is an 10"x 5' post right next to the fence and the obnoxious critter sometimes just sits there to see what I am going to do. It won't move unless I walk toward it.

Chickie...yikes!! Whatever it is , is very brazen. A few years ago , we were having trouble with raccoons getting into a garbage can filled with cat food . We put bungy cords on it..they still got in...a cement block on top..still got in.Animals can be very persistent!

P.s. Are the flowers in your photo in your yard? They are beautiful. I have never seen a flower like that before.

SusanLynn, yes, these are plants I have/have had in my yard. That new one is an exotic hibiscus.

" I have heard that coyotes and dogs can mate, so there are dogotes out there too." Yeah we saw that the other night but the bitch is sterile.

Pretty nice for a Hibiscus Chikie. Our Flor-I-Duh ones do not compare, but they grow about three feet per month, it seems.

omg baby squirrel [hyperventilate] [THUD]

Now that is a picture that will make anyone's day...thank you Kirby!!

Julie, are you okay? Do you need a brown bag to breathe in?

Anyone have smelling salts for Julie?

Julie, look at the little baby squirrel shit on my hand. A small orange on my pointing finger near his face. When they are little they go anywhere and everywhere. Even as he got big enough to climb his favorites were my head and shirt.

But this one is still up in Paloma level. Google squares off the pics and you can't see the back feet. He is WORKING that bottle.


Oh my.

I am tickled pink. That is one of the sweetest shots I've ever seen. He looks so tiny and fragile. What a little sweetheart.

Add that gorgeous pink flower? Perfection Rgv Chick.

Kirby, your picture was a delight. Pure and simple.

Thank you for lifting spirits and making hearts a bit happier today.



Looked at it full size in Google - amazing...

You've charmed all those in your orbit Kirby.


Even their poops are cute!! Sort of.

Wooow...amazing, Kirby!! You're caring and generosity are truly admirable.

Oh Gosh, blushing and lots of tail wagging.

Wag more, bark less.

Happy Monday.

Oh, my. I turn away for a day and we devolve from prison sentences, Luisa in boots, Danilo wrestling with tight pants and pillow pregnancies to foxes, coyotes, goats, raccoons, the 10 lives of adorable baby squirrels and beautiful flowers (in English, no less). What better way to keep up our spirits in this rather depressing period of DV. It's great to be a part of this blog. One never knows where it's going or where it's going to end up.

Principals be dam*ed, bring on the Doritos (or Fritos, in my case--I'm old fashioned and Fritos don't leave my fingers a telltale orange--of course Cheetos are the worst for singling out the guilty ones).

Now that I'm in an upbeat mood with the sweet squirrels and lovely flower...

And yes Julie, even the poop is "kinda" cute. LOL.

I've been thinking about Luisa (talk about darkening even the sunniest day)...

I'm curious as to why she seems particularly venomous against Laura. I really can't imagine what fate Blake rescued her from that made her so subservient.

I can't imagine there is any story that would soften me toward her. Could she really have lived through anything worse that Laura? I sincerely doubt it.

I hope Laura has a few hidden weapons - she is likely going to need them.


Yum. I love Cheetos Anita!

Diana (with the orange fingers)


I was wondering the same thing about Luisa, what has Laura done to her?
Miss Geneasy was pretty darn frosty to Nina when they were asked to work together on the ineffective rescue video for Laura. Nina must have pulled her aside during a commercial because soon they were seen talking about how unfair Geneasy had actually been to Steve.

Geneasy then was of the attitude that all is not lost though, as she really likes the new guy, so there is no point wasting effort apologizing and patching things up with Steve. Oh if she only knew. And Steve, you dodged a bullet.


Yeah, Anita, our little patio seems to be just fine with a minimum of rules.
Maybe only one: 'Don't be a Jackass, unless it is really funny."

I've wondered if Blake is blackmailing Luisa - maybe he's imprisoned a relative of hers or something. Maybe Paloma is her biological child? Probably not... but it seems like it must be something personal.

Next round of speculation: First I thought El D was a woman (most likely RealStela). Then I thought it might be a kid. Now I'm thinking, maybe it's RealStela AND her child, who is also Ryan's kid that Ryan doesn't know about.

I also thought maybe it was someone who's bedridden or paralyzed that BunMan wants to keep hidden to protect them, but I like Estela & child better.

Anita, I prefer Fritos myself... so Fritos it is. (Fritos they are?) The worst offender for staining fingers is Takis, though. Once you get that powder under your nails, they'll be red for days.

I just put my muzzle down in the bag, then lick my nose. Nobody is the wiser that I've been in detention, except the whole patio who were there too. :-)

Some of the looks Luisa have given Blake, if looks could kill, Oh Wait, he never saw them did he?
He has something on her, as she wouldn't go to jail in defense of him out of sheer gratitude.

Jewels: You mean Estela and BunBrat? Maybe Bun and Estela had a baby. Yikes. Geneasy claims he knows how it is done.

Well, well, well. I have been innocently swimming , and it looks like people have been lining up outside the assistant principal's office thinking about which snacks to smuggle in. Julie...I do not know what Takis is. I like salsa and Tositos , I also like Smart food cheese popcorn. Okay, count me in on detention Hall. To make it worth my while, let me just say that the Outlander cast has been at ComiCon (,Julie..Gal Gadot was there , too)and I have been watching loads of photos and videos of interviews and trailers for season 3 featuring my book boyfriend...but he cut his hair.

"Don't be a jackass, unless it is really funny." Words to live by. I can tolerate a jackass who is funny..but not unfunny jackasses...and I have met a few of them for real.

Well, let's see what happens tonight. I can not remember the previews.p.s. Why was Luisa wearing that odd outfit with the badges when they came to arrest her? Is she in the Boy Scouts
? The Civil Air Patrol?

No BunBrat. I still think BunMan is RealStela's brother. The child is Ryan's.

Susanlynn, I wondered about the patches/badges/insignias on Luisa's outfit too. It looked like a uniform, but I couldn't get a good look. Maybe it was Luisa's School of Self-Defense. Badbun and Realstela are siblings, do you think that they are half siblings sharing Pedro as a dad but with different mothers? I thought that Mercy's lost child was a girl because she has become so smitten by Paloma, but do you think that Badtothebun is Mercy's son?

I am still trying by figure out how Laura has survived after all the abuse we have discovered she has endured.

Yeah, Susanlynn, I think we figured all of this out last week, so now I don't remember how it turned out... But I think Pedro is their dad. They could have the same mother, too, or maybe BunMan is Mercy's but Mrs. Pedro raised them together. (99% sure Estela is not Mercy's because than Ryan would have been fooling around with his sister.)

Oh, right - I was thinking last week that Mercy's child was Paloma's parent, but that takes us in a different direction because it doesn't seem likely that either Estela or BunMan would be Paloma's parents.

Or Mercy could be related to no one that we've met yet, save it for season 2?

And speaking of Season 2, will the real Estela Carrillo be in it? Because otherwise the name doesn't make sense; Laura's been outed as Laura.

"discovered she has endured." Well hard work never killed anyone and remembering my college days, bunny hopping didn't either.


Luisa seemed very willing to go to prison for Blake, so I don't think he is blackmailing her...maybe she has something like Stockholm Syndrome. Her feelings toward Laura are based on whatever Blake has told her which I'm sure were exaggerations or outright lies. I'm not sure that Luisa hated Laura pre-arrest as much as she was annoyed with her for being the focus of Blake's attention...twsited as it may have been. Now that she has been arrested, she will blame Laura for everything and definitely hate her.

Kirby, Geneasy and Nina had their talk and cleared their differences sometime between Morgana pouring coffee on the keyboard and Franco telling Geneasy and Nina that something happened to the was definitely off-screen.

Anita, we brought up all those animals and related info so that if RosyO decides to add some animals to Laura's/Danilow's yellow roof ranch, she'll get some ideas from this blog...hehehe.

Julie and Kirby, the idea of an Estela and Ryan/BunMan baby would make a great storyline.

Kirby, squirrel in your pocket??? that is adorable....I didn't know they were that small.

Julie, it would be a real twist if, for some reason, during Season 2 Laura had to take on the Estela Carillo persona again...far stretch and unlikely, but the title for the TN wouldn't be appropriate anymore.

squirrel in your pocket??? that is adorable....I didn't know they were that small.



Maybe... Estela will have to take on Laura's identity??

And that will be the double-life of Estela Carrillo... one life as herself, another life as Laura.

Or if she's El D right now, she's already led a double life, and living as Laura would mean a triple-life!

Yeah but Kirby, we don't know how big your hand is. Maybe add a penny or a ruler to the picture...

RATS, I've already eaten the squirrel.

Now you all should know better than to ask questions about small details like badges/patches insignias...

From what I can make patch on the top right front of the jacket has the word University on it, the one one the left sleeve looks like it has "The Royals" on the upper part of the patch and something like "Scothsolo" on the bottom part, and the last one I can see clearly is on the lower left front and it says "World Ocean Race Crew."



Yep, Kirby... :-D

I think the jacket is Abercrombie. Or Justice :-)


Chickie .....☔The sky just opened up here, and it is pouring. Wish that I could send some your way.

Happy! Thank you, now I have all the crucial information. Looks you sold a baby squirrel for 75 cents.

World Ocean Race Crew? I admit I'm not a fanatic about wearing the right outfit for every occasion, but that was a strange thing for her to be wearing for an arrest.

I couldn't find "Scothsolo" on Google, but someone named Scoth Solo has a profile on Facebook. I did not look at it. If I had a FB login I'd be tempted to ask him if he knows what Luisa's deal is.

Actually, Julie, Laura is the one that is already leading a triple life--Laura, Estela and Regia! so maybe it'll be RealStela's turn during the second season?

SusanLynn I think I'll just go close my eyes and visualize that rain LOL

Wow..beautiful photo , Kirby. The color is gorgeous.

Julie, I had a typo, it was "Scotchsolo" and there may be a letter or space between the "h" and the "s".

That makes sense, Rgv - that RealStela could have Season 2. What does that mean for Laura? Maybe she and Ryan ride off into the sunset at the end of S1 and we never see them again.

Maybe Luisa decided to wear something that reminds her of a happier time in her life. Maybe something she didn't dare wear around Blake or Johnson.

Maybe Scothsolo is her last name and Royals was the name of her team - or something.

"Scotchsolo" with quotes just finds a bunch of garbage... but Scotch Solo also has a facebook page. (Probably related to Han.)

....or she is actually Scottish ..or she drinks Scotch...or she watches Outlander.

What's a good name for a pocket-sized squirrel? Scotch Solo? (Nun slaps back of hands with ruler. She saw the orange fingers.)

oooh, Anita...I had a flashback of that ruler...ouch!

Okay, just so you know how persistent (obsessive) I can be...check out my avatar...that's the patch on her sleeve!

Chickie..Hey, I call it devotion !! Thanks. Scotch &Solo ??? Is that anything like Scotch &Soda? I could use one of those right now...on the rocks. the Royals??? A team? Was She a softball player?

That looks like a hibiscus to me, Rgv!

I'm familiar with the ruler also. :-(

Oh! I see it in your foto album. The Royal Product, established 67. (So was I!) Scotch & Solo.

Maybe that patch is unrelated to the World Ocean Race Crew thing. Maybe she just likes sewing random patches on her clothes.

SusanLynn, I'll join you "on the rocks" :-)

Julie, yes, the flower is a hibiscus...

and Kirby is probably right, she probably bought the jacket at Abercrombie and it just had a bunch of different patches

Hey all! I was thinking abour the title too and would be down to see realestelas life expanded on, esoecially if she is ED. Maybe it could be realestelas and Lausa and ryan are engulfed in her troubles once again. Also, if there is a cliffhanger....i assume it will.lead into next seasin though I hope this doesnt become a "super series." As it stands i would be happy with an 100 episode, one season story, but alas, I dont make these things.

I am super.excited for tonight too although we wont see this till thrusday

Girl Scout badges?

Hmmm..will Realsela want Ry back ?


Yes. "tapped" on my hands, measuring my skirt from the floor, yup, remember those little "love taps" well!

I'm enjoying the comments about ED and Realstela. I can't see badbun as ANYONE'S child but him being Ry's (and Danilo's) bro and half bro would really be a twist! If ED is badbun's sister maybe we will finally see some emotion from him. I don't count his smiling seductiveness with Genesis as we know it wasn't genuine.

Anita, this IS a great blog. We go here, there and everywhere and it's always an exciting ride.


This Blog: In a country song he talks about going to town with Grampa on Saturday. And he sings that on the way back home Grampa "Just let the truck wander around." That is kind of like us here.

Jerry Jeff Walker 'Pickup Truck Song'

.Yea, I used to look forward to Saturdays
When me and my grandpa'd get way
We'd hop in his pickup truck and we'd go to town
We had a couple chores that we had to do
It didn't take long before we were through
Then we'd let the pickup truck just wander around

We'd make a run to the county dump
We'd always wave we saw someone
Grandpa make up a song as we rolled along
To the post office without fail
We get some feed and we'd check out the mail
And we never took the same road twice on the way back home.

Kirby..our theme song, right? I like to think of it as a stream of consciousness thing..... Like mingling and conversing at a party.

I went to a small rural public school. They weren't allowed to hit us with rulers and just eyeballed the skirt lengths.

How sweet, Kirby. This sounds like a grandpa you would have. The last line grabbed me--"never took the same road twice." That reminds us to explore our surroundings, you never know what you'll see. Look around as though you might not pass that way again.

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