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La Doble Vida de Estela Carillo, #42, Jul 5, 2017: Desperate Measures…Drastic Results

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Scenes combined for continuity

TomAss Grovels

(Mexican version only: As he retracts his fangs and horns, TomAss enters LetMe’s hospital room and slithers toward her bed. Seeing him, LetMe cringes and, as she turns away from him, begs TomAss to please not touch her because his touches become strikes ....) TomAss pleads with her to forgive him and that everything will be alright; she just needs time to think (really, mister? how can she think after you jolted her brain??). LetMe turns away and cries as TomAss leaves.

DevilBun and Indominable Blindman Reunite

Assbun goes to meet with Blake. As he waits, he stands in front of a J B Green poster and mumbles “decrepid old man.” Blake enters and they greet each other. Blake tells AssBun that his visit surprises him. AssBun tells Blake that he has a problem and needs his help--he needs Regia back to resolve the problem (oh, sure, here she is, take her...NOT!). Blake tells Assbun that they had made a deal and that he thought his and El D's word were worth something. AssBun explains that this is a serious situation--a life or death situation. Blake retorts with, "And why is that my problem?" AssBun tells Blake that El D can be very generous but he can also be vindictive. This situation could affect the success of his campaign. Blake, not being so easily fooled, tells Assbun that he thinks that this is AssBun's own personal problem and not El D's. He chides AssBun saying that he is probably afraid that El D will find out how inept he really is. AssBun, still adamant, tells Blake that Regia has fulfilled their part of the deal…she supported his campaign. AssBun assures Blake that he will be well compensated for Regia’s return. Blake snarls that this is not a question of money. Luisa comes in and asks if everything is ok. Blake tells her to get AssBun out! Luisa leads AssBun out, but Assbun tells her that he does not need help...he knows the way out.

LetMeBeSaved Sees the Light

In the hospital room, LetMe is still looking confused and frightened as a nurse walks in with no other than...Felicia!! (Tom's Ex). Felicia tells LetMe that she came to share her story, hoping that it will lead LetMe to a good decision. She says it is a story of extensive abuse, violence, shouts, bruises, and scars that not only marked her body, but also her soul, and her heart. She continues to describe how TomAss would hit her despite her pleas to stop. He would not listen; and her tears meant nothing to him. She would always forgive him….until one day he almost killed her. LetMe looks appalled and tells Felicia she is sorry she went through all of that……..LetMe confides in Felicia that she has decided to leave TomAss. (Yeehaww! The jolt to her brain, while not wished upon, did some good!). LetMe continues to share her concerns. She doesn’t know how to tell Tom, he may retaliate. If she just disappears, he will think that she only married him out of interest (who the heck cares what he thinks, lady??). LetMe is also concerned about being deported. Felicia tells LetMe about a program called PAWA (it’s really VAWA, but I hear her say PAWA; Violence Against Women Act—there really is such an Act). She explains that it a government program that helps abused women…they will even help her get her residency in the U.S. and help her with any other problems. Felicia insists that LetMe exercise her rights and urges her to report TomAss to the police.

Blake Plays Tug-of-(HAIR)

Blake has Laura by her hair. He asks her what she did…how did she communicate with Ryan and what did she say to make him pressure AssBun? Laura groans that she has no control over what Ryan does… once he sets his mind on something, nothing will stop him. Blake tells Laura that he is going to have her call Ryan and she’d better say exactly what he tells her to say.

A Painful Conversation

Ryan and Joe are talking when Ryan’s phone rings. Ryan answers and quickly asks Laura if she is alright. Laura says, “No, I’m not…and it’s because of you!” She tells him to stop being a hero and that whatever he is doing, he is causing more problems for her and Paloma. Ryan asserts that he is trying to get her away from Blake…to get her and Paloma back. Laura tells Ryan to let it go and that Paloma should not have to suffer because of her actions or his. Ryan insists that he is doing everything for both of them, but Laura tells him she does not need his help.

Joe asks Ryan what Laura said. Ryan tells him that she wants him to let things go; she doesn’t want him to try to get them back. Joe tells Ryan that Blake must be threatening her. Ryan agrees and worries that every step he takes that gets him closer to Laura and Paloma, just places them in more danger.

Meantime…AssBun Will Not Be Defeated

AssBun meets with Senator Logan and tells him that Blake refuses to let Laura go. Logan responds that he is not going to get involved in a romantic dispute. AssBun assures Logan that he cares nothing for Laura. He tells Logan that he is there as El D’s right-hand man. If Blake does not release Regia, it will ruin El D’s plans. AssBun warns Logan that El D will be very upset if Blake does not return Laura. He also reminds Logan that El D has a lot of information and knows all of Blake’s secrets. He can destroy both Blake’s and his anti-illegals campaign. AssBun insists that Logan talk to Blake and convince him that Laura is “ours.” Logan calls Blake and tells him that he needs to meet with him privately.

The Chick Flew the Coop

TomAss slithers back into LetMe’s hospital room and sees that it is empty (too late, baby, hasta la vista!!) He looks at the cheap bouquet of flowers in the trash, grabs and clutches some flowers as his lip quivers in anger. He pushes the bouquet back and storms out.

LetMe Follows Through

Felicia and LetMe walk into the police station. Felicia goes to the cop/receptionist and tells him they want to file a report, but that they will need someone who speaks Spanish. Meanwhile, LetMe is sitting stroking her stomach and talking to her baby, asking it to forgive her…she doesn’t want to separate it from its father, but she has to do this for their good.

Logan Manipulates Blake

Blake curses the narcos. Logan asks him, “What did you expect from those people?” “Why do you want that woman?” Blake avoids the questions and tells Logan that a deal was made and he is not going to be threatened by those people. Logan reminds Blake that El D has information that can destroy them. He needs him as a mayor and that he (Logan) will not lose his campaign because of Blake. He demands that Blake let Laura go or Blake can for forget about him and the support he has given him up to now.

Whoooshh--The Deal is Done

Talisman and two henchman drive up to a van filled with money. Talisman makes a call and reports that the money is there.

Somewhere else, Joe and Ryan stand side-by-side in front of their SUV…waiting. Seeing that Ryan is anxious, Joe tells him to stay calm as a white van drives closer. The van stops, the side door opens, and Ryan grabs Paloma as Laura steps out (this should have been a slow-mo moment with choirs of angels singing). Ryan carries Paloma and hugs Laura (oh yay!! what a happy and touching reunion!) Laura starts to tell Ryan that she was forced to do and say things…Ryan says he knows. Laura thanks him for loving her so much and being so stubborn (violins would have been good now). Ryan tells LauStela that it’s all over now. (yeah, right, Dude...and the cow flew over the moon!). The threesome share a divine moment as the camera zooms out showing their silhouette. (♪♪Reunited, and it feels so goood…♪♪)

Danilo and AssBun Butt Heads

Danilow and Horacio are waiting for AssBun. Danilow is twirling his gun on the table (hopeofully he won’t shoot his bellybutton...or Horacio). Danilow wonders what is happening…maybe they killed AssBun and now he can deal directly with El D [the man has delusions of grand(man)eur]. Horacio tells Danilow that El D has an army of men. Danilow only had Calao and he was done away with. He reminds Danilow that TomAss was able to take the money…if that can happen to him with a poor devil like that…Danilow interrupts him and tells him to show respect. AssBun comes down the stairs and saunters toward Danilow. He tells Danilow that Regia and Ryan are now together and that the money has been secured. AssBun says that he will only be giving him as much money as is needed to be laundered …because he can’t be trusted. AssBun chides Danilow telling him that he is NOT El D. Danilow warns AssBun that he has no idea what he is capable of…what he has done for the “business.”. He finally tells AssBun that he shot Porfirio and Ursula. AssBun smirks and tells Danlow that if that were true, Danilow would be 6 feet under. Danilow berates AssBun telling him that he thinks he’s so tough, but that he and his buddies are nothing. AssBun tells Danilow that if El D allows Ryan and Regia to be together, it’s because he wants it that way…he wants Regia content and may have his own plans for her. Danilow tells AssBun that El D doesn’t deserve her. AssBun chides Danilow and asks him if he thinks he deserves her. Danilow pulls out his gun and aims it at AssBun’s throat (is he still high?) and tells him that he deserves Regia more than anyon (and that is because???). Horacio pulls Danilow away and tells him they should go. After they leave, Talisman looks at AssBun, walks closer and mutters. “El D will not like that the couple are together.”

Felicia Takes LetMe to VAWA Vawa Fast

Felicia and LetMe are sitting at the VAWA offices when LetMe’s phone rings…guess who-o? LetMe doesn’t answer and tells Felicia TomAss has called at least 40 times (numbnut, there is an “off” button). Letme says she will to return to Los Angeles as soon as she gets her plane ticket. Felicia asks if she has contacted anyone …her kids…and has she told them what happened, LetMe tells her “no”…she knows they are going to get upset with her because they begged her to leave TomAss and she didn’t listen…she thought he would change. Then he threatened he would kill her, so she stayed out of fear???
Siblings Bonding
Tadeo and Maria are at “home.” Tadeo tells Maria about his experience at the studio and how LetMe had scolded him, but that he had told her he was going to continue with his plans whether she liked it or not. Maria starts making fun of him telling him that he isn’t famous yet but he thinks he’s “all that.” She continues mocking him and says he will have all the girls after him when he gets famous. (uhmmm girls? or girls and boys??)

A Faaamily Reunion at the Ranch

Rosario, Estela and Paloma are sitting together. Estela tells Rosario that she should have been there for her when she fell ill…she shouldn’t have gone through it alone. Rosario tells Estela that she was never alone...Mercy never left her side. LauStela thanks Mercy for taking such good care of Rosario as she is part of her family. Mercy makes small talk with Paloma about chasing butterflies. Mercy then suggests that they all go back to the mansion because Estela, Rosario and Paloma shouldn’t be there alone and unprotected. Estela thanks her but refuses to leave because this is their ranch. Ryan tells them that with Paloma’s permission and Estela’s and Rosario’s approval, he will stay there with them.

Later, Ryan is reassuring LauStela. She tells him not to ask her to not worry. Ryan tells her they should cherish the moment. He sold his shares to get away and be safe from those people. LauStela responds that it isn’t going to be easy; and Ryan tells her that together they can confront whatever comes their way. He says that, for now, Blake will not bother them, but he does want her to tell him all about Blake. Ryan wants to know why she said that her destiny had caught up with her. She responds …. Ryan again tries to reassure her and tells her she is safe now; they are there together…the family is together now.

Joe and Ryan prepare to leave. LauStela thanks Mercy for everything she has done.

Luisa is Badass…But Can She Move Heaven and Earth?

Luisa tells Blake that she knows how difficult it was to lose Laura. Seething in anger, Blake snaps at her and tells her she cannot know how he is feeling…he didn’t get to torture Laura enough. Luisa suggests that Blake continue his torture from afar…they can alert the media that Laura is an illegal and she will be deported. Blake grabs Luisa’s head and hisses that she is stupid. If people find out he allowed an illegal to help him, it will destroy his campaign, He says that El D will pay…and that he has not finished with Laura. Blake tells Luisa that there is only one person who can help him now. He orders Luisa that she must doing everything...move heaven and earth…to find and bring Paloma’s REAL father… DOM-DEE-DOM-DOMMM

Danilo Gets a Lead

Morgana asks Danilow why he has such a depressed look. She starts pawing at him and he tells her he is not in the mood. Danilow gets after her for smoking…it will hurt the baby. Morgana sits on top of Danilow still trying to seduce him. He notices her new costume and asks if she got a new designer. Morgana tells him that LetMe made it for her. Danilow asks Morgana who LetMe is and she responds that she is the one that cleans at Furia. Danilow’s light bulb flickers and he asks if LetMe is the one married to the gringo.

LetMe Prepares Her Exit

Felicia accompanies LetMe to her hotel room. Felicia asks her if she thinks Tom will return. LetMe responds that she doesn’t know where he is and doesn’t know if he will return. LetMe hopes that he has calmed down. Felicia tells LetMe that she needs to leave and asks her to call her if she needs anything, Felicia also tells LetMe that the hotel workers know about the situation and they will also help her if necessary. LetMe thanks Felicia as she leaves.

LetMe’s phone rings. She sees that it is Morgana and answers the call. Morgana asks LetMe where she is..she seems to have disappeared. LetMe informs Morgana that she is in Montana; she had to come with her husband on some business, but she will be returning to Los Angeles very soon. Morgana, with her phone on speaker so that Danilow can listen, asks her if she is with her husband; will he be coming back too? LetMe tells her “no, he will be staying.” LetMe reassures Morgana that she will be going back to LA by bus in the morning. Danilow motions to Morgana to tell her to fly back instead. Morgana tells LetMe that she will send her money so that she can fly back and asks her where she is staying. LetMe responds that she is at Hotel Montana in Helena.

LauStela and Ryan Watch the News

Ryan and LauStela watch a news report on Blake. Blake has a group that opposes him, but a larger group supports him so he is slated to win. LauStela tells Ryan that she does not feel at ease knowing that Blake will be mayor—he is exploiting and mistreating her countrymen and has the illegals working for him under very bad conditions. LauStela tells Ryan about Celso. She recounts how he was beaten because he tried to help her. LauStela tells Ryan they needs to find a way to unmask Blake, but Ryan warns her that if Blake finds out they are out to get him, he will come after them again. LauStela responds that she can’t just sit with her arms crossed… they need to find a way to stop Blake.


Maria’s First day of School

Tadeo leaves Maria at school and tells her to be careful and not act crazy. As Tadeo leaves a student (Mark) walks up to Maria and asks her how goes it. Maria says “No English.” Mark asks her where she is from and she responds, “Mexican.” Another student runs by and urges Mark to “come on.” As Mark walks away, Maria smiles (ahhh…first like!)

TomAss Grovels More

As LetMe is gathering her things, she hears a hotel attendant trying to stop TomAss from entering the room. TomAss is saying that he needs to talk to his wife. TomAss manages to get into the room and seeing that LetMe is packed, asks her what is going on. He tells her that she cannot leave him…she cannot leave him here…he has been looking for her everywhere. LetMe tells TomAss that she is not staying, but TomAss keeps insisting. LetMe keeps telling him “no, no more, this cannot continue.” TomAss threatens her that if she steps out the door, he will call the police and tell them she married him only to get her green card…she will get deported and never see her kids. TomAss reminds LetMe that the baby is his too, she cannot take it away and not let him see the baby. What is she going to do? LetMe responds that she will have the baby and take care of it herself. She will find a way for him to see the baby. TomAss threatens that he will take the baby away from her. As LetMe sets her wedding ring on the table and she says a final good-bye, TomAss tries to grab and stop her. She avoids getting grabbed and yells at TomAss, “Don’t touch me! If you touch one hair, I’ll have you thrown in jail .I already reported you to the police!” LetMe exits the room and TomAss slithers down against the wall feeling defeated and cries like a baby.

Danilow Has a Plan

Danilow tells Horacio that he knows where TomAss is. Horacio asks him if he is going to send someone over there (Montana) to deal with him. Danilow responds that he will deal with this himself. Natividad walks in and Horacio chides him telling him that he finally showed up. Danilow asks him where he has been. Natividad responds that Ryan had him tied up (literally) at the ranch. Danilow asks Natividad if he is ready to travel; Natividad nods. Horacio laughs and asks Danilow if that old man is going to be his next sicario.

Milton Joins the Troops

At the ranch, Laura meets with Milton and has already told him about her (most current) experience with Blake. Milton asks, “Green forced you? Does this have to do with your father?” LauStela says “no” and goes on to tell Milton that they need to unmask Blake. She tells him about the illegals Blake has under his control and how he forces them to work for him. Milton reminds Laustela that she refused to help him get information on the laundering business. He tells LauStela that if she helps him, he will help her. Milton asks LauStela what she knows about Celso. As LauStela responds that all she knows is that Celso worked as a tomato picker, Ryan walks up to them. LauStela suggests that they look on the internet to find out more information, Ryan tells them he will help and goes for his computer.

Luisa Gives an Update

Blake thanks a couple of men for helping him get votes as Luisa walks in. After the men leave, Blake asks Luisa how it’s going with what he asked of her. Luisa reports that her people in Mexico assure her that the man will be there soon. Luisa asks Blake why he wants the man; why doesn’t he just let La Tona deal with Laura. Blake responds that he has not finished with Laura…and El D and his narcos don’t know what’s in store for them. Blake tells Luisa that when he becomes mayor no one will be able to touch him.

The Three Amigos on a Mission

Ryan and Milton are getting ready to go on their mission when Estela comes and tells them she is going with them. Ryan tries to tell her she shouldn’t go but she insists. Ryan agrees, but tells her she must stay out of sight.
Milton is at the gate of a camp and introduces himself as a reporter. He tells the man he is doing a report on tomato pickers…can he speak to those in charge. The man says they are not there. Milton then asks to speak to the workers. Again the man says “no.” Milton then insists on talking to Mr. Green since he is the owner and is running for mayor. The man tells Milton he is not there and orders him to leave. Milton goes back to the car where Estela and Ryan wait and tells them that this is indeed Green’s place. He tells them they would not let him in. Estela says they have to find a way to get in. Ryan tells her that whatever she is thinking…is not the best way. Estela insists that they need to keep trying, If they can’t do it the right way, then they have to resort to the “bad” way. She adds that Blake plays dirty, so that is what they will have to do.

TomAss Meets Satan

TomAss sits looking at LetMe’s ring when he hears a knock on the door. When he hears, “Police! Open the door.” he panics and climbs out the window. Outside, TomAss keeps running and starts looking back; he then starts walking backwards…WHAMMO!! Natividad hits him on the head with the butt of his rifle!! Danilow comes out of the shadows wearing his Satan red jacket and walks toward TomAss. He chides TomAss asking him, “What happened? You thought you were going to get away with it?” TomAss starts crawling away, but Danilow catches up to him and kicks him saying, ‘Now it’s going to cost you..” TomAss starts pleading and saying that he will pay everything back. Danilow starts to help him up, then grabs his neck hard with one hand. With Satan’s force reeling through his arm, Danilow keeps choking him as TomAss moans, groans and says “Oh, God.” Danilow keeps choking TomAss, teeth clenched with all that hate flowing down his arm. As TomAss falls to the ground, there are whispers…(Satan summoning him…come to me, my pretty...)


OMG what an episode for a first official recap! Good luck, Rgv Chick!!

Good luck RVG Chick!




As soon as Blake told his adoring crowd (last week or the week before) that La Regia was "legal," I KNEW this was going to happen. Monumental stupidity on his part to think that it wouldn't.

As for Tomas... he died as he lived. Whining and crawling. Wonder if Danilo will hide the body and Leticia will worry about him coming to look for her. Or if she'll be a suspect in his murder cause he called her 300 times in two hours.

Come to think of it, I wonder if Danilo will be a suspect just because he's the novio of Leticia's best friend. That might be a stretch, but it might not be.

And Danilo is really developing a thirst for blood. Any chance a little face time with Paloma would straighten him out?

I don't think I've ever seen a fella so choked up over a wife leaving.
That clonk on the head is the best thing that ever happened to LetMe's dormant brain.
Ryan looking more galan-like every day.
WTF? Blakey boy have a Butterfly meltdown after he was sent to sit in the corner?
AssBun looked more like an AssBun. I still don't have a man crush, but he is doing better.
Mercy even looks younger when 'Grandaughter' Palomita is around.
AssBun had better kill DaniLow soon before it is the other way around.
Did anybody COUNT that pile of money?
Does the widow get to keep her Green Card?
Can LetMe just ride back with Dan and Native now?
Um, does Blake understand the difference between Mayor and President?

Out of the frying pan into the fire: "Open up, Police" out the window straight to a coked up pissed off DaniLow , AKA "The Choker" and his sidekick Nativity Scene with a shotgun-looking baseball bat.

Thankfully little Palomita seems none the worse for wear.

If your pants are too short wear socks, boots, or a tan.

What did Milton Google on Ryan's laptop, "John Blake Illegal Immigrant Tomato Farm"?

Something like that, Kirby. Celso had told Laura that he had worked on Blake's tomato farm, so it was easy to look that one up.

Nooo. Don't take that . The other side is my good side, I have a cowlick over here. I heard it click, you're a turd.

Yeah and the farm site even had a butterfly but I didn't see it.

Kirby "Um, does Blake understand the difference between Mayor and President?"

Funny, I thought something similar when Felicia said that the governor set up this thing called VAWA. That's the Violence Against Women Act. It's federal, not state!

I didn't see the butterfly either. Maybe Blake was fiddling with it.

Pretty birds don't have a bad side.

When they were looking online and found a Tomato farm that looked suspicious, Milton or Laura said, "Oh look there is a butterfly, and Blake has some thing for butterflies, it has to be his farm."

So 'Tomy' as she lovingly calls him is Dead Right There, and she is on a bus OUTTA HERE, after filing a domestic violence complaint. Does that look suspicious or what?

Morgana appears to be on Earth for one thing only, but she does have her moments. Thanks to her DaniLow can put another notch wherever dead people notches are kept.

I am surprised how readily DaniLow pulls his gun on AssBun. But not nearly as surprised as I am that he lives to do it again.

I can't believe it's already in its ultimate semanas! What will take its place? I certainly do NOT want to watch Jose de Egypto. It will def be more violent than even PIlota. So does anyone know what will be on the 9pm slot? I watched first episode of La Candidata which is very good IF I can get all the relationships straight!!!! But Because I'm only now in second episode, have to watch ON DEMAND; i don't like watching On Demand because I can't forward.
Gee- will anything good come on Univision again?

WHats the story with Luisa? Does she want Blake for herself? IS she gay? She seemed like she was smelling Estela's hair in one scene. ?? She is so creepy and evil, it's difficult to watch her

Good luck RgvChick. Did Daniloc really choke tomass or did he just pass out?
And Im surprised he letleti go without
A Suicide threat.

I'm going to have to go back and look at the first part of the episode day after tomorrow because I was busy reading last nights recap but I was so happy to see when I change the channel That Laura and little p was back home safely.
I really want somebody to give nasty blackgreen and luwitch a really good asskickin.I hope he didn't kill celso
(I think that's his name). He seems like a sweet guy that blackgreen took
Advantage of. I can't stand people like that.

Danilo got brassballs pullin a gun on bunGuy. And he is still breathin. By the way is bunguy gettin nice or what? And talisman looked downright scared when dani pulled that gun on bunguy.I think they need to just go on and tell us who this El D person is. They keep holdin out it'll get boring. And then we'll just go "who needs El Dorado we can just keep looking at bunguy, who's really good looking by the way.

Ok I'm goin to bed,good night yall.
Lookin forward to the recap RgvChick.
I know you'll do it up good :)


Hi, Peeps!!

Thanks for all the good wishes and vibes. The recap is in the mail..should be up soon!

Hey all! Recap is up! Thank you so much, RGVChick! And welcome :) I'm not up to 42 but inadvertently saw that TomAss met his maker. Good riddance! Overall, it seems like it was an exciting episode to start with, RGV ;)

RgvChick, your expertly crafted summary was amazing. Your official debut as a recapper - outstanding.

Too many favorites to mention but "Danilow is twirling his gun on the table (hopeofully he won’t shoot his bellybutton...or Horacio)" and "Luisa is Badass…But Can She Move Heaven and Earth?" were among them.

There was a lot to process last night but several things stood out clearly for me.

First, the transformation of Danilo. Early on, a bumbling idiot morphed into a cold, cruel and calculated killer. What vehemence he showed while choking Tomas to death. Not that I am sorry Tomas is dead, but Danilo's cruelty was startling. Yes, I'd be interested to see if Paloma is able to bring out any caring from him or if his heart has just gone cold.

I don't think Danilo is afraid of much anymore, including badbun. I do think badbun was very much afraid having that gun pointed at his throat. I think something inside Dan has died and a man who isn't afraid and doesn't care if he lives or dies is a very dangerous one.

Tom died the way he lived his life - as a sniveling, abusive coward. Kirby, I would hope that the violent way he died - choked in fury would rule out Leticia as a suspect. She just wouldn't have the physical strength. But as this IS a TN, she may be fingered for the murder.

I thought I saw pure hatred in Luisa's eyes when Blake was manhandling her. Of course, it's difficult to tell has steely eyed is her everyday look. She and Blake unnerve me and I hope their end comes quickly.

While happy Laura and Paloma are free there are too many evil forces at play to rest easy.

"Talisman looks at AssBun, walks closer and mutters. “El D will not like that the couple are together.” I think it's high time that ED shows his/her face even though we highly suspect who it might be.

So, Paloma's father is on the way. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Laura is Palomas's mother, right? I suspect we will have the answer when his identity is revealed.

RgvChick, thank you for your hard work and your great, detailed recap!


Kirby, beautiful bird and an amazing shot.

You can almost "feel" the water's movement. Exceptional.

Thank you!


Excellent RGV flipping ex-cell-enteo. The scene headings were right on the money.

Come to pretty yeah and TomAss slithers in.. perfect I don't know why you haven't been doing this all along.

OR.....maybe you have......just under a pen name......hmmmmm. You sure seem to know what you are doing.

And Thanks. This was a fun read. You got a helluva episode to cap, and did it justice, as there was a lot of justice juice flowing last night.
LetMe's brain IS like an old wind up alarm clock that ticks. Sometimes when you wind it if there was no ticking heard you'd have to give it a little tap or rock it to get everything ticking. But once going it kept pretty accurate time even when the POWER WAS OFF! LetMe...same.

Tad and Maria are cute together. She has sure changed for the better, it seems actually both of them, since getting away from their stoopidshit Mom. She doesn't know Tad might steal her boyfriend by now? Wow.

Yep DaniLow has morphed into a dangerous killer. Callao said it gets easier every time. He has gone from a happily stupid clown of a performer to a dark, brooding coked out hallucinating killer.

And thanks again RGV Chick I know something like this doesn't just fall off the TV onto your keyboard. You recappers make Caray what it is, and make these sappy soaps worth watching.

Whew ! at least we now know for SURE that Blake is NOT Paloma's papa. Talk about making something positive out of a negative.

Hmm..most TN couples who have been separated by an ordeal usually have a few trips to San Francisco to recuperate. Ryan and Lau, just a shower, and back in the Porsche. Joe has turned out to be pretty cool after all. When will Ryan start calling him 'Pop'? I wonder how Steve is doing in the Cayman Islands or Switzerland or wherever.

Milton is our Wilbur (La Pilota) isn't he?


Julie: Who's Tomas ?

I like the retractable horns too. It's a Gringo thing, I presume.

Yeah Diana, Luisa is hard to read, but when Blake held her in a fit of rage, (mind you HE can not see her expression) she looked like a King Cobra when it is being milked for venom. I really, really want those two to turn on each other. As it is now, she has the upper hand, but they need to arrange mutual assured destruction for those two.

Good Morning, Everyone.

Diana and Kirby, thank you for you kind warm fuzzies...and, no, I have never done this before, not even under a different pen name :-)

Diana, thank you for pointing out that Danilow pointed his gun at AssBun's throat, the correction has been made. And, no, Paloma's real father being on the way does not mean LauStela is the mother...she was still referrnig to her as "la nina" in her conversations with Blake.

Kirby, we're always on the same page..I too was disappointed that Ryan and Lau didn't have more time dedicated to their reunion. Some romantic scenes would certainly have given us a break from all the turbulence. Joe has been impressive as a good friend, hasn't he...more so than Steve...and, yeah, where's Steve...and the shares???

Steve, Tomas Allen was Leticia's abusive husband. He stole some of Danilow's dirty money and was the reason why Danilow now wears that silly kerchief on his head...bad hair treatment or new trend?

I've been thinking about Luisa too. She's mean and heartless, looks like she gonna turn on Blake at times, but at the same time, very dedicated to Blake. She always looks annoyed at what Blake asks her to do, especially when it involves Laura. Is it jealousy? or is she just disgusted that Blake is spending so much time & effort on Laura when there are other things that need to get done?

Wow again, Rgv Chick. Thank you. This is quite a debut! Extra thanks for including the deleted scene.

At Blake's office, I was hoping to see Luisa pick up BunMan by the back of his collar and the back of his waistband, and throw him bodily onto the sidewalk. Oh well, we all have our dreams.

(All the speculation about Luisa is interesting, but I still have no idea what her deal is. She is dedicated to Blake, yes, but she also resents him. I think it was established early on that he saved her life? So she may resent her debt to him. Maybe he has some serious dirt on her, is threatening a relative of hers, or something like that.)

Funny that Leticia was worried that Tom would think she only married him for the green card... that was HIS idea to begin with and that was exactly how he framed it in order to get her to agree! He was doing it to "help" her and she said she wasn't sure if she loved him and he was okay with that. (Until, like, the next day.)

Kirby - "Justice Juice" - best served with Hopeos instead of milk.

Thanks, RGVChick. Fantastic debut as an official recapper. You had a LOT to cover and did so with verve. Love the headings, like DevilBun and Indominable Blindman Reunite and LetMeBeSaved Sees the Light. My fave line: [the man has delusions of grand(man)eur] - lol!

The van stops, the side door opens, and Ryan grabs Paloma as Laura steps out (this should have been a slow-mo moment with choirs of angels singing).

ITA, this joyous scene was much too short for me.

After they leave, Talisman looks at AssBun, walks closer and mutters. “El D will not like that the couple are together.”

Natividad seemed like a nice groundskeeper in the beginning. Now he’s Danilo’s No. 2. Like all, I’m glad to see Tomas out of Letme’s hair but still I’m disturbed about Danilo. Did he use his own bare hand to prove to the cartel he’s got stones or did he do it because he feels like a god?

So where are Steve and Genesis? Seems to me Steve holding Ryan’s shares means the cartel will lean on him (Steve). And now that Letme is free of Tomas, it’s a good time for Chavelin to get out of jail.

Yay, Mr. Blake is not Paloma's father. I guess Laustela told Ryan and Milton her whole story about Mr. Blake and now both of them are not bothering to tell Viewerville!

Amotelenovela - Univison has started promoting Mi marido tiene familia as the next TN. It's billed as a romantic comedy. A husband and wife are happy, then go through changes when he discovers he has a long-lost family.

Thank you Niecie! Something to look forward to.... poor fin!, maybe a dark comedy-- that would be a welcome break! I'm so anxious to stop hearing Danilo talk-- so so annoying. This kid goodness for captions 😂

Sorry an autocorrect: should be " Thank goodness for captions"

Julie, " "Justice Juice" - best served with Hopeos instead of milk" sounds yummy to now we have Hopeos, Smoochies AND Justice Juice for the patio....what's for lunch??

Niecie, I agree about Natividad, however, when Danilow first went to look at his "ranch," Natividad came out with a rifle and seemed very threatening. So maybe, he has had some previous a "sicario." It's really frustrating not knowing the backgrounds of lots of these characters. I was also wondering about Talisman...he gives AssBun these looks...just like the ones AssBun gives to Danilow. I wonder if he was El D's first right-hand man, was forced into semi-retirement, and replaced by AssBUn??

Laustela may have told Ryan her whole story, but I think she only told Milton about her last ordeal with Blake.

A romantic comedy would be most welcome after this TN...hopeo it's a good one.

Where in the world is Steve?

Everyone's comments made me realize he's been noticeably absent. I forget who mentioned the possibility he could be ED. Wouldn't it be a wild twist if he were?

I cautioned everyone not to google the show or actors. I had inadvertently learned that Dan killed Tomas, so the killing wasn't a surprise (but the way he died was). I was also a bit startled he died as soon as he did, but actually was relieved.

Julie, when Blake told bunman to leave, it seemed bunban put his hand up and left quite quickly of his own accord. Perhaps he did not want to chance the strong (and likely bigger biceped) Luisa "escorting" him out. Now, that would have been something to behold!

"she looked like a King Cobra when it is being milked for venom" was a pitch perfect description of Luisa Kirby.

RgvChick, still a lot of mystery surrounding Paloma's parentage. Not only who her daddy is, but who her mommy is too.

"Natividad seemed like a nice groundskeeper in the beginning. Now he’s Danilo’s No. 2". Niecie, you always pick up on the all important details. How true! I was surprised when he helped himself to Dan's money and hadn't realized he's a villain in waiting.

How long is Chava going to languish in jail???


Another typo--- POR FIN!

Amotelenovela, typos run rampant worries, we're good at figuring out what is really meant :-)

I've gotten to the point where I've practically gone blind to the autocorrect typos as long as I can easily figure out what the person intended to say.

Natividad - maybe he wasn't a sicario previously, but I can imagine that as caretaker of an abandoned property he might have had to get rough with trespassers before. And also, perhaps he was with Special Forces in his younger days. He seems so mild mannered, and it wasn't hard for Ryan to subdue him the other night when they put him in the truck (we never did see how that happened), but when he's ready for action he's READY! for ACTION!

Julie, all I remember from the night Ryan subdued Natividad is that Ryan asked him to go inside to use the telephone, they disappeared, I heard a thud (Ryan must have hit him with something), and Joe ran in asking Ryan, "What did you do?" Next thing we know he's still knocked out in the truck. Special Forces could have been a possibility for him...good thought!

Aha - I never heard the thud. I had wondered if Ryan gave Natividad a drink with bonus substances in it.

It is amazing how easily and reliably people can be knocked unconscious on TV, and they rarely suffer any long-term health consequences unless that's what their attacker intended.

Thank you so much, Chickie, for that recap of an actionpacjed episode .

I have to leave soon, but I did notice something about that website. It said Riped Tomato which makes me think that the person in large of English here has just enough English grammar to be dangerous. The person seems to know about a past participle being made by adding ed and changing a verb into an adjective (ex. I close the door. I saw the closed door.)However, ripe is an adjective not a verb. bothered me. Sometimes people get just enough upper level grammar to make mistakes..thinking too much about rules they learn . Gotta go..later.


Oooh, that was a very good catch, Susanlynn. I didn't really look, and if I had, I probably would have read it as "Ripped," which is really not a good look for produce.

Did you happen to notice if there was a butterfly on the website? Ryan, Milty, and Laura saw it, but Kirby didn't and neither did I.

"So where is Steve?"
If he finally gave in to Genesis he is still frigging BUSY.....and tired.

Julie they did show Natividud in one shot sometime with a handkerchief gag in his mouth and hands not visible.

Julie. No , I did not notice a butterfly on the website. I was too intent on "Riped Tomato." It was like in Vino when they kept saying "The police is coming ," Nouns that are always plural are covered under count and non count nouns in an intermediate grammar class.

Hmm..that next tn after this one ends. "My Husband Has a Family." Anyone interesting in that one? I would like something light but not silly.

Where is Steve? Comforting Genesis in San Francisco if he is lucky.

Kirby: Are you talking to me ?


Susanlynn, I like the actors (Zuria and Daniel) and René Casados is in "My Husband Has a Family"..I always enjoy him and have missed him.

I would dearly love a comedy after this. I hope it is recapped...


Was there really a scene where Laura, Milton and Ryan were looking at a website. I don't remember that at all. I've rewatched the episode and still can't find a scene like that.

Steve B, there is a character in the TN. He is the one commenters are wondering about.

Mr. Boudreaux, not you Buddy, Steve Gringo, Ryan's friend who was starting to date Genesis and who now owns Ryan's share of Furry Records.

R_Chik it is right after Milton comes back into the show. They are at LauStela's Ranch of yellow roof, and brainstorming about 'getting' Blake. They are wondering what all Blake is into and LauStela relates the Celsio story about the tomato farm. Somebody mentions that they can research him online. Ryan says "I'll get my laptop, and the next thing you know they see a web site of a tomato farm which looks suspicious. Spanglish 'Riped Tomatoes' red and green somethings on the page with a lot of whitespace. A couple of logos or graphics at the top, one may be a tomato, and possibly the other some stylized butterfly.

As they look at the site somebody, I don't remember who discovers the butterfly and connects the dots. About the next scene is with Milton at the Tomato farm gate.


I can not explain why Ryan had his laptop at LauStela's house, unless it was actually in his car.

Is the tn on tonight? My TV schedule lists Premios.m

I was wondering about DaniLow snuffing out cockro..TomAss with one hand. It turns out the guy is 6-2 and played professional Futbal for a year or two with Barcelona Sporting Club. His dumbass character makes him seem smaller and less of a physical threat.

Dano is sliding down a slippery slope. The question is not if he will get killed but by whom. The actor continues to relish this role with a lot of scenery chewing. His accent and manner of speaking is like nails on a blackboard to me. The actor was an annoying spoiled brat in PyP. I wonder if he will ever play a galan. He is certainly handsome enough...almost too perfect!y pretty.

Oh yeah, some premios show is on tonight. Maybe I'll go see a movie.

Funny, KJ, I would not have guessed that Danilo was 6-2. I would swear he was of average height. I guess his juvenile behavior does make him seem physically smaller.

And he is super-delicious. Maybe someday he'll be a galan, but it might be a waste of his talent. He's so good at playing an annoying immature jerk.

Who is he, Orville Reddenbacher??

Oops... that last line about Orville Reddenbacher was from something else... cut an paste error... never mind.

Although... if Danilo really were Orville R., that would explain his love for "Palomitas"!

Julie..don't go to see "Beguiled," !! I saw the original with Clint Eastwood on TV and was anxious to see this version. It was not as good. I thought that it would be spicier than the one made many years ago. It wasn't. We were bored.I was surprised to see today in our paper that it got three stars. I saw the previews for "Dunkirk" and think that we will see that. Hubba watches old movies about WWII over and over on TV! All the other previews we saw were disappointing.

Kirby, that is really strange...about the computer scene. I recorded the episode and right after Ryan goes for his laptop, they go into approx. 5 min of uninterrupted commercials. After the commercials, Ryan is trying to get LauStela to stay behind, but she insists on going with him. Ryan, then, accedes, but tells here she has to stay out of sight.

I have Dish so maybe they cut some of the scene to put in their own commercials???

As far as the laptop being at the ranch, they had been there for a quite awhile before the rescue (hiding out Mercy and Rosario) so Ryan had probably taken it since then.

SusanLynn, I think Alfredo had mentioned that Danilo is working on a TN where he will be the galan.

Kirby, that's the same heron right? It looks so refreshed...wish I could take a dip in that water...looks really cool.

Oh dear, Rgv Chick, that sounds like something that Comcast used to do to me. They would cut in, right in the middle of a scene, with a bunch of local commercials. (I am 97% sure it was Comcast and not the local station that was doing this, because the ads were in English.) I think they were supposed to be timed to coincide with a regularly scheduled break, but obviously they were not timed correctly. (Possibly because Univision sometimes starts a show a couple of minutes late and throws off everyone's recording devices, etc.)

Gosh, now I'm wondering if there were other scenes I missed. I certainly would have put in a statement about that website in the recap!

Don't worry. We got it :-)

Yes, Julie, to quote Adriana Noel, " it takes a village" and what a wonderful village we have :-)

Susanlynn: It's not if Danilo gets whacked, but WHEN!

He brought all of this on himself by going down this dangerous road.

RGV:Don't sweat it. We have different providers all over and it is a miracle we think we saw the same show sometimes.

Same bird. He was on a popular fishing pier, so I assume people had been feeding him (Very very baaaaad) or he had figured out how easy it is to steal from the snowbirds, nonetheless he was very unafraid and happy to pose for a shoot without a model release. With a pecker like that...................

Your faithful scribe

I'd have my picture all over the internet too.


Attention Kirby..Please report immediately to detention hall .Do not pass GO ; do not collect $200.00. #bringdoritosandsamheughanphotos


Had Danilow worn that blood red jacket before? I thought it was really appropriate for that scene. And the way he towered over TomAss as he was choking him was very effective too, but if there had been thunder and lightening in the background it would have been perfect!


DaniLow has gone from annoying as fifty hungry mosquitoes to downright scarey. Evil is one thing, evil and unpredictable is another thing, as evidenced by his shooting spree/tantrum inside the Furia warehouse.

It is too bad , as we already assume he is dead man walking, that Ryan and company can not use him to their advantage. (considering him disposable) There seems to be a festering boil right under the skin between DaniLow and AssBun. Until we know if there is an El Dorito or if AssBun is actually the real El Dorito and the one everyone hears about is just AB's alter ego, we do not really know which side of that conflict to be on.

Has DaniLow's overwhelming carnal interest in LauStela waned or is he just preoccupied.?

Knowing TomAss is no more is like when the Anbesol begins to knock out a toothache.

Yeah, some special effects would have been nice. He should have offed him in Laura and Ryan's stall.

I think Danilo knows that it's never gonna happen with her, since she publicly dissed him. But he hasn't had time to think about it lately, has he? There have been some distractions. And Morgana is always hanging all over him.

He was interested in rescuing them from Blake, but only because of Paloma. Not Laura. And he didn't get to do much in the rescue effort anyway because of the stolen money. But I'll give him credit for letting Ryan hold a gun to his head!

I don't think Danilow's interest has waned. Like Kirby says, he's just been preoccupied. He did tell AssBun that he deserves to have her more than they did. Which brings to mind a thought that whizzed through in thinking about Ocampo's message(s). Consider this:

1. Blake just wants Laura so he can torture her, then plans to "give' her off to La Tona
2. Blake planned to keep Paloma as a "prize"
3. AssBun tells Blake that Regia is "ours"
4. Danilow tells AssBun he "deserves to have" Estela more than they do
5. TomAss kept telling LetMe she was "his"
6. Danilow treats Morgana like a piece of meat.
7. FauxPas "paid" for Nina (by the way, we're wondering where Steve is, where is FauxPas?)

Danilow vs. AssBun? At first, I would have thought AssBun was tougher, meaner...and would squash Danilo like one of those fifty mosquitos. But now, ummm, I think AssBun really needs to watch his "ass"bun.

BTW, there is no "8" for the previous comment.

8 The three things a man really should own:


1. a good horse
2. a good dog
3. a woman

Seems to be the antimessage we are seeing.
Um Rosie did you doze off for a decade or three?

That may apply to the cro mag hillbillies like she wants to portray Gringos as but to real world people her message is pretty much wasted.

Those people don't have TVs yet.


Is Premios Juventud on instead of our show?

It is on now instead of 'Maybelline, the story of Mascara"

RgvChick, girl you done a superb job
For a beginner. You read like a seasoned recapper.

Now about tomass, is he really choked
Out Or just passed out from fear?.I was thinkin Danilo's weapon of choice
Would be to pump t-ass full of bullet
Holes. But he squeezed him outta there
I'm not for killing folk, but he was
Gonna leave this life sooner or later.
And he seems to have left by the hand
Of somebody that's just as loony, or
More than he is.

Letty got out of the fryin pan and the
Fire. But now where is she gonna live?
Hey she can go back to the house,tomy
Has left the building and the tn it seems. She'll be able to have some a
Little semblence of peace. At least until morgonnastealmeababy actually steals tomass jr.. I know the baby is
Innocent. Can't put the sins of the daddy on the baby. Tho the jumbled brain cells of the mother are being guestionable.

Mr blake is gonna get stupid crazy now
That estela/luara/regia isn't his to
Torture. He is a mean nasty son-of-aB.
And lulu is dog doo doo. They will die
A horrible death well deserved.How did
The mother of paloma die,if she's dead
And how did he get close enough to get her pregnant? Lil p takes after the mother, hes a demon. He probably raped her. She might have been one of those immigrants that he was treating like garbage. I can't stand him, they can kill him off tonight him and his evil sidekick the demonette.

I'm loving the relationship between rosy and mercy. Those two Ol girls can probably double team the blind sicko
Let him know how they feel about jerks
That kidnap babies and their mommies. And mistreat immigrants who are tryin to survive the best they can.

I'm tryin to understand assbun guy. Why Didn't they just make him an under the Cover cop.I hate seeing attractive men that are Crooks. the crooks should supposed to be ugly, not that good looking that's just wrong.


"They begged her to leave Tomass but she wouldn't listen.... she thought he would change".Dralin after they have beaten the crap out of you and then they start to cry and blow snot and apologize and say how much they love you and that they're going to change.. they never change. the only thing that changes is that you're dead... because they beat you to death. Some women aren't as lucky as she is to get out of alive and now she doesn't have to worry about him beatin the crap out of her anymore because Danilo choked the crap out of him.

Kirby why did you put the woman last?

I believe that is the way it used to be in the old days. Or was reported to be.

Not in MY world, but a loooong time ago which Rosie Ocampo appears to think we Gringos are still living in.

And I'm not sure where I even got that.

I know the horse outranked everybody.

Second could have been a gun too.


Four minutes and the Youth Awards does not look to be wrapping up.

Kirby, the Premios Award will be on until 10 (E). and, you pretty much hit the nail on the head...the anti messsage... either that or Ocampo is a man hater and wants them to look like scumbags. It might also explain the lack of romance in this she a woman scorned?

Chickie..odd that Rosy is portraying almost all these women as being "owned" or abused by men. Do we have any happy women here? Genesis seemed pretty content until Steve turned her down for the first date sex and her brother was killed. Mercyme has adorable Joe , but she does not seem happy. Morgana seems happy enough in her dim way. Wow, thanks Rosy for this inspiring tale of bad gringos , violent men, and abused , exploited, hopeless women.

Good guess, Chickie. Perhaps Rosy has had some bad experiences with gringos and men.

Well, I've had bad experiences with humans in general, but I still like them. I just keep them out of my photos. :-)

What self respecting duck wants to share the spotlight?

I was out in a park on my bike today and those (probably same two) whistling ducks came over and their quack is really a whistle like you would do calling a dog.

Kirby, are there supposed to be ducks in your current avatar? I see the moon.

SusanLynn, one other happy woman is Bonita...I always seem to forget about her.

OH! and Kirby, TomAss also had a retractable tail, but he lost it when he did that back scootin' in the stockroom. That might have been what he hit Danilow with LOL

IMO, Rosy is not only portraying men as bad, but even the good ones are weak. If you think about it, we've never considered Ryan to be the "galan." He's made some attempts, but has always failed up until now. Joe is a good friend, but cheated on his wife. Steve...well other than being a good friend hasn't done much other than turn down Genesis's forward move. I just can't think of any male in this TN that I would consider to be a "strong galan."

No it is just the moon. The whistlers I didn't get a picture of.

Still awesome pic, very soothing. Nice way to end the night. Thanks :-)

Yes, Chickie, nobody to look up to in this story . Despicable them.

No those are geese.


Good night, moon. Yawn.

I saw Wonder Woman again. It was better the second time.

But every woman doesn't have to deflect bullets or [spoiler spoiler spoiler] like Wonder Woman in order for me to like the character and enjoy the story. Nor do I need every man to [SPOILER] like Steve Trevor did. But I appreciate it when they TRY to do something.

Ryan has tried to be a hero. (Remember that time he got those two men out of the pirate van? Turned out he had the wrong van, but that was still pretty badass.) Danilo (not in the running to be galan, but still deserving an honorable mention) has also tried to be a hero. Admittedly, neither of them has a spotless record of achievement, but they've both tried and they don't give up even when it looks like they will probably fail. Joe has stuck his neck out for Ryan, too.

You could say the same for most of the characters in this story. They've experienced some bad things and not always made the best choices, but they don't stop trying to get it right. I know a lot of people in real life who do stop trying, or never even start trying.

It would be nice, though, if the good guys didn't have to try so much harder than the bad guys. That just makes 'em look dumb. I tell myself that it must be a steeper learning curve.

As for what Rosy thinks of men, some of her TNs have been very negative on that subject. Not all of them have, but when I think of all the other TNs I've seen, yeah maybe there's a pattern. Rosy's TNs have more than their fare share of ignorant brutish clods who need to be taught a lesson.

But in this TN she's not just targeting gringos (as I think someone suggested?). Erasmo ditched his family. Maybe there is something in California water or air that makes fine upstanding Mexican men go bad when they cross the border.

Or maybe not, because there was a wife-beater in Por Ella Soy Eva too, and that was in Mexico.

Don't forget, though, that this TN is about organized crime. Most of the guys are gangsters, so you can't expect much of them.

Thanks Jewels. All that makes sense. I like TNs which make me feel something, Hopeofully empathy for the good guys and death wishes for the bad guys. The last few have certainly filled the bill on making me want people dead (an easy task) but there are just not good guys I don't sit here and think I could personally do better. IE: rather than cheering for them like my favorite team, I want to sit them down and have a motivational chat.

Also Note to BunBoy:

If you are going to strut around with those dainty, girly, white ankles shining, get a nice anklet to dress them up. Or get some pants that fit and give the high waters back to Clem.

And another thing about messages. This is set in California, the originator of 'Free Love' and liberalism as evidenced by voting history among other things. Of all the States, California is probably the least prejudiced, most non judgmental, inclusive of us all. My point is, Calif is the last place for these messages to be believable. I really do not make it a point to know about these things on a national scale, and would be hard pressed to recommend a state for this kind of setting. Florida is out, I can tell you though.

I think the last true galan I saw in a TN was George Salinas in MCET with Silvia. And it wasn't one of these dark 'Kill them all and let God sort it out later' shows, but something pretty believable with his nanny's double life and all the kids.

He was about as close to a perfect Father in that one as an imperfect human could hope to be.


But I appreciate it when they TRY to do something.

Julie, ITA. Ryan, Steve, and Joe are standup guys. I call them all galans. They do try to do the right thing and support each other. I actually prefer characters who fail sometimes, more realistic to me. I like that Ryan had pangs of doubt and fear of whether he was doing the right thing in threatening the cartel or whether he was making it worse for Laustela and Paloma, but soldiered on with Joe's encouragement. Of course, the writers wanted to prolong the misery so they didn't have the characters do the most obvious thing, follow Blake and Luisa or sneak a tracker on Laustela. I just blame the writers cause Ryan is no dummy, despite the fact he didn't distrust Danilo from the start. Viewerville thought Danilo was a funny bumbling jerk back then, so Danilo snookered us all.

Mercy's no white dove, along with Joe, for cheating, setting up Laustela as a thief, and at first seeing Paloma as only 20%. But I've liked her from the start. She was strong holding the business together while her son was locked up and her husband dying and she's smart enough not to be baited my Joe's wife's (understandable) vieja insults. She is most definitely not weak. Seems she gave up her baby under duress.

I'm rooting for Laustela. She's managed to keep her humanity and fight despite the sex slavery. I'm not sure though why the writers had Laustela tell Paloma that as princesses they would have to rescue themselves without a prince, only to have them rescued by the prince (Ryan). I thought the rescue would be a combination Laustela working a plan on the inside while Ryan worked his plan on the outside, but Lausetela never formed a plan. Looks like she'll do it now though with Ryan and Milton. The best TN I've seen of the main couple working together to vanquish the bad guys was Amor bravio.

I'd say Rosy is an equal opportunity disser. Tomas was awful and evil, but Leticia has been no role model by marrying a man who told her his previous wife has a restraining order on him and staying with him after he gave her nice respectful son a beatdown. Everybody's flawed here, even Paloma for momentarily buying Mr. Blake's spiel about her mama.

Good Morning!

Very interesting and insightful comments, Julie and Kirby. I haven't seen that many TNs, and the ones I have seen generally have the typical protag romance as the focus of the story. ECDLP was more in line with the TNs I was used to seeing. VEA was the first TN I had seen where the protags don't get married and where there is a "real" issue (immigration) is woven into the storyline. It could be that I stayed away from narco dramas/TNs. This TN just blows my mind...doesn't fit the mold of the idea I had of a TN. It has been noted numerous times that, other than Paloma and Genesis (maybe), every character is either a criminally involved or has a tragic history. I understand that this TN is about organized crime, but I would think that even in organized crime, there are more "good" people that out-number the bad ones.

Julie, your statement regarding Ryan is well-founded. Ryan, Danilow, Joe, and Steve have had their share of "heroic" moments, but as you say, their failed attempts or problem-solving techniques sometimes have us questioning their intelligence or morals. Geez, even Erasmutt had his heroic moment when he went and punched TomAss.

Kirby, cute little bird...looks like it's perplexed by all our comments...

"These people. Thank goodness I'm just a little bird":-)

Niecie, I was writing while you posted. I admire your astuteness. Great comments!

Sorry, I'm bored and photo bombing you guys.

Then along came a boat

Wish I could spend more time on the patio but before I get back to work just wanted to thank everyone for their smart and savvy comments today (and for Kirby's pictures).

I agree with everything that was said and your I'd say Rosy is an equal opportunity disser" summed it up succinctly for me Niecie.

Rosy does not appear to be a huge fan of humanity, or at least the characters she creates. While I appreciate shades of gray, there are few characters here who are actually likeable. Here, as in La Malquerida, the number of vile evil characters seems to trump those with good hearts and pure intentions.

That said, while it appears Danilo's mind, body and heart are turning more glacial by the moment, I can't help but remember what he did for Paloma. While likely not slated for redemption, I still feel a bit for him. Contrast my feelings for badbun. Although the actor is hawt, he is hard, cold and cruel with no redeeming qualities or emotins whatsoever.


Kirby, what a magnificent shot! I always look forward to your photoss...always beautiful and a joy to see :-)

Good Morning all! Happy Friday! I'd like to this, Kirby your photos are
Just absolutely breataking. That beautiful sunset with the sailboat and
The one with the sun. I've never seen a sunset in person, I'm on the east side of Florida and there's houses and
Trees in the way of the lake on the west. I'd have to get in the car, ride over to the west side and look over the river but I don't feel like doing that at the end of the day of work. And those ducks flying in the shadow of the moon and grass, hollywood could not Do that justice. Just Absolutely beautiful.
Are you sure you're not a professional photographer? If you ever decided to get into that line of work you get top dollar shooting nature shots.

Now,I forgot we wouldn't be graced
With crazy moneywashers and bad singin
Barrin women,Crooked blind politicians cheating husbands and crazy teenagers.
And crazy Hotlookin narcos. Did I miss anybody? Are they on tonight?
Anyways Laura has a plan to get in the
Gate to get proof that greenblack is
Indeed a bad politico who hates all illegals,and pretty much everyone who
Is not eating the same swill as he is.
And he says el dorado will pay for not
Letting him have fun torturing laura.
He should be careful, he could wind up
Being apart of a foundation of cement.

Danilo is just becoming as coldblooded
As assbun. Tho hes killin bad guys he
Is takin on their character of killin.
That one good thing he did for lil p
Was good,but his heart is gettin cold
Like assbun.He has tasted blood and it
Impowers him. Not good. If there's anything redeemable there Ocampo needs to tap into it,cuz Daniboo is getting
Darker and darker. He's got the comic
Thing going, but not so funny anymore.
To much blood.


Wow .great , insightful comments by everyone today.

Julie. .the movie options are pretty weak right now. I finally have some free time to go to the movies but can't find many that I want to see. Like you, I need folks to at least try to don't he right thing...or something telenovelas and in real life. I think one of the problems in Vino was that people were so apathetic and inactive. Rosy seems a bit jaded and bitter about people. Most of the women characters are victims in one way or another . it makes me wonder if Rosy saw a quite that I once read, "Men are afraid women will laugh at them, and women are afraid that men will kill them." Grim.

We once had a discussion on the patio about whether today's attitudes about love and romance have changed over the years. Do people still believe in one true love? Growing up,the songs, TV shows, and movies were about love and romance and marriage and family. The messages from the media have changed drastically. People get married later in life if at all. Online dating , living together, and casual sex seem to be the norm. Not much romance or heroes anymore . Warrior princesses or wounded warrior princesses? Rosy seems to have been one of the latter.

. do the.. Sorry...

People don't really have time for romance and love anymore. Just "hook up', get it done and get back to your infernal phone and see what is happening on Slapshit, Twatter, Farceboink or Instaslam. People are so consumed with these things they have ads on TV here reminding people to look away from their phones when crossing the street. Their catch phrase is "Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow" I am not making this up. People are getting run over right and left here walking. (and we assume looking at their phones)

Kirby: "rather than cheering for them like my favorite team, I want to sit them down and have a motivational chat."

Yeah, I get that. Sigh. Point taken about California, too. (Though I point out that homophobic Tomas was from Montana. I don't know if that's a fair representation of Montana, but it doesn't reflect on CA either.) But no anklet for BunMan, please.

Niecie, I agree about the believability. Ryan got off to a shaky start, but he's been okay ever since. He's nothing like Ramiro was in TVA, for example. (Going to great lengths to keep a secret that harmed people and wasn't his to keep.)

Telling Paloma that princesses should rescue themselves without a prince wasn't a bad message. Maybe it could have been phrased better: princesses do not WAIT for a prince to come rescue them. But you're right that Laura did not seem to have a plan, and frankly her options were really limited/nil. And now that I think about it, I wonder if that remark wouldn't have made some little girls feel pressured to devise a plan on their own. (Good if they're actually cut out for that sort of thing, but not if it motivates them to do something that will get them killed.)

One thing I'll say in defense of Rosy Ocampo. In Yo Soy Betty La Fea, the original writer, Fernando Gaitan, made most of the characters - male and female - horrible people. Only the galan was "teachable," and the rest of the characters got their just deserts. (Not death, because it was a comedy.) Mostly they just lost everything.

But when Rosy adapted it for Televisa, most of the characters started out as horrible people, and a lot of them evolved to become better people and had happy endings. The ones who were not "teachable" lost out.

Rosy has chosen to do a lot of TNs where people start out awful, learn their lesson, and have happy endings. I don't know whether Rosy is a fan of humanity or not, but she doesn't (historically) deliver blanket condemnations of doom. If anything, she's been unrealistically optimistic!

Last thought - I thought Danilo was getting stone cold too, but it occurs to me that strangulation is not a cold act. Shooting Tomas would have been cold. Strangling someone with your bare hands is anything but. It was personal. BunMan is still keeping a cool head most of the time. I don't think Danilo is capable of that.

I'm off today for a dr appointment. Afterwards, Planet of the Apes. Let's see if the simians can do a better job of running things.

Oops. No planet of the apes. Maybe Spider Man.

I am not a fan of the ankle length pants and no socks look. Is Badbun channeling Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice?

No time for romance now..just enough time for a quickie with a stranger. #sad

Julie..We were fans of the first couple Planet of the Apes movies, but I have not seen the most recent ones. I saw a preview on the TV today. I also have not watched any of the Spidey movies, but I heard that this new kid is good. Please give us a review of both of those movies when you see them. It is unfortunate when you are willing to shell out the $$$ but cannot find a movie that you want to see. I do resent that now you actually have to sit through commercials after paying $$$. Do you watch Game of Thrones?

I think that I will go to see "My Cousin Rachel" based on the du Marier novel.


I don't know what happened to my comment this morning at 11:52am.I went to publish it and it was on at 11:52, but when I came back later on to see what the responses were it was gone. It was probably eatin up by the spam or some other internet monster. Anyway I'm going to try it again cuz I'm on the beach and I happen to be in a house with a metal roof maybe that's got something to do with it. Kirby I love your photos they are absolutely beautiful. Those Moon shots with the geese flying in front of it, Hollywood could not do that Justice and the one with the grass and the moon, did you have to get on the ground to take that one? And your birds are absolutely breathtaking, especially the one in Flight that's about to go down on the fountain. Are you sure you're not a professional photographer passing yourself off as a really good commenter:)? Absolutely beautiful I look forward to seeing some more of them. Ducks or geese?
Ok Danilo has tasted blood and he likes it. I don't think anybody is gonna think letty killed the sicko of
Her heart. She's not Stronge enough to
Choke the life out of anything in her
Weakened condition.And theres only one
Handprint on his neck, not hers. And Daniboo enjoys killing way to much. It
Impowers him and his ever growing tast
For blood. He's gettin darker and darker. Glad he helped lil p, but hes
Acting more and more like coldblooded
Goodlookin assbun. And that goodlookin part is wearin thin. When you can kill somebody as easily as he did that guy that was standing by the pool that day when they were walking and not even think about it just keep going, well there's nothing humane in there anymore just total blackness. And Daniboo is goin That way. Hes not so funny anymore either. Somebody needs to be happy in this show.When is up in
The air. I've noticed that the Happy Endings on these shows on his happy anymore.

Sue: When they first suggested cable TV people were like "Are you crazy? Why would we pay for what is now free from my antenna?" They responded, "Oh, but there are no commercials on CABLE, see?"

You see where that went. The first commercial in a movie, people should have walked out and demanded their money back and that would have nipped that in the bud. But Sheeple are just too lazy to even stick up for themselves.


Susanlynn and Julie, I also watched the original Planet of the Apes series and the newer installment.

I loved the original, especially Roddy McDowall who was "Cesar". But the newer installments have another marvelous Cesar, the amazing Andy Serkis (who also played Gollum in LOTR). Cesar is the character who is the heart and soul of the series and both actors played him differently but splendidly.

I enjoyed both. They were made so far apart there is a world of difference due to technology enhancements. Both special and unique. I plan on seeing the "new" Apes movie as well.


Hi patio peeps happy Friday! I have enjoyed reading the comments they're really good. I've been trying to get my comment on now since this morning and I did at 11:52. But then I went back you know to read some of the other ones after I put mine on, mine was gone. I don't know if it got ate up by the spam or some other kind of Internet monster. Maybe this one will get through. I don't know if its my phone or the area I'm in. kirby your beautiful photographs of the moon shots with the geese flying across the moon and the Beautiful birds in Flight especially that one about to come down on the fountain absolutely beautiful. Are you sure you're not a professional photographer passing yourself off as a really good commenter:)?I'll look forward
To seeing more.
Anyway Danilo seems to really enjoy killing these days, he was enjoying choking Tomass way too much. He's tasted blood and he likes it and gives him some kind of sick empowerment that's not good. He helped lil p to get back, that was great but he's getting darker and darker. He's getting more and more like assbun. He can shoot somebody and keep walking and talking and not even think about it, when you get like that there's no Humanity inside and Daniboo is gettin more and more like that every time he kills somebody.

I don't think anybody is going to accuse Letty of killing the sicko of her heart. besides they're going to find one big handprint around his neck and it took a lot of strength to strangle him like that and she don't have enough strength to strangle nothing much in her delicate condition. But the wife or the husband is the first suspect in a situation like that so she'll probably get questioned. Tonight its back. yaaah!!!

I misspoke.

McDowall played Cornelius in the early series. His character was so much like Cesar, I thought they were one and the same.


On Danilo," He helped lil p to get back, that was great but he's getting darker and darker. He's getting more and more like assbun. He can shoot somebody and keep walking and talking and not even think about it, when you get like that there's no Humanity inside and Daniboo is gettin more and more like that every time he kills somebody".

Whew...well said Nina. I have to agree with you. Still, I can't totally hate him. There's a tiny sliver of light in his heart - Paloma. Until that is extinguished, I'm not going there. :)


=== OT === OT === OT ===
(I brought Fritos though)

I remember the "no commercials" thing. We got cable in 1983 or 84. It was already chock-full of commercials, same as on regular TV. We already knew that, but our antenna reception was so bad that it was worth it just to not have to deal with that anymore.

I didn't see Spider Man today. I was going to go last night, but decided WW deserved a second viewing. Today I bailed on Spidey again, first because I was not in the mood after a very long medical appointment, and second because frankly I thought the Tobey Maguire ones (well, the first two) were excellent and I don't need any more. The last Spider-Man seemed totally pointless to me, and I'm mystified as to why they've rebooted him yet again. (Well, $$$$ not mystified at all.)

I waited a very long time for the Tobey Maguire one (the last Spidey before him was Nicholas Hammond in the 70s) so I'm a little irked that they're now flinging Spider-Men at us all the time. They're cheapening him.

I will see Planet of the Apes though. I liked the first one, missed the second one (I don't even remember knowing of its existence), don't plan to miss another. I liked the old ones, and sort of liked the TV series, so I'm a faithful fan. (I didn't like the Tim Burton one very much.)

As for the commercials... I wouldn't resent them so much if they weren't so LOUD. I didn't see a lot of commercials last night, but there was nearly a half-hour of trailers.

Nooooo Rosie O'c will have them look at TA's wife, find out (to them) that she is a despicable Mexican, and is sure to have killed him and stole a bunch of money and talked bad about the president, and has BO too. (to the Gingos)

I remember Roddy McDowall. I loved him in every role I ever saw him in, but he was really special as Cornelius. He could emote better through a mask and makeup than some people can with Oscar trophies, but never really got the credit he deserved for that.

As for the all the gringo hate... I keep waiting for someone to mention Santa Anna's leg.

Daddy Heron : "Somebody switched eggs on us, huh? If the DNA test says he is yours, you are out of here."

LOL, Kirby. Is there such a thing as albino birds?

I've seen albino peacocks. One in person, and one walking around on Paradise Island in Wonder Woman.

Yes, very rare. I have another shot of his sibling in the nest too and it is grey.

I stand corrected. From wikipedia: "Although albino peafowl do exist, this is quite rare and almost all white peafowl are not, in fact, albinos; they have a different condition called leucism which causes an overall reduction in different types of pigment."

So yes there are albino birds, but that's prolly not what I saw.

Here. Grey guy on right behind branch.

We have satellite radio in our cars. I go a little berserk when Cousin Brucie or Peter Noone (Herman of the Hermits) on the 60s talks on and on as though it is a.m. radio . I pay so that I just get music and don't have to listen to people talk.

Rosie would have fun with these birds cause I heard one of them say "Estoy hambriento" or something like that.

Just heard that critics are raving about the new Apes movie.

I love the fuzzy feathers on baby birds.

I don't want to listen to people talking on the radio either, except to identify what they're playing. I used to love banter and patter, but I guess I reached my limit.

Yo tengo hambre.

I will see the apes next week.

By the way, I am confused - did Danilo kill Tom in Montana? Or did he take him back to CA to kill him? Or was Tom already in CA? I couldn't tell where they were, but I thought it looked like the stables at the ranch.

No, Tom dashed out a window at the hotel where Letme and he were staying in Montana, because the PoPo were knocking, and DaniLow and NatiHi were outside. (they sure got there fast)

By the Way Ms.RGv Chik, I believe you did alright. A hundred and eleventy seventeen comments are kinda sorta an endorsement of your recappability.

Thank You again from all of us.

OK thanks. I thought he was at the hotel, but then it looked like the ranch when they were outside, or so I thought... seeing it again tonight, it doesn't look like the ranch at all, except for the fact that it's outdoors and there's grass and foliage.

Oh yes, Rgv Chick, you've passed your initiation. I hope the hazing wasn't too rough on you.

Thanks to all of you! There was ALOT that happened in this episode, and with the masterminds in this patio, it is so easy to get into lengthy discussions--so much to try to interpret and speculate about.

BTW, do you think it was the real Popo knocking at TomAss's door. I thought maybe Danilow had paid someone to go knock on his door and figured he try to escape through the window.

Julie then look at this little guy getting a snack. Look at his little fuzzy bird butt.

Yeah I think it was real PoPo

WOW... I just saw in the English captions that they are translating "índocumentada" to "wetback." That's just... wow. Here I've been trying to be respectful and reserve the epithets for when they're actually uttered/warranted, but no matter how I say it, I guess Univision's captioneers think it means "wetback"??

Then again, these are the same people who translated "babosadas" to "bullshit," and "gata" (or was it "golfa") to the see-you-next-tuesday word.

I can't tell where the butt even is. I just see a lot of limbs and fuzz. #omgcute.

Was it really the police? Does that mean Danilo and Natividad (secret former special forces operative) were waiting patiently outside for Tomas to come out the window? Because that is not how most people leave a hotel. Maybe they called the popo on him?

The thing is, if Danilo is going to crush Tom's trachea out in the open where anyone can see him, does he really want to do that when the popo are around??

Julie, that's why I thought it wasn't the real popo. If the real popo were there, Danilow surely would have seen the patrol car and taken TomAss elsewhere. But then he is so impulsive, who knows...

...and don't call me Shirley.

They also here in FloriDuh let the f-word get on screen now and then

I second #omgcute I can distinguish the little butt's between 2 branches

Oh, I thought that was his belly.
His bro looks concerned that there won't be any food left. bird butts. #detentionhallforall

Oh Susanlynn, detention hall was on my itinerary all along.

Oh, yippee! We all get to go to work!! Kirby, don't forget the doritos!


Now its Time for chav to get outta jail. Letty needs protecting from morgonnastealthatbaby.How is she gonna
Do that? Maybe with the help of wife number 2 bo'nita. Yeah shes just that
Nasty. Daniboo thinks he's become unstoppable. He's delusional. Poor schlup. If theres still heart in there
Ocampo better get to digging it out before He gets to the point of no return. If he hasn't already gotten there yet.

Nina..Dani is a lost soul.

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